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V6719E_Kontakte_2019_innen_opti CO2019 NTACTS


1984 - 2019

46 18


Foreword Features Imprint
3 35 years of CONTACTS 10 - 12 Easy on the eye Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH
18 - 19 Medical stores in the spotlight 1162
Report 22 - 23 Balm for the body & soul 83094 Brannenburg
27 The sense of touch Germany
4-5 Perfection to the very last Costa de la Luz Head of Marketing Services:
14 - 15 detail – ANITA‘s sample Stefanie Metzler
17 sewing department Lifestyle Dr. Clemens Friemel
TriProVita Head of Editorial Team:
Muddy Angel Run 13 Why I opted for Susanne Ernst
A team from Anita runs a breast form Text editing:
for a good cause Christine Klein
Ulrike Ascheberg-Klever
Fashion Portrait Layout:

6 - 9 The latest lingerie 20 - 21 Staying true to myself %JTKUVKPG -CHƃ
24 - 26 Beachwear 2019 Terry K. from Belgium
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Thank you for 35 years of CONTACTS

9œÕÀ œÞ>ÌÞ wÃ Õà ܈̅ ˆ˜Ã«ˆÀ>̈œ˜ >˜` œÞ

We have reason to celebrate: CONTACTS is turning 35! While flicking through some of our older issues, I was struck
by how many of the topics that women identified with all those years ago remain just as relevant and of interest to our
readers today. And our passion is not set to dwindle; we hope to be providing reassuring and interesting personal stories
and keeping you up to date on topics that matter to you for many years to come. Besides, of course, continuing to offer
the occasional glimpse behind the scenes at Anita.

In this issue, you can find out just how dedicated and devoted we are to our products as we give you an insight into how
your Anita bras are created.

You can also look forward to a whole host of new products in beautiful colours and fantastic designs. Want to see more?
Simply visit our home page at If you’d like to catch one of our fashion shows, it’s also worth
following us on Facebook. Both our Facebook page and website list upcoming dates for our fashion shows under “Events”,
where women who have undergone breast surgery present our latest models in attractive settings. Sign up to an event
by contacting the medical store hosting the show either by phone or in writing.

I hope you have an enjoyable read and I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

One last thing: don't miss out on our competition, it’s well worth taking part. You could win a week's holiday in an
exclusive hotel on the Spanish Costa de la Luz. Good luck!

Susanne Ernst



1 | Material & Design 2 | Cutting 3 | Sewing

Every single woman can vouch for wrote this as early as 1669 in his Anita care bra is first tried on by
the fact that no two bras are the book “The Adventurous Simplicis- women who have undergone breast
same. For a model to sit and fit well, simus”. We at ANITA share a very surgery so we can be absolutely
to support the bust yet pretty much similar view on things when it sure that the models meet the

PERFECTIONTDOETTAHILE VERY LAST The new sample sewing department at
the ANITA headquarters in Brannenburg is
instrumental in meeting the high demands
«>Vi` œ˜ wÌ >˜` Vœ“vœÀÌ°

go unnoticed, the manufacturer comes to creating new bra models. needs of our customers and are
has to be passionate about its prod- It takes an average of one-and-a- comfortable.
uct and have fine-tuned every lit- half years for the first sketch to be
tle detail. transformed into the finished prod- And that’s not all: at Anita care, all
uct you can find hanging in-store. of the development stages are found
“All good things take time, and fine This is because we place so much under one roof or, perhaps better
rewards be not won without great emphasis on fit, comfort and con- said, within one company. Along-
toil and labour” – Grimmelshausen fidence. In addition to this, every side the design and cutting depart-



4 | Fitting 5 | Preparatory Work 6 | Production

ments, the modern company build- state-of-the-art facilities, air-con- PUT THROUGH
ing that we moved into in October ditioned spaces, canteens with good THEIR PACES
2017 is also home to a sample sew- catering options, medical care and
ing department, where prototypes much more. Another crucial quality stage is the
are sewn. The manufacturing pro- final inspection undergone by every
cess itself takes place at ANITA-run We are only able to achieve such a Anita style before it leaves the com-
factories in Portugal, the Czech high standard of quality because pany. Our colleagues rely on their
Republic, Myanmar and Thailand. everything at Anita care comes expert eyes to take a closer look at
Other companies tend to outsource from a single source and all of our fabrics, seams and exact proportions.
their swimwear and bra production articles, from breast forms to lin- Another reason why you can enjoy
to Asian manufacturers. ANITA, gerie right through to swimwear, your Anita styles for so long.
on the other hand, assumes full are perfectly coordinated. Not to
responsibility for its employees in mention the fact that we are so CONTACTS 5
the factories, regardless of location, passionate and meticulous about
and is therefore able to guarantee our work. The stylish aesthetics are
a high level of quality not only in the icing on the cake.
its products but also in terms of
work conditions. Our production
sites are situated close to our staff,
not in industrial parks. We offer

>ňœ˜ FLEUR



001 black
{än >˜Ì…À>VˆÌi

769 berry
ˆ“ˆÌi` i`ˆÌˆœ˜\
ÎÇä «œÜ`iÀ LÕi
ˆ}…‡Ü>ˆÃÌ LÀˆivà £Îxx


äÈää >˜`i>Õ >Vi ̜«

É vÀœ“ ՘i Ó䣙


001 black
ääÈ Ü…ˆÌi
{än >˜Ì…À>VˆÌi

769 berry
ÎÇä «œÜ`iÀ LÕi




ÎǙ ˜ˆ}…Ì LÕi
x™Î ˆ}…Ì ÀœÃi
Óș “ˆ˜Ì

Àˆivà £ÎÈÎ



ˆ“ˆÌi` i`ˆÌˆœ˜\

ˆ}…‡Ü>ˆÃÌ LÀˆivà £{ÇÈ





5349X · CUPS A – G

001 black
001 black È£Ó VÀÞÃÌ>
ääÈ Ü…ˆÌi
ääÇ ˜Õ`i ˆ}…‡Ü>ˆÃÌ LÀˆivà £Îxä
xÓÈ ŽˆÀ ÀœÞ>

Àˆivà £{x£


5761X · CUPS A – E

ÓÈÇ Üˆ˜i
{£x ȏÛiÀ ˜ˆ}…Ì
Çä™ ˆÛœÀÞ
ÇÇÎ vÀ>««j

ˆ}…‡Ü>ˆÃÌ LÀˆivó £xÈ£


5726X · CUPS AA – D

ääÈ Ü…ˆÌi
ä{Ç V…>“«>}˜i
Înä “>ÀˆÌˆ“ LÕi
{än >˜Ì…À>VˆÌi
x{{ ÜvÌ ÀœÃi
Çx{ ˜œÕ}>Ì

ˆ}…‡Ü>ˆÃÌ LÀˆivà £{ÓÈ


5754X · CUPS A – E


001 black
{än >˜Ì…À>VˆÌi

769 berry
ˆ“ˆÌi` i`ˆÌˆœ˜\
ÎÇä «œÜ`iÀ LÕi

ˆ}…‡Ü>ˆÃÌ LÀˆivà £Îxx

äÈää >˜`i>Õ Ìœ«] «>}i È


Hellbach medical store


Modern medical stores appeal not only through their products and
competent advice but also through the atmosphere they create for
̅i VÕÃ̜“iÀ°

Who hasn’t been there – sat at CONTACTS paid a visit to two Matthias and Susanne Hahn
home on the sofa, leisurely brows- stores that have undergone pre-
ing various online shops? Still, cisely this kind of transformation empathetic care and support. Our
nothing quite beats a real shop- and spoke to their managers. One boutique is distinguished by its
ping spree exploring the various of them is Susanne Hahn, who warm atmosphere and offers a
high streets and arcades. This is manages Hellbach medical store in surprisingly broad range of prod-
largely thanks to the fact that re- Amberg together with husband ucts together with exclusive assis-
tailers know how to turn a shop- Matthias Hahn. The other is Kris- tance and advice.
ping trip into an entire experi- tina Böhm from Berlin-based bou-
ence. And that takes more than tique “in petto”.
just good products; the atmos-
phere has to be on point, too. CONTACTS: What inspired you to
revamp your shop and move more
It’s relatively easy to create a cosy, in the direction of a boutique?
feel-good ambience if you're sell-
ing children’s toys or clothing. It’s Susanne Hahn: Our previous shop
a little trickier, however, if you're was simply much too small and
dealing with medical products. old-fashioned for my ideas to work.
But many medical stores have at-
tempted to do just that and have Kristina Böhm: Among the hustle
succeeded in transforming their and bustle of the traditional medi-
shops and boutiques into feel- cal store, it’s often difficult to cre-
good, inspirational spaces. ate a relaxed atmosphere and offer



Hellbach medical store ical store a Scandi- and in April 2018 we celebrated
Hellbach medical store navian feel. There's our opening.
plenty of white fur-
niture, pastel colour CONTACTS: How did your cus-
nuances and cosy tomers react?
Susanne Hahn: They were and are
CONTACTS: How delighted. They feel very much at
long did it take for home in the ambience we’ve cre-
your ideas to come ated. Many are pleasantly sur-
to life? prised and can hardly believe
they are in a medical store.
Susanne Hahn: A
long two years went Kristina Böhm: The response has
by from planning been wholly positive; our deci-
to opening. In the sion to go in a new direction pays
beginning I would off almost every day. Our cus-
scrap all my ideas tomers feel relaxed and well
and start anew al- looked after.
most every day un-
til the shop’s design CONTACTS: What is important to
concept reflected your customers?

Hellbach medical store

Kristina Böhm from “in petto” with her colleagues “in petto”

CONTACTS: Where did you find what it is today: open, airy, cosy Kristina Böhm: Most of all, a calm
inspiration for the look of your and stylish. It was really impor- and discreet atmosphere, and the
shops? tant to me that there were quiet fact that we take the time to offer
areas, which we now have in the advice and care for their needs.
Kristina Böhm: We took inspira- form of comfy sofas and a coffee The wide selection of products
tion from other shops in town and corner. and a trusting relationship to the
also got some brilliant ideas from specialist are also valued.
browsing online. Kristina Böhm: The idea for our
shop came about in May 2017. We Susanne Hahn: A feel-good ambi-
Susanne Hahn: I’m a huge fan of found the right property at the ence, competent advice, intimacy
Sweden and have given our med- start of 2018 in Berlin-Friedenau, and a wide range of products.



„in petto“

CONTACTS: How do you go the dergone breast surgery. „in petto“
extra mile? Last, but not least, the „in petto“
little things also matter –
Susanne Hahn: To give one ex- a smile, a hug, or simply
ample – our cubicles are not only showing genuine interest
stylish but also well designed. For in the customer’s situa-
instance, the breast care cubicles tion. And the fact that
have their own till, which means coffee is never far away.
customers can try out and also
purchase products within this CONTACTS: Ms Böhm,
very personal space. This helps Ms Hahn, thank you for
maintain the high level of inti- taking the time to speak
macy involved in buying a bra, to us.
swimsuit or breast form.

Kristina Böhm: By holding events
such as information days, talks,
or fashion shows such as those
organised by Anita, we regularly
give our customers the opportu-
nity to come together and talk to
other women in a similar situa-
tion. We also offer special yoga
courses for women who have un-




/…Àii ܜ“i˜ Ìi Õà ܅>Ì ˆ˜yÕi˜Vi` ̅iˆÀ `iVˆÃˆœ˜

Kerstin / Sweden

My name is Kerstin and I live in Stockholm. I was diagnosed with breast can-
cer six years ago. I had a mastectomy to remove my entire left breast. As I
didn’t want to have any further operations or foreign matter in my body, and
as I had heard about people having implant-related problems such as hard-
ening, I opted against having a breast implant. I’ve tried various breast forms
in the past but have been wearing the extremely lightweight TriNature Soft-
Lite from the Anita care range for three years now. Thanks to its natural
shape, I feel really comfortable wearing it day to day and also during sport.
Plus I hardly notice it’s there as it’s so light and feels lovely and cool.

Manuela / Germany

My name is Manuela, I’m 49 years old and come from Bavaria. I was only diag-
nosed with breast cancer after taking the doctor's ultrasound device myself
and pressing it against where I had felt a hardened part in my breast. Follow-
ing breast preserving surgery, my oncologist recommended that I have a mas-
tectomy. I initially wanted to have a breast reconstruction as well, but as time
went by, and also after discovering the breast forms from Anita, this became
less of a priority. Whenever I’m working for ANITA as a model, I’m always
asked whether I’m even wearing a breast form as you really can't see any-
thing. It’s these kinds of comments that reassure me I made the right decision.

Maria / Spain

My name is María, I come from Sevilla and I’m 57 years old. I have been diag-
nosed with breast cancer three times now, and my left breast has been re-
moved. I didn’t want to have reconstructive surgery as I’m scared to have
another operation after the many procedures I’ve undergone already. I tried
to hide my breast to begin with so it wouldn’t be apparent. Then one day I
came across the Anita breast forms. It was unbelievable how natural they
felt; how light they were and how easily they could adapt to my needs. Since
using the breast forms I’ve been able to wear what I like again, even a bikini.
I feel completely normal again, just like any other woman.



The TriProVita system

q > vÀœ“ > Ș}i ÜÕÀVi

The attuned trio from Anita care offers optimal support
following breast surgery and a whole new lease of life


Our feminine lingerie is perfectly attuned to the needs of women who have undergone
breast surgery. From providing first care immediately after the operation through to full or
partial compensation, they offer everything expected of a mastectomy bra: alongside special,
exclusive materials and adapted tailoring, Anita care special bras also come with integrated
pockets to ensure an optimal fit when wearing a breast form. Anita care bras are available in
fresh colours and modern designs, from casual styles to models with delicate lace. They are all
designed with your well-being, confidence and comfort in mind.

TriProVita also means...

... we assume responsibility
Our competent and dedicated members of staff work in line with strict social and ecological standards all around the
world. All of our products are developed in Germany and manufactured almost exclusively in our own plants in Europe
and Asia.
... our products are tested and certified

test institute.

7i }Õ>À>˜Ìii Vœ“«iÌi V>Ài vÀœ“ > Ș}i ÜÕÀVi vœÀ ̅i Տ̈“>Ìi viiˆ˜} œv Vœ˜vˆ`i˜Vi >˜` Vœ“vœÀÌ°




Choose from swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis. The breast form pockets offer reliable support
and go unnoticed thanks to the carefully selected materials and tailoring. Technical details

such as adjustable straps and a higher cut under the arms ensure perfect fit. No bathing
beauty will be able to resist the brilliant prints, fresh uni-colours and contemporary
styles. Trendy beach accessories such as beach dresses, pareos, blouses and tunics
round off the beach look.

Breast forms

Anita care also draws on a wide range of materials and shapes when creating its breast forms, from textile
initial care models through to full and partial compensation, and models which can be filled as preferred. The
unique FlexGap® technology features a fold for freedom of movement which ensures that the breast form moves
like a natural breast. A breast form developed especially for swimming completes the collection. Anita care breast forms are
tailored towards different needs in terms of texture and finish and therefore achieve a natural feeling of comfort for the wearer.

Triangular Heart-shaped Asymmetric Teardrop Trapezium Textile Back Can be filled Flex Gap®


/…ˆÃ E ̅>Ì

At Anita, the ingredients for our canteen
meals grow on our doorstep

Over a year has passed since our ity and being at one with nature.
three-storey new build was com- This is apparent in the details: for
pleted and moved into at the ANITA instance, in the bee hives on the
company headquarters in Brannen- company grounds, or in the herb
EXUJ 'XULQJ FRQVWUXFWLRQ D KXJH gardens that have sprung up on the
amount of importance was placed terrace of the new building and are
on ecological aspects and energy used for the meals prepared by the
efficiency, which mirrors the over- canteen chefs. They shared one of
all attitude of the family-run com- their recipes with us:
pany when it comes to sustainabil-

served with rosemary potatoes and julienne carrots
for four people
Step-by-step instructions: 20 minutes until the potatoes are 4 organic turkey schnitzels
pound the turkey escalopes until cooked. 4 tablespoons plain cream cheese
thin. Season the cream cheese with 1 handful fresh sage leaves,
salt and pepper before mixing in the Peel and halve the carrots, then chop
fresh, finely chopped sage. Spread each half into four pieces. Heat a ƂPGN[ EJQRRGF
one tablespoon of cream cheese over little oil in the pan, add carrots and 500 g potatoes
each schnitzel and roll up. Heat the a small pinch of salt. Add a splash
oil, fry the meat until golden brown of water and cook carrots until firm (type: primarily waxy)
and then reduce the heat. to the bite. 1 twig fresh rosemary (dried

Peel the potatoes and cut into four. Serve with a fresh mixed salad rosemary as alternative)
Coat the base of the pan with oil and topped with cress and garnished 4 medium-sized carrots
place over heat. Sauté the potatoes with chopped fruit. Herb butter to taste
in the hot oil and sprinkle with
chopped rosemary. Season with salt Enjoy!
and pepper and fry slowly for around




Muddy fun for a good cause – an ANITA team took part in the
Muddy Angel Run 2018 in Munich

“Cancer fights dirty – so can we!” is has always been discussed openly at on as they overcame one soggy ob-
the proclamation on the website ANITA, which is why taking part in stacle after the next, from mud pools the Muddy Angel Run in Munich topped with metal gratings and
The Muddy Angel Run is a five-kilo- was a no-brainer. A 20-strong team scramble sections to mattress slides.
metre course through the mud com- comprising ANITA staff members Besides multiple mud baths and an
plete with 14 fun obstacles. The run and two sports bloggers, Marlene unforgettable community experi-
was launched two years ago as the from Trail Kitchen and Cindy from ence, a considerable amount of
first mud run in Europe to be aimed Runfurther, came together to stomp money was also raised for the
exclusively at women. Events are through the sludge for a good cause. event’s breast cancer charity as one
now held in various cities across They all met up behind the starting euro from every sign-up went to a
Germany such as Frankfurt, Ham- line on 1 July 2018. Besides running good cause.
burg, Cologne, Mannheim, Munich for a good cause, the roughly 5,000 Find out about the Muddy Angel
and Stuttgart. The aim is to raise participants in Munich were more Run 2019:
awareness of breast cancer and pro- interested in completing the event
vide information about the various together than competing for record See more photos of the ANITA team:
preventative measures and check- times. The teams had a huge
ups available. This is also a topic that amount of fun cheering each other 2018


Ƃ / 9] Ƃ**9

LÞ «…ÞȜ̅iÀ>«ˆÃÌ
° °



As you walk into the room, you gion of the body but by the entire and, among other things, chan-
are struck by the scents of fine organism. The most significant nels toxins and waste products
flower and plant extracts. The effects are, among other things: away from the organisms. Manual
aroma of freshly prepared herbal O\PSKDWLF GUDLQDJH 0/' LV D
teas lingers in the air. Then later, ï +HLJKWHQHG FLUFXODWLRQ DURXQG gentle type of massage that uses
when you’re wrapped up snug WKH DIIHFWHG UHJLRQ certain techniques to stimulate
in a warm, fluffy towel, subtle lymph drainage. It is used pri-
sounds of nature invite you to ï 5 HOD[DWLRQ RU VWLPXODWLRQ RI marily in the case of oedema (=
leave all your troubles behind. WKH PXVFXODU V\VWHP accumulation of lymph/water in
This doesn’t have to be a dream; WKH WLVVXH H J IRU VZROOHQ KHDY\
it could also be the start of your ï / RRVHQLQJ NQRWV PXVFOH JHOOLQJ OHJV 0/' IRUPV D SDUWLFXODUO\
wellness massage. SDOSDEOH KDUGHQLQJ RI WKH important part of the after-care
PXVFXODU V\VWHP RU VFDUV given following surgical proce-
“Treat your body well if you want dures, especially where lymph
your soul to flourish there” – even ï 3DLQ UHOLHI nodes have been removed, which
mystic and doctor of the church ï , PSURYHG FHOO PHWDEROLVP LQ may be the case after a breast
clearly aware of the importance the tissue not only a draining but also a
of physical well-being. ï 5HGXFHG VWUHVV relaxing, purging and detoxifying
effect, it plays a significant role in
In today’s world more than ever, Massage might be used to treat, the field of wellness.
it is important that we enjoy a for instance, disorders of the
little rest and relaxation now and musculoskeletal system, neuro- PHYSIOTHERAPY
again. Both body and soul will logical diseases, rheumatism and
certainly benefit from being able complaints potentially caused by is an important alternative (con-
to incorporate an oasis of calm stress such as headache and sleep VHUYDWLYH WKHUDS\ DQG RU VHQVLEOH
into what is often an otherwise disorders. A good way of enjoying addition to medicinal and surgical
stressful everyday life. A tried the many positive effects of a tra- treatment.
and tested remedy, and also the ditional massage, irrelevant of di-
oldest form of human therapy agnosis, doctor or health insurer, There are two different types
there is, is the is to explore the various wellness of physiotherapy: a more active
massages available. These mas- type based on medical fitness and
MASSAGE sages focus first and foremost on a more gentle type that includes
relaxation and well-being. A wel- massage. This kind of treatment
From a therapeutic perspective, coming atmosphere, for instance lends itself to disorders of the
PDVVDJH éNQHDGLQJê LQYROYHV thanks to a beautiful interior, spine.
applying certain techniques to spherical music, fragrant oils and
specifically work on the skin, con- various other things, will help you It doesn’t matter what type of
nective tissue and muscles. Mas- get the full benefits of the respec- physiotherapy you choose, the
sages can be prescribed as “classic tive treatment. main thing is that you're doing
PDVVDJH WKHUDS\ê &07 EDVHG RQ something good for your body
a medical diagnosis and are then LYMPHATIC and recharging your batteries to
carried out by a certified physio- '5$,1$*( make way for a whole new feeling
therapist/masseuse. The focus of of confidence.
this treatment is to address and is a special form of massage.
thereby alleviate the complaint in Even in ancient times, physicians CONTACTS 19
question. In Germany, any costs and scientists speculated that
involved here are usually as- there had to be another vascular
sumed by a person's health insur- network besides the cardiovas-
er. The effects of a massage may cular system that looks after and
be felt not only by the specific re- cleanses the body’s cells. And
they were right: the so-called lym-
phatic system. Lymph is the name
given to the bodily fluid that flows
through the lymphatic vessels


Iused to work for a wig spe- full mastectomy of the left breast nothing. And a lot also changes
cialist. I also spent many with axillary dissection. The af- physically. Suddenly I’m left with
years working as a colour and ter-care was made up of 35 radio- just one breast. What now? Thank
beauty consultant and have spent therapy sessions in two different God I had my loving husband and
a lot of time around models in my areas. I was also on Nolvadex, but I two daughters by my side. Under-
professional life. My job was all stopped taking this after one-and- standing and love go a long way on
about colour, fashion and beauty; a-half years as it wasn’t agreeing the road to recovery. Looking for
it always meant a lot to me. But it’s with me. the right breast form and the per-

Staying true
to myself

Terry K., 57, has always loved fashion – before her illness and still today

my two daughters who have the A lot of things in a woman’s life fect bra posed a real problem. The
starring roles in my life. In April change when, like me, they are breast form and bra I wore to be-
2008, my life was turned com- told they have breast cancer. It gin with felt unnatural and didn’t
pletely upside down: I was given takes a toll on you mentally: slug- sit well. The whole experience was
the diagnosis “hormone-sensitive gishness coupled with insomnia a catastrophy for me and I felt ex-
cancer in the left breast”. After a and, above all, fear. Your entire tremely unhappy.
series of examinations, I under- world is torn apart; all your plans In 2010 I received the next bit of
went an operation a month later: a for the future suddenly mean bad news: I was diagnosed with



cervical cancer. In 2016 I had my care collection. It was like stepping arm as the special material has
right breast removed as a pre- into a whole new world! After an nubs on the inside that massage
ventative measure. And as if that extensive consultation, I started my skin and improve drainage.
were not enough, I experienced yet trying out the various breast forms Above all, the special lymph relief
more discomfort caused by lym- and lingerie sets. I discovered the bra is a huge help to me. It has the
phoedema in my left arm, around compression arm sleeves, the same nubbed structure, which
the scar tissue and through to my lymph relief bra and the wonder- makes sure that the oedema
back. I constantly suffer from pain ful swimwear collection. around my scars, armpits and back
also benefit from the massaging
Sound advice from Lingerie Mussenburg effect they need. The breast forms,
combined with the bra and arm
and pressure and have lymph I now wear the Anita care Soft sleeves, really do give me a better
drainage twice a week. Touch breast forms, which count quality of life.
Just before my second mastecto- among the lightest breast forms in As I said before: my appearance is
my, I found out about the company the Anita care collection. They are important to me. This is something
ANITA at fashion shows aimed at ideal for my lymphatic problems I want to stress to others in a simi-
women who had gone through and feel completely natural. The lar situation. That’s why I now
something similar to me. This is Anita care sleeves really help to work with ANITA at fashion
also where I discovered the Anita relieve pain and pressure in my shows and workshops. Every
woman should feel beautiful and,
more importantly, confident after
breast cancer. That can only hap-
pen if you are wearing the perfect
breast form and matching under-
wear in the right size.
The breast form has to be a perfect
fit for the dimensions of the bra. I
wasn’t getting this right in the
past, which is why I could feel my
breast form moving around in my
bra as I was going about my daily
tasks. It made me feel extremely
nervous and very insecure. My top
tip for other women in this posi-
tion is therefore to always seek ad-
vice from a specialist medical store!
forms in the same size without
trying them on first. It‘s not un-
common for a woman's weight to
fluctuate. Finding the right size is
an absolute must!
I’m so happy I found out about the
Anita care collection and that I’ve
been able to get so many useful
tips and recommendations. And,
most importantly, that I can now
feel good in lingerie and swimwear
that fit perfectly!



The sense of My name is Reio Vilipuu. I live in
Tallinn, Estonia, and work as a
physiotherapist. Over the years I
have witnessed time and again
how breast cancer affects not just
the body, but also the mind. There
are women who do not dare look
at themselves in the mirror, not
even months after having a mas-
tectomy, and who find it difficult
to wash or touch their bodies.
That’s painful – for the women


Everyone knows what we mean when themselves and for the therapists
we talk about the sense of touch – but working with them. It shows that
do we really know how important it the changed body has not yet
can be from a therapeutic perspective? been accepted.

As a way of distracting themselves
from this issue, a lot of women
will dive head-first into activities,
go on diets, change habits or buy
new clothes. Not everything is vis-
ible to the outside world. But if
someone asks the right questions,
millions of thoughts come to the
fore that had never been permit-
process, I would always encourage



friends and relatives not to shy triggered this change? A trusting positive. Touching and massaging
away from asking these questions
and to be there for the person af- relationship with your therapist of the skin and the connective tissue
course plays a huge role here, but in general also has a huge impact
Normally patients will come to me
a week after having a mastectomy also the sense of touch. on the affected part of the body.
or lumpectomy and we’ll go over
key things: the lymphatic system The tissue is loosened, as are the
and possible oedema in the arm
and breast, scarring, the fascial 'XULQJ WKH ąUVW IHZ VHVVLRQV fasciae. Liquids drain better, which
system, regaining the normal
range of motion from the shoulder we give a manual means oedema
and shoulder blade, easy initial ex-
ercises, etc. lymphatic mas- Through the sense of and swelling go
sage, gently mov- touch, the autonomic down and the
Only after we’ve established a ing the scar, the feeling of tension
certain level of trust will I then ask
patients to show me their arms so skin and the fas- nervous system is given is relieved. Pa-
I can measure the circumference ciae. It might be information about the tients feel more
every four centimetres. This al- painful in some mobile and are
lows any possible swelling of the
arm to be identified months or places, but it gen- body. more likely to do
even years down the line. It is also erally feels good. their exercises,
the first time that I’ll touch the pa-
The warm touch of the hand trig- which then speed up the healing
tient. Next I want to take a look at
the scar. This is the more difficult gers the healing process on many process even more.
part. Every patient automatically
wants to cover herself with a towel different levels; it takes away the
or something similar. However, for
the therapy to work, I need to be patient's fear and helps them to By looking at the colour and tem-
able to see and touch the scar and
skin. After a while, most patients mentally acknowledge the scar perature of the skin and scar,
no longer have a problem undress-
ing and lying down with nothing and their body in general. Patients therapists can judge which exer-
on their upper half. But what
will often then ask how they cises should be done next. We can

should best clean the scar, and get a sense of the tissue’s elastici-

about other things that might help. ty, identify areas of collagen that

Through the sense of touch, the are not moving freely, and even

feel out painful

strands of connec-

tive tissue in the

skin. Areas of fluid

retention in the tis-

sue in need of com-

pression garments,

special bras or lym-

phatic therapy can

also be detected

here. By touching

the patient, we gain

a much bigger pic-

ture of what is hap-

autonomic nervous system is giv- pening in the body and a much

en information about the body better idea of the right kind of

and its external environment and therapy. Furthermore, the sense

responds by stimulating or in- of touch brings patients so many

hibiting physical processes such benefits and can speed up the en-

as blood pressure, the heart and tire healing process.

breathing rate, body temperature,

digestion and the metabolism, etc.

Above all, however, the patient

becomes calmer, more relaxed, and

generally feels better and more



Ask your specialist retailer
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2019 beachwear collection!


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Coast of Light


The Costa de la Luz, literally “Coast visitors can indulge in delicious, which can be explored along hiking
of Light” in English, is a region that fresh seafood. All this plus live mu- routes, by bike or while birdwatch-
impresses not only with its special sic is sure to put you in holiday ing. The mix of marshes, lagoons,
soft light but also with its many mode! pine forests, dunes and cliffs is
miles of white sandy beaches. The home to a number of protected ani-
region is one of the most popular The coastal towns dotted through- mal and plant species, making it a
travel destinations in southern out the Province of Cádiz all have a hotspot for nature lovers.
Spain and stretches from the estu- unique charm. In terms of beaches,
ary of the Guadiana River in the some are great for the entire family Have we sparked your interest?
Province of Huelva along the Gulf such as those in Cádiz, Rota, Chipi- Then turn to the last page of this
of Cádiz right down to the town of ona or Chiclana de la Frontera, edition of CONTACTS and enter
Tarifa almost at the strait. With while others are more secluded our competition! With a bit of luck,
over 20 towns of historical interest natural beauties such as in Conil, you could win a trip to the Costa de
in the local area, quaint fishing vil- Barbate, Bolonia and Zahara de los la Luz.
lages and truly spectacular coastal Atunes. The region around Tarifa,
scenery, holidaymakers certainly located closer to the strait, is the
won’t run out of things to do. place to be for fans of water sports
such as surfing or windsurfing. Ta-
The main towns in the Province of rifa itself is known for its laid-back
Huelva are Ayamonte, Isla Cristi- multicultural hippy, boho and surf-
na, Punta Umbría, Mazagón and er vibe.
Matalascañas. The wide beaches
with their sand dunes and pine Another attraction is Doñana Na-
forests offer a place to relax and tional Park, the most important na-
also have an abundance of restau- ture reserve in Spain and the larg-
rants complete with terraces where est ecological reserve in Europe,

Try your luck in our competition! With a bit of luck, you could win a week-long trip for two people to Have a go!
Spain’s Costa de la Luz.
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1 week Costa de la Luz/Spain The Josephine bra now comes in
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500 euros spending money
Good luck!
Terms and conditions of entry: all correct answers will be entered in the prize draw. The judges‘ decision is final. ANITA employees may not enter This & that
the competition. I consent to the storage of my personal data by Anita for marketing purposes. Your data will not be transmitted to a third party.
The deadline for entries is 31.10.2019

Sender: (please print) Please affix Congratulations to the winner of
stamp the CONTACTS 2018 prize draw
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Street/house no. Soft Pink
Reply Running
Postcode, town Massaging sports tights
ANITA Dr. Helbig GmbH
Email Customer service: CONTACTS And the winner was:
Postfach 1162 Holiday in Ischia
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be stored for the purposes of the competition and may also be Germany
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