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Orlando Health Choose Health Magazine Fall 2018

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Published by Orlando Health, 2018-11-30 09:56:58

Orlando Health Choose Health Magazine Fall 2018

Orlando Health Choose Health Magazine Fall 2018

FALL 2018

Unexpected FOR STAYING
Ways Your Cycle
Messes with You HEALTHY

10 Ways to Maintain 6 Nutrition Experts and
Healthy Sperm the Foods They Won’t Eat
Mother’s Ultrasound 5 Experts Share Insights
Leads to Panic – on Avoiding Back Pain
Then Hope 4 Doctors Reveal the Biggest
Mistakes Patients Make
3 Physicians Tell How
They Lost the Weight
3 Pediatric Experts on
Avoiding Kiddie Meltdowns

H I S T O R Y C E N T E RO R A N G E C O U N T Y R E G I O N A L FALL 2018


Unexpected FOR STAYING
Ways Your Cycle HEALTHY
Messes with You
6 Nutrition Experts and
10 Ways to Maintain the Foods They Won’t Eat
Healthy Sperm 5 Experts Share Insights
Mother’s Ultrasound on Avoiding Back Pain
Leads to Panic – 4 Doctors Reveal the Biggest
Then Hope Mistakes Patients Make
3 Physicians Tell How
They Lost the Weight
3 Pediatric Experts on
Avoiding Kiddie Meltdowns

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Wendy Bacigalupi-Bednarz
Kevin Hayden
Melissa Payne, RD
Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD
Vikram Prakash, MD
Diana Lomont
Rod James

Lisa Nickchen
Jannette Negron, MD
Antonio Crespo, MD
Beatriz E. Usuga

Kingsley Kiran Mogali, MD
Follow this century-long journey through images and stories of how Abode-Iyamah, MD Amanda Ndah
a lantern-lit hospital became the iconic Central Florida healthcare Sumith Aleti, MD Andrew Nye, DO
system it is today. Gayle Brazzi Smith, RD Daryl Osbahr, MD
Annette Cabiac, MD Lauren Popeck, RD
YOUR HISTORY BEGAN Tracey Choroco Hector Ramirez, MD
BEFORE YOU WERE BORN Lisa Cooper, RD Nikita Shah, MD
Samer Elbabaa, MD Chelsea Stevens
Learn all about your genome in this Kristin B. Ford Cherisse Stover
fascinating interactive exhibition Lindsay Gigler-Huff Bruce Thomas, MD
Patrick Kelly, MD Kelly Urbanik, RD
where history meets science. Kim Marcum Meredith Watson-
Robert Masson, MD Locklear, MD
Naina Mehta, MD
ON EXHIBIT OCTOBER 13 – Proud recipient
LOCALLY BY 2018 Award
of Excellence,
Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code was developed and produced by the Smithsonian recognizing
Museum of Natural History and the National Institutes for Health’s National excellence in
Human Genome Research Institute in association with Science North. publishing

THEHISTORYCENTER.ORG | 65 E. Central Blvd. Downtown Orlando | 407-836-8500


Welcome to the latest edition of
Orlando Health Choose Health
magazine. In this issue, our
Expert Advice guide features
nearly two dozen Orlando
Health experts and their insights
on the best ways to stay healthy
— not just this season, but every
day all year long.

We also celebrate Orlando Health’s
century of caring and the birth of a baby
who underwent a rare surgery while in
utero. In preparation for the holidays,
we offer tips on what to donate to a food
drive and how to tame kiddie meltdowns.


Unexpected Ways Your Welcome
Cycle Messes with You New Physicians

4&5 24 – 28

10 Ways to Maintain When to Worry About
Healthy Sperm Your Child’s Headache

6 29

Your Guide to Expert Advice Upcoming Classes
for Staying Healthy & Programs

8 – 17 32 & 33

Mother’s Ultrasound Leads Community
to Panic – Then Hope Good

22 & 23 34


By Julie Vargo, Editorial Contributor

PMS, cramps and bloat are the
usual suspects for menstrual cycles’
most common side effects. But,
there actually are more unexpected
symptoms than most women realize.

“Some women sail through the month with no problems,” says Dr. Meredith
Watson-Locklear, an OB-GYN with Orlando Health Physician Associates. “But
many have mood or body changes they weren’t expecting or don’t attribute to
their menstrual cycle.”

Blame it on the hormonal hijinks of estrogen and progesterone. Their monthly
ebb and flow can affect everything from a woman’s mood, sleep patterns and
skin condition to her concentration, bathroom business and shopping habits.

“Mild bloating, a headache or cramps are normal,” says Dr. Watson-Locklear.
“But being in bed for two days with debilitating nausea or migraines, or
wanting to stab your spouse or getting written up at work for attitude every
month during your cycle is not.”

Sound like you? Call your doctor. Over-the-counter medications can help

alleviate some symptoms. “We also can prescribe birth control pills to regulate

the big hormonal swings and help with many of these symptoms,” says

Dr. Watson-Locklear. “Do not suffer alone.”


Your Cycle Messes with You

Wheezy Breezy Brain Drain Potty Problems
Consistently out of breath every month? Plagued by monthly bouts of scattered Bouts of diarrhea and increased gas are
You may suffer from premenstrual asthma. attention span, inability to multitask more common during your period, thanks to
and spaced-out feelings? Don’t worry. It’s plummeting progesterone levels combined
“Breathing patterns can be affected by where normal. Once you start your period, your with hormone-like chemicals called
you are in your cycle,” says Dr. Watson- mind should snap back to normal. prostaglandins signaling your uterus to
Locklear. “Shortness of breath and allergic contract and cramp. Prostaglandins send a
sensitivity increase right before you get your “Low serotonin due to ovulation mid-cycle similar signal to the intestines, resulting
period. Breathing problems should end about can affect your concentration,” says in more frequent bathroom breaks during
the time you ovulate.” Dr. Watson-Locklear. “Some women might menstruation.
seem a bit drifty. For others, they literally
Vocal Majority cannot function.” “If you suffer from GI tract disorders like
Unless you are a professional singer who irritable bowel syndrome, related symptoms
needs to consistently hit the high notes, you Waterworks such as loose stools and abdominal pain may
may not notice the slight changes to your Water retention causes more afflictions than be even more common when menstruating,”
voice throughout the month. But studies just bloating. “Fluid retention during your says Dr. Watson-Locklear.
show hormonal fluctuations alter the pitch cycle can affect blood pressure, coordination
and intensity of a woman’s voice. Following and weight,” says Dr. Watson-Locklear. Is That a UTI?
your period, vocal pitch drops. As you move “Women may even feel more clumsy right A drop in estrogen can result in vaginal
past ovulation, voice intensity lowers. before their period. To counteract this, dryness and itching, mimicking the
drink more water and watch your salt intake symptoms of yeast infections and urinary
Breaking Bad Habits throughout the month.” tract infections.
Want to quit a bad habit? Wait until after
ovulation, then go for it. Studies show Fortunately, your coordination, weight and “If you think you have a yeast infection every
female smokers who try to quit during blood pressure will return to normal as your month during your cycle, you probably are
the end of their menstrual cycle are period ends and the fluid dissipates. experiencing changes in vaginal pH,” says
more determined and successful. Plan Dr. Watson-Locklear. “But if you have odor
accordingly. Mind Games and discomfort, call your doctor.”
Studies also show raging PMS hormones can
Shop ’Til You Drop trigger weight obsessions and sink self-image.
Racking up credit card debt from monthly “Try to keep the fact that this is cyclical in
spending sprees may be linked to your cycle, mind,” says Dr. Watson-Locklear. “But if this
too. Temptation takes charge and impulse becomes an emotional issue for you, talk to
control slips in the first phase of your your doctor.”
cycle, according to research. The result?
Menstruating women tend to shop more Need an OB-GYN to help you navigate menstrual issues?
impulsively and spend more money than Go to
at other times of the month. Right before
ovulation, spending shifts toward clothes
and jewelry — items designed to enhance



Ways to


By Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, Urologist and Male Infertility Specialist at Orlando Health South Lake Hospital

For couples wanting to conceive, reproductive health 7 Curb the caffeine. Research
is important for both mom and dad. The ideal sperm found that sperm count was
are more likely to be found in men who have healthy reduced slightly in men who
consumed too much caffeine.

lifestyles, so here are 10 ways men can do their part: It’s best to stay under 300
milligrams a day (about 18

1 Maintain a healthy weight. Excess fat can cause hormonal ounces of regular coffee).
imbalance, which may affect sperm health.
8 Limit alcohol. Excessive
2 Eat right. Fresh, whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, alcohol has been shown to
have antioxidants and vitamins that help with fertility. reduce sperm production.
Limit consumption to 1-2

3 Don’t skip the workout. Exercise is great for healthy sperm drinks a day at most.
production. We recommend moderate physical activity for at
least 150 minutes a week. 9 Don’t smoke (or chew).
Tobacco reduces sperm
4 Remember vitamins. Some vitamins — specifically D, C, E and count and motility.

CoQ10 — are important for healthy sperm. 10 Stay away from testosterone.
Testosterone replacement
5 Get out of the hot tub. Sperm live and function best at a narrow therapy may stop natural
temperature range (usually 2-3 degrees less than core body production. There are
temperature). Too much heat can cause fertility problems. natural and medical ways to

6 Watch out for that laptop. Heat generated by a laptop boost testosterone without
sitting on your lap can have the same effect as a hot tub. affecting fertility.

Better to have it on a desk or table. For more expert advice about men’s health,




Patients Benefit


By Diana Lomont, Editorial Contributor

Even when you’re sitting or lying down, a lot of movement is happening inside your body.
Just the act of breathing as the lungs expand and contract causes movement in the pancreas,
stomach and kidneys. And a full stomach can push against your liver as digestion occurs.

All of this movement makes it challenging to precisely For some patients, the more precise targeting of cancer tumors
target tumor cells during radiation beam therapy. But a provided by MRI-guided radiation therapy can reduce the average
new technology called MRIdian® is changing that — and course of treatment by as much as half, or by several weeks, says
benefiting patients in the process. Dr. Kelly.

“With MRIdian, we can be more confident that with Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center – Health Central Hospital is one
each treatment, we’re hitting the precise area,” explains of only two healthcare facilities in Florida, and only the sixth in the nation,
Dr. Patrick Kelly, director of radiation research at to offer MRIdian cancer treatment. The new technology will be available to
Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center. “We’re able patients throughout the Orlando Health system. Doctors will evaluate their
to focus the radiation much more specifically where patients to determine if MRIdian treatments at the new cancer center in
the tumor is, and away from healthy tissue, because we Ocoee would be appropriate for their circumstances.
know where the tumor is while we’re treating it — not
where it was four to five days ago when we came up Tumors of the pancreas, stomach, liver, lungs, rectum and colon as well
with a treatment plan or even 5 to 10 minutes ago when as gynecological cancers are best-suited to MRI-guided radiation therapy,
we set the patient up in the room, but actually as we’re says Dr. Kelly.
going through the treatment.”
For more information about the MRIdian technology,
go to


Nutrition Experts and the

By Wendy Bacigalupi-Bednarz, Editorial Contributor

No matter how we cook them, eat them,
drink them or enjoy them, some foods we
should just stay away from. Six dietitians
weigh in on the foods they avoid at all costs.
Did some of your favorites make the cut?

Processed and Canned Sugary Breakfast Milk
Meats: “I’ve never tried Cereals: A sugary boxed Shakes:

these products and I don’t cereal isn’t the best choice “The average restaurant
intend to,” says Ashlee to start your day, according shake is liquefied sugar and
Wright, a registered to Lauren Popeck, a fat with too many calories,”
dietitian with Orlando registered dietitian with says Popeck. “Make your
Health Physician Associates. Orlando Health Physician own blend at home by
SPAM, for example, has Associates. “The refined pureeing a frozen banana,
a sodium content that grains plus sugar can peanut powder and a splash
“is off the charts.” Two lead to a blood glucose of unsweetened, vanilla
ounces contains 790 mg rollercoaster, which in almond milk.”
of sodium and a heaping turn leads to more carb
helping of sodium nitrate, a cravings,” says Popeck. Juices: One of the only
preservative. “I’ll stick with
my canned tuna or salmon,” positives about drinking
says Wright. juice is that people enjoy
it, says Kelly Urbanik, a
Snack Cakes: “ I don’t think a registered dietitian for
Orlando Health Arnold
small snack cake should contain Palmer Hospital for
37 ingredients and trans fat. Nor
should it last 30 years without Children. “The high sugar
spoiling,” says Wright. Her rule of and calorie content
thumb for healthier snacking: aren’t good for your
“The fewer ingredients, the better.” teeth or waistline.”
She suggests flavored
waters or water
infused with fruit as
healthier options.


Foods They Won’t Eat

Foods that Are Not Soda: Just say no to carbonated sugar-
Naturally Fat-Free:
laden beverages such as soda, says Gayle
Fat-free foods are not as Brazzi Smith, a registered dietitian with
healthy as they sound, Orlando Health Physicians Bariatric and
says Urbanik. “Not only do Laparoscopy Center. “Carbonation is bad
they lack flavor, texture for the new bariatric stomach and can
and nutrition, they also actually cause it to stretch.”
have added sugar or other
artificial ingredients to Mechanically Bologna: “This pressed Fried Pork Rinds:
improve their flavor or Separated Meat
texture.” People need fat (MSM): Cooper avoids luncheon meat was my “Although I am from
to properly nourish bodies husband’s favorite sandwich South Carolina, you
and feel full, so Urbanik all processed meats. Many prior to our marriage,” says will not see fried pork
suggests that we “enjoy contain MSM products. Melissa Payne, a registered rinds ever crossing the
full-fat foods and savor the “MSM is a paste-like and dietitian with Orlando threshold of my pantry,”
flavor and other qualities batter-like meat product Health. Packed with says Payne. Most of
they provide.” produced by forcing bones, sodium and so many other the calories in pork
with attached edible undesirable ingredients, rinds come from fat,
Stick Margarine or meat, under high pressure bologna is definitely not making this a less than
Shortening: “I avoid through a sieve or similar “my go-to luncheon meat optimal snack choice.
device to separate the choice.” “Although it has gained
foods made with partially bone from the edible meat some popularity from
hydrogenated oils, which tissue,” explains Cooper. followers of low-carb,
contain trans fats,” says MSMs are commonly found high-protein foods, this
Lisa Cooper, a registered in some hotdog and lunch would not make my list
dietitian and nutritionist meat brands, but check for even that group of
with Orlando Health. ingredient labels on other dieters.”
“Eating trans fats raises highly processed foods to
LDL cholesterol, which can see if they contain these Fried Oreos: This is a dessert trend to stay away from,
increase the risk for heart products.
disease.” says Brazzi Smith. They’re “filled with extra bad, deep
fried fat!” If these cookies are a must, she suggests Oreo
Thins as an alternative with fewer calories and slightly
less sugar. Just keep them out of the deep fryer.

For more food and nutrition news, go to



5 Experts Share
Insights on
Avoiding Back Pain

By Wendy Bacigalupi-Bednarz, Editorial Contributor

From strains and fractures to bulging disks Daily Activities
and arthritis, back pain can affect anyone
Everyday activities, habits and gear can boost the risk for back
at any time. How can you pain, says Dr. Bruce Thomas, a sports medicine physician
avoid that aching back? for Orlando Health. Paying attention to factors you often don’t
think about can reduce potential back pain causes.
Five experts share their insights to help you
avoid and manage back pain — instead of • Avoid tight-fitting clothing, which can affect your range of
letting it manage you. motion and put more strain on your back.

• Purge heavy purses, backpacks and wallets that can affect
posture and put strain on your back.

• Take breaks often. Whether sitting at
the office or driving, take a break every
hour to stand up, stretch and walk.

• Forget over-the-counter back
braces, which can create “lazy
muscles.” If you have enough pain to
warrant a brace, see your doctor first.

ChooseHealth 10

Habit Forming Reducing Inflammation

Back pain is common and a frequent cause of Diet and nutrition can affect back pain symptoms. Certain foods and
disability, says Dr. Kingsley Abode-Iyamah, a nutrients are known to reduce inflammation, while others can aggravate it.
neurosurgeon with Orlando Health. While some Lauren Popeck, a registered dietitian with Orlando Health Physician
cases require surgical intervention, most resolve on Associates, identifies what foods help and aggravate back pain.
their own. Dr. Abode-Iyamah focuses on routine.
“The advice I give patients about avoiding future Nutrients that help reduce Nutrients that aggravate
back pain can easily be applied by everyone:” inflammation: inflammation:

• Maintain good posture while walking and • Omega 3 fatty acids found in • Sugar, refined carbs and white
sitting — especially if your job requires you to be chia seeds, ground flax seeds flour found in pasta, white bread,
seated for long periods. and walnuts as well as some soda and snack foods
fish (salmon, sardines, herring,
• Stretch. Along with core muscle strengthening mackerel and tuna) • Trans fats and saturated fats
through regular exercise, daily stretching loosens found in butter, margarine,
your muscles and can help prevent back pain. • Vitamin C hamburgers and fried foods
found in red
• Lift smarter. If you bell peppers, • High levels of sodium contained
can’t avoid lifting heavy oranges, in canned soups, lunch meats and
objects, at least recruit papaya, boxed side dishes
help (i.e., team lifting). strawberries and kiwi fruit
• Omega 6 fatty acids contained
• Manage weight. • Polyphenols found in onions, in corn oil, vegetable oil and
The more weight green tea, cocoa and red wine soybean oil
your spine has to carry, the more strain it will
experience, which accelerates degeneration. Mind over Body

A Body at Rest A mind/body focus can help you cope with back pain, says Dr. Robert
Masson, a neurosurgeon and medical director of the NeuroSpine
A frequent culprit for back pain is sleeping on the Center of Excellence at Orlando Health – Health Central Hospital.
wrong mattress. If you wake up with pain, flip your “Everyone feels back pain in life, by degree,” he says. “We strive to avoid
mattress and continue doing so every two to three disabling back pain.” Instead of focusing on the pain, he recommends
months. If that doesn’t help, replace it, says Todd concentrating on goals you can achieve once you learn how to manage pain.
Maurer, a physical therapist and clinical sports
specialist for Orlando Health. Because bad body • Choose goals you’d like to achieve in 5 and 10 years with pain
position can affect you day or night, he suggests management — identify how back pain affects your goals and aspirations.
these ways to keep your
spine in a neutral position • Mitigate the pain in advance by avoiding patterns that make it worse.
during sleep:
• Work with your healthcare team to build your
• Side sleepers: personal treatment and pain management strategy
Put a pillow between — de-emphasize pain and focus on mobility and
your legs. flexibility.

• Stomach sleepers: Place a pillow under • If you fail to manage pain through mobility and
your belly. flexibility, talk with your healthcare team about
other possible issues.
• Back sleepers: Tuck a couple of pillows under
the back of your knees to keep them supported in • Focus on what you can do. Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do.
a bent position.
For more information about back pain,



Doctors Reveal
the Biggest Mistakes

Patients Make

By Wendy Bacigalupi-Bednarz, Editorial Contributor

Mistakes come in all shapes
and sizes. Maybe you set
your alarm clock for 6:00 pm
instead of 6:00 am, put your shirt
on inside out at the gym or made a
wrong turn on the way to work.
These mistakes are easy to fix.

Other mistakes are not so
easy — especially when it
comes to safeguarding
your health. Four
doctors reveal the
biggest mistakes they
see patients make and
how you can avoid them

to get and stay well.


1Being Uninformed 3 Rushing Through the Process
The transition from passive patient to active healthcare
consumer is underway. Ignorance is no longer bliss but a If you do get injured or become ill, invest the time to
liability that can put your health at greater risk. make the best decisions for your long-term health along
Dr. Nikita Shah, a breast oncologist at Orlando Health the way. These are some of the ways patients undermine
UF Health Cancer Center, notes these mistakes: their health by moving too fast, says Dr. Daryl Osbahr, a
sports medicine physician and orthopedic surgeon at
• Researching health information on the internet and Orlando Health:
assuming it is true, scientific and applies to your
individual situation. It’s important to know and trust • Rushing to choose a doctor. Take your time when
where your information comes from. Your doctor is choosing a doctor skilled in your specific illness,
the best place to start. injury or disease.

• Not recognizing symptoms of the most common • Not considering all treatment options. Ask critical
health issues affecting Americans, including cancer, questions assessing whether surgery is really
heart attack, stroke and diabetes. necessary or whether non-surgical options can be
• Not asking your doctor questions about your
condition, concerns and issues. Try making a checklist • Speeding through healing. This is a big no-no that
of questions to bring to your appointment and review can result in increased risk for re-injury
it with your doctor. or re-emergence of symptoms.

2 Making Assumptions 4Avoiding Commitment

Assuming everything is fine — or maybe just a little off Once you start to feel better, what do you do? Returning
— can affect wellness and increase risks for more serious to old habits instead of committing to a new normal can
and chronic conditions. According to Dr. Hector Ramirez, doom your recovery and send you back to the doctor — or
an OB-GYN with Orlando Health Physician Associates, worse. Dr. Kiran Mogali, an interventional cardiologist at
some assumptions to avoid include: Orlando Health Heart Institute Cardiology Group, says
these behaviors can put you at risk for recurring problems:
• Skipping routine exams because you “feel fine.”
Missing regular check-ins with your physician • Stopping medications once you start to feel better.
can prevent the early detection and treatment of It’s important to talk to your doctor before stopping
problems. or changing medications.

• Expecting that no news is good news. If you don’t get • Skipping out on follow-up care such as a rehabilitation
a call back from the doctor’s office about test results, program or physical therapy. Spend time choosing the
don’t assume the results are normal. When in doubt, right setting and provider for your prescribed follow-
call your doctor. up care, and then go to your sessions.

• Thinking that bleeding, tingling, pain or a lump is • Not adopting a healthier lifestyle. Many diseases
no big deal. If constant or recurring, these can be have lifestyle-related links, including smoking,
warning signs of looming issues that need to be poor nutrition, insufficient exercise and alcohol
evaluated by your doctor. consumption. Talk to your doctor to make lasting
lifestyle changes you can stick with.

To locate a specialist, visit



By Diana Lomont, Editorial Contributor

If you’re overweight, shedding some Dr. Andrew Nye
pounds may improve your odds for
enjoying a healthier, longer life. That’s A family medicine physician with Orlando Health Physician Associates, Dr. Nye
because losing weight can lower your shed 55 pounds over five months, mostly by reducing his eating portions.
risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke
and certain types of cancer. “Eighty-five to 90 percent of losing weight is cutting back on what you eat and
drink. Ten to 15 percent of weight loss occurs from doing aerobic and weight-
But as the 45 million Americans who bearing exercise,” he says.
go on a diet each year can attest,
losing weight and keeping it off aren’t Since slimming down, Dr. Nye feels better overall, has increased energy,
easy. Three Orlando Health doctors sleeps better and no longer suffers from aches and pains. “Every extra pound
share their strategies and tips to help of weight adds two to four pounds of stress on the knees,” he says. Here are
you succeed. some strategies he recommends to his patients:

DR. NYE BEFORE DR. NYE AFTER Take time to plan your meals so you don’t fall into the
eating-out trap where you’re less likely to limit your
ChooseHealth calories. Dr. Nye often buys a rotisserie chicken from
the grocery store and takes it home to enjoy with a little
barbecue sauce and vegetables.

Don’t feel that you need to give up anything. Instead, treat yourself
with small bites. To satisfy his ice cream craving, Dr. Nye enjoys a couple
of tablespoons in a bowl after putting the container back in the freezer. It’s
easier to avoid having more if he’s already put the ice cream away.

Keep yourself accountable by sharing your
progress with a friend or weight-loss partner.
Asking someone to reinforce your accountability
can keep bad habits from creeping back in.

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day and incorporate some weight-
bearing exercises. Building muscle mass helps your body burn fat.


Dr. Annette Cabiac Dr. Antonio Crespo

An internal medicine physician with Orlando Health After losing 15 pounds, Dr. Crespo, with Orlando Health Physicians
Physician Associates, Dr. Cabiac says being ready to commit Infectious Disease Group, made fitness a big part of maintaining a
to a plan to lose weight made the biggest difference for her healthy weight. He kick-started his weight loss by following the
success in slimming down. South Beach Diet five years ago. Today, he uses some basic principles
to stay in shape:
She offers these tips that worked for her:
Stick with a plan that works for you. Dr. Crespo maintains a more
Get rid of all calories in liquids by drinking structured eating plan during the work week when he watches his
water, unsweetened tea or no-calorie flavored portions, limits carbs such as rice and takes note of calorie counts
water. “Americans drink thousands of calories when available. During the weekend, he often loosens the rules to enjoy
a week,” says Dr. Cabiac. “Switching to water or some treats or special meals.
no-calorie flavored water is a really easy switch.”
Do some type of exercise that challenges you.
Think outside the box for activity and For Dr. Crespo, it’s weekend bike rides on the West
exercise. “I enjoy archery, which is a lot Orange and Clermont trails. On weekdays, it’s easier
of fun and isn’t what most people think to go for a run and train for the half marathons he participates in.
of as ‘exercise’,” she says. He also visits the gym a couple of times a week for strength training.

Limit treats to once a week, which prevents Open your mind to learning to like healthy foods. “You can learn
indiscriminate snacking and gives you something to look to like to eat things you may not think you like,” says Dr. Crespo, who
forward to. Dr. Cabiac enjoys low-sugar protein snacks. learned to like salmon and vegetables.
“They’re filling and quick, and taste great!”
For more healthy living advice, go to
Avoid the breakroom. “I can control what foods I have at
home, but I can’t control the food at work. Be upfront with
your coworkers that you’d prefer not to be tempted.”



By Kristin B. Ford, Editorial Contributor

Parents eager to fill every minute
between Thanksgiving and New
Year’s Day with festive activities
should try to remember that
children do not have the same
stamina and attention spans as
adults. Even if the activity is one
that fully engages the child, it
can become overwhelming when
done for too long and can lead to
outbursts and meltdowns.

To keep everyone in the family
in the holiday spirit, three
experts offer their tried-and-
true techniques for avoiding
meltdowns during the holidays.

ChooseHealth 16

Dr. Jannette Negron, Dr. Naina Mehta, pediatric Dr. Robert Middleton,
pediatrician with behaviorist at Orlando pediatrician with
Orlando Health Physician Health Arnold Palmer Orlando Health Physician
Associates Hospital for Children Associates

Be consistent. If your child Keep a balance. When family Spend time with your children
knows what to expect, members are busy, it’s easy before starting household
meltdowns are less likely. to forget the routine things in chores. Children usually only
a child’s day, such as eating, require 10 to 15 minutes of your
Know your child’s limits. sleeping and playing. If you know time before they move on to
Try to avoid naptimes or other your little one’s schedule is going something else. Remember,
difficult times of the day when to be disrupted, be sure to bring they have not seen you all day
scheduling gatherings and his favorite toys to soothe him and if you give them that short
activities. when a meltdown looms. time, they will not fight for it
later when you are trying to get
Choose your battles. Allow Get children involved. Giving things done.
your child to maintain some a child a task to help with
control by letting her make holiday preparations not only Try to relieve your stress
small choices. keeps her occupied, but also prior to dealing with theirs.
makes her feel important and Whatever your method is for
Don’t forget the power of included, and less likely to have quick stress relief, spend 5
words. Use positive words to a meltdown. minutes doing it and then tackle
guide your child to where you whatever needs to be done.
are trying to get him, regardless Take a deep breath. Distract
of the circumstances. Children your child from an impending Keep calm and try to
are more likely to respond meltdown by teaching a understand what is causing the
with a meltdown when they breathing technique. Deep meltdown. Sometimes it may
are bombarded with negative yoga breathing is focused on be a very simple fix, such as
words. belly breathing; show your child your child is tired and ready for
how to push the belly out as a nap.
Take a break. Your child may he inhales and pull the belly in
act out if she senses you are as he exhales. This technique Set limits early in
frustrated or out of control. changes the child’s focus and development. Children begin
helps him calm down. learned behaviors as early as
4 months.
Laugh together. Tell jokes, play
games and be silly. Laughter Hold your ground and do not
really is the best medicine for give in to demands. Once
avoiding a meltdown. rewarded, children will do the
same behavior again. Then it is
Reward good behavior. the child who is teaching the
Instead of giving your child parents instead of the other
negative attention when she way around.
has a meltdown, share positive
comments throughout the day.
Everyone likes positive feedback.

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By Julie Vargo, Editorial Contributor

When it comes to circulatory system malfunctions, heart health corners the
conversation. We feel chest pains and know to head for the nearest ER. Pains in our

veins, however, often get ignored. Which makes peripheral artery disease (PAD)
all the more dangerous.

PAD Symptoms Also known as peripheral vascular disease (PVD), PAD occurs when plaque and
fatty deposits build up inside the walls of arteries and veins carrying blood from the
Leg cramping, pain, tiredness or numbness heart to the legs and feet. The affected vessels narrow, reducing crucial oxygen and
Slow-healing leg wounds nutrients to the body.
Pale, discolored toes
Shiny skin/hair loss on legs or feet “The risk of developing PAD increases with age,
Thick, yellow toenails that don’t grow affecting one in 20 Americans over age 50,” says Dr. Sumith
Erectile dysfunction
Aleti, cardiologist and endovascular specialist with Orlando Health Heart Institute
PAD Risk Factors Cardiology Group.

High blood pressure PAD often goes undiagnosed because its symptoms are subtle. “Slow-healing
High cholesterol wounds or leg cramps during exercise that stop with rest and reappear again
Kidney disease with activity frequently get overlooked by patients,” says Dr. Aleti. “But delaying
Smoking diagnosis and treatment of PAD can lead to increased risk of coronary artery
Diabetes disease, heart attack, stroke and possible amputation.”
Family history of cardiovascular disease
A doctor can diagnose PAD through a physical exam, blood pressure test,
ultrasound, blood test or angiography. Treatment focuses on decreasing the
plaque build-up in the blood vessels and includes adopting a healthy diet and
exercise plan to reduce cholesterol and weight. When these changes aren’t enough,
medications or surgery may be recommended.

If you experience any symptoms, call your doctor
or visit

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Healthy Options for Where to Give
Holiday Food Drives

By Diana Lomont, Editorial Contributor

Holiday food drives across the Second Harvest Food Bank
region focus on helping to feed of Central Florida
the 1 in 6 Central Floridians 411 Mercy Dr.
struggling with hunger at any Orlando, FL 32805
given time. With healthier food
options readily available in the Food drop-off hours:
supermarket, you can make Monday–Friday:
even more of a positive impact
this season by reading the labels 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
when selecting food donations. Saturday: 9:30 am – 11:30 am;

“We try very hard to ensure that the 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
majority of the food we distribute is quality, nutritious food,” says Maureen Mikel, Visit for
development manager at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.
more ways to give.
Choosing low-salt and low-sugar products is a good way to be a more mindful
food donor. Also, be sure the items you donate are not past their expiration Christian Service Center’s
dates. “We don’t accept expired foods or anything without nutrition information West Orange Family Life Center
and a packaging date on the label,” says Mikel.
300 W. Franklin St.
Foods to Donate Ocoee, FL 34761

• Canned fruits (packed in juice with no added sugar) Food drop-off hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
• Canned vegetables (low sodium) & Friday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm;
Wednesday: 9:00 am – 11:30 am
• Canned beans and peas (black, red, pink, pinto, garbanzo, black-eyed peas,
pigeon peas) Reserve a Blue Bag for
holiday giving; visit
• Holiday foods: canned ham, canned sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, boxed
mashed potatoes, packaged gravy, wild rice
for information.
• Pasta, crackers (whole grain), ready-to-eat cereal (low sugar/high fiber),
oatmeal, macaroni and cheese The Christian Sharing Center
600 N. Hwy. 17-92, Suite 158
• Canned chicken, tuna/salmon (packed in water), peanut butter
Longwood, FL 32750
• Nonfat dry milk, evaporated milk, soy milk
Food drop-off hours:
• Canned beef stew, soup (reduced sodium), chili, spaghetti sauce At the pantry:
• Nutritional drinks (such as Ensure, Boost)
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
• Powdered infant milk or soy-based formulas (WIC-approved preferred) At the Distribution Center:
Saturday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

for more ways to give.

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of When Orange General Hospital opened its doors on November 5,
1918, Orlando and the nation were in the midst of historical events
CARING with great significance: World War I would end in just six days, a
worldwide Spanish influenza epidemic already had killed more
By Lisa Nickchen, Editorial Contributor than a half million Americans and national elections had brought
sweeping congressional changes.
1918 STATS
But few who celebrated the opening of the new hospital, including the local physicians and
50 beds businessmen who had joined together to make it a reality, could have foreseen the historical
significance of their actions. Over the decades, this 50-bed hospital would evolve into a leading
Patient rooms healthcare system with multiple facilities and more than 2,400 beds, transforming healthcare in
$4-$7 per day Central Florida and providing a century of caring for its residents.

Operating rooms The four-story structure was surrounded by orange trees, a cow pasture and a dairy. Only two
$5 for minor surgery / floors were built out, with separate wards for men and women on the first floor and private
rooms on the second. With no gas or electricity, the hospital used candles and kerosene oil lamps
$10 for a complex at night, and sterile water had to be brought in. There was no such thing as air conditioning. The
procedure hospital’s first patient gave birth to a baby boy, named Seaborn, by candlelight.

400 patients cared for 1921 First nursing class graduated. 1935 Major
in first year
Within two years, the hospital had earned improvements were
such a reputation that young women added, including
were eager to come to Orlando to train as a delivery room,
nurses. The first students to enroll slept in labor room and an
vacant rooms in the hospital, with the first operating room
dormitory opening in 1922. Orlando Health’s with stainless steel
nursing school continued until 1973. equipment. Previously, women delivered
their babies in the same rooms used for
surgery and emergency care.

1945 Orange General was one of

only five hospitals in Florida approved for
intern training by the American Medical
Association. In 1951, it became one of
Florida’s first approved teaching hospitals,
with training in medicine, urology, obstetrics
and gynecology, and surgery.

‘100 Years of Caring’ at the History Center

Visit the Orange County Regional History Center’s “Orlando Health: 100 Years of Caring”
exhibit, continuing through March 3, 2019. For information, visit

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1951 The new north wing opened with 1991 The original hospital’s 73-year-old A Growing Family
of Hospitals
air conditioning for some areas, including the buildings were torn down to make way for a
intensive care unit, and surgical and labor suites. $66 million expansion of the Orlando Health 1918 Orange General Hospital
This welcome addition was in sharp contrast to the downtown campus. Soon after, the Orlando Cancer
hospital’s early days when windows were always Center opened, serving 3,000 patients with 40,000 opened, on the site of today’s
open, even during surgeries, and rooms were outpatient visits in its first year. The campus Orlando Health Orlando Regional
cooled by blowing a fan over ice-filled washtubs. expansion continued over the years, including Medical Center.
the 2015 addition of the North Tower at Orlando
1965 Orlando Health was the site of the Health Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC). 1985 Sand Lake Hospital, now

first successful open-heart surgery in Central Orlando Health
Florida, followed by the opening of the region’s Dr. P. Phillips
first coronary care unit — one of only a few Hospital,
in the country. The 1960s saw several more opened.
medical milestones, including the area’s first
cardiac catheterization, pacemaker insertion and 1989
ultrasound, and the first mammography in Florida.
Orlando Health Arnold Palmer
Hospital for Children & Women

1992 South Seminole Hospital

joined Orlando Health.

1975 One of only six of its kind in Florida, the 2006 Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital 1995 South Lake Hospital

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) opened. At for Women & Babies opened, continuing the affiliated with Orlando Health.
that time, Orlando Health had the second-largest legacy of the Palmer family. Today, Orlando Health
number of births in the state — 4,000 annually. Winnie Palmer delivers more than 13,500 babies 2006 Orlando Health Winnie
During the 1980s, golf legend Arnold Palmer toured each year and more than 1,400 receive care in the
the NICU and pledged his support for a new Alexander Center for Neonatology. Palmer Hospital for Women &
children’s hospital that would later bear his name. Babies opened.
2016 Orlando Health was thrust in the
1983 Orlando Health became home to 2012 Health Central Hospital
spotlight following the mass shooting at the nearby
the region’s only Level One Trauma Center, the PULSE nightclub that killed 49 people. By noon on joined Orlando Health.
highest level of trauma care, and only the second June 12, surgeons had operated on 26 victims, and
in the state at the time. In 1985, the Air Care Team all of the 35 who were treated survived.
helicopter rescue service was established, serving a
26-county area.

Orlando Health’s Next Century of Caring

The Orlando Health Foundation stands ready to support Orlando Health’s next century
of caring. Learn how you can contribute at



Leads to Panic
– Then Hope

By Lisa Nickchen, Editorial Contributor

Panicked and confused.

That’s how Akosua Taylor and
her husband, Fernando, felt
when they learned something
was wrong with their unborn
baby. She remembers how
they had gone in for her
20-week ultrasound, excited
to find out the gender of their

second child, but instead were
told the baby’s head, spine
and feet didn’t look right.

ChooseHealth 22

Taylor was referred to a specialist who “This is a very delicate surgical procedure Immediately, Celeste was put in the care of
gave her the devastating diagnosis — her that requires a multidisciplinary team of Dr. Gregor Alexander and the nursing team
baby had spina bifida. A neural tube experts to care for two patients — the at the Alexander Center for Neonatology
defect that can damage the baby’s spinal mother and her baby,” says Dr. Elbabaa. at Orlando Health Winnie Palmer. Thus
cord, spina bifida can cause walking “It’s a collaborative effort that continues far, she hasn’t needed a shunt to drain
problems, bowel and bladder disorders, even after the baby is born.” fluid from the brain and has shown no
and accumulation of fluid in the brain. signs of bowel or bladder issues. Because
The most common and severe form of Currently, only 12 centers in the country of the spina bifida, her feet are clubbed,
spina bifida, myelomeningocele, occurs perform this procedure, with the nearest so she’ll go through treatment for that.
in approximately 1 in 3,000 births in the in Tennessee and North Carolina. The These are all things that will continue to be
United States. fetal surgery program at Orlando Health monitored through the Spina Bifida Clinic
had been in the making for more than a at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital
While Taylor was told she could have a year, and though she would be the first for Children.
normal delivery, with surgery for the baby participant, Taylor and her family were
afterward, she wanted to learn more. reassured knowing that Dr. Elbabaa had “We’ve been very fortunate
Through the Central Florida spina bifida performed more than 60 in utero spinal in terms of how everything
community, she discovered that bifida surgeries in his career. worked out and how the
Orlando Health had started a fetal surgery pieces came together in
program for spina bifida. Taylor soon had The surgery took place on May 23, 2018, finding the amazing team
an appointment scheduled with the Fetal when Taylor was 25 weeks pregnant. She at Orlando Health Winnie
Care Center at Orlando Health Winnie wasn’t nervous, she recalls, having spent Palmer,” says Taylor. “We
Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies and a lot of time with the Fetal Care Center feel truly blessed.”
began the screening process. team as they explained the procedure and
answered her questions.
When it was determined that Taylor and
her baby were candidates for fetal surgery, “I felt very confident in their
pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Samer Elbabaa knowledge and ability,” says
and maternal fetal medicine specialist Taylor. “They described it
Dr. Cole Greves talked with the family like a symphony. They all
about the location of the baby’s lesion and work together and everyone
what fetal surgery would mean for Taylor has their parts.”
and baby Celeste. Through a hole in the
uterus, the team would close the hole After a successful surgery, the goal was to In late August, Celeste was able to go
in Celeste’s back to prevent additional get to 35 weeks. But Taylor’s water broke home, and she’ll have quite the story to tell
damage to her exposed spinal cord. While at 29 weeks, and although doctors were as she grows up.
not a cure for spina bifida, studies have able to help maintain her pregnancy for a
shown that fetal surgery can significantly while, when the baby’s heart rate dropped
reduce the need for a spinal shunt at birth suddenly, she underwent an emergency
and improve mobility and leg function. C-section. On July 10 — at a little over
32 weeks — baby Celeste entered the
world at 4 pounds, 10 ounces. And when
she was born, she cried and did everything
a healthy baby is supposed to do.

To learn more about the Fetal Care Center at Orlando Health Winnie Palmer
Hospital for Women & Babies, visit

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Meet the Newest Physicians
on the Orlando Health Team*

Kingsley Katherine Omar E. Lavone Diana Cardona- Christopher
Abode-Iyamah, MD Bautista Beidas, MD Bradfield, MD Grau, MD Dixon, MD
Draviam, DO
(321) 841-7550 AREA & WEST ORANGE
COUNTY (321) 841-6600 (321) 843-9017 (321) 841-8555
Dr. Abode-Iyamah (407) 635-3299
joined the Orlando (321) 841-7090 Board certified in A pediatric urologist, In July, Dr. Dixon
Health Physicians An OB-GYN, internal medicine, Dr. Cardona-Grau joined Orlando
Neurosurgery Group Dr. Bautista Draviam A fellowship-trained Dr. Bradfield joined joined the Pediatric Health Winnie
in July, specializing joined Orlando plastic surgeon, Orlando Health Urology Center at Palmer Hospital for
in complex spinal Health Physician Dr. Beidas joined Physician Associates Orlando Health Women & Babies
deformity. He Associates in the Orlando Health in August. She Arnold Palmer as a maternal-fetal
received his medical September. She Aesthetic and received her medical Hospital for Children care physician. He
degree from the earned a doctorate of Reconstructive degree from the in August. She earned his medical
University of Iowa osteopathic medicine Surgery Institute University of North earned her medical degree from Florida
Carver College of from Michigan in September. Dakota School degree from Boston State University
Medicine (Iowa State University He received his of Medicine and University. She College of Medicine
City). He completed (East Lansing) medical degree from Health Sciences completed a urology (Tallahassee)
a neurosurgery and completed Temple University (Grand Forks) residency (New and completed
residency at an obstetrics (Philadelphia) and completed an York) and a pediatric an obstetrics and
University of Iowa and gynecology and completed a internal medicine urology fellowship gynecology residency
Hospitals and Clinics, residency at Osceola residency in plastic residency at at University of at Orlando Health
and a complex Regional Medical and reconstructive Orlando Health. California Rady Winnie Palmer.
spine fellowship Center through the surgery at the Dr. Bradford served Children’s Hospital He also completed
at Northwestern University of Central University of as a staff physician (San Diego). In a maternal fetal
Memorial Hospital Florida (Orlando). Oklahoma for Seminole Tribe of addition to English, medicine fellowship
(Chicago). Dr. Abode- Her clinical interests (Oklahoma City). Florida. Her clinical she is fluent in at the University
Iyamah served in the include treatment He completed a interests include Spanish. of Texas Medical
U.S. Marine Corps of chronic pelvic fellowship in body diabetes and Native Branch at Galveston.
and holds two U.S. pain and minimally contouring and life American, African-
patents. invasive gynecologic after weight loss at American and
surgery. the University of women’s health.

ChooseHealth 24

The doctors at Orlando Health are part of a collaborative
network that works toward one common goal: your health.

Hermes Amparo (Amy) Danielle Matthew A. Barry Lee
Garcia, MD Gutierrez, MD Henry, MD Johnston, MD Kaplan, MD Kosstrin, MD

(407) 841-7550 & DR. PHILLIPS AREA & LAKE MARY AREA (321) 842-0400 Board certified in
(407) 352-5434 family medicine,
Dr. Garcia, a (321) 843-8370 (407) 648-5384 Dr. Kaplan, a Dr. Kosstrin joined
board-certified Board certified, board-certified Orlando Health
neurosurgeon, Dr. Gutierrez Board certified A fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, Physician Associates
joined the Orlando joined the Orlando in breast surgical thoracic surgeon, joined Orlando in September. He
Health Physicians Health Physicians oncology, Dr. Henry Dr. Johnston joined Health Physicians earned his medical
Neurosurgery Group Multiple Sclerosis joined the Breast Care the Orlando Health Neurosurgery degree from
in September. He Comprehensive Care Center at Orlando UF Health Cancer Group in August. He American University
earned his medical Center in September. Health UF Health Center in July. He earned his medical of the Caribbean
degree from the She earned her Cancer Center in earned his medical degree from the (St. Maarten) and
University of medical degree from September. She degree from Florida University of Florida completed a family
Puerto Rico (Rio Universidad Central earned her medical State University (Gainesville), where medicine residency at
Piedras), where del Este (Dominican degree at Florida College of Medicine he also completed Deaconess Hospital
he also completed Republic), then State University (Tallahassee) and a general surgery (Evansville, IN). He
a neurosurgery completed an College of Medicine completed a general internship and a has special interests
residency. Dr. Garcia adult psychiatry (Tallahassee). surgery residency neurological surgery in hypertension,
went on to complete residency at St. Dr. Henry completed with Orlando Health. residency. diabetes, thyroid
fellowships at Vincent’s Medical a general surgery He went on to fulfill disease, preventive
Thomas Jefferson Center (New residency at a cardiothoracic health and minor
University Hospital York) and an adult Orlando Health, surgery fellowship at procedures.
(Philadelphia) neurology residency followed by a breast Wake Forest Baptist
and the Swedish at Louisiana State surgical oncology Medical Center *New physicians from
Neuroscience University (LSU) fellowship at the (Winston-Salem, July 2018 through
Institute (Seattle). In School of Medicine Moffitt Cancer Center NC). September 2018
addition to English, (New Orleans). She and Research Institute
he is fluent in completed a clinical (Tampa).
Spanish. neurophysiology
fellowship at LSU
School of Medicine.

ChooseHealth 25


Meet the Newest Physicians
on the Orlando Health Team*

Marc S. Jianyu Li, MD David Miller, MD Kiran K. Ross Tadeusz (Tad)
Levy, MD Mogali, MD Morgan, MD Nowicki, MD
A board-certified (407) 540-1000 (407) 635-3280
(407) 540-1000 internal medicine Board certified (407) 540-1000
physician, Dr. Li In July, Dr. Miller in cardiovascular Dr. Nowicki, a
Dr. Levy joined joined Orlando Health joined Orlando Health diseases, interventional A board-certified board-certified
Orlando Health Physician Associates in Arnold Palmer cardiology and pediatric surgeon, pediatrician, joined
Arnold Palmer July. Dr. Li earned her Hospital for Children echocardiography, Dr. Morgan joined Orlando Health
Hospital for Children medical degree from as a board-certified Dr. Mogali joined the Orlando Health Physician Associates
as a pediatric Sun Yat-sen University surgeon. He earned Orlando Health Heart Arnold Palmer in September.
surgeon in July. He of Medical Sciences his medical degree Institute Cardiology Hospital for He earned his
received his medical (China), where she from the University of Group in August. Children in July. medical degree
degree from the also completed Louisville School of He received his He completed his from the Medical
University of South an anesthesiology Medicine (Kentucky). medical degree from medical degree and University of Lublin
Florida (Tampa). He residency. She He completed a Rangaraya Medical a surgical residency (Poland), where he
completed a general completed an internal residency in general College (India), then at the University also completed a
surgery residency medicine residency at surgery at the completed his internal of Michigan (Ann pediatric residency
with Orlando Health New York Downtown Medical College of medicine residency, Arbor). He completed and earned a
Orlando Regional Hospital (Manhattan). Virginia (Richmond), cardiovascular a two-year pediatric PhD in pediatric
Medical Center Her clinical interests followed by a two-year disease fellowship surgery fellowship at immunology.
and an ECMO/ include diabetes fellowship in pediatric and interventional The Babies Hospital, Dr. Nowicki
critical care clinical and heart health. In surgery at Johns cardiology fellowship Columbia University completed a second
fellowship at Boston addition to English, Hopkins Hospital at the University of (New York City). His pediatric residency
Children’s Hospital. Dr. Li speaks (Baltimore). Florida (Gainesville). areas of expertise at Orlando Health
Cantonese and His primary interests include minimally Arnold Palmer
Mandarin. are in prevention invasive surgery, Hospital for
and therapeutic complex liver and Children. In addition
intervention of lung operations, and to English, he is
cardiac and peripheral repair of anorectal fluent in Polish.
vascular diseases. malformations.

ChooseHealth 26

The doctors at Orlando Health are part of a collaborative
network that works toward one common goal: your health.

Courtney Deven M. Sabrina Lisandra Donald Vikram
Paradise, MD Patel, MD Pavri, MD Perez, MD Plumley, MD Prakash, MD

ORLANDO CAMPUS (407) 841-7290 (407) 540-1000
(321) 841-6444 (321) 841-7090 A board-certified
(321) 841-6060 Dr. Perez, a Board certified in pediatric neurologist,
Dr. Patel joined the A plastic surgeon, pediatrician, joined pediatric surgery, Dr. Prakash joined
Dr. Paradise, an Orlando Health Heart Dr. Pavri joined the Orlando Health Dr. Plumley joined Orlando Health
OB-GYN, joined Institute Cardiology Orlando Health Physician Associates Orlando Health Arnold Palmer
the Orlando Health Group in July. He Aesthetic and in August. She Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
Center for Advanced is board certified in Reconstructive received her medical Hospital for Children in July. He earned
Gynecology and internal medicine, Surgery Institute in degree from the in July. Dr. Plumley his medical degree
Minimally Invasive cardiovascular disease, August. She earned University of Florida earned his medical from Maulana Azad
Surgery in August. She nuclear cardiology, her medical degree (Gainesville). Her degree from the Medical College
earned her medical echocardiography and at Case Western pediatric residency University of (India), where he
degree from Florida vascular ultrasound Reserve University was completed at California (Irvine). also completed a
State University interpretation. (Ohio). She completed Orlando Health, He completed a pediatric residency.
College of Medicine He completed his an integrated serving patients at surgical residency He went on to
(Tallahassee), and bachelor of liberal arts residency in plastic Orlando Health and a fellowship in complete a child
completed obstetrics and medical degree in and reconstructive Arnold Palmer surgical metabolism neurology residency
and gynecology a six-year accelerated surgery at Yale New Hospital for Children and critical care at the at the Cardinal
residencies at Orlando medical program Haven Hospital and Orlando Health University of Florida Glennon Children’s
Health Winnie Palmer at the University of (Connecticut). Winnie Palmer (Gainesville). He also Hospital, St. Louis
Hospital for Women Missouri–Kansas Dr. Pavri specializes Hospital for Women completed a pediatric University.
& Babies. Dr. Paradise City. He completed in microsurgical & Babies. Her surgery fellowship at
has a special interest his internal medicine reconstruction of clinical interests the Indiana University *New physicians from
in robotic surgery. residency at the the breast, head and include breastfeeding School of Medicine July 2018 through
Cleveland Clinic neck, and extremities, education and (Indianapolis). September 2018
and a cardiology as well as general promotion.
fellowship at reconstruction
Dartmouth-Hitchcock of traumatic and
Medical Center (New oncologic defects.

ChooseHealth 27


Meet the Newest Physicians
on the Orlando Health Team*

Nitesh Aaron Vincent Jennifer Mariel Tanja
Rana, MD Seims, MD Spoto, MD Stroud, MD Szapiel, MD Villar, MD

& DR. PHILLIPS AREA (407) 540-1000
(407) 423-1039 Dr. Stroud joined (321) 841-7550 A pediatrician,
(321) 841-8650 A board-certified Orlando Health Dr. Villar joined
pediatric surgeon, Dr. A board-certified Physician Associates Board certified in Orlando Health
Dr. Rana joined Seims joined Orlando physician specializing in July. A fellowship- neurosurgery, Physician Associates
Orlando Health Health Arnold Palmer in infectious diseases, trained pediatrician, Dr. Szapiel joined in September. She
UF Health Cancer Hospital for Children Dr. Spoto joined she earned her the Orlando Health received her medical
Center as a radiation in September. He Orlando Health medical degree Physicians degree from Ludwig
oncologist in July. received his medical Physicians Infectious from the University Neurosurgery Group Maximilian University
He earned his degree from the Disease Group in of Central Florida in July. She earned of Munich (Germany)
medical degree University of South August. He earned College of Medicine her medical degree and completed a
from Georgetown Alabama (Mobile). his medical degree (Orlando) and from the University pediatric residency
University School After a surgical from the University completed her of Puerto Rico School at Orlando Health.
of Medicine residency at Orlando of South Florida residency with of Medicine (San Dr. Villar is a member
(Washington, D.C.), Health, he completed College of Medicine the University of Juan) and completed of the American
as well as a master’s a pediatric minimally in Tampa, where Oklahoma (Oklahoma both a neurological Academy of Pediatrics.
degree in physiology invasive surgery he also completed City). She earned her surgery residency, In addition to English,
and biophysics. fellowship at the his residency and Master of Science and a stereotactic she is fluent in
He completed an University of Alabama a fellowship in degree from the and functional German.
internship in internal (Birmingham), a infectious diseases Dartmouth Institute neurosurgery
medicine at Lenox pediatric surgical and tropical medicine. for Health Policy fellowship at the *New physicians from
Hill Hospital (New oncology fellowship and Clinical Practice Ohio State University July 2018 through
York City) and a at St. Jude Children’s (New Hampshire) Medical Center September 2018
residency in radiation Research Hospital and completed a (Columbus). She is
oncology at Vanderbilt (Memphis) and a fellowship in patient fluent in English and
University Medical pediatric surgery safety at the VA Spanish.
Center (Nashville). fellowship at Riley National Center
Hospital for Children for Patient Safety
at Indiana University (Vermont).
Health (Indianapolis).

ChooseHealth 28


When to Worry

By Wendy Bacigalupi-Bednarz,
Editorial Contributor

Few things can ruin your day like a headache. It’s bad enough
when a headache sidelines you for hours, but when it’s your child
who’s hurting, that adds another layer of stress to the situation.

“Headaches are common in Contact your doctor if your Children can also have migraines. While
kids. Most of the time, they’re child’s headache: migraines are typically not serious, they
nothing to worry about,” says can be debilitating and interfere with
Dr. Vikram Prakash, a pediatric • Comes with a fever, neck pain your child’s daily functions. Migraines
neurologist at Orlando Health or stiffness. are associated commonly with light and
Arnold Palmer Hospital sound sensitivity, and sometimes cause
for Children. “Childhood • Is accompanied by persistent vomiting.
headaches are often triggered or frequent vomiting.
by tension, minor illnesses, Children do recover from migraines
sleep or dietary issues, • Follows an injury such as a and return to their normal selves after
dehydration or even a minor blow to the head. sleeping or taking over-the-counter pain
bump to the head.” relievers such as ibuprofen, says
• Is severe and does not Dr. Prakash. However, if a child’s migraine
But, there are some headaches improve with acetaminophen symptoms require frequent over-the-
(and symptoms) that can signal or ibuprofen. counter medicines, it’s time to consult
more serious problems, says your doctor about a treatment plan.
Dr. Prakash. Red flags include • Follows exercise, straining,
new onset headaches that coughing or bowel movement. Learn more about treatments for
rapidly worsen and increase childhood headaches and other
in frequency and severity, and • Is accompanied by difficulty neurological conditions at
what children report as “the walking, talking and
worst headache of my life.” performing normal activities.
Headaches like these need
immediate medical attention. • Affects your child’s sleep
patterns, such as making
her sleepier than usual or
interrupting his sleep.

ChooseHealth 29


Orlando Health South Lake Hospital


Orlando Health South Lake Hospital is a room expansion, nearly doubling the size such as ultrasound, X-ray and computed
community-focused hospital offering a of the ER in spring 2018. tomography (CT), laboratory services and
full continuum of care close to home for a helipad for air care transfers to and from
residents of South Lake County. Serving Following the expansion in Clermont, the facilities if needed. Outpatient services
the healthcare needs of the community South Lake Hospital also opened two such as labs and imaging are also offered
since 1947, South Lake Hospital features freestanding emergency room and medical at both facilities. Physician offices at Blue
state-of-the-art facilities, advanced pavilions in south Lake County. Both Cedar will be located in a medical office
treatments and procedures and highly the Orlando Health South Lake Hospital building next door and include primary
qualified staff, making the hospital an Emergency Room and Medical Pavilion care, cardiology, outpatient rehabilitation
exceptional healthcare institution. As a – Blue Cedar in south Leesburg and the and other specialties. At the Joe H. &
non-profit, the hospital is committed to Orlando Health South Lake Hospital Joe Loretta Scott Emergency Room and
forming partnerships with the South Lake H. & Loretta Scott Emergency Room and Medical Pavilion, physician offices will be
community that focus on health, wellness Medical Pavilion in the Four Corners located on the second floor of the facility
and public education. area operate 24 hours a day, seven days and will include a variety of specialties.
a week and are staffed by board-certified
Orlando Health South Lake Hospital’s emergency room physicians, registered As the largest health system in south Lake
180-acre health, wellness and education nurses and a full support staff. Features County, the hospital is proud of their
campus, located in Clermont, Florida, at each include 12 treatment rooms, a service to the community. Health, wellness
includes 140 inpatient beds along with specialized resuscitation room for infants, and fitness are at the core of their care and
a 30-bed short-term rehabilitation children and adults, diagnostic imaging the heart of South Lake.
center, the Center for Women’s Health,
the National Training Center and other
outpatient services. To best serve the
residents of south Lake County, the
hospital underwent a major emergency

For more information about Orlando Health South Lake Hospital, visit

ChooseHealth 30

Award-Winning Specialty Care Near You.

2017 2017

Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Orlando Health Arnold Palmer
Hospital for Women & Babies provides Hospital for Children has earned
comprehensive healthcare for all stages national recognition as one of the
of a woman’s life. It has received “Top “Best Children’s Hospitals” by U.S.
Teaching Hospital” recognition for meeting rigorous quality News & World Report and a “Top Children’s Hospital” by
and safety standards, and “Magnet” designation for nursing the Leapfrog Group, which measures quality and safety.
excellence and high-quality patient care. The hospital Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital offers expertise
also has earned national certification in perinatal care for in virtually all pediatric specialties and is “Magnet
excellence in prenatal through postpartum care. Recognized” for nursing excellence and high-quality
patient care.

Orlando Health Orlando
Heart Institute
is Central Health UF
Florida’s premier
cardiovascular Health Cancer
program. It has
earned Chest Center is one
Pain Center with
PCI Accreditation of Florida’s four
by the American
College of state-designated
(ACC). Our team Cancer Centers
of renowned
cardiac care of Excellence and
including specialized heart physicians and surgeons, work the only one in
together to create the best possible patient experience.
experience and

expertise of

Orlando Health and University of Florida Health, you

can count on the most advanced treatment options.

Their multidisciplinary teams work together to create

personalized, integrated treatment plans for each patient.


Childbirth Education

Here is a sampling of classes offered by Prenatal Breastfeeding
Orlando Health. Please call (321) 8HEALTH Introduces women to breastfeeding
[(321) 843-2584] for more information on how to basics: the benefits, how breast milk
register. For classes available at Orlando Health is made, how to know if your baby is
South Lake Hospital, call (352) 241-7109. getting enough milk, prevention and
treatment of common breastfeeding
Baby Inside You problems, and pumping, collecting and
Specifically designed to provide information during a woman’s storage of breast milk. $40 per couple.
second trimester. Topics: relaxing techniques, pre-term labor
recognition, nutrition, exercise, etc. $40 per couple. Mothers Matter
An emotional support group for pregnant and postpartum women.
Preparation for Childbirth The group offers peer-to-peer emotional support facilitated by a
Access to our eight-chapter, interactive, web-based e-class that licensed clinician specializing in perinatal mood disorders. No fee.
uses videos, personal birth stories, animations, activities and For information, call (321) 841-5615.

games to teach essential information Basic Infant Care
parents need to know to prepare for their A lecture-style class where parents-to-be learn what they need
baby’s birth. $100 per couple. to know about caring for a newborn. Information about normal
behaviors and parenting included. $40 per couple.
Prenatal Yoga
Prepare your mind and body for the arrival Mother-Baby Connection
of your baby in a one-hour class designed Formerly known as Moms Meeting Moms, the Mother-Baby
for expectant mothers. Connection is designed for mothers with babies from birth to
9 months. Meet other moms and receive interesting information
from our expert guest speakers. $10 fee.

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Cancer Support Community Upcoming
To learn more about these and other cancer support groups and classes, call (321) 841-5056.

Most sessions are held at the Ambulatory Care Center, 22 W. Underwood St.,
2nd Floor, Orlando, FL 32806. Please call to register and confirm.

Breast Cancer Support Open Art Studio Breast Cancer and Smoking Cessation
This group is open to any Cancer patients and caregivers Lymphedema Support Group Classes
woman at any stage of her join artist Angilyn Watson This group is held the 4th
breast-cancer journey. for creative art time. No art Wednesday of the month Quit Smoking Now
experience necessary, just and is open to patients at and Tools to Quit
Caregivers Support Group the desire to participate and any stage along the cancer/
Drop by to relax with fellow surprise yourself. lymphedema journey. Areas Offered on select days at
cancer caregivers. Learn of focus include nutrition, various Orlando Health
ways to cope with stress, Laughter Yoga exercise, clothing options, and locations.
while enjoying snacks and Join the world’s happiest many other topics. Participants
companionship. workout and reap multiple are invited to share individual For specific dates and times of
benefits, including improving experiences or ask questions these sessions, visit
The Inspiration Choir breathing, managing your with others going through
An informal singing group stress and boosting your a similar journey. For more
for cancer patients and creativity. You only need a information, please contact
caregivers interested in having sense of humor. Megan Euler at [email protected]
fun. No prior singing or choir Sessions
experience necessary. Women’s Cancer are held at our South Seminole
Support Group Hospital Physician Office
Come for support and to Building, 521 W. State Road 434,
connect with other women Longwood, FL 32750.
who have been diagnosed
with cancer. This group covers
a wide range of topics and
occasionally features guest

Support, Classes & Programs

To learn more about these and other support groups and classes, call (321) 8HEALTH [(321) 843-2584].
Please call to register and confirm.

Bariatric Weight Loss Support Group Pre-Operation Stop the Bleed
Postoperative patients are strongly Joint Replacement Training Classes
encouraged to attend this group. We This patient education class
also welcome preoperative patients provides an overview of what Occurs once every three
who are interested in learning more you need to know about having months (quarterly).
about the lifestyle changes necessary joint replacement surgery.
to be successful with weight loss. The content will cover general Visit
information to prepare you for your surgery, recovering StoptheBleed for more
Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in the hospital, and planning for your safe discharge and information.
Information Session rehabilitation, including physical therapy.
Learn more about the bariatric surgical
options available, find out if you are a Stroke Support Group
candidate for surgery and speak with Offered to both stroke survivors and their caregivers. Join
one of our bariatric surgeons at this us for these open-forum gatherings, giving participants an
free information session. Register at opportunity to share stories and experiences. Meets on the last Wednesday of each month. For more information, visit

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Orlando Health in the Community

By Cherisse Stover, Editorial Contributor

Birthday Wish Comes True

Orlando Health team members joined Make-A-Wish to grant
the wish of a patient at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital
for Children. Seven-year-old Candejah wished to be a princess!
Candejah rode in a horse-drawn
carriage around a “castle” to a
surprise birthday tea party with
her family and friends. During her
ride, she was greeted by a crowd
of adoring fans (Orlando Health
team members) who cheered for
Princess Candejah and wished her
a happy birthday.

National Night Out Congratulations, Supply Drive for Art Healthy West Orange’s
From August through Dr. Gregor Alexander! The Team Member Second Virtual 5K
October, the Orlando Health Dr. Gregor Alexander of Engagement Council of This year’s free event was a
Injury Prevention team Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Orlando Health - Health great success with more than
provided safety education Hospital for Women & Babies Central Hospital coordinated 400 participants from west
to senior citizens and local was honored for his service an internal art supply Orange County. The virtual
neighborhoods as part of the and dedication to the NICU drive to support Maxey 5K allowed participants to
Orlando Police Department’s community for over 37 years Elementary School. They complete 3.1 miles anywhere,
National Night Out Campaign and delivering more than presented Principal Carletta anytime and however they
presented by Orlando Health 40,000 babies. The March of Davis-Wilson with more please; whether running,
Orlando Regional Medical Dimes recognized him at the than 425 items consisting of walking, cycling, or even
Center. Signature Chefs Auction, which construction paper, colored kayaking. This approach
raises funds for the campaign pencils, crayons, paint brushes, eliminates the “I’m not a
to end premature births. googly eyes, pom-pom balls, runner” or “I can’t go that far”
pipe cleaners and more! excuses and gently introduces
folks to the joys and rewards of
physical activity.

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Emergency Room CareSpot Urgen4t C4are

*Includes Imaging, Rehab, Laboratory and Cancer Centers.


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a Turnpike 436 Lake Mary 426
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Flo Maitland 434
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keGarden 408 95
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Outpatient Services* W Gore St
Heart Institute 441
Community Physicians S Hughey Ave 520
Dr. Phillips S Lucerne Terrace Delaney Ave
*Includes Imaging, Rehab, 528 SSlliigghh BBllvvdd Kuhl Ave
Laboratory and Cancer Centers.
528 S Division Ave S Lucernne TerraceWW MMiilllleerr SStt E Miller St
Atlanta Ave
417 417 Kaley St
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St. Cloud
17 192

98 Florida Turnpike
Florida Turnpike
Lakeland 27 192

When it comes t17o medical care in
Central Florida, Or6l0ando Health
has you covered.

Orlando Health presents 1414 Kuhl Ave., MP 56 Non-Profit
Salud Es Vida Orlando, FL 32806 Organization
U.S. Postage
Weekly Health and Wellness at PAID

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Since first opening our doors on November 5, 1918, as Orange General Hospital, Orlando Health has
grown and advanced together with Central Florida, remaining steadfast in our commitment to our
mission, “To improve the health and quality of life of the individuals and communities we serve.”
As we embark on the next century of caring, we are filled with gratitude for the many physicians,
team members and volunteers who are part of the Orlando Health story — past, present and future.

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