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Published by melissa_barth, 2021-05-21 15:50:01

Anna Rogers - Unit 9 Writing Project

Anna Rogers - Unit 9 Writing Project

The epic 8 birthday


Anna rogers

This Book is
Dedicated to:

Nissa and chris

I want to dedicate this book to…
because… my mom and dad
because they made me have
the best birthday ever


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 good morning
Chapter 2 decorating
Chapter 3 guests
Chapter 4 party time
Chapter 5 clean up time
Chapter 6 when the party’s over

Chapter 1 good morning

One sunday morning i was so happy because was my
BIRTHDAY! I was so inpaint for every body to get here. And my
mom said “Anna they are not going to get here for another 2
hours” and i was like “so? And she said “go clean your room”and
she said it like a monster and i was like NOOOOOO!” So i got
ready first i put on some play clothes because at my party we are
going to do things that will ruin good looking clothes. then after
that i brushed my teeth and fixed my hair.And then i walked down
stairs and watched tv and like 1 Miniet LATER OF Corsce MY
MOM COMES IN. And she said to stop playing around


Chapter 2 decorations

TOLD YOU 5 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!’ ! So i got the decorations out of the closet and started
decorating with her. It felt like 1,000000 years later we finnly finished. I was
happy at least we got to dicortake. That was kind of fun. until it got boring and i
wanted to stop. Then my mom said said “stop wining”. And i got so mad.And then
my mom said that it was time to go get the cake.So we got in the car and went to
publix to got get one of those cakes that look bad and are solded for alot of money.
So we did that and i asked my mom like 1,000000,0000 times to get me
macaroons and she said no and i was super mad then out of no where she said
“FINE!!!!!” so then we rushed home because my dad texted my mom that marley
my bff came over and my mom was like “OMG “ and we rushed home!!!

Chapter 3 guests

First marley my friend came.And then my other friends mckenna
and bradley came and.`then my grandparents,then my cousins ,
and then quinn and braden i was very happy.then a few other
people came like more grandparents and stuff. It was fun
because i was blasting peanut butter jelly time on amison music
and my parents got so irritated but i steamed at them it is my
“BIRTHDAY SO BE QUIT! “ and i kept dancing for like
222,2222222222222222222 in till my mom said it was time to
start to open the presents i was exited!!!

Chapter 4 party time

First i opened my presents i was happy. i got lots of good
things. And then i got to the last present. .I opened it. and then
my mom said to come on the patio under the house. so we
went and we saw all of the cake atives and we saw the
pinyada. And even a bat. my mom said that we can do chalk
well we wait for everything to get set up. And we made stuff
like people or something then my mom came back and said
that we should get up and moving around. because the hole
time we where just sitting there not even doing chalk so we got
on the trampoline and we jumped. then my mom said it was
time to start to make carmel apples so we got off the
trampoline. and we did that there was carmel and sprinkles
and chocolate chips to. Then after that sense it was otheber
we decorated pumpkins with fethers and paint and glitter it was
so fun and i even snuck some googie eyes. Then we got the
cake and cut it. and then everybody started to sing happy
birthday.and then i blew out the candles and we ate the cake
was great and i loved it!!

Chapter 5 clean up time

Then after everybody left me and my mom had to
start cleaning like a made. Because our house was
a mess. and when i say mess i mean MESS. so first
we started to clean the calk off. Then we started to
clean off the railing because the was lots of dirty
things on it. Then we cleaned up the pinyada mess
under the house on the patio it was a mess.Then we
went inside and cleaned up all the cake hen we had
to clean up my dog bonnie. because we had the
chalk and she got her paws on it.and we had to
spray her down and then we had to go inside again.
and we had to take a break. And i said mom i do not
want to clean anymore and she was nice and let me
stop and eat my macaroons.and i was very very
happy i almost started to cry happy tears to try
macarons for the first time.

Chapter 6 When the party’s over

After the party i just got on the couch
ate my macaroons petted my dog
and watched tv. It was the life trust
me you should have been there.
After my show i was watching was
over i went and checked my wight
because i ate like 20 of those
macaroon things. and i weighed
325!!!!! i did not i am just joking i
weighed like 50 pounds but that was
cool i only gained 1 pound. and then
i got back on the couch and fell
asleep quietly!

Meet the Author:
Anna Rogers

Hi i am anna rogers and i love
school and my teacher because
she inspired me to be a
writer and i have 2 brothers
and 2 parents i love them and
i have a dog

This book you will be
reading is about a
demanding 8 year old
sassy princess on her
birthday read more to find
out about this 8 year old
drama queen

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