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Todd has to go to work. His mom's car gets into a car wreck.

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Published by Aubree Johnson, 2019-05-08 11:12:22

Todd's Horrible Day

Todd has to go to work. His mom's car gets into a car wreck.

Todd’s Horrible Day

Written By: Aubree Johnson

Have you ever had a really bad day? Well, Todd
Johnson did, but it ended up being a wonderful day
after all the bad luck. You better sit down and grab the

popcorn because this is a crazy story.

It all started
on the sunniest
day in
Minnesota and
Todd, the
basketball player,
had to drive to
work. He had to
drive to the other
side of town to
get to “ Burger
King,” so he
could begin work.

Todd was
on Highway 7
driving to work,
and he saw a
baby black cat
on Friday the 13
of November
and swiveled
into the ditch,
with his mom’s
78-year old white
Corsavan van
was steaming.

Todd looked
distressed, and had
to be at work in 5
minutes so he
decided to ditch the
car and race one
mile to work. He had
to hurry because it
was a special day at
work. There was a
grand opening for
Burger King today! It
felt like the biggest
day in the world!

When he was
running to work, he
couldn't stop chewing
his nails, so they
started to bleed. The
blood got all over his
Burger King shirt. He
got so mad at
himself. The blood
started to dry, and it
looked like a murder

When he got to
work, he was one hour
late because he is a very
slow runner. Todd was
covered in sweat. His
clothes were dirty. His
hair was a mess, and he
smelled terrible.

When he walked in,
his boss said “ YOU ARE

Then he started to
sob. After that
happened, he decided to
just walk back to his
mom’s car. When he got
there, he noticed his car
was gone, and he just
decided to message his

His wife came to pick
him up two hours later and
on the car ride home, he

was so scared because
his wife was yelling at him.

He got home and
there was a note on the
door that said: “ you
have to pay 20,000
dollars for
your car”. He called the
cops right away and
they said that he got a
bill that big because he
was driving in a different
car, it was his moms. He
told the cops he couldn’t
pay that than the cops
just decided to hang up
the phone. He got as
angry as a dad when the
Vikings don't win.

Then his daughter
came up to him and
she said ‘ WE WON
was so excited he
peed his pants. As
quick as possible he
looked at the date on
the ticket, it was due
on November 14,
grabbed his wife's car
keys and went to go
get the money.

When he was there
and Joshua (a friend from
that you”, I would like to
offer you a job to be a
high school) said Todd “is
lawyer! Todd took the job
as a lawyer.

When he got
home the cops called
and they said ¨There
was a mistake with
the car, we thought
you were John
Stevens. You don't
have to pay any
money. When Todd
heard that, he
jumped in the air
and started
screaming in
happiness. He had
one million million
dollars, so he called
his mom and said we
are going to Hawaii baby.
Todd and his family then

went to Hawaii and lived a
long happy life.

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