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View the tentative schedule for Summer Seminar, learn about OVMA Business Alliance Partner TMGvets, receive advice from OVMA Business Alliance Partner CARR Realty, and much more!

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Published by OVMA, 2020-06-10 11:18:17

Summer 2020 Communique

View the tentative schedule for Summer Seminar, learn about OVMA Business Alliance Partner TMGvets, receive advice from OVMA Business Alliance Partner CARR Realty, and much more!






03 President’s Letter Summer 2020 • Volume 35 • Issue 2
04 On Point
05 State Veterinarian’s Report An Oklahoma Veterinary
06 From the Dean Medical Association Publication
07 Latest News and Updates
08 OSU CVM News Managing Editor
09 TMGVets: A Company Built for
Hayley Eberle
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Digital Hayley Eberle
13 Capital Report
15 Maximize Your Profitability Through The OVMA Communique is the newsletter of
the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association.
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22 Classifieds according to space and contact guidelines and
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Opinions expressed in these contents are strictly
those of the author(s) and are not necessarily
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President District IV
Jennifer Schoonover, Megan Smith, DVM
DVM Jessica Carter-Arnold,

President-Elect DVM
Lee Denny, DVM
District V
Jeff Boyer, DVM
Vice President Aaron Farr, DVM
Brent Hancock,
AVMA Delegate
Secretary/Treasurer Rosemarie Strong,
Tracei Holder, DVM DVM

Immediate Past AVMA Alternate
President Delegate
Wendy Bray, DVM Mike Jones, DVM

District Director SAVMA
Representative Representative
Chad Baumwart, Ashley Ferguson
DVM Jordyn Martel

District I Executive Director
Cristen Thomas,
Sarah Smith, DVM

District II Assistant Director
Trent Stites, DVM Hayley Eberle
Tracy Patton, DVM
District III Coordinator
Andrew Hanzlicek, Tanna Rozzell
Chad Baumwart,

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 2


The Last Thing I recognized the importance of our profession as well, allowing
Expected us to provide our services, although social distancing and
conservation of PPE was emphasized. To help our members
When I began my keep up with the ever-changing information, via the listserve
presidency in January, and regular emails, your OVMA staff provided the most
a global pandemic was up to date information available relative to the practice of
the last thing I expected. veterinary medicine. Many of you shared your experiences
Although I was aware of the and patient and client-management practices so that we
reports of the emergence could learn from one another. Our new “normal” has been
of a novel coronavirus in challenging for everyone. Fortunately, we have seen the curve
China, I really had not put flatten due to the diligence of most of us, but have we done
much thought into how it enough?
could change our day to day
activities in Oklahoma. We all watched as the first cases of In other news, the search is underway for our new OVMA
COVID-19 were identified on American soil and, as more and executive director. We have what appears to be many
more cases were identified across our nation, most Americans qualified candidates and the executive committee is reviewing
were recommended to “shelter in place.” We have all had to applications. In the meantime, our assistant director, Hayley
make sacrifices, change our habits and adjust quickly to new Eberle, has taken the reins, driving our organization forward.
guidelines to keep ourselves and others safe. The last couple As our veterinary practice act is due to sunset this year, there
of months have been interesting to say the least. We have are 2 bills being presented to renew it, but unfortunately
had to adapt quickly to ever-changing rules and guidelines, due to weeks of legislature shut down, these bills are still in
and this has created a bit of chaos for many of us, not only committee along with other non-critical legislation. We will
personally, but professionally as well. continue to monitor this situation and keep our members
advised on any updates.
On March 13th, President Trump declared a national state of
emergency as the COVID-19 pandemic gained momentum. As you know, Governor Stitt has outlined a staged plan
Governor Stitt followed suit on March 16th declaring a state to re-open services throughout the state. However, many
of emergency in Oklahoma. Within days, our universities municipalities have different guidelines that must be followed
and schools were preparing for distance learning, travel by businesses and residents under their jurisdiction. Like
was discouraged, non-essential businesses were closed, many of you, I have more questions than answers. I am
and the general population was urged to social distance. very anxious for what the next few months hold for us. Rest
Concerned about the welfare of our animal population and assured, the OVMA will continue to guide our membership
the Oklahomans who care for them, on March 23rd, with the and provide the most current information available during
help of our lobbyist, Jerrod Shouse, your OVMA delivered a these trying times. I commend our OVMA staff for their
letter urging Governor Stitt to include veterinary medicine diligence during this time. Best wishes to you all for
in the list of essential services. The guidelines set forth by continued safety and remember your veterinary association is
the Department of Homeland Security outlined veterinary here to help in any way it can.
services as essential. Thankfully, our state government
Jennifer L. Schoonover, DVM
OVMA President

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 3


Growth and to our wonderful event sponsors we have full intentions of
Opportunities rescheduling those events later in the year. As soon as we can
Ahead announce those new dates we will, so be sure to keep an eye
on your emails and social media for those announcements.
There is no doubt that
the first half of 2020 has Summer Seminar was also affected by this but thanks to the
been a season of change. outstanding team at OSU CVM we will be offering Summer
Some may even say it has Seminar digitally. We know that many of our OVMA members
taught many of us how to utilize that event to gain the necessary CE hours to renew
pivot which brings to mind their license and we are excited to be able to do that with a
the scene in Friends when new format. We hope you will join us and the great line up of
they are trying to move presenters that are scheduled.
the couch up the stairs.
At least it provides a good While the search for the new executive director is on, I want
laugh during what has been to reassure you that business as usual continues in the office.
some tense times and I certainly feel like our “pivot” has been The OVMA staff is here to help you so please do not hesitate
much more successful than them getting the couch up the to contact us.
stairs. With change comes growth and opportunity which is an
exciting tone to have as move forward. Stay safe!

Hayley Eberle
OVMA Assistant Director

We welcomed a new staff member, Tanna Rozzell, to the office
in March. She is handling the Pet Overpopulation Program in
addition to our billing and assisting our membership. Tanna
has already sent out renewals for veterinarians who participate
in the Pet Overpopulation program so if you haven’t received
yours or you are interested in participating in the program
please let us know.

One of the new and exciting changes our membership is
currently experiencing is our new membership software,
MemberClicks. This new program allows our members to log
on and renew their memberships, update contact information,
and stay tuned in to the latest happenings at OVMA. The first
round of renewal notices has been emailed out, however if
you have not received yours or you have questions please do
not hesitate to contact the office. Remember – memberships
expire June 30!

An unfortunate change during the COVID-19 pandemic
has been the postponement of many events, including
several of OVMA’s district CE meetings and socials. Thanks

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 4

STATE VETERINARIAN’S REPORT is to get those tags into replacement heifers, cows, and bulls.
Please contact us if you or your clients will use them.

A Lot Has We are scheduled to do another whole herd test in October
Changed on the Panhandle dairy that received some heifers that were
exposed to TB at a calf raising facility in Texas. To date we
Wow….reading back over what I wrote three months ago and a have found no infected cattle. A beef herd in the Panhandle
lot sure has changed! sold a group of cull cows and one of them was infected with
TB. We have found no TB yet in cattle that responded to the
In that message I said the Vesicular Stomatitis outbreak was caudal fold test and were slaughtered. We still have a part of
over. Unfortunately a new one has started. There have been the herd that is in a remote location and we believe has less
exposure to test this fall. Another dairy herd that received
cases in New Mexico, Texas, cows from a herd in Texas that was subsequently found to be
and Arizona. They’re a long infected is in the process of being tested now.
way from Oklahoma at this
time but I expect the disease A Foreign Animal Disease called Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease
will move north along with is affecting both wild and domestic rabbits in Arizona, New
its insect hosts and will be Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. There is no approved vaccine
in northern Texas, New for it. We are exploring the possibility of importing a foreign
Mexico, and in Colorado vaccine. Please alert your rabbit clients to maintain strict
before long. Please be alert biosecurity as that is the best way to prevent introduction of
and notify us if you see the disease.
vesicular or ulcerative lesion
around the mouth, feet, or mucocutaneous junctions in horses The thing that is taking almost all my time right now is the
or other livestock. COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it’s having on the meat
packing industry. Several plants across the country have shut
African Swine Fever around the world has taken a backseat down and many others are operating at less than normal
to COVID-19 but that outbreak is continuing. We continue capacity due to employee illness and absenteeism. The big
to work with USDA and other major swine states to prepare concern at this time for Oklahoma is the swine slaughter
for an outbreak of ASF in the U.S. Our goal is to prevent it plant in Guymon which normally slaughters 20,000 fat hogs
from getting here but if it does we want to be as prepared as a day. At this time it is continuing to operate but not at full
possible to contain it quickly. Even if you’re a companion capacity. If it is not able to continue there is a real possibility
animal practitioner please spread the word that imported that some of the finisher farms in the Panhandle may have to
pork products can potentially be infected and to be sure and depopulate entire barns of hogs and dispose of the carcasses.
properly dispose of those products. Please make people We’re working with the swine industry, the Oklahoma
aware that the disease does not affect humans and that pork State Department of Health, and Oklahoma Emergency
continues to be safe to eat when properly prepared. Management to plan to assist if the worst case scenario occurs.
Our poultry processing plants seem to be doing a little better.

Virulent Newcastle Disease in California is still an issue, but I want to mention some personnel changes to our
once again California believes they have it almost eradicated.
They are doing testing now to prove freedom from the organization. Dr. Justin Roach resigned his position as Staff
Veterinarian in late January. Dr. Roach had been with us
The timeline to transition to electronic ID for cattle is due to
be opened for public comment in May. After the comment for a little over 10 years and managed our swine and farmed
period I believe USDA will re-institute the timeline but will
probably push it back by a year or two. They have been cervidae programs. Dr. Mike Herrin is resigning in May. Dr.
sending us some Low Frequency EID tags at no cost. The goal
Herrin has been with ODAFF a little over 15 years and has

served as assistant State Veterinarian since 2007. Dr. Herrin

has managed our equine and poultry programs in addition to

many other duties. CONTINUED P. 14

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 5


Rising to the • Influenza D pathogenesis and host immune responses in
Ocassion at OSU calves under single- and dual-infection
• Equine skeletal muscle fluororespirometry
The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in several changes at
the College of Veterinary • Microvasculature of the suspensory ligament of the hind-
Medicine. Classes for limb of horses
veterinary students years
one through four went • Efficacy of high dose oral gabapentin in horses with chronic
online. Faculty and students lameness
have been resilient in their
response to this method of • Clinical effect of prokinetics and analgesics on
instruction. gastrointestinal motility in rabbits

The Veterinary Medical • Development of an M protein-deficient respiratory syncytial
Hospital initiated curbside virus vaccine for aerosolized vaccination of the lung
admission and discharge
protocols and is only treating emergency cases. Only hospital • Evaluation and comparison of methods to inactivate viruses
personnel are allowed inside the building.
• Modeling influenza virus infection using iPSC-derived
The college has donated 15,825 pieces of personal protective alveolar organoids
equipment and loaned eight ventilators and 34 IV poles to our
human medicine colleagues at Stillwater Medical Center and • Evaluation of the metabolic effects of 17a-estradiol in obese
OSU Health Sciences Center. canines, which is a novel translation model for metabolic
Several faculty members are moving forward on COVID-19
related research. The college is also working with the College • Slowing aging by multiplexing (SLAM)
of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, the Center
for Health Sciences, and the College of Arts and Sciences •Sequential histologic and immune gene expression
on COVID-19 related projects. All of OSU’s biocontainment comparisons of naïve and subsequent Amblyomma americanum
capacity for this biosafety level 3 virus is housed at our college. bite lesions from induced infestations on dogs and cats.
COVID-19 project areas include: genomic analysis of the virus,
host-pathogen interaction in the lung including co-infections A small delegation traveled to Washington, D.C., pre-
and co-morbidities, and detection of the virus in a host and in COVID-19 travel restrictions, to participate in the AAVMC
the environment. Advocacy Day. Representing the college were: Dr. Carlos
Risco, dean; Dr. Jerry Malayer, associate dean of research
and graduate education; Dr. Tim Snider, professor in the
Department of Veterinary Pathobiology; and Hannah Felder,
third-year veterinary student. They met with several state
leaders in support of animal health and disease research,
advancing emergency preparedness through the One Health
Act of 2019, and the America Grows Act of 2019.


Carlos A. Risco, DVM, Dipl. ACT
Dean, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

Additional research projects cover the following:

• Prevalence of anthelmintic (dewormer) resistance in
Oklahoma beef cattle herds

• Construction of a bRSV infectious clone and establishment
of experimental infection model of bRSV in neonatal calves

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 6


The Latest EVENTS COMING SOON! Legislative Advocacy Committee
Veterinary State Fair Committees (Tulsa & Oklahoma)
News in • Summer Seminar Convention Committee
Oklahoma June 26 & 27 - Digital Conference Veterinary Technician Advisory Committee
Power of 10 Leadership Academy
• At this time all district meetings and If you are interested in more
social have been postponed. As soon information or would like to volunteer,
as we have new dates for those events please call the OVMA .
we will be sure to let the membership
Don’t forget that you can purchase the
• Oklahoma Veterinary Conference new Pet Overpopulation Tag at your
January 28 - 30, 2021 - Embassy Suites local tag agency!
- Norman, OK OACF appreciates your support!
20 Hours of CE - Registration details
coming soon! Interested in enrolling yourself or your
clinic as an approved service provider
OVMA LISTSERVE NEW MEMBERS for the Pet Overpopulation Program?
Contat the OVMA office today for an
If you would like to be part of the Jessi Farris, DVM application!
OVMA Listserve, which is a benefit of
at [email protected] The address for OVMA Memberships will expire June
the listserve is [email protected] The DVM PAC was created in 30! You can renew your membership
com. recognition of the need to increase now by loging into the members only
political activity and awareness among section of the OVMA website. To update
OACF PET MEMORIALS members of the veterinary medical your contact information log in to your
professions. The DVM PAC, a non account then click on My Profile.
The Pet Memorial Program is a sincere partisan political action committee,
and compassionate way for veterinarians provides financial support for state
to honor their clients by making a political candidates. DVM PAC exists
donation in the pet’s memory. Animal through the voluntary contributions of
owners utilize this program as an OVMA Members. Contributing to the
expression of gratitiude to veterinarians DVM PAC reflects your commitment
for outstanding care to their pets. and dedication to political activity and
Send the name of the animal for the education of key issues that affect the
memorial, their owners name and veterinary professions. You, as OVMA
address, and a donation of any amount. members, are vital to our political
The OACF will send a card to the activities and success.
owners showing a memorial has been
made in the name of the pet. Donations WAYS TO GET INVOLVED AT OVMA
accepted online
a-donation Student Relations Committee
Marlow Veterinary Clinic Disaster Response
Continuing Education
Social Media and Outreach
Business Alliance Task Force Committee

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 7


Vet Med Faces of Research

Vet Med Faces of Research is a monthly series that highlights the ongoing impactful research at the College of Veterinary
Medicine. Here are links to the latest releases:

Dr. Lyndi Gilliam, associate professor of equine internal medicine, talks about her research on snake venom
and developing a field antidote to treat snake bite.

Dr. Reed Holyoak, Bullock Professor of equine theriogenology, shares information on his study of the mare’s
reproductive microbiome.

Online Continuing Education
The veterinary college’s continuing education director, Dr. Rosslyn Biggs, has developed online CE for veterinarians as well as
some webinars. For the latest information, visit

What Coverage is Your Practice Missing?    


Coverage helps replace Protects your workers Legal defense fees and Responds to the loss,
or repair your building, financially if they’re indemnity for wrongful theft, accidental release,
equipment, furniture, injured on the job.   employment practices or accidental publication
computers, and more. claims.    of sensitive records.

Let’s talk about managing risk at your practice.

800-228-7548, option 4

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 8

TMGvets: A Beyond the savings we offer solutions to make taking
Company Built for payments efficient. We provide trust in an area of their
Veterinarians business they may have not had before. We provide personal
and excellent customer service.
By: Hayley Eberle
Walk us through the process of what happens when someone
Some of you may be familiar with TMGvets, an Oklahoma inquires about becoming a new customer of TMGvets.
Veterinary Medical Association Business Alliance Partner.
Maybe you have spoken to them during one of the Oklahoma It is easy! Send us a statement from your current provider. We
Veterinary Conference’s, or you might already be utilizing send you back a detailed proposal of what we offer. You see the
their services. We sat down with Clay Farrell, President of savings! Send us back the completed paperwork and we have
TMGvets to learn more about the company and how they are the clinic up and running with TMGvets in 2-3 days.
helping veterinarians in their day to day business.
Clay, can you tell us a little bit about TMGvets and what you What are some of the main things that you see TMGvets
do? being able to help veterinarians with once they start using
TMGvets was created to give every veterinarian access to your service?
industry leading rates and service for payment processing.
We understand the success of every practice relies in part on Savings and service. We are going to save veterinarians
minimizing costs and providing superior customer service. money, we are going to deliver great customer service, and we
We offer guaranteed savings, direct access to our Veterinarian are going to give you free equipment and receipt paper.
Payment Specialist, and 24-hour customer support. Making
payment transactions as easy and reliable as possible ensures Within TMGvet’s line of work do you see the specific needs
a positive checkout process for your clients. Saving money on of veterinarians being different from state to state, or even
payment processing helps support the future of your practice. regionally, or are they uniform?
How does TMG specifically help veterinarians?
Every state has their share or small and large animal
clinics, brick and mortar and mobile, emergency and non-
emergency. Yes, you may see a higher percentage of large
animal clinics in Oklahoma compared to another state, but we
are prepared and ready to work with all types.

Obviously with COVID-19 everyone has had to pivot and
innovate what they are doing. I know TMGvets offered some
opportunities to help with curbside checkout. Can you tell us
more about that?

Yes, we have multiple options to help veterinarians with
curbside payments and exam room check out. We have a
variety of wireless terminals that can operate off of Wi-Fi or
a call signal. We even have a mobile credit card reader that
operates off an application on your phone. All of our terminals
can accept contactless payments as well.

Is there anything new and exciting we might be seeing from
TMGvets in the near future?

Yes! Fetch! We are making custom websites now for veterinary
clinics. Fetch was developed to offer veterinarians additional
solutions to promote their brand image, all at an

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 9

affordable price with no up- TMGvets was created to give every veterinarian access to
front cost. Bundling services industry leading rates and services for payment processing.
with TMGvets and Fetch can We understand the success of every practice relies in part on
save vets thousands annually, minimizing costs and providing superior customer service.
which supports the future of We offer guaranteed savings, direct access to our Veterinarian
each individual practice. Our Payment Specialists, and 24-hr customer support. Making
credit card processing customers payment transactions as easy and reliable as possible ensures
get exclusive pricing. More a positive checkout process for your clients. Saving money on
information on that can be payment processing helps support the future of your practice.
found at

Okay Clay, if someone wants
more information on TMGvets
or wants to set up a time to
discuss transferring their
servicers over to TMGvets who
should they contact?

I can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone
at (812) 528-8805.

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 10

Seminar Goes Digital

As America fights to curb the spread of COVID-19, Oklahoma State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine announced
today that its OSU/OVMA Summer Seminar will be a virtual event on June 26 and 27.

“We are committed to the health and safety of our faculty and staff and those seeking continuing education,” said Dr. Rosslyn
Biggs, director of continuing education and beef cattle extension specialist at the veterinary college. “In line with OSU’s
mandate regarding face-to-face events through July 1, we moved Summer Seminar online. Attendees can kick back, relax, save
transportation costs and forget about parking.”

Biggs has a great lineup of speakers planned covering topics such as vaccinations, marijuana toxicity in companion animals,
minimally invasive procedures, dog parks, equine theriogenology, equine para nasal disease, beef cattle summer nutrition,
blood transfusions in ruminants and more. Participants can earn a total of 10 hours of CE.

Early bird registration is open now until June 1. The cost for veterinarians is $250 and $200 for technicians and other staff.

After June 1, prices increase by $75 for each type.

Participants will receive a Zoom webinar login link prior to the event. Proceedings will be available through the website
following the event. CE attendance will be reported to the State Veterinary Board via the Zoom attendance report, which
includes minutes attended.

If you need any additional information, please contact the continuing education office at 405-744-7672 or [email protected]

Capital Report On May 13, Gov. Stitt vetoed the budget, stating that he was
not part of budget negotiations and that the plan reduced
With two weeks to go before the deadline to end the 2020 funding for state pensions and jeopardized the state’s
legislative session, lawmakers adjourned one of the strangest infrastructure funding. The same day, both the Senate and
sessions in memory, which included closing the Capitol the House voted to override the governor’s veto and enact the
for seven weeks in the middle of the session due to the budget. Afterward, both Gov. Stitt and legislative leaders in the
COVID-19 outbreak, a revenue failure during the Fiscal Year House and Senate told reporters that the disagreement was
2020 budget, and an override of a veto after Gov. Kevin Stitt not personal and that they look forward to working together
rejected Fiscal Year 2021 budget agreement. again to govern the state.

The session began on a hopeful note as revenue collections With the Legislature shut down for nearly half the session and
were coming in slightly under the estimate but with more the amount of effort directed to dealing with two budgets at
than $1 billion in savings to help keep agency budgets from once, there were far fewer policy bills passed this year than in
being cut. In February, the Board of Equalization certified years prior. Because of the shortened session, HB 3482, which
$8.2 billion in available revenue for lawmakers to build the made requested updates to the veterinary practice act and
FY-2021 appropriated budget, about $85 million less than extended the “sunset” of the State Board of Veterinary Medical
the FY-2020 budget. But by mid-March, the coronavirus hit Examiners by five years was not enacted. However, House Bill
the Capitol and legislative leaders quickly closed the building 2823 was an omnibus bill that extended the “sunset” dates for
to the public. Within a week, all members of the House of numerous boards and commissions, including the State Board
Representatives and the Senate were working remotely. of Veterinary Medical Examiners, which was set to expire on
July 1, 2020. The bill extends the sunset date for the Board
When it became clear in late March that the COVID-19 until July 1, 2023. Additionally, the Veterinary Nurse Initiative
outbreak and the collapse of the energy industry would create Bill, SB 1788, was not considered by the full Senate after a
a revenue failure in the FY-2020 budget, which ends on June unanimous vote in the Senate Agriculture Committee.
30 of this year, lawmakers returned to the Capitol in early
April to withdraw nearly $504 million from the “Rainy Day” As the session comes to a close, lawmakers in both chambers
Fund to prevent immediate cuts to agencies. And when the are gearing up for their re-election campaigns. There
Board of Equalization met later that month, it was projected will certainly be new faces in the Legislature next session,
that the official revenue estimate it certified in February for though how many is unknown. The turnover will not be as
the upcoming fiscal year would be short by more than $1.3 extensive as it has been in recent years, however. What type
billion due to the economic recession. of economic environment those lawmakers will return to next
January is uncertain, as well, though most expect the economy
Both House and Senate budget leaders seemed wary of the to begin recovering in the second half of the year as the state
$1.3 billion amount but said they would use that figure as a reopens for business.
starting point for building the FY-2021 budget. After more
weeks of budget negotiations, the Legislature returned the It has certainly been a remarkable four months. As the interim
first week in May and passed a budget agreement on May 7. begins, we will continue to advocate on behalf of OVMA and
keep you updated on any developments that could affect your
The $7.7 billion budget agreement is a three percent cut from practices.
the FY-2020 budget and includes cuts to most state agencies.
The Legislature used a combination of state savings, bonds, Jerrod Shouse
and cuts to balance the budget. Most agencies will receive a 4 Shouse Consulting
percent cut from last year, though some will get an increase
while others received smaller cuts or were held flat.

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 13


Well the last few months have been nothing short of strange, stressful, and
concerning. To that, the AVMA has provided numerous announcements and
resources concerning COVID -19. There are many pieces of information
regarding shelter medicine, food animal practice, companion animal
practice, etc. on the AVMA website. Also, the legislative branch of the AVMA
has been very busy tracking the COVID-19 stimulus package as it concerns small
business, employees, employers, etc.

To save trees and to the fact that each of you may have need of different
resources/questions, I thought it best to just have you refer to the AVMA website
with your concerns.

On another note, AVMA leadership made the difficult decision of canceling the
summer 2020 AVMA Convention that was to be held in San Diego July 30th-
August 4th.

Rosemarie Strong, DVM
OK AVMA Delegate

State Veterinarians report continued from page 5:

Dr. Alicia Gorczyca-Southerland will take over as Assistant State Veterinarian and Drs. Gary Stone and Beth Ruby continue as
Field Veterinarians. We are working on a plan to fill one of the two empty positions. Due to budget cuts we won’t be able to fill
them both.

I want to thank the practitioners who call with questions and report suspicious cases or lesions. Because of alert practitioners
like you all we have a better chance to find foreign animal and emerging diseases more quickly and have a better chance to stop
the spread of those diseases.

If you are not receiving the email updates that I send and would like to, please send me your email address and I will be happy
to add you to the list.

As always, please check out our website at and let us know how we can make it serve you better. You can

contact us at 405-522-6141 or:

• Rod Hall 405-522-0270 [email protected]
[email protected]
• Alicia Gorczyca-Southerland 405-522-6136 [email protected]
[email protected]
• Gary Stone 405-258-8048

• Beth Ruby 405-394-5380

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 14

Maximize Your
Through Real

Let’s State With Some Basics:

1. Unless you own a mobile clinic, you will need an office
space to see patients

2. A practice’s office lease or mortage is typically it’s second- You are a healthcare professional who might engage in 2
highest expense to 6 commercial transactions in your career; whereas most
landlords and sellers negotiate professionally for a living.
3. In today’s economy, maximizing profitability is not only You specialize in your field; they specialize in their field. If
a desire, but it’s also essential for most practices to stay in the outcome was based upon understanding medicine or
business providing a health related service, you would probably win.

Now let’s dig in further. If you own a practice, you most likely However, the process and outcome are instead based upon
have an office. That office carries with it many expenses: the comprehensive real estate market knowledge, authoritative
most obvious is the monthly rent or mortgage. With an office posturing, and negotiation expertise. Winning requires having
space also comes staff and payroll as well. These two items more options, understanding the correct timing, posture
are not only needed to have a practice, but are also the two and negotiation tactics that landlords use, and in many cases,
highest expenses for most practices. That being the case, only being able to withstand the stress and conflict that many
one of them is really negotiable. You may decide to cut staff, landlords and sellers use to exploit unsophisticated tenants
but when it comes to payroll, you either pay people what they and buyers.
are valued at, or they go somewhere that will pay them.
Let’s focus on a few of these concepts. If you start the
Real estate however, is 100% negotiable. You can decide if transaction at the wrong time, you lose leverage and posture.
you want to be in an office building, retail center or medical If you don’t know the market, you are simply begging or
office building. You can decide if you lease or own. You can bluffing. If you can’t handle conflict, you will most likely
determine the size, location, and amenities your space will receive even more pressure and stress from the landlord or
offer. You can choose to be in a stand-alone or multi-tenant seller to make you uncomfortable and force you into making a
building. You can determine the length of lease, concessions decision that you will regret.
you ask for, economic terms, business terms, etc.
And even if you could overcome all of these, without
So if real estate is your second highest expense behind payroll, professional representation you are going to be viewed as
and if there are so many options and choices to make when a novice and are not going to receive the respect that is
it comes to your office space, how can you maximize the necessary to achieve the most favorable terms available to
opportunity? you.

To start, you need to understand how the game is played. Nearly all landlords and sellers hire or consult with
As a healthcare professional, the playing field is not level. professional commercial real estate brokers to give them even

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 15

more leverage so they can win. Why? Because they understand The bottom line is there are tens to hundreds of thousands of
what is really on the table when it comes to each negotiation. dollars available to either be won or lost in every commercial
For them, if they give up unnecessary concessions or go lower real estate transaction; especially with healthcare real estate.
on rates than they need to, it costs them tens to hundreds of Your profitability affects your patients, your staff, your
thousands of dollars of profit per lease. The reality is, those family, and many others. Maximize every commercial real
are the same items you are trying to maximize and capitalize estate opportunity by taking advantage of the best resources
on. available to you. Winning on your next commercial real estate
transaction can transform your practice!
Large national tenants and buyers understand this concept
as well. If you polled fortune 500 companies, you would CARR Healthcare is the nation’s leading provider of commercial
find they either hire professional representation on every real estate services for healthcare tenants and buyers. Every year,
transaction, or they have a team of in-house professionals thousands of healthcare practices trust CARR to achieve the most
who are trained and equipped to maximize the opportunity. favorable terms on their lease and purchase negotiations. CARR’s
They understand the potential upside or downside involved in team of experts assist with start-ups, lease renewals, expansions,
every transaction, and they are committed to getting the best relocations, additional offices, purchases, and practice transitions.
possible terms in every transaction. Healthcare practices choose CARR to save them a substantial amount
of time and money; while ensuring their interests are always first.
Most doctors and administrators don’t understand that
commissions in commercial real estate are typically paid Visit CARR.US to find an expert agent representing healthcare
the same as they are in residential real estate: by the seller or practices in your area.
landlord. This means representation does not cost the practice
more money. Fees are set aside in advance and are either used
to provide each party with representation, or the landlord
or seller keeps that money or gives their broker a double

If you are looking to maximize profitability, start by
understanding how much is on the line with your lease or
mortgage. Then, make the choice to hire representation that
is 100% free to you. Select a commercial real estate broker that
understands healthcare, only works for you as the tenant or
buyer, can help you find the most options, has the strongest
game plan, and who can take and absorb the conflict and
confrontation that is inherent in every negotiation that
involves a lot of money. In doing so you are positioning
yourself to win.

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 16


With spring being here days are getting longer, flowers are blooming, and hopefully we are on our way back
to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope that everyone is healthy and in good spirits.
Since OKVC the VNI bill went through the Ag and Wildlife committee in the capital and they unanimously
voted for it to be heard on the Oklahoma Senate floor. The speaker on the senate floor chose to not let the
VNI bill be heard. This does not mean it is completely dismissed, we just have some more work to do, and we
need all the support we can get. Our VNI committee is working hard to get everything lined up to get the bill
to be heard and passed. They have also made a easy guide of how to contact the representative for ones district to show support.
At our OKVC meeting it was voted that we wanted to send funds to the Australian Wildfire, those funds have been sent.
I would like to remind everyone that nominations for the Veterinary Technician of the year award can be submitted all year
long. The nominated technician needs to be an RVT and member of the OVTA.
COVID-19 might have slowed the world down, but in veterinary medicine we keep on trucking, and work around the problems,
because that is what we do!
Carola Morrison, RVT
OVTA Secretary

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 18

Friday, June 26

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Keynote

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm I Wish I Was Full of Tacos (Instead of Emotions) - How Emotional Lordina Schrammel
Intelligence Can Help in All Areas

Saturday, June 27


8:00 am - 9:00 am Vaccincations Paul Demars, DVM, DABVP
9:00 am - 10:00 am Marijuana Toxicity in Companion Animals Lara Sypniewski, DVM, DAVBP
10:15 am - 11:15 am Antibiotic Resistance and How to Assess and Manage Alicia Webb Milum, DVM, DACVD
Pyoderma Alicia Webb Milum, DVM, DACVD
11:15 am - 12:15 am Antibiotic Resistance and How to Assess and Manage
Pyoderma Joao Brandao, LMV, MS, DECZM (Avian)
12:15 pm - 1:00 pm Neel Veterinary Hospital Lunch Chat/Lunch Break Laura Nafe, DVM, MS, DACVIM
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Selected Topics in Rabbits Medicine Daniel Joffe, DVM, DABVP
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Minimally Invassive Procedures of the Urinary Tract Kathryn Duncan, DVM
in Dogs and Cats: A Case-based Discussion
3:15 pm - 4:15 pm When Less is Best: Lowest Effective Dose - Optimizing
NASAID Protocols and Client Compliance
4:15 pm - 5:15 pm Dog Parks: Where Pets, People, and Parasites Collide

Saturday, June 27


8:00 am -9:00 am The Compounding Conundrum:The Medical and Legal Matthew Klotz, DVM
9:00 am -10:00 am Points ofToday and the Future
Adam Bassett, DVM, MS
EquineTherioTopics Lyndi Gilliam, DVM, MS, Ph, DACVM
Meagan Williams, DVM, DACVS-LA
10:15 am -11:15 am TBD: Equine Medicine
Kevin Cain, DVM
11:15 am -12:15 am Equine Para Nasal Sinus Disease: Interesting Cases Melanie Boileau, DVM, MS, DACVII

12:15 pm -1:00 pm Lunch Break Sara Linneen, PhD
1:00 pm -2:00 pm Enhancing Vaccination and Reproduction with Multimin Natasha Williams, DVM
2:00 pm -3:00 pm Once Upon a Case: Ruminants
3:15 pm -4:15 pm Beef Cattle Summer Nutrition
4:15 pm -5:15 pm BloodTransfusions in Ruminants

Be sure to visit the virtual tradeshow to learn more about
our exhibitors and event sponsors!

Visit, 11 @OKStateVetMed

or follow us on Facebook. VET MED


We have moved!

Please update the OVMA
office address you have on

file to:
13917 Quail Pointe Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73134


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and anywhere through VetMatrix
Telemedicine services.

Get A Free Month Of Telemedicine

Contact VetMatrix to learn more about our
telemedicine services and how you can get
your first month free.



Send news and advertising to: This practice draws clients from all over are a mixed animal clinic located in
OVMA the country, given no competition. New Hugo, OK. RVVC aspires to be a practice
13917 Quail Pointe Dr. owner can expect an estimated after-debt that creates professional bonds with
Oklahoma City, OK 73134 income of +$173K! Code [TX6] contact: our clients that allow us to deliver the
PS Broker: 800-636-4740, [email protected] highest quality care in a high energy,
Phone: (405) 478-1002 com, fun, and friendly manner. Our goal is
Fax: (405) 478-7193 practice medicine in a way that results in
Email: [email protected] SMALL ANIMAL/AVIAN/EXOTIC optimum patient health and longevity,
HOSPITAL FOR SALE clients that are satisfied, and our staff
Advertising rates available upon request. and their families doing very will in their
Located in south-central Texas. Includes lives. This is a great opportunity for an
Deadlines for submitting materials: real estate. Grossed well over $1 million in outgoing, personable, hardworking, and
Spring Issue....................February 1 2019. The earnings before interest, taxes, detail-oriented person who wants to help
Summer Issue.................May 1 depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) serve people and their pets in a fast-paced
Fall Issue.........................August 1 is approximately $92,314. After-debt environment. The ideal applicant would
Winter Issue...................November 1 income of approximately $139,901. be a licensed veterinary technician who
Beautiful facility in prominent location, possess great technical and computer
EQUIPMENT FOR SALE with easy parking. Outstanding reviews. skills, self-leadership, a positive attitude,
Code [TX8] contact: PS Broker: 800-636- excellent communication skills, and a
STAFF MEMBER WANTED 4740, [email protected], www.psbroker. willingness to learn. If interested, please
com send an emails to [email protected]
Experienced Office Manager/Receptionist com
wanted. Avimark experience preferred. PRACTICE FOR RENT
Office located in Edmond, OK (small VETERINARIAN WANTED
animal practice). Contact [email protected] Equine hospital for rent. Would also make a great companion animal facility. Mixed animal veterinarian needed.
Stand-alone building in northwest River Valley Veterinary Clinic is a high-
CLINIC FOR LEASE Norman area. 3200-6400 sq. feet. Rent volume mixed animal practice located
all or part. Also can come with acreage. in beautiful Southeastern Oklahoma
Veterinary clinic for lease. Companion Evenings (405)641-7800 seeking a third veterinarian. We are
animal practice for 30+ years. Free looking for an experienced DVM or a
standing building located in the medical RVT NEEDED new graduate that can be mentored. Our
center of Tahlequah, OK. Building is 2,553 small animal facility was built in 2016 and
square feet. Inventory and equipment Walnut Creek Animal Hospital is a is well equipped with an in house IDEXX
included. Call (918) 207-2022 for more busy small animal practice in Purcell, laboratory, digital and dental radiology,
information. Oklahoma seeking a 3rd RVT to join and a modern surgical suite. We also
our team! We are looking to employ have a new cattle processing facility,
PRACTICE FOR SALE someone who is knowledgeable, equipped with a Flying W tilt chute,
enthusiastic, and reliable. Position can on the back side of our 6-acre practice.
Free standing veterinary clinic on busy be part time or full time with a fantastic By the end of 2020, we will complete
highway. Twenty-five minutes from benefits package. Salary is dependent on construction on our new 6,000 square
Tulsa/Thirty minutes from Stillwater. experience. Please email resume to [email protected] foot equine facility. RVVC offers a highly
Priced at $325K Alan K. Potter, DVM. Please contact competitive salary, simple IRA, Aflac
(918)358-3404 Micki at 405-527-8734 or 405-207-8741 supplemental insurance, and a continuing
education allowance. Split emergency
MIXED ANIMAL HOSPITAL FOR RVT WANTED shifts are required, but with additional
SALE compensation. We are open to discussing
River Valley Veterinary Clinic is seeking a all possibilities. Contact Joey Eastwood
Located in Northeast Texas. Includes real full-time veterinary technician to become (580) 579-9834 or [email protected]
estate. Facility is approximately 2,700 a long-term member of our team. We
sq. ft. and sits on approximately 1 acre.

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 22


VETERINARIAN WANTED capacity. The small animal practices are University Animal Hospital, 1218 Lindsey
well equipped with digital radiology, Plaza Dr., Norman, OK 73071
Spay Oklahoma in Tulsa is recruiting an digital dental, radiology, ultrasound,
experienced high volume, high quailty therapy laser, tonometry, cryosurgical, FULL TIME OR PART TIME
surgeon capable of 35-40 spay/neuters complete ortho-surgical, Avimark VETERINARIAN WANTED
daily with an appropriate mix of male/ software, in house lab, and pharmacy.
female cats and dogs. 4 day work week, We staff with 1.5 experienced RVTS per At Swaim Serum Co., we love coming
salaried $500/day rate. Must have current doctor. All experience levels considered. to work with our fun-loving team to
DEA and OK vet license. Send resume Please send resume or inquire about serve the Oklahoma City community
and references to [email protected] position to [email protected] or call that we have cared for since we opened
(405) 730-9289 - Bryan D. Wright, DVM in 1947. We work with a multitude
ASSOCIATE VETERINARIAN of doctors supported by amazing
WANTED BELLA SPCA SEEKS LEAD technicians without being bogged down
VETERINARIAN by busywork. We are equipped with
We are searching for a FT associate digital radiography, dental radiography,
to add to our team at Sheridan Road Lead veterinarian will be responsible for and an in-house laboratory. Our
Veterinary Clinic. Our clinic has been in establishing an enviroment of exceptional caseload is diverse both medically and
the same location for 38 years, and has care of animals and compassion towards surgically allowing you the opportunity
become a fixture in the neighborhood their owners. Bella SPCA Veterinary to experience unique work ups in a fast-
and community. We are an established, Hospital will focus on small animal care. paced enviroment. We pride ourselves
busy small animal clinic located in Competitive pay/benefits, bonuses, on our collaborative, fun, and easy-
the heart of beautiful Green Country, M-F, no emergency call. Please visit going culture that allows our team to
Oklahoma. We strive to emphasize good or email enjoy a consistent work-life balance.
client communication and education! [email protected] We offer flexible schdules, generous
This is an AMAZING opportunity compensation, significant vacation time,
for a new graduate with an interest in ASSOCIATE VETERINARIAN CE stipend, medical benefits and much
emergency & surgeries working in a NEEDED more! We are excited to add another
fast paced enviroment (without any DVM to our growing practice to continue
on-call!). You can also expect: Highly We are seeking an energetic full-time our legacy. We welcome doctors with at
experienced staff that focuses on veterinarian for our well established least 1 year of experience, ideally with an
patient care/confort as well as client practice in Norman, Oklahoma. The interest in client education, surgery, and
communication and education. Well- position is open to new graduates or an dentistry. We are open to doctors looking
equipped surgical suite, including basic experienced veterinarian. Mentoring for full or part time opportunities. If
and orthopedic instrumentation. Average available for new graduates and there you are interested in this opportunity,
3 to 5 new client visits per day, so plenty are no emergency calls. We have a please email Dr. Farris at [email protected]
of opportunity for new associate client great support staff including two RVT’s.
base growth. Excellent benefits, student Our staff and our clients stay for years
debit refinancing opportunity, signing/ of great service. Great opportunity to VETERINARIAN WANTED
retention bonus, and the opportunity work towards practice ownership. Our
for growth! Mentorship - our talanted practice focuses on diagnostics and client Seeking a full-time veterinarian for our
and collaborative team would love education. The mission of our practice is busy mixed practice. Our area offers
to mentor a new graduate! For more to practice the Golden Rule and provide balance between country living and city
information please visit our website www. quality, compassionate care to our clients amentities. Approximately 50% small if interested please and patients. The hospital offers in-house animal/50% large animal. Large animal
email Jessica David at [email protected] IDEXX laboratory and a modern surgical primarly beef cattle with some equine,
com suite. Competitive package with ability swine, dairy, and small ruminants.
to make six figures, health benefits, 401K, After-hours split evenly with 3 other
ASSOCIATE NEEDED PLITT insurance, CE expenses, licensing veterinarians. Competitive salary and
and a four and a half day 30 hour benefits package. (405) 320-0341 or
South Oklahoma City small animal work week. Send resume to [email protected] [email protected]
practice group seeking multiple DVM or apply in person at
associates in either a full or part-time

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 23



Family Pet Hospital in Edmond, is an
AAHA-accredited hospital and seeking a
medical director. We uphold an excellent
standard of care for all patients in an
atmosphere focused on the client, staff,
and patient well-being. If this fits your
needs, then Family Pet Hospital is for
you. The medical director will enjoy
being a part of a team and a driver of
hospital practice, focusing on building
an oustanding customer experience. You
will take pride in offering unmatched
compassionate care, ensuring our
communication with our clients is clear
and understood. You will partner with the
practice manager in leadership, patient
care, staff mentorship, and development,
and meeting finacial goals of the practice.
Family pet hospital offers digital dental
x-rays, therapeutic laser therapy, and
tonometry. The practice sees a wide range
of cases, from wellness visits to complex
workups. There is an opportunity
to expand services that includes
ultrasound, acupuncture, and exotic pets.
Requirements: 4+ years of experience,
Excellent interpersonal skills with the
ability to explain medical terms and
conitions using simple language, abilight
to work some Saturdays. The hospital is
owned and operated by PetWell Partners.
At our hospitals, our veterinarians
make the decision about medicine and
treatmeant choices. We are a fast-growing
AAHA acrredited network of veterinary
hospitals. We currently operate over 40
hospitals across eight states with over 725

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 24

legacyCREATE A



The first $100,000 gifted towards the permanent endowment will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous OYE donor.
These funds will, yet again, be matched dollar for dollar by Mr. Bob Funk’s ONWARD Campaign, totaling $400,000.
Upon full funding of the endowment, four $5000 scholarships will be awarded annually.



– A high school senior 4-H or FFA member must participate in – $2500 will be distributed once the student is accepted to
OYE by showing an animal or competing in an OYE contest, Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Health Sciences.
such as the Skillathon. The remaining $2500 will be distributed upon completion of the

– Student must attend an Oklahoma university for undergrad and student’s first year of veterinary school.
must be accepted to OSU College of Veterinary Health Sciences.

Endowment will be managed by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. All gifts are tax deductible.

Name State Zip Code
Business (Optional)
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Amount Donated

Make checks out to: Mail checks to:
Oklahoma Youth Expo Oklahoma Youth Expo
Memo: Onward Endowment – Vet
500 NW 30th St
Oklahoma Youth Expo Oklahoma City, OK 73118
405.235.0404 Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association

[email protected]


Dr. ELizabeth Calabria
Dr. Elizabeth Calabria Dr. Jacob Boyer TEX ‘88
TEX’88 OKL ‘05 SA/Mixed
(580) 326-4573 SA (580) 326-4573
[email protected] (405) 255-8506 [email protected]
SE OK Preference [email protected] SE OK Preference
Dr. Camille Sieger
Dr. Sherry Craycraft Dr. Elizabeth Calabria OKL ‘09
OKL’ 08 TEX ‘88 SA
SA Mixed SA/Mixed (918) 248-9605
(405) 334-1834 (580) 326-4573 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Dr. Kara Miligan
OSU ‘04
Dr. Stephanie Elliott Dr. Heather Cobb SA
OKL ‘13 OKL ‘85 (918) 500-3116
SA SA Dr. Dave Walker
(405) 614-0575 (405) 265-1866 KSU ‘79
[email protected] [email protected] SA
(505) 486-4179
Dr. Sarah Savage Dr. Bridget Duroche
OKL ‘14 AUB ‘04
ER/SA/Mixed SA
(918) 448-1680 (503) 891-3171
[email protected] [email protected]

Dr. Joanna Brackett Dr. Stacey Riffel
OKL ‘15 OKL ‘97
SA/Mixed SA
(918) 938-3184 (405) 330-8930
[email protected] [email protected]

Dr. Donna Cook Dr. Camille Sieger
OKL ‘84 OKL ‘09
(417) 543-0933 918) 284-9605
Dr. Curtis Smith [email protected]
OKL ‘92 Dr. Tami Spivey
Mixed OKL ‘96
(918) 938-3184 SA
Dr. Joe Cummins (405) 642-3529
OSU ‘66 [email protected]
SA/Mixed Dr. Mary Kay Webster
(806) 324-7428 OKL ‘02
(405) 923-6806
[email protected]

Volume 35 • Issue 2 | SUMMER 2020 | 26

Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association
13917 Quail Pointe Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

You take care of them.


- A+ Rated Carriers
- Simplified Underwriting
- 24 hr Claims Service
- Preferred Pricing
- Risk Management

& Safety Resources
With OVMA, TexCap has tailored a Vet Program to fit the unique Property & Casualty needs of Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals.
From Animal Bailee to Cyber Liability, and everything in between, TexCap can guide you to a more secure future.

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