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Published by My Nanny Circle, 2018-12-18 21:57:43

Nanny Holiday Ball 2018 - Dream, Wish, Soar Magazine

Holiday Ball 2018 - Dream, Wish, Soar!



Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Table of Contents

06 Vashney Small 2
07 The Freedman’s Write About Their

Previous Nanny Vashney Small
09 Sarah Skeen
10 Rasheeda Mohammed
12 Samantha Reneau-Caraballo
14 Faircloth Family
Writes About a Nanny
15 Margaret Isaacs
16 Sally Ann Cuffy
17 Theresa Charlery
18 Nolrene Val Julien
19 Babkes Family Speaks

About Nolrene
20 Meghan Rice Questionnaire
22 Patsy Andall
25 Jennifer Norgriff-Bernard
36 Nichole James
46 Nanny Apparel
50 NannyFest

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018


Dear Nannies, profession.

The ball is here! Welcome to the 2018 Nanny Holiday We must never forget that we have also experienced the
Ball. I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our love and respect of many nanny families. The support
main sponsor, Sittercity, and especially to its president, they have shown for their nannies and for our community
Mrs. Elizabeth Harz. Thank you for believing in our has been invaluable. We extend our warmest thanks to
vision and for helping make this event more memorable these families. We also wish to express our heartfelt
than ever. Your support of the nanny community is a gratitude to all nanny families for choosing nannycare.
sign of your generosity and an example of the kind As a community, we recognize and honor the leap of faith
of mission you believe is important to your brand. you take in entrusting us with the care of your children.
A special thank you to all the other businesses and
individuals who have placed ads in this magazine. A special thank you, nannies, for understanding how
important showing love is each day. This form of love,
Nannies, what a year this has been for all of us! We known as agape, is a love that is within all of us and
have had both high and low moments, yet we have that allows us to love our charges and ensure that their
banded together, marching together for a cause that well-being and safety is paramount. Thank you for
is higher and greater than all others. Because, in our supporting the community of My Nanny Circle and also
work, we see a glimpse of the horizon ahead; because for branching out to support positive nanny endeavors
we have challenged our own ideas and beliefs; because outside My Nanny Circle.
we have ventured into new territories, having the
audacity to learn new approaches to childcare; because My message to you for the new year is to never lose
we have continually made a call to value our own sight of your purpose and your dreams. Dream big
“somebodiness.” dreams and work diligently to make those dreams a
reality. When you dream, recognize that others are
We seem to be on a great expedition—one in which dreaming too and understand that their dreams are just
we become better professionals every day. On this as valuable as yours.
expedition, we have witnessed the good and the bad,
and our very foundations have on occasion been Nannies, you are raising the next generation. In many
violently shaken. However, you have supported the ways, you are investing in that generation, and as a
mission of My Nanny Circle, and doing this has helped result you must teach important values that can help
us grow beyond our corporate, embryonic stage to build make the world a better place. Love your charges
a solid foundation on which we can effectively serve divinely and they in turn will know how to love; be
our community. We have remained focused on our task, patient with them and they will learn how to be patient
despite knowing that we would face many obstacles on with others; teach them to value themselves and they
our journey toward discovering the greatest possibilities will learn to value others; teach them new things every
that exist in nannying. Many of you have taken day and their minds will be opened.
advantage of these possibilities.
In conclusion, remember that, as different as we may be
On occasion we have witnessed the humanity of some in some ways, we are all ultimately the same. Embrace
workers simply being robbed from them. We bear diversity and recognize that our differences are our
witness to the fact that some professional nannies strength. I hope you will find everything you are
are not treated with the respect they deserve. Yet we seeking in the coming year. Most important,
remain optimistic that, if we are consistent in helping I hope you find love and share that love
all nannies recognize their own value, we know that with others. I hope you continue to
things will change for the better. This is why we must wish, dream, and soar, knowing that
never falter in our tasks of creating a better community the magic is within you. Happy
for nannies and of creating a community in which they holidays!
can feel at home. All nannies, including those from all
diasporas, must work together to help further uplift the Alene Mathurin

Founder My Nanny Circle

3 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Letter From

Elizabeth Harz

CEO Sittercity

Nannies, C
Happy Holidays! As the year draws to a close and 2019 quickly approaches, Y
I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the important CM
work you’ve done this year to care for children of all ages, in all regions, MY
with all kinds of personalities, skills and needs! CY
As a working parent myself, I know that today’s families rely on nannies like K
you to succeed. We constantly hear great stories about all that you do as a
teacher, chauffeur, nurse, hairdresser, chef, coach, etc.—and we know that
often you head home do the same for your own children or others in your

It absolutely takes a village, and I can’t thank you enough for all that you do
to help nurture and develop the children in your care, and to enable parents
to provide the best life possible for their children.

This year, Sittercity was proud to partner with My Nanny Circle as the
lead sponsor for National Nanny Recognition Week in September, and
the 2018 Holiday Nanny Ball. Since 2001, Sittercity has provided millions
of caregivers with job opportunities, and we support My Nanny Circle’s
mission to empower nannies like you, share resources and build a
community that advances the child care profession.

We’re delighted to share in celebrating you this month, and all year round.
Cheers to you, and have a very Happy New Year!

Elizabeth Harz
CEO, Sittercity

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 4

Sittercity is proud to sponsor
the 2018 Nanny Holiday Ball!

Sittercity is the pioneer in online child care.
Since 2001, we’ve connected millions of families

with amazing nannies (like you!)


Vashney Small

Iwas born and raised on beautiful hard one—the Apples will always be children I help rear grow to become
Barbados, a small yet significant a part of my life, just as I am still a intelligent adults, both inside and out.
island in the West Indies. I am a part of the lives of the other excellent The love inside me has allowed me to
mother, grandmother, friend, and families for whom I have worked. find purpose in life, and that’s what
nanny, and I am also a Christian keeps me working as a professional
who is very involved in ministry at Children are a gift from God, and nanny—it’s the reason I love what I
my church. I relocated to the United because he has placed their do. I would love to be remembered
States with my children in February care in my hands, I try my best as honest, trustworthy, reliable,
1980. After settling my kids in, it was to make memories for them in respectful, and caring—always ready
definitely time to seek employment— a safe environment. I bring to to lend a hand.
but I had no clue where to begin. As my job a variety of skills and
luck would have it, I ran into a friend, competencies, including emotional As professionals, we nannies should
who after hearing I was looking for a support, encouragement, uplifting continue to educate ourselves by
job told me that she was a nanny. She conversation, and more—all of which taking classes and training so that
asked me if I would give it a try. I had I express daily. I love being a nanny, we can be the best we can be. In
experience raising my own kids, so I because it is the most rewarding, turn, I hope to see more structured
thought work as a nanny might be a fulfilling career anyone could have. I benefits becoming available for
good fit for me. have a lot of love to give, and I want nannies, including medical plans and
to share that love with the children I retirement plans. I would also love
The first family I worked for was care for so that they can give out that to see the unionization of the nanny
the Kaplans—and caring for little same love to others and showcase community.
Hannah left no doubt in my mind that the best of humanity. Nothing blesses
being a nanny would be my lifelong my heart as much as seeing the But being a nanny is more than just
career and passion, not just a job. a job—it’s a delicate relationship
I worked for the Kaplans 7 years that we build together. Because that
before moving on, then worked for relationswhip can affect children’s
the Freeman family, taking care of lives for years to come, as nannies we
Samantha and Zachary, for 12 years. must be committed to our work and
When I had the pleasure of working to the children we care for. We must
for the Apple family, we became very be punctual, professional, and firm,
close and developed meaningful always putting our children’s best
personal bonds—they even spent interests at the forefront of all we do.
Christmas with me and my family One of the best ways of achieving
and friends. As life would have it, the this is effective communication with
Apples eventually had to relocate to parents.
England—but, not wanting to leave
me behind, they offered me the The rewards of being a nanny are rich
opportunity to go with them. It was indeed. When I am not working, I love
a difficult decision to make: should traveling and visiting all the children
I go with them, or should I stay and I have cared for, as well as spending
continue my work here? Despite my time with my loved ones. I am blessed
ultimate choice—and it was indeed a to receive this award, and I am deeply
grateful to have been honored for
doing what I love most.

Nanny Circle Magazine | November 2018 6

THE FREEDMAN’S Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018


“She has helped raise Zach and me from
babies to adults, with plenty of life lessons and
teachings along the way that have shaped us
into the people that we are today. “

My earliest memories include not only my
parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and
cousins but also another member of our family—
our nanny, Vashney. Come to think of it, I don’t
think we’ve ever called Vashney a “nanny” in so
many words, because to my parents, brother,
and me, she’s our third parent. She has helped
raise Zach and me from babies to adults, with
plenty of life lessons and teachings along the
way that have shaped us into the people that we
are today.

Vash came into our lives when I was a year old
and stayed with us for over 13 years. She has
stuck with our family through thick and thin.
She’s been there for every birthday, holiday,
graduation, b’nai mitzvah, and monumental
occasion. If she’s not there, there is always a
phone call. She’s also been there for some of
the tougher times, with tons of optimism and

When it was time for Vash to move on to
another family, we never thought that it was
good-bye—it was just a see-you-later. Almost
16 years later, although we may not see each
other on a daily basis, she is very much a part
of our lives, and I can’t imagine it any other way.
I think of our relationship as unique in many
ways and see it as a very special one. I don’t
think we could truly put into words how much
Vash means to us and how much we appreciate
everything she has done for us—so thank you,
Vash. Thank you for helping our parents raise
us. Thank you for your positive outlook on life
and in every tough situation that has come our
way. Thank you for all your generosity—but
most of all, thank you for loving us like your own

We love you!

The Freedmans


Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 8

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself and
how long you have been a nanny/
babysitter. What exactly led you to
this noble profession?

I’ve been a professional childcare provider
for more than 10 years and have been
nannying for eight years. I’ve been in my
third nanny position for two and a half
years. I currently care for a three-year-
old boy and one-year-old girl. I finished
high school with childcare certifications,
which led me to work in centers, but I
moved on to nannying because I wanted
to be able to invest more in the children
for whom I cared and to be able to see
them grow. I’m a breast cancer survivor. I
have earned many professional childcare
certificates and a degree in fine art. I’m
also a newborn care specialist and a
postpartum doula.

Q2. Given a choice of jobs, what would
you choose and why?

My first choice would be to be a stay-
at-home mom. Since that is a position
that can’t exactly be chosen, I nanny. I
love that I’m a huge part of creating a
better future through the children with
whom I work.

Q3. What is the hardest decision you
have ever had to make in your
profession, directly and indirectly?

The hardest decision I Sarah Skeen lovinghusbandand
ever have to make is family. I volunteer for the
choosing the family with Baltimore Faerie Faire and
whom I will work. It can am head of admissions
be so difficult to predict if

the family I choose will be hheoMuxmgayeectfpmliyratosrhbmtete.cochcSfhhoiioiclcndrseceerenaewnt,toihnIuwaglndtitaaihbnsbewnaeythto.ptoeIombrsleoiftIviuaowetnusotrtrhtaeakhyatt.-htIra’cmota-unga’ht for their spring event. I
a good fit. I’m thankful to love scrapbooking and
have found such amazing Some playing video games.
Q7. Give five (5) words
Q4. Tell us what brings that BEST describe you
you REAL joy as a or that you want others
nanny. to remember you by.

What brings me the most Dependable, caring,
joy as a nanny is seeing trustworthy, honest,
the little ones I care for and kind.
being kind to others. Every

day, I am impressed by how changes I would like to see include Q8. Do you have any words of wisdom

much they listen to how we present a larger investment from my fellow you would like to share with new

ourselves to the world. It makes my nannies in professional development. nannies?

heart full when I hear the three-year-old I encourage everyone to invest in Networking with other nannies and
I work with thank me for things of his themselves to become better childcare families may not seem important at
own volition. I truly rejoice in seeing my providers. Recommendations for our first, but it is the best way to know what
little ones share and show one another industry are constantly changing, and the industry standards are for your area.
they love each other. it’s important we stay up to date. It is also one of the best ways to find
future families that value the nanny
Q5. In an ever-changing nanny industry, Q6. When you are not nannying, what profession.
what are some of the changes you can you be found doing?
would like to see, and what role are

you willing to play? I can be found spending time with my

9 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018


MRoahsahmeemdead My hardest decision was moving from
fIocbllheoacwnaegmdinebgythttheherfeidreysntoatfmhemeicrasfleeomfealtehlecestrtaircamadleosncttuehdnaetefntrte.,r a very good family to another after
spending a long time with them.
Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself and was
how long you have been a nanny/ paying it forward, and it became my Q4. Tell us what brings you REAL joy
babysitter. What exactly led you passion. as a nanny.
to this noble profession?
Q2. Given a choice of jobs, what As a nanny, it is a privilege to watch
My name is Rasheeda Mohammed; would you choose and why? kids grow up and see them excel in
I am a mother, a grandmother, and everything they do. I love taking them
an aunt of many. I would say that I I did CNA/geriatric/day care and to the zoo, parks, and parties. It is
am the most entertaining aunt in my economics, but I would have chosen simply just seeing the kids learning
family. I am originally from Trinidad to become an electrician since I went and enjoying different cultures and
and Tobago, and I have been a nanny to a trade center in Trinidad. At that experiences and what the world has
for more than 18 years. My great- time, girls were not allowed to attend to offer.
grandmother was my inspiration to the trade center, but I insisted it was
become a nanny as she took me in as something I was keen on doing, and Q5. In an ever-changing nanny
a six-month-old baby. She nurtured I became the first female electrical industry, what are some of the
and cared for me and instilled great student, followed by three other changes you would like to see,
values within me, which makes me females a month after changing the and what role are you willing to
passionate about my job. During my dynamics of the trade center. play?
high school years, I would routinely
babysit my nieces and nephews. I Q3. What is the hardest decision The profession of a nanny should
you have ever had to make in be treated as equal to every other
your profession, directly and job. It is important to recognize that
indirectly? nannies also have responsibilities
like every other working adult and
should be given time off with no
objection for sick leave and vacation
days. I am willing to support the
nanny community by doing more
outreach and bringing unity between
the nannies by attending workshop
events and educating them of their
rights. In addition, social media is a
great platform to raise awareness to
persons outside of the nanny industry
to recognize that it is an amazing

Q6. When you are not nannying, what
can you be found doing?

I am an outdoor person, so I enjoy
skydiving, biking, adventure parks,
walking along the waterfront, and
photography. I also enjoy spending
quality time with my loved ones.

Q7. Give five (5) words that BEST
describe you or that you want
others to remember you by.

Loyal, humble, innovative,
adventurous, and patient.

Q8. Do you have any words of
wisdom that you would like to
share with new nannies?

My advice would be to give the same
respect you would like for yourself,
be professional, and always do your
best. You are important, and so is
your client. Be grounded in good
spirits; love what you do—you are
raising the future and a reflection
of yourself. It is a very rewarding

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 10

“I’m not saying I’m gonna rule the world or I’m
gonna change the world, but I guarantee you
that I will spark the brain that will change the

world. And that’s our job. It’s to spark
somebody else watching us.”
- Tupac Shakur

Nannypalooza would like to thank all of our
friends in My Nanny Circle for being the

spark that helps to change the world.
Here is to a peaceful 2019!

11 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

I was introduced
into this field of
work by my aunts
after migrating
to the U.S. 18

years ago

ReneSaaum-aCnatrhaaballo you thing is that I am still part of their lives
and they are still part of my heart.
choose and why?
Q4. Tell us what brings you REAL joy
Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself and Given a choice of jobs, I would choose as a nanny.
how long you have been a nanny/ to be a social worker, as I am so
babysitter. What exactly led you to passionate about working with children I feel real joy when I see that the
this noble profession? and ensuring they are well taken care children in my care are happy and they
of. There have been several cases know they are loved. I love listening
My name is Samantha Reneau- where children have been murdered to their laughs, some so very unique it
Caraballo, and I am from the island and abused, and I feel that with my tickles you on the inside.
of St. Lucia. I am a mother, a wife, a experience as a nanny, I will be able to
full-time nanny, and a full-time student make a difference as a social worker. Q5. In an ever-changing nanny
at Medgar Evers College, studying in industry, what are some of the
the field of social work. I have been Q3. What is the hardest decision you changes you would like to see, and
employed as a nanny for 15 years. I have ever had to make in your what role are you willing to play?
was introduced into this field of work profession, directly and indirectly?
by my aunts after migrating to the U.S. Some changes I would like to see
18 years ago. It was a no-brainer for The hardest decision I had to make in are more nannies coming together
me to work in this field as a nanny as I this profession was walking away from and educating themselves on the
watched my grandmother care for my the family I worked with for nine years. profession. Continuing my education
cousins. It gave me such joy and so It was extremely difficult as I cared for in social work can be a great asset,
much love to do this. all three kids as early as newborns. They as I can inform professional nannies
were part of me, but I knew the time had of the things to look out for in helping
Q2. Given a choice of jobs, what would come for us to part ways. The beautiful children and the different organizations
that are available to help communities.

Q6. When you are not nannying, what
can you be found doing?

When I’m not nannying, I can be found
taking my son to his extracurricular
activities and also making chocolate
treats for my chocolate treats

Q7. Give five (5) words that BEST
describe you or that you want
others to remember you by.

Five words that best describe me
are loving, ambitious, dependable,
responsible, and kind.

Q8. Do you have any words of wisdom
that you would like to share with
new nannies?

Words of wisdom would be: “Love not
only with your heart but also with your
mind and think not only with your mind
but also with your heart.”

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 12

Ariana Bravo
Ariana is an experienced restrictions, or stomach issues,
Brooklyn nanny with 12 years Ariana has shown that nothing is
in her field. Born and raised in impossible for her. She provides

Mexico, Ariana immigrated to the U.S. attention and care for every child. She

more than 20 years ago. Raised by is often referred as the “Greenpoint

a single mother, Ariana learned the Nanny” due to her acknowledged

sacrifice and references and works in the

hard work of community. While having

being a mother. full-time jobs, Ariana does
She idolized
Ariana is absolutely more than occasional night sitting
a nanny or babysitter; she has and house cleaning
her mother’s jobs. Ariana has built with, as they’ve shown with their
friendships with her testimonials: “Ariana is absolutely
parenting and become part of our family over bosses and other more than a nanny or babysitter; she
incorporated it into the years and is a central figure nannies in the area has become part of our family over the
raising her three years and is a central figure in Anika’s
daughters. In 2006, in Anika’s development development.” “Ariana became family.”
“We are very blessed that we met
Ariana began working and is an example of Ariana eight years ago, and we miss
her every single day.”
in Brooklyn Heights with hardworking nannies.
Ariana continues to strive for
two twin boys while adjusting to Being Latina and improvement and continues to impact
families and her peers. In addition,
her new lifestyle. Throughout her undocumented does not she is a great, reliable friend and
offers advice and support. Overall, her
12 years as a nanny, Ariana worked stop her but rather inspires her to high spirit and work ethic make her
the acknowledged nanny she is.
with every child’s specific needs. continue being an example for other

Her life changed when she started nannies with similar stories. Ariana

working with a little boy named continues to keep improving her work
James who required special care for ethic by taking childcare courses and
various food allergies and diabetes. is CPR certified.

Whether learning to care for a child Ariana has had a tremendous

with diabetes, allergies, dietary influence on the families she’s worked

13 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Faircloth Family

Writes About a Nanny

By Ulanda Sinaise

Great childcare is difficult to find, but with great childcare comes a great
life. First, you have to ensure that the person who is watching your child
is trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. Second, you need someone who
won’t over-baby your child and get walked all over. Finally, you need someone
the child loves and cares about. My wife and I found great childcare in a lovely
woman named Ulanda.

Ulanda is absolutely wonderful with children. She is caring and remarkably
patient. She cared for our son from three to eight months old, and I would highly
recommend her as a caretaker for children of any age. She comes from St. Lucia
and has a terrific work ethic. Every day, she showed up on time with a smile on
her face and ready to work. She would read, sing, and play with our son. She
took him for walks to the park and the library so that he could spend time with
other kids, and she took care of his every need while my wife and I were at work.
She doesn’t over-coddle children and quickly taught our son to stay away from
the stairs. Ulanda shows children the attention and concern any parent could
only hope for in a caretaker. Ulanda is also a principled person. She is fair and
honest and will always tell you the truth. My wife and I never had any suspicions
or doubts about her ability or integrity. Importantly, she is reliable and often
available to stay late on evenings or to babysit on weekends. She’s the best!

Committed to Recruiting Candidates That Contact Us Today
Meet the Unique Needs of Your Family
(212) 600.2085
N Nannies N Full Time 100% PA : (610) 664.5233
N Housekeepers N Part Time Guarantee
N Domestic Staff N Live In or Live Out HOUSEHOLDSTAFFING.COM

 

4.6 4.8

We’re here to help.

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 14


MIasargaacrset own version of my name.
I would love to see nannies become more
recognized and respected as a professional The curious questions they ask—
expecting answers. It brings me so much
career and not a mere job. Nannies are joy to see I can bring so much laughter
raising the future generation. Our profession to a child. These moments complete me
and are priceless memories stamped in
should be treated as any other job. my heart.

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself and memories and share my delicious Q5. In an ever-changing nanny industry,
how long you have been a nanny/ treats with everyone. what are some of the changes you
babysitter. What exactly led you would like to see, and what role are
to this noble profession? Q3. What is the hardest decision you willing to play?
you have ever had to make in
I am a 57-year-old woman full of life your profession, directly and Nannying has changed in the last few
with a captivating personality. As I indirectly? years, especially with the increased use
look back, I am tremendously thankful of technology. Nannies have a better
that God has blessed me to be in this I believe in giving 100% of myself in chance of educating ourselves in so
career path. everything I do. many different ways. We can also use
this education to help our charges.
Being a nanny has completed my The hardest decision I ever had to
jigsaw childhood. make was to tell a parent (whom I I would love to see nannies become
absolutely loved) that I was unable more recognized and respected as a
I was filling in for a vacationing nanny, to function at my best due to the professional career and not a mere job.
and my trip to the pool with the dysfunctional working environment. Nannies are raising the future generation.
kids that day was an unforgettable Our profession should be treated as any
moment. The laughter and fun those Q4. Tell us what brings you REAL joy other job.
kids and I had will forever stay in my as a nanny.
heart. I will continue to help empower nannies
I genuinely love all children. in the best way I can. I will continue
Q2. Given a choice of jobs, what to spread knowledge and share my
would you choose and why? I could write a comic book about the experiences with those inside and outside
laughter and funny moments these my nanny circle. I will stand up for my
If I was not a nanny, without a doubt, children and I have shared. The good, fellow nannies’ rights.
I would be a professional baker the bad, the ugly—I hear it all.
or photographer. I love to capture Q6. When you are not nannying, what can
Every child I have cared for has their you be found doing?

When I am not at the playground (aka
my office), you will definitely find me
kickboxing or baking or at church on

Q7. Give five (5) words that BEST
describe you or that you want others
to remember you by.

I am extremely high-energy, authentic,
compassionate, trustworthy, funny,

Q8. Do you have any words of wisdom
that you would like to share with new

To upcoming nannies: This job is not for
the faint of heart.

First you must have a love for children—
no exceptions. You must also be
respectful, compassionate, and honest
as a person. Communication is key: be a
healthy communicator, reach out to your
nanny circle—where you can get right
information and be guided.

15 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Sally Ann Cuffy

F rom the tiny Caribbean Island of Although decisions as a nanny can at
St. Vincent and the Grenadines, times be very difficult, they can also be
we present an outstanding very easy. Transitioning to a new job,
leaving behind a child you raised—that’s
professional nanny who has one of the hard. But the decision to become a
nanny is an easy one—knowing that you
biggest hearts in the profession. will be forever part of a child’s life is a
comfort indeed.
Looking back at our growing-up years in
our respective countries, I’m pretty sure My many years of work as a
that those times were when many of professional nanny have been marked
us started our career as nanny—taking by countless moments of real joy, but
care of our siblings and the neighbors’ my deepest joy has been the ability to be
children for pay far below the minimum integrally involved in the development
wage, or even for free. of children. I think Fyodor Dostoyevsky
put it best when he said that “the soul is
My professional career as a nanny healed by being with children.”
has spanned nearly 20 years since its
beginning in 1999 in Montreal, Quebec. In an ever-changing nanny industry, I
Without doubt, my unconditional would like to see nannies treated fairly
love for children—even more than instead of feeling fearful. That’s why
my appreciation for the trust of I forge alliances with other nannies,
their parents—led me to this noble and I must say that the experience
profession. thus far has been extremely rewarding.
I have worked as a media practitioner, an those are the 5 words that I think best
HIV/AIDS advocate, a tour guide, and an describe me.
activist, but none of these professions
has brought me as much joy as working
as a nanny. Not surprisingly, I will soon
be serving as a nanny all over again.

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 16

Theresa Charlery
My name is Theresa Charlery, and I am nanny. During the past 12 years in which
a proud member of The Nanny Circle. I have worked as a nanny, I have come to
I currently work as a nanny in Jersey the realization that I chose an appropriate
City, where I take care of three wonderful and line of work. The love I get from the kids
challenging kids. Before working as a nanny I have been caring for gives me great
in the tri-state area, I worked in my beautiful comfort and is immeasurable.
homeland as a tour guide. In that capacity,
I was tasked with promoting and showing My time spent participating in activities
visiting tourists from all over the world the put on by The Nanny Circle has been
beauty and hospitality of St. Lucia and the exciting and has been of great help to me.
St. Lucian people. It was a job I enjoyed very It allows me to spend time with fellow
much because I worked outdoors, and it gave nannies, to share stories and experiences,
me the opportunity to meet and greet people and to receive training, which helps me to
visiting from all over the world. Through our better execute my duties as a nanny. I also
mutual exchanges, I learned quite a lot about spend time helping and encouraging other
the world beyond St. Lucia. Those mutual nannies to make their jobs an enjoyable
exchanges aroused my interest to explore experience.
opportunities beyond the Caribbean. When
the opportunity came for me to travel abroad, I would like to express sincere thanks to
I jumped on the chance to see the outside Alene and the management and members
world and to explore new challenges. I first of The Nanny Circle for allowing me into
traveled to St. Croix and then to New York. In New York, I their circle. I would also like to thank
realized there are many opportunities to pursue various them for recognizing me for an award. I
careers. But my love for people, and especially for my appreciate this very much and appreciate your friendship
daughter Tannel and all other kids, led me to become a and camaraderie. Thank you very much. I look forward
to many more years of affiliation and participation in The
Nanny Circle.

17 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Nolrene Val Julien
Hi, I am Nolrene (Val) Julien. I was time with the love of my life and
born on the beautiful island of St. best friend, my husband. I also
Vincent and the Grenadines and enjoy spending time with my church
later migrated to Trinidad and family, going to the gym, cooking,
Tobago. I am one of eight children and, of course, a little retail therapy.
and an aunt to ten nieces and
nephews. Children have always been In an ever-changing industry, I would
my passion due to my own personal like to see nannies better trained and
struggles growing up. educated in all aspects of childcare.
As a professional nanny, my role is
With many different opportunities to extend my experience by helping
to choose from, being a nanny them become better in their field.
has been one of the most fulfilling
professions of my life and the I would love others to remember
dearest thing to my heart. me as a beautiful soul, one who is
passionate for life and devoted to
After being with my family for 22 the cause for Christ.
years and raising three beautiful
young ladies, I had to make one of My words for new nannies would
the hardest decisions to let them be “please have a heart” because if
know it was time for me to move on. you don’t have a heart for it, it can
become stifling. Children look to us
It brings me great joy when I see for guidance, respect, love, attention,
children grow into greatness as and correction; these things are
respectful, loving, humble, educated needed because you never know
young adults. how you may influence children as
the future generation.
Besides nannying, I spend quality



PHONE: 718-484-3255

FAX: 718-363-0374

MOBILE: 917-923-7795






Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 18

Babkes Family Speaks
About Nolrene

The family says that “we cannot image our
lives without Nolrene and feel so lucky and
blessed every day that she is now part of

our family.”

It’s hard to put into words how much Val means to our family. She
came into our lives less than two years ago, but it already feels like

we’ve known her a lifetime. We knew immediately when we met
her what a loving, caring person she was. She came with a photo
album of the three girls for whom she cared for more than 22 years.
The way she looked at the pictures and shared her memories was
heartwarming. She has cared for our daughter, Reese, the same way.
Reese can’t wait for Val to arrive every morning and always misses
her when she’s not here. Val not only makes sure she’s well fed and
taken care of but goes above and beyond every day to make sure
she’s outside getting fresh air, learning her ABCs and 123s, and also
learning her manners. When Val knows my husband and I are having
a particularly stressful week, she will go above and beyond for us as
well. As a first-time mother and first-generation working mother in
my family, it was hard for me to imagine how I was going to juggle
everything while feeling like Reese was well taken care of. Val has
made it seamless from day one. We cannot image our lives without
her and feel so lucky and blessed every day that she is now part of

our family.

19 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Meghan Q&A

Rice At the moment, I am blessed to be
Questionnaire working with a family who value the
idea that nannies also need to be
Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself and would you choose and why? taken care of. Health insurance is
how long you have been a nanny/ very important to nannies, and our
babysitter. What exactly led you I love working with children and future is as well. I am fortunate to
to this noble profession? animals, especially dogs. Being a have insurance and a 401(k) from my
nanny, I am often fortunate in being current employers. I would like to see
I have been a nanny since 1994. I able to spend time with both while more acknowledgment that being a
began my career as a live-out nanny working with families. I love watching nanny is a real job—one deserving of
working for multiple families, and I children grow: every day they amaze as much respect as that of a teacher, a
am a now a live-in nanny working in you by showing you something new. police officer, or a CEO of a Fortune 500
Manhattan. Some days are challenging, as is true company.
of any career. But in how many jobs
Before becoming a nanny, I worked do we receive hugs and see huge Q6. When you are not nannying, what
nights full time as night manager of a smiles every day? can you be found doing?
hotel, but I was looking for additional
ways to pay for my first apartment Q3. What is the hardest decision Enjoying my home in Connecticut with
and a new car. I was blessed in that you have ever had to make in my two babies: my pups, Sherlock and
the first family I worked for as a your profession, directly and Watson. I also enjoy spending time
nanny had three children—two three- indirectly? with family and friends and fostering
year-old twins (a boy and a girl) and pups and dogs when I can, and I hope
an eight-year-old boy—and amazing I am not good at making decisions, soon to travel and, especially, to ski!
parents. From this experience I began even when I know a family is not the
to develop my interest in childcare, right one for me. Q7. Give five (5) words that BEST
because I found the job rewarding describe you or that you want
and certainly a lot easier than taking Q4. Tell us what brings you REAL joy others to remember you by?
care of “adult children.” I made the as a nanny?
decision to leave my job at the hotel Honest, adventurous, kind, generous,
and began working for three families, Real joy arises from seeing the humorous—these are the words
working for one family on Sundays self-confidence of children grow and my best friend used when asked to
only. I continued to work with the first shine, from watching them tackle and describe me. I would say that I am
family and began working for another overcome a challenge, from watching caring, detail-oriented, good with
family with three children. a child’s sense of humor emerge. And, kids and dogs, creative, fun. Most
of course, from all their smiles. What important, I care tremendously about
I have been fortunate in my work at could give more joy than receiving a others. However, I sometimes forget
certain times but less so at others. I call years later, out of the blue, from that I can remain in touch with people
have made mistakes and have tried your one of your previous charges and do things whether or not I have
to learn from them. I am lucky to now who wants to express thanks for your money for a gift or for that amazing
have a wonderful charge and to be work or to recall a shared memory? outfit to attend a party.
working for parents who value what I
am doing with their child. Q5. In an ever-changing nanny Q8. Do you have any words of wisdom
industry, what are some of the that you would like to share with
Q2. Given a choice of jobs, what changes you would like to see new nannies?
and what role are you willing to
play? 1. Remember that nannying is a job.
Even though we care tremendously
about our charges, they are not our
children. This is one of the hardest
lessons for us to learn.

2. Remember that you are a huge
influence on the lives of your

3. As nannies, we are in the delicate
business of working with children,
but we also have to remember how
our actions affect parents.

4. Be true to yourself.

5. We need to make sure that we take
care of ourselves!

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 20

21 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018


Patsy Andall

Q1. Tell us a bit about care provider. After fulfilling all the with parents and keep in
yourself and how mandated requirements, I had to touch with them to this
long you have been take child development classes from day.
a nanny/babysitter. SUNY. I absolutely loved it and was
What exactly led always so intrigued to learn more I went back to being
you to this noble about these “little beings.” I ran my a nanny again out of
profession? day care for four years and then had necessity, but with the
to shut it down due to unforeseen knowledge I had gained
Iam the youngest of five circumstances. through training and
children and was born previously having my
and raised in London, I got a job in a group day care and was own day care, I felt more
United Kingdom. Though quickly promoted to running the class equipped. Still not fully
I loved the rainy weather, and assisting with the curriculum. sold on being a nanny, I
I had the privilege of After that, I worked in a co-op school remember speaking with
attending high school where I was head teacher for the two- a teacher friend of mine,
on the beautiful island and three-year-old children for eight and she told me very
of Grenada, where my years. I loved my job, but I didn’t feel directly, “Patsy, you have
family is from. I am the a true connection with what I was a calling!” A few months
proud mother of three doing, as by working in a school, I felt later, I was introduced
outstanding children and it was more about getting through the to my current nanny
the “Glam-ma” of one curriculum. I departed from the school family. I became their
lovable girl. I have been in but made some lasting friendships nanny along with another
childcare for almost to 29 years and family in a nannyshare. Not long
spent the better part, 17 years, as a after I was hired, we began going to
nanny. RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers)
classes, which I didn’t quite get at
As in most cases, being a nanny was first. When I realized and understood
just supposed to be a short stint for that this was a whole new way of
me, as I always dreamed of running being a nanny, I decided I was going
my own day care or teaching in one. to fully embrace it. I’ve been with this
I never felt proud being a nanny, as in family for six years now, and I can
the ’90s, when I started, it was looked truly say that they respect and value
down upon. I did work with a few my opinion, which makes my job so
remarkable families, but more often enjoyable and fulfilling.
than not, I didn’t feel valued or truly
appreciated. Q2. Given a choice of jobs, what
would you choose and why?
I felt the burning desire to start my
own family day care as I felt there I think given a choice, I would love
was a lack of quality childcare in my to work with teenage moms, helping
area. It took me about six months to a them to navigate their lives to achieve
year to complete all the requirements their goals and to not be discouraged
needed, and in November 1999, by stereotypes that might be placed
I became a registered family day on them.

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 22

Having been a teenage mom, I’ve been BECAME THEIR on the benefits of having a nanny
through the judgments, the low self- NANNY ALONG who is up to date with all the current
esteem, the feeling that my life was WITH ANOTHER training available.
over because I had a baby so young,
and the disappointment I felt I caused FAMILY IN A Q6. When you are not nannying, what
my family. NANNYSHARE. can you be found doing?
I would love to help these young I WAS HIRED, WE When I’m not nannying, I am working on
mothers know that their children are BEGAN GOING TO building my business as a specialist for
a blessing and the reason they should RIE (RESOURCES a clean beauty and skincare company
hold their heads high and use this as called EVER. It forces me out of my
a motivation to be the best moms and FOR INFANT comfort zone and leaves me feeling
women. EDUCARERS) accomplished by helping women of
CLASSES, WHICH all ages feel better about themselves.
Q3. What is the hardest decision you I DIDN’T QUITE I encourage women to take up the
have ever had to make in your GET AT FIRST. entrepreneurial gauntlet or at least to
profession, directly and indirectly? take a little time for some self-care.
industry, what are some of the
I think the hardest decision I’ve had to changes you would like to see, and Q7. Give five (5) words that BEST
make professionally was to walk away what role are you willing to play? describe you or that you want
from a job because of the disrespect I would love to see all nanny employers others to remember you by.
shown to me. I was only there for a encourage and make it part of their
month and had been out of work for contracts to pay for professional • Encouraging
a while. I wasn’t sure how my rent or development classes for their
bills were going to be paid, but I knew I nannies—and see this as a benefit for • Spiritual
couldn’t stay in such a toxic situation. their children.
I would be willing to hold parent chats • Caring
And indirectly, I think it was walking
away from nannying altogether and • Positive (most of the time)
then realizing how much I loved and
missed it and that it truly was my • Humorous
• Me
Q4. Tell us what brings you REAL joy
as a nanny. Q8. Do you have any words of wisdom
that you would like to share with
Simply the smiles and love I receive new nannies?
from my Gems.
To all new nannies, follow your heart
Q5. In an ever-changing nanny when it comes to choosing your job.
Be well informed about your rights,
get all necessary training, know your
worth, and ALWAYS have a community
of nannies you can rely on. Be the best
professional nanny you can be.

23 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Vashney Small

Family in London Writes About Their Previous Nanny they say that Vashney, “is strict

in just the right way, enforcing manners and polite behavior with a spoonful of love.”
How do you find the words to describe and honor someone
you love, someone who has been an integral part of your look impeccable because, as she says, “You are not going out with
life for more than a decade? Vashney came to our family me looking like a ragamuffin.” More importantly, they are kind and
well mannered. Vash would stand for nothing less. Above all, my

in 2008, just five short weeks after the birth our first son, Maxwell. boys adore her. At school when drawing “family portraits,” they
I will admit I was an anxious and overwhelmed new mom. We joke would always include Mom, Dad, two boys, and Vashney.

now that I cried almost daily—worrying, would he ever sleep? How We have left our boys overnight with Vash numerous times and

would he know how to eat? And if I let him walk trust her implicitly. We never worry about our

around the block with a new nanny, would he ever children’s happiness or safety when they are

return? It is hilarious now, but at the time, I was a in her care—and really, as a parent, there is

mess and needed guidance. Vashney jumped in Viacawsasonnahsnddytnfrai,bepdieycesoenytplniofisiottonne,ohrdfcjnobuuiflnensonuehgvt,lsaisotnmtvhtf,gireaowl.oonrSrnivniswghgeee,ehir,tsth nothing better than that.
with incredible confidence and immediately made
me feel at ease. From schedules to feedings, naps Over the years, Vash’s family has become ours
to playdates, I looked to her to help me map out this and our family, hers. Vash has never missed a
new journey of motherhood. birthday, anniversary, or special occasion. We
have spent almost every Christmas at her home
As one child grew and another was born, Vash was in Brooklyn, celebrating with her sister, children,
there to help me balance bottles, diaper rashes, and grandchildren. My kids are now friends with

potty training, sleep transitions, two schools, meals, her grandchildren, and we know that bond is

friendships, classes, and all that goes into raising forever.

busy children in New York City. I blinked and soon could not When we moved across the world to live in London, we were sad
imagine my world without Vashney in it. that visits would be more difficult, but sure enough, Vash flew over

Vashney is honest, wise, confident, fun, strong, and beyond loving. to be here for Griffin’s fifth birthday. “I couldn’t miss that!” she said.

She is strict in just the right way, enforcing manners and polite We love you Vashney Small and are so proud of you. There is no

behavior with a spoonful of love. The children in her care always one more deserving of this honor!


Nanny Training

The Only US Based CACHE Accredited Training for Nannies


In Partnership with Michelle LaRowe & Stella Reid Online


Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 24

L eaving the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago the most difficult decision I’ve had to make but the most
and traveling to the “States,” as it was commonly called appropriate then.
in the Caribbean, was my forever dream. It was all about
coming to the Land of Opportunity, finding a new direction I’ve seen the nanny industry change dramatically from caring
in life—either through a new career or by continuing your and disciplining kids to nannies demanding respect, finding
academics. As a single parent, seeking a better life for my son their voices, eliminating the fear of abuse, and demanding a
and myself was my main priority, and that meant a total life living wage. As I begin to think about retirement in the next
change and continued academics. couple of years, I will always be in the lives of my nanny
and manny families, supporting and sharing the wealth
As I settled into school, I met a prominent citizen and author of knowledge I have gained during my time as a member
who was very influential, and he convinced me that I would fit of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, my campaign
into his family well to serve as a nanny for his daughter. He contributions to the Bill of Rights for Domestic Workers, my
said I should consider it an internship. I totally fell for his offer time at Union School for Women, the many workshops and
and took his advice. My journey began. conferences I have participated in, and my three decades of

I was convinced that I had found my passion, and my life as experience.

a professional nanny began and grew immensely from day to Caring is definitely my forte. When I am not nannying, I
day with a few challenges. As I moved forward, the love for am sharing love across generations, visiting seniors in
the industry became more intense. my neighborhood, taking them meals made by yours truly,

If I was given a choice of jobs, it would be so easy, after spending valuable time listening to their stories and opinions

three decades of experience and growth, to truly say I would on current affairs, and absorbing all the advice and wisdom

definitely choose to be a professional nanny. I’m so privileged they share with me, along with lots of laughter. So enriching!

to be given the opportunity to be instrumental in raising I think of myself as being kind, loving, resilient, open-minded,
children from the initial stages of their lives. They are our and strong-headed.
future generations—the next president, governor, scientist,
lawyer, or doctor. To my nanny family, a little advice: Pray as you have never
prayed before. The omnipotent is listening and taking care
I have had to make some of the most difficult decisions in of you. God did not promise you that it would be easy, but
my profession. Loving and bonding with my charges is very amidst the challenges, life is great! Love your neighbor as
easy, and separation always feels like a mother being forced you’d love yourself, and you’ll be blessed. Love what you’re
to abandon her child. This is even worse when there’s a lack doing—be that kid and grow as they grow. Evolution is a must;
of respect on the employer’s part and team players—both the world is spinning on its axis. EVOLVE, EDUCATE yourself,
parents and nanny—are not on the same page. To me, taking and EMBRACE all that life offers you!
care of SELF is of great importance for my daily mental,

physical, and emotional stability. Leaving my charge was I LOVE MY NANNY LIFE!

25 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018


Elizabeth Daly Burns

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself each semester. My maternal and would you choose and why?
and how long have you been nurturing personality had a chance
a nanny/babysitter. What to flourish as a nanny, and I knew I If I have the luxury of being able
exactly led you to this noble was doing what I was meant to do. to choose from several jobs, I will
profession? always pick the one that will create
After my first two nanny positions, the best connection between a
Ihave always had an interest I trained as a postpartum doula family and myself, in the place
in childcare! Similarly to many in Brooklyn, New York, and really where I can make the biggest
nannies, I grew up loving babies found my calling. I have an endless impact on a child/parent’s life.
and kids and finding a chance to interest in newborn and postpartum Many nannies pick jobs because
babysit any time I could. I went care, and this training gave me they pay well, which is a completely
to college and earned a degree in the tools not only to put my infant valid choice and one I have made
K–12 Spanish education in North knowledge to work but to work with before, but I find I get the most out
Carolina. While in college, I worked mother and baby to create their of a job when I enjoy being there
part-time in a day care/preschool ideal environment. I have been doing and I can be professionally fulfilled
center and felt so comfortable and some part-time infant consulting by helping the family in as many
fulfilled there. I felt like I had such and childcare as well, equipping ways as possible.
an impact on these children’s lives. I parents with the tools to help their
loved teaching, but after graduating babies thrive. I also work full-time Q3. What’s the hardest decision
in 2016, I decided to work full-time as a nanny, and I plan to remain you’ve ever had to make in
as a nanny. The relationship with in this industry for as long as I am your profession, directly and
the family and their two children able to contribute to it. I am learning indirectly?
felt much more meaningful to constantly and taking courses and
me than working as a head of trainings to further my knowledge. It was (and still is) very difficult
classroom with up to 100 students for me to listen to my intuition
Q2. Given a choice of jobs, what instead of focusing on the opinions

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 26

of those around me regarding my children accomplish something do to change that is educate those
career choice. My whole life, I was they’ve been working toward. I who feel that way by continuing to
convinced I wanted to be a teacher. cherish the sense of independence talk about it!
I loved working with children and and confidence they feel while
learning about child psychology in meeting their goals, even when Q6. When you are not nannying,
college, but it was disheartening they’re infants! what can you be found doing?
when I wasn’t totally in love with
working in the classroom and Q5. In an ever-changing nanny As a nanny and postpartum doula,
planning lessons. I had to sit down industry, what are some of the it is so important to find time for
and evaluate what kinds of things changes you would like to see, myself! I enjoy baking and cooking
truly made me happy and made me and what role are you willing to in my free time. I also love to try
feel most productive! Those things play? new restaurants around New York
were infant and early childhood City and while traveling. To keep
education. Working in day care I want to be an advocate for active, I take long walks and do
helped me realize this, and I had to nannies and doulas in this yoga to keep myself grounded.
make the decision to work as a full- industry. I would like to see a more
time nanny after graduating instead standardized benefits system Q7. Five (5) words that BEST
of getting a teaching job (like come into play, as well as a shift describe you or that you want
everyone said I should). To this day, in the way people view the nanny others to remember you by.
people still ask me when I’m going profession. I recognize that I
to get a “real professional job.” I am immensely privileged in my The five words that best describe
work hard to educate everyone opportunities and the upbringing me are confident, proactive,
about my profession and career as I’ve had. I was lucky to attend easygoing, warm, and hard-working.
a nanny and postpartum doula and college and to have a supportive I am a work in progress, but I strive
its significance in the community. family. Because of this privilege, I to portray these traits every day!
I was able to be true to myself and feel great responsibility to stand up
find the career I now consider my for my nanny community when I am Q8. Do you have any words of
calling. among other professionals. I do my wisdom you would like to share
part to help others understand our with new nannies?
Q4. Tell us what brings you REAL struggles and defend our rights as
joy as a nanny. workers. My best advice is to be true to
yourself and always communicate
The joy I get from this job comes As the nanny profession becomes with your employers as much as
from watching children and more legitimized in this country, you can! If you are feeling taken
babies learn things for the first I hope it will draw more highly advantage of, say something to
time. When you devote your days qualified and educated people to them or to your nanny agency
to encouraging their milestone the job. I always say I have the “best instead of harboring anger. And
development and to teaching them job ever,” and I wish more people if you feel you have good advice
new skills, it is such a thrill to see would consider it a “career” versus to offer parents, do so! You are a
just a side job. The only thing I can professional, and they hired you for
a reason.

27 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Jaime Hickmond Q&A

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself and truly my niche. industry, what are some of the
how long you have been a nanny/ changes you would like to see, and
babysitter. What exactly led you to Q3. What is the hardest decision you what role are you willing to play?
this noble profession? have ever had to make in your
profession, directly and indirectly? The nanny industry has changed in
Jamie Lee Hickmond is 35 years many ways. Thankfully, the positive
old, the youngest of five siblings, I believe it was when I had a charge changes have allowed a more vocal,
and is from the Garden State of New who had severe developmental delays non-passive, and outspoken unity
Jersey. She has more than 20 years of and before any doctors were seen, of nannies. However, we still need
professional childcare experience as a I had to be the one to let the family to continue to band together as a
live out nanny and classroom teacher. know of the issues at hand. It was huge tribe to inform our government,
Jamie has a master’s degree in early a very hard decision for me to make various communities, families, and
childhood education and thrives in as I was truly afraid there would be other nannies that this profession
working with a variety of different aged repercussions no matter what kind of DOES MATTER and we have VOICES!
children (birth–6). She has experience reaction they had. It turns out that was
working with children with special one of the best decisions I have ever Q6. When you are not nannying, what
needs and believes that every child made. can you be found doing?
is exceptional and unique. Whether it
is sleep training, feeding schedules, Q4. Tell us what brings you REAL joy In my spare time, you can find me
changing diapers, monitoring as a nanny. either delving more into my passion
milestones, or helping a child with to get into the best shape of my life
homework, Jamie is a role model and I truly love being able to interact with through meal prepping on Sundays
an outstanding person. She prides children of all ages, getting down to with new and daring recipes,
herself in being kind and caring yet their level and tapping into the little participating in various fitness
firm. Jamie is hardworking, personable, minds of our future. I am grateful that classes across the tri-state area
and an all-around amazing nanny who I can use my education background with my workout buddies, perfecting
can rise to any occasion and creatively to help the children I care for learn to my knowledge and skills about the
problem solve with ease. use all their senses, their experiences, nanny profession, or breaking bread
and their environment to help them with many of my nanny sisters, other
Q2. Given a choice of jobs, what would navigate this huge and sometimes very friends, and family.
you choose and why? scary, yet AMAZING, world.
Q7. Give five (5) words that BEST
Ever since I was a little girl playing Q5. In an ever-changing nanny describe you or that you want
in my grandmother’s high heels and others to remember you by.
choir robes/dresses, I would pretend
to be teaching my younger cousins Creative, determined, passionate, open-
and neighborhood friends lessons minded, and loving!
and/or imitating my teachers from my
experiences in school. My grandmother Q8. Do you have any words of wisdom
ran a home day care, and I was her that you would like to share with
right-hand man, so to speak. I had such new nannies?
a great connection with every child
that walked through the doors that I To any new nannies just starting out
instantly knew that my love for working in this career field, I would just say
with children would lead me to work present yourself as authentically,
with them long term in some capacity. wholeheartedly, and boldly as you can.
Although my first passion was Make sure that you represent yourself
teaching in a classroom, after dibbling and have respect and passion—not
and dabbling in the nanny world only for the children you take care of
part-time, I quickly learned that I truly but for the profession itself because
enjoyed nannying a lot more, and I had in the end, you will see it manifest not
a better connection with children in only for yourself but for others whom
this capacity than when I was teaching you may inspire and for mankind
inside of a classroom. Nannying is altogether. Always remember that
nannies should strive to be AGENTS OF

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 28

Crystal Crawford Q&A

Crystal Crawford is the president and founder of Elite Metro Nannies. She was born and raised in beautiful Augusta, Georgia,
where she began her 15-year nanny career. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Tuskegee University
and continued on to graduate school at Savannah State University, where she received her master’s degree in social work. After
graduation, Crystal saw the need for a service-minded nanny agency that not only cared for the families but also advocated for the
nannies. She moved to Atlanta, and Elite Metro Nannies was born! During this time, she also founded Nannies and the City, which is
a monthly meetup group for nannies in the Atlanta area. With Crystal’s customer service mindset, educational background, expertise
in the nanny field, and overall passion for children, she has helped several families find their perfect match. This explains why one of

our most loyal clients nicknamed her “The Nanny Broker.”

Not only has Crystal made her mark in the nanny industry, but she has also had the pleasure of paving the way in social services.
Crystal is excited to announce that she is collaborating with The Boyce L. Ansley School to create the social services department at

their new tuition-free private school for children of homeless families in the Atlanta area.

When she’s not working with her amazing clients, Crystal enjoys traveling, attending church, and hosting nanny socials in the city for
her nanny friends. She’s the true definition of what it means to be The Nanny Broker!

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself and time to launching my nanny placement with some of my favorite nannies across
how long you have been a nanny/ agency, Elite Metro Nannies. During that the country in spring 2019. Stay tuned!
babysitter. What exactly led you to time, I had to make sacrifices I was not
this noble profession? prepared for, and I missed my charges Q6. When you are not nannying, what
more than anything. can you be found doing?
I was born and raised in beautiful
Augusta, Georgia, where I began my Q4. Tell us what brings you REAL joy as When I am not nannying or placing
15-year nanny career. I graduated with a nanny. nannies, I can be found working out at
my bachelor’s degree in psychology the gym to reach my weight loss goals,
from Tuskegee University and continued The biggest joy of being a nanny is planning events for Nannies in the City:
to graduate school at Savannah State bonding with the children and seeing Atlanta, or working at The Boyce L.
University, where I received my master’s them grow. I still have connections with Ansley School, where I’ve been part of a
degree in social work. After graduation, my nanny families, and I’m excited to team that started a tuition-free private
I saw the need for a service-minded say that two of my nanny kids will be school for homeless children in Atlanta.
nanny agency that not only cared for the entering college next year.
families but also advocated for nannies. Q7. Give five (5) words that BEST
I moved to Atlanta, and Elite Metro Q5. In an ever-changing nanny industry, describe you or that you want others
Nannies was born! During this time, I what are some of the changes you to remember you by.
also founded Nannies and the City, which would like to see, and what role are
is a monthly meetup group for nannies you willing to play? 1. Caring
in the Atlanta area. With my customer 2. Dedicated
service mindset, educational background, I would like to see more opportunities 3. Ambitious
expertise in the nanny field, and overall for collaboration and networking in all 4. Advocate
passion for children, I have helped several cities. Nannying is the hardest career
families find their perfect match. This I’ve ever had, but I’ve always appreciated 5. Humble
explains why one of my most loyal clients the opportunity to network with other
nicknamed me “The Nanny Broker.” nannies. I have made it my duty to provide Q8. Do you have any words of wisdom
nannies with the opportunity to network that you would like to share with
Q2. Given a choice of jobs, what would by hosting meetups with Nannies and new nannies?
you choose and why? the City, providing trainings for National
Domestic Workers Alliance Atlanta Some words of wisdom I would like
If I were given a choice of jobs, I would chapter members, and coordinating the to share with new nannies include to
choose to be a career coach for nannies. Nanny Cruise. I’ll also be collaborating remember that self-care is your wealth.
My passion for the industry has led me You cannot fully take care of others
to want to share my knowledge with unless you ensure that you take care of
individuals who need career guidance in yourself as well. As a nanny, we tend to
the industry. pour into others throughout the day. If we
are pouring 40 hours a week into the ones
Q3. What is the hardest decision you we care for, it is our duty to refill ourselves
have ever had to make in your with something that makes us feel fresh.
profession, directly and indirectly? Whether that be attending a professional
development class, attending church,
The hardest decision I have ever had to exercising, or catching up on the latest
make in my profession was to stop being reality show, if it makes you feel refilled,
a full-time nanny so I could dedicate you are on the right track to self-care.
Speaking of self-care, I hope your bags
are packed for Nanny Cruise 2019!

29 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Yasmine Gee

A-Ha Moment

A few months ago, I decided it was time to start
a new journey. First, I got off social media and

started to pray and fast.

In my darkest moments, I lost people being a part of it. They express their listens. I know not to fall in love with
who were dear to me. I decided it gratitude toward me every day for the idea of attention but to fall in love
was time to take care of myself coming into their lives. in silence and let your actions make
mentally, spiritually, and physically. the noise. I fell in love with the most
Despite the daily smile on my face One thing I have learned from being a loving and generous family I have
and my positive attitude, I was going professional nanny is that it’s better ever worked for, and I treat their most
through the hardest moments in my to be kind than to be right. We don’t precious gem like he is my own. God
life. always need an intelligent mind that has truly blessed me with the gift of a
speaks—just a patient heart that great nanny family. I am truly blessed!
In April of this year, God blessed me
with a wonderful job and gave me
everything I asked for and more. What
more could a woman of faith want but
employers who have proven their love
and respect for her as their employee?

My charge was only four months old
when I met him. That day, I walked
into my employers’ apartment, and the
positive energy I felt was just what I
needed at that very moment. After my
interview, I knew in my spirit I had the
job—it was that feeling when you know
something is yours and God placed you
in the situation at the right moment. As
my employer shared one of her most
intimate stories with me, I felt the hurt
and pain this couple had experienced.
Losing one of their kids, losing a
mother and a mother-in-law, and having
a new baby in the midst of this chaos
was no easy road to walk. I encouraged
her and built her faith through her pain
while I made sure her most precious
gem was well taken care of.

I laugh now because I know that time
does not stop when I am sad. My heart
is happy because I have changed
a family’s life for the better just by

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 30

Ella Alexander
It is indeed an honor to be one of the recipients of the 2018
nanny holiday award. All my life, all I wanted to do was care for
others. I know firsthand that something magical happens to a
person’s spirit when feeling genuine love. It was that type of love
that I took into the home of a family over 20 years ago, and it has
been that love that has keep me there ever since. Although my
role has changed from that of a nanny, I still get to do what I do
best—provide love and care. When my mom boss was diagnosed
with cancer, I was there to the end. My message to nannies is
this: you have an incredible opportunity to showcase the best of
who you are once you have been given an opportunity to work for
a family.

Apart from loving and caring for others, I love to exercise, and I
spend countless hours running daily. During my runs, I’m able to
connect with my inner spirit and with God. I believe that as we
care for others, it’s imperative that we care for ourselves first. I
enjoy cooking and reading novels, too—reading opens my mind
and imagination and challenges my own thinking. Spending time
with my two grandchildren and my three children also brings me
immense joy.

My wish for all nannies is that they will do their part to contribute
to the success of their relationships with their nanny families.
Through our care, we have the opportunity to teach children
invaluable life lessons. I truly believe that if we give love freely,
this pure love will come back to us. Happy holidays, everyone!

who we are

what we do contact us

31 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Kim Morgan

Rather than presenting a traditional biography, the best way to describe myself will
be to take you through my story. Each step has brought me to where I am today, and I
am so very grateful.

What a journey I have taken that I have a medical condition known kids as if they were my own. I wanted
over the last 18 years to get to as endometriosis, which would likely nothing more than to have a baby of
this point in my life and in my prohibit me from becoming a mother. my own. If I couldn’t, I was going to
career. I remember saying to the specialist, love and love hard on those entrusted
“You’re NOT GOD.” As always, I in my care.
I grew up on the Caribbean island of continued to hope. I gave myself to
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the age of 30, and if it didn’t happen Miraculously, at the age of 28, I
where my nanny career first began. by then, I would be done trying. In the found out I was pregnant with my
Being the only child for my mom and meantime, my passion as a nanny grew first child, and I was beyond thrilled.
the youngest and only girl for my dad, stronger; I treated each of my nanny Despite numerous complications
I was always jealous of my friends and a near-death experience, I was
who had their younger siblings to take
care of. I felt like I was missing out on
something, so when my aunt had her
baby, I was over the moon excited. I
now had a baby to care for! My first
paying job as a nanny began when I
started caring for a six-month-old baby
boy named Orion, who was vacationing
at the guest house where my mom
worked on the Grenadines island of

After migrating to the United States,
I gained employment as a part-time
nanny for an anesthesiologist while
pursuing my high school diploma and,
later, taking college courses in medical
billing and coding at Medgar Evers
College. Upon my course completion, I
successfully completed the American
Academy of Professional Coders Exam
and gained the credentials of Certified
Professional Coder (CPC). I later
pursued an internship at South Nassau
Communities Hospital for two years
while still working as a nanny. It was
during this time that I realized I wasn’t
living up to my full potential of what
I truly wanted to do. I’m more of an
extrovert, very free-spirited, and I knew
sitting behind a desk every day wasn’t
meant for me, no matter how much I
enjoyed coding. I therefore decided to
pursue my passion to become a full-
time nanny.

I had been told at the early age of 23

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 32

blessed with a 6lb 5oz, 19-inch baby love, guidance, humor, integrity, loyalty their jobs each day, but I get up excited
boy, whom I named Myles. Four years and professionalism as a nanny are to go to mine because it’s always a
later, I was blessed with another, 9lb incredible.” new adventure. You’ll forever remain
8oz, 22 ¼-inch son, whom I had the in my heart, and I will always be your
pleasure of giving my last name as Thank you, God, for truly blessing Nanny KimKim. Even though our
his first, Morgan, with absolutely no me with the families I have worked relationships change, they NEVER end!
complications. “How great is our GOD!” for and continue to work with, who Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
When I’m not at work, my time is spent not only value me for my warmth,
devoted to my boys, educating and ability to communicate effectively, In this ever-changing industry that’s
taking them to their various activities/ professionalism, dedication, loyalty, becoming highly competitive, I would
classes (swimming, coding, robotics, and excellent judgement but for my like to see more educational awareness
violin), going to museums or theme unwavering commitment to ensuring offered to domestic employees and
parks with friends or on a dinner and the safety and welfare of their children. employers about how a domestic
movie date or just chilling at home. employee is to be paid. I’m already
To each of my families, I know it wasn’t making my contributions on educating
After having my own kids, my burning easy to have someone else come into the nannies with whom I come into
passion as a nanny only intensified. your home and have such a close daily contact about their rights, but
I loved and cared for all my nanny relationship with your children, and I can’t I would like to see more educational
kids as though I had given birth to say thank you enough for entrusting forums being offered.
them myself. I now have more than 18 those responsibilities to me and for our
years of experience with children from years together. I knew from the very first My advice to those looking to get into this
newborn to age 11. I have cared for encounter with each of you that you noble profession is to educate yourselves
multiples and three children at a time. were my perfect match—everything just and become more knowledgeable by
Being a nanny isn’t an easy profession, seemed to fit like a puzzle. We became attending workshops, trainings, and
but it is incredibly rewarding. What I each other’s confidants on certain issues, conferences. Create a nanny portfolio
do is so much more than a job; I get but I’m happy that the lines between us and have a professional resume; make
to read, sing, cuddle, and watch my were never blurred. Having that friendly business cards if you must. This industry
charges as they play. I see each of their relationship with each of you helped to is becoming highly competitive, and you
new accomplishments and, instantly, keep an open and honest communication have to be marketable. You have to be
they become my accomplishments, line between us. I can remember so able to stand out and make employers
too, because I helped them get there. vividly that the hardest thing I ever had say, “Yes, this is the nanny I want for
I understand their language, making to do working as a nanny was to inform my family!” I know money may be
it easy for them to come to me for family “N” that I was pregnant. I was so difficult at times, with most of you being
comfort, and though I’m not their scared and nervously shaking, afraid single mothers, but you have to make
mother, my role is extremely important. to speak for fear that I might be let go that investment in yourselves for your
from my job, knowing that just a few profession to be more rewarding. Last but
I help to discipline, stimulate, and weeks before they had informed me they not least, PATIENCE. You need to have
nurture them, leading them toward were expecting their second child as patience when things don’t go as planned
things that will make them amazing well. That level of openness and honest because with kids this happens often.
humans. Being a nanny is the communication between us not only You may not have the best patience going
profession in which I and so many helped me to keep my job but enabled us into a job, but you will leave with a deeper
others choose to spend our time, to continue building our relationship for understanding of what it means to be
loving hearts that don’t belong to us another five years. Thank you to all of you patient. I can attest to this and so much
and raising humans we may never for always encouraging, supporting, and more. Some other skills of mine that have
know or see again. It is the profession sometimes paying for me to pursue my grown from doing this job are negotiation,
that puts us into families’ homes, often passion. You were all so elated to have persistence, compassion, and empathy.
helping to run their lives. Each child I learned that I’m now a member of the
have cared for will forever remain in INA (International Nanny Association) My social and outgoing personality are
my heart and I in theirs, because the and will be taking the INA Certified well-suited for this profession and have
influence of a great nanny can never Nanny Credential Exam, attended my led me to develop life-long friendships
be replaced. It leaves me with such first NannyPalooza Conference, and, with other nannies.
gratification of a job well done, both God-willing, will be attending my first INA
at the end of the day and at the end Conference next year in New Orleans. The If I had to choose my path all over
of my working relationship when I see love and compassion each and every one again, I truly believe I would be in the
the joy and appreciation expressed of you has shown me is IMMEASURABLE. same place today as a nanny. If I had
across the parents’ and grandparents’ to choose another profession, I could
faces or in a card saying, “Thank you To each of the 19 children whose lives see myself as a neonatal nurse.
for enriching our lives; we couldn’t I’ve touched (full-time, part-time, or
have done it without you,” “Thank you steady date nights) and continue to I am proud of the work I do, honored to
for leaving a lasting impression, not touch immensely—as you in turn touch be loved by the little ones I share my
only on our child/children’s lives but my life—thank you, too. You each filled/ days with, and blessed to be part of a
ours as well; we are truly grateful.” “You fill me with so much joy every second community of passionate, committed
came into our lives as a blessing, and of every day I was/am with you. Most professionals.
our lives are forever changed. Your people get up dragging themselves to
Love Always,
Nanny KimKim

33 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Julia WQ&aAldron
Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and
how long you have been a nanny/ you willing to play? I am by taking care of my children,
babysitter. What exactly led you to grandchildren, and mother.
this noble profession? From my experience as a nanny, I
have never come across any bad Q7. Give five (5) words that BEST
My name is Julia Waldron, and I was experiences with the families I have describe you or that you want
born and raised on the beautiful island worked with and therefore can’t speak others to remember you by
of St. Lucia. Before taking on this to the experiences some nannies face.
responsibility as a nanny, I worked as a All nannies experience different things Five words to best describe me would
chef in several restaurants in St. Lucia. in their profession, and what they have to be caring, loving, giving,
I left St. Lucia to go to St. Martin and would want to see changed is specific passionate, and resilient.
worked for a well-known family in the to the way they are treated. I personally
government. The family fell in love with would not change a thing. Q8. Do you have any words of wisdom
me, and I fell in love with their children, you would like to share with new
and they hired me as their nanny. Q6. When you are not nannying, what nannies?
Through them, I found my calling and can you be found doing?
started my profession as a nanny. I To all nannies who are just starting out
have been a nanny for more than 30 When I am not a nanny pushing in this profession, practice patience.
years. around babies, you will continue Patience is the key to success in this
to see me being the caring person profession and is the most important
Q2. Given a choice of jobs, what would quality to have when caring for children
you choose and why? no matter the age.

If I was given the choice to be anything,
I would always choose to be a nanny.
I could be anything if I set my mind
to it, but caring for children comes
naturally since I am a mother and a

Q3. What is the hardest decision you
have ever had to make in your
profession, directly and indirectly?

The hardest decision I have ever had to
make as a nanny was to move on from
a family. Although you may love and
care for each child like they are your
own, they all grow up, outgrow you, and
won’t need you anymore, and that is
the hardest thing.

Q4. Tell us what brings you REAL joy
as a nanny.

As a nanny, what brings me real joy
is when the children you take care of
don’t want you to leave at the end of
the work day. Then, when you return
after the weekend, they tell you how
much they missed you.

Q5. In an ever-changing nanny industry,
what are some of the changes you
would like to see, and what role are

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 34



My participation in the
nanny fair was an
unforgettable experience.
Representing Mexico next to
my daughter was wonderful—it
was a magical moment to see
how everyone learned a bit of my
culture, and it made me feel very
proud. Being in the parade next
to my daughter was a priceless
experience. I am happy to have
been able to represent my country,
and I want to thank all my nanny
sisters for the love and respect
shown that day for my beautiful
and beloved Mexico. Thanks for
making me feel so special and

Stella Reid aka Nanny Stella has positively impacted the PARENT COACH
lives of families all over the world, with her expertise and NANNY MATCHMAKER
passion as a authority on parenting. Stella is a real-life
British Nanny, and is regarded as one of the top authorities NANNY COACH
on parenting.

As an author, former TV star, parent/nanny coach and child
care consultant her renowned parenting methods are
accredited and proven.


424.204.5872 OR 310.339.2853

35 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Nichole James
Nanny Shares Her First Essay After
Starting College This Year

Working as a nanny has revealed a lot to me. It has taught me how children
reciprocate the love they receive, becoming attached to me and associating certain
words or objects—even mannerisms—with me. But some things I never expected.
In January 2013, I interviewed for a nanny position in Manhattan with a family who

had a 3-year-old child. A few days later, I was offered employment. At first it was
difficult to adjust as part of the family, and I knew I had to find a way of doing so, or
else my time spent there would be short. I started asking the mom questions about
television shows, kids’ movies, and anything else that I thought a child might love.
The mother told me that her daughter loved plays, especially The King and I. I knew
a little about The King and I, but I also knew a lot about Cinderella—and I had never
met a little girl who didn’t like Cinderella. So I put on the best Cinderella show that I

could, playing every part, and wowed the whole family. I was in.

Work went great for about 4 months, and
I soon found out that the family would
be growing. As the mother’s pregnancy
progressed, things began to change. For one
thing, my duties started to increase: in addition to
dropping Natalia off at school and picking her up
after school, I now had to clean the house, pick
up groceries, do laundry, and cook for the entire
family. Although it was a lot of work for the pay
I received, I did it without complaining—I needed
the job, because I had two children to care for.
But when their baby was born, things took a turn
for the worst.

After Josh’s birth, I was no longer interested in
the job—working with this family had become
awful. I had so much to do that I never got a
chance to sit down. As time passed, I started
getting anxiety attacks, and sometimes I did not
want to leave my apartment to go to work. I hated
being a nanny.

On December 31, 2014, around 3 p.m., my
children’s daycare called to say that my son,
Chase, was very ill and should be taken to the
emergency room. I informed my employers of
the situation, but no one showed up until it was
time for me to leave work, about 4 hours later.
I was furious. In the meantime, the only choice
left had been to call Chase’s father and explain
the situation, begging him to take our son to the
hospital. Later I found out that he never did. This
made me so angry that if I had been pricked by a

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 36

needle at that moment, I don’t think done from 8 a.m. to noon. an option—Dr. Nwyen informed me
I would have bled. When I got home, that I had appendicitis and that my
my baby’s breathing was labored as Even as breathing became very appendix had probably ruptured; I
he lay still in the crib. I rushed him to difficult, I did every task that was would be having emergency surgery
the hospital, where he was admitted asked of me. Soon after, the pain immediately. By Saturday morning,
soon after. became unbearable, and I could no the pain had decreased. The worst
longer hold the baby or pick him up was over. Dr. Nwyen made me
The doctors later told me that he out of his crib. It was past noon, and promise him that I would not return to
had an enlarged heart and that he no one was home. I attempted to call that family, because he did not believe
was very sick with two different my employers’ cell phones, but no that they deserved my kindness. He
viruses whose names I have never one answered. All I wanted to do was also informed me that my recovery
since remembered—all I heard was go to the doctor. I couldn’t eat, and would take about 8 months and that
“enlarged heart” and I broke down. I my appetite had disappeared. One of I would not be able to hold my son
felt so guilty that I had been taking my employers showed up after 3 p.m., for the same amount of time. It was
excellent care of someone else’s child but all she said to me was, “Sorry I’m then that I realized that there are
while mine was suffering to the point late.” That’s when she finally realized selfish people in this world who have
of being hospitalized. And to think—I that I truly wasn’t feeling well and that absolutely no respect for the job I do
was the only one who cared! my stomach had significantly grown and to whom only they themselves
since the morning. At that time, and those whom they care for matter.
Chase was admitted to the hospital walking became a painful ordeal. I After that horrible experience, I
for 6 days. Since it was New Year’s took the elevator down to the lobby, promised myself never to take my
Eve, I was given a few days off and and my legs gave out under me. I health for granted and to put myself
stayed with him at the hospital. ended up crawling on my hands and and my children first before taking on
My employers were notified of the knees to get into a taxi and cried all any job or charge.
situation, but they insisted that I find the way from East 74th and York to
someone to stay with my son, saying East 102nd Madison Avenue, where Disclaimer *Names have been change
that my commitment to my work was Dr. W had waited on me the entire day. to protect and respect the identity of
more important, because they had to the people in the story*
go to work themselves. I decided to As I was wheeled into the doctor’s
stay with Chase for as long as he was office—since walking was no longer
hospitalized, as well as the day after
he was sent home. Work didn’t matter
to me—I simply didn’t care anymore.
After Chase was discharged, I went
back to doing my job. Work was quiet
and mundane, and I really didn’t want
to be there. Asking for a day off to go
to the doctor’s office was always met
with a strict response and insistence
on 30 days’ notice.

On March 12, I woke with a high
temperature and pain in my lower
abdomen. I went to work but
mentioned the fever and pain and was
sent home. The next day, the pain in
my abdomen had increased, but I was
still mobile. I again mentioned this
to my employer and asked to go to
the doctor. My employers reminded
me that the next day was Friday,
when my hours were shorter, and told
me I could see the doctor then. On
Friday I woke in excruciating pain; my
stomach had swelled to the point that
I looked 6 months pregnant. I went to
work in pain and with a very swollen
stomach. I assumed that one of my
employers would stay home and that
I would be sent to the doctor, but to
my surprise, everyone went on their
merry way. They left me with a small
baby and lots of cleaning, laundry,
and cooking to do. All this had to be

37 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Valentina Ortiz
My Aha Moment

Ihad my aha! moment when I attended the nanny fair this year in
Brooklyn. There I saw amazing entrepreneurs selling their products
and services—they all worked as professional nannies, yet they
also had a dream of pursuing other areas of interest. I was amazed
by their willingness to grow as businesswomen. I would like to thank
all the wonderful people who gave me the opportunity to share a
little bit of my culture at the nanny market fair. The nanny community
comprises professionals from all backgrounds, and our diversity—as
Alene Mathurin puts it—is our strength. It feels great to support small
businesses, because doing so supports dreams. What’s more, I was
honored to showcase my culture.

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 38

Cynthia Crovetto

Originally from Peru, I moved to New provide support and share my experiences something I read many years ago, modified
York City 14 years ago. For 12 of those while learning from other nannies has given just for us:
years, I’ve been a professional nanny. me joy and happiness. My greatest wish is In this profession we cannot compete but
Since a young age, I’ve always had a love of to continue working hard for our nanny share—because if all grow, one also grows;
and passion for taking care of and educating community, especially for those who are because good work must be disclosed so that
children. When I was 6 years old, my parents afraid to speak or who don’t know anything it becomes a source of inspiration, a model
got divorced, and as the older child, I helped about their rights, while continuing to learn to follow in a fertile field of trust, respect,
my mom raise my brother and sister while more about our profession and becoming a and union.
she was at work. better version of myself so that I can keep on I believe now is a time for change and a time
When I moved to New York City, I first returning everything that God has given me. to create opportunities for all of us, so let’s
worked as a waitress and a housekeeper, but I would like to share with my nanny sisters work together. I love you all!
after working as a babysitter, I found a true
passion for kids. I absolutely love children—
seeing them evolve and grow into their
unique personalities is a joy to experience.
Being a nanny offers me the opportunity
to get paid to do what I love; even more
important, I truly believe that there is
nothing more worthwhile than helping
children grow into their full potential by
offering them love and affection. Because of
this belief, I do my best to be a sweet, kind,
patient, and hardworking caregiver.
I take my career as a nanny very seriously,
giving my all to the children I care for
and treating them as if they are my own.
After many years of nanny and childcare
experience, I still love furthering my
education by attending workshops and
nanny conferences and by taking early
childhood education college courses in my
spare time. I am first aid, CPR, and AED
certified, and I have also been certified as
a newborn care specialist, in addition to
many other certifications related to childcare
During my free time I enjoy collaborating
with and supporting other nannies, so
in 2014 I was inspired to form Nalany,
a support group helping Latina nannies
collaborate with and support one another
with the aim of organizing and equipping
the Latino community for nanny work.
Nalany is a labor of love for me, but more
than merely being a big responsibility, this
project also has great personal meaning for
me. When I started Nalany, I never imagined
the impact I would have on each woman, but
I have found that having the opportunity to

39 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Juanita Lorde
From the moment she walked into for now-cherished traditions like
our living room six years ago and Thursday night dinner date between
started interacting with my two- friends who want to retain their
year-old, I could see she was special. I relationship though they no longer go
had no idea just how special she was. to the same school.

Juanita Lorde is part of our family now. As the children grow older, Juanita
The children love her and my husband has found ways to help coordinate the
and I love and greatly value and complex scheduling challenges that
appreciate her. She is so affectionate, enable them to enjoy their expanding
competent, dedicated and bright. My menu of activities and still stay in
son is now eight and my daughter is touch with new and older friends.
five and Juanita has been their teacher Negotiating the mosaic of their
and guide, always encouraging, firm young lives is not a simple matter, but
yet gentle, sharing their triumphs and Juanita makes it all look easy.
comforting them through the tougher
times. Finally, I cannot conclude without
commenting on Juanita’s profound
It goes without saying that Juanita is love of life, her sense of joy and
incredibly professional, always on time her positive nature. She works with
or early, reliable through the proverbial children and she knows all too well
rain, snow, sleet and storm. But she is how important it is to laugh and get
so much more. Incredibly, she has built down on your knees and have fun!
a community for the children through At the same time, she is incredibly
relationships she has forged with other nannies. In effect, sensitive. She knows how and when to listen.
she has created a support network that works for the kids,
the nannies and the parents. Juanita built this seamless Juanita Lorde is one of a kind. Our family is fortunate and
network that enables nannies to cover for each other, and so very grateful that she has joined us for the journey!

Juanita’s Brooklyn Family

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 40

Nanny Sisterhood

By Rosanne LaRoude

Twenty-nine years ago, I walked into a answered, and I was so excited that I ran
preschool on the island of Dominica to a friend’s house and shouted, “I found
seeking extra classes for my son. her! I found her!” From that day, we stayed

When I did, I met a young lady who was in touch. My first visit to New York a

eager and vibrant. With her professional couple years ago was very emotional, as I

help, my son rose high above the bar, and was finally able to see her again; I headed

we quickly became friends. A sisterly back home a few weeks later but planned

bond grew between us: every Sunday, to come back, which I did after lots of

she came to our home for Sunday dinner. encouragement from her.

One Sunday, however, she didn’t show Today I am the gracious woman I am
up. I didn’t think anything of it, but when because of her. She took me into her
two more Sundays had passed, I started house and stood by me. She believed in
to worry and ask around for her. Sadly, me. She opened doors for me. She did for
no one knew where she was—but I never me what no one else ever did—I love her
forgot that young lady. unconditionally. God puts people in your life

Then one day I was on social media and for a reason, and the day I walked into that

an unfamiliar name kept on popping up. preschool, everything was already aligned by

I ignored it, but when the notifications him. I would walk on water for her—I would

continued, I decided to look at them, move mountains for her. She is a rare gem.

and lo and behold—there was my sister! Edline Harris, my sister, my confidante,
I was so excited that I quickly sent an my best friend—you are definitely one in
insistent message. A few days later, she a million.

Margo Chadderton
Ihave worked 19 successful years as a principles and values, being grateful for
nanny. I started out in this profession from newborns to their preteen years— the things God has blessed me with.
while living in London, England, that I was leaving their employment. From those to whom much is given
where I worked at a large retailing After having worked in this capacity for much is also required.
partnership. It was there that I met a over 19 years, my joy now comes from
lovely American couple who also lived waking up every day and giving my best In an ever-changing nanny industry, I
in the UK. We became fast friends, and to a family who loves, appreciates, and would like to see a restoration of trust
I became the nanny for their son, Jake. respects me while treating me fairly—it and integrity—the core of what the
That job lasted for 4 years until they makes my job easy and fulfilling. I have nanny community is built on—between
moved to Australia in response to a always lived my life according to my parents and nannies. This foundation
new job prospect. has been fractured by the many
unfortunate situations that have arisen
I have always desired to work in the over the past few years, and I would like
nursing profession, because I have to see the wonderful work of My Nanny
always wanted to take care of people. Circle continue to help bridge that gap
I have also become fascinated with while providing assistance to nannies
technology and medicine and the through its addition of great programs
part they play in making the lives of and classes to all the other outlets now
sick people much better and more available to us. I hope, too, that when
comfortable. Indeed, when I am not parents are blessed with a great nanny,
working as a nanny, I spend my time they will treat her as one.
taking care of the elderly.
The five words that best describe
But the hardest decision I have ever me are funny, loyal, honest, outgoing,
had to make was telling a family for and religious. I would love to be
whom I had worked 12 wonderful remembered as someone who lived her
years—raising five adorable children life with integrity and purpose.

41 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

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43 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018

Summer Program

Mon Repos, St. Lucia

My Nanny Circle The Mopo Budding Explorers Summer Program of the Mon Repos
has also provided Community After-School Program has blossomed this year. The
moral support. Being collaborative approach that was used in 2018 has provided an example of
part of this event the benefits of the Mopo program to the community, in particular of the benefits
has left an indelible to its children. The Ministry of Equity continues to support the initiative.
impression on the However, funding constraints do not allow for the extensive support that is
children who were, necessary to bring in the “magic” that collaborative partners can provide—magic
and who will continue that makes this type of engagement both highly beneficial and memorable.
to be, the focus of
This year My Nanny Circle, through Ms. Alene Mathurin, together with its
this initiative partners in the nanny world and with the Nanny Collaborative, came to the aid
of the program by providing much-needed support in the form of sponsorship of
supplies and T-shirts. My Nanny Circle has also provided moral support. Being
part of this event has left an indelible impression on the children who were, and
who will continue to be, the focus of this initiative.

As part of these activities, the children used items including stationery, games,
and arts supplies. The provision of supplies made available much-needed
items for the activities that took place during the four-week program. Social-
skill development and positive-behavior enhancement formed the basis of the

Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018 44

program. Participants also had the could be created would provide the program in one way or another.
opportunity to learn about climate impetus for growth and continued
change and to engage in climate- collaboration with both existing and Special thanks to Ms. Alene Mathurin
smart practices both within and new partners. for being a catalyst in support of our
outside the community. efforts and for connecting to others
Gratitude is extended to every who extended assistance to us.
Participants are eager to continue organization and individual who Thank you also to the Department
such activities, and they have contributed to making the Mopo of Equity for providing the channel
demanded that the organizers work Budding Explorers Summer Program through which all this was born and
with them to develop a children’s of 2018 the success it was. Special for continuing to support us.
organization that will develop the thanks to My Nanny Circle, the Nanny
skills of participants and help them Collaborative, and the Centre Team Brenda Wilson
run the group. The partnerships that and to everyone who supported the
St Lucia

45 Nanny Circle Magazine | December 2018


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