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Receive updates from key industry leaders, including the State Health Veterinarian, browse through the classified ads, and learn how to level the playing field in your next office lease negotiation.

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Published by OVMA, 2021-03-17 11:32:52

Spring 2021 Communique

Receive updates from key industry leaders, including the State Health Veterinarian, browse through the classified ads, and learn how to level the playing field in your next office lease negotiation.





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03 President’s Letter SPRING 2021 • Volume 36 • Issue 1
04 On Point
05 State Veterinarian’s Report An Oklahoma Veterinary
06 From the Dean Medical Association Publication
07 Latest News and Updates
08 OSU CVM News Editor
10 Quarantine amd Vaccine Requirements
Hayley Eberle
for Biting Animas: Dogs, Cats, and
Ferrets The OVMA Communique is the newsletter of
the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association.
12 AVMA Report The Editor reserves the right to edit content
14 Tech Talk according to space and contact guidelines and
15 Leveling the Playing Field in Your Next limit advertising space for single advertisers as
Office Lease Negotiation
Opinions expressed in these contents are strictly
17 Classifieds those of the author(s) and are not necessarily
endorsed by OVMA.


President District IV
Lee Denney, DVM Rosslyn Biggs, DVM
Jessica Carter-Arnold,
President-Elect DVM
Brent Hancock, DVM

Vice President DVM District V
Megan Smith, Jeff Boyer, DVM

Secretary/Treasurer Aaron Farr, DVM

Tracei Holder, DVM AVMA Delegate
Rosemarie Strong,
Immediate Past DVM
Jennifer Schoonover,
DVM AVMA Alternate

District Director Delegate
Representative Mike Jones, DVM
Jeff Boyer, DVM SAVMA

District I Representative
Cristen Thomas, Jordyn Martel
DVM Samantha Stansbury
Sarah Smith, DVM
Executive Director
District II Cordon DeKock
Trent Stites, DVM

District III Assistant Director
Fawn Reely, DVM Hayley Eberle
Melanie Denton,
DVM Accounting
Tanna Rozzell

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 2


$10.00 co-pay. This program continues to make a difference
for pets here in Oklahoma.

Welcome to 2021! I want to encourage all OVMA members to get involved with
your association this year. There are numerous committees
As 2021 roars in, not only that need input and action. You can donate to the Onward
are we still dealing with Campaign Scholarship Endowment fund which gives financial
the pandemic but also aid to future Oklahoma State University veterinary students
dealing with some of the with large animal experience. The cost of a veterinary
lowest temperatures in medical education is high and the need for large animal
several decades and a huge practitioners is great. Please consider a donation.
snowstorm. I am sure the
large animal practitioners Lastly, as an association, we need to share the benefits of the
were very busy during that OVMA and encourage all veterinarians to become members.
ten day period. Spring will Having everyone invited only strengthens what the association
be arriving very soon. And with the arrival of spring is always can do for our members. If you have any ideas you would like
a rebirth and a reawakening of the year. Spring always offers to share, you may contact our OVMA staff. They can answer
hope for the future. any questions you may have about our programs and how you
can get involved. Also, feel free to contact me with any ideas
The OVMA staff did a fantastic job on the virtual 2021 annual or questions you may have. My cell number is (918) 223-6852.
conference. We were able to receive excellent continuing
education while staying safe and healthy. We all wanted to Regards,
meet in person, but due to so many factors, the virtual option
seemed the wisest choice. Hopefully 2022 will be the time Lee Denney, DVM
we can hold the conference in person and finally get together OVMA President 2021
with classmates and colleagues.

The legislative session is in full swing and the staff is actively
involved at the Capitol ensuing our profession is represented
and anything that may involve veterinary medicine is
monitored and the legislators are involved about how their
decisions may impact practitioners and practices. This would
be a great time to check in with your legislators and let them
know your practices and your profession are important to the
state of Oklahoma.

As business continues to move back to some normalcy, please
remember to support the Pet Overpopulation Program
that supports low income families to become responsible
pet owners by have their pets spayed and neutered. The
participating veterinarian is compensated and the family has a

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 3


Adaptability that may be interested, please direct them to the OVMA
Allows Us to be website for more details. Applications and skills sign-off must
Successful be submitted by May 1 in order for applicants to take the test
in June.
Thank you to everyone that
participated in our virtual A new legislative session has started, and we are tracking
Oklahoma Veterinary several bills. Our updates to the Veterinary Practice Act
Conference! While virtual that stalled last session have been reintroduced. It has
meetings are not everyone’s already passed out of the Senate and sent to the House of
preference, we were able Representatives for consideration. Due to the pandemic, the
to deliver 97 engaging CE legislature has changed rules for visitors inside the Capitol.
sessions for hundreds of We are considering these rules while planning the annual
attendees alongside 21 Legislative Day in a way that can allow for participation while
virtual exhibitor booths. complying with the new rules.
Hopefully, we were able to
address any technology issues that arose, and we look forward Many of these future plans are dependent on the pandemic.
to hearing your feedback. As COVID case numbers decrease I know it has upended families’ everyday lives and changed
and vaccine rollout continues, aspects from the last year are the ways you conduct business at your practices. At this time,
likely to persist such as adding virtual elements to in-person veterinarians and veterinary staff should register to receive
meetings and events. After hosting our district meetings the vaccine at Veterinary services have
and conference virtually, there may be opportunities to been classified as an essential industry to the state, so you are
incorporate a virtual element in the future to supplement— already in Phase 3 of the vaccine rollout. If you are over the
not replace—our regular program of events. age of 65 or have other health conditions, you may be in an
earlier phase to receive the vaccine. Answering the questions
With the cancellations last year, we are planning for a year at will identify which phase you belong in,
that sees a return to normal. We have already started planning and it will help you to schedule a time to receive a dose. I have
some district CE meetings and will start taking applications also heard that some veterinarians have had luck contacting
for the Power of Ten leadership program next month. While their county health department directly as well.
we are optimistic about a return to in-person events at some
point this year, many of the upcoming events will continue to Thank you to everyone who helped put on the OKVC this
be held virtually. We will send updates out through email as year. Without the help of so many board members, speaker
details are finalized. chairs and OVMA staff, it would have been impossible to
change the conference’s format so quickly. Even though the
We are also excited about the new Certified Veterinary pandemic has forced us to change many of our activities,
Assistant program run through the OVMA. The certification I truly appreciate everyone’s patience and adaptability as
requires that applicants demonstrate appropriate skills and the OVMA continues to pursue our mission on behalf of
have 100 hours of supervised training or work experience Oklahoma’s veterinarians.
signed off by a veterinarian or educational program in the
state. Then, the applicant must pass a written test ensuring Best Wishes!
that they have requisite knowledge. If you have staff members
Cordon DeKock
OVMA Executive Director

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 4

STATE VETERINARIAN’S REPORT be electronic. We need all the help we can get to get these tags
distributed to veterinarians or producers who will use them in
breeding or replacement cattle.

Keep This on The African Swine Fever outbreak is continuing. China and
Your Radar Asia continue to see new cases and spread in feral swine in
Europe is increasing. We continue to work with USDA and
We had about 340 veterinarians and technicians attend at least other major swine states to prepare for an outbreak of ASF
part of our regulatory meeting the Thursday of the OVMA in the U.S. Our goal is to prevent it from getting here but
Conference. I think for the most part things went pretty well if it does we want to be as prepared as possible to contain
and we’re very appreciative of OVMA allowing us to piggy it quickly. Even if you’re a companion animal practitioner
please spread the word that imported pork products can
back onto the Conference potentially be infected and to be sure and properly dispose
and the virtual platform. of those products. Please make people aware that the disease
does not affect humans and that pork continues to be safe to
The two large dairy herds eat when properly prepared.
that were quarantined due
to exposure to Tuberculosis We continue to be concerned about Foot and Mouth Disease.
have been released from We are planning to participate in two exercises this year to
quarantine after finding no help us be better prepared to respond to an outbreak in the
evidence in the remainder United States.
of the cattle. An assurance
test will be performed on Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is still on our radar even though
them this fall. The beef there have been very few new cases since last fall. The most
herd in the Panhandle has 10 bulls to be tested to complete alarming case was in Florida which is geographically distant
two negative tests on that herd. Those bulls will be tested from the southwestern USA where other recent cases have
in February or March and assuming they are negative that been. Florida officials believe the virus was brought in on
quarantine will be released. An assurance test will be required hay purchased at a feed store that was sourced from Arizona.
on that herd as well. It appears we dodged a bullet by having Please alert your rabbit clients to maintain strict biosecurity as
TB exposure in three large herds, but we have to remain that is the best way to prevent introduction of the disease.
vigilant because TB continues to be an issue in cattle across
the United States. I want to thank the practitioners who call with questions
and report suspicious cases or lesions. Because of alert
We received 350,000 official RFID tags from USDA during practitioners like you all we have a better chance to find
calendar year 2020 to distribute to veterinarians and foreign animal and emerging diseases more quickly and have
cattle producers. Half were orange tags to be used when a better chance to stop the spread of those diseases.
vaccinating heifers for Brucellosis and those can only be sent
to veterinarians. The other half are white tags to be used If you are not receiving the email updates that I send and
for official identification purposes and those can be sent would like to, please send me your email address and I will be
to veterinarians or cattle producers. We expect to receive happy to add you to the list.
another 350,000 this calendar year. USDA is providing these
tags at no cost to help bridge the gap between the metal As always, please check out our website at
visual only tags that have been in use for 80 years or so and
RFID tags. There still has been no decision on the timeline to and let us know how we can make it serve you better. You can
transition to electronic ID for cattle by USDA. I continue to
believe that USDA will institute a timeline that will require all contact us at 405-522-6141 or:
official identification applied to cattle after January 1, 2023 to
Rod Hall Alicia Gorczyca-Southerland
405-522-0270 405-522-6136
[email protected] [email protected]
Gary Stone
405-258-8048 Beth Ruby
[email protected] 405-394-5380
[email protected]

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 5


Opportunities platform to support collaborative research. We hope these
Continue to Grow interactions move the needle toward discovering new
treatments for our patient populations—both animal and
human. Read the full story at CVM Launches INTERACT.

at OSU CVM Sincerely,

During late fall, we opened our hospital once again to clients Carlos A. Risco, DVM, Dipl. ACT
on a limited basis, wearing a Dean, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences
mask and socially distancing
to mitigate the spread of
COVID–19. One person
per patient is allowed in
the building except for
euthanasia, during which
two people will be allowed
inside. Clients are assigned
a pod, which is an area for
one client to interact with

our personnel and veterinary students in a safe, socially-
distanced manner. Allowing clients inside the building
provides our students with that valuable client-veterinarian
personal communication interaction.

On October 6th, we changed our medical records software
to ezyVet. While much fine-tuning is still ahead of us, this is
already proving more efficient recordkeeping and allowing us
to communicate more efficiently with clients and rDVM’s, and
providing a better platform for student learning.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Institute
for Translational and Emerging Research in Advanced
Comparative Therapy or INTERACT. This institute aims to
fulfill One Health research by doing parallel investigations in
both humans and animals. Under the direction of Dr. Ashish
Ranjan, INTERACT is focused on developing and translating
new discoveries into therapies for patients. Participants
include faculty from almost all OSU colleges as well as
industry experts, foundation partners, and personnel from
other academic institutions around the country.

Our short-term goals include identifying clinical trial
opportunities that involve pet patients in the OSU Veterinary
Medical Hospital. As the name suggests, INTERACT is a

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 6

VETERINARY CENTER If you are interested in more
EVENTS COMING SOON! information or would like to volunteer,
The Latest please call the OVMA .
Veterinary • Summer Seminar: June 18-19 featuring
News in 10 hours of CE
• 2022 OKVC: January 27 - 19, Embassy
Suites Norman. Registration will open Don’t forget that you can purchase the
this fall. new Pet Overpopulation Tag at your
local tag agency!
• We are currently planning several
distrcit meetings and other online
CE opportunities. Be sure to watch
our website and your emails for more
information as we finalize those

OVMA LISTSERVE SUPPORT DVM PAC Interested in enrolling yourself or your
If you would like to be part of the clinic as an approved service provider
OVMA Listserve, which is a benefit of The DVM PAC was created in for the Pet Overpopulation Program?
the OVMA membership, please email recognition of the need to increase Contat the OVMA office today for an
us at [email protected] or you can political activity and awareness among application!
control your subscription preferences by members of the veterinary medical
logging into your membership profile. professions. The DVM PAC, a non
partisan political action committee,
OACF PET MEMORIALS provides financial support for state
The Pet Memorial Program is a sincere political candidates. DVM PAC exists
and compassionate way for veterinarians through the voluntary contributions of
to honor their clients by making a OVMA Members. Contributing to the
donation in the pet’s memory. Animal DVM PAC reflects your commitment
owners utilize this program as an and dedication to political activity and
expression of gratitiude to veterinarians education of key issues that affect the
for outstanding care to their pets. veterinary professions. You, as OVMA
Send the name of the animal for the members, are vital to our political
memorial, their owners name and activities and success.
address, and a donation of any amount.
The OACF will send a card to the WAYS TO GET INVOLVED AT OVMA
owners showing a memorial has been
made in the name of the pet. Donations Student Relations Committee
accepted online Well-Being
a-donation Animal Welfare
Disaster Response
Continuing Education
Business Alliance Task Force Committee
Legislative Advocacy Committee
State Fair Committees (Tulsa & Oklahoma)
Convention Committee
Veterinary Technician Advisory Committee
Power of 10 Leadership Academy

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 7


Vet Med Faces of Research

Vet Med Faces of Research is a monthly series that highlights the ongoing impactful research at the College of Veterinary
Medicine. Here are links to the latest releases:

• Dr. Mike Schoonover, associate professor of equine surgery and sports medicine, talks about his research to find better ways
to treat wounds and infections. More specifically, his current studies focus on regional limb profusion.

• Dr. Fernando Bauermann, assistant professor of virology, has three virus-related studies in progress. In this segment, he
focuses on the long-term effects of virus infections on the immunity of calves, specifically, how bovine viral diarrhea virus
affects the thymus of calves.

• Dr. Veronique Lacombe, veterinarian and professor in the Department of Physiological Sciences, leads the Comparative
Metabolism Research Laboratory at the college. In this segment she talks about growing up in France, being a veterinarian and
her love of research. Her team studies why diabetic patients have more complications—both humans and horses. https://okla.

New Hires Rudra Channappanavar, DVM, MVSc, Ph.D., is an assistant professor with the Oklahoma Center for
Respiratory and Infectious Diseases in the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology. Originally from
Karnataka, India, he earned his BVSc (DVM equivalent) from the Veterinary College Bidar, Karnataka
Veterinary Animal, and Fisheries Sciences University in Kamataka, India. He earned his MVSc specializing
in Veterinary Pathology from the Division of Veterinary Pathology, Indian Veterinary Research Institute in
Uttar-Pradesh, India and a Ph.D. from the Department of Biology, Laboratory of Immunology and Infectious
Diseases at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. He did postdoctoral training with Dr. Stanley
Perlman, a leader of Coronavirus research at the University of Iowa. Channappanavar’s research interests
focus on viral immunology, virology and the pathogenesis of emerging pathogenic human coronavirus
(hCoV) infections.

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 8

YOU + TFCU The handout on the next page is from the
Oklahoma State Department of Health. This one
we make the page informational sheet will provide information
money part easier regarding quarentine for dogs, cats, and ferrets
that bite people.
If you have any questions please contact:
Dr. LeMac’ Morris
State Public Health Veterinarian,
[email protected]

Federally insured by NCUA

Our oath:

Safer, consistent medications.

Shake on it.


• Traditionally compounded medication from a 503B MANUFACTURER
• Available for dispensing* and unlimited hospital administration
• Manufactured following cGMP, the same regulations used by pharmaceutical companies
• Largest portfolio of 503B drugs for animal health

For a list of available drugs, visit ® *Federal law allows dispensing and administration - FDA Federal SEC. 503B. [21 U.S.C. 353b]


Quarantine and Vaccine Requirements for Biting Animals:
Dogs, Cats and Ferrets

Human deaths caused by rabies in the U.S. are rare, however globally death rates exceed 50,000 per
year. The death rate is low in the U.S. due to collaborative efforts between public health officials,
veterinarians, animal control officers, and law enforcement. These groups work together to assure
thorough animal bite investigations are performed. It is important that people who are exposed to
rabies receive rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to protect them from dying from this disease.

Important steps in an animal bite investigation involving dogs, cats or ferrets include determination of
quarantine requirements and of the biting animal’s rabies vaccination status.

Quarantine of dogs, cats or ferrets that bite humans:

 Dogs, cats or ferrets that bite a human should be placed in 1. Vaccinated animals: 10-
quarantine for 10 days and observed for clinical signs of day home quarantine.
rabies. While in quarantine, if the animal shows signs of rabies or

dies for any reason, Oklahoma State Department of Health’s 2. Overdue or non-

(OSDH) Acute Diseases Service should be contacted immediately vaccinated animals: 10-day

at (405) 426-8710 and arrangements made for testing the animal for quarantine at veterinary

rabies at the Public Health Lab (PHL). facility.

 Dogs, cats or ferrets can be home quarantined when: 3. Rabies vaccine status
o Bite victim is a direct family member of the animal’s owner. considered current:
o Animal is current on its rabies vaccination as confirmed by a Confirmation by a

veterinarian, and the owner has ability to confine the animal. veterinarian is required.

 A veterinarian may be required in some cases to provide 4. Rabies vaccine status
certification of health before an animal is released from unknown or unconfirmed
its 10-day quarantine. by a veterinarian:
Considered to be non-
 Dogs, cats, or ferrets must quarantine at a veterinarian’s vaccinated.
facility or a recognized animal control facility when:
o Animal is not current on rabies vaccination.

OR 5. Any animal that dies in
o Animal has never been vaccinated. quarantine: Should be
tested for rabies at the
 All overdue or non-vaccinated animals placed in OSDH PHL.

quarantine should be rabies vaccinated at the end of the

10-day period prior to release.

 Establishing an animal’s rabies vaccine is current:

o Current is an animal immunized by a veterinarian and administered at the appropriate

time intervals for the age of the animal and type of vaccine administered.

o Not current is an animal that is overdue for a rabies booster, but the animal has

veterinarian documentation of receiving a rabies vaccine at least once previously.

o Never been vaccinated are dogs, cats and ferrets that have never received a rabies

vaccination documented by a veterinarian. Rabies vaccines administered to dogs, cats

or ferrets that cannot be documented by a veterinarian, such as over-the-counter

vaccines are considered non-vaccinated animals in animal bite investigations.

discover Veterinary student
the trust
Associate veterinarian
insurance solutions for
every step along your For your life outside
career path of the practice

Practice owner

Thinking about
what’s next

includes features, costs, eligibility,
renewability, exclusions and limitations. DTT-21


Well, another virtual meeting of the AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) was
held earlier this month. The winter session of the HOD is always held in
conjunction with the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference which was
also virtual. Below are the key resolutions which the HOD addressed:
1. Rules for Officer Election Campaigns: The HOD referred the resolution back to the House Advisory Committee (HAC) for
clarification relating to campaigning and endorsements.
2. Expansion of Dues Reduction for Newer Graduates: The HOD referred the
resolution to the Board of Directors for consideration by the Strategy Management
Committee and the Budget and Financial Review Committee.
3. AVMA Policy on Advocating for Necessary Veterinary Medical Therapy: The
HOD approved this policy. This policy is intended to address concerns particularly
regarding the withholding of antimicrobial, but also other medications, in the face
of illness, primarily due to food animal production marketing programs that restrict
use. However, this policy applies to all species where antimicrobials, or other medications are withheld.
4. Revised Policy on Exempt Biologics: The HOD approved the revised policy. State-licensed veterinarians may consider
preparing biologics in their practice facility under a veterinarian-clientpatient-relationship in unique disease situations not
adequately covered with USDA-licensed biological or autogenous products made at a USDA-licensed establishment.
5. Revised Policy on Guidelines for Use of Autogenous Biologics: The HOD approved the revised policy. Autogenous biologics
are USDA-regulated custom inactivated vaccines that consist of herdspecific (homologous) antigens approved for use by the
direction of a veterinarian or approved nonveterinarian specialist. USDA can authorize the use of an autogenous biologics in
adjacent and nonadjacent herds. The use of these products may provide the veterinarian with a unique opportunity for the
control of certain infectious diseases when USDA-licensed commercial vaccines are unavailable.
6. Revised Policy on Veterinary Dentistry: The HOD approved the revised policy. The revised policy addressed concerns
regarding the role of veterinary technicians in dentistry, while retaining language to help protect the scope of practice
encroachment by lay equine dentists.
7. Revised Model Veterinary Practice Act: The HOD approved the revised model practice act. The revision dealt with language
that surrounded the deferral of action on an impaired licensed veterinarian who voluntarily enters a treatment program.
The AVMA is announcing their first-ever combined live and online convention event. Minneapolis will be our host city July 30 -
August 3rd. Registration will open in March.
We are all looking forward to having meetings in person with our fellow delegates from across the country and veterinary
officials from around the world.
Thank you,

Rosemarie Strong, DVM
AVMA Oklahoma Delegate

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 12


With OKVC in the books spring is just around the corner; after we get through the snow. OKVC was a whole
new experience as it was all virtual. Pulling this off was a major task to get everyone to pull together, but it
got done, with only minor hick ups. Everyone was very cooperative and understanding. OVTA is working
on getting a summer CE event set up, and is already beginning to prepare for next OKVC. And as always,
nominations for the Veterinary Technician of the year can be submitted to the OVTA all year long!
Make sure to check your email for new exciting information, and to keep updated with what is going on in OVTA!

Carola Morrison, RVT
OVTA Treasure/Secretary

Leveling the Playing New Space or Lease Renewal? When the time comes to
Field in Your evaluate your current lease situation, you’ll need to consider
Next Office Lease the pros and cons of renewing the lease in your current
Negotiation location versus relocating to a new property. Since economics
and concessions will have a dramatic impact on the decision,
it is essential to understand all of your available options and
implement a strategy to leverage them. It is critical to the
success of your negotiation that your landlord knows that you
have the option to relocate, which means that you need to
begin negotiations well in advance of your lease’s expiration;
ideally 9 – 24 months before your current term ends.

Should You Represent Yourself? When you begin
negotiations, you have two options available to you: You can
work with the landlord’s agent and represent yourself, or
you can hire a real estate broker. Here are some things you
need to know if you choose to represent yourself in a lease

Under state law, a real estate broker can enter into an
By: CARR agreement to serve clients as an Agent. An agent is obligated
to serve his or her client’s interests with the utmost good faith,
Over the past several years, the economy has drastically loyalty and fidelity. Clearly, it is not practical for an agent to
affected the commercial real estate market, resulting in a very act with utmost loyalty to two parties on opposite sides of a
favorable environment for tenants. Because landlords are transaction, meaning the landlord or landlord’s broker should
extremely motivated to attract new tenants and retain existing not also represent your interests.
ones – especially high-quality tenants such as healthcare
practices, opportunities exist to reduce your monthly rent Simply put, if you do not bring an agent into the negotiations,
payment, upgrade your office’s appearance through an no one will be protecting your interests but yourself. If you
improvement allowance, obtain free rent or achieve other deal directly with the landlord or landlord’s agent, it is crucial
favorable concessions. to remember that he or she is not legally or logically in a
position to advocate on your behalf, so it is important to
exercise discretion with the information you share with the
landlord’s agent.

Consider the following when it’s time to review the terms of Even if your building’s ownership and management are
your lease. pleasant to work with, respond to issues quickly, and maintain
the building well, their primary interest is maximizing profits.
Hire a Free Real Estate Agent: One of the keys to a successful Landlords know that without market knowledge, tenants have
negotiation is to take advantage of the free services of a no baseline against which to compare a lease offer. Therefore
real estate broker or agent. This is important because most a landlord will most likely offer the highest lease terms that
landlords are in the business of real estate and typically they believe an uninformed tenant will accept.
have the upper hand when negotiating with tenants directly.
Additionally, the majority of landlords hire a real estate broker Market Evaluation: The only way to know if any offer is
to represent their interests and provide expertise. Though truly competitive is to compare it to the market. To do this
dramatic concessions are available, a specific posture and you need to identify all the available properties which suit
negotiation strategy are paramount to achieving the best your needs, and then tour a significant number of them to
possible terms. determine which ones will be best suited for you and ensure
that you don’t miss any opportunities.

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 15

earn a double commission. The same kind of arrangement
is made in the commercial real estate market, and you as a
tenant or buyer have access to professional representation at
the seller’s expense.

Most healthcare providers have plenty to do serving their
patients and running a successful practice. Spending hours
on end making sure your lease renewal is competitive and
handled properly is typically not the best use of your time.
Since professional representation does not cost you anything
as a tenant, it makes a lot of sense to let a licensed real estate
professional review your lease, represent your interests in
your negotiations, and then help you capitalize on the current
market conditions so you can achieve the best possible terms.

You then need to negotiate with the landlord at each property CARR Healthcare is the nation’s leading provider of commercial
to receive the best offers for a suitable space for your practice. real estate services for healthcare tenants and buyers. Every year,
These offers will include terms for the base lease rate and thousands of healthcare practices trust CARR to achieve the most
any increases in the lease rate, as well as concessions such as favorable terms on their lease and purchase negotiations. CARR’s
free rent and an improvement allowance. You’ll also need to team of experts assist with start-ups, lease renewals, expansions,
know the lease terms and concession that new tenants in your relocations, additional offices, purchases, and practice transitions.
current building are receiving from your landlord. At each Healthcare practices choose CARR to save them a substantial amount
step along the way, you’ll be dealing with a professional real of time and money; while ensuring their interests are always first.
estate broker who is hired to achieve the best possible terms
for the landlord. Visit CARR.US to find an expert agent representing healthcare
practices in your area.
Know Your Alternatives: If this sounds daunting to handle
yourself, you do have an alternative. You can hire an
experienced real estate professional as your agent—to act
on your behalf with your interests in mind. He or she can
provide you with comparable properties’ lease rates, build out
allowances, and other concessions, which can then be used as
valuable leverage on your behalf in the negotiations with the
landlord. Ideally, you should select an agent with experience
representing healthcare practices because they will be able to
achieve specific terms and concessions that are not generally
available to other types of tenants. Your agent will handle all
the research and communication with the landlords, while
maintaining a professional negotiating posture on your behalf.

On Your Behalf at No Cost: Fortunately for you as a tenant, Amanda Meeks Curtis Hesser
landlords and sellers have agreed to pay for an agent’s services CARR Agent CARR Agent
on your behalf, so it costs you nothing. Commercial real estate [email protected]
is structured similarly to residential real estate. If you were to [email protected]
sell your home, you might list it with a broker and agree to
pay a commission. The commission is split between the listing
broker and the broker who brings the buyer. If the listing
broker is able to find the buyer directly, then he or she would

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 16


Send news and advertising to: surgical services, including canine/feline River Valley Veterinary Clinic is a high-
boarding. Owner has operated solo but volume mixed animal practice located
OVMA could easily be two doctor practice. in beautiful Southeastern Oklahoma
13917 Quail Pointe Dr. Practice can be sold as complete package seeking a third veterinarian. We are
Oklahoma City, OK 73134 including facility on 8 acres or facility looking for an experienced DVM or a
can be leased. Very stable practice, has new graduate that can be mentored. Our
Phone: (405) 478-1002 grossed over $600,000/yr for the past small animal facility was built in 2016 and
Fax: (405) 478-7193 6 years with growth potential. Despite is well equipped with an in house IDEXX
Email: [email protected] the challenging year, the practice laboratory, digital and dental radiology,
suffered only a 5% volume decrease. and a modern surgical suite. We also
Advertising rates available upon request. Interested parties contact Denton have a new cattle processing facility,
Zeeman at [email protected] or visit http:// equipped with a Flying W tilt chute,
Deadlines for submitting materials: on the back side of our 6-acre practice.
veterinary/vetclinicEOK648.shtml By the end of 2020, we will complete
Spring Issue....................February 1 construction on our new 6,000 square
Summer Issue.................May 1 RVT WANTED/PRACTICE foot equine facility. RVVC offers a highly
Fall Issue.........................August 1 MANAGER WANTED competitive salary, simple IRA, Aflac
Winter Issue...................November 1 supplemental insurance, and a continuing
Sooner Veterinary Hospital, located education allowance. Split emergency
EQUIPMENT FOR SALE in Norman, OK, is seeking energetic, shifts are required, but with additional
family-oriented individuals to join our compensation. We are open to discussing
Shorline Cages, Many like new. team. We are a full service, fast paced, all possibilities. Contact Joey Eastwood
15 - 24”x24”x30”. 2 - 24”x30”x30”. general small animal practice with a (580) 579-9834 or [email protected]
1 - 48”x36”x36”. 3 - 24”x18”x30”. 5 - growing clientele base due to a recent
18”x24”x30”. Indoor/Outdoor Custom expansion of the hospital. We currently
Kennels One Inch Diamond Wire 10 have 4 veterinarians supported by an VETERINARIAN WANTED
- 36”x77”x60”. Require a two foot block excellent staff of registered technicians
wall: 13 - 41”x75”x112”. 1 - 112”x75”x103”. and assistants. Our team strives to Sooner Veterinary Hospital, located
1 - 44”x75”. Contact [email protected] provide the most up to date and in Norman, OK, is seeking energetic,
com with any questions. Removal and highest quality medicine possible for family-oriented individuals to join our
transportation required unless arranged our patients. Our hospital is equipped team. We are a full service, fast paced,
differently. with the latest technology, allowing us general small animal practice with a
to provide comprehensive care to our growing clientele base due to a recent
PRACTICE FOR SALE patients. Our hospital provides ample expansion of the hospital. We currently
workspace for our team members and have 4 veterinarians supported by an
AAHA Accredited, Small Animal modern furnishings for our clients. We excellent staff of registered technicians
Veterinary Practice for sale. Located offer services Monday through Friday and assistants. Our team strives to
in Logan County. Includes real estate. by appointment. Schedule can be as provide the most up to date and
Beautiful facility of 2,000 SF. Estimated flexible as you require. Salary for any highest quality medicine possible for
after-debt income of $115K to new owner. new member of our team is dependent our patients. Our hospital is equipped
Rental property is included with the on experience but will be competitive with the latest technology, allowing us
sale, which offers an additional revenue and include an excellent benefit package to provide comprehensive care to our
source. Code OK5. Contact PS Broker: which includes health insurance and patients. Our hospital provides ample
800-636-4740: [email protected], www. simple IRA plan. Interested individuals workspace for our team members and should contact Dr. Jennifer Schoonover at modern furnishings for our clients. We
[email protected] or (405)747-0620 offer services Monday through Friday
PRACTICE FOR SALE by appointment. Schedule can be as
VETERINARIAN WANTED flexible as your require. Salary for any
Beckham Co., Oklahoma, small animal new member of our team is dependent
practice for sale. Established 25 years Mixed animal veterinarian needed. on experience but will be competitive
and owner nearing retirement. Beautiful,
functional 6,000 sq ft facility built in
1997 that offers a full range of medical/

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 17


and include an excellent benefit pacakge and service to our clients and their furry VETERINARIAN WANTED
which includes health insurance and families. Our compensation package
simple IRA plan. Interested individuals includes a competitive salary, benefits, Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital is looking
should contact Dr. Jennifer Schoonover at PTO, annual CE & sign on bonus and/or for an associate veterinarian part or full
[email protected] or (405)747-0620 relocation assistance. Email resumes to time to join our team. We are ideally
Jessica David - [email protected] located close to Broken Arrow and Tulsa
VETERINARIAN WANTED for all entertainment needs, yet we still
VETERINARIAN WANTED enjoy a small town atmosphere. We have
FT or PT veterinary position or new great, loyal clients that want high quality
graduate. McGee Street Animal Hospital We are searching for a PT or FT Associate care for their pets. We are able to provide
is a full service practice, proudly serving Veterinarian for our team at Sheridan them in house lab services including
cats, dogs, and pocket pets in Norman Road Veterinary Clinic. For the past 38 Abaxis CBC, chem, and urinalysis,
and surrounding areas. We are dedicated years, we have become a pillar in the digital x-ray and cold laser. Our staff is
to providing the highest level of neighborhood and community. We are phenomenal and we focus on patient
veterinary medicine along with friendly, an established, busy small animal clinic care and client relations. We are looking
compassionate service. Our practice is located in the heart of beautiful Green for an experienced, compassionate
well equipped with digital radiography, County, Oklahoma. Our caseload is very associate with great communication.
therapeutic laser, rehabilitation diverse, and includes complex internal We will consider the right new graduate.
treatments, surgical laser, and ultrasound, medicine and surgical cases, as well as We offer 401k, paid CE. Salary based on
and more. We provide services for small routine wellness care visits. This is an experience. Send resumes to [email protected]
animals and pockets pets and aim to AMAZING opportunity for someone
provide top level care to every patient we with an interest in Emergency and high
see, while providing exceptional customer surgical case load! Our compensation VETERINARIAN WANTED
service to our clients. We are an eclectic package includes competitive salary,
mix of personalities that love what we PTO, medical benefits/dental/vision/401k Associate Veterinarian position open at
do. We work hard together and succeed, match, CE, sign on bonus and relocation Riverbrook Animal Hospital located in
even in the most stressful of times. We assistance. Email resumes to Jessica David the heart of Brookside in Tulsa, OK. Part-
are seeking a candidate that is driven and - [email protected] Time position ideal, but will also consider
focused to aide us in our goal of helping Full-Time. Exceptional support team with
every patient and client to the best of our VETERINARIAN WANTED long-term, close-knit staff in a family-
abilities. We are a fast-paced facility who oriented enviroment. Opportunity
strives to provide every client & patient Forest Trails Animal Hospital, located in to further develop your surgical and
with the best care possible and works Tulsa, OK is a small-animal and exotics dental skills. We are committed to
very well together as a team. Email your practice, providing quality medicine in a maintaining a sound work/life balance.
resume, cover letter and 2-3 references compassionate environment since 1983. Join a team of exceptional Veterinary
or any questions regarding this position We are looking to add a fourth, full- Professionals, committeed to medical
to our office manager Karry Winfield at time associate veterinarian interested in and surgical excellence in an empathtic,
[email protected] small animals, birds, and exotics. Forest warm, and friendly enviroment. We
Trails Animal Hospital has much to offer, offer high quality medicine with a focus
VETERINARIAN WANTED including a generous compensation on preventative care, communication
package, health insurance, 401(k), PTO and education to our clients in order to
We are searching for a PT or FT Associate and much more! Please take a look at our offer the best care that we possibly can.
at Veterinary Associates. Since 1978, we website If Here at Riverbrook Animal Hospital,
have served the Tulsa community with you are interested in learning more about we recognize that our team is the
the latest and most modern equipment our hospital, or submit a resume, please foundation of our business, knowing
for diagnostics and treatment of medical contact our Practice Manager Jennifer that we cannot do what we do without
& critical care patients. We are a 3-doctor, at [email protected] We look forward to each other. Through consistent growth,
full operational small animal hospital hearing from you! based on effective communication, and
with a dedicated team that strives to the quality of our service, we now have
provide outstanding education, care, the opportunity to welcome a new team
member who will join us in the next

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 18


exciting phase of our journey. For over needed for progressive, well-established program. VERO is situated in Canyon,
20 years, Riverbrook Animal Hospital small animal practice in Fort Smith, Texas, the gateway to one of the most
has delivered Veterinary excellence Arkansas and Sallisaw, Oklahoma. Ideal popular tourist attractions in the state -
and has developed a well-earned candidate would hold licenses in both Palo Duro Canyon State Park, an outdoor
reputation for attracting, retaining and Arkansas and Oklahoma, the ability enthusiast’s dream. With a population
developing quality team members, to handle a diverse caseload, possess of less than 16,000, Canyon offers great
including receptionist and Veterinary excellent communication skills and schools, affordable and diverse housing
Nurses, as well as clients who want to works well with others. Our clinic boasts options, access to West Texas A&M
learn, to be educated, and do the best digital radiography, IDEXX in-house University and the neighboring city of
they possibly can for their pets. Here laboratory, ultrasound, high speed dental Amarillo (population 202,028) with all of
are some of the key skills we are seeking equipment, fully equipped surgical its cultural and educational amentities.
that are particularly relevant to this suite, experienced and dedicated staff, In 2016, Canyon, Texas, was ranked 9th
opportunity: Examine pets to promptly and supportive associates. Employment in a list of 10 best small towns. We are
diagnose their short and long-term package includes competitive salary, paid seeking extraordinary and collaborative
health issues and recommend best vacation, health and dental insurance, CE veterinary educators in the areas of:
practice diagnostics and treatments, reimbursement, and 4-day work week for Anatomy (2 positions), Anesthesiology,
Excel in communication with clients a full-time position. Mentoring available Equine Medicine, Food Animal Medicine,
to create solutions-based care for their for new graduates and NO EMERGENCY Microbiology, Pathology (Anatomic),
pets, Patience and ability to effectively CALL. Sign on bonus and relocation Pathology (Clinical), Physiology,
and efficiently coordinate with support assistance available. Email Resumes to Small animal medicine (2 positions),
staff in order to carry out compassionate [email protected], attention Surgery (LA or SA focus). The successful
care for patients that results in optimal Madhi Porter. candidates will be expected to devote the
outcomes for all involved, Competent majority of their efforts to instruction
soft tissue surgery skills as well as dental VETERINARIAN WANTED in the 2+2 veterinary curriculum, with
skills involving digital dental x-rays and the remaining time devoted to CVMBS
tooth extractions/oral surgery. Our offer: Do you love teaching veterinary students? department-specific activities, such as
competitive salary based on experience, Would you love to have a profound clinical service in the 4th year of the
health insurance, PTO time, continuing educational impact in the training of a program at VERO, graduate instruction,
education allocation to assist with your small cohort of veterinary students? Do research, and/or outreach. Applicants
career growth, license and annual dues you love working side-by-side with other must have the appropriate degree
covered, liability insurance, employee members of a faculty team to create great related to their area of instruction. In
pet wellness discounts. To apply for this work and learning enviroment? We are some instances, this terminal degree
exceptional opportunity, please send your seeking to build a team of motivated, will be a PhD or DVM degree (or
resume to [email protected], engaging ,and collaborative veterinary equivalent). For some positions, board
Attention: Dr. Jana Layton educators who wish to contribute to the certification in a recognized specialty
innovative experiential education of college, including the American Board of
ASSOCIATE VETERINARIAN a small cohort of 18 highly motivated Veterinary Practitioners is encouraged.
WANTED veterinary students in the new Texas More information about each position
A&M University 2+2 program. This description and application instructions
Located in the beautiful River Valley unique groundbreaking veterinary is available on our website (https://
area of Arkansas, Rogers Avenue Animal curriculum will be delivered at the newly
Clinic is a well-established small animal constructed $22-million, 22,000 square- opportunities/). This new program and
practice focused on providing up-to- foot Texas A&M University Veterinary adjustments in the position design and
date care with the upmost compassion Education, Research, and Outreach flexibility in the faculty appoinment will
to our patients and clients. Our practice (VERO) facility located on the campus be considered. Teaching responsibilities
strives towards progression and the of West Texas A&M University (WT) in will include delivery of discipline-specific
promotion of outstanding patient care Canyon, TX. We are recruiting over 12 courses in the first two years of the
through the implementation of current outstanding faculty members at VERO DVM curriculum. The recently updated
and new veterinary medicine. Full- ( to DVM curriculum is based upon well-
time or part-time associate veterinarian deliver the 2+2 veterinary educational established pedagogical principles as well

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 19

as stakeholder feedback from recent CLASSIFIEDS
alumni, employers, practitioners, current
students, and faculty. The updated SOUTHWEST VETERINARY SYMPOSIUM
curriculum, initiated in fall 2017, is
outcomes-based with learner-centered SEPTEMBER 23-26 | SAN ANTONIO, TX
focus and content integration across each
semester and each pre-clinical year of
the program. Opportunities for students
to engage with faculty, to practice serial
application of clinical skills, to focus on
the relevance of science content, and
to develop strong problem solving and
decision-making skills are cornerstones
of the TAMU DVM program. Individuals
with a keen interest in small-group
teaching and active learning will excel
in this environment and are encouraged
to apply. Faculty in the 2+2 veterinary
program will be expected to “cross-
over” and teach in multiple courses to
reinforce content related to their subject
matter interest across the 2+2 veterinary

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 20

legacyCREATE A



The first $100,000 gifted towards the permanent endowment will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous OYE donor.
These funds will, yet again, be matched dollar for dollar by Mr. Bob Funk’s ONWARD Campaign, totaling $400,000.
Upon full funding of the endowment, four $5000 scholarships will be awarded annually.



– A high school senior 4-H or FFA member must participate in – $2500 will be distributed once the student is accepted to
OYE by showing an animal or competing in an OYE contest, Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Health Sciences.
such as the Skillathon. The remaining $2500 will be distributed upon completion of the

– Student must attend an Oklahoma university for undergrad and student’s first year of veterinary school.
must be accepted to OSU College of Veterinary Health Sciences.

Endowment will be managed by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. All gifts are tax deductible.

Name State Zip Code
Business (Optional)
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Amount Donated

Make checks out to: Mail checks to:
Oklahoma Youth Expo Oklahoma Youth Expo
Memo: Onward Endowment – Vet 21 Land Rush Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Oklahoma Youth Expo
405.235.0404 Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association 405.478.1002

[email protected]


Dr. Sherry Craycraft Dr. Jacob Boyer Dr. ELizabeth Calabria
OKL 08 OKL ‘05 TEX ‘88
SA Mixed SA SA/Mixed
(405) 334-1834 (405) 255-8506 (580) 326-4573
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Dr. Stephanie Elliott Dr. Elizabeth Calabria SE OK Preference
OKL ‘13 TEX ‘88 Dr. Kara Miligan
SA SA/Mixed OSU ‘04
(405) 614-0575 (580) 326-4573 SA
[email protected] [email protected] (918) 500-3116
Dr. Joe Cummins Dr. Heather Cobb Dr. Dave Walker
OSU ‘66 OKL ‘85 KSU ‘79
SA/Mixed SA SA
(806) 324-7428 (405) 265-1866 (505) 486-4179
Dr. Jeff Boyer [email protected]
OKL ‘03 Dr. Bridget Duroche
SA AUB ‘04
(405) 239-4317 or (405)794-8504 SA
[email protected] (503) 891-3171
[email protected]
Dr. Stacey Riffel
OKL ‘97
(405) 330-8930
[email protected]
Dr. Camille Sieger
OKL ‘09
(918) 284-9605
[email protected]
Dr. Tami Spivey
OKL ‘96
(405) 642-3529
[email protected]
Dr. Dorrie Parrott
OKL ‘94
(405) 831-1444
[email protected]
Dr. Abbey Wesner
ROSS ‘13
(816) 401-4838
[email protected]

Volume 36 • Issue 1 | SPRING 2021 | 22

Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association
13917 Quail Pointe Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

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