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Orlando Health Choose Health Magazine Late Summer 2018 Disney

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Published by Orlando Health, 2018-09-06 18:49:58

Orlando Health Choose Health Magazine Late Summer 2018 Disney

Orlando Health Choose Health Magazine Late Summer 2018 Disney


Life Hacks You Scream!
I Scream!
The Salt Life: We All Scream
Playing It Safe for… Frozen Kefir?
Avoiding Daily Risks
of Germ Hotspots Navigating Early
The Long View – It’s a Prostate Cancer
Marathon, Not a Sprint Detection
Making Self-Care Is Sitting the
a Daily Deal New Smoking?
Being in the Moment
Proud recipient of APEX 2018 Award of Excellence, recognizing excellence in publishing

Best Children’s Hospital LATE SUMMER 2018
9 years in a row
Life Hacks You Scream!
For the ninth year in a row, Orlando Health I Scream!
Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has The Salt Life: We All Scream
been recognized as a “Best Children’s Playing It Safe for… Frozen Kefir?
Hospital,” as ranked by U.S. News & World Avoiding Daily Risks
Report. Orlando Health Arnold Palmer offers of Germ Hotspots Navigating Early
a wide range of advanced pediatric services The Long View – It’s a Prostate Cancer
in a caring, compassionate environment Marathon, Not a Sprint Detection
built just for kids. When it comes to the best Making Self-Care Is Sitting the
care for your kids, choose a national leader a Daily Deal New Smoking?
that’s right in your own backyard. Mindfulness:
Being in the Moment
Healthier Kids,
Stronger Families.
Proud recipient of APEX 2018 Award of Excellence, recognizing excellence in publishing
David Strong
President & CEO
Orlando Health

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Senior Vice President
Marketing & Communications


Luis Isaac Garcia, MD
Lisa Cooper, MS, RD, LDN
Matthew Lube, MD
Lindsay Gigler-Huff
Rod James
Beatriz E. Usuga

Millicent Buchanan
Lisa Nickchen
Javier Lopez-De-Arco, MD
Wendy Bacigalupi-Bednarz
Diana Lomont

Kim Marcum
Amanda Ndah
Chelsea Stevens
Harrison Youmans, MD
Julie Vargo
Aasma Riaz, MD
Susie Raskin, MA, LMHC
Todd Sontag, DO
Diane Robinson, PhD
Nick Avgeropoulos, MD
Andrew Davidiuk, MD
Lucas Nunes Rabello, PT, SFMA
Meredith Watson-Locklear, MD
Benjamin Kaplan, MD
Felicia Cavuoto
Cherisse Stover
Tracey Choroco

U.S. News & World Report,
2018-2019 Best Hospitals.


Welcome to the Orlando
Health Choose Health magazine.
Whether you’re a return reader
or new this issue, we’re sure
you’ll find timely content with
news you can use.

Our special guide in this issue,
Life Hacks for Better Health, looks at
five key areas with useful information
and tips for healthy living. We’ve also
included nutrition news, always a
favorite, and some spotlight articles we
hope you’ll find interesting and helpful
in guiding your health.


Nutrition: The Low-Down Welcome
on Frozen Desserts New Doctors

6–8 24 & 25

Should You Get the 5 Things Every Child Needs
New Shingles Vaccine to Be Mentally Healthy

10 29

Your Guide: 5 Life Upcoming Classes
Hacks for Better Health & Programs

11 – 21 32 & 33

Life-Saving Device Community
Fights Brain Cancer Good

22 & 23 34



New Pacemaker
Small Package

By Lisa Nickchen, Editorial Contributor

Americans like their big cars, big houses and big, super-sized burgers.
But sometimes, smaller is better. Take the case of a new pacemaker that’s the size
of a large vitamin capsule and small enough to be inserted through a vein in the leg.

Like traditional models, the new Medtronic Micra™ With a conventional pacemaker, patients need either one or two wires
Transcatheter Pacing System is used to treat patients with — depending on their specific heart condition — to fix the timing and
an abnormally slow heart rate (bradycardia) or an irregular make the heart beat effectively. For patients needing only one wire, and
heartbeat (atrial fibrillation). A pacemaker reminds the heart to who are not candidates for a conventional pacemaker perhaps due to
beat regularly. infections or unhealthy veins, the Micra is a good option.

“The value Not only is the Micra Conventional pacemakers are surgically placed underneath the skin
in the patient’s chest, with wires that connect to the heart. The Micra
of a leadless pacemaker 93 percent smaller leadless pacemaker is inserted through a vein in the leg and advanced
pacemaker is than conventional versions, to the heart where it is directly implanted into the right ventricle.
that it gives us it also has no wires (called Benefits of the Micra include:
new ways to treat leads), both of which lower
the risk of complications, says • The minimally invasive procedure means no chest incision,
patients who may Dr. Luis Isaac Garcia, clinical scar or bump.
not be candidates cardiac electrophysiologist with
for a conventional Orlando Health Heart Institute • It is completely self-contained within the heart, decreasing the
pacemaker.” Cardiology Group. risk of potential complications from a chest incision and from
wires going into the heart.
– Dr. Garcia “The value of a leadless
pacemaker is that it gives us • Its small size means less hardware, and therefore less risk of
infection from foreign objects inside the body.
new ways to treat patients who
For more information about the Micra pacemaker,
may not be candidates for a conventional pacemaker,” says go to

Dr. Garcia. The Orlando Health Heart Institute Cardiology

Group introduced the Micra device to Central Florida patients

in February.



Is Sitting the
New Smoking?

By Lucas Nunes Rabello, PT, SFMA, Physical Therapist at Orlando Health

All the hours you spend sitting
could be shortening the hours of
your life. The outcry against sitting
has become so loud that some
equate it with the uproar smoking
prompted in previous generations.

Studies have linked prolonged sitting to obesity,
increased blood pressure and a higher risk of death
from heart disease and cancer. Sitting for long
periods also is bad for the musculoskeletal system.
We’re more likely to slouch, creating poor
posture that can lead to health issues from
headaches to low back pain.

Breaking the Sitting Habit Noise – the New Secondhand Smoke?

Most of us spend time in situations where sitting By Diana Lomont, Editorial Contributor
for long periods is the norm. But there are ways
to break this harmful pattern. It took us decades to understand the
dangers of secondhand smoke. Now, noise
• Use a standing desk to move from sitting to pollution may be next.
standing throughout the day.
A University of Michigan study shows an increased risk
• Set a timer to take breaks every 30 minutes of heart attack and hypertension when noise exceeds
and walk down the hallway or stretch. 50 decibels. Comparatively, a noisy restaurant puts out
70 decibels.
• Have walking or standing meetings.
While we can’t avoid all noise in our daily lives, we can
• At your desk, stand up and walk around while control ambient noise at home. Here’s how:
on an audio call. • Use heavy drapes to insulate thin windows.
• Cover floors with carpet or rugs to minimize sound
• At home, use commercial breaks to get up
from the couch and complete quick tasks or bouncing around a room.
exercises. • Place furniture against shared walls.
• Soundproof your laundry room with foam insulation.
• If you use public transportation, stand up • Install solid-core doors to contain noise.
instead of rushing to open seats.
Concerned about how sitting is affecting your
health? Go to
to find a physician nearby.



You Scream!
I Scream!
We All Scream

for… Frozen Kefir?

By Lisa Cooper, MS, RD, LDN, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist at Orlando Health

With Americans eating an average
of 23 pounds — or 21,000 calories
worth — of ice cream per year, it’s no
wonder we are looking for healthier
options to our favorite frozen treat.

In response, freezer cases are bulging with new
alternatives that focus on innovative ingredients, flavors
and packaging. Non-traditional ingredients such as
beets, kale or spinach are being introduced to appeal to
health-conscious consumers. So are exotic flavors such
as jackfruit and passion fruit, and inventive combinations
like cardamom, rosewater and pistachio or strawberry,
tomato and jalapeño.

Ice cream — defined as a frozen food made from a
mixture of dairy products — contains at least 10 percent
milkfat and includes milk, cream and sugar as its first
three ingredients. Paying attention to the ingredients
listed on the label (arranged in descending order by
weight) gives us an idea of what’s in these ice cream
alternatives. Some are listed as frozen desserts, because
they do not meet the defined criteria for ice cream. If
these products are not made from milk, then what’s in
them? Let’s take a look.


Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Low-Sugar, High-Protein Gelato
Vegan Frozen Desserts
PRIMARY INGREDIENTS: Coconut milk, milk protein isolate, erythritol sugar, cream
milk/almond milk, dried cane New lower-calorie, low-sugar, high- Compared to ice cream, gelato has
syrup, inulin protein products use erythritol, more sugar, less cream and less air
Don’t be fooled by the dairy-free stevia or monk fruit for sweetness. added in processing. This results in
label and assume it’s a healthy Erythritol, a carbohydrate known a dense, silkier product with higher
option. Many have as much, if as a sugar alcohol, is incompletely sugar content.
not more, calories, saturated fat absorbed or metabolized by the
and sugar than the original dairy body and contributes fewer calories Churned Ice Cream
version. Make sure to choose these than sugar. Like inulin, sugar
alternatives with open eyes by alcohols can cause intestinal upset PRIMARY INGREDIENTS: Nonfat
checking the food label. due to fermentation by bacteria in milk, cane sugar, cream
the colon. Monk fruit and stevia are Churning is defined as “extremely
Plant-based products mimic the plant-based sweeteners that also cold blending over a longer period
creaminess and mouth feel of are used in low-sugar products. of time, to create a creamy, light
ice cream by using avocado or ice cream.” Churned ice cream is
coconut. Dried cane syrup is a Frozen Kefir a lower-fat product, skimming off
form of sugar and the amount in about 30 calories per half cup with
many dairy-free options rivals the PRIMARY INGREDIENTS: Cultured similar sugar content as regular
levels of sugar contained in regular low-fat milk, skim milk, cane sugar ice cream.
ice cream. Inulin, a fiber found in Kefir is a fermented milk beverage
plant foods, is a prebiotic that is that tastes like yogurt and contains Sorbet
fermented by bacteria in the large live probiotics. Frozen kefir is
intestine and can cause gas tart, tangy and a good source of PRIMARY INGREDIENTS: Water,
and bloating. calcium. Keep an eye on the sugar, sugar, corn syrup
where a half cup provides half a Like fruit bars, sorbet contains
High-Protein, High-Fiber day’s worth at 16 grams. mostly water and sugar. Flavorings
may come from real fruit, but read
PRIMARY INGREDIENTS: Milk, Arctic Zero® the ingredients list carefully if you
whey protein isolate, polydextrose are looking for a product that
The high-protein, high-fiber PRIMARY INGREDIENTS: Water, provides more fruit and less
ingredients used to create this whey protein concentrate, organic added sugar.
specialty item include whey cane sugar
protein isolate and polydextrose. Advertised as low glycemic,
Whey protein isolate is created lactose-free, gluten-free and GMO-
by separating the components free, this offering is classified as
of milk to provide more protein. a frozen dessert because its first
Polydextrose, made from glucose ingredient is water. In addition
that binds together, is not well to the whey protein base, fiber is
digested. It is partially fermented added from chicory root and sugar
in the gut, making it a low-calorie cane fiber, which contributes
additive that can be used to 2 grams per half cup. At 35 calories
provide fiber in a food. and 1 teaspoon of sugar, it is a
lower-calorie option.


Portion Controlled Make Your Own

There are many portion- If you’re looking for a truly healthy option with natural ingredients, your
controlled items offered in best bet is to make it at home.
smaller packaging: ice cream
bites covered in cookie dough • Easily create sorbet by freezing a mixture of honey, lime juice and
or chocolate dip, miniature- frozen fruit.
sized drum sticks and tiny pints.
It is a nice way to indulge in • Create a fiber-filled frozen treat by placing frozen bananas in a
your favorite treats by having blender and adding toppings such as nuts, peanut butter, cocoa
a smaller amount with fewer powder or strawberries. Blend for a smooth, creamy consistency
calories. The trick is stopping and delicious treat. Pump up the protein by adding Greek yogurt.
at one.
• Dip fruit in melted dark chocolate and freeze for a delightful and
decadent frozen dessert.

Look At The Label

Compare frozen alternatives to real ice cream, which is defined as a frozen food
made from a mixture of dairy products, containing at least 10 percent milkfat.

Here are the stats for a half cup of various frozen desserts:

Type Regular Coconut Almond Low High Kefir Gelato Churned
Ice Sugar Protein Ice
- High & Fiber 90 190
Cream Protein 5 9 Cream
158 .5 6
Calories 130 210 120 60 3 18 24 100
2 4 4 3
Fat (g) 7 16 7 2 18 16 24 1.5
13 0 0 15
Sat Fat (g) 4 14 4 1 8 3
8 13
Carbohydrate (g) 14 16 14 14 0

Protein (g) 21 1 5

Sugar (g) 14 13 12 6

Fiber (g) 010 3

Type Ice Cream/Cookie Arctic Zero®/Frozen Lemon Sorbet
Dough Bite (1) Dessert
Calories 110 35 120
Fat (g) 3 0 0
Sat Fat (g) 2 0 0
Carbohydrate (g) 18 7 30
Protein (g) 1 3 0
Sugar (g) 11 5 27
Fiber (g) 0 2 1

For more food and nutrition news, go to



The Link Between Caffeine
Consumption & Miscarriage Risks

By Meredith Watson-Locklear, MD, OB-GYN with Orlando Health Physician Associates

If you’re considering starting or adding to your
family, you already may know that quitting
smoking, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and taking
folic acid are some of the steps you can take to
increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

But did you know you should also limit your caffeine intake, even before
becoming pregnant? What’s perhaps even more surprising is that your partner
should limit his caffeine intake as well.

What Research Shows

A study by the National Institutes of Health and Ohio State University found
that a woman has a higher risk of miscarrying if she and her partner consume
more than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day (about 12 ounces of coffee) in
the weeks before conception.

In addition, women also are more likely to miscarry if they have more than
200 mg of caffeine a day during the first seven weeks of pregnancy. Because
women may not be aware that they are pregnant in those early weeks, it’s
important to reduce caffeine once deciding to become pregnant.

The Many Forms of Caffeine

When considering sources of caffeine, keep in mind there’s more to count
than just coffee. Teas, sodas, pain relievers, energy drinks and even “energized”
foods can contain caffeine and sometimes even as much as a cup of coffee.

So, the bottom line is, if you and your partner are planning to start or expand
your family, be aware that the caffeine you both consume can affect the health
of your baby.

It’s important to talk with your OB-GYN about this and other
recommendations for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

To find an OB-GYN, visit



Should You Get the
New Shingles Vaccine?

By Benjamin Kaplan, MD, Internal Medicine Physician
at Orlando Health Physician Associates

If you’re under age 60 One out of every three Americans will develop shingles in their
and unsure of whether lifetime. The painful, blistery skin rash that appears on the chest is
you’ve had chickenpox caused by the same virus that’s responsible for chickenpox. So, if
you’ve ever had chickenpox, you’re at risk for shingles, which can
— or if you were last from two to four weeks.
previously vaccinated
The first shingles vaccine, Zostavax, was approved in 2006 by the U.S. Food and Drug
with Zostavax — Administration (FDA), but a second newer drug is even more effective overall — 90 percent
talk to your doctor versus 50 percent for Zostavax. Called Shingrix, the new vaccine became available in late 2017 and
maintains its effectiveness in the age group most at-risk for developing the disease. For those age 70
about whether or older, Shingrix is 91 percent effective.
you should get the
Shingrix vaccine. A two-dose vaccine, Shingrix is administered eight weeks apart. The vaccine also contains an
immune system booster and may reduce a form of chronic nerve pain commonly associated with
shingles. A clinical trial showed that the vaccine maintains its effectiveness for up to four years.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
recommends Shingrix for Americans 50 and older. However, not all health plans cover the vaccine’s
cost, so check with your insurance provider first.

If you’re under age 60 and unsure of whether you’ve had chickenpox — or if you were previously
vaccinated with Zostavax — talk to your doctor about whether you should get the Shingrix vaccine.

Seniors are at greater risk for compromised immune systems, so getting vaccinated could prevent
you from getting sick or, if you do get shingles, reduce its severity.

Talk to your primary care doctor about whether you should receive the shingles vaccine.
To find a primary care physician, call (321) 8HEALTH [(321) 843-2584] or visit

ChooseHealth 10


Life Hacks

“Life hacks” are about
making our lives better in
simple and clever ways.
From dodging the dangers
of outdoor life in Florida to
learning how mindfulness can
give you an edge, our five
hacks in this issue of Choose
Health target your everyday
health and well-being. You’ll
even discover a strategy for
preventing big, expensive
medical problems and gain
self-care tips for making your
life more healthful and fun.



alt Life: Playing

By Julie Vargo, Editorial Contributor

With hundreds of miles of beaches and countless hours of
sunshine, Florida has its own set of unique safety hazards. Sharks,
alligators, riptides and brain-eating amoeba — yes, Florida has
them all. But spending time outdoors in the Sunshine State also
presents its share of less exotic safety problems — from Mother
Nature’s heat, humidity and sunshine to the man-made risks
posed by water scooters, golf carts and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Whether you choose to frolic on land or sea, it’s all fun and games
until someone gets hurt. With a few precautions, though, that
someone needn’t be you.


Surf and Turf Hot Times

“Nothing ruins a good time more quickly than an accident,” says Dr. Matthew Hot, humid days
Lube of Orlando Health Physicians Surgical Group. “Riding recreational motor define Florida’s
vehicles like golf carts, Jet Skis and ATVs is fun, but also increases risk of injury.” weather. But
they also
Basic tips include making sure the driver is age appropriate for the vehicle, increase the
rides a safe distance from others, and never drinks and drives. “Unlicensed likelihood of
recreational vehicles present their own unique safety issues,” says Dr. Lube. heat-related
illnesses, which occur when
Here’s how to stay safe and have fun. the body’s core temperature
Water Ways Course Work
Don’t blame the sun alone.
Water scooters can zip across Golf carts transport us “Seventy percent of heat
the lake at speeds up to from hole to hole stress is related to humidity,
60 mph and are involved in on the course and not sunshine,” says
house to house in Dr. Harrison Youmans, a
25 percent of all marine the suburbs. But sports medicine physician
accidents in the emergency rooms see their share of golf cart- with Orlando Health. “A hot
United States, related injuries. Blame the lack of seat belts and day with humidity, cloud
sending riders open-enclosure design, coupled with the force cover and no direct sunlight
to the hospital of sharp left turns, for people falling out. is very dangerous for heat-
with fractures, related illness.”
lacerations, To avoid problems:
bruises and Heat exhaustion results
concussions. Most • Use a golf cart with seat belts in headaches, nausea and
dizziness. Life-threatening
accidents occur when water • Slow down on turns heatstroke manifests in
scooters run into a dock, symptoms of confusion,
another watercraft or a tree • Use the brake when stopped fainting and potential coma.
stump. Without brakes, water
scooters can take up to Ground Cover To avoid heat-related illness:
300 feet to stop.
Motorized ATVs can weigh 600 pounds and • Stay hydrated
To stay safe: reach 65 mph across terrain. ATV accidents
result in emergency room visits for contusions, • Bypass caffeine
• Wear a life jacket abrasions, fractures and even fatalities.
• Cool off frequently in air
• Wear the engine cutoff key To prevent harm: conditioning or shade
on your wrist so the engine
will stop if you fall off • Wear a helmet and protective gear • Opt for loose, light-
colored, sweat-wicking
• Take a safe boater course • Do not drive on paved roads clothing
before driving
• Fasten seat belts

For more health and safety tips, subscribe to our Health Beat digital newsletter. To sign up, go to





By Wendy Bacigalupi-Bednarz, Editorial Contributor

No matter where we go, one thing is certain — germs will follow. And, while there’s no iron-clad
way to avoid them, we can take precautions to reduce the risks of getting sick, says Dr. Javier Lopez-
De-Arco, a primary care physician with Orlando Health Physician Associates. Let’s take a look at five
germ hotspots you encounter daily and the steps you can take to stop germs in their tracks.

The Kitchen Sink The Toothbrush

The kitchen is where we We put our toothbrushes in our mouths
prepare meals for ourselves thinking they’re clean and germ-free. But
and our families. It’s probably are they? Each time we brush our teeth,
the least germy place in the we leave germs on our toothbrushes.
house, right? Wrong. In fact, Then, we set them out to dry on the
the kitchen sink is one of the bathroom counter — near the toilet
germiest places in the home. — where their bristles can become
It’s where we wash foods and utensils, and dispose of our food contaminated with airborne germs,
scraps. This makes the kitchen sink an ideal gathering place for flush after flush. And, if you’re sick,
more than 500,000 bacteria — 10 times more than on a toilet seat. your toothbrush can re-infect you with
bacteria such as E.coli, listeria and strep,
What to Do and even mold fungus.
• Clean the sink with hot, soapy water, especially after
What to Do
preparing raw food, meat and poultry.
• Let brushes air-dry in upright toothbrush holders placed as far
• Wipe down the sink with disinfecting wipes daily. as possible from the toilet.

• Sanitize toothbrushes and holders in the dishwasher once a week.

• Replace toothbrushes every three months or when you are sick.


Electronics ATM Machines

We love our electronics and handle them constantly, often Convenient? Yes. Germ-free? No. When we use the ATM, we’re
without washing our hands. Devices such as smartphones, collecting more than cash. We’re also collecting bacteria from
tablets, television remotes, video game controllers and computer human skin, says Dr. Benjamin Kaplan, an internal medicine
keyboards put more than entertainment at our fingertips. They physician at Orlando Health Physician Associates. Thousands of
also put thousands of bacteria on our hands from skin cells, oils, people touch the ATM keyboard before us, and each one leaves
food crumbs and other germ attractors. their own deposit of germs behind. Odds are high that we won’t
want to put our money (and hands) where our mouths are.
What to Do
What to Do
• Disinfect electronics weekly using a disinfecting wipe. Make
sure devices are first disconnected from any power sources. • Avoid touching the
face, eyes, nose
• Clean touchscreens with scratch-free cleaning cloths. and mouth after
touching the ATM

• Wash your hands
often. Use soap
and water. It can
dislodge germs and send them down the drain.

• Carry and use hand sanitizer if you can’t wash your hands.

The Break Room

What’s the best part of the work day? Break time, of course. And, while we gather
in the break room to heat up lunches or share coffee talk with coworkers, we’re
also sharing space with germs — a whole lot of them.

Sinks, sponges and dish rags are the germ bosses of the workplace. That break
room sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than the office toilet seat, say researchers.
Faucet handles and countertops are a germ’s dream come true, laden with food-
prep debris and even bathroom bacteria. Even our coffee pots can’t escape from germs. In a study,
researchers found bacteria in 50 percent of break room coffee-maker reservoirs.

What to Do
• Replace sponges and dish rags with paper towels.

• Clean the sink and countertops daily with disinfecting wipes.

• Use a paper towel to touch faucet handles. Wipe the handles daily with a disinfecting wipe.

• Wash hands before making coffee and rinse coffee-pot reservoir with white distilled vinegar weekly.

• Wash and dry the coffee pot — and handle — daily.

Find more healthy-living strategies at


By Wendy Bacigalupi-Bednarz, Editorial Contributor

Staying healthy over a lifetime is
a marathon, not a sprint. And like
most marathon runners will tell

you, crossing the finish
line takes planning and
commitment. Good
health also requires a
long-term strategy —
the long view — to help
you reach your future
goals and stay there.

Your healthcare team (doctors, dietitians, specialists)
are experts in creating long-view plans for all ages and
life stages to help reduce your risks of getting sick and
improve your odds of staying healthier through the

years. Think of your healthcare team as your marathon

Investing in Health Wealth Long-View Tips
for Long-Term Health
What is the long view? It’s a plan that focuses on goals set over
time (running a marathon) instead of instant results (running a 1 Forget about age. 4 Your plan will change
sprint). With the long view, you build your healthcare strategy You’re never too old or over time, just like
beyond today and tomorrow. You might be well today, but why too young to start your long you. As you age, fitness
not plan for a healthier tomorrow? Much like investing money to view. Whether you’re in your and nutrition needs change,
secure your financial future, you make long-term choices to build early 20s or your golden years, too. Learn about the right
your health wealth. plan to run your long-term foods, vitamins, minerals,
health marathon with small, supplements and exercises to
You can focus your healthcare long view on any problem or sustainable steps. Just take evolve with your long view.
situation you have now or may have later. For example, think that first step.
about food and nutrition. “When we think about food, we think 5 Think of your health as
short-term,” says Ashlee Wright, a registered dietitian with 2 Apply the long view to an investment plan for
Orlando Health. “What’s for dinner today? What do we need any health situation health wealth. The more
from the grocery store this week?” Wright suggests taking a long- you choose — to lose you put into it, the more you’ll
view approach to eating for the future by making wise nutrition weight, stop smoking, eat get in return. But remember,
decisions that can reduce risks of heart disease, stroke, high blood more veggies — whether it’s the long view is long-term.
pressure, cancer and type 2 diabetes. breaking bad health habits or Focus on better health benefits
beginning good ones. over time, not just today or
The Buddy System tomorrow.
3 Look at your health
Working with healthcare partners such as your primary care goal on a deeper 6 Don’t go it alone. You’ve
doctor also can help you set long-view goals and stay on track level. If you choose to got ready-made partners
with strategies such as how to stop smoking, lose weight, control follow a healthier diet, focus like your primary care doctor,
alcohol or drug use, or manage stress and anxiety. Your primary on more than just weight dietitian, fitness instructor
care doctor also is a great resource if you need to make a course loss. Think about how you’re and so many others who are
correction. getting stronger and reducing trained to help you navigate
your risks for serious health and succeed in your long view.
“There may be times when a strategy or a goal needs to be problems in the future. All you need to do is ask.
modified,” says Dr. Todd Sontag, family medicine physician with
Orlando Health Physician Associates. “Your healthcare team can
work with you to make adjustments and restructure the plan to
ensure you meet your long-term objectives.”

Using the long-view approach (remember the marathon?), your
primary care doctor can improve the odds that you’ll cross the
finish line and succeed with your healthcare goals year after year.

Looking for more healthy lifestyle strategies? Check out



By Julie Vargo, Editorial Contributor #SelfCareSunday may be the
trendy hashtag, but nurturing
body and soul should be a
daily deal, says Dr. Meredith
Watson-Locklear, an OB-GYN
with Orlando Health Physician

“My number one rule is ‘Make time for
yourself,’ ” she says. “Even if it’s just 15
minutes a day. Everyone can find at least
15 minutes in their day, every day, to
devote to self-care.”

Hitting the pause button on your day
doesn’t have to be complicated. To commit
to self-care, schedule time each day to focus
on yourself. Program it into your schedule,
if you have to. When the time comes, walk
around the block, listen to a podcast, take
a bath or grab some crayons and color.
Meditate. Call a friend for a quick chat.
Take a power nap.

ChooseHealth 18

Healthy, Not Indulgent Covering the Basics

“Everyone is so stressed and tired, but it’s important While lighting candles, soaking in a tub and doing a face
to your mental health to take time for you,” says mask currently get the bigger #SelfCareSunday play,
Dr. Watson-Locklear. “Giving yourself permission to scheduling your wellness exams, bloodwork and annual
shake off stress is healthy, not indulgent.” physical are essential — yet often overlooked — self-care
For some, working out is as
meditative for the mind as it is good “The danger for women is we
for the body. “Exercise is not a luxury,” put off important, health-related
says the doctor, who suggests hitting things longer than we should,”
the gym, doing yoga or pounding the she says. “But preventive
pavement at least 30 minutes 3 to 4 screenings such as well-
days a week. “Set a goal of exercising woman exams, colonoscopies,
for six days a week. You will begin to bloodwork and mammograms
feel better — mentally and physically are a huge part of self-care.”
— almost immediately.”
Dr. Watson-Locklear also advises that you listen to your
Good nutrition also can affect self- body. Note the monthly patterns of your menstrual cycle
wellness. “Weight concerns are more to understand PMS, ovulation or menopausal symptoms.
than aesthetic, they can create or Commit to getting more sleep, increasing by 10 minutes
signal health issues,” she says. “When a night until you reach the adult recommendation of
patients want to modify their behavior 7-9 hours nightly. Take your vitamins.
with food, I suggest they make one
better choice each day — add a piece Enjoy Life
of fruit or another veggie. Bypass the
extra cookies.” Most importantly, enjoy life. Use the good china, the
expensive perfume, the beautiful lingerie, even if you
If one food change a day seems too stressful, no sleep alone.
problem. Aim instead for one big change a week. “If you
are a soda drinker, cut out soda for a week and see how “We need more than one day a week to self-focus,”
it goes,” she says. “Or swap soda for water, which is a says Dr. Watson-Locklear. “If a woman is not taking
healthier beverage.” care of her health — the internal workings of her heart,
her lungs, if she isn’t getting enough sleep or drinking
In addition to eliminating empty, enough water or eating healthy — then it doesn’t matter
sugary calories, drinking more water what the outside package looks like … or how many
helps cleanse toxins from the body apps are on her phone.”
and improves skin tone, circulation
and digestion. “Most women are
dehydrated and don’t realize it,” says
Dr. Watson-Locklear. “I keep a water
bottle with me during the day. If I see
it, I will drink and refill it. ”

For more wellness advice from the experts at Orlando Health, follow us on Pinterest.

ChooseHealth 19


By Wendy Bacigalupi-Bednarz, Editorial Contributor

Living in the moment may sound like something you can only
do at a spa or on a mountaintop, but practicing mindfulness can
happen anytime and anywhere. Whether in the car on the way to
work or at the dinner table, this science-backed strategy helps us
manage feelings of stress and depression, reduce negative thoughts
and distractions, and improve mood. Here’s how to get started.

In the Car — Focused Not Frazzled

Americans spend a lot of time in cars. Each day, many of us drive an hour or more
to and from work. Rush-hour traffic, delays and accidents can cause us to feel
stressed out, anxious and on the verge of road rage. We view discourteous drivers
as selfish or dangerous and that adds more stress, says Diane Robinson, PhD, a
neuropsychologist at Orlando Health. But it could be something else that’s affecting
their driving — maybe they’re running late or heading to the hospital — instead of
the character flaws we imagine.

Mindfulness helps us recognize this.

Mindful driving is a practice that can help reduce the physical and
emotional stresses we feel while on the road. It teaches us to:

• Set aside distractions such as the radio or cell phone.

• Notice what we see in front of us.

• Recognize physical sensations such as the car’s movement
or the texture of the steering wheel.

• Be aware of our movements while driving.

• Listen to the sounds of road and wind.

• Deliberately let go of aggravations (such as red lights or slow drivers)
that we can’t change.

• Experience (not just endure) our time on the road.

ChooseHealth 20

On Your Plate — In Your Heart — The Ostrich Effect
Eating vs. Dieting Relationships
While mindfulness is a
Many of us lead busy lives driven by loaded Researchers believe mindfulness affects areas of practice of openness,
schedules that leave little time to think — really the brain that direct our attention and emotions awareness and insight, the
think — about our relationships with food. We to support more positive and compassionate ostrich effect is the exact
might grab a bite to eat without a second thought. interactions with those closest to us. It also helps opposite. The ostrich
Or, if we sit down for a meal, we’re too distracted us improve our listening skills, adds Robinson. All effect is a way of thinking
by a constant stream of updates on our phones to of that contributes to stronger relationships. that causes people to
actually taste what we’re eating. We view dieting — avoid or ignore perceived
essentially depriving ourselves of food choices — We can practice mindfulness by: negative information and
as the best option for losing weight or shaping up. situations — much like the
• Being more present and attentive to family, legendary bird that buries
These scenarios are where mindful eating friends, spouses and partners. Instead of its head in the sand.
comes in, helping us separate emotional checking email and texts, we can focus on those
and stress eating from physical hunger, says important to us. With the ostrich effect:
Robinson. We can build healthier relationships
with food by: • Reducing negative emotional reactions such as Your brain becomes
angry words and actions overloaded with
• Practicing purposeful food selection information.
and preparation • Enhancing self-awareness and reducing
destructive behaviors such as arguing You filter out, avoid
• Choosing foods we enjoy that nourish the body or ignore situations
• Increasing empathy for others and that may come with
• Acknowledging and accepting what we like or understanding their thoughts, feelings and negative information —
dislike about foods without judging ourselves emotions such as an important
(let’s face it — not everyone loves kale) medical test — because
Discover more ways to boost your mental you don’t want to risk
• Knowing how to eat on a moment-by-moment health at getting bad news.
You only pay attention
• Becoming more aware of cues that we’re to positive information
physically hungry or full so we know when to or news.
start and stop eating
You impair your ability
21ChooseHealth to make informed
decisions based on all
available information.

Mindfulness may help
tame the ostrich effect
and reduce the stress,
anxiety and distractions
that come with it.


Device Fights
Brain Cancer

By Diana Lomont, Editorial Contributor

Jason Mulcahy was on a family vacation in
Massachusetts, taking one last picture on
the beach, when his jaw began to quiver
uncontrollably. It was the summer of 2016.

ChooseHealth 22

“I didn’t think it was a stroke, but knew During his first appointment at the cancer up. Most people don’t even see it, but if anyone
something was wrong,” recalls the center, Mulcahy met with radiation asks me about it, I get excited and want to tell
agrichemical salesman from Port Orange, oncologist Dr. Naren Ramakrishna and them all about it.”
Florida. “My family took me to the local neuro-oncologist Dr. Nick Avgeropoulos.
hospital, and a CT scan showed something, Like every cancer center patient, he He’s even worn it while competing in two 5Ks.
but they weren’t sure what it was.” received a personalized packet outlining “I’m not a regular runner, but while wearing the
his treatments and what to expect every device I finished a recent 5K in 42 minutes,”
After going to a larger hospital in Boston step of the way. Mulcahy says. “That’s better than my best pre-
for further diagnosis, Mulcahy learned he cancer time of 43 minutes.”
had a mass in his brain. “They still weren’t “The doctors were fantastic,” says Mulcahy.
sure what it was, but recommended I have it “They were very positive and uplifting and Today, the Optune device is standard
removed.” told me, ‘You’re going to get through this, recommended treatment for newly diagnosed
no problem. We’re going to help you.’ ” GBM in combination with the chemotherapy
Four days later, he underwent surgery. drug temozolomide.
Another eight days passed before the doctor After a series of radiation and chemotherapy
told him the cause of his illness — the treatments, Dr. Avgeropoulos introduced “We have been prescribing this therapy for years
same type of brain cancer U.S. Senator a new technology to help keep the at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center,”
John McCain has. “He told me I have cancer from regrowing in Mulcahy’s says Dr. Avgeropoulos. “And we continue to
glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) — stage 4 brain. The device, called Optune, sends combine novel therapeutic approaches and
brain cancer,” says Mulcahy, who’s now 44. electromagnetic pulses through a cap that clinical research options for our patients for
“And that I had about 14 months to live.” Mulcahy wears on his head. It’s connected their optimal care.”
to a powerpack he carries on his back. The
Shocked by the news, Mulcahy and wife electric fields created by the device disrupt For more information about innovative
Michelle began researching the best place to the growth and reproduction of cancer cells, and effective cancer treatment options,
go for treatment when they returned home causing many of them to die. visit
to Port Orange. After looking into cancer
centers across Florida and interviewing “I wear the device 18 hours a day and can To read more patient stories, visit
several doctors, they put Orlando Health bank six hours per day if I want to go a few
UF Health Cancer Center on their short list. days without wearing it, which I’ve done
while on vacation,” explains Mulcahy.
“We knew that Orlando
Health UF Health Cancer His ongoing treatment includes an MRI
Center was a Cancer Center exam every two months to make sure
of Excellence, and a colleague the cancer is under control. Now, nearly
of mine had just recovered two years since his surgery, Mulcahy has
from colon cancer,” recalls resumed his busy life working full-time,
Mulcahy. “He said he went to enjoying vacations with his family and
Orlando Health UF Health being a dad to his two daughters. “With the
Cancer Center for treatment, device I wear, it’s just a new normal,” he
and they were fantastic. So explains. “I wear my baseball cap to cover it
I decided — perfect, that’s
where I’m going to go.” Inspiring Others

Mulcahy enjoys sharing his health journey, along with his travels,
on his GBM Traveler blog. “My hope is to inspire others facing their
own challenges to be positive and to live life to the fullest,” he says.
Find his blog at

ChooseHealth 23


Meet the Newest Doctors
on the Orlando Health Team*

Frank R. Lorna Jeincy Kristin Sue Ann
Avilucea, MD Brudie, DO Duarte, PsyD Farias, MD, MA Francisco, MD

(321) 843-3220
(321) 843-5851 (321) 841-8393 (321) 841-3338 Board certified
Dr. Farias joined in pediatrics,
A board-certified In May, Dr. Brudie A licensed the Orlando Health Dr. Francisco joined
orthopedic trauma joined the team at psychologist, Primary Care Orlando Health
surgeon, Dr. Avilucea Orlando Health Dr. Duarte joined the Pediatrics practice in Physician Associates
joined the Orlando UF Health Cancer Pediatric Digestive May. Board certified in March. She
Health Orthopedic Center as a board- and Nutrition in pediatrics and earned her medical
Institute in May. certified gynecologic practice at Orlando internal medicine, she degree from the
He earned his oncologist. Dr. Brudie Health Arnold earned her medical Davao Medical
medical degree received her medical Palmer Hospital for degree from Harvard School Foundation
from the University education at the Children in May. Medical School (Philippines) and
of New Mexico New York College of She earned her (Boston) and her completed her
School of Medicine Osteopathic Medicine doctoral degree in medical anthropology pediatric residency
(Albuquerque) (Long Island). She clinical psychology degree from Harvard at Orlando Health
and completed an went on to complete a from Carlos Albizu University. She Arnold Palmer
orthopedic surgery residency and a post- University (Miami) completed an internal Hospital for
residency at the doctoral fellowship and completed medicine residency Children.
University of Utah in physiology at the a psychology at Boston Children’s
(Salt Lake City). At University of Kansas. fellowship at the Hospital, serving as
Vanderbilt University She has a special Johns Hopkins chief resident.
(Nashville), interest in advanced University School
he completed robotic surgery. of Medicine and
a fellowship Kennedy Krieger
in orthopedic Institute (Maryland).
traumatology and

ChooseHealth 24

The doctors at Orlando Health are part
of a collaborative network that works
toward one common goal: your health.

Christian Javier Lopez- Bruce In Honor of
Kovats, DO De-Arco, MD Thomas, MD Harriett Lake –
Local Philanthropist

ORLANDO AND goodbye to friend and supporter Harriett
(407) 384-1053 (407) 635-3011 DR. PHILLIPS AREA Lake on Tuesday, July 10. A Longwood
resident, Harriett was 96 when she passed.
In April, Dr. Kovats A board-certified (321) 843-4800
joined Orlando internal medicine Known as a fashion maven and community
Health Physician physician, Dr. Lopez- Dr. Thomas joined benefactor, in her later years, Harriett raised money
Associates. A board- De-Arco joined the Orlando Health for charity by selling items from her fabulous
certified family Orlando Health Orthopedics and collection of hats, bags, glasses and gowns. A 2015
medicine physician, Physician Associates Sports Medicine “Harriett’s Closet” sale raised more than $40,000
he earned his in April. He earned his Group in May. for the Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical
osteopathic medicine medical degree from Board certified in Center Level One Trauma Center.
degree from the Pontificia Javeriana family medicine and
Kirksville College University (Colombia) sports medicine, “Harriett was a wonderful friend to Orlando Health.
of Osteopathic and completed his he earned his We will miss but always cherish her commitment,
Medicine (Missouri). residency at San Juan undergraduate and her caring and her dedication to making life better
He completed Municipal Hospital medical degrees from for our patients,” said Karen Jensen, vice president,
an internship at (Puerto Rico), where Tulane University Orlando Health Foundation.
Garden City Hospital he served as chief School of Medicine
(Michigan) and a resident. He later (New Orleans). For years, Harriett’s Boutique at Orlando Health
residency at Naval completed a diabetes He completed a UF Health Cancer Center was a place where cancer
Hospital Bremerton, fellowship at East residency in family patients could pick up free stylish hats and scarves.
a U.S. Navy hospital Carolina University’s medicine at U.S. Patients at both the cancer center and those treated
in Washington. Brody School of Air Force Regional at the ORMC Level One Trauma Center can forever
Medicine (Greenville, Hospital Eglin be thankful to Harriett Lake.
NC). In addition to (Valparaiso, Florida).
English, Dr. Lopez-
De-Arco is fluent in

*New doctors from
February through June 2018


By Aasma Riaz, MD, Internal Medicine Physician at Orlando Health

The 100 trillion bacteria in your gut can Keeping Your Gut Healthy
affect how well you feel every day — from
whether you’re tired and still have trouble A nutritious diet is a good foundation for a
sleeping to more predictable issues such as
appetite and constipation. healthy gut.

The gut is another term for your Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables,
digestive tract and includes the low-fat dairy, whole grains, nuts and legumes.
mouth, esophagus, stomach,
intestines, pancreas, liver, Scale back on sugar and high-fat red meats.
gallbladder, colon and rectum. It acts Drink lots of water.
as a barrier against external toxins and
chemicals, and produces hormones Eat dinner before 7:00 pm to give
that affect hunger, sensory perception, your body enough time to digest
cognition, emotion and behavior.
the food in your stomach before
With trillions of bacteria in your gut, it’s going to bed.
no surprise that some are beneficial and
others aren’t. The unhealthy ones can Probiotics are beneficial
lead to stomach problems and illnesses
that include a weakened immune bacteria that support gut health.
system, autoimmune disorders such as
Celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis, Although they are available in pill
constipation, migraines, diabetes, insomnia,
depression and fatigue. form, probiotics also can be found

Among the factors that contribute to an unhealthy in foods such as:
gut are stress and certain foods, especially those
high in sugar and saturated fat. Tobacco, alcohol and • Yogurt • Pickles
excessive caffeine also can be detrimental. Overuse of
antibiotics is another culprit because these medicines • Kefir • Sauerkraut
kill not only the illness-causing bacteria, but your
healthy bacteria too. • Kimchi

While medicine is still learning about
the role the gut plays in our health,
we do know that watching what we
eat, controlling stress and avoiding
too many antibiotics can go a long way
toward a healthy gut.

Concerned about your gut health? Our primary care
physicians work closely with a range of experts to
help you feel your best. Find a healthcare partner at

ChooseHealth 26


Navigating Early Prostate Cancer Detection

By Julie Vargo, Editorial Contributor

When it comes to prostate cancer, early detection is key to treating the 1 in 9
men diagnosed in their lifetime. UroNav, a software-based technology, makes
early detection of this common male cancer even more accurate.

“Normally, prostate cancer is slow growing, so early detection is key to successfully treating it,”
says Dr. Andrew Davidiuk of Orlando Health Physicians Urology Group. “UroNav updates
the traditional biopsy procedure to give us the best tools possible for quickly detecting
this disease.”

Screening for prostate cancer usually begins with a prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
blood test and a rectal exam done manually by your doctor. If PSA levels are
elevated, or if the rectal exam indicates an abnormality, the doctor schedules a
biopsy to get a more detailed look at the prostate cells.

During a traditional ultrasound biopsy, it can be difficult to visualize the prostate
and guide the needle toward tumors or lesions using ultrasound alone.
Improved MRI imaging can identify the location of cancer within
the prostate even before biopsy. UroNav combines the best of
both methods. Like a car’s GPS navigation system, it directs the
doctor’s needle down the clearest path toward prostate lesions
for a more targeted biopsy.

“Not all prostate cancer is equally lethal, so UroNav helps
hone in on the most suspicious areas, reducing the number
of tissue samples taken and lowering the risk of infection,
bleeding, pain and recovery time,” says Dr. Davidiuk.
“Compared to traditional biopsies, UroNav technology
increases the accuracy of finding the more significant prostate
cancer lesions.”

Men should head to the urologist at the first sign
of possible prostate problems. These include:
• Frequent or painful urination
• Difficulty starting or stopping their urine stream
• Trouble maintaining an erection
• Blood in their urine or semen

• Pain or pressure in the rectum

To make an appointment with a urologist or learn
more about the UroNav process, call (321) 841-9360.

ChooseHealth 27


Why the Melvilles ‘Walk For Winnie’

By Tracey Choroco, Editorial Contributor

Julia Melville’s journey to Orlando Health Winnie Palmer
Hospital for Women & Babies started 120 miles away as
Tropical Storm Erika approached and she went into labor
three months early — with twins.

She was rushed to her to high-risk newborns at and she was admitted Melville family has been
local hospital along the Orlando Health Winnie and evaluated, the entire the top fundraising team
Treasure Coast where the Palmer’s Neonatal Melville family felt as in the Walk For Winnie,
medical staff was able to Intensive Care Unit though they were in which raises funds for the
temporarily halt her labor. (NICU). Soon Julia was extraordinary hands, Orlando Health Winnie
But Julia and husband on her way there, racing recalls Hal. Palmer NICU.
Erik were told that if labor Tropical Storm Erika and
resumed and the twins a drop in barometric “It’s as if someone turned This year’s Walk for
were born in the next few pressure that could send on the lights. Winnie Winnie, presented
weeks, they would have her back into labor. Palmer Hospital was a by Panera Bread and
only a 40 percent chance whole new world. All hosted by SeaWorld, is
of survival — and likely While a medical of the staff had a really scheduled for September
would suffer long-term helicopter would have positive attitude,” says 29, 2018. The walk has a
health issues. been the quickest way to Hal. “And the team told goal of raising $225,000
transfer Julia, the weather us the babies had a to benefit the NICU.
Those were not the made flying impossible. 90 percent or greater
odds Claire and Harold Instead, a two-hour survival rate with few, if To join the walk or
“Hal” Melville wanted for ambulance ride was the any, long-term deficits.” make a donation, visit
their first grandchildren. only option.
Through a family friend, Today, twins Andrew
the couple knew of the Once Julia and Erik and Peyton are healthy
advanced care provided made it safely to Orlando 3-year-old boys. And for
Health Winnie Palmer, the past two years, the

ChooseHealth 28


5 Things Every Child Needs
to Be Mentally Healthy

By Susie Raskin, MA, LMHC, Pediatric Mental Health Therapist at Orlando Health

We all want our children to be physically
and mentally healthy. But what does it mean
to be mentally healthy as a child?

Renowned clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and activist Martin Seager says
there are five universal musts for all children to grow up mentally healthy. Here’s
why each is important:

To be loved. Kids need to feel loved, cared for, protected and respected by key

people in their lives such as parents, family members, teachers and friends.

To belong. Belonging does not and should not mean “fitting in.” Instead of

looking to others to help define who they are, kids should be encouraged to
reflect within themselves to figure that out. Once they know who they are, they
can look for others who fit into their world.

To be heard. Sometimes, family members are so intent on getting their own

points across that they’re unable to really take in where the child is coming
from. But we all need moments where we feel listened to, respected and heard
regardless of whether the other party agrees with us.

To have meaning. Whether it stems from an interest, passion, talent or simply

a bond with others, children need to feel meaning in their lives. This helps with
creating an identity, forming connections with others and learning about things
bigger than oneself.

To achieve. Kids benefit when they feel like they are good at something —

whether it’s a child riding her bike or a teen landing his first job. Achievement
means accomplishments, which lead to positive self-esteem.

Are your children getting their mental health needs met? If you need help, visit to learn about counseling services
at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

ChooseHealth 29


Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children


When it comes to the best health care for your child, isn’t it nice to know
there’s a nationally recognized leader right in your own hometown?

For the ninth year “Our priority has always been to provide the highest level of care for our patients, and
in a row, Orlando we’re honored that U.S. News & World Report continues to recognize our team’s hard work
Health Arnold and dedication to our community,” said Cary D’Ortona, president of Orlando Health
Palmer Hospital for Arnold Palmer.
Children is ranked
a Best Children’s In addition to offering expert care in more than 20 pediatric specialties at its downtown
Hospital by U.S. News Orlando campus, Orlando Health Arnold Palmer is expanding its pediatric care to
& World Report, the neighborhoods throughout Central Florida.
global authority in hospital rankings and
consumer advice. For example, pediatric emergency care is now conveniently within reach to families in
southwest Orlando with the opening of the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for
Orlando Health Arnold Palmer is once Children Emergency Room at Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital.
again named a top children’s hospital in
five specialties: Access to pediatric care also is expanding with the opening of new Orlando Health
• Pediatric Cardiology & Heart Surgery Physician Associates practices in various communities, including Maitland, Dr. Phillips,
• Pediatric Diabetes & Endocrinology Summerport (Windermere) and soon the Lake County – Four Corners area. Orlando
• Pediatric Orthopedics Health now offers 22 pediatric primary care practices throughout Central Florida.
• Pediatric Pulmonology
• Pediatric Urology For more information about
Orlando Health Arnold Palmer
U.S. News & World Report, Hospital for Children, visit
2018-2019 Best Hospitals.

ChooseHealth 30

Expanding ER and Medical Care for Central Florida Communities

Designed to meet the needs of growing communities in Central OPENING OCTOBER 2018
Florida, the Orlando Health Emergency Rooms and Medical
Pavilions provide residents access to nearby emergency medical Orlando Health Emergency Room
care along with convenient outpatient healthcare services. and Medical Pavilion – Horizon West
The freestanding emergency rooms are staffed by board-
certified physicians and feature full-service, 24-hour emergency 17000 Porter Rd., Winter Garden
care. Outpatient services may include laboratory, physical
rehabilitation, and imaging, such as CT, X-ray, ultrasound and
MRI. The medical pavilions will also include primary care and
specialty physician offices so residents can find the care they
need right in their own neighborhood. Future phases at some
locations may include an ambulatory surgery center or hospital
facility as well as other health and wellness concepts.


Orlando Health Emergency Room
and Medical Pavilion – Osceola

1001 E. Osceola Pkwy., Kissimmee


Orlando Health South Lake Hospital Orlando Health South Lake Hospital Orlando Health Emergency RoomCITYOFLAKEMARY,FLORIDA
Emergency Room and Medical Joe H. & Loretta Scott Emergency EMERGENCY ROOM
Pavilion – Blue Cedar Location Room and Medical Pavilion VIEW LOOKING SOUTHWEST - PHASE 01
22316 U.S. Hwy. 27, Leesburg and Medical Pavilion – Lake MaryEmergencyRoom
16966 Cagan Ridge Blvd., Clermont and Medical Pavilion
Medical Office Pavilion
to Open in Fall 2018 Medical Office Pavilion 412 Rinehart Rd., Lake Mary
to Open in Fall 2018



Childbirth Education

Here is a sampling of classes offered by Prenatal Breastfeeding
Orlando Health. Please call (321) 8HEALTH Introduces women to breastfeeding basics: the benefits, how
[(321) 843-2584] for more information on how breast milk is made, how to know if your baby is getting enough
to register. For classes available at Orlando milk, prevention and treatment of common breastfeeding
Health South Lake Hospital, call (352) 241-7109. problems, and pumping, collecting and storage of breast milk.
$40 per couple.
Baby Inside You
Specifically designed to provide Mothers Matter
information during a woman’s second An emotional support group for pregnant and postpartum women.
trimester. Topics: relaxing techniques, The group offers peer-to-peer emotional support facilitated by a
pre-term labor recognition, nutrition, licensed clinician specializing in perinatal mood disorders. No fee.
exercise, etc. $40 per couple. For information, call (321) 841-5615.

Preparation for Childbirth Basic Infant Care
Access to our eight-chapter, interactive, web-based e-class that A lecture-style class where parents-
uses videos, personal birth stories, animations, activities and to-be learn what they need to know
games to teach essential information parents need to know to about caring for a newborn. Information
prepare for their baby’s birth. $100 per couple. about normal behaviors and parenting
included. $40 per couple.
Prenatal Yoga
Prepare your mind and body for the arrival of your baby in a one- Mother-Baby Connection
hour class designed for expectant mothers. Formerly known as Moms Meeting Moms, the Mother-Baby
Connection is designed for mothers with babies from birth to
9 months. Meet other moms and receive interesting information
from our expert guest speakers. $10 fee.

ChooseHealth 32


Cancer Support Community Upcoming
To learn more about these and other cancer support groups and classes, call (321) 841-5056.
Do you or someone
Most sessions are held at the Ambulatory Care Center, 22 W. Underwood St., you know suffer
2nd Floor, Orlando, FL 32806. Please call to register and confirm. from a hernia?

Breast Cancer Support Join us for a complimentary
This group is open to any hernia screening.
woman at any stage of her
breast-cancer journey. For September screening
dates and to register,
Caregivers Support Group Laughter Yoga
Drop by to relax with fellow Join the world’s happiest visit
cancer caregivers. Learn workout and reap multiple HerniaScreening.
ways to cope with stress, benefits, including improving
while enjoying snacks and breathing, managing your Walk-ins are welcome.
companionship. stress and boosting your
creativity. You only need a Smoking Cessation
sense of humor. Classes

The Inspiration Choir Open Art Studio Women’s Cancer Quit Smoking Now
An informal singing group Cancer patients and caregivers Support Group and Tools to Quit
for cancer patients and join artist Angilyn Watson Come for support and to Offered on select days at
caregivers interested in having for creative art time. No art connect with other women various Orlando Health
fun. No prior singing or choir experience necessary, just who have been diagnosed
experience necessary. the desire to participate and with cancer. This group covers locations.
surprise yourself. a wide range of topics and
occasionally features guest For specific dates and times of
speakers. these sessions, visit

Support, Classes & Programs

To learn more about these and other support groups and classes, call (321) 8HEALTH [(321) 843-2584].
Please call to register and confirm.

Bariatric Weight Loss Support Group Pre-Operation Stop the Bleed
Postoperative patients are strongly Joint Replacement Training Classes
encouraged to attend this group. We This patient education class
also welcome preoperative patients provides an overview of what Occurs once every three
who are interested in learning more you need to know about having months (quarterly).
about the lifestyle changes necessary joint replacement surgery.
to be successful with weight loss. The content will cover general Visit
information to prepare you for your surgery, recovering StoptheBleed for more
Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in the hospital, and planning for your safe discharge and information.
Information Session rehabilitation, including physical therapy.
Learn more about the bariatric surgical
options available, find out if you are a Stroke Support Group
candidate for surgery and speak with Offered to both stroke survivors and their caregivers. Join
one of our bariatric surgeons at this us for these open-forum gatherings, giving participants an
free information session. Register at opportunity to share stories and experiences. Meets on the last Wednesday of each month. For more information, visit

ChooseHealth 33


Orlando Health in the Community

By Cherisse Stover, Editorial Contributor

Rainbow Run

On June 9, the onePULSE Foundation and UCF hosted
the 2nd annual CommUNITY Rainbow Run presented by
Orlando Health. The event more than doubled its inaugural
year’s attendance with more than 2,100 runners and
walkers. Participants honored everyone affected by the
Pulse tragedy. Orlando Health trauma team members,
Dr. Chadwick Smith, Libby Brown and Liz Burrowes,
led the race as Grand Marshalls. The course included
a “Survivors Walkway,” which recalled the section of
Orange Avenue between Pulse and the Trauma Center
at Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center
(ORMC). Many victims walked this route seeking
medical help on June 12, 2016.

Women Build Projects A Fundraising Gala Harvest Day Volunteer Training
Orlando Health team members with Yo-Yo Ma and Orlando Health team members Volunteers with the Orange
participated in Women Colin Jacobsen volunteered at Orange Center County Commission on Aging
Build projects throughout Orlando Health was a leading Elementary during Harvest received day-long training
Central Florida with Habitat sponsor of the Orlando Day — a teaching garden by the Orlando Health
for Humanity chapters in Philharmonic Orchestra’s celebration supported annually Government Relations team on
Greater Orlando, Seminole- 25th Anniversary Gala that by Orlando Health Arnold June 4. Volunteers learned how
Apopka and West Orange. included a once-in-a-lifetime Palmer Hospital for Children. to help elders navigate through
Team members painted, hung opportunity to hear the world’s The teaching garden provides the healthcare system and how
drywall and installed roofing. most celebrated cellist, Yo-Yo students with access to fresh to stay safe at home.
Ma, and acclaimed violinist fruits and vegetables. Harvest
Colin Jacobsen perform Day activities included healthy
Brahms’ Double Concerto with smoothie tastings and a fitness
the Orlando Philharmonic station led by Orlando City
Orchestra. The event raised Soccer Club.
more than $630,000.

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Orlando Health Hospitals Medical Pavilions Primary Care Practices Outpatient Services*
Specialty Care Practices Community Physicians
Emergency Room CareSpot Urgen4t C4are

*Includes Imaging, Rehab, Laboratory and Cancer Centers.

44 441 415 95
Mount Dora
Florid 27 429 46 46 50
Sanford 50
75 Oviedo
Lake Mary 426 95
OCALA Winter 528
rida Turnpi Apopka Springs
a Turnpike 436
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50 Springs

Flo Maitland 434
Winter Park
Winter Orlando
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Clermont 435 Avalon Park S OOrraannggee AAvvee
Orlando Health Hospitals W Gore St
Emergency Room 441
Medical Pavilions Dr. Phillips S Hughey Ave S Lucerne Terrace Delaney Ave 520
CareSpot Urgent Care
Primary Care Practices33 528 SSlliigghh BBllvvdd Kuhl Ave
Specialty Care Practices
Outpatient Services* S Division Ave S Lucernne TerraceWW MMiilllleerr SStt E Miller St
Atlanta Ave
Community Physicians 417 417 Kaley St


*Includes Imaging, Rehab, 33 92 17 192 192
Laboratory and Cancer Centers. Davenport St. Cloud

98 Florida Turnpike

Lakeland 27

When it comes to medical care in
Central Flor1i7da, Orlando Health
has you covered.


Orlando Regional Medical Center 1414 Kuhl Ave., MP 56 Non-Profit
and Arnold Palmer Hospital Orlando, FL 32806 Organization
for Children recognized as U.S. Postage
2018-19 Best Hospitals

Permit No. 3459
Orlando, FL

© 2018 Orlando Health


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