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Published by Anita USA, 2018-04-05 10:10:16

Anita & MedCOR Professional

MedCOR w/o Pricing

and MedCOR Professional


Anita originated from Dresden Germany and later moved to
Bavaria to our current location in Brannenburg, Germany.

Today, the 4th and 5th generations of the Weber-Unger family
work hand in hand. Since 2001, our US Sales, Marketing and
Distribution headquarters has been located
in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

As a heritage brand, our main mission for more than 130 years
has been to provide women with solution-based lingerie, breast
forms, sports bras and swimwear. We are proud to cater to the

needs of women at all stages of their lives within the many
collections of our Anita brand family.


Post Mastectomy Lingerie & Swimwear, Breast Forms, Sports Bras
Post-Operative Bras & Lymphedema Products. Sizing o ered from
cup sizes AA-G with band sizes 30-52.
Sports bras that merge innovation, fit and function for women
in their active lifestyles. Sizing o ered from cup sizes AA-H with
band sizes 30-46.
Outstanding fit, easy to wear styles with total support for
all sizes.

Great fit & functionality for expecting and nursing moms.

Contemporary and seductive lingerie with full cup and band
support. Sizing o ered from cup sizes A-J with band sizes 30-46.

Sales, Education
& Marketing Support

• Alice Kaiser, Anita’s Sales Consultant is available to work with
sta on training, fitting, doctor detailing and on-site fit events.

• Anita’s Fitter Training Classes are approved by ABC and BOC,
certified governing boards, and are updated with new medical
regulations and information needed. Classes are given.
throughout the year and are available complimentary to you
for three years.

• We are active in tradeshows and community events supporting
the industry, women and the survivor community. we are
available to sponsor your local New England events.

• Anita o ers complimentary and customized marketing
materials. This includes posters, signage, point of purchase
displays, show cards and brochures.

• We can customize marketing materials when needed.
• Anita o ers special promotional events within the season to

increase customer interest in new products. This may include a
complimentary gift with purchase.

Breast Prosthesis

1018X EquiLight *Unique to Market

Initial Care 1057X Equitex
Available in Sizes:
1,3,5,7,9,11 Partial
Available in Sizes:
*Unique to Market S - XL

1045X Sequitex Trapez 1050X Softback

Partial Light & Soft
One Size Available in Sizes:
2 - 12
1046X Sequitex • Dual Layer
*Our Bestseller
Available in Sizes: 1052X Valance
Available in Sizes:
• Also available in

• May be used with


*Our Bestseller 1043X TriVaria

1052X2 Softtouch Standard & Soft
Available in Sizes:
Light 2 - 12
Available in Sizes: • Full weight Silicone
1 - 12
• Extra Soft 1031X Nipple
• May be used with
Adhesive Available in Sizes:
1054X Active • Available in 2 colors

Light & Active
Available in Sizes:
0 - 12
• May be used as

a partial

*Our Bestseller

1086X Pure Fresh

Swim Form
Available in Sizes:
0 - 12


Jurisdiction A

Jurisdiction B 2018


Jurisdiction C

Jurisdiction D

Post-Operative, Compression
& Lymph O Fit Bras

1198 Compression Bra 5311 Calmia

Post-Surgical Care Post-Mastectomy/Radiation
Sizes: Sizes:
A 32-48 A-D 34-44
B-C 30-48
D-E 30-46 5315X Isra

1199 Compression Bra Post-Mastectomy/Radiation
Post-Surgical Care A-C 34-50
Sizes: D 34-44
A-C 32-50
D-E 32-46 5322X Salvia

0059 Post-Op Belt Post-Mastectomy/Radiaion
Post-Surgical Care A-C 34-50
Sizes: D 34-44
S - XL

5722X Salvia

A-C 32-50
D 32-44

1100 Lymph Relief Bandage

Lymph O Fit
A-C 32-50
D-E 32-46

1115 Lyph Support Arm Sleeve

Lymph O Fit

Lymph O Fit

Anita’s exclusive fabric developed for lymph relief.
The textured structure has a massaging and draining
e ect on the subcutaneous tissue and minor lymph
vessels. This activates and improves lymph drainage
and has a positive e ect of scar healing. Styles include
a front closure bra, arm sleeves and separate glove.

Post-Mastectomy Bras

Post-Mastectomy Bras Pocketed Sports Bras

*Our Bestsellers NEW!

5726X Lisa 5300X Vivana

Post--Mastectomy Post--Mastectomy Sports Bra
Sizes: Sizes:
AA-B 34-42 A 32-42
C-D 34-40
*Our Bestsellers
5727X Extreme Control
5349X Sa na
Post-Mastectomy Sports Bra
Post-Mastectomy Sizes:
Sizes: B-E 34-42
A-D 34-50*
E-G 34-44*

*Our Bestsellers

5706X Tonya


AA-D 32-42
E 32-40

Value Bra Collection

Value Pricing

5301X Allie

A 32-42
E 32-40

Value Pricing

5315X Isra


A-C 34-50
D 34-44

Value Pricing

5714X Madlene

B-D 34-46
E-F 34-44


Reminder Card & Insert Invitation

SpringFitness_ReminderCard_PRINT.pdf 1 12/12/17 2:42 PM SpringFitness_InsertInvitation_PRINT.pdf 1 3/18/18 5:39 PM

Is it time for a Change? C
It’s been some time since we’ve met Y

C CM Come meet (Fitter’s Name),
MY Anita Breast Care Sales Consultant
with you for a consultation and a fitting.
M It’s important to stay current with your CY
Y fittings because needs can change with
CM weight loss or gain, new activities and for a personalized tting!
MY other life changes.
Weekday Month 00, 2017
Current fittings also keep your lingerie 00:00am - 00:00pm
Store Name
Street Address, City, ST, 00000
wardrobe fresh and in great condition. (000) 000-0000
Over time, bras tend to lose their shape
-Anita USA
and o er less comfort and support.
There are great new Breast Care bras
and breast forms for you to see. Let’s
make sure your styles are up-to-date.
Remember many post mastectomy
products may be covered by Medicare

and other insurances.
Give us a call and we’ll set up an

appointment. See you soon!

7.75”W x 5”H Customizable Ad Slicks

3.75”W x 5“H

3.75”W x 10“H

Point of Sale Displays

Torsos Breast Form Display Unit

Anita International Corporation
3540 N.W. 56th Street • Suite 204 • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

1 800-866-6223

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