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2016 Anita USA Presentation

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Published by Anita USA, 2017-04-04 13:03:41

2016 Presentation

2016 Anita USA Presentation

























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Sweat:" #$%&"'()*"!+'," Tears:"

Sometimes you just need to work it out of your body Tears are a very important salt water. I0m a crier. I know, it may
- physically and emotionally. There are many sound funny for someone whose whole embodiment is .hurray/,
reasons why .going for a run to clear my head/ but it0s true. My body loves to release emotion through my tear
actually works. There are scientific reasons (like ducts. Giving yourself the permission to process, grieve, release,
increased blood flow moving oxygen through the mourn, let go, rejoice, thank, and forgive with tears is an act of self
brain) and emotional reasons (like clearing energies care. We often think of self care as bubble baths and spa dates -
and creating momentum). And let0s not forget that and they can be - but sometimes giving yourself the space to cry it
metaphorical or actual sweat of working our butts off out is the best cure for what0s ailing you.
toward something we know is important. Hard work And trust me, making the space to unpack those feelings and allow
and determination solves a lot of problems. for a good cry when needed, and on a regular basis, will help you
prevent outbursts of tears. I know because I just experienced this. I
What I!m wearing:"This is the" made the mistake recently of not allowing the space for some
Maximum Support Air Control Sports Bra from Anita. much needed tears. I had gone through a deep call with my coach,
High impact sports bras have a tendency to feel like a and we unearthed some tough and beautiful stuff. Little drips of
lot of bra. And when you0re working out (especially in tears came out here and there through our call, but I was saving
hot locations like Mexico), that means more sweat than the real release for when we hung up. I was going to go through a
you want. This bra is sooo feather light, while being self forgiveness and gratitude practice! but I skipped it. I was
extremely supportive. And the best part is that it0s tired. So I thought I’d eat, and work a little, and then meet up with
available in cup sizes A to G. What?!? Coordinating some friends to watch a soccer game and hang out in the fresh air.
panties are just the cherry on top. But those feelings were still there, waiting. And since I hadn’t
I know for sure that sweating has helped me. I have nourished my body with enough food (oops) or made space to
been practicing yoga on a regular basis for over three release those feelings (oops) and drank a little wine (oooooops),
years now. It was actually .prescribed/ to me by my the tears made space for me. That tearful walk home and eventual
primary care physician. After seeing five doctors in five non-stop-crying-for-quite-some-time-while-my-honey-held-me
days and not figuring out what was .wrong with me/, I could have been avoided if I had honored my need for that good
realized that I needed to make some major life cry and release BEFORE I went to watch the soccer game. Lesson
changes. A few had to do with my diet and what I was learned. Make space for tears.
putting in my body, and more had to do with healthy
ways of handling, preventing, and releasing stress. What I!m wearing:"This black and white number is the"Lilith"one
Enter yoga. The physical and emotional upgrades have piece from Anita. I have to say, I think this was the chicest and most
been life changing. Now, when I feel stress building up, comfortable swimsuit I0ve ever worn. For real. I am wearing size 8D
I hit the mat. I work out and work-it-out at the same which is a swimsuit size of 8 (so like a 4-ish in USA clothing) and a D
time in a physically challenging and emotionally cup. I wear a 32D usually so this is spot on for sizing. Though there
compassionate yoga class. Hurray! is no underwire support in this suit, there is a shelf bra and cups, and
adjustable straps (my short waist says .thank goodness for that/). I
loved this swimsuit so much that I wore it in another color. Keep

US End Consumer Blog Press 2016

1$2$3)"!+'," 45)67&8""!+'," 45)67&8""!+',"

I0m back from my #HurrayVacay to Puerto Rico and I have a lot to share Fitting fitness into your day can be tough. Especially when you have a Air"
with you. This trip was filled with highs and lows, hurrays and what-the- demanding job, or work long hours. I tottttaly get it. But part of saying hurray
hays. The entire experience was a big lesson in finding, stepping out of, for your health includes exercise and getting your body moving. And while For when you want to connect to your own version of: curious, communications,
and redefining my comfort zone. I came back a stronger, braver, and I0d love to be a 7am-yoga-before-the-workday person, that0s just not me perceptive, inventive, clever, breezy, fresh, analytical, abstract thinking, problem solver,
more open person. For sure. And though it was tough at the time, I right now. I go from work to a workout. Want to try it with me? I0ve come up idealistic, humane.
with a few (four, to be exact) ways to go right from your work day to your Inside:"
completely recognize the importance of going outside my comfort zone. workout. Setting yourself up for success is easier than you think! •C! all a friend."The element of air in Astrology has a lot to do with communication, be it
The truth is, comfort zones are traps. That0s right, I said it."Staying I0m all about working hard, being the boss, and looking and feeling my very writing, talking, or even texting."Call up"a friend for some much needed soul talk.
comfortable means not growing. And not growing means not living. best at the office (like in this"Bloomingdale0s article"featuring yours truly, •C! ommunicate with yourself.""Spend some time communicating"with yourself! Slow
It!s as simple as that."So live a little, and say hurray for stepping out of along with three other female founders). And being the boss of your own life down your mind, ask questions, and really listen. Try meditation and journaling.
your comfort zone! •G! et steamy. Boil some water with a few drops essential oils and inhale the steam. Be
means making time to work AND workout. Exercise has so many benefits. careful!"
Style note:"the"Maximum Support Air Control sports bra"and" In fact, I took up yoga mainly for the mental benefits of slowing down, •E! at airy foods."Try some popcorn - especially the healthy kind made with natural oils,
matching bottom"above are the styles from Anita. This sports bra is super breathing deep, and taking time away from my computer. The physical no GMOs, and just a dash of salt. Might as well pop in a DVD while you0re at it!
supportive for A to G cup sizes, but feels light as air. Love that it0s so benefits were just a bonus, and a big hurray! Outside:
breathable for that hot hot hot Puerto Rico weather. So if you0re a go from work to a workout kind of lady, or want to be, here0s •E! mbrace the breeze on your face."A short story: I was taking the short walk from my
{Psssssst!"I0m hosting another"Hurray Vacay Giveaway, this time with how to set yourself up for exercise success! apartment to my office and happened to fall into step with a group of disabled and
the brand that makes the fabulous sports bras, swimsuits, and lingerie impaired people. While we were walking, and I was rushing to try"to pass them to get to
Style notes:"Above, I0m wearing an Anita sports bra and Old Navy leggings.
you0ll see in this post,"Anita. Want to enter to win a $250 shopping Get to know"Anita and all their awesomeness"in one of my Hurray Vacay my office, a brisk breeze arose. One of the men in the group opened his arms wide to
spree? Hop over to the"giveaway page"- after you0ve read this great post, posts from Puerto Rico! soak in the air, and exclaimed with his impaired speech: .Woooow. This feels so
of course.} goooood!/ A chaperone replied, .you0re right! It does feel good./ And the whole group
put out their arms, or lifted their heads to face the wind, or smiled into the breeze. I
Find and define your comfort zones almost cried. What a simple thing to enjoy, to embrace, and to use to slow down and

Here0s an important question:"do you know where your comfort zone feel the"moment. I eased up, stayed in step with the group for my last blocks, and
is?"We have a different zone where we feel good, safe, and comfortable embraced the air on my face for a moment, too."
•!Go out in the open air."Make it a point to hang out on a terrace, the rooftop, or
for pretty much every aspect of our lives. For example, your comfort zone balcony.
for climbing mountains may be bigger or different than your comfort zone •!Eat outside."Ask for a seat outside at a restaurant, serve your own meal outdoors
for speaking in public. And not only does it vary from thing to thing; it picnic or backyard style. While the weather is still warm enough, enjoy the air.
varies from person to person. Your comfort zone for climbing mountains •A! ir out your house."Open the windows and let the air flow through your home."
and speaking in public may be opposite of mine. Ex: I am not an avid •!Wear airy clothes."Pick clothing that is loose, flowing, light blue, lightweight, sheer."
climber, but put a camera on me and I0m like HAAAAAYYY HURRRRAY! •!Go commando."Try going without panties! Bonus points for trying this while wearing a
Don’t assume you know. The only way to find out where your zone is, and skirt, but not required."
where it ends, is to test it. I made a big assumption when I was in Puerto •W! ear a breezy bra. Try a bra made of lightweight lace, or a sheer material. Pick
Rico that my comfort zone for water sports was pretty small. I am not an something less structured"like a bralette or non underwire bra."
avid swimmer (I still have to plug my nose and keep my eyes closed Want more?"Check out this recap on""to learn more about air elements.
Style notes: Above, I0m in Old San Juan during a Hurray Vacay in Puerto Rico. I0m
when I go underwater!) and I have a little fear of fish or other sea
creatures biting me. So though I love the ocean and other salt waters, I’m wearing a bra and panty set from Anita (the bra has pockets for a prosthesis!), and a
not one to dive deep and play all day in the water. So when Becky, my robe from peach."Photo by Becky Yee of Around Digital Media."As always, no
photographer, said we should try stand up paddle boarding, I assumed airbrushing my body, because"false perfection doesn0t have a place here.
this was really far outside of my comfort zone. In addition to not being

super water savvy, I also made the assumption that my core strength and
balance weren’t “good enough” to stay on the board without falling in.

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Lingerie, Loungewear, and Swimwear for Breast Cancer Patients

October , 19th 2016




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The Best of Intima
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Anita Movement 130 Launch

February 1, 2016


6The women of the
Movement 130 are

diverse, relatable and
most of all unique.7 8 Joy
Haizen, Managing

Director of"Anita USA.

Ask anyone involved in intimates, running

a lingerie business is tough work. Staying in
business is even tougher. That9s why when an

intimate apparel brand like Anita rings in 130
years, you take notice.
This year, the family-owned Anita marks its
130th anniversary with the launch of its new
6Movement 1307 campaign to celebrate the

uniqueness of its customers world-wide. To kick-o! the Movement 130 campaign, the initial 13

members will be introduced this month in New York.

Movement 130 will feature 130 women which represent all segments of the Anita brand

portfolio, which include Anita Active, Anita Maternity, Anita Care, Anita Comfort & Rosa Faia.

These compelling women will share a glimpse of their unique lives at work, at home and at play.
They will be showcased in photos & videos on Anita9s website, blogs, social media & industry

press throughout this year.

The Best of Swim 6The Anita sports bras are more than fashion, it is a
February 2016 statement: I am a strong sexy woman!7 8 Christina

To kick-o! the campaign the initial 13 members will be introduced this month in New York. During the
CurvExpo time period, Anita hosts an intimate soiree to launch the Movement 130 social media

campaign to media outlets.
Christina Hammer, four-time world champion boxer and Anita Active brand ambassador is Movement
1309s "rst featured member.
6The Anita sports bras are more than fashion, it is a statement: I am a strong sexy woman! Every
woman can be strong and also be sexy!7 says Hammer. 6I am humbled and proud to be a part of the
Movement 130 alongside these incredible women celebrating their individual uniqueness and the

legacy of the Anita brand. The care and attention they devote to their products really shows in their
impeccable design and detail. Anita and I make a great team!7
Joy Haizen, Managing Director of Anita USA adds, 6We realize we couldn9t have reached this
anniversary milestone without the continuous support & commitment from our retailing community.7
Haizen added, 6The women of the Movement 130 are diverse, relatable and most of all unique. Our

passion is to provide women with high quality, fashionable, functional intimate apparel in all facets of
their lives. Anita loves the unique in you, so why not show it!7

The Lingerie JournalLearn More about the Anita Movement 130 Launch

February 2016

US Trade Editorial 2016

:;<"4#=>:4"?>@"=A":;<">B4<" By comparison, dollar sales of traditional bras _ cut-and-sew, lace, push-up, T-shirt styles _ which total $6.4
C')/12/*"!D&EF"GH!I" billion of the overall $11.2 billion intimates market _ began dipping by 1 percent in March 2015 to a current

By Karyn Monget for decline of 8 percent. Contributing factors that led to the loss include the excitement in the growing
athleisure sector, the skyrocketing popularity
The sports bra business is poised for tremendous growth.
As a result, a number of top brands will be answering the call at the of sports bras, and the cannibalization of the bra market by big active brands like Under Armour, Nike,

CURVENY New York and CURVE@MAGIC trade fairs with a mother load of Champion, Reebok, Lulu lemon and Gap. The active players were formerly sports-centric, but are now
new, exciting product from the active arena. beefing up sports bra assortments to address everyday needs.

The category, which is being led by unconstructed soft-cup styles and Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NPD, said, “The increase in sports bra business has every thing to
do with consumers and the acceptance of sports bras as everyday bras.”
supportive underwire designs, is booming according to research firm The
NPD Group. A main reason sports bras are becoming an integral part of “Keep in mind that the big change in sports bras is the shift from utilitarian to everyday wear because
women are very comfortable wearing sports bras as a key item. The demand for sports bras covers all ages
athleisure dressing is more women are wearing sports bras as everyday
bras because of three factors: Comfort, function and fashion. as well as average to large sizes. As part of the intimates business, sports bras have become a key item

Expectations on the part of retailers and brands are high for the category just as the cami business that’s active related but hasn’t run as long as sports bras,” said Cohen. “The
with projected double-digit sales growth in the mid-to-high teens or more sports bra business is also continuing longer than the active bottoms business, a category that has declined

through 2016, and there is potential for dollar sales gains in the single high- in growth from 20 percent to 9 percent. Retailers are very happy with the sports bra business and we are

to-mid- teens in early 2017. seeing a lot of sports bras migrate from intimate apparel departments to sportswear and active areas. It’s a
Dollar sales of sports bras totaled $2.5 billion of the $19.5 billion active wear very dynamic category as we watch it expand at retail, and the Nike’s and Adidas’s of the world are getting

market for women in the U.S., which generated an estimated 19 percent into the intimates business in a big way. The resurgence of sports bras, which happens every decade, is in
great part being driven by Gap, Jockey, and Hanes, and they are aggressively marketing it as a better bra
increase overall. The ath-leisure trend began in the men’s market in late
2013 and has since exploded in the women’s arena, lending a new persona than an athletic sports bra.”

and functionality to sports bras as everyday fare. Cohen further noted that innovation will be key going forward. “What’s next? It will be the continuation of the
Executives say the growing popularity of sports bras is not surprising use of great color and more technology and smart fabrics!Everyone is trying to figure out how to do
adjustable compression so sports bras can become an even smarter product. We are going to see smaller
as athleisure dressing is the biggest idea to hit women’s apparel since Jane brands work very hard to create something that doesn’t exist in the market. The next phase of the sports bra

Fonda promoted fashion body wear in the Seventies, Madonna popularized business is who does the next big idea.”Pattie Ficorilli, senior account manager of intimate apparel at Invista
bustiers in the Eighties, the Wonderbra became a household name in the
Inc., observed that “more women are wearing sports bras.”
Nineties, and Spanx sparked a return to shape wear in 2000. “The athleisure trend is growing. Recently, Invista introduced a new fabric platform called Lycra Beauty
The figures tell the story. The robust momentum has continued in the sports
Cooling technology. These fabrics incorporate CoolMax nylon technology and Lycra fiber which delivers
bra field throughout 2015 with a third-quarter sales increase of 27 percent, outstanding shaping with comfort, a soft hand, and moisture management performance, and that keeps the

followed by “slightly less, but similar” fourth-quarter sales gains, according to wearer cool and comfortable,” said Ficorilli.
She further noted that Invista also offers Lycra Sport or the Lycra Beauty platform which “meet the
consumer need for level of support and moisture management. These fabrics have been scientifically tested

and qualified for Lycra brand marketing, which certifies the performance of the adopted fabrics.”

Meanwhile, leading lingerie and active brands are answering the call for larger assortments of sports bras.

Zvi Ertel. president and chief executive officer of dana-co., maker of the licensed line of Natori bras,

announced four new sports bra styles will be added for 2017.

US Trade Editorial 2016
CURVENY Fashion Presentations

March, 1st, 2016

The Lingerie Journal
March 2016

US Trade Editorial 2016

;2L'"@"M><@N"?/2O"+'&"C,/%&"?/2"N2P'"Q$1/"R,%E"S$T'" First Bra Foundation
June 16th, 2016
Above and from left: First Bra Foundation Founders Clair Keizer and Terry Levine.
W$/3("$Y"B-XT2&'"@[[2/'3F"&E'/'9%":'//*"+'L,-'"2-("S32,/"\',]'/F"$W-'/%"$Y"S32,/"M'"+1-'"+,-.'/,'",-" 6The"First Bra"mission is straightforward: Provide the
\2-%2%"S,&*U":E'%'",V$-,V"%&$/*)$$P"^.1/'%"2-("&E',/"_$1/-'*%"&$"%'3Y`2W2/'-'%%"2-("%'3Y`'%&''T"E2L'" breast cancer survivor with her first bra after surgery or
T2('"2-",T[2V&"$-"&E'"3,L'%"$Y"V$1-&3'%%"3,a3'".,/3%U!" treatment.7 8 Clair Keizer and Terry Levine.
>$2("&$W2/("&E'"<T'/23("S,&*",-"%'2/VE"$Y"&E'"R,]2/("$Y"=]"E$[,-."&$"^-("E'/"W2*")2VP"E$T'"&$" by Kim 6Kimmay7 Caldwell
R'%&b"@%")/'2%&"V2-V'/"%1/L,L$/%F"&E2&9%"WE2&"T$%&"W$T'-"($"$-"&E',/"_$1/-'*")2VP"&$"-$/T23V*F" Afew days before Mother9s Day in 2014, Emily as diagnosed with breast cancer. She quickly
B&"W2%"&E'"%2T'"Y$/"@3,V'"WE$"Y$33$W'("&E'"RE,&'">2)),&",-&$"2"R$-('/32-("$Y"@(L'-&1/'")1&",-"&E'" underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. The procedures changed several aspects of her
'-("%E'"_1%&"W2-&'("&$")'"E'/%'3Y"2.2,-F"%,c-."1-'-V1T)'/'(",-"2")'21XY13".2/('-b"@-("S,-('/'332" life forever, including how she wears and shops for lingerie.
%$1.E&"'%V2['"Y/$T"E'/"W,VP'("%&'["%,%&'/%F"^-(,-.",&"WE'-"#/,-V'"SE2/T,-."[32V'("&E'"['/Y'V&3*" Emily, like many survivors, was at a loss when it came to shopping for bras after surgery.
^c-."6.32%%"%3,[['/7"$-"E'/"Y$$&b" 6I never bought a Kreal9 bra after reconstruction,7 said Emily. 6I wore a lot of sports bras because my
:E'%'"V2/,V2&1/'%"233"W2-&'("&E'"%2T'"&E,-."8"2"3,Y'"$Y"-$/T23,&*"2d'/"2"L'/*"VE233'-.,-."_$1/-'*b""B-" other bras were uncomfortable or didn9t "t right.7
+,-.'/,'"&$(2*"W'"2/'"[/$1("&$"/'L'23"2"-'W"%&$/*"W,&E"2-"'e1233*"E2[[*"'-(,-.f"$-'"&E2&")/,-.%" That9s why Emily was pleased to hear about the"First Bra"program.
Y$/W2/("%$31X$-%"&$"W$T'-"$Y"233"^.1/'%"2-(")/'2%&"%,]'%"(1/,-."&E'"VE2-.'%"2"W$T2-"'g['/,'-V'%",-" As a First Bra participant, Emily was treated to one-on-one attention and undergarment information at a
3,Y'U" boutique where she found a brand new bra.
C/$T"T2&'/-,&*F"-1/%,-.")/2%"&$"[$%&`%1/.,V23".2/T'-&%"1%'("Y$/"T2%&'V&$T*"2-("23%$"%E2['W'2/F"2" 6I got a pink underwire gingham patterned bra with little daisies on the straps. I have never had anything
W$T2-9%"3$$P,-.".32%%",%"V/*%&23"V3'2/"W,&E"!"#$%&'(&)*+(,%",-"('[&E"^&"[/$./2Tb"A$"T2a'/"WE2&"3,Y'" like it before. I can wear it for several hours a day without ever feeling like I need to take it o!,7 she
VE2-.'"%E'"T2*".$"&E/1F"&E,%"%E$["E2%"$5'/'("&E'"L,/&1'%"$Y"W$T'-9%"3'2(,-.")/2-(%"Y$/"W'33"$L'/"!!" gushed.
*'2/%b" That shopping experience allowed Emily to step out of her comfort zone to try something that helped
RE2&"&1/-%"&E,%",-&$"2"Y2,/*"&23'"%&$/*"V$T'"&/1'",%"&E',/"-'W"B-,X2XL'F":E'"C,/%&"?/2"C$1-(2X$-b":E,%" her feel feminine and fun 8 without sacri"cing comfort.
['/%$-23"^c-."'g['/,'-V'b"S32,/"M'"+1-'"1-('/%&2-(%"&E2&"^-(,-."&E2&"^/%&")/2"2%"2")/'2%&"V2-V'/"%1/L,L$/" And the best part?
V2-")'"2"VE233'-.,-."T$T'-&F"2-("&E'*"W2-&"&$"T2P'"&E2&"T$T'-&"2%"'2%*"2-("2-g,'&*`Y/''"2%"[$%%,)3'b"" Because she was there with the First Bra program, Emily was able to take the bra home for free.
@d'/"'-(1/,-."2"%,-.3'"$/"),32&'/23"T2%&'V&$T*F"&E'"'g['/,'-V'"V2-")'"&/21T2XVb""01%&"2%"M$/$&E*"W2%" 6First Bra presents an incredible partnership opportunity
)3$W-"2W2*",-"&E'"&$/-2($"2-(",-"&E'")'.,--,-.F"Y''3,-.",%$32&'("$-"&E2&"Q'33$W"?/,VP">$2(F"%E'"T2*"E2L'" for Anita and provides another way for us to express our
Y$1-(",&"(,hV13&"&$")'3,'L'"&E2&"2-*$-'"$1&"&E'/'"%1[[$/&'("E'/b""Q'&"%E'"Y$1-("&E'"4V2/'V/$WF"&E'":,-" commitment to the breast cancer survivor community.7
N2-"2-("&E'"+,$-"WE$"E2("E'/")2VPb"":E'*"Y$1-("&E'"R,]2/(F"Y$1.E&"$5"&E'"R,VP'("R,&VE"2-("Y$1-(" Joy Haizen, Anita.
/'.2,-,-."&E',/"%'3Y`'%&''Tb""B&9%"&E'"[/$(1V&%"W'"W'2/"23$-."&E2&"[2&E"&E2&"W,33"E'3["1%"&$W2/(%"Y''3,-." The shop providing this special service is the Kansas City, MO based lingerie boutique,"Clair de Lune.
&E/$1.E"&E'"[/$V'%%")*"[/$L,(,-."2"Y/''")/2"2-("^c-.b""RE2&"T$/'"V$13("2"W$T2-"2%P"Y$/O"B"P-$W"B" For over 12 years, Terry Levine and Clair Keizer have been "tting women for bras, including those with
W$13(")'"2%P,-."Y$/"2"C,/%&"?/2"'g['/,'-V'b";$W"2)$1&"*$1O" breast cancer. On September 2014, they took that level of support a step further when they
founded", a nonpro"t organization dedicated to giving breast cancer survivors a new bra
along with an expert bra "tting.
How the First Bra Foundation Works
According to Terry and Clair, 6The First Bra mission is straightforward: Provide the breast cancer
survivor with her "rst bra after surgery or treatment.7
The process and quali"cations are just as simple. 6Aside from being a breast cancer survivor, there are
no other conditions for her to qualify,7 says Clair.
Potential recipients make a request for a voucher on the""website, schedule an

appointment for a bra "tting, and select the bra of her choice. And while the First Bra goal is to help
women with their 6"rst bra7 after surgery, they extend the service for an inde"nite amount of time.
6The voucher never expires, so that she may redeem it when she is ready, physically and emotionally,7
they say. 6For some women it is their actual "rst bra after surgery. Some are coming in a few years
after surgery and are getting something fun and sexy. And for some it9s 20 years after her diagnosis
and she just now found out about this great opportunity.7
For Emily, it was indeed her "rst bra. But for her, it was, 6about more than just getting a bra. Not only
is it comfortable, but it makes me feel like a woman again at a time when I have experienced so much
loss,7 she said. 6Who knew a bra could mean so much?7

Lingerie Brief The Lingerie Journal J"
May 2016 June 2016

US Trade Editorial 2016

The Swim Journal
July/August 2016

US Trade Editorial 2016

i2,-"N$T'-&1T"`"@-,&2"@VXL'" CURVENY Summer 2016
Day 1
August , 1st, 2016
2"./'2&"('23"2)$1&"W$T'-"2-("%[$/&%b"<gV'[&"Y$/" The Lingerie Journal
2"['/,$("$Y"XT'",-"T*"jH9%"%W,TT,-."32[%")'Y$/'" August 2016


Lingerie Brief
August 2016

US Trade Editorial 2016

Taking the Taboo Out of Breast Cancer Lingerie @-,&2"@VXL'"@,/"S$-&/$3"#2(('("4[$/&%"?/2""
October 19th, 2016 =V&$)'/"GI&EF"GH!I""

Posted by"Luis Paredes"

@)$L'k"@-,&2"N23,2" One of the most eye-catching sports bras on display at CURVE came

The Lingerie Journal – October 2016 from the intimate apparel experts at Anita. The brand showcased its new
Anita Active Air Control Padded Sports Bra (style #5544).
The new sports bra, designed for maximum support, is available in Cups
AA-H in two colors, Pink Anthracite and Anthracite.
Anita Active Air Control Padded Sports Bra Features
q Ergonomically designed comfort straps.
q Cut-out sections at the sides and bottom of the cup keep the skin
perfectly cool.
q Especially soft, breathable and supporting under bust band
q Double-layered cup: foam layer and ultra light mesh for optimum body
q The Triangular Shape of the breathable and air-permeable foam cup
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The Lingerie Journal – October 2016

US Trade Editorial 2016

Petticoat Fair Anita MOVEMENT130 Event

November 24th, 2016


Petticoat Fair recently hosted a new Anita MOVEMENT130 Event at their Austin boutique to help

spread the word about this new program that showcases inspiring women.
Guests at the event enjoyed Wine and hors d9oeuvres, giveaways and learned more about joining
the program.
Anita9s MOVEMENT130 celebrates relatable and inspiring women from di!erent walks of life. Each
member9s unique story, cause and mission is featured in a dedicated spotlight on Anita9s
MOVEMENT130 website, social media accounts and blogs.
By choosing to join MOVEMENT130, women can share their compelling story and celebrate their
uniqueness while becoming part of a positive online community.
Member enjoy bene"ts like complimentary Anita and Rosa Faia bras and panties, sports bras, or
swimsuits (based on their preference); a dedicated Member spotlight of their own on the
MOVEMENT130 website and printed marketing materials and eligibility to be entered into a grand
price giveaway valued at $500 of the company9s products (amongst other bene"ts).

The team at Petticoat Fair sent us a few images from
last week9s event that we9ve included here for our
readers to enjoy.
Learn More about MOVEMENT130
Learn More about Petticoat Fair

The Lingerie Journal
November 2016


US Tradeshows 2016




US Tradeshows 2016

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US Tradeshows 2016



US Tradeshows 2016



US Tradeshows 2016



US Tradeshows 2016



US Tradeshows 2016



US Tradeshows 2016

The Running Event
Orlando, FL
December 2016
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