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Published by macotzzz, 2020-02-18 01:07:20

The Shark and The Jellyfish

A story about friendship ❤️

Keywords: Fantastic

The Shark and the Jelly Fish

By Marsya

There was a shark named Sarip . He has a fierce
face and other marine lives were scared of him.But Sarip

was allergic to venomous animals.
And there was a jellyfish named Jamal. He was so
cute and always got compliments from others marine

They both were best friends and they lived in Coral

One day, there was an election in the Coral Village.To

make the story short, Sarip and Jamal joined the
election to show their talents of being a leader.

On the Election Day, Jamal knew Sarip’s weakness
which are he was allergic to sting. So, Jamal wanted to
win the election so he stung Sarip without him knowing.

Then Sarip got sick due to the sting.
So Sarip can't join the election. Due to that case Jamal

won the election unfairly.

But one day, there was a starfish who confessed that
he saw Jamal sting Sarip on the Election Day. Thus,
Jamal was eliminated from being chosen to be a leader
in the Coral village. Sarip was so sad because his best

friend back stab him.

“Don't trust the smile of
your opponent”

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