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Published by Stephan Du Plessis, 2019-05-03 06:39:27

PrintScope User Guide Beta

PrintScope User Guide Beta


User GuideĀ 

PrintScope User Guide


Welcome to the PrintScope User Guide.
PrintScope provides insights on the behaviour, and records print usage, of users as they go about using the
printing environment. It is the primary data processing, storage and viewing software module to which all other
software and hardware services and clients connect and pass information to. PrintScope makes use of
authentication and authorisation functionality for users to identify themselves to the system, when they want to
copy, print, scan or fax. This user guide will explain the different functions of PrintScope, and provide
step-by-step instructions to perform various tasks.

Table of Contents

Logging in
Understanding the Dashboard

Logging In

Before you can start using PrintScope, you'll first need to login.

Step 1
First, click on the PrintScope shortcut located on your

Step 2
The following login screen will be opened in your web
Now, enter the Username and Password provided by
your administrator.

Step 3
Finally, click on the "Login" button to log in.

Understanding The Dashboard

The home screen of PrintScope is the Dashboard.

The Dashboard gives you an overview of all your printing activities, showing your current print jobs, your printing
history, as well as a performance chart. This information is displayed in widgets (small programs running within
the PrintScope application), that can be customised to some extent. You can change the order in which the
information is displayed, by simply clicking and dragging a widget to where you want it to be. By default your
dashboard will display the following widgets, from left to right: My Performance Chart, My Current Jobs, and My
History. Let's look at these in more detail.

My Performance Chart
This widget displays a real-time chart of your printing
activity, showing colour prints, black-and-white prints
and the ratio between the two.

Click on the refresh icon to update the information

You can also change the range of the information
displayed from the last day, right up to 6 months, by
clicking the down-arrow next to the drop-down box and
making a selection.

My Current Jobs
This widgets displays a list of all the jobs that you have
sent for printing that still needs to print. It lists the
name of the document, its size, as well as the date
and time you sent it to print.

To update your list of print jobs, click on the refresh

To change the sort order (default sorting order is
newest to oldest), click on the sorting arrow.

My History
This widget displays a history of all the jobs that you
have printed in the past. It lists the name of the
document, its size, as well as the date and time it was

To update your printing history, click on the refresh

To change the sort order (default sorting order is
newest to oldest), click on the sorting arrow.


The Jobs screen provides detailed information on all your printing activities.

Much like the My Current Jobs and My History widgets on the Dashboard, this screen also displays
information on your current and past printing, but in more detail and with more options.


In addition to the job name, document size and print date displayed on the Dashboard, the Jobs screen will
amongst other things, show the cost of each printed document. For even more detail, click the details icon
under the Actions column for a specific print job.

Selecting and Filtering

The default display shows all pending jobs, but can be changed to show all jobs, or only completed jobs, by
clicking on one of the tabs at the top.
Use the filter tools on the right of the screen to filter the current selection, for example, to only display
documents sent to a specific printer.
(Remember: clear the filter by pressing the Clear Filter button after using it to filter the information displayed)


Use the icons at the bottom of the screen to create a PDF report, or export the data in Excel and Text format
to use as input in your own report.


Some of the most common problems and issues that users face can be found here. You can also look through
the FAQ-section for possible answers. If you are still struggling, please contact your administrator.


Below is a list of common-asked questions. If you have a question, check to see if it may be answered below.
Still in the dark? Please contact your administrator.

How do I change my password?
Click on your username in the top-right corner of your screen, this will open the Manage Account screen. Enter
your current password, followed by your new password, then confirm your password. Click the Update User butt
on. Your password will be updated and you will be taken back to the Dashboard screen.

What is the difference between a printer and a device?
This is a logical printer, and it's not the physical device. It is the bundle of settings you need to make the print
device run. It exists as the software on the print server that you use to configure settings for print job processing
and routing for the physical print device.

This is the physical device that does the printing. Local print devices are connected to a hardware port on the
computer requesting the printing or they are network-connected printers being printed to directly from the
workstation. Network print devices are connected either to another computer and shared or directly to the
network and shared from a print server.

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