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This issue highlights all the happenings in Veterinary Medicine and ways you can get involved and make an impact!

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Published by OVMA, 2019-09-06 16:16:30

Fall 2019 Comm

This issue highlights all the happenings in Veterinary Medicine and ways you can get involved and make an impact!

FALL 2019



& Better




03 President’s Letter Fall 2019 • Volume 34 • Issue 3

An Oklahoma Veterinary
Medical Association Publication

Managing Editor

Amanda Meeks


Jaclynn Gray

04 On Point The OVMA Communique is the newsletter of
the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association.
05 State Veterinarian’s Report The Editor reserves the right to edit content
according to space and contact guidelines and
06 From the Dean limit advertising space for single advertisers as

Opinions expressed in these contents are strictly
those of the author(s) and are not necessarily
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07 Latest News & Updates EXECUTIVE BOARD

08 The Ties That Bind President District IV
Wendy Bray, DVM Megan Smith, DVM
Bryan Wright, DVM
President- Elect
Jennifer Schoonover,
DVM District V
16 Capitol Report Leslie Cole, DVM

Vice President Aaron Farr, DVM
Mark Ferrell, DVM AVMA Delegate

17 OVMA-PAC Secretary/Treasurer Charles Freeman,
Tracei Holder, DVM DVM

19 The Center Stage of Veterinary Immediate Past AVMA Alternate
Medicine... President Delegate
Kelly Cooper, DVM Rosemarie Strong,
21 Calling for Officers DVM
22 Classifieds District Director Mike Jones, DVM
Chad Baumwart, SAVMA

District I Representative
Robert Miller, DVM Chloe Bradway
Sarah Smith, DVM Ashley Ferguson

District II Executive Director
Trent Stites, DVM Amanda Meeks
Tracy Patton, DVM

District III Membership
Gary Stone, DVM Coordinator
Chad Baumwart, Nylia Burch
Jaclynn Gray

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 2


Striving to be The Voice
for This Profession

These past three months educating us on these issues, giving us talking points, and
have been busy and exciting organizing the meetings for all the state delegations. This
times for the OVMA and opportunity emphasized to me the importance of knowing
the Oklahoma veterinary your representatives and contributing to the AVMA Political
community. Advocacy Committee (PAC) and our OVMA PAC. I hope each
of you reaches out and introduces yourself to your State and
Do you remember the day National Representatives, and contributes to our OVMA PAC.
you graduated and were I also want to thank our amazing Oklahoma lobbyists, Clayton
hooded as a Doctor of Taylor, and Jerrod Shouse. They keep the OVMA abreast of
Veterinary Medicine? These any legislation which could impact Veterinary Medicine, the
are such special times, and as the President of the OVMA, I care of animals, small business owners, farmers, or ranchers.
was honored to present the Veterinary Oath to the CVHS Class
of 2019 at their hooding ceremony in May. I was honored to Do you remember a little further back to the day you started
shake the hand of each new, amazing colleague, and welcome Vet School? Do you remember that feeling of excitement,
them to our profession and the OVMA. slight apprehension, and maybe even feeling a little
invincible? As the OVMA President, I was also honored to
In July, I attended the AVMA Annual Conference in attend the Induction Ceremony for the CVHS Class of 2023.
Washington, D.C. as part of the Oklahoma Delegation This occurs mid-August as OSU CVHS welcome this new
(including Dr. Charles Freeman, Dr. Mike Jones, Kyre Larabee group of eager students following their dreams and passions
SAVMA President, and our Executive Director Amanda to become a Veterinarian. We all need, for a moment, to be
Meeks). I attended the House of Delegates (HOD) Meeting transported back in our minds to that moment of eagerness,
and attended our District IX caucus meeting. The District IX to relive the passion which got us to where we are today and
meeting included HOD and VMA members from Colorado, to remind ourselves of why we do what we do. We need to
New Mexico, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Arizona, and Oklahoma. be proud of being a Veterinarian, one of the most respected
It’s exciting to hear what other VMAs are doing and bring professions in the world.
back new and refreshing ideas to the OVMA. I did find out
the OVMA’s involvement with Veterinary students is well I love this profession, and I love the OVMA. The OVMA
respected and something other VMAs are striving to reach. strives to be the voice of our members; the voice for all
The most exciting event our state delegation took part in was Veterinarians in the great state of Oklahoma. If you want your
visiting the Capitol and meeting with the offices of Senators voice heard, please attend your district meetings, call your
Inhofe and Lankford, and the offices of Congressman Kern district directors, or reach out to anyone on the Executive
and Congresswoman Horn. We discussed the Fairness to Pet Committee ( - we are here for you!
Owners Act (which we oppose) and asked for support for the
Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Enhancement Act Wendy H. Bray
and Association Health Plans Act. We appreciated the AVMA OVMA President

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 3


Increasing the Value
of Your Membership

Last month was the There are still several opportunities to connect with your local
AVMA Convention in colleagues at District CE Meetings and Monthly Socials. Each
Washington, D.C. This month this year, there will be both events across Oklahoma.
was the last meeting for Thank you to those members who have attended the events.
our AVMA Delegate, Dr. I hope to continue to see you in the coming months. For
Charles Freeman, who those who haven’t been able to participate, I encourage you to
has volunteered and take advantage of these member benefits. We have been very
participated on the OVMA fortunate to have generous sponsors and can only continue to
board for 12 years. We offer these events because of them. The purpose of the events
appreciate his service and is to increase the value of your membership and help you
dedication to the organization and will miss him during connect to your community of colleagues.
AVMA events. Dr. Rosemarie Strong will move into the AVMA
Delegate role, and Dr. Mike Jones will move into the AVMA Finally, while it is still several months away, I want to
Alternate Delegate role. encourage you to attend the Oklahoma Veterinary Conference
(OKVC) and the Friday night fundraiser to raise money for
Fall is almost here, and that brings the state fairs. Volunteering student scholarships. Our conference track chairs have done
for the fairs is an easy way to get involved with the OVMA by an amazing job of gathering high-quality speakers. The
giving just a few hours at the birthing or surgery center. It’s fundraiser this year is going to be a good time! Corn hole
incredible to think about the impact the birthing and surgery tournaments have become very popular across the country.
centers have on Oklahoma. Whenever I tell people what I do Even if you don’t enjoy them, there will be plenty of other
and mention the birthing or surgery centers, they have been backyard type games to participate in.
to the exhibit and come back to it every year. To volunteer for
the fair visit the OVMA website or call the office. Don’t forget Thank you to the volunteers and board members who give
you get CE credit for volunteering for the fairs! their time, energy, and talents to this association. It is an
honor to work with you and strengthen veterinary medicine
Fall also brings the Southwest Veterinary Symposium in in Oklahoma.
San Antonio. There is still time to register and attend the
conference. SWVS is a great meeting with hours of CE to This is our profession. This is our cause. Join us.
choose from and plenty of southern hospitality. The OVMA
is a founding partner of the SWVS and has two delegates that Best Wishes!
represent the OVMA on the board. Dr. Mark Ferrell has served
the OVMA in this position for six years. He has been a great Amanda Meeks, OVMA Executive Director
asset to both associations, and we appreciate the time and
energy he has given. Dr. Mike Schoonover will be serving the
OVMA as the new SWVS delegate along with Dr. Mollyann

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 4

STATE VETERINARIAN’S REPORT Conservation has harvested almost 50 native whitetail deer in
the vicinity and to date has not found any positives. There is
Keeping a Commercial Hunt Area associated with the breeding herd
Veterinary which will have to be depopulated also.
Moving Forward We have had one meeting of our Cattle ID/Traceability
working group to discuss the best ways to educate producers
Besides the regular and veterinarians about the upcoming changes to cattle ID.
calls about CVIs, VFDs, Those changes may be seen at
Reportable Diseases, Rabies, traceability/downloads/plan-to-achieve-eid-factsheet.pdf .
etc., the things that have We are purchasing EID tags and readers and plan to be able
taken most of my time to do demonstrations and loan equipment to veterinarians so
lately are African Swine they can become more familiar with the technology.
Fever, Chronic Wasting
Disease, Tuberculosis, We have completed one complete herd test on the Panhandle
Vesicular Stomatitis, and dairy that received some heifers that were exposed to TB
Animal Disease Traceability. at a calf raising facility in Texas. Another whole herd test is
African Swine Fever continues to spread in China and scheduled in October. To date we have found no infected
surrounding countries in SE Asia as well as Eastern Europe. cattle.
Some reports suggest that China, the world’s largest pork
producer, has lost approximately 50% of their swine. USDA You may be aware that there was an outbreak of Porcine
has increased surveillance at border ports to intercept illegal Epidemic Diarrhea during the barrow show at the Oklahoma
shipment of pork products that may be infected with ASF Youth Expo in March. The outbreak was discovered toward
virus. We are working with the swine industry, USDA, and the end of the show so we allowed the show to continue.
other partners on two separate but connected exercise series OYE, ODAFF, and our partners pushed information about
to develop our ASF Response Plan and understand how best the disease and biosecurity to protect pigs at home as quickly
to implement it in case we get the disease in Oklahoma. I as we could. I’m happy to say that you veterinarians and
encourage you to talk to your swine clients about this disease the producers did a good job because I didn’t hear of many
and ask them to notify you of any unusual symptoms in their instances where sows and gilts became infected from pigs or
swine. Even if you’re a companion animal practitioner please equipment that came home from OYE.
spread the word that imported pork products can potentially
be infected and to be sure and properly dispose of those As of this writing, Vesicular Stomatitis has been confirmed
products. Please make people aware that the disease does not in over 200 premises in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and
affect humans and that pork continues to be safe to eat when Wyoming. One case is as close to Oklahoma as Wichita
properly prepared. Falls, TX. Please be on the lookout for signs of the disease
in livestock and report any suspicious cases to us. The
We completed the depopulation of the elk breeding farm that symptoms mimic Foot and Mouth Disease so expect to see
was found to have CWD in the herd. 247 elk were euthanized vesicular or ulcerative lesions in and around the mouth, the
and three were confirmed positive for CWD. The three feet, and around the ears. Unlike FMD, VSV causes disease in
head were 3 years old or less. OK Department of Wildlife horses.

I want to thank the practitioners who call with questions
and report suspicious cases or lesions. Because of alert
practitioners like you all we have a better chance to find
foreign animal and emerging diseases more quickly and have
a better chance to stop the spread of those diseases.

As always, please check out our website at
and let us know how we can make it serve you better. You can
contact us at 405-522-6141.

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 5


Ready for Another Great
Year at OSU-CVHS!

The Class of 2023 is set with 106 students who will begin their journey to earn an OSU
DVM degree. There are 58 residents and 48 non-residents with 86 females and 20 males.
Here are their statistical numbers:

• Core GPA: 3.66 • GRE Quantitative: 151
• Cumulative GPA: 3.69 • GRE Analytical Score: 4.0
• GRE Verbal: 152

Dr. Stefano Di Concetto joined the CVHS as a clinical associate professor of anesthesia.
Open positions remaining are down to a theriogenologist and second ER veterinarian.

Fourteen students participated in our Summer Research Training Program.
Congratulations to all of them for their outstanding poster presentations and the quality of
their research. Special thanks to their faculty mentors for their time and effort in guiding
these young investigators. The students also presented their research at the National
Veterinary Scholars Symposium in Worchester, Massachusetts, hosted by Tufts University.

Dr. Keith Bailey, Emily Cooper and I attended the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association
Convention. We were delighted to meet many attendees at our exhibit booth.

Plans are underway to finalize the 2019 CVHS Fall Veterinary Conference program. We will
host the event at the Wes Watkins Center on November 14 and 15, 2019. Watch for online
registration information coming soon. We look forward to seeing you there.


Carlos A. Risco, DVM, Dipl. ACT
Dean, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 6


The Latest EVENTS COMING SOON!!! view member benefits and discounts,
Veterinary receive notifications on upcoming
News in • District 3 CE Meeting events and CE opportunities, and stay
Oklahoma 9/9 - Independence Tower- Enid, OK connected to the profession. There are
6:30 pm so many ways we can make this app
OVMA LISTSERVE useful to the members. Please let us
• Stillwater Social know if you have any suggestions.
If you would like to be part of the 9/7 - Karsten Creek- Stillwater To download the app simply go to your
OVMA Listserve, which is a benefit of 4:30 pm FREE 1 hr CE App Store on your mobile device and
the OVMA membership, please email us 6:00 pm- OSU Game & Food/Drinks search: Oklahoma Veterinary Medical
at [email protected] The address for Association.
the listserve is [email protected] • OKC Social
com. 9/12 - Chalk Sports Bar WAYS TO GET INVOLVED AT OVMA
6:00 pm
OACF PET MEMORIALS Student Relations Committee
• Tulsa Social Well-Being
The Pet Memorial Program is a sincere 10/10- Fassler Hall Animal Welfare
and compassionate way for veterinarians 6:00 pm Disaster Response
to honor their clients by making a Continuing Education
donation in the pet’s memory. Animal NEW MEMBERS Social Media and Outreach
owners utilize this program as an Business Alliance Task Force Committee
expression of gratitiude to veterinarians 2019 OSU-CVHS Class Legislative Advocacy Committee
for outstanding care to their pets. Mike Coffee- Southern Veterinary Partners State Fair Committees (Tulsa & Oklahoma)
Send the name of the animal for the Bruce Branson- Stokes 503B Convention Committee
memorial, their owners name and Veterinary Technician Advisory Committee
address, and a donation of any amount. SUPPORT DVM PAC Power of 10 Leadership Academy
The OACF will send a card to the
owners showing a memorial has been The DVM PAC was created in If you are interested in more
made in the name of the pet. Donations recognition of the need to increase information or would like to volunteer,
accepted online political activity and awareness among please call the OVMA .
a-donation members of the veterinary medical
PET MEMORIAL DONATIONS partisan political action committee,
provides financial support for state Don’t forget that you can purchase the
15th Street Veterinary Group political candidates. DVM PAC exists new Pet Overpopulation Tag at your
Warwick Animal Hospital through the voluntary contributions of local tag agency!
Sandy Creek Veterinary Care, PPLC OVMA Members. Contributing to the OACF appreciates your support!
Marlow Veterinary Clinic DVM PAC reflects your commitment
and dedication to political activity and
education of key issues that affect the
veterinary professions. You, as OVMA
members, are vital to our political
activities and success.


The app is now accessible to all doctors,
office staff, and students that are
members of the OVMA. You can renew
your dues, communicate with members,

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 7

The Ties That Bind:

How to Build Stronger
Bonds & Better Practices

by Wendy Hauser, DVM
Peak Veterinary Consulting

W hy are client relationships important? Consider the surveys were performed and the four key relationship areas
following: were quantified as:

• Patient visits have fallen 2.9% annually from 2005 through • Pet and Owner Bond
20151. According to VHMA Insiders Insights2, in 2016
the trend modestly reversed with an increased number • Practice and Client Bond
of patient visits of 2.6%. In 2017, the visits had a nominal
increase of 1.3%. • Practice and Patient Bond

• According to the April VHMA Insiders Insights3, new client • Veterinarian and Staff Bond
numbers decreased by 9% from March 2017 compared to
March 2018, with numbers of new clients decreasing every By examining and implementing ways to reinforce these
month for the past 3 years. bonds in our practice, we have the opportunity to create a
practice culture that meets the needs of our clients, patients
• The 2014 AAHA Pet Owner Study4, conducted by Trone and animal health care teams.
Brand Energy found that 61% of clients are predicted to
switch veterinary hospitals within 5 years, based on current PET AND OWNER BOND
owner behavior.
A study done by Lue, Patenburg and Crawford evaluated the
How do we prevent our clients from seeking services impact of the pet-owner bond on the care that pets receive.
elsewhere? In 2014, the AAHA State of the Industry report They found owners that had stronger bonds with their pets
identified “success factors across four key relationship or “were more likely to seek higher levels of veterinary care for
bonds that support growth”5. These were discovered during a their pets, were less sensitive to the price of veterinary care,
study of veterinary hospital revenue growth. In the study, 25% and were more willing to follow the recommendations of
of the hospitals evaluated significantly outperformed most veterinarians, compared with other owners. Owners with
hospitals and were termed ‘Outgrowers’. Of this population, strong owner-pet bonds took their pets to veterinarians 40%
almost one-half had shown significant revenue growth over more often than owners with weak owner-pet bonds.”6
the past two years; they were labeled ‘Consistent Outgrowers’.
To better understand the success of these hospitals, in- depth The authors explored what factors increase the bonding that
owners experience with their pets. It was found that the more

time the pet spent with the owner, care of themselves”6. only 18% of owners had received any
the stronger the bond. Those with the instruction on how to safely place
strongest bonds “kept their pets indoors, What are ways that we can use this their cat in a carrier and methods to
allowed them in all rooms of the house, decrease the stress on the owner and
and/or allowed them to sleep in the information to better understand the cat.
bedroom.” These are pets that are part
of the family. pet-owner bond? When we ask our clients to subject
their pets to something unpleasant like
There was a significant difference in the It is important to look at the relationship putting a cat in a carrier, daily baths
degree of attachment that dog owners or difficult-to-administer medication,
felt in comparison to cat owners. In a between the owner and the pet in stress can occur for both the pet and
study7 conducted to evaluate why cats pet owner. Situations like these cause
are not taken to the veterinarian more the examination room, recognizing the owner to dread the activity. The pet
frequently it was found that many cats likely detects their unease and reacts
were not ‘planned’ pets. 59% of feline behaviors that indicate the type of bond accordingly. The end results are often
owners agreed with the statement “I decreased adherence, with the owner
didn’t necessarily find the cat, the cat that exists. Some ways to assess the bond feeling frustrated and guilty toward both
found me.” During focus group sessions, the veterinary facility and the pet.
a key difference in owner attitudes was include:
that dogs were viewed as companions PRACTICE AND CLIENT BOND
and cats as pets, having a lower status in • Asking “What is a normal day in
the family hierarchy. the life of your pet?” Highly bonded The 2015 AAHA State of the Industry9
owners will likely be very detailed with report identified four areas through
Owners in households “with ≥ 1 dog and their answer, less bonded clients less which clients’ bonds with the practice
cat were more attached to their dogs informative. Information gathered will could be bolstered:
than their cats by a 3 to 1 margin (57% likely include how often the pets are
vs 19%, respectively).”6 The perception fed, how they are exercised and how Explain things in a way that clients
was that dogs were more interactive, they integrate into the daily fabric of understand
made better companions and were more family life.
affectionate. These owners had generally In multiple studies6, 10, 11
owned the dog(s) prior to the cat, so the • Asking “How did Fluffy become communication skills of veterinarians
dog(s) had been a family member for a part of your family?” will help the have been identified as one of the
longer period. The authors concluded interviewer understand if Fluffy was primary factors in developing
that “the deeper attachment owners a planned pet or one that found its strong bonds between the practice
have with dogs likely contributed to family. Remember, pets that find and the client. When veterinarians
dogs being seen by veterinarians > 2 their families are not necessarily and their teams communicate
times as often as cats.” regarded as ‘less’ of a family member. with their clients about how to
When I was growing up on a ranch in take care of their pets and explain
In these studies, dogs were viewed as less Oklahoma, we had many beloved pets recommendations and treatments
independent and relying more heavily (dogs, cats and a goat!) that wandered in terms of how those choices can
on their owners for care. Canine owners in and adopted us. impact their pet’s health, the outcome
agreed that is “more important to take is higher adherence. The Lue study6
a dog versus a cat to a veterinarian for • Observe verbal and non-verbal cues demonstrated that when veterinarians
routine wellness exams”6 because dogs from both the pet and owner. Is were good communicators, the
are outside more. In contrast, felines the owner attentive to the pet in the result was a “40% increase in clients
were viewed as “independent and low room? Does the owner seek to reassure who follow directions”. Confusion,
maintainence”7 and owners believed your patient either through petting misunderstanding and lack of
“that cats do not get sick and can take or through words? How does the pet perceived value were reasons why
respond to the owner? clients did not adhere to veterinarian

• How do your recommendations stress
the bond between the owner and the
pet? Consider the 2011 Bayer Study8
focus group finding that getting cats
into pet carriers and transporting
them to the veterinary facility
represented a major barrier to feline
veterinary care. Owners dreaded the
activity so much that when asked to
make a collage of how they felt about
the experience, they created images
worthy of horror films. When asked,

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 9

recommendations. practice style is a joint venture between preventive care. Because pet owners are
the veterinarian and the client to looking for a more holistic meaning of
Share test results with clients provide optimal care for the patient. preventive care, is it any wonder that
Clients feel valued, understood and they are turning to other sources such
When animal health care teams explain satisfied, becoming highly bonded to the as breeders, trainers, groomers and day
why a diagnostic test is warranted and practice care providers for advice on how to keep
how the information from the test can their pets healthy?
help to guide the pet’s immediate and Provide Guidance and ways to make
future care, clients have the critical preventive care easy Make preventive care easy for clients by
information to make the best decisions forward booking appointments, offering
for their pets. “Providing full disclosure The most common response that I get preventive care plans and educating
about test interpretation, results and when I ask a pet owner how long they clients about the value of preventive
personal recommendations as well as would like their pet to live is ‘forever’! care. Remember to discuss the things
permitting admissions of uncertainty I explain that while I can’t deliver clients have told us are important
backed with reassurances of follow-up ‘forever’, I can help to provide the next to them: dietary recommendations,
and further investigation promotes a best thing: a great quality life guided by exercise and weight control and asking
sense of truthfulness and integrity”10 information that will allow us to work about behavioral concerns.
further promotes the development of together to proactively prevent diseases
trust and bonding between clients and and implement early treatments as PRACTICE AND PATIENT BOND
practices. diseases and conditions arise. This is
preventive care. Cultivating a four-legged clientele that
Treat clients like a partner is always happy to see our animal health
The focus of the 2015 Banfield State of care teams is a challenging proposition.
A 2013 study10 sought to explain Pet Health12 was the question “What Clients are uncomfortable worrying
qualities that inspired clients to trust is preventive care”? To understand about how their pets will react to the
veterinarians. Two principle qualities the client perspective of preventive hospital environment and dislike when
were identified: professionalism and care, researchers performed “on-line their pets require restraint. Recent
technical candor. Professionalism was anthropologic research” of over 2 research13,14 underscores the impact
defined as “the actions that establish million pet owner on-line conversations of the pet owner’s emotions on that of
his or her role as a respected and found in blogs and social forums. the pet, supporting the belief that the
respectful practitioner as well as a The findings are both disturbing and stress levels of the human impact the
figure of authority whose procedures astonishing. To pet owners, preventive pet. I believe that managing owner stress
and professional recommendations are care means what they feed their levels is an overlooked component in
clear, fair and beneficial to the client.” pet, how they exercise them and the addressing stress and anxiety in our
Technical candor refers to the way that love, interactions and daily attention patients. Candid conversations with
the veterinarian “conveys what and that they provide to their cherished clients regarding worries and fears
how they know about the condition of companions. In stark contrast, when about the visit at the beginning of
the client’s animal”. Trustworthiness veterinarians were asked “What is the visit will help to alleviate stress.
is increased when veterinarians elicit preventive care?”, we responded with These conversations help the client
the client’s perspective, recognizing all things medical: regular physical to become more receptive to patient
and acknowledging the client’s beliefs, examinations, vaccinations, wellness care recommendations allowing for
expectations, feelings and opinions. diagnostics, dental care, neutering and more effective partnership and positive
parasiticides. Pet owners were asked who outcomes. As the stress level in the
Clear, consistent communication and was responsible for preventive care? owner decreases, a corresponding
establishing a trust-based relationship They responded that pet owners were decrease also occurs within our patient,
are central tenets of building a responsible for 81% while veterinarians leading to happier clients and pets.
relationship-centered practice. only contributed 19% toward pet
Collaborative care at its best, this There is much published about low

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 10

stress handling techniques for animals; Emotional culture is rarely discussed client expressed concerns around the
the reader is referred to the work and actively managed even less often. lack of conversations around cost.
of Sophia Yin15 and more recently, We are emotional creatures, and we Veterinarians discussed cost in only
the Fear Free Initiative16 for more bring our emotions to work with us. 29% of appointments11 and the client
information. When management works to welcome initiated the discussion 33% of the time.
emotions into the workplace, they can When discussions of costs occurred,
VETERINARIAN AND STAFF understand and actively shape them to veterinarians presented the value of the
BOND everyone’s benefit. services in terms of their time, training
and the cost of providing these services,
In order for our animal health care THE CUMULATIVE IMPACT rather than emphasizing the benefit to
teams to be fully engaged and satisfied OF CLIENT ECONOMIC the client and patient.
in their work, hospital leadership needs LIMITATIONS ON ANIMAL
to provide the following: HEALTH CARE TEAMS What are some ways that animal health
care teams can comfortably have
Psychologically safe work Two recent studies investigated factors conversations with clients about the cost
environments contributing to professional stress and of veterinary care?
burnout among veterinarians. The
When employees feel safe within their first study17evaluated the perception Educate clients early about the costs
work environment, outcomes are higher of professional burnout among small of pet ownership
engagement, more job satisfaction, animal veterinarians. 91% of survey
better teamwork and less turnover. participants who were peers of private These do not need to be in-depth,
In a psychologically safe work space, practice small animal veterinarians lengthy conversations. At a puppy or
employees do not fear reprisal for assessed burnout in other veterinarians kitten visit, the conversation would
mistakes made and are comfortable as moderate to substantial. When the sound like “Mrs. Smith, congratulations
taking initiatives to improve how respondents were asked to gauge their again on your beautiful new family
things are done in their hospitals. A own level of professional burnout, 49% member. As you are a new puppy
clearly defined expectation, set and stated that they were moderately to owner, we think it is important to set
role-modeled by management, governs substantially burned out. The primary some expectations around the lifetime
how the group will work together thus driver of professional burnout was cost of care for Sammy. This first year
establishing the groundwork for teams client economic limitations. A second will be a little more expensive, because
that trust each other. When animal study18 evaluated practice related you will have the series of puppy visits
health care team members feel safe at stressors for veterinarians; clients for examinations and vaccinations, as
work, they can grow, learn, contribute, unwilling to pay was classified as one well as the cost of Sammy’s surgery
and perform effectively, all skills needed of the most common factors creating to neuter him. As Sammy reaches
in our dynamic environments. stress. While both studies were focused adulthood, costs level out and then
on veterinarians, I strongly suspect increase as he becomes a senior dog and
Emotional Culture that client economic limitations are a needs more frequent visits.
primary driver of burnout and turnover
Traditional discussions around culture among our professional support staff. Educate clients about financial
refer to cognitive culture, which are the tools that can help them plan for
verbally enforced guidelines that exist How can hospital leadership help to unexpected health crises
for a group to thrive. Rarely discussed reduce this source of burnout? The
is the equally important and parallel answer lies in how we communicate “Unexpected accidents and illnesses
emotional culture that exists in our about money with our clients. occur. Our clients find it helpful to
hospitals. Conveyed non-verbally, this Clients have expressed that they have pet health insurance to help them
culture helps to govern the emotions expect veterinarians to discuss manage unforeseen costs. Puppies eat
that animal health care teams display care considerations before cost things they shouldn’t and are at higher
at work, and which ones they suppress. considerations, yet in the same study19 risk for accidents and injuries.

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 11

Here is a brochure from a company our REFERENCES 13. Jones AC, Josephs RA. Interspecies hormonal
clients like. We encourage you to enroll interactions between man and the domestic dog
today, before you need it”. 1. 2016 AVMA Report on the Market for Veterinary (Canis familiaris). Horm. Behav. 50, 393–400.
Services, AVMA October 2016
Set the expectation with your team 2223b8396a37517b7c24a8909d82.pdf . Accessed
that financial discussions are a 2. VHMA Insiders Insights, January 2018: VHMA May 22, 2018.
critical part of every examination (website): https://higherlogicdownload.s3-external-1. 14. Tuisku OA, Ilves MK, Lylykangas JK, Surakka VV,
Explain to your team that studies have Insights%20January%202018.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=A- Ainasoja M, Rytövuori SE, Ruohonen MJ. Emotional
shown that clients expect to discuss the KIAJH5D4I4FWRALBOUA&Expires=1526599120&Sig- responses of clients to veterinarian communication
costs of their pet’s health care with their nature=2zLomBAh6VBEI4VocaHzkAX1ZCw% style during a vaccination visit in companion animal
veterinary teams. These conversations 3D practice. JAVMA, Volume 252,No. 9, May 1, 2018. Pgs.
are most helpful when the pet isn’t sick 1120-1132
or injured. Clients deserve to receive the 3. VHMA Insiders Insights, April 2018: VHMA (web-
best clinical recommendations; how to site): https://higherlogicdownload.s3-external-1. 15. Yin S. Low stress handling, restraint and behavior
financially provide care for their pets is modification of dogs and cats: techniques for devel-
one such recommendation. Insights%20April%202018.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIA- oping patients who love their visits. Davis, Calif: Cattle
JH5D4I4FWRALBOUA&Expires=1526598776&Signa- Dog Publishing, 2009
Educate clients about ways to budget ture=kCEqCJzts381qSSbQAJWBAkePpc%3D
for their pet’s health care 16. Fear free veterinary visits .DVM 360 (website):
4. 2014 AAHA Pet Owner Study: AAHA (website): .
Have a conversation with clients about Accessed May 22, 2018
ways to budget for their pet’s health sional/resources/2014_aaha_pet_owner_study.pdf
care. In my perfect world, all pets would Accessed May 21, 2018. 17. Kipperman BS, Kass PH, Rishniw, M. Factors that
be enrolled in a wellness plan, have influence small animal veterinarians’ opinions and
pet health insurance and have a health 5. AAHA 2014 State of the Industry Factsheet: AAHA actions regarding cost of care and effects of economic
credit card like Care Credit. These three (website): limitations on patient care and outcome and profes-
financial solutions help to meet the professional/resources/aaha_state_of_the_indus- sional career satisfaction and burnout. JAVMA, Vol
needs of the healthy patient and the sick try_2014_fact_sheet.pdf . Accessed May 18, 2018 250, no. 7, April 1, 2017. Pgs. 785-794.
patient, providing a health safety net for
both the client and patient. 6. Lue TW, Pantenburg DP, Crawford PM. Impact of 18. Vande Griek OH, Clark MA, Witte TK, Nett RJ,
the owner-pet and client-veterinarian bond on the Moeller AN, Stabler ME. Development of a taxonomy
Discuss clinical recommendations in care that pets receive. JAVMA, Vol 232, No. 4, February of practice-related stressors experienced by veteri-
terms of the benefits to the pet and 15, 2008. Pgs 531-540. narians in the United States. JAVMA, Vol 252, No. 2,
pet owner January 15, 2018. Pgs. 227-233.
7. Volk JO, Thomas JG, Colleran EJ, Siren CW. Executive
When recommendations are explained summary of phase 3 of the Bayer veterinary care 19. Coe JB, Adams CL, Bonnett BN. A focus group
in the context of how they can help usage study. JAVMA, Vol 244, No. 7, April 1, 2014. Pgs. study of veterinarians’ and pet owners’ perceptions of
better define a problem or plan to 700-802. the monetary aspects of veterinary care. JAVMA, Vol
manage a current health problem, or 231, No. 10, November 15, 2007. Pgs. 1510-1518.
how they have an impact on the pet’s 8. Volk JO, Felsted KE, Thomas JG, et al. Executive sum-
health and wellbeing, owners more mary of the Bayer veterinary care usage study. JAVMA, About the Author:
clearly understand the value of the Vol 238, No. 10, May 15, 2011. Pgs. 1275–1282.
recommendation. Sadly, studies11, 19 Wendy Hauser, DVM is AVP, Veterinary Relations,
have shown that veterinarians often get 9. AAHA 2014 State of the Industry Factsheet: AAHA Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group. In 2015, she
this wrong, justifying the costs of the (website): established Peak Veterinary Consulting, after working
service by how much time, training or professional/resources/library/aaha_state_of_the_in- as an industry Technical Services Veterinarian. With a
equipment the procedure requires. dustry_2015_fact_sheet.pdf. Accessed May 22, 2018 DVM from OK State in 1988, she has practiced for 30
years as an associate, owner and relief veterinarian.
10. Grand JA, Lloyd JW, Ilgen DR, Abood S, Sonea IM. She is highly engaged in AAHA leadership and current-
A measure of and predictors for veterinarian trust ly serves as the AAHA Delegate to the AVMA House of
developed with veterinary students in a simulated Delegates. She is the co-author of “The Veterinarian’s
companion animal practice. JAVMA, Vol 242, No. 3, Guide to Healthy Pet Plans.”
February 1, 2013. Pgs. 323-344.
This is a restricted article sent to you for educational
11. Coe JB, Adams CL, Bonnett BN. Prevalence and na- purposes only and may not be copied or dissemi-
ture of cost discussions during clinical appointments nated without written consent from Peak Veterinary
in companion animal practice. JAVMA, Vol 234, No. Consulting, LLC
11, June 1, 2009. Pgs. 1418-1424.

12. 2015 Banfield State of Pet Health: Banfield (web-

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 12

Saving Money Makes
A Lot of Cents



TMGvets offers unique members-only benefits for OVMA If you are a Veterinarian practice seeking assistance from a
members. They provide guaranteed savings with exclusive collection agency to settle overdue accounts, you will find
OVMA member rates, simplified fee structures with easy- impressive results with American Profit Recovery. They have
to-read statements, free equipment and free receipt paper. served the needs of countless Veterinarians over the years and
Their superior customer service includes dedicated Veterinary their team knows your struggles when it comes to getting paid
Payment Specialists (no automated systems here), and a on time.
24-hour customer service support center for after hour


From routine appointments to emergency situations or Tinker Federal Credit (TFCU) is the largest credit union in
surgeries, the CareCredit card gives pet owners the peace of Oklahoma, with over 363,000 members and more than $3.6
mind needed to care for pets big and small. Unlike traditional billion in assets. For over 70 years, they have been helping our
pet financing or veterinary payment plans, the CareCredit members achieve their goals and realize their dreams. As a
credit card gives you the flexibility to use your card again and not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative, TFCU
again for your pet’s procedures. returns profits to their members through financial education,
higher dividends on deposits, lower interest rates on loans and
low or no fees on service.

Works24 offers an entire suite of digital cross-promotional
The Veterinary Career Network (VCN) is an alliance of technologies, from on hold messaging to video services,
professional associations with a combined registered overhead music, and outdoor signage.
membership of over 80,000 veterinary professionals with
reach to over 100,000 individuals related to the veterinary SOCIABLE VET
profession. The Veterinary Career Network was developed for
the veterinary profession and animal health industry by the
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in 2002

INFINITECH Sociable Vet is a set of tools to help with your social media
The evolving world of payment processing may seem advertising. They make the process of integrating social media
complicated and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. OVMA into your practice a breeze. Ideal for entrepreneurs and small
has partnered with Infintech to deliver an exclusive benefit business to ensure they cover their bases when it comes to
program that helps members efficiently process credit cards at their online presence.
a fraction of their current cost.
TEXCAP INSURANCE PSI enables independent practices, through the use of
TexCap takes pride in being your benefits advocate. From the collective bargaining, to buy goods and services at significant
very beginning, they use their industry knowledge to help you savings without changing the way you normally order and
find group or individual benefits that meet your objectives. receive those services and products. And, since they are run
Once they have found the perfect fit, they provide superior by veterinarians, they understand the business of veterinary
service by efficiently implementing and managing your medicine.
programs and by keeping you informed of the most recent
regulatory changes that could affect your business or personal













CAPITOL REPORT After session ended, House Speaker Charles McCall approved
90 interim studies out of 145 total requests. Those House
The 2019 legislative session ended with the largest interim studies can be heard beginning August 6 and must be
appropriated budget in state history and an unprecedented completed by November 22. Senate President Pro Tempore
effort to save revenue for future economic downturns. The Greg Treat received 50 interim study requests from senators.
Legislature also created a new legislative-level office that will The Senate has a different process for dealing with interim
examine agency budgets and analyze the effectiveness of study requests. President Pro Tempore Treat has assigned
programs and services. those requests to Senate committees and those committees
The $8.1 billion Fiscal Year 2020 budget included a teacher chairs will approve or deny requests. No timeline for
pay raise for the second consecutive year, new funding for completing the Senate interim studies has been announced,
healthcare and $200 million in savings, the first time anyone but they will likely conclude before November. All interim
can remember the Legislature setting aside a portion of studies in both chambers will be open to the public and
available revenue for future years. The budget was a $633 meeting notices will be posted on the respective chamber’s
million increase over the Fiscal Year 2019 budget, made website. We will attend most of those studies and keep you
possible by an improved economy and collection of new taxes updated on how they could impact the practice of veterinary
passed by the Legislature the previous two years. medicine.
In addition to the $200 million in savings, the state deposited
an additional $350 million into the Rainy Day Fund, which In addition, the Legislature created a bi-partisan, bi-cameral
was required by the state constitution. That brings the fund Healthcare Working Group to begin discussing options for
balance to just over $800 million and total reserves to just improving access to healthcare for citizens and lowering
over $1 billion. costs. The working group is similar to the Medical Marijuana
The Legislature also formed the Legislative Office of Fiscal Working Group that met for 13 weeks last summer to develop
Transparency (LOFT) during the 2019 session, a shared a plan for implementing the new medical marijuana law that
office between the House of Representatives and the Senate voters passed last June. The healthcare working group has
created to track spending by state agencies and analyze the already started meeting and will continue to meet throughout
effectiveness of agency programs for the Legislature. In the summer and fall. Legislators expect the group’s efforts to
addition, LOFT will absorb the agency performance audits result in legislation to vote on during the 2020 session.
that were being conducted by the Agency Performance and
Accountability Commission (APAC), which was just created The last big story from the summer, to date, is Gov. Kevin
two years ago but disbanded when LOFT was created. The Stitt’s effort to renegotiate the tribal gaming compacts the
LOFT Oversight Committee has started holding meetings tribes and the state entered into 15 years ago. Gov. Stitt
to get organized and start the process of hiring an executive believes the compacts will expire in January 2020 and must
director for the office. be renegotiated. The tribes believe the compacts renew
automatically and have taken a public position against
renegotiation. The compacts permit the tribes to offer Class
III games in exchange for paying exclusivity fees to the state.
The fees, which range between 4 percent and 10 percent, have
generated approximately $1.2 billion in revenue to the state
since 2004.

The legislative interim has been relatively busy, and we will
continue to update you as we move closer to the upcoming
It is an honor to represent you at the state Capitol!

Jerrod Shouse
Shouse Consulting

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 16


With guidance from the OVMA lobbyists, Clayton Taylor and
Jerrod Shouse, the OVMA Legislative Advocacy Committee is
responsible for the distribution of funds collected by the PAC.

Veterinary Medicine The DVM PAC survives on contributions from our generous
members. PAC donations of any size are appreciated, but
the more funds donated, the stronger the PAC, and the more
influence the DVM PAC will have at the state capitol.

A political action committee is an organization created to Contributions are deposited into a DVM PAC account and
raise and spend contributions from its members. Those are dispersed based on the recommendations of the OVMA
contributions are donated to campaigns, ballots, or legislation lobbyists with the approval of the Legislative Advocacy
the committee supports or opposes. Any contributions made Committee members. The DVM PAC is nonpartisan and
to a PAC are voluntary. gives to legislators who sit on committees that influence our
issues, have been supporters of the veterinary profession, or
WHY DID THE OVMA CREATE THE DVM PAC have a willingness to understand the issues and opportunities
Many associations create PACs, even the American Veterinary of the veterinary profession in Oklahoma. Candidates that
Medical Association (AVMA) has a PAC. It is a useful tool accept money from the DVM PAC must deposit the funds into
to increase engagement with members of Congress or state their campaign account. These accounts are regulated by the
legislators. Oklahoma Ethics Commission to ensure contributions are
collected, dispersed, and spent in line with set regulations.
The OVMA created the DVM PAC to make contributions
towards policies and candidates in Oklahoma who support ARE THERE LIMITS ON CONTRIBUTIONS?
veterinary medicine. Individuals are limited to a $5,000 per calendar year
The DVM PAC supports candidates for election to elective
state and local offices by collecting money from DVM PAC ARE CONTRIBUTIONS TAX DEDUCTIBLE?
members and contributing that money to the political Contributions to the DVM PAC are not tax deductible.
campaigns of such candidates.

The DVM PAC is used to promote the unique value PERSONAL CONTRIBUTIONS?
veterinarians provide in animal healthcare and public health. Yes, according to the rules of the Oklahoma Ethics
PACs do not “buy votes” but contributions are effective tools Commission no corporation or labor union may make a
in allowing access to educate legislators and their staff about contribution to a PAC (Rule 2.23) Corporate contributions
the OVMA and the issues important to veterinary medicine in are checks or credit cards on a business account (LLC, PC, or
Oklahoma. Inc.). Personal contributions are checks or credit cards from
personal account. Any corporate contributions can be used for
WHO DOES THE DVM PAC SUPPORT? the administration expenses of the DVM PAC, but cannot be
The DVM PAC is a voluntary, unincorporated organization used for contributions to candidate committees.
of individual veterinarians and others, which shall be
independent of any political party, candidate, or other
organization, except that it shall be affiliated with the
Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 17

Did you hear the one about the veterinarian who thought
ordering a compounded medication from a 503A pharmacy
was the same as from a 503B pharmacy?

For more information, visit or call 888-508-5032.

TM 503B Stokes is one of the only veterinary-focused compounding pharmacies that has earned
registration from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a 503B Outsourcing Facility.
Lower standards are no
laughing matter. All products made under cGMP1; same FDA regulations followed by the
Trust Stokes. pharmaceutical manufacturing industry
Authorized to compound large batches
The FDA Commissioner has stated that Consistent quality and integrity of products from batch to batch
all hospitals should order compounded Available for dispensing2 and unlimited hospital administration in all 50
medication from an FDA Registered 503B
Outsourcing Facility. When you order from our FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility, you can be certain
what you prescribe is what your patients receive.

1 cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices | 2 Varies based on individual state law. Federal law allows dispensing and administration - FDA Federal SEC. 503B. [21 U.S.C. 353b]


While practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Charles Freeman the procedure and how we could help that heifer and save a
has always felt a responsibility to be involved in organized life and get a live baby calf, I made a decision that day. I said,
veterinary medicine by working on committees and up ‘I’m going to be a veterinarian,’ and I never once changed my
through the officer ranks into leadership positions. “After mind.”
chairing several committees and serving as the OVMA
president, I had the opportunity to serve as the American Article reference from MEDIA CONTACT: Derinda Blakeney, APR | OSU Center for
Veterinary Medical Association delegate for Oklahoma,” he Veterinary Health Sciences
continued. “That was a great experience.” Growing up on a
livestock and crop farm in rural Oklahoma, young Freeman After 13 years of dedicated service, many accolades and
worked with his father on cattle, horses, sheep, and hogs and much success on advancing veterinary medicine, Dr. Charles
learned about growing wheat and cotton. “Obviously if you Freeman is handing the reins to Dr. Rosemarie Strong, AVMA
have cattle, you’re going to have a heifer that sometimes is Delegate and Dr. Mike Jones, AVMA Alternate Delegate.
not able to deliver her baby properly,” said Freeman. “We had
one that could not deliver naturally, which we took to our Pictured below are: Drs. Charles Freeman & Mike Jones at the 2019 AVMA
local veterinarian. He performed a caesarian section on the Convention in Washington D.C.
heifer. As a young man of 11 years old, I was so intrigued with

L to R: Dr. Charles Freeman & Dr. Mike jones
Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 19


I would like to practice. So, this is more than just a understand what we can and can’t do
start this month’s name change, will it start with that yes as a credentialed veterinary technician
communique out but in the end it will be so much more. and what the other employees of a
by thanking all of With the standardization and public veterinary clinic can do. That is why as
the VNI supporters! awareness of the credentialed, the the OVTA executive board have started
OVMA, you have profession will make strides towards a #WhosWhoInVetMed movement
been so amazing in supporting us in better recognition, mobility and and we would love to share with you
this change to elevate our profession. To elevated practice standards, leading our graphics and even the video that
Murray State College, OSU/OKC, and to better patient care and consumer our President, Christen Puckett-Smith
Tulsa Community College thank you for protection. The way we stand now as a filmed.
your encouraging words and guidance country is that there are 39 states that
to the incoming classes of future have the profession regulated by the We are also wanting to remind everyone
Veterinary Technicians. state veterinary medical board, 10 states that we are now accepting Veterinary
that are privately credentialed, and 1 Technician of the Year nominees. There
If you are wondering what exactly the state (Utah) without any credentials for is a link on our website for the form and
VNI is, let me explain it and possibly veterinary technicians. We are hoping you can just fill it out and return to us.
clear up some miss understandings. The that by having one name and defining
Veterinary Nurse Initiative (VNI), is a the scope of practice that we can If you would like to discuss any of this
movement that was started by NAVTA become a more unified profession. further do not hesitate to contact any
to unite the veterinary technician of the executive board and we would be
profession under a single veterinary We would also like to point out that happy to talk to you.
nurse title, standardize credentialing we know this all starts with education
requirements and define scope of on our part for the public to fully Shiloh McGee, RVT
OVTA Secretary

Protect your livelihood with all the right coverage through AVMA PLIT.
We are the most trusted source of professional, business and personal
coverage for every stage of your career.

our expertise is

your strength

Workers’ Compensation • Business Property & Liability •
Employment Practices Liability • Umbrella Liability • Flood •
Commercial Auto • Data Breach • Professional Liability •
Veterinary License Defense • Professional Extension (Animal
Bailee) • Embryo & Semen Storage Coverage • Safety & Risk
Management Resources • Personal Auto • Homeowners •
Renters • Personal Excess (Umbrella) Liability

For a coverage comparison of your entire
insuranceVpoolurtmfoeli3o4t•oIstshueeP3LIT| prFoAgLrLa2m0,19 | 20
call 800-228-PLIT (7548) or visit


Dear OVMA Members, • Summer Board Meeting
Summer Seminar, Oklahoma State CVHS
It’s time once again to select OVMA Officers and District
Directors. This is an important moment each year for our • Fall Board Meeting
organization because these chosen leaders will represent you Southwest Veterinary Symposium, San Antonio
to work together to help set the direction and vision for us all.
Available seats
The OVMA has had many generous and accomplished • President Elect
leaders over the years. There are so many challenges facing • Vice President
veterinarians all the time, and we need leaders to help us • District 2 Director
stand together to align our perspectives, values and strengths • District 3 Director
behind the common bonds that brought us to this profession • District 4 Director
in the first place. There are several opportunities to serve this • District 5 Director
coming year, which are listed below.
If you are interested in a position or to learn more, please
Please consider joining this amazing group of leaders that contact: [email protected]
are impacting veterinary medicine and advocacy in our state.
This is a great way to network and meet leaders and colleagues Nominations close on Wednesday, 9/25/19.
from around the state. As long as you have been a member
for over 3 years, have an interest in shaping our profession,
and can make some time to join us, you’re qualified. You can
see our current leadership roster at

REQUIREMENTS FOR JOINING THE BOARD JumpStart® antimicrobial surgical dressings generate microcurrents
to reduce the risk of infection and support healing.1,2
President Elect
5+ years membership required, will move into the President • Powered by Advanced Microcurrent Technology™*, an embedded
position in 2021. matrix of moisture-activated islands designed to mimic physiologic
currents creates an optimal environment for wound healing
Vice President
5+ years membership required, will move onto President- • JumpStart dressings kill a broad spectrum of harmful
Elect, President, Past President. pathogens including multidrug-resistant
and biofilm-forming bacteria1,3,4
District Director
3+ years membership required, represents voices of Proprietary islands of silver and
constituents in the district, reaches out through district zinc form microcell batteries that
meetings and makes themselves available.
generate microcurrents
The time commitment is reasonable and includes a monthly References: Available in a variety
phone call for committee work. All directors and board of shapes, sizes,
members must attend quarterly board meetings and be 1. Kim H, Makin I, Skiba J, et al. Antibacterial efficacy testing of a bioelectric wound dressing against clinical wound and configurations
involved in committee work. pathogens. Open Microbiol J. 2014;8:15-21. doi:10.2174/1874285801408010015. specific for
orthopedic and
• Winter Board Meeting 2. Banerjee J, Das Ghatak P, Roy S, et al. Improvement of human keratinocyte migration by a redox active bioelectric sports medicine
Oklahoma Veterinary Conference – Norman dressing. PLoS One. 2014;9(3):e89239. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0089239. applications

• Spring Board Meeting 3. Kim H, Izadjoo MJ. Antibiofilm efficacy evaluation of a bioelectric dressing in mono- and multi-
Legislative Day – State Capitol species biofilms. J Wound Care. 2015;24(Suppl 2):S10-S14.. doi:10.12968/jowc.2015.24.Sup2.S10.
© 2018 Arthrex, Inc. All rights reserved. VAD1-00240-EN_B
4. Banerjee J, Das Ghatak P, Roy S, et al. Silver-zinc redox-coupled electroceutical wound dressing disrupts bacterial
biofilm. PLoS One. 2015;10(3):e0119531. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0119531.

*Advanced Microcurrent Technology is a trademark of Vomaris Innovations, Inc.


Send news and advertising to: VETERINARIAN NEEDED Contact: Joey Eastwood @ 580-579-9834
or [email protected]
OVMA Seeking veterinarians interested in a
P.O. Box 14521 flexible schedule! Our small animal FULL OR PART TIME
Oklahoma City, OK 73113 practice in northern OKC is in search VETERINARIAN NEEDED
of a relief or part-time veterinarians.
Phone: (405) 478-1002 Take advantage of work/life balance, Veterinarian needed in a busy small
Fax: (405) 478-7193 competitive pay, benefits, discounts, and animal exclusive practice in Duncan, OK.
Email: [email protected] more! Amy Canida, DVM New graduates are welcome. Hospital is
360-784-7471/[email protected] well equipped and support team is caring,
Advertising rates available upon request. fun, and very experienced. Salary based
ER VETERINARIAN WANTED on experience and includes licensing,
Deadlines for submitting materials: dues, and CE stipend.
The College of Veterinary Health Contact Michael Hudson, DVM at
Spring Issue....................February 1 Sciences at Oklahoma State University Duncan Veterinary Hospital
Summer Issue.................May 1 is working to expand our Small Animal 580-255-0830 or [email protected]
Fall Issue.........................August 1 Emergency Service. We are seeking an com.
Winter Issue...................November 1 enthusiastic emergency doctor with a
passion for teaching to join our team. PRACTICE FOR SALE
EQUIPMENT FOR SALE Successful candidates will provide
instruction. For inquiries please contact: Small animal practice in central
Fischer Automatic Film Processor Dr. Daniel J Burba, Department Head Oklahoma, rapidly growing OKC suburb.
purchased in 2007. Includes: 6 film plates, Veterinary Clinical Sciences at (405) 744- Mixed practice potential if desired.
stand, x-ray viewing box. 8469 or [email protected] For more Grossing $250-300K past 3 years with
information, visit https:/// one part time veterinarian. Sale with real
$895.00 OBO. Contact: estate or will lease. Please message or
[email protected] VETERINARIAN NEEDED email: [email protected]
for more information and photo request. (405)-206-6566. Motivated seller
River Valley Veterinary Clinic is a high-
PRACTICE FOR SALE volume mixed animal practice located VETERINARIAN NEEDED
in beautiful Southeastern Oklahoma
Seller financing available for the down seeking a third veterinarian. We have a Sooner Veterinary Hospital, located in
payment! Estimated ADI for new owner new facility with an excellent support Norman, OK, is immediately seeking a
is +110K! 2,800 sf small animal practice staff and a fun working environment. We full or part time veterinarian to join our
with real estate. The practice is located are looking for an experienced DVM or a team. Newly expanded facility with great
in residential and industrial area. 2 exam new graduate that can be mentored. Our support staff, offering excellent salary
rooms. Code: OK4 small animal facility was built in 2016 and and benefits. Please contact Dr. Jennifer
PS Broker; 800-636-4740/[email protected] is well equipped with an in house IDEXX Schoonover at [email protected] or
com ; laboratory, digital and dental radiology, (405) 747-0620 for more information.
and a modern surgical suite. We also
VETERINARIAN WANTED have a new cattle processing facility, VETERINARIAN NEEDED
equipped with a Flying W tilt chute,
Large animal practice seeking an on the back side of our 6-acre practice. DVM needed for busy, two doctor
associate veterinarian in a well established By the end of 2020, we will complete companion animal practice in Yukon.
clinic in southwest Missouri (est. construction on our new 6,000 square Join a well-equipped hospital with great
1974). We have excellent indoor cattle foot equine facility. RVVC offers a highly staff and great clients in a growing vibrant
working facilities with a hydraulic chute, competitive salary, Simple IRA, Aflac community! Check us out at www.
hydraulic foot table and ambulatory supplemental insurance, and a continuing
services. Please email or send resumes to: education allowance. Split emergency Contact: J Matt McQuade, DVM @
[email protected]/ shifts are required, but with additional [email protected] or 405-354-6604
417-326-2992 compensation. We are open to discussing
all possibilities.

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 22


PRACTICE FOR SALE great hunting, fishing and camping and VETERINARIAN NEEDED
our practice is a very well-equipped
Small animal exclusive, 30+ years hospital with a great staff and a clientele We are looking for a full-time
established. 1100 Sq Ft leasehold, that appreciates the services we veterinarian. We’re a mixed animal
shopping center practice. High visibility, provide! The income is good(six figures practice that’s equipped to care for dogs,
located on a main thoroughfare with potentially, depending on experience) cats, horses, farm animals, and exotics.
easy access for clients and ample and the work schedule is great. Feel We’re fully equipped to offer mobile
parking. Impromed veterinary software, free to look us up on Facebook. Very services and emergency care. We offer a
2 exam rooms, pharmacy, treatment motivated to add an associate with competitive salary and benefits. Call 405-
area with dental/anesthetic machines. potential to purchase in the future! Call 547-8381 and ask for Brittany. We look
Standard Innovet xray machine/mini- today and ask for Dr. John Collins or forward to meeting you!
med processor. Surgery suite, standard Danielle Pack RVT/Practice Manager. Benchmark Animal Hospital.
equipped, ultrasound recently purchased. 580-622-3133 1701 W 116th St. Perkins, OK 74059
Practice gross for 2018 was $302,000
respresenting 15% increase from previous VETERINARIAN NEEDED PART TIME VETERINARIAN
year. I must expedite this sale. Practice NEEDED
would be perfect for an energetic/ Associate veterinarian needed at equine
compassionate team with emphasis on practice in central OK. Practice is Avalon Veterinary Hospital is seeking a
quality service and personalized attention 50% reproduction/embryo transfer/ part-time veterinarian! We are a small-
to client/patient needs. Contact info: neonatal, 50% general practice. Benefits animal hospital in Broken Arrow; Dr.
Howard Stevens include license, dues, health and liability Jennifer Morley is our full-time DVM.
918-747-8561/918-271-2435 insurance and CE allowance. Pay based OUR TECHNICIANS ARE AMAZING!!!
on experience. All levels of experience We are willing to consider new grads.
VETERINARIAN NEEDED encouraged to apply. Send resume to This position is part-time/relief, but we
[email protected] would consider this turning into full-time
Located in Lindsay, Oklahoma, Grassland Dr. Joe Noble/405-550-3798 for the right candidate!
Veterinary Service is a high volume Phone: 918.258.9569
mixed animal practice now seeking a VETERINARIAN NEEDED
third veterinarian. Our clinic offers a VETERINARIAN NEEDED
wide array of options including digital Seeking experienced or newly graduated
radiography, two ultrasound machines, a veterinarian for growing small animal We are looking for a full-time associate
dental unit, an in-house Abaxis lab, large practice in SE Tulsa. Please apply to veterinarian to join our 2 doctor team
and small animal surgical capabilities, [email protected] or come tour Tulsa here at Oakridge Animal Center in
a cattle barn (with a hydraulic squeeze General Veterinary Hospital. Lawton, OK. We are open to new
chute and an OB chute), and a separate Located at 7910 S. 107th East Ave. Tulsa, graduates or an experienced veterinarian.
horse barn (with two stocks and two OK 74133 We are a small animal practice only,
stalls). We also offer competitive Contact: Dr. Gregory Prisinzano located in Southwest Oklahoma. The
pay/401K, health insurance, and 918-806-1111 hospital offers in house Idexx Laboratory,
emergency compensation. All levels of digital radio graphs, companion laser
experience considered and new graduates VETERINARIAN NEEDED therapy unit, companion regenerative
are encouraged to apply. Please email therapy unit, dental and cautery unit.
resumes to [email protected] or Crestwood Animal Hospital has a position Contact Dr. Robert Bower/ 580-695-7179
call (405) 756-4448. available for a full time veterinarian.
Crestwood is an AAHA-certified, well- VETERINARIAN NEEDED
FULL-TIME VETERINARIAN equipped, full service companion animal
practice in NW Oklahoma City. Benefits Village Vet Animal Clinic is looking for
Would you like to practice high-quality, include license fees, membership dues, another veterinarian to join our family.
small animal medicine, yet establish and CE and insurance allowance and 401k. We are serious about good medicine and
raise your family in a small community Salary commensurate with experience. serious about supporting one another.
at the foot of the Arbuckle Mountains of Please e-mail resume to [email protected] We offer competitive compensation
southern Oklahoma? Our community packages, CE allotment, retirement
(area) is blessed with friendly people,

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 23


matching, medical, vision and dental VETERINARIAN NEEDED to grow the large animal client base
insurance just like everyone else. We because of local demographics. Small
also have the cool toys – endoscopy, Full time position in a friendly mentoring animal practice focuses on client
ultrasound, therapeutic laser, stem atmosphere. Long time staff and education, and diagnostics. The practice
cell therapy, and more! We have an in loyal client base. Practice focuses on is equipped with CR digital x-ray,
house lab for immediate diagnostics. diagnostics, & client education. Salary is portable ultrasound, portable x-ray, in-
Our greatest asset though, is our people. commensurate with experience. Good house lab including IDEXX and I-stat ,
Our clients choose Village Vet Animal benefits package and shared emergency Cardell and Nonin anesthesia monitors,
Clinic because it’s “where you go when it work. Work in a rural atmosphere but Isoflurane anesthesia, computerized
matters” and our staff continue to choose have access to urban play and great practice management. Current staff has
Village Vet Animal Clinic because they recreational lake. Located 20 minutes combined tenure of 22 years and is all
know that here is where they matter. The from Tulsa, OK. cross trained. Grooming is 7% of income
right doctor will be willing to check ego Contact: Dr. DiGregorio/ 918-225-9216 and growing. This clinic has recently
at the door, provide medical excellence, been remodeled inside. The clinic serves
share knowledge, trust and support the PRACTICE FOR SALE clients from a 15-mile radius and has
team, and never stop learning. You have shown yearly growth in client numbers
earned the degree. Now live the life you Turn key mixed animal practice for and revenue. The locale is a bedroom
envisioned. Choose Village Vet Animal sale in north central OK. Solo practice, community of a major city and is located
Clinic. Call 918-527-3970 predominantly small animal. Facility on a large recreational lake, affording
includes 1800 Sq. Ft. building, 2700 20-minute access to entertainment
VETERINARIAN NEEDED Sq. Ft. covered large animal area with and shopping. The local school district
hydraulic chute and low stress pens. has recently built new elementary and
Veterinarian wanted, full or part time. Equipment includes Idexx blood intermediate schools. The associate’s
Fast growing 2 doctor practice in NW analyzer, CR Digital X- Ray, Engler dental interests could be either small or large
OKC looking to add 3rd associate. scaler, USSI cages, Vetland gas machine, animal oriented. Responsibilities include
Digital Radiography, in-house labs, new and DVM Software. Priced for quick sale. surgeries, diagnostics, and building
renovations, recent equipment upgrades. For details call Dr. O’Mealey at 405-880- client relationships. Emergency work
Offering competitive salary, CE, dues, 4061 will be shared and compensation beyond
health insurance, and licenses. Great staff salary is given for all emergency work.
and fun environment. ASSOCIATE VETERINARIAN We believe in mentoring. This business
Email Dr. Mark Reser at [email protected] NEEDED would be ideal for a person seeking to acquire a well-established practice
Associate Veterinarian needed in well or for a younger vet wanting a rural
VETERINARIAN NEEDED established, family-oriented practice atmosphere with the potential for a buy-
in Tahlequah/Lake Tenkiller Area. Our in opportunity. Contact Dr. Di Gregorio
Small animal practitioner desired for mission is to communicate with clients at [email protected] or 918-225-9216
growing practice in Midwest City, as we care for their companion animals.
OK. We have a large facility with an Potential to expand into large animal
excellent support staff and a fun working mobile practice. Great opportunity for
environment. Our in house Idexx lab new graduate, Mentorship available.
equipment/digital radiology link directly Please contact Dr. Horn @918-931-2778 or
with our software program. Great salary [email protected]
and employment benefits.
Adam Dobbels, DVM 405-743-7906/ ASSOCIATE VETERINARIAN
[email protected] NEEDED
Kim Sossamon 405-732-0043/
[email protected] Full-time Associate Wanted and/or
Buy-In Opportunity. Mixed animal
practice for sale in Central OK. Practice
has matured into mostly small animal
(85%) but there is a good potential

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 24

legacyCREATE A



The first $100,000 gifted towards the permanent endowment will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous OYE donor.
These funds will, yet again, be matched dollar for dollar by Mr. Bob Funk’s ONWARD Campaign, totaling $400,000.
Upon full funding of the endowment, four $5000 scholarships will be awarded annually.



– A high school senior 4-H or FFA member must participate in – $2500 will be distributed once the student is accepted to
OYE by showing an animal or competing in an OYE contest, Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Health Sciences.
such as the Skillathon. The remaining $2500 will be distributed upon completion of the

– Student must attend an Oklahoma university for undergrad and student’s first year of veterinary school.
must be accepted to OSU College of Veterinary Health Sciences.

Endowment will be managed by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. All gifts are tax deductible.

Name State Zip Code
Business (Optional)
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Amount Donated

Make checks out to: Mail checks to:
Oklahoma Youth Expo Oklahoma Youth Expo
Memo: Onward Endowment – Vet
500 NW 30th St
Oklahoma Youth Expo Oklahoma City, OK 73118
405.235.0404 Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association

[email protected]


Dr. Elizabeth Calabria OKL ‘08 Dr. ELizabeth Calabria
TEX’88 (918) 504-6692 TEX ‘88
(580) 326-4573 [email protected] SA/Mixed
[email protected] Dr. Heather Cobb (580) 326-4573
Dr. Sherry Craycraft OKL ‘85 [email protected]
OKL’ 08 SA Dr. Charles Clinkenbeard
SA Mixed (405) 265-1866 KSU ‘64
(405) 334-1834 [email protected] Mixed
[email protected] Dr. Andy Cooper (918) 333-5848
Dr. Shanna Eddings A&M ‘91 [email protected]
OKL ‘03 SA Dr. Carolyn Fairless
SA ER/SA/Limited Mixed (575) 631-8764 TEX ‘89
(580) 927-0094 [email protected] (918) 625-5200
[email protected] Dr. Bridget Duroche Dr. Peiman Milani
Dr. Stephanie Elliott AUB ‘04 Urmia ‘00
SA (503) 891-3171 (918) 720-8272
(405) 614-0575 [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] Dr. Dorrie Parrott Dr. Camille Sieger
Dr. Jimmy Fuchs OKL’ 94 OKL ‘09
SA/Mixed (405) 831-1444 (405) 721-7090
(580) 243-7426 [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] Dr. Stacey Riffel Dr. Carolynne Cash
Dr. Sarah McGee OKL ‘97 OKL ‘96
ER/SA/Mixed (405) 330-8930 (918) 261-6963
(918) 448-1680 [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] Dr. Camille Sieger
OKL ‘09
Dr. Joanna Brackett SA
OKL ‘15 (405) 721-7090
SA/Mixed [email protected]
(918) 938-3184 Dr. Tami Spivey
[email protected] OKL ‘96
OKLAHOMA CITY AREA (405) 642-3529
Dr. Jacob Boyer [email protected]
OKL ‘05 Dr. Mary Kay Webster
SA OKL ‘02
(405) 255-8506 SA
[email protected] (405) 923-6806
Dr. Elizabeth Calabria [email protected]
TEX ‘88
(580) 326-4573
[email protected]

Volume 34 • Issue 3 | FALL 2019 | 26

Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association
P.O. Box 14521
Oklahoma City, OK 73113



Seamless X-Ray Acquisition Outstanding Clinical Detail

 Fewer retakes with pixel by pixel processing  Intuitive touch panel interface

 Auto adjustment for any size/species of patient  15 MHz high-resolution imaging

 Realistic representation of anatomy  One-button image optimization

 Balanced soft tissue and bone structures  High-density transducers

 Enhanced usability with a gesture based interface  Complete Cardiac, Abdominal and MSK Imaging

 Low dose for both your patients and staff  Solutions and training for all applications

 24/7 support - No contracts required  Extended Warranty Options

Schedule A Demo Today: 800.842.0607

[email protected] -

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