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Orlando Health Choose Health Winter Issue 2021

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Orlando Health Choose Health Winter Issue 2021

Orlando Health Choose Health Winter Issue 2021


Day Drinking Sexual Health
Bathroom Beyond
Baby Blues
Sleep Position Can
Be A Pain in the Neck Gator Bite: Can
Arm Be Saved?


Day Drinking Sexual Health
Bathroom Beyond
Baby Blues
Sleep Position Can
Be A Pain in the Neck Gator Bite: Can
Arm Be Saved?

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Welcome to the winter
issue of Orlando Health
Choose Health magazine. In
our guide to taboo topics,
we explore health issues
everyone is curious about
but no one wants to talk
about. We’ll also explore the
most common medication
mistakes for kids and why
meditation can lead to
healthier aging.


Food Expiration Dates: Taboo Topics
Science or Suggestion? Special Section

4–5 11 – 21

Inspiring Story: Wrong Common Hazards of Over-
Place at the Wrong Time the-Counter Medications

6–7 22

Sleep Positions: Are You Welcome
Waking Up in Pain? New Doctors

8 –9 24 - 31

New Shockwave Technology Upcoming Classes
for High-Risk Hearts & Programs

10 34



Are Food

Science or

By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

At some point, we’ve all looked at
the expiration date on a container
and wondered if the food is still
safe to eat.

“Use by” and “sell by” dates are stamped on almost
everything in your refrigerator and pantry. But what do
those dates mean, and is the food still edible once that
day has passed?
The short answer is: It depends, says Ashlee Wright,
a registered dietitian with Orlando Health Physician
“The concept behind putting expiration dates on food is
to help consumers and retailers decide when food is at its
best quality,” Wright says. “With the exception of ‘use-by’
dating for infant formula, these dates aren’t indicators of
the product’s safety, and they’re not required by law.”


What It Means Worries About Food Poisoning

Here’s what those food labels mean: The biggest concern for consumers when it comes
to what we eat is food poisoning, most of which is the result
‘Best if used by/before’ date of bacteria or virus contamination based on how an item was handled, stored
Indicates when a product will have or cooked, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
the best flavor or quality
While there are certain foods, such as meat and animal products (eggs, milk,
‘Sell-by’ date poultry, shellfish) and even fresh vegetables, that are particularly susceptible
Tells the retailer how long to display to germs or infection, any food can potentially be to blame if there is
the product for sale for inventory cross-contamination — meaning, if a food comes in contact with another
management contaminated food or surface.

‘Freeze-by’ date Mild symptoms of food poisoning include vomiting, fever, diarrhea and
Indicates when a product should be dehydration, but severe cases can lead to kidney failure, brain damage and
frozen to maintain peak quality even death. The most common infections include:

Closed dating Salmonella: Found primarily in unpasteurized raw or undercooked eggs, it
Tells the retailer the date a product is avoided by refrigerating eggs below 40 degrees F or cooking them to an
was processed internal temperature of 160 degrees or higher.

These labels weren’t needed or Listeria: Typically found in meats or dairy
widespread until processed foods products, it is caused by ingesting a bacteria
made inroads with the American found in soil, water and manure used in
diet. Starting with World War II, fertilization. Pregnant women are particularly
processed food seeped into the susceptible to complications from infection.
consumer market because of its Pasteurization and safe food handling during
convenience and time-saving nature. preparation greatly reduces risk.

Before then, our senses — taste, Escherichia coli (E. coli): A bacteria found in both human and animal intestinal
sight, smell and touch — determined tracts, e.coli is contracted by eating undercooked meats and can be passed
freshness. Foods were purchased person to person through contact. Prevention is as simple as thoroughly
seasonally and locally. But as
lifestyles became more harried and washing hands, counters, cutting boards and utensils after
larger farming production shifted touching raw meat.
to nationwide distribution, the
voluntary practice of open dating Over It’s a Guideline
– putting expiration dates on food 30 percent
packages – began. of food thrown Use the stamped-on dates as guidelines for when
your food is at its peak and check,
The problem is the United States away is still which offers best practices for food safety.
doesn’t have a universally accepted
system for this process, which can safe to eat. But here’s the bottom line: Don’t throw away those
be confusing for consumers, Wright
says. That befuddlement, and fear canned goods or dairy products just because they’re
over expired food, is the largest
reason for food waste, according to a few days past their prime. With a little planning and
the Food and Drug Administration.
a pinch of common sense, you can stretch your grocery

budget and still enjoy delicious, and safe, home-cooked meals.

For more food and nutrition advice, go to



‘I Was Just in the
Wrong Place at
the Wrong Time’

By Tim Barker, Editorial Contributor

As the emergency room doctors
eased him to sleep, Carsten
Kieffer was convinced he’d
wake up the next morning
without his right arm.

It’s easy to understand why
the Leesburg man would think
that way. The veteran firefighter
and paramedic has witnessed
his share of gruesome injuries
over the years. Now, here
he was at Orlando Health
Orlando Regional Medical
Center (ORMC) after a
massive alligator mauled

him in Lake Jessup.


The August day started like so many others He battled this by thoroughly cleaning
for Kieffer and his hunting buddy. They’d the wound and following up with several
already snagged their first gator of the return trips to the operating room to
day when they came across a 12-footer clear up trouble spots. He also pulled in
in a shallow canal. But after hooking the infection disease experts from Orlando
creature, the gator launched into the boat Health Medical Group Infectious Disease
and latched its jaws on Kieffer’s right arm. to guide the antibiotics treatment.

“I was just in the wrong place at the wrong Model Patient

time,” says Kieffer, 42. “He didn’t come With such severe injuries to an extremity, When Kieffer woke up the morning after
after me. He was just lunging to get out.” amputation is often the outcome. the first of his five surgeries, his arm

The thrashing gator lifted Kieffer into the Dr. Desai understood that Kieffer’s career was intact – and he was able to twitch

air, cracking bones in his arm. Then, for as a firefighter would be over if the arm his fingers. If he could do that, he was

reasons unknown, it released him and fled. was lost. convinced he’d be back at work sooner

When the ambulance arrived, both Kieffer “There are a lot of things we can do to or later.

and his friend, who also is a paramedic, reconstruct bones, tendons and muscles Dr. Desai’s initial assessment was less

insisted that he be transported to the that can lead to relatively good function,” enthusiastic.

Level One Trauma Center at Orlando he says. “Amputation should be a last “He says, ‘If we can get you to lift and
Health ORMC. resort.” drink out of a glass of water with that

“[ORMC] is where the top surgeons are. It’s a teaching hand, that’s a good goal,’ ” Kieffer recalls.
“But I wasn’t ready to accept that.”

hospital. I knew it was where I could get the best Kieffer quickly asked to have his pain
treatment,” says Kieffer, a father of two. meds cut and started walking around the

floor with the help of his wife. By the time

Trying To Save the Arm Six hours later – with two major nerves in his hospital journey – including 11 days in
the arm still intact – Dr. Desai walked out intensive care – was over, he was ready to
Most of those gathered in the operating of the operating room optimistic about tackle physical therapy and rehab.
room that night shared Kieffer’s Kieffer’s chances.
pessimistic outlook on his arm’s future. By April, he was back at work full time.
‘Exotic Animal’
Greeting him in the emergency room Today, Dr. Desai remembers that initial
was Dr. Karan Desai, who specializes in In some ways, alligator attacks fall into assessment and why it turned out to be so
hand, upper extremity and microvascular their own special category of trauma. The far off. It was based on the outlook for the
surgery for the Orlando Health Jewett initial damage is only the beginning of average patient.

Orthopedic Institute. It’s a night Dr. Desai potential problems. “With these sorts of injuries, it’s a team
says he will approach. I have to do my part. But
remember “We’re talking about an exotic animal that the patient has to do their part in the
for the rest lives in a swamp. The last few gator bites rehabilitation,” he says. “He’s sort of like
of his life: I’ve heard about have led to amputations the model patient in my mind because
“It was my just because they could never clear the of how hard he worked to get where he is
first day on infection,” Dr. Desai says. today.”
the job at


Health.” For more inspiring patient stories, go to



Up in

Your Sleep

By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

If you’re feeling stiff and sore SORE SPOTS
in the morning, the way you
sleep may be to blame. Back Morning back pain is one of the more common maladies. It
is often the result of sleeping positions that put pressure on your
Some sleep positions can put pressure or spine, causing your back’s natural curve to flatten.
strain on your body — particularly the back,
neck and shoulders. Finding a comfortable “Stomach sleepers experience morning back pain more frequently
sleeping position that keeps your neck and since your stomach sinks into the bed, putting pressure and stress
spine aligned is the best way to ensure a on the joints and muscles in your back,” Dr. Eldayrie says.
good night’s sleep and a pain-free morning,
says Dr. George Eldayrie, a board-certified Many people with morning back pain usually feel better after
sports medicine physician with Orlando moving around a bit. If your pain doesn’t go away during the day,
Health Jewett Orthopedic Institute. you may have an underlying issue, like a slipped or herniated disk
that’s exacerbated when you’re sleeping.


Neck If you’ve ever woken up in the morning with shooting neck pain, chances THE RIGHT MATTRESS
are you strained your neck while sleeping.
The firmness or softness of your
Sleeping on your stomach is particularly hard on the neck because your mattress affects your spinal health,
neck may be turned to one side for hours while you sleep, straining the neck since a mattress that’s too soft
muscles. Tossing and turning while sleeping also can create tension in your can cause the spine to fall out of
neck muscles, leading to neck pain. Using an unsupportive pillow or too many alignment and can cause your
pillows is another common cause. shoulders to curl underneath you,
leading to stiffness in the neck and
Shoulders The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body — making it upper back. A mattress that’s too
particularly vulnerable to injury and pain, even when sleeping. firm can cause joint pressure in the
hips, leading to back pain.
Side sleeping is often the culprit for morning shoulder pain. When you sleep
on your side, your shoulder bears a lot of your upper body weight. If you sleep COPING WITH STIFFNESS
with your arm underneath your pillow, this can also pinch your rotator cuff
tendon. If you have existing injuries to your rotator cuff or shoulder bursitis, Here are a few things you can do at
side sleeping can worsen these conditions and intensify pain. home to reduce your pain so you can
get on with your day:
Stretching Loosening the painful
No matter what your preferred sleep position, you can stave off soreness and muscles and ligaments by stretching
stiffness with these tips. can help reduce pain and relieve
muscle tension.
Back Sleepers Side Sleepers Stomach Sleepers
Try sleeping with a Pick a pillow that Try placing a pillow Heating pad This may help loosen
pillow under your aligns your vertebrae under your pelvis for and relax your muscles.
knees or feet to relieve and supports your better lumbar and
pressure on your lower neck so that you’re spinal support. For Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
back. Use a supportive not bending your your head and neck, drugs (NSAIDs) Taking these
pillow — foam is best neck toward either consider switching to over-the-counter medications,
— to keep your head, shoulder. This will a thinner pillow, since such as ibuprofen, can help ease
neck and shoulders in relieve pressure on the the flatter the pillow, inflammation, pain and stiffness.
alignment while you shoulder and upper the less angled your
sleep. back, as well as avoid head and neck will be Massage Getting a gentle massage
the “kinks” you might while you sleep. with hands and fingers or an electric
feel upon waking. massager can relieve some of the
tension and pain in the muscles.

If your pain persists for more than
two weeks, talk to your doctor.

Do you need help with back, neck or
shoulder pain? Find an expert who
can help at



New SoHlueatirotnPfaotrieHntigsh-Risk

By Julie Vargo, Editorial Contributor

A trusted technology is being put to a new use for heart Delivered by traditional catheter,
patients once considered too high-risk for surgery. Shockwave IVL successfully breaks
through calcium buildup, safely expands
Shockwave intravascular lithotripsy without chest pain,” says Dr. Vijay Kasi, an the affected blood vessel and restores
(IVL) is an advanced, minimally invasive interventional cardiologist with Orlando blood flow, says Dr. Kasi. Patients
procedure that depends on sonic pressure Health Heart & Vascular Institute. He also experience minimal discomfort, fewer
waves to effectively crack and shatter has used shockwave therapy to unblock complications and less trauma to the
severely calcified plaque buildup in heart peripheral leg and kidney arteries. vessel. The procedure takes only 30
arteries. minutes, and most patients are discharged
How It Works the next day.
Recently approved by the Food and
Drug Administration, this procedure Heart disease remains the leading cause of To learn more about Shockwave
borrows its approach from lithotripsy, a death for Americans, and coronary artery intravascular lithotripsy, call
shockwave technology used for decades disease affects more than 18 million adults, Orlando Health Heart & Vascular
to successfully break up kidney stones. according to the Centers for Disease Institute at (321) 841-6444.
Cardiologists with Orlando Health Heart Control and Prevention (CDC). As the
& Vascular Institute are the first in Central disease progresses, plaque can develop
Florida to use lithotripsy technology to into rigid calcium deposits that narrow
treat cardiovascular disease. the passage inside the artery and restrict
oxygen-rich blood flow to the heart. When
“Patients with heart blockages that these deposits become severely calcified,
might have been hard to fix due to risk of or hardened, conventional treatments like
complications can now have them repaired a stent or balloon can’t crack the blockage.
safely and return to normal activities

ChooseHealth 10


Having conversations about things that many find
uncomfortable to discuss can lead to better healthcare.
And that’s our goal. Whether the topic is sexual health,

mental health or even bowel movements, our special
section tackles questions you may be curious about but
are embarrassed to ask. Learn more on the pages that
follow or by watching videos from taboo topic leaders

like urologist Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt and OB-GYN
Dr. Christine Greves at



S‘BoambyetBhliunegsM’ —oroer?

What New Moms Need To Know

By Lisa Cianci, Editorial Contributor

Pregnancy and new motherhood can be
joyful and unforgettable, but these precious
moments also bring a host of challenges that
can seem overwhelming. Between getting to
know a new human being, midnight feedings,

body image issues and a complete overhaul
of your schedule, you may feel exhausted
and anxious.


Smashing the stigma associated with depression during and after pregnancy is the first step in It’s important to develop a positive rapport
empowering women to come forward about their struggles. Pregnant women and new moms with your doctor and care team. As you
should be encouraged to talk to their doctors and partners about their feelings. begin your prenatal care, raise any concerns
about mood or emotional changes you
“Depression is never a sign of weakness,” says Dr. Laura Tait, a board-certified psychiatrist experience during and after your pregnancy.
with Orlando Health Medical Group Behavioral Health. “Asking for help shows strength and Strong communication with your OB-GYN
courage, especially during a time typically seen as happy.” remains the most crucial aspect of care.

Is What You’re Feeling Normal? Taking Care of Yourself

Between 10 percent and 20 percent of women will experience depression during pregnancy. In addition to talking with your doctor, these
And up to 70 percent of new mothers get the “baby blues” — which can include anxiety, approaches can help new mothers begin
irritability, crying outbursts and restlessness in the first weeks after giving birth. While these feeling better:
emotions are common and usually resolve on their own, postpartum depression seriously
interferes with daily life, continues for months and usually requires treatment. Get as much rest as much as you can.
Sleep when the baby is sleeping.
So how do you know if what you’re feeling is normal – or cause for concern?
Signs of depression during and after pregnancy include: Don’t try to do everything yourself.
Ask for help.
Sadness or depressed mood
Crying for “no reason” Visit friends or spend time alone with
Shifts in appetite your partner.
Difficulty maintaining a consistent sleep schedule
Increased fatigue Share your feelings with your partner,
Feelings of guilt or worthlessness family members and friends.
Difficulty thinking, concentrating or making decisions (“brain fog”)
Lack of interest in the baby or increased anxiousness around the baby Talk with other mothers to share
Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities experiences.
Suicidal thoughts
Fear of harming the baby or oneself Join a support group.

Depression Carries Risks for Mom and Baby Don’t make any major life changes
right after giving birth.
Untreated depression carries physical risks to both mother and child. Obstetrical risks include
a higher instance of pre-term labor, higher miscarriage rates and post-delivery complications. Feeling anxious and worried while pregnant
or after giving birth are normal. But when
If a pregnant woman is depressed, she’s also less likely to take good care of her growing baby, feelings of sadness or anxiety disrupt the
which can result in lower birth weight. Self-medication, usually through drugs or alcohol, is quality of your life, it’s time to ask your
also a risk to the unborn. doctor for help.

The postpartum period can be difficult too. New mothers may be affected by medical issues If you are having suicidal thoughts, help is
that surfaced during the pregnancy (sleep deprivation), long-term issues (birth control), available. Please call the National Suicide
lifestyle changes (employment) and shifts in dynamics with their spouse, family and friends. Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255.
Someone will answer 24 hours a day.
“The months following delivery should be considered a fourth trimester,” says Dr. Jon F.
Sweet, a board-certified OB-GYN with Orlando Health Physician Associates. Find more articles about women’s
health at



By Tim Barker, Editorial Contributor

Everybody poops, but most of us don’t talk
about it. And when it comes to your poop,
everyone is different. Your stool is affected not
only by what you eat, but also your sleep, water
intake, hormones, exercise and medications.

As strange as it may sound, there are some important reasons to pay
attention to your bowel movements, says Dr. Mahendran Jayaraj, a board-
certified gastroenterologist with the Orlando Health Digestive Health Institute.

“The consistency, color and frequency of your stool can tell you a lot about
your digestive health,” Dr. Jayaraj says.

What’s Normal?

The Bristol scale categorizes stool types into seven classifications:

Type 1 and 2 stools are considered Type 1: Pebble-like, made up of hard lumps like nuts
constipation, while Types 6 and 7 Type 2: Lumpy and sausage-like, hard to pass
are considered diarrhea. Stool Types Type 3: Firm, but with cracks on the surface
3 to 5 are ideal. Type 4: Like a sausage or snake, smooth and soft
Type 5: Soft blobs with clear edges
You should note any changes in stool Type 6: Mushy, ragged edges, fluffy
color, consistency and frequency. Type 7: Watery, no solid pieces, entirely liquid
“These could be warning signals that
something is wrong with your health 14
or diet,” Dr. Jayaraj says.


Color Consistency

The color of your stool can vary daily, You may occasionally notice your bowel movement floating. This means the
depending on what you’ve eaten stool is less dense and is not always an indication that something is wrong.
and any medications you’ve taken. Sometimes it can be caused by an increased amount of gas, water or both.
It also can be a sign that something
is wrong, with potential issues Hard stools indicative of constipation can be because of inadequate water
including: intake or excessive water loss from the body, medications or problems with
colon movement. This could also be due to colon cancer or problems with the
Brown Brown is the most normal anal sphincter or the pelvic floor muscles.
poop color — ranging from light
brown to fairly dark brown. Alternating constipation and diarrhea is worrisome and needs immediate
attention to determine whether it’s caused by IBS or potential colon cancer.
Pale This indicates a potential
blockage in the bile duct. How To Improve Your Poop

Black If you haven’t taken Pepto Eat a healthy, high-fiber diet. Beans, fruits, whole grains and vegetables can
Bismol (which can change your help prevent constipation and improve digestion.
poop to black), a dark stool can
indicate bleeding in your upper Exercise regularly. Exercise can help improve digestion.
gastrointestinal tract.
Stay hydrated. Drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day will help
Green If you’ve been eating a lot prevent constipation.
of leafy green vegetables or foods
with green food coloring, your stool Judicious use of medications. Some pain relievers may affect the movement
may be greener. It’s also common and health of the colon and intestine, so only use them when you really
in people with conditions like colitis need to.
and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
When To See a Doctor
Red Some foods — such as beets,
tomatoes and food colorings— can The occasional bout of constipation or green poop is generally not cause for
cause red stools. If what you’ve concern. However, there are times when it’s important to speak with your
consumed isn’t the culprit, red stools doctor, particularly if you’ve experienced:
may mean hemorrhoids, a polyp,
diverticulitis or even colon cancer. Blood in your stool
Changes in consistency or color
White Some medications, like those Chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation
containing barium, can cause pale Foul-smelling stools
stools. White stools also may indicate
lack of bile, which is common in Your doctor can work with you to come up with
people with liver conditions leading a treatment to restore your bowel health.
to a blocked bile duct from strictures
or cancer in the bile duct. Concerned about your bowel movements?
Talk with your primary care physician about whether you need to see a
Yellow Yellow stools that float may gastroenterologist at Orlando Health Digestive Health Institute.
indicate that your body is having
trouble digesting fats.



Vaginal Discharge?
Yeah, It’s Normal
By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

Vaginal discharge is an important bodily fluid that gives clues to
reproductive health, fertility and menstrual cycles. It also can
point to pregnancy, infection or an undiagnosed condition.

Normal vaginal discharge can happen every day or every few days and usually is clear or milky white.
It may have a subtle scent.

Produced by glands inside the vagina and cervix, vaginal discharge keeps the vagina clean and
moist while also providing lubrication during sexual intercourse, says Dr. Cielo D. Gnecco, a board-
certified OB-GYN at Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital Center for Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Dr. Gnecco advises against using feminine hygiene products that claim to keep you fresh. “Your
vagina,” she says, “is self-cleaning.”

Fertility and Pregnancy

Vaginal discharge can be a useful indicator of fertility levels, since it changes over the course of
your menstrual cycle. In the two weeks directly after a menstrual period, vaginal discharge is
thinner and drier with a white, cloudy or chalky color. At this point, you are about two weeks
before ovulation, indicating low fertility.

After ovulation, in the two weeks leading up to the next menstrual cycle, vaginal discharge can
become thicker, almost like raw egg white. This isn’t just an indicator of high fertility, it also
helps sperm travel faster up the reproductive channel and stick better once there.

When Vaginal Discharge Can Be a Warning Sign

Talk to your doctor if your discharge:
• Has an unexpected smell
• Contains blood
• Is grayish, which could point to bacterial vaginosis
• Is yellow or greenish, which could point to a sexually transmitted disease
• Has a lumpy texture, which could point to a yeast infection

While it can be awkward to discuss these issues with your doctor, your visit can help end
uncomfortable symptoms, and even save your life.

For more women’s health information, visit

ChooseHealth 16




Reasons Men

By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

Most of the time sex feels great, so it
can be unsettling when you feel pain
after intercourse. For some men,
the pain can trigger performance
anxiety and diminish interest in
being intimate with their partner.

Causes for the pain vary depending on your sexual and
general health, says Dr. David Melendez, a fellowship-
trained urologist with Orlando Health Medical Group

“If you experience pain during or after sex only
one time, it may just be a muscle sprain or a mild
condition that will heal on its own,” Dr. Melendez says.
“But if you regularly have intercourse-related pain, you

should speak to your doctor.”

One of the most
common reasons
includes a
condition called
prostatitis, which affects
up to 15 percent of
American males,
Dr. Melendez says.

ChooseHealth 18

Have Pain After Sex

What Is Prostatitis? Other Reasons Groin hernias. This can occur
when tissue protrudes through
Your prostate gland produces the fluid that Peyronie’s Disease, or penile a weak spot between your lower
surrounds semen and is essential for male curvature. When fibrous scar abdomen and thigh, usually if there’s an
fertility. When the prostate’s tissue becomes tissue forms on the penis, it can opening in the muscle wall that should have
inflamed, it causes prostatitis. Common cause curved, painful erections. been closed at birth. The most common
symptoms of this condition are recurring This can lead to erectile dysfunction, stress, sign is a bulge or lump that pushes through
chronic pain or aches, usually affecting the: anxiety and sometimes penile shortening. the weak spot. This causes pain in the groin
Peyronie’s is a common, noncancerous area, particularly during straining activities,
• Lower back condition and can be treated with pain including intercourse.
medication like NSAIDs, injections that
• Penis break down the scar tissue once the pain Scar tissue from previous
has resolved or even with surgery. treatments. If you’ve had
• Central lower abdomen and pelvis surgery and scar tissue is near
Overly tight foreskin. If you’re your abdomen, the pelvis or
• Perineum — the space between the uncircumcised, the head of the the perineum, it could trigger
scrotum and anus penis is covered by tissue called discomfort or pain during
the foreskin. Normally, this tissue or after sex. Previous infections, trauma
Acute prostatitis is usually caused when retracts during intercourse. But if you have or other injuries also can leave scar tissue
bacteria from the urinary tract enters the an overly tight foreskin, it can’t retract or nerve injuries. Cases of superficial scar
prostate. With chronic prostatitis, the because the skin is too tight, causing pain. tissue may be treated with surgery, while
reasons for infection are less clear. Since Over time, the friction of this movement minor scarring may be treated with topical
urinary tract infections (UTIs) and sexually can cause it to tear or become inflamed or salves to loosen the tissue.
transmitted infections (STIs) can carry infected. Treatment may involve steroid
bacteria into the prostate, they are major cream or circumcision, if the pain persists. Need help from a urologist?
risk factors, depending on a man’s age and Visit
sexual history. Undescended testicle. This is
an unusual cause of sex-related
Antibiotics usually are prescribed to treat pain, but it can happen. During
prostatitis. Anti-inflammatory and pain the last weeks before or soon after birth,
medications also can help. Your doctor may the testicles usually descend from the
recommend imaging to determine whether abdominal area into the scrotum, the skin
additional issues, such as an abscess, may below the penis. When this doesn’t happen,
be hindering recovery. Even after treatment, it’s called an undescended testicle. This
you still could feel some discomfort for can result in a squeezing pain during sex,
weeks or even months. Your doctor might particularly if the testicle is lodged in the
recommend exercises that can help with groin or the lower abdomen. Surgery is the
rehabilitation or relaxation in the pelvis. most common treatment and generally
involves removing the testicle.

ChooseHealth 19


The Dangers of

By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

You may have seen the shirts
that say “I’m not a regular
mom — I’m a wine mom,” the
wine glasses with the words
“mommy juice” printed in
fancy type or the memes that
make light of moms who day-
drink on playdates.

Wine mom culture touts drinking alcohol to
cope with the demands of everyday life. Kids
stressing you out? Drink. On a playdate with
fellow moms? Drink. Exhausted after a long
day? Another excuse to have a drink.

Mothers are inundated with the message that
drinking wine comes with being a parent. And
while it may seem harmless, wine mom culture
has become a major public health concern, says
Dr. Natasha Spencer, an OB-GYN with Orlando
Health Physician Associates.

“Enjoying an occasional glass of wine with your
friends or spouse is OK. But pay attention to
how much and how often you are drinking,”
Dr. Spencer says. “One or two drinks at the end
of the day quickly adds up to a dozen drinks
over the course of a week.”

ChooseHealth 20

‘Mommy Juice’ Culture When Is
The Big Picture Women are more likely to develop these a Problem?
long-term health conditions and issues from
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention drinking alcohol: If you have depression,
(CDC) estimates that 1 in 6 adults binge drink once anxiety or other mental
a week. For women, binge drinking is defined as Brain damage. Cognitive decline and brain health conditions, it
consuming four or more alcoholic beverages on the shrinkage because of alcohol consumption may be tempting to
same occasion on at least one day in the past month. develops more quickly for women than men. turn to alcohol to relax.
A 4-ounce glass of wine is considered one drink. But drinking wine to
Cancer. Regularly drinking alcohol is linked to an alleviate the symptoms
The “mommy juice” mindset can turn into a drinking increased cancer risk, particularly breast, mouth, of a mental health
problem quickly. A 2017 study found that problem throat, esophagus, liver and colon cancers. condition can worsen
drinking increased by more than 80 percent among your struggles and may
American women between 2002 to 2013. Heart disease. Women are at increased risk lead to a substance use
for heart damage from prolonged alcohol disorder.
Wine mom culture may seem like fun, but it can consumption.
lead to dependence on a nightly glass or two. Overcoming the urge to drink
Consistent drinking can lead to less diligence when Hormonal imbalances. Alcohol can affect alcohol is not always easy, but
supervising play and can cause long-term health hormone production and accelerate some it is possible. If you think you may
damage. menopausal symptoms. have a drinking problem, there are
resources available to help.
Long-Term Effects Liver damage/disease The SAMHSA HelpLine —
(800) 662-HELP (4357) — is open
The problem for women is they tend to metabolize Peptic ulcers 24/7 for advice, information and
alcohol more slowly than men, which can lead treatment recommendations.
to getting drunk faster. That, in turn, causes the Osteoporosis
effects of alcohol to last much longer. That’s why Talk with your healthcare provider
“moderate use” of alcohol is considered to Healthier Options for if you are worried that you may
be one glass of wine for women. Parenting Stress be drinking too much or abusing
other substances. They can put
Parenting can be stressful and exhausting, even on you in touch with the appropriate
the best of days. But there are ways to relax and resources and referrals for
de-stress without turning to alcohol. Instead of counseling, if needed.
drinking, consider trying healthy outlets for stress
relief, including:

Exercising Playing a musical
instrument or listening
Developing to music
a hobby
Taking time out for
Reading yourself each day




By Dan Tracy, Editorial Contributor

When it comes to calming Common Mistakes
fevers, quieting coughs
or settling upset The most common mistakes parents and caregivers make with children’s OTC
stomachs, parents medications involve too few or too many doses. For example:
often turn to over-
the-counter (OTC) Failing to follow directions regarding frequency and administering only one dose
medications. a day instead of as directed on the medication’s package. With decongestants and
fever/cold medicines, this may cause a fever to linger or return faster than usual, or a
But choosing the right medicine runny nose not to improve.
and giving the proper dose is key to
ensure your child’s safety, says Dr. Alina Giving too much medication too frequently. Many medications limit the number of
Stanica, a board-certified pediatrician doses within a 24-hour period, so be sure to follow maximum dosage guidelines. Too
with Orlando Health Physician much of an acetaminophen medication can cause liver failure, while too much ibuprofen
Associates. can lead to kidney failure.

You should monitor your child’s Vitamins can be mistaken for candy and consuming too many can result
condition carefully as well. in abnormal or toxic levels of vitamins in the body. Give only the number
recommended daily for your child’s age.
“If symptoms do not improve
after two to three days, it’s time to Before Giving Meds
make an appointment with your
pediatrician,” Dr. Stanica says. If your child is taking a prescribed medication, check with your pediatrician before
adding supplemental OTC medications to ensure there are no possible adverse
interactions. Also be sure to tell your pediatrician what OTC medications your child is
taking when adding a prescription medication.

For more ways to keep your child healthy, visit

ChooseHealth 22


Older Adults
Should Meditate.
Here’s Why

By Tim Barker, Editorial Contributor

As you get older, you might begin
to experience age-related health
issues — such as chronic pain and
poor sleep — or emotional pain like
grief and loneliness. Research points
to a proven way to address these
health concerns: meditation.

Not only does meditation help reduce stress, it can How To Start
relieve anxiety and depression, growing research
shows. This is particularly important for older adults, As you begin meditating, keep these tips in mind:
who face unique stressors. • Start with small increments of time (such as a

“Often, they find their support networks shrinking as one-minute breathing exercise) and build up from
they lose friends and loved ones,” says Melyssa Allen, a there.
clinical well-being coach at Orlando Health. • Practice deep breathing, focusing on a favorite
song or mindful walking.
It’s All About Refocusing • For community resources, you might find a
yoga studio, senior center or YMCA that offers
Regular meditation improves memory, focus, attention meditation classes.
and concentration. Why? Because it’s all about • Try the free Insight Timer app, which offers
awareness — understanding where your mind is thousands of meditations with a variety of
now, noticing when it wanders and knowing how to teachers.
refocus your attention. This can be a lifesaver in social • The easiest, most accessible, resource is often just
situations when you experience a “senior moment” being in a quiet place at home. Try being in nature
during a conversation. Your mind might wander, but outside or playing soothing music inside.
meditation helps you recognize this and refocus back
to the present moment. Talk to your doctor about other ways to reduce
stress. Looking for a primary care physician?
Meditation also can reduce the risk of developing Visit
dementia by cutting known risk factors, including
chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

ChooseHealth 23


Meet the Newest Doctors
on the Orlando Health Team*

Reem Samar Abdel- Mohammed Sailaja Ji Young Monica
Abdalla, MD Jabbar, MD Al-Humiari, MD Allamneni, MD Bang, MD Barreto, PhD

(407) 381-7366 (321) 841-7856
Fellowship-trained (321) 841-6350 (321) 842-2273 (321) 841-5725
In August, psychiatrist Board certified in
Dr. Abdalla joined Dr. Abdel-Jabbar A board-certified pulmonary disease In April, Dr. Bang Dr. Barreto
Orlando Health joined Orlando pediatric and critical care joined the Orlando is a pediatric
Physician Associates Health Medical pulmonologist, medicine, Health Digestive neuropsychologist
as an internal Group Behavioral Dr. Al-humiari Dr. Allamneni joined Health Institute who joined Orlando
medicine physician. Health in joined Orlando Orlando Health Center for Advanced Health Arnold
She is dedicated September. He Health Arnold Medical Group Endoscopy, Research Palmer Hospital
to providing received his medical Palmer Hospital for Pulmonology and & Education, for Children in
professional, training from Children Pulmonary Sleep Medicine where she is a October. She
compassionate Ross University and Sleep Medicine in October. She board-certified received her PhD in
care using the School of Medicine in August. He earned her medical gastroenterologist. clinical psychology
most recent (Barbados) and earned his medical degree at the She received her from Western
medical evidence completed his degree at Florida University of South medical training Michigan University
and treatments. residency in general State University Alabama (Mobile) at University (Kalamazoo). Dr.
She earned her adult psychiatry (Tallahassee) and and completed College London Barreto completed
medical degree at East Tennessee completed his her residency at Medical School. a fellowship in
from the University State University pediatric residency the University Her fellowship in clinical psychology
of Central Florida Quillen College at Orlando Health of Alabama gastroenterology at the Yale School
School of Medicine of Medicine in affiliation with (Birmingham). was completed at of Medicine, Yale
(Orlando) and (Johnson City). His the University Her fellowship Indiana University Child Study Center
completed her fellowship in child of Florida. His in pulmonary (Indianapolis) and (New Haven,
internal medicine and adolescent fellowship and critical care another in advanced Connecticut). She
residency at psychiatry was in pediatric medicine was endoscopy was is fluent in both
Orlando Health. performed at pulmonology was completed at Duke performed with English and Spanish.
Dr. Abdalla is fluent University of Florida performed at the University (Durham, Dr. Robert Hawes
in both English and College of Medicine University of Florida North Carolina). and Dr. Shyam
Arabic. (Gainesville). (Gainesville). Varadarajulu.

ChooseHealth 24

The doctors at Orlando Health are part of a collaborative
network that works toward one common goal: your health.

Kevin Bryan Mary Coral Gino Shuchi
Beers, DO Brown, MD Busowski, MD Candelario- Castaneda, MD Chaudhary, MD
Velazquez, MD
(321) 843-5851 ORLANDO CAMPUS EAST ORLANDO a board-certified
(407) 649-6907 (321) 841-7218 vascular neurologist
An orthopedic (321) 842-4067 (321) 841-6444 who joined the
A fellowship- surgeon specializing Board certified Orlando Health
trained pediatric in the hand, Dr. in hospice and In August, Dr. Castaneda is Neuroscience and
cardiothoracic Brown joined the palliative medicine, Dr. Candelario a board-certified Rehabilitation
surgeon, Dr. Beers Orlando Health Dr. Busowski joined joined Orlando vascular surgeon Institute Neurology
joined The Heart Jewett Orthopedic the Supportive Health Arnold who joined the Group in April. She
Center at Orlando Institute in August. and Palliative Palmer Hospital for Orlando Health earned her medical
Health Arnold He earned his Care Program at Children Physical Heart & Vascular degree at Lady
Palmer Hospital medical degree Orlando Health Medicine and Institute in May. Hardinge Medical
for Children in from the University Cancer Institute Rehabilitation as He earned his College (India).
September. He of Vermont in September. a board-certified medical degree Dr. Chaudhary
received his medical Medical School She earned her pediatric physiatrist. from St. Luke’s completed her
training at West (Burlington). Dr. medical degree She earned her College of Medicine residency in
Virginia School Brown completed from the University medical degree from (Philippines), neurology and
of Osteopathic a residency in of South Carolina the Universidad followed by a a fellowship in
Medicine orthopedic surgery School of Medicine Central del Caribe general surgery vascular neurology
(Lewisburg) and at Orlando Health (Columbia). (Puerto Rico). residency at Texas at University of
completed his and a hand and Dr. Busowski Her fellowship Tech University Oklahoma Health
fellowship in upper-extremity completed her in pediatric Health Sciences Sciences Center
congenital cardiac fellowship at the residency in rehabilitation Center (El Paso). (Oklahoma City).
surgery at Children’s University of internal medicine medicine was He then completed
Mercy Hospital California (San and a fellowship in performed at a fellowship in
(Kansas City, Diego). infectious disease at Montefiore Medical vascular surgery at
Missouri). Orlando Health. Center/Albert Sanger Heart and
Einstein College Vascular Institute,
of Medicine (New Carolinas Medical
York). Center (Charlotte,
North Carolina).

ChooseHealth 25 ** New physicians from
April 2021 through
October 2021


Meet the Newest Doctors
on the Orlando Health Team*

Christina Christian Donato- Michael Pierce Brenna Jenna Ashil J.
Covelli, MD Santana, MD Ebaugh, DO Fullerton, MD Gibilaro, MD Gosalia, MD

(321) 841-4344 ORLANDO CAMPUS ORLANDO ORLANDO CAMPUS (321) 841-4344
(321) 841-7856
A board-certified (407) 423-1039 (321) 843-5851 (407) 540-1000 A board-certified
gastroenterologist, Dr. Gibilaro is a gastroenterologist,
Dr. Covelli joined Board certified in Specializing in In August, fellowship-trained Dr. Gosalia joined
the Orlando Health infectious disease, the care of the Dr. Fullerton joined pulmonologist who the Orlando Health
Digestive Health Dr. Donato joined foot and ankle, Orlando Health joined Orlando Digestive Health
Institute in October. Orlando Health Dr. Ebaugh joined Arnold Palmer Health Medical Institute in October.
She earned her Medical Group Orlando Health Hospital for Children Group Pulmonology He earned his
medical degree at Infectious Disease Jewett Orthopedic as a board-certified and Sleep Medicine medical degree
the University of in August. He earned Institute in August. pediatric surgeon. in August. She earned from the University
Florida College his medical degree He received his She earned her her medical degree of Massachusetts
of Medicine at the Universidad medical training at medical degree from at the University Medical School
(Gainesville). Central del Caribe Lake Erie College the Warren Alpert of Massachusetts (Worcester),
Dr. Covelli School of Medicine of Osteopathic School of Medicine Chan Medical then completed
completed a (Puerto Rico) and Medicine at Brown University School (Worcester) his residency in
residency in completed an (Bradenton, Florida) (Providence, and performed her internal medicine
internal medicine internal medicine and completed Rhode Island). residency at the State at Brown University
and a fellowship in residency at the his residency in Dr. Fullerton University of New (Providence,
gastroenterology University of Puerto orthopedic surgery completed a York Downstate Rhode Island).
and hepatology Rico (San Juan). at OhioHealth general surgery Medical Center Dr. Gosalia
at the University Dr. Donato Doctors Hospital/ residency at the (Brooklyn). performed his
of Alabama performed a Grant Medical Harvard University- Dr. Gibilaro fellowship in
(Birmingham). fellowship in Center (Columbus). affiliated Beth Israel completed her gastroenterology
infectious disease His fellowship in Deaconess Medical fellowship in at the University
at the University orthopedic foot Center (Boston) pulmonary and of Miami/Jackson
of Massachusetts and ankle surgery and a pediatric critical care at Memorial Hospital.
Medical School was performed surgery fellowship at Columbia University
(Worcester). He at University of Children’s Hospital Irving Medical Center
is fluent in both Texas/McGovern of Michigan, Detroit (New York City).
English and Spanish. College of Medicine Medical Center.

ChooseHealth 26

The doctors at Orlando Health are part of a collaborative
network that works toward one common goal: your health.

Cody Erin Alexander Bahareh Christina
Green, MD Greenup, DO Harding, MD Hassanzadeh, MD Herrera, MD


(321) 842-0060 OCOEE, ORLANDO LAKE MARY,
(321) 841-3303 WINTER PARK (321) 841-8555
In August, (321) 841-7218
Dr. Green joined A fellowship- (321) 842-2363 In August,
Orlando Health trained pediatric In September, Dr. Herrera joined
Jewett Orthopedic endocrinologist, Dr. Harding joined Dr. Hassanzadeh the Orlando Health
Institute as an Dr. Greenup joined the Supportive is a board-certified Winnie Palmer
orthopedic surgeon. Orlando Health and Palliative neurologist Hospital Center
He specializes in total Arnold Palmer Care Program at who joined for Maternal Fetal
joint replacement Hospital for Children Orlando Health Orlando Health Medicine as a
and direct anterior Endocrinology and Cancer Institute. He Neuroscience and board-certified
hip replacement, as Diabetes Center in specializes in care Rehabilitation obstetrician and
well as reconstructive August. She received for patients with Institute Neurology gynecologist
and Mako robotic- her medical training severe or chronic Group in October. specializing in
assisted surgery. He at Lake Erie College diseases. He earned She received her maternal fetal
earned his medical of Osteopathic his medical degree medical training medicine. She
degree at Wright Medicine at St. George’s at Iran University completed her
State University (Bradenton, Florida) University of Medical medical training
Boonshoft School of and completed (Grenada) and Sciences (Tehran) at Florida State
Medicine (Dayton, her pediatrics completed his and completed University
Ohio) and completed residency at the residency in internal her residency (Tallahassee), her
his residency in University of South medicine at in neurology OB-GYN residency
orthopedic surgery Florida (Tampa). Orlando Health. at JFK Medical at University of
at Orlando Health. Her fellowship Dr. Harding Center (Edison, North Carolina
His fellowship in pediatric performed his New Jersey). Dr. Hospitals (Chapel
in adult hip and endocrinology fellowship in Hassanzadeh Hill) and her
knee replacement was performed palliative care and performed her fellowship in
was performed at the University hospice medicine fellowship in neuro- maternal fetal
at OrthoCarolina of Alabama at University of ophthalmology at medicine at the
(Charlotte, North (Birmingham). Texas MD Anderson University of Miami University of Utah
Carolina). Cancer Center Health System. (Salt Lake City).

ChooseHealth 27 ** New physicians from
April 2021 through
October 2021


Meet the Newest Doctors
on the Orlando Health Team*

Mahendran Nilamba Ali Zul Sumyra Jennifer Amy
Jayaraj, MD Jhala, MD Jiwani, MD Kachru, MD Kinaga, MD Laughlin, MD

(321) 841-6444
A board-certified (407) 423-1039 (407) 648-5384 A board-certified (321) 841-4363
gastroenterologist, gastroenterologist, Dr. Kinaga is a
Dr. Jayaraj joined Fellowship trained Dr. Jiwani is a Dr. Kachru joined board-certified In August,
Orlando Health in infectious board-certified the Orlando Health general cardiologist Dr. Laughlin joined
Digestive Health disease, Dr. Jhala interventional Digestive Health who joined the Orlando Health
Institute in August. joined Orlando pulmonologist who Institute in October. Orlando Health Cancer Institute as a
He specializes in Health Medical joined the Rod She earned her Heart & Vascular medical oncologist
diseases of the Group Infectious Taylor Thoracic medical degree from Institute in August. specializing in
esophagus, stomach, Disease in July. Care Center at Al-Ameen Medical She also has breast cancer,
intestines and other She earned her Orlando Health College (India). certification in cancer genetics and
digestive organs. medical degree Cancer Institute Dr. Kachru nuclear cardiology, high-risk care. She
He received his from Saurashtra in July. He earned completed her echocardiography earned her medical
medical training University, M.P. his medical degree residency in and cardiovascular degree from the
at Stanley Medical Shaw Medical from Baylor College internal medicine computed University of Central
College (India) College (India). Her of Medicine and a fellowship in tomography. Florida College of
and completed internal medicine (Houston). His gastroenterology Dr. Kinaga earned Medicine (Orlando)
his residency in residency was residency in at Vidant Medical her medical and completed her
internal medicine completed at internal medicine Center at East degree from residency at Hospital
at the University St. Vincent Charity was completed Carolina University St. George’s of the University
of Nevada Reno Medical Center at the University (Greenville, North University of Pennsylvania
School of Medicine. (Cleveland) and of Alabama Carolina). (Grenada). She (Philadelphia).
His fellowship in a fellowship in (Birmingham). completed her She remained
gastroenterology infectious disease A fellowship in internal medicine at University of
was performed at was performed at pulmonary and residency and Pennsylvania for
the University of Orlando Health. critical care was cardiology her fellowship in
Nevada Las Vegas performed at Boston fellowship at hematology and
School of Medicine. University School of Orlando Health. oncology.

ChooseHealth 28

The doctors at Orlando Health are part of a collaborative
network that works toward one common goal: your health.

Paul Tracy Neil Anthony Vera Rosado- Fanor Manuel
Massimiano, MD Nogle, DO Patel, MD Rongione, MD Odom, MD Saavedra-Pozo, MD

(321) 842-2363 (407) 423-1039 (321) 842-0400
(321) 841-6444 Board-certified in (321) 841-6444
family medicine and In October, In July, Dr. Rosado Dr. Saavedra-Pozo
A board-certified sports medicine, Dr. Patel joined the Dr. Rongione is joined Orlando is a board-certified
cardiothoracic Dr. Nogle joined Orlando Health a board-certified Health Medical neurosurgeon
surgeon, Orlando Health Neuroscience and cardiac and thoracic Group Infectious who joined the
Dr. Massimiano Physician Associates Rehabilitation surgeon who joined Disease as a board- Orlando Health
joined Orlando in September. In Institute as a the Orlando Health certified infectious Neuroscience and
Health Heart & addition to sports board-certified Heart & Vascular disease physician. Rehabilitation
Vascular Institute in medicine, she interventional pain Institute in August. She earned her Institute in May. He
October. He earned provides a full specialist. He earned He earned his medical degree earned his medical
his medical degree range of family care. his medical degree medical degree from Universidad degree from the
from Georgetown She received her from St. George’s from Rush Medical Autónoma de University Mayor de
University School medical training University School of College (Chicago) Guadalajara San Simon (Bolivia)
of Medicine at Michigan State Medicine (Grenada) and completed his (Mexico) and and completed
(Washington, D.C.) University College and completed general surgery completed her his residency in
and completed of Osteopathic his residency in residency at UCLA internal medicine neurological surgery
residencies in Medicine (East anesthesiology Medical Center residency at Damas at the University of
general and vascular Lansing). Dr. Nogle and perioperative (Los Angeles). He Hospital/Ponce Puerto Rico (San
surgery at National completed her medicine at the then performed School of Medicine Juan). A fellowship
Naval Medical residency with University of a fellowship in (Puerto Rico). in complex and
Center (Bethesda, AdventHealth and Massachusetts cardiothoracic Her fellowship in minimally invasive
Maryland). her fellowship in (Worcester). surgery at the infectious diseases spine surgery
Dr. Massimiano sports medicine Dr. Patel performed University of was performed at the was performed at
performed a at Michigan State a pain medicine Washington Indiana University Cleveland Clinic
fellowship in University. fellowship at School of Medicine School of Medicine Foundation (Ohio).
cardiothoracic Baystate Medical (Seattle). (Indianapolis).
surgery at Yale-New Center/University Dr. Rosado is fluent
Haven Hospital of Massachusetts in both English and
(Connecticut). (Springfield). Spanish.

ChooseHealth 29 ** New physicians from
April 2021 through
October 2021


Meet the Newest Doctors
on the Orlando Health Team*

Charbel Georges Shelly Kelley R. Kenneth Shadi
Salamon, MD Seward, MD Shackelford, MD Stroub, DO Tabba, MD

(321) 842-4810 (407) 635-5600
(321) 841-8393 (321) 841-6600 (321) 841-3303
Dr. Salamon is a Dr. Stroub is a
board-certified Dr. Seward is a In August, board-certified In September,
urogynecologist board-certified Dr. Shackelford family medicine Dr. Tabba joined
and reconstructive gynecologic joined Orlando physician who Orlando Health
pelvic surgeon oncologist Health Physician joined Orlando Arnold Palmer
who joined the who joined the Associates Family Health Physician Hospital for Children
Orlando Health Orlando Health Medicine as an Associates in June. Endocrinology
Winnie Palmer Cancer Institute internal medicine He received his and Diabetes
Hospital Center Gynecologic Cancer physician. She medical training Center as a board-
for Urogynecology Center in July. provides preventive at Midwestern certified pediatric
in July. He earned She earned her and wellness care to University, endocrinologist. He
his medical degree medical degree from her patients and is Chicago College received his medical
at St. Joseph’s Eastern Virginia specially trained to of Osteopathic training at Jordan
University – French Medical School diagnose and treat Medicine. University of Science
Faculty of Medicine (Norfolk) and common illnesses Dr. Stroub and Technology
(Lebanon). His pursued a residency and complex completed his (Ar Ramtha)
fellowship in female in obstetrics and diseases. internship at and completed a
pelvic medicine gynecology at Ohio Dr. Shackelford Muskegon General pediatric residency
and reconstructive State University received her medical Hospital (Michigan) at University of
surgery was (Columbus). training from Florida and a residency Iowa Children’s
performed at Mount Her fellowship State University in family practice Hospital (Iowa
Sinai School of in gynecologic College of Medicine medicine at Mercy City). His fellowship
Medicine (Teaneck, oncology was (Tallahassee). She General Health in pediatric
New Jersey). performed at Wayne completed her System (Muskegon, endocrinology
State University residency in internal Michigan). and diabetes was
School of Medicine medicine at performed at
Orlando Health. Children’s Hospital
(Detroit). of Pittsburgh.

ChooseHealth 30

The doctors at Orlando Health are part of a collaborative
network that works toward one common goal: your health.

Vahid Pichapong Kathleen M. Charles Naoir
Tohidi, MD Tunsupon, MD Vazzana, DO Witten, MD Zaher, MD

(321) 841-7856 ORLANDO CAMPUS
(321) 841-7550 (407) 332-7700 (321) 841-2800
Dr. Tunsupon is (321) 843-9400
A board-certified a board-certified Dr. Witten is a In October,
neurologist and pulmonologist Fellowship-trained board-certified Dr. Zaher joined
neuromuscular and critical care in pediatric urologist who joined Orlando Health
specialist, Dr. Tohidi specialist who rheumatology, Orlando Health Neuroscience and
joined Orlando joined Orlando Dr. Vazzana joined Medical Group Rehabilitation
Health Neuroscience Health Medical Orlando Health Urology in June. Institute as a board-
and Rehabilitation Group Pulmonology Arnold Palmer He has practiced in certified neurologist
Institute Neurology and Sleep Medicine Hospital for Lake Mary for more and director of
Group in October. in August. He Children in August. than 20 years and epilepsy and
He earned his earned his medical She received her treats both men and seizure disorders.
medical degree at degree from medical degree women. He earned He received his
Iran University of Mahidol University from the New his medical degree medical training
Medical Sciences (Thailand) and York Institute of from the University from Tishreen
(Tehran) and completed an Technology College of Pittsburgh School University Medical
completed his internal medicine of Osteopathic of Medicine and School (Syria)
residency in residency at Medicine (Long completed his and completed
neurology at Seton Cleveland Clinic Island). Her residency in urology a residency in
Hall University Foundation. His residency in at the University neurology at Henry
School of Health and fellowship in pediatrics was of Pennsylvania Ford Hospital
Medical Sciences pulmonary and completed at (Philadelphia). (Detroit). His
(Edison, New critical care was Orlando Health. fellowship in clinical
Jersey). Dr. Tohidi performed at State Dr. Vazzana neurophysiology
performed a University of New performed and epilepsy
fellowship in York (Buffalo). a fellowship was performed
neuromuscular Dr. Tunsupon in pediatric at Vanderbilt
medicine at Hospital is fluent in both rheumatology at University
for Special Surgery English and Thai. Children’s National (Nashville).
(New York City). Medical Center Dr. Zaher is fluent in
(Washington, D.C.). English and Arabic.

31ChooseHealth ** New physicians from
April 2021 through
October 2021


Toddler Gets Second Chance After Epilepsy Treatment

By Lisa Cianci, Editorial Contributor

In 45 seconds, everything turned upside down for 2-year-old Now that Delaney is recovering with
Delaney and her family. Her mother, who had briefly stepped speech and physical therapy, her mom
away, returned to find her daughter convulsing on the floor. tells the story through numbers.

The seizure was the beginning of a terrifying journey. Days spent in the hospital

Michelle Muzia and her husband, Ben, became concerned when Delaney started waking Days without seeing her siblings
up crying in the middle of the night and refusing to nap. With two older children, the because of COVID-19 visitor
experienced parents knew something was wrong. restrictions

Then came the first seizure. Over time, Delaney was having seizures every week, and Days spent on a ventilator
doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. One day, Delaney suffered a trio of back-to-
back seizures. She stopped breathing and turned blue. Days in a medically induced coma
to prevent further seizures
Ben Muzia scooped his daughter up and raced her to Orlando Health South Lake
Hospital. Doctors there knew she needed the specialized care from the Epilepsy And, most important:
Monitoring Unit at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.
Number of seizures Delaney has had
During a PET scan of her brain, doctors discovered a lesion and decided surgery was since her surgery in April 2020
the best option. Delaney had nearly 300 more seizures in the days before the eight-hour
operation to remove the lesion. “We got a second chance with Delaney
because of the doctors and nurses who
never gave up on us at Orlando Health
Arnold Palmer,” Michelle Muzia says.

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children provides families
and doctors with comprehensive evaluation for precise diagnostics, which are critical for patients with
hard-to-manage, complex seizure disorders. To learn more, contact [email protected]

ChooseHealth 32

Community Good

Giving Back(packs)

Team members from Orlando Health Arnold Palmer
Hospital for Children volunteered their time to pack
1,000 backpacks for A Gift for Teaching’s 2021 Great
Big Backpack Build. Thanks to the great efforts of
Orlando Health Arnold Palmer’s leaders and team
members, thousands of students began the new
school year excited and prepared to learn.

Helping Hands Making An Impact Habitat for Humanity

Orlando Health team members Orlando Health Winnie Palmer For World Habitat Day, Orlando
volunteered at UCP of Central Hospital for Women & Babies Health team members volunteered
Florida’s Osceola Campus, helping was proud to be the presenting at Habitat for Humanity Greater
with beautification projects sponsor of the Orlando Regional Orlando headquarters on Silver
including revamping bulletin Chamber’s All Women Empowered Star Road to put in beautiful new
boards, creating and painting Impact Forum in August. Quibulah landscaping, including an herb and
teacher signs, and painting school Graham, corporate director of tomato garden.
furniture with a fresh coat of paint. diversity and minority business
development at Orlando Health, National
Portraits of a Pandemic spoke about leading through the Night Out
COVID-19 pandemic and Pulse
Nelson Cárdenas, a self-taught tragedy and lessons learned on Orlando
artist who is a prep cook at her more than 23-year journey in Health team
Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips healthcare. members
Hospital, created 13 portraits to joined the
promote positivity and healing Breakfast with the Pros celebration
during the COVID-19 pandemic. with St. Cloud Mainstreet of National Night Out in
An exhibition of his work opened communities across Central
at the Orange County Regional Dr. Aparna Sharma, chief quality Florida. The event promotes
History Center (OCRHC) in officer of Orlando Health St. Cloud police-community partnerships
downtown Orlando titled Hospital, met with the St. Cloud and neighborhood camaraderie to
“Healthcare Heroes: Portraits Mainstreet to provide a robust make our neighborhoods safer and
of Orlando Health’s Frontline update on COVID-19’s impact more caring places to live.
Workers.” The stunning portraits on our community, an in-depth
by the Central Florida-based artist analysis on what the Delta variant Nothing But Pride
are now permanently located is, and expert information and
within Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips evidence on the effectiveness United by love to celebrate our
Hospital and OCRHC. of the vaccines available. This City Beautiful! Orlando Health
presentation provided community is proud to have partnered with
leaders with the data and facts Orlando City Soccer Club and
needed to help spread the word Orlando Pride for this year’s Come
and keep our community healthy. Out with Pride parade, to celebrate
our community’s history, culture
and beautiful diversity.

ChooseHealth 33


Childbirth Education Support & Programs

Virtual Live Parent Chat Cancer Support Community
Hosted by the Maternal Education team and facilitated Many of our popular support services are available via
by a registered nurse lactation consultant, this live telephone and web-based programming, and several have
virtual chat is for parents with infants up to 12 weeks reopened with social distancing in place. We look forward to
of age. Interact with other parents as we discuss reopening additional classes soon. Please call (321) 841-5056
infant care, feeding, your baby’s growth and maternal or email [email protected]
postpartum adjustment throughout the fourth for the most up-to-date information.
trimester and beyond. Ask questions and hear from
other parents like you. Virtual Stroke Support Group
Dates: Mondays Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Stroke survivors and caregivers can find care, support and
Cost: Free connection at Orlando Health’s Stroke Support Group. Participants will have the opportunity to share stories and
experiences with others who understand their journey, while
Virtual Prenatal Breastfeeding learning about helpful topics such as nutrition, available
Designed for expectant parents, this virtual lesson is resources and other ways to improve one’s lifestyle.
presented by a registered nurse lactation consultant. Dates: Last Wednesday of every month
Learn what to expect while breastfeeding your baby Time: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
during the first few days after delivery and through
the first few months. Infants welcome. Partners are
encouraged to participate. The class will also include Virtual Weight Loss Surgery Support Group
the opportunity to ask questions. This helpful support group is an opportunity for patients to
Dates: Wednesdays Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm learn more about what to expect throughout the journey
Cost: $15.00 of bariatric surgery. Postoperative patients are strongly encouraged to attend this group. We also welcome
preoperative patients who are interested in learning about the
Virtual Basic Newborn Care lifestyle changes necessary to be successful with weight loss.
Our Basic Newborn Care virtual class is presented by Dates: Every third Wednesday of the month
a registered nurse lactation consultant and highlights Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
key information about caring for your newborn baby.
When to Attend: Third trimester of pregnancy
Dates: First Wednesday of the month Virtual Weight Loss Surgery Information Session
Cost: $15.00 per couple Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm The team at the Orlando Health Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery Institute can help you lose weight through minimally
invasive surgery and lifestyle changes. During the group session,
you will virtually meet our experienced weight loss surgeons.
They will discuss procedures offered and answer any questions
you may have.
Dates: Tuesdays Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Orlando Health Joint Replacement Classes
This class will provide an overview of what you need to
know about preparing for your joint replacement surgery,
rehabilitation and successful recovery at home. For dates,
times and locations, please visit the Events page at

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