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BHSP Choose Health ISSUE 3 SPRING 2022 FINAL_508

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Published by Orlando Health, 2022-03-02 09:39:32

BHSP Choose Health - Spring 2022

BHSP Choose Health ISSUE 3 SPRING 2022 FINAL_508


Inflammation: WHOMeEaNlt’hS
The Root Cause
of Chronic Illness Health Signs
Women Shouldn’t Ignore
Are Food Expiration Dates
Science or Suggestion? Dangers of
Your Body on Stress ‘Mommy Juice’ Culture Beyond Baby Blues
Sexual Health
Exercise After
Having a Baby


• Full benefits begin day one Inflammation: WHOMeEaNlt’hS
• Lifelong career opportunities The Root Cause
• Compassionate leadership of Chronic Illness Health Signs
• Student loan repayment Women Shouldn’t Ignore
Are Food Expiration Dates
programs Science or Suggestion? Dangers of
Your Body on Stress ‘Mommy Juice’ Culture
Learn more and apply today at Beyond Baby Blues Sexual Health
Exercise After
Having a Baby

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Welcome to the winter 2022
edition of Bayfront Health
St. Petersburg Choose Health
magazine. In this issue,
don’t miss our guide to
women’s health, where you’ll
learn about the dangers of
“mommy juice” culture, when
to be concerned about vaginal
discharge and health signs
you shouldn’t ignore.

You’ll also want to read about whether
food expiration dates are really that
important and what happens to your
body when you’re stressed.


You’ve Healed, but Your Guide:
Body Doesn’t Act Like It Women’s Health

4–5 11 – 19

Recognizing the Older Adults Should Meditate.
Stages of COPD Here’s Why

6 23

What an EKG Reveals Get Moving To
About Your Heart Jump-Start Your Brain

7 26 – 27

Why You May Need a Welcome New
Plastic Surgeon in the ER Physicians

10 33



You’ve Healed,
Body Doesn’t

By Tim Barker, Editorial Contributor

Anyone who’s ever twisted an ankle
while running, cut their finger while
slicing vegetables or managed to hurt
themselves any number of ways

knows about inflammation. It’s the
body’s response to injury that
causes the damaged area to

become red, swollen, warm
and painful.

“Inflammation is the body’s way of Good or Bad?
protecting itself from harmful things, such
as bacteria, viruses, toxic chemicals and In that sense, inflammation is a good thing, since it’s helping your body get better. But
injuries,” says Dr. Steven Jeffrey Seltzer, an potential troubles arise when inflammation sticks around too long. In fact, research
internal medicine physician at Bayfront increasingly suggests that chronic inflammation may be the root of many illnesses, including
Health St. Petersburg Medical Group heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, asthma and cancer.
Internal & Family Medicine. “It is essential
to the body’s healing process.” There are two types of inflammation:

When you get sick or injured, your body • Acute inflammation intensifies quickly. It’s generally short-lived and is an
releases chemicals that tell your immune important part of your body’s healing process.
system to launch a surge of white blood cells
and to increase blood flow to protect the • Chronic inflammation occurs when that initial response doesn’t go away.
part of you that’s hurting. That’s what causes Your body remains in a constant state of inflammation for months or even years, long
the redness and swelling – tell-tale signs of after the trigger is gone. The body mistakenly believes it’s still under attack, with those
inflammation. protective white blood cells targeting healthy tissues around the site of the original injury.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an example of a condition associated with chronic inflammation.


but Your What You Eat
Act Like It
Research points to diet to help keep your
Finding Relief body’s overactive immune response
in check. When attempting to manage
If you have inflammation anywhere in the body, your doctor may recommend medication to inflammation through diet, you should
help relieve your symptoms and reduce the risk of chronic inflammation. Options include: understand that some foods could hurt,
while others could make things better.
• Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These common pain relievers
are available over the counter at the drug store. They include ibuprofen and naproxen. Foods that fall into the inflammatory
category tend to be the ones that aren’t
• Steroids. Corticosteroids suppress the immune system response and reduce all that healthy to begin with. If you can’t
inflammation. make it at home (because of all those
unpronounceable chemicals on the
• Dietary supplements. Some supplements, such as omega-3s, curcumin and lipoic acid, ingredients list) – it’s probably best not to
can help decrease inflammation associated with illnesses like heart disease and cancer. eat it. Avoid consuming:

• Biologics. These prescription medications reduce inflammation, suppress the immune • Fried and processed food
response and decrease disease progression of some autoimmune conditions.
• Sugary drinks
Lifestyle Changes
• Refined carbohydrates
Exercise is particularly important when it comes to managing chronic inflammation. It will
help you maintain a healthy weight, get better sleep and cut your stress levels. Consider these • Red meat
lifestyle changes:
• Margarine and shortening
Exercise: Aim for 30 Quit smoking: Smokers
minutes of aerobic exercise often seek short-term relief More helpful are those foods we typically
and 10 to 25 minutes of from nicotine, but it has been associate with healthier diets, including:
weight/resistance training linked to more significant
four or five days a week. This problems, including • Green tea and ginger
is particularly valuable against rheumatoid arthritis, down
obesity and heart disease. the road. • Berries, apples, cherries and
tomato-based dishes
Lose weight: People who Watch the alcohol:
are overweight tend to have Drinking too much can • Leafy green vegetables, which are
higher levels of inflammation. contribute to chronic high in natural antioxidants
inflammation. Intake should
Keep your stress under be limited to two drinks a day • Fatty fish like salmon, tuna
control: Consider yoga, for men and one drink for and sardines
meditation, guided imagery women.
and other calming activities. • Nuts

• Whole grains

• Olive oil

For more health and wellness
information, visit



Recognizing the
Stages of COPD

By Tim Barker, Editorial Contributor

For most of us, “COPD is an umbrella term for several dangerous
walking around lung conditions – including chronic bronchitis and emphysema – that cause the
the block and airways to narrow, making it more difficult to breathe,” says Dr. Steven Jeffrey Seltzer,
climbing a flight an internal medicine doctor at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg Medical Group Internal
of stairs are easy & Family Medicine.
activities that
keep our heart and The condition is often found in smokers over the age of 40 and is the third-leading cause
lungs healthy. But of death in the United States. Common symptoms include shortness of breath,
these simple tasks chronic cough, frequent respiratory infections, excessive mucus production
are challenging, and fatigue.
and in some cases
even dangerous, How Severe Is It?
for those with
chronic obstructive There’s no cure for COPD. But it can be managed with medication and lifestyle changes.
pulmonary disease Depending on the severity of your symptoms, your condition will be placed in one of
(COPD). four categories:

Stage 1 Symptoms are mild and often unnoticed, except during times of exertion.

These include mild shortness of breath and a nagging dry cough.

Stage 2 Shortness of breath worsens, accompanied by a persistent cough and phlegm

production. Flare-ups can cause changes in phlegm color.

Stage 3 Symptoms become more severe, especially in the mornings, with more
frequent flare-ups. Some notice swollen ankles, feet and legs.

Stage 4 Breathing takes greater effort. Heartbeat can become fast or irregular. A
crackling sound can be heard in the chest when breathing. Delirium, weight
loss or pulmonary hypertension are possible.

Managing Symptoms

While COPD is not reversible, its progression can be slowed and discomfort reduced.
Your doctor will work with you to create a pulmonary rehabilitation plan that helps you
manage your COPD and treat the symptoms.

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What an EKG Reveals About Your Heart

By Tim Barker, Editorial Contributor

If you’ve never visited a cardiologist, you may be What Happens if Your Doctor
unfamiliar with the electrocardiogram (EKG) test Notices an Irregularity?
that offers a snapshot of your heart’s general health.
This painless diagnostic tool also is used to identify Once an irregularity is detected,
irregularities and to monitor at-risk patients. additional evaluations are used to
determine what’s happening with
“With each beat, your heart sends a wave of electricity that tells your your heart. Common follow-up
heart muscle to squeeze and pump blood,” says Dr. Peter Wassmer, tests include:
a cardiologist with Bayfront Health St. Petersburg Medical Group
Cardiology. “The EKG records the speed of that wave and its regularity.” • Stress test: This shows how
well your heart handles
Who Gets an EKG? What an EKG Tells Your Doctor increased exertion. It can reveal
a restricted blood supply to
Almost everyone who visits a Your cardiologist will look for your heart.
cardiologist will get an EKG at the irregularities with your heartbeat’s
beginning of the appointment. rate and frequency. These could • Coronary angiography: This
However, there are some physical warn of conditions such as: uses dye to look for blockages
symptoms that may prompt in your arterial system.
your primary care doctor to • Arrhythmias
recommend an EKG, including: • Echocardiogram: High
• Coronary heart disease frequency sound waves are
• Shortness of breath used to take pictures of your
• Heart attacks heart’s chambers, valves, walls
• Chest pain and blood vessels.
• Cardiomyopathy
• Fast or irregular heartbeats

• Dizziness or fainting

EKGs also are used to keep an eye
on at-risk patients not currently
experiencing symptoms, including
those with a family history of heart
disease, smokers, pregnant women
or patients with diabetes, high
cholesterol or hypertension.

For more news about heart health, explore



‘My Heart Felt
Like It Was
Going To
Bounce Out
of My Chest’

By Daniel Wine, Editorial Contributor

Tony Raiano is very
much in tune with

his heart.

During the past 25
years, he has had stents
inserted, suffered two
heart attacks and had

open-heart surgery.


“Right after my surgery in 2013, I noticed lousy and returned to the doctor, who Although Raiano was a little nervous
my heart rate was really changing from recommended a procedure. Called an when his son dropped him off at Bayfront
sitting doing nothing, totally normal, ablation, it involves using energy to zap Health St. Petersburg for his ablation, he
and then all of a sudden, it was like I was abnormal scar tissue and help restore the was quickly put at ease.
running a race,” says Raiano, 65. “It beat heart’s normal rhythm. “They’re all doing their job, and it was
so hard, it actually moved my body. Like very well-orchestrated,” he says.
it was going to bounce out of my chest.” “We used 3D mapping of both upper After the procedure, he says, Dr. Masvidal
chambers of the heart to identify the area told him to call him directly if he needed
He had a pacemaker installed to regulate responsible,” says Dr. Masvidal. “We were anything, and Raiano really appreciated
his heartbeat, and that seemed to take able to apply radio frequency ablation that level of care and trust.
care of the problem. to eradicate it with the goal of restoring
Mr. Raiano’s normal rhythm more Back To Living Life
But in 2020, Raiano started noticing an permanently.”
irregular heart rhythm again. Since the ablation, Raiano has returned
Easy Decision To Make to his normal activities, which include
“My problem was really strange, but what offering guitar lessons and playing gigs
developed is what they call a flutter. It’s Atrial fibrillation, also known as AFib, with friends in a band called Tropical
not really atrial fibrillation,” says the is the most common arrhythmia among Heat.
St. Petersburg man. “Your blood pressure older Americans and puts them at much Raiano has taken several medications
starts to drop, and then your heart rate higher risk of a stroke. Atrial flutter over the years to help with his health
shoots up to the sky.” carries similar risks. Blood thinners problems but says outstanding medical
are commonly prescribed to help, and care is the most important thing.
Racing Heartbeat ablation therapy can be an effective “Treating someone like a human being,
treatment. that’s the best pill in the world,” he says.
His heart rate, normally in the 70s, would “That’s the one that gets you out of the
soar to 180 beats per minute. Dr. Masvidal says the popularity of smart hospital and keeps you going.”
devices such as the Apple Watch, along If you are experiencing issues with
Raiano, who was undergoing treatment with a higher level of awareness, has led your heart’s rhythm, talk to your
for kidney cancer at the time, knew to more people being diagnosed with primary care physician or find a
something was seriously wrong with his AFib, atrial flutter, tachycardia and other cardiologist at
heart again. He sought help immediately. heart conditions. Physician-Finder.
That’s when he met
Dr. Daniel Masvidal, a board-certified Raiano worked in radiology for about 40
cardiac electrophysiologist at Bayfront years at several hospitals in the Tampa
Health St. Petersburg Medical Group Bay area, so he has a lot of experience
Cardiology. with doctors.

Dr. Masvidal says Raiano was in a form He says Dr. Masvidal made him feel
of atrial tachycardia, which triggered the comfortable right away.
upper chamber of his heart to beat twice
as fast as the lower chamber. “Sometimes you don’t even
feel like you’re talking to a
“There are different ways to get patients doctor,” Raiano says. “He
back in a normal rhythm,” Dr. Masvidal was able to answer my
says. “One way is shocking them back to questions before I even
normal rhythm.” asked them.”

That helped for a while. But about
eight months later, Raiano was feeling



Why You May Need
a Plastic Surgeon in the ER

By Tim Barker, Editorial Contributor

Plastic surgery isn’t just tummy tucks, Botox and facelifts. Plastic
surgeons often play a key role in emergency room trauma care –
helping patients to avoid or minimize lifelong scarring and deformities.

It’s not uncommon for serious ER cases to require a team Reconstruction Starts in the ER
of specialists, including plastic surgeons, says Dr. Deepak K.
Naidu, a board-certified plastic surgeon with Bayfront Health Either the doctor or the patient may choose to consult with a
St. Petersburg Medical Group Aesthetic and Reconstructive plastic surgeon in the ER, where common procedures include:
• Reattaching body parts
“To achieve the best aesthetic outcome, meticulous repairs
may be needed for injuries caused by car accidents and other • Fixing facial fractures and breaks
direct traumas,” Dr. Naidu says.
• Facial reconstruction
Plastic surgery is often needed in ER cases involving the head,
ears, eyes and nose. These include: • Wound cleaning

• Scalp injuries caused by a blunt hit to the head that could Unique Skill Set
result in cosmetic deformity
A plastic surgeon’s unique skills and experience can make them
• Nasal injuries that can cause respiratory and cosmetic the most qualified doctor to perform certain procedures in the
issues ER. Plastic surgeons often have a better understanding of soft
tissues, the structure of the skin and how it’s all connected,
• Cheek lacerations, which cause nerve damage in the face allowing them to repair injuries in a meticulous manner.

• Eyelid and/or eyebrow injuries that can create vision Plastic surgeons also have more experience with thinking outside
problems the box when it comes to fixing defects, including repairing body
parts or sections of skin that are missing.

Find more health and wellness news at

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We get it: You’re busy. Maybe too busy to think about
your health. We’re here to help you get back on track. In
this guide, we share health warning signs women shouldn’t
ignore, when the “baby blues” might be something more and
the dangers of “mommy juice” culture. You’ll also discover

everything you need to know about vaginal discharge.




Women Should Never Ignore

By Katie Parsons, Editorial Contributor

Headaches, dizziness, fatigue – busy women often power through when they
don’t feel well. But when it comes to your health, there are some signs and
symptoms you should not ignore.

If you are constantly fighting discomfort, exhaustion or pain, you might have an underlying problem that needs
medical attention.

Cardiovascular Symptoms

The American Heart Association reports that about 2.5 million women in the U.S. are hospitalized annually for
cardiovascular issues. Yet women seek out testing for cardiovascular pain or discomfort less frequently than men,
according to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

One of the main reasons is that women do not experience cardiovascular events in the same way men do.

“Heart attacks and chest pain can present differently in women compared with men. Women might not
have that classic ‘pressure feeling,’ like something sitting on your chest, but may feel other
less obvious discomforts or pain,” says Dr. Katherine F. Wojnowich,
a fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist at Bayfront Health
St. Petersburg Medical Group Sports Medicine.

Some discomforts that could indicate a major
cardiovascular issue include:

• Shakiness in the chest

• Pain or discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach

• More fatigued than usual when moving around or exercising

• Nausea or lightheadedness

• Sweating without explanation

Women should seek out professional treatment if these signs
of cardiovascular distress persist.


Neurological Symptoms Digestive Tract Symptoms

Some of the most dangerous health issues are difficult to see — and A change in digestion or bowel habits may mean a larger problem in
that’s especially true when it comes to neurological wellness for women, such as colon cancer.
women. Many symptoms that can be chalked up to normal fatigue
or exhaustion could signal a larger health issue. Signs of gastrointestinal tract distress include:

• Suddenly experiencing • Bloating or abdominal pain

Neurological symptoms you should never ignore include: prolonged or frequent • Feeling full after not eating much
diarrhea or constipation • Nausea or vomiting
• Severe headaches • Weakness on one side of the body
• Acid reflux
• Numbness • Consistently dropping things

• Tingling • Vision issues Even if these issues are not life-threatening, addressing them can
improve your quality of life.
These can all be signs of high blood pressure, often referred to as
the “silent killer” because it doesn’t present obvious signs until it’s Reproductive Symptoms
been elevated for a while. Untreated, high blood pressure can
lead to a stroke. Bleeding outside of a normal menstrual cycle or post-menopause
can signal a larger problem, such as an infection, or ovarian or
Musculoskeletal Symptoms uterine cancer.

The importance of healthy bones and muscular strength are vital to There are other non-life-threatening issues, such as endometriosis or
a woman’s overall wellness, preventing osteoporosis and aiding in fibroids, that can cause pain or discomfort that should be addressed by
recovery from falls or other injuries. a healthcare provider.

“The musculoskeletal system can be strengthened by consuming It’s also important to screen for breast cancer through mammograms
adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D, and participating in and self-breast exams. Depending on genetic makeup and family
low-impact, weight-bearing and strength-training activities,” history, plan to have a mammogram screening every one or two years
Dr. Wojnowich says. beginning at age 40.

Some warning signs that could indicate a need to seek professional Kidney and Urinary Tract Symptoms
help include:
If you have blood in your urine or severe back or side pain, especially
• Severe midline back pain that intensifies at night if it’s followed by the urge to urinate, see your doctor. It could be
a urinary tract infection (UTI), a kidney stone or something more
• Back pain that radiates or worsens serious. In perimenopausal or postmenopausal women, estrogen loss
can increase the risk of UTIs.
• Numbness and tingling
Visiting your primary care physician and scheduling regular health
Normal aches and pains come with aging, but knowing the screenings play a key role in your health, but make sure you are tuned
difference between what is minor and what could be major into anything happening between visits that is out of the ordinary.
is vital for women.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, talk to your primary care
physician or find one at



The Dangers of

By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

You may have seen the shirts
that say “I’m not a regular
mom — I’m a wine mom,” the
wine glasses with the words
“mommy juice” printed in
fancy type or the memes that
make light of moms who day-
drink on playdates.

Wine mom culture touts drinking alcohol to
cope with the demands of everyday life. Kids
stressing you out? Drink. On a playdate with
fellow moms? Drink. Exhausted after a long
day? Another excuse to have a drink.

Mothers are inundated with the message that
drinking wine comes with being a parent. And
while it may seem harmless, wine mom culture
has become a major public health concern,
says Dr. Beth Girgis, an emergency medicine
physician at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg.

“Enjoying an occasional glass of wine with your
friends or spouse is OK. But pay attention to
how much and how often you are drinking,”
Dr. Girgis says. “One or two drinks at the end of
the day quickly adds up to a dozen drinks over
the course of a week.”


‘Mommy Juice’ Culture When Is
The Big Picture Women are more likely to develop these a Problem?
long-term health conditions and issues from
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention drinking alcohol: If you have depression,
(CDC) estimates that 1 in 6 adults binge drink anxiety or other mental
once a week. For women, binge drinking is Brain damage. Cognitive decline and brain shrinkage health conditions, it
defined as consuming four or more alcoholic because of alcohol consumption develops more may be tempting to
beverages on the same occasion on at least one quickly for women than men. turn to alcohol to relax.
day in the past month. A 4-ounce glass of wine is But drinking wine to
considered one drink. Cancer. Regularly drinking alcohol is linked to an alleviate the symptoms
increased cancer risk, particularly breast, mouth, of a mental health
The “mommy juice” mindset can turn into a throat, esophagus, liver and colon cancers. condition can worsen
drinking problem quickly. A 2017 study found your struggles and may
that problem drinking increased by more than Heart disease. Women are at increased risk for heart lead to a substance use
80 percent among American women between damage from prolonged alcohol consumption. disorder.
2002 to 2013.
Hormonal imbalances. Alcohol can affect hormone Overcoming the urge to drink
Wine mom culture may seem like fun, but production and accelerate some menopausal alcohol is not always easy, but
it can lead to dependence on a nightly glass symptoms. it is possible. If you think you may
or two. Consistent drinking can lead to less have a drinking problem, there are
diligence when supervising play and can cause Liver damage/disease resources available to help.
long-term health damage. The SAMHSA HelpLine —
Peptic ulcers (800) 662-HELP (4357) — is open
Long-Term Effects 24/7 for advice, information and
Osteoporosis treatment recommendations.
The problem for women is they tend to
metabolize alcohol more slowly than men, Healthier Options for Talk with your healthcare provider
which can lead to getting drunk faster. That, Parenting Stress if you are worried that you may
in turn, causes the effects of alcohol to last be drinking too much or abusing
much longer. That’s why “moderate use” Parenting can be stressful and exhausting, even on other substances. They can put
of alcohol is considered to be one glass the best of days. But there are ways to relax and de- you in touch with the appropriate
of wine for women. stress without turning to alcohol. Instead of drinking, resources and referrals for
consider trying healthy outlets for stress relief, counseling, if needed.

Exercising Playing a musical
a hobby Taking time out for
yourself each day

Listening to music



S‘BoambyetBhliunegsM’ —oroer?

What New Moms Need To Know

By Lisa Cianci, Editorial Contributor

Pregnancy and new motherhood can be
joyful and unforgettable, but these precious
moments also bring a host of challenges that
can seem overwhelming. Between getting to
know a new human being, midnight feedings,

body image issues and a complete overhaul
of your schedule, you may feel exhausted
and anxious.

ChooseHealth 16

Smashing the stigma associated with depression during and after pregnancy is the first step in It’s important to develop a positive rapport
empowering women to come forward about their struggles. Pregnant women and new moms with your doctor and care team. As you
should be encouraged to talk to their doctors and partners about their feelings. begin your prenatal care, raise any concerns
about mood or emotional changes you
“Depression is never a sign of weakness,” says Heather Barkov, a physician assistant on the experience during and after your pregnancy.
medical staff at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. “Asking for help shows strength and courage, Strong communication with your OB-GYN
especially during a time typically seen as happy.” remains the most crucial aspect of care.

Is What You’re Feeling Normal? Taking Care of Yourself

Between 10 percent and 20 percent of women will experience depression during pregnancy. In addition to talking with your doctor, these
And up to 70 percent of new mothers get the “baby blues” — which can include anxiety, approaches can help new mothers begin
irritability, crying outbursts and restlessness in the first weeks after giving birth. While these feeling better:
emotions are common and usually resolve on their own, postpartum depression seriously
interferes with daily life, continues for months and usually requires treatment. Get as much rest as much as you can.
Sleep when the baby is sleeping.
So how do you know if what you’re feeling is normal – or cause for concern?
Signs of depression during and after pregnancy include: Don’t try to do everything yourself.
Ask for help.
Sadness or depressed mood
Crying for “no reason” Visit friends or spend time alone with
Shifts in appetite your partner.
Difficulty maintaining a consistent sleep schedule
Increased fatigue Share your feelings with your partner,
Feelings of guilt or worthlessness family members and friends.
Difficulty thinking, concentrating or making decisions (“brain fog”)
Lack of interest in the baby or increased anxiousness around the baby Talk with other mothers to share
Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities experiences.
Suicidal thoughts
Fear of harming the baby or oneself Join a support group.

Depression Carries Risks for Mom and Baby Don’t make any major life changes
right after giving birth.
Untreated depression carries physical risks to both mother and child. Obstetrical risks include
a higher instance of pre-term labor, higher miscarriage rates and post-delivery complications. Feeling anxious and worried while pregnant
or after giving birth are normal. But when
If a pregnant woman is depressed, she’s also less likely to take good care of her growing baby, feelings of sadness or anxiety disrupt the
which can result in lower birth weight. Self-medication, usually through drugs or alcohol, is quality of your life, it’s time to ask your
also a risk to the unborn. doctor for help.

The postpartum period can be difficult too. New mothers may be affected by medical issues If you are having suicidal thoughts, help is
that surfaced during the pregnancy (sleep deprivation), long-term issues (birth control), available. Please call the National Suicide
lifestyle changes (employment) and shifts in dynamics with their spouse, family and friends. Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255.
Someone will answer 24 hours a day.
“The months following delivery should be considered a fourth trimester,” says Barkov.
Find more articles about women’s
health at



Vaginal Discharge?
Yeah, It’s Normal
By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

Vaginal discharge is an important bodily fluid that gives clues to
reproductive health, fertility and menstrual cycles. It also can
point to pregnancy, infection or an undiagnosed condition.

Normal vaginal discharge can happen every day or every few days and usually is clear or milky white.
It may have a subtle scent.

Produced by glands inside the vagina and cervix, vaginal discharge keeps the vagina clean and
healthy while also providing lubrication during sexual intercourse, says Dr. Molly Long, an OB-GYN
on the medical staff at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg.

Dr. Long advises against using feminine hygiene products that claim to keep you fresh. “Your vagina,”
she says, “is self-cleaning. There is no need to use any soap or cleaning product in the vagina.”

Fertility and Pregnancy

Vaginal discharge can be a useful indicator of fertility levels, since it changes over the course of
your menstrual cycle. In the two weeks directly after a menstrual cycle your mucous is thick
and white. Just before ovulation, it is thin, clear and slippery. This makes it easy for the sperm to
swim up and meet the egg. After ovulation, it becomes thicker and drier again.

When Vaginal Discharge Can Be a Warning Sign

Talk to your doctor if your discharge:
• Has an unusual smell
• Contains blood and you are not menstruating
• Is grayish, which could point to bacterial vaginosis
• Is yellow or greenish, which could point to a sexually transmitted disease
• Is accompanied by itching, burning or redness
• Is accompanied by pelvic pain
• Does not improve or gets worse after a week

While it can be awkward to discuss these issues with your doctor, your visit can help end
uncomfortable symptoms, and even save your life.

For more women’s health information, visit

ChooseHealth 18


Recovery, Not

the Scale

By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

Being a new mom is hard work. You are nurturing the life you brought into this world at
the same time you are recovering from childbirth and the profound changes your body
went through during pregnancy.

Be patient with yourself as you and your baby become Diet and Exercise
acquainted, says Dr. Justin Thompson, a board-certified
physician with Bayfront Health St. Petersburg Medical Group Some changes brought on during pregnancy, such as your hips
Sports Medicine. getting a bit wider, might remain, regardless of how strenuous
your workouts.
“Focus on your health and wellness, not the [weight] scale,”
Dr. Thompson says. “Everyone’s road back has its own starting Your joints also might become sore as your training progresses,
point and takes its own path.” but that is likely the result of a hormone your body previously
produced. Called relaxin, it loosened your joints in preparation
The Journey Back for childbirth. In that case, Dr. Thompson recommends low-
impact exercises such as yoga, swimming and Pilates rather than
Each woman’s postpartum journey is unique – even differing running or aerobics.
with each child. A wide variety of factors can influence how
quickly your body heals and how long it will take before you can Diet should always be a prime consideration, too. Eating healthy
resume normal activities. foods is especially important after the baby arrives.

Rest and nutrition are important to support your body as you “Rather than focusing on weight loss,” Dr. Thompson says, “pivot
recover. Before starting a fitness program, you’ll want to check to thinking about a nutritious diet that supports your recovery.”
with your doctor to identify any health concerns.
For more health information, visit
And remember, experts say, complete recovery after childbirth Content-Hub.
can take six months to a year, sometimes even longer.

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Reasons Men

By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

Most of the time sex feels great, so it
can be unsettling when you feel pain
after intercourse. For some men,
the pain can trigger performance
anxiety and diminish interest in
being intimate with their partner.

Causes for the pain vary depending on your sexual
and general health, says Dr. Reid Graves, a board-
certified urologist on the medical staff at Bayfront
Health St. Petersburg.

“If you experience pain during or after sex only
one time, it may just be a muscle sprain or a mild
condition that will heal on its own,” Dr. Graves says.
“But if you regularly have intercourse-related pain, you

should speak to your doctor.”

One of the most
common reasons
includes a
condition called
prostatitis, which affects
up to 15 percent of
American males,
Dr. Graves says.

ChooseHealth 20

Have Pain After Sex

What Is Prostatitis? Other Reasons Groin hernias. This can occur
when tissue protrudes through
Your prostate gland produces the fluid that Peyronie’s disease, or penile a weak spot between your lower
surrounds semen and is essential for male curvature. When fibrous scar abdomen and thigh, usually if there’s an
fertility. When the prostate’s tissue becomes tissue forms on the penis, it can opening in the muscle wall that should have
inflamed, it causes prostatitis. Common cause curved, painful erections. been closed at birth. The most common
symptoms of this condition are recurring This can lead to erectile dysfunction, stress, sign is a bulge or lump that pushes through
chronic pain or aches, usually affecting the: anxiety and sometimes penile shortening. the weak spot. This causes pain in the groin
Peyronie’s is a common, noncancerous area, particularly during straining activities,
• Lower back condition and can be treated with pain including intercourse.
medication like NSAIDs, injections that
• Penis break down the scar tissue once the pain Scar tissue from previous
has resolved or even with surgery. treatments. If you’ve had
• Central lower abdomen and pelvis surgery and scar tissue is near
Overly tight foreskin. If you’re your abdomen, the pelvis or
• Perineum — the space between the uncircumcised, the head of the the perineum, it could trigger
scrotum and anus penis is covered by tissue called discomfort or pain during
the foreskin. Normally, this tissue or after sex. Previous infections, trauma
Acute prostatitis is usually caused when retracts during intercourse. But if you have or other injuries also can leave scar tissue
bacteria from the urinary tract enter the an overly tight foreskin, it can’t retract or nerve injuries. Cases of superficial scar
prostate. With chronic prostatitis, the because the skin is too tight, causing pain. tissue may be treated with surgery, while
reasons for infection are less clear. Since Over time, the friction of this movement minor scarring may be treated with topical
urinary tract infections (UTIs) and sexually can cause it to tear or become inflamed or salves to loosen the tissue.
transmitted infections (STIs) can carry infected. Treatment may involve steroid
bacteria into the prostate, they are major cream or circumcision, if the pain persists. Need help from a urologist? Visit
risk factors, depending on a man’s age and
sexual history. Undescended testicle. This is
an unusual cause of sex-related
Antibiotics usually are prescribed to treat pain, but it can happen. During
prostatitis. Anti-inflammatory and pain the last weeks before or soon after
medications also can help. Your doctor may birth, the testicles usually descend from
recommend imaging to determine whether the abdominal area into the scrotum, the
additional issues, such as an abscess, may skin below the penis. When this doesn’t
be hindering recovery. Even after treatment, happen, it’s called an undescended testicle.
you still could feel some discomfort for This can result in a squeezing pain during
weeks or even months. Your doctor might sex, particularly if the testicle is lodged in
recommend exercises that can help with the groin or the lower abdomen. Surgery is
rehabilitation or relaxation in the pelvis. the most common treatment and generally
involves removing the testicle.




By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

When it comes to calming Common Mistakes
fevers, quieting coughs
or settling upset The most common mistakes parents and caregivers make with children’s OTC
stomachs, parents medications involve too few or too many doses. For example:
often turn to over-
the-counter (OTC) Failing to follow directions regarding frequency and administering only one dose
medications. a day instead of as directed on the medication’s package. With decongestants and
fever/cold medicines, this may cause a fever to linger or return faster than usual, or a
But choosing the right medicine runny nose not to improve.
and giving the proper dose is key to
ensure your child’s safety, says Giving too much medication too frequently. Many medications limit the number of
Dr. Bhumi Upadhyay, a board-certified doses within a 24-hour period, so be sure to follow maximum dosage guidelines. Too
pediatrician on the medical staff at much of an acetaminophen medication can cause liver failure, while too much ibuprofen
Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. can lead to kidney failure.

You should monitor your child’s Vitamins can be mistaken for candy and consuming too many can result
condition carefully as well. in abnormal or toxic levels of vitamins in the body. Give only the number
recommended daily for your child’s age.
“If symptoms do not improve
after two to three days, it’s Before Giving Meds
time to make an appointment
with your pediatrician,” If your child is taking a prescribed medication, check with your pediatrician before
Dr. Upadhyay says. adding supplemental OTC medications to ensure there are no possible adverse
interactions. Also be sure to tell your pediatrician what OTC medications your child is
taking when adding a prescription medication.

For more ways to keep your child healthy,

ChooseHealth 22


Older Adults
Should Meditate.
Here’s Why

By Tim Barker, Editorial Contributor How To Start

As you get older, you might begin As you begin meditating, keep these tips in mind:
to experience age-related health • Start with small increments of time (such as a
issues — such as chronic pain and
poor sleep — or emotional pain like one-minute breathing exercise) and build up from
grief and loneliness. Research points there.
to a proven way to address these • Practice deep breathing, focusing on a favorite
health concerns: meditation. song or mindful walking.
• For community resources, you might find a
Not only does meditation help reduce stress, it can yoga studio, senior center or YMCA that offers
relieve anxiety and depression, growing research meditation classes.
shows. This is particularly important for older adults, • Try the free Insight Timer app, which offers
who face unique stressors. thousands of meditations with a variety of
“Often, they find their support networks shrinking • The easiest, most accessible, resource is often just
as they lose friends and loved ones,” says Dr. Steven being in a quiet place at home. Try being in nature
Seltzer, a primary care doctor at Bayfront Health outside or playing soothing music inside.
St. Petersburg Medical Group Internal & Family
Medicine. Talk to your doctor about other ways to reduce
stress. Looking for a primary care physician?
It’s All About Refocusing Visit

Regular meditation improves memory, focus, attention
and concentration. Why? Because it’s all about
awareness — understanding where your mind is
now, noticing when it wanders and knowing how to
refocus your attention. This can be a lifesaver in social
situations when you experience a “senior moment”
during a conversation. Your mind might wander, but
meditation helps you recognize this and refocus back
to the present moment.

Meditation also can reduce the risk of developing
dementia by cutting known risk factors, including
chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

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Are Food

Science or

By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

At some point, we’ve all looked at
the expiration date on a container
and wondered if the food is still
safe to eat.

“Use by” and “sell by” dates are stamped on almost
everything in your refrigerator and pantry. But what do
those dates mean, and is the food still edible once that
day has passed?
The short answer is: It depends, says Amy Bliz, RD, clinical
nutrition manager at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg.
“The concept behind putting expiration dates on food is
to help consumers and retailers decide when food is at
its best quality,” Bliz says. “With the exception of ‘use-by’
dating for infant formula, these dates aren’t indicators of
the product’s safety, and they’re not required by law.”

ChooseHealth 24

What It Means Worries About Food Poisoning

Here’s what those food labels mean: The biggest concern for consumers when it comes
to what we eat is food poisoning, most of which is the result
‘Best if used by/before’ date of bacteria or virus contamination based on how an item was handled, stored
Indicates when a product will have or cooked, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
the best flavor or quality
While there are certain foods, such as meat and animal products (eggs, milk,
‘Sell-by’ date poultry, shellfish) and even fresh vegetables, that are particularly susceptible
Tells the retailer how long to display to germs or infection, any food can potentially be to blame if there is
the product for sale for inventory cross-contamination — meaning, if a food comes in contact with another
management contaminated food or surface.

‘Freeze-by’ date Mild symptoms of food poisoning include vomiting, fever, diarrhea and
Indicates when a product should be dehydration, but severe cases can lead to kidney failure, brain damage and
frozen to maintain peak quality even death. The most common infections include:

Closed dating Salmonella: Found primarily in unpasteurized raw or undercooked eggs, it
Tells the retailer the date a product is avoided by refrigerating eggs below 40 degrees F or cooking them to an
was processed internal temperature of 160 degrees or higher.

These labels weren’t needed or Listeria: Typically found in meats or dairy
widespread until processed foods products, it is caused by ingesting a bacteria
made inroads with the American found in soil, water and manure used in
diet. Starting with World War II, fertilization. Pregnant women are particularly
processed food seeped into the susceptible to complications from infection.
consumer market because of its Pasteurization and safe food handling during
convenience and time-saving nature. preparation greatly reduces risk.

Before then, our senses — taste, Escherichia coli (E. coli): A bacteria found in both human and animal intestinal
sight, smell and touch — determined tracts, e.coli is contracted by eating undercooked meats and can be passed
freshness. Foods were purchased person to person through contact. Prevention is as simple as thoroughly
seasonally and locally. But as
lifestyles became more harried and washing hands, counters, cutting boards and utensils after
larger farming production shifted touching raw meat.
to nationwide distribution, the
Over It’s a Guideline
30 percent
voluntary practice of open dating of food thrown Use the stamped-on dates as guidelines for when
– putting expiration dates on food your food is at its peak and check,
packages – began. away is still which offers best practices for food safety.

The problem is the United States safe to eat. But here’s the bottom line: Don’t throw away those
doesn’t have a universally accepted
system for this process, which can be canned goods or dairy products just because they’re
confusing for consumers, Bliz says.
That befuddlement, and fear over a few days past their prime. With a little planning and
expired food, is the largest reason for
a pinch of common sense, you can stretch your grocery

budget and still enjoy delicious, and safe, home-cooked meals.

food waste, according to the Food For more food and nutrition advice, go to
and Drug Administration.

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By Lisa Cianci, Editorial Contributor

Exercise is good for your heart, but did
you know it’s good for your brain, too?
And even better: You don’t have to do a
specific type of exercise to boost your brain
power. The key is to just get moving!

The cerebral benefits of exercise are almost too good to be true. It helps
your attention span, memory and comprehension, essentially improving
your ability to learn. Even one session of physical activity can improve
kids’ cognition and lessen anxiety for adults.
When you exercise, your cerebral blood flow increases and helps protect
against age-related loss of gray matter, says Dr. Justin Thompson, a
board-certified physician with Bayfront Health St. Petersburg Medical

Group Sports Medicine. And because physical activity also lowers
resting cortisol levels over time, you’re better able to manage stress

and prevent cognitive decline — possibly lowering the risk of
Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
Although any movement brings brain benefits, studies have
found that compound movements — such as squats and
deadlifts involving larger muscle groups — result in bigger
increases in hormone release afterward. And using larger
muscle groups will tax the cardiovascular system more as
well, increasing your heart rate, respiration and cerebral
blood flow. Some studies show that high-intensity
interval training (HIIT) can improve cerebral blood flow
more than lower-intensity steady state cardio.

Reducing Depression and Anxiety Kick-Start Your
Exercise Routine
Exercise also is one of the best antidotes to anxiety and depression, research shows.
It increases the production of endorphins and leads to an increase in other feel-good Dr. Wojnowich and Dr. Thompson offer these
chemicals, such as serotonin and dopamine. Another theory suggests that an increase tips to kick-start an exercise routine that will
in the temperature of the brain stem from exercise leads to relaxation and less anxiety. help your body and your brain.
And from a psychological standpoint, feeling confident that exercise helps also can ease
depression. Start slowly and create an exercise
Another mechanism that helps the body handle stress is the production of heat shock
proteins, says Dr. Katherine Wojnowich, a board-certified physician with Bayfront Health Be consistent to turn working out into
St. Petersburg Medical Group Sports Medicine. These proteins, produced in response to a habit.
heat stress and exercise, confer a robust stress-resiliency to cells, leading to the body’s
improved ability to handle physiological stress. Sneak in exercise early in the morning,
late in the evening or while your
Exercise Helps the Gut, Too children are at school.

The gut is often referred to as the “second brain” and plays a major role in stress, Find workouts you enjoy, such as
inflammation, depression and anxiety. weight training, yoga or on-demand
fitness programs.
By combining your fitness routine with appropriate fiber intake, you can improve your gut
health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends 25 grams of fiber daily for Set goals and reward yourself once
a 2,000-calorie diet. And the American Heart Association suggests you get most of your they’re achieved.
fiber from whole grains, such as brown rice, oatmeal and popcorn.
Work out with a friend.
Regular exercise also can help improve the diversity and health of the bacteria in the
intestines. This group of bacteria, known as the gut microbiome, plays a big role in our Incorporate short bursts of more
overall health and well-being, along with our brain health, says Dr. Wojnowich. Our vigorous activity within a walk. For
intestines produce more than 90 percent of the serotonin in our bodies, so if we have an example, speed walk for 30 seconds,
imbalanced or homogenous microbiome, our physical and mental health can suffer. then walk normally for 30 seconds.

Because the gut has its own nervous system, separate from the central nervous system,
we’ve come to recognize the gut as our “second brain.” It’s important that we learn how to
properly take care of both of our brains so they can better take care of us.

For more advice on staying active, visit

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Up in

Your Sleep

By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

If you’re feeling stiff and sore in SORE SPOTS
the morning, the way you sleep
may be to blame. Back Morning back pain is one of the more common maladies. It
is often the result of sleeping positions that put pressure on your
Some sleep positions can put pressure or spine, causing your back’s natural curve to flatten.
strain on your body — particularly the back,
neck and shoulders. Finding a comfortable “Stomach sleepers experience morning back pain more frequently
sleeping position that keeps your neck and since your stomach sinks into the bed, putting pressure and stress
spine aligned is the best way to ensure a good on the joints and muscles in your back,” Dr. Streufert says.
night’s sleep and a pain-free morning, says
Dr. Benjamin D. Streufert, a fellowship-trained Many people with morning back pain usually feel better after
orthopedic spine surgeon on the medical staff moving around a bit. If your pain doesn’t go away during the day,
at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. you may have an underlying issue, like a slipped or herniated disk
that’s exacerbated when you’re sleeping.

ChooseHealth 28

Neck If you’ve ever woken up in the morning with shooting neck pain, chances THE RIGHT MATTRESS
are you strained your neck while sleeping.
The firmness or softness of your
Sleeping on your stomach is particularly hard on the neck because your mattress affects your spinal health,
neck may be turned to one side for hours while you sleep, straining the neck since a mattress that’s too soft
muscles. Tossing and turning while sleeping also can create tension in your can cause the spine to fall out of
neck muscles, leading to neck pain. Using an unsupportive pillow or too many alignment and can cause your
pillows is another common cause. shoulders to curl underneath you,
leading to stiffness in the neck and
Shoulders The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body — making it upper back. A mattress that’s too
particularly vulnerable to injury and pain, even when sleeping. firm can cause joint pressure in the
hips, leading to back pain.
Side sleeping is often the culprit for morning shoulder pain. When you sleep
on your side, your shoulder bears a lot of your upper body weight. If you sleep COPING WITH STIFFNESS
with your arm underneath your pillow, this can also pinch your rotator cuff
tendon. If you have existing injuries to your rotator cuff or shoulder bursitis, Here are a few things you can do at
side sleeping can worsen these conditions and intensify pain. home to reduce your pain so you can
get on with your day:
Stretching Loosening the painful
No matter what your preferred sleep position, you can stave off soreness and muscles and ligaments by stretching
stiffness with these tips. can help reduce pain and relieve
muscle tension.
Back Sleepers Side Sleepers Stomach Sleepers
Try sleeping with a Pick a pillow that Try placing a pillow Heating pad This may help loosen
pillow under your aligns your vertebrae under your pelvis for and relax your muscles.
knees or feet to relieve and supports your better lumbar and
pressure on your lower neck so that you’re spinal support. For Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory
back. Use a supportive not bending your your head and neck, drugs (NSAIDs) Taking these
pillow — foam is best neck toward either consider switching to over-the-counter medications,
— to keep your head, shoulder. This will a thinner pillow, since such as ibuprofen, can help ease
neck and shoulders in relieve pressure on the the flatter the pillow, inflammation, pain and stiffness.
alignment while you shoulder and upper the less angled your
sleep. back, as well as avoid head and neck will be Massage Getting a gentle massage
the “kinks” you might while you sleep. with hands and fingers or an electric
feel upon waking. massager can relieve some of the
tension and pain in the muscles.

If your pain persists for more than
two weeks, talk to your doctor.

Do you need help with back, neck or
shoulder pain? Find an expert who
can help at

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By Lisa Nickchen, Editorial Contributor Headache Senses Adrenalin

Whether you find yourself Over time, feeling heightens your sight,
facing a minor fender-bender, a looming constant muscle hearing and other senses.
deadline or a fast-approaching locomotive, tension in your neck
can cause your head
any stressful event can to ache as well.
trigger a series of well-
coordinated, nearly Jaw The fight-or-flight tension includes the
instantaneous reactions in
your body. Often known as the “fight- muscles in the jaw and can cause clenching of
the teeth. Stress also can trigger teeth-grinding.
or-flight” response, this process evolved
as a survival mechanism for humans and Lungs Adrenalin causes the small airways in
other mammals to react quickly to life-
threatening situations, helping them to the lungs to open wider, allowing the lungs to take
fight off danger or escape to safety. in more oxygen. The body needs more oxygen to
fuel the fight-or-flight response, which can cause
While the stressors may have changed you to start breathing more rapidly. In severe
over time, the body’s response has not. cases, it may even lead to hyperventilating.
Antwan Lacy, an advanced practice
registered nurse with Bayfront Health Blood Adrenalin, the initial stress
St. Petersburg Medical Group, identifies
how different areas of the body are hormone released, triggers the release
affected by and respond to stress. of blood sugar (glucose) and fats from
temporary storage sites in the body. These
nutrients pour into the bloodstream,
bringing a burst of energy to many areas of
the body.

Digestive System Cortisol stops

nonessential body functions, including suppressing
the digestive system, so that more energy can go
toward fighting or fleeing instead of digesting food
properly. This can lead to an upset stomach, feeling
that knot in the pit of your stomach or even having
that “gut feeling.”

ChooseHealth 30

Brain Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, enhances the brain’s use of glucose and

can help you focus on a problem while ignoring everything else that’s happening around
you. This also explains why some people are able to stay calm and in control during a
crisis. Extra oxygen also is sent to the brain, increasing alertness. However, excessive

cortisol can kill nerve cells in a crucial area of the brain that helps with memory. This
can cause you to forget things when you’re feeling stressed.

Heart Adrenalin causes the heart to beat faster than normal, pushing

blood through the heart and to the muscles and other vital organs as the
body prepares for action. Pulse rate and blood pressure also go up.

Hunger Several factors can trigger stress eating. Feeling anxious can cause

you to crave chocolate or carbohydrates, both of which will cause a release of
serotonin, a feel-good chemical, in the brain. And even though it’s short-
term, those calorie- and fat-heavy foods make us feel better. Some research

also indicates that stress might increase the hunger hormones.

Palms and Underarms

Your body wants to cool off, in
case you need to start the flight
response, causing you to perspire.

Muscles The fight-or-flight response causes muscles to tense

up, as your body prepares itself to either fight the danger or escape
from it. That constant tension can worsen existing muscular conditions
or cause new muscle pain.

Skin The fight-or-flight reaction pushes blood flow to the muscles, and

thus away from the skin. This change in blood flow can either make you look
paler or flush, depending on the person. For some, stress triggers a release of
histamine, which can cause hives or rashes.

If you have concerns about how you may be responding to stress, talk with
a primary care physician about possible treatment or management options.
Locate a doctor at



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Meet the Newest Physicians on the
Bayfront Health St. Petersburg Team*

Juan Pablo John C. Dennis M. Deepak J. Ryan
Arnoletti, MD Brock, MD, FACS Cassidy, MD Naidu, MD Williams, MD



(727) 893-6363 (727) 893-6111 (727) 893-6111 (727) 893-6370 (727) 893-6363

Dr. Arnoletti is a A board-certified Dr. Cassidy is a board- Dr. Naidu, a board- A board-certified colon
board-certified surgical cardiothoracic surgeon, certified clinical cardiac certified plastic surgeon, and rectal surgeon,
oncologist who joined Dr. Brock joined electrophysiologist who joined Bayfront Health Dr. Williams joined
Bayfront Health Bayfront Health joined Bayfront Health St. Petersburg Medical Bayfront Health
St. Petersburg Medical St. Petersburg Medical St. Petersburg Medical Group Aesthetic and St. Petersburg Medical
Group in September. Group Cardiology in Group Cardiology in Reconstructive Surgery Group Colorectal
He specializes in September. He treats September. He specializes in June. He earned his Surgery in September.
treating cancers of the patients with lung in the diagnosis and medical degree from He specializes in caring
gastrointestinal tract. disease using minimally management of the Emory University for patients with cancers
Dr. Arnoletti received invasive procedures. patients with electrical School of Medicine of the colon, rectum,
his medical degree from Dr. Brock earned his abnormalities of the (Atlanta). His plastic anus and pelvic region.
the University of the medical degree from the heart. Dr. Cassidy surgery residency and Dr. Williams earned
Republic Medical School University of Florida received his medical a research fellowship his medical degree
(Uruguay). His residency (Gainesville). He degree from Memorial in plastic surgery were from the University of
in general surgery was completed his residency University of both completed at the Louisville School of
completed at the Medical and fellowship in Newfoundland (Canada) University of South Medicine (Kentucky). He
College of Pennsylvania cardiothoracic surgery and completed a Florida (Tampa). completed his general
(Philadelphia) and a at Baylor College of residency in cardiology Dr. Naidu is fluent in surgery residency and
fellowship in surgical Medicine (Houston), at Queen’s University English, Spanish and fellowship in colon
oncology was performed and a fellowship (Ontario). His fellowship Telugu. and rectal surgery at
at Fox Chase Cancer in congenital heart in clinical cardiac the University of South
Center (Philadelphia). reconstruction at Denver electrophysiology Florida (Tampa).
Children’s Hospital. Dr. was performed at
Brock also worked with the Hospital of
cardiac pioneer Michael the University
DeBakey, MD. of Pennsylvania

ChooseHealth 33 *New physicians
from June through

October 2021

Community Good

Walking With Heart Digital Donations

Bayfront Health St. Petersburg surpassed its participant Bayfront Health St.
goal with more than 400 team members on 20 teams Petersburg has donated
signing up for the 2021 Heart Walk. The Heart Walk is the over 17,000 pounds of
American Heart Association’s premiere event that brings computers and other
communities together to celebrate progress in the fight equipment to help
against the country’s number 1 and number 5 killers: heart provide access to those
disease and stroke. who don’t have digital
resources. Bayfront
Benevolent Boating Health St. Petersburg is working with Digital Inclusion
St. Pete, an effort co-led by the St. Pete Innovation District
Bayfront Health St. Petersburg joined together with and Deuces Live. Through the Gadgets for Good program,
the Tampa Bay Rays and the Tampa Bay Rowdies to electronics are collected and distributed throughout
sponsor the annual St. Pete Classic Regatta, benefiting the community so residents can access the internet and
improve their computer skills.
Neighborly’s Meals
on Wheels program. Help for the Holidays
This program
helps support Bayfront Health St. Petersburg team members
senior neighbors volunteered at Daystar Life Center, packing and
who rely on this distributing 200+ holiday food baskets for local families
essential service to in need. Daystar Life Center assists community members
remain healthy and of Pinellas County with not only the essentials, such as
independent at home. food, water and shelter, but the needs of everyone living
in our society, such as identification, transportation,
communication and even tax assistance.

Inoculate at Home Plate

Bayfront Health St. Petersburg partnered with
Metro Inclusive Health to bring mobile vaccine
clinics to select home games for the Tampa Bay
Rays and the Tampa Bay Rowdies. This partnership
aimed to make vaccinations as accessible as
possible to everyone in Tampa Bay.


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