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Published by ahmadalifhaikal, 2020-02-18 01:08:42

English - Fable

English - Fable

Wolf & Cow

by Alif Haikal

Once upon a time, there was a pack of wolves
walking in a jungle. They were searching for a
new home. After an exhausting journey, they
decided to let their leader, Alpha, to continue

searching for a suitable place.
Few days have past, Alpha was so hungry and
tired. The time he thought that he would not
succeed, he arrived at an enormous farm full
of cows and several sheep. He was tired, alone

and did not has energy to catch or kill the

One of the cows, Spot, saw Alpha crawling, as it will
die. ‘Hey wolf, are you okay? Do you need help?
asked Spot. ‘I’m starving, but don’t worry I won’t
eat you, I’m alone and weak’ Alpha replied. ‘You

can drink my milk’ said Spot. ‘Are you crazy? I won’t
do that!’ replied the wolf. ‘Drink the one in this

bucket’ said Spot. Alpha drank the milk to save his
life. After a few months, Spot’s farm was attacked
by a pack of wolves. Just before the wolves catch
one of the cow, all of them stopped after heard a
wolf howling. The wolves ran away from the farm
into a jungle. ‘Heh, it must be you, Alpha’ said Spot.

‘Keep your friends close,
and your enemies closer’

If someone is your enemy, treat them like a friend so you
can be ready if they ever try to betray you

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