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Published by melissa_barth, 2022-05-20 09:55:55

Destiny Huynh - Unit 9 Writing Project

Destiny Huynh - Unit 9 Writing Project

The J group weekend



This Book is
Dedicated to:
Mrs. Barth

I want to dedicate this book t0
Mrs. Barth because she
teached me what to do with
my story and thank you very
much Mrs. Barth.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Park picnic party
Chapter 2- Broken car
Chapter 3- mystery car

Chapter 1: park picnic party

Jaila, Jada, Jaiden and Jason went to a
park and threw a picnic party. Everyone
wanted to be invited, Jaiden whispers to
the host of the picnic party (Jaila) “should
we invite everyone at the park?” Jaila
responded back “I guess why not?” With
a microphone “EVERYONE IS INVITED!”
said Jaila and Jaiden Everyone came. A
couple hours later the party ended.
Everyone left, with a face full with glee!
5min later J group found out that car
broke down to pieces!

Chapter - 2 : Broken car…

J group’s hearts fell down to pieces like
the car. From the eyes tears are
falling.they we’re so blue…

Chapter - 3 : Mystery car

The J group’s phones go off inbox
notification: “new car arrived.”J group
screamed “WHAT!” they ran outside they
got a tesla! “”OMG! WE GOT A TESLA!”
said Jada “wait who gave us the car?”
said Jaila. Later at 3:37pm they we’re on
instagram Jaila checked her dms. It was
travis scott and his wife(Jenner). “Guys i
know who gave us the car” “Who” J group
said “travis scott and his wife” J group
sent a email back saying “thank you so
much!” Travis emailed back “your
welcome” suddenly jaiden and jason is

Meet the Author:

Hi I’m Destiny the author of
this book. I like to play batmin
it’s a sport. I’m 8 years old and
i love to type.

Why is the j group sad? Read to find out why their sad. I
hope you enjoy!

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