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The Way December 2019

The Way December 2019

SoTuhethwoods Way

a reunion to remember!

The 22nd annual Southwoods Fall Reunion was an amazing event to say the least! IN THIS EDITION
We enjoyed great company and wonderful memories of the summer all while
throwing some strikes and spares at Bowlmor in White Plains, NY. We saw so many Camp Corner
familiar faces, all of which gave us that warm inner glow that Southwoods is Staff Spotlight & Updates
famous for! A Note from Andrea & Scott
The morning began with shrieks of delight as friends ran to embrace one another
and begun the reminiscing about summers past. We all laughed and cheered as we Deep Thoughts
bowled and challenged ourselves at some awesome arcade games while watching Richard Yozamp Art
the 2019 compilaFon video on the background screens. We held our breath as the
winter weekend and hammock giveaways were drawn. Sco9 and Andrea then S’more Camp
addressed Southwoods campers, families and staff reminding us how amazing the Friend Referral Information
Southwoods community is! Can we just go to camp NOW?!
Dawn Ewing, the ExecuFve Director of Project Morry, spoke and was presented Winter Weekend
with a generous check from all of us at Southwoods. Dawn spoke of the hope that The Southwoods Desk
Project Morry has for the youth they serve and of how important you and your
donaFons are. What might have been impossible is made possible because you Parent Page
care. ScoQ, Andrea, and the whole Southwoods team cannot thank you enough for Unplugged
being so [email protected] of such an incredible organizaFon! There is no doubt that Project Morry
Southwoods is a wonderful place filled with remarkable children and adults! Girls Side Line Up
You could hear an audible sigh as the reunion came to a close, as campers and staff Boys Side Line Up
hated to let the feel of camp go. But our excitement for the upcoming summer will Cooking with Andrea
keep us all warm in the cold months ahead. UnFl then, know that we will miss you Reunion Photos
all and don’t forget to keep in touch leVng us know all your accomplishments this Birthdays
year. As always, we are only a phone call, email, or a Facebook message away. We
love hearing from you!
Remember...Southwoods Winter Weekend will be January 24th-26th. This one-of-a-
kind friend-filled weekend gives us all a chance to have a snow ball fight on the
bunkline, go sledding down to the soccer field, drink hot chocolate around an open
campfire, and of course enjoy Gore Mountain Skiing and the Great Escape indoor
water park.

Staff Page 2

Staff Spotlight! CAMPER
Name: Jayden Garcia
Hometown: Modesto, C.A. Currently live in Ella Crandall is starFng Lacrosse pre-season
Fresno, C.A. and is focused on family Fme and holiday
Birthday: November 29, 1997.
Pets: I do not have any pets, but I plan to get a travel to Columbia.
dog soon. Sienna Crandall is busy with
Favorite Food: Pizza!!! her STEM mentorship and is
Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Milkshake excited for the holiday
Favorite Beverage: Water!!!!!! season with family and
Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight exploring South America!
Favorite Singer/Group: My favorite music artist is Travis Scott. Harrison Crandall is loving
Favorite Actor: Bradley Cooper college (UM) and rooFng for
Favorite Actress: Penelope Cruz his team at the Citrus Bowl - Go Blue!
What’s Currently Playing on your iPod? The Lumineers
Nicknames: J/Jay The Adewunmi family visited The Yorktown
Favorite TV Show: Rick and Morty Stage to see “The LiQle Mermaid”. Staff
Favorite Subject In School: English member, Jasmine Williamson played the role
Favorite Fast Food: In n Out of Arista, the mersister. We love when the
Favorite Color: Green Southwoods Family supports each other!
Person you would most like to meet: Warren Buffet
Place you would most like to visit: Santorini, Greece Josh Schildkraut earned his Jr Black Belt
Favorite Quote: Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. from KapaFd MarFal Arts last week - 8
Favorite Sport: American Football hours of training!!! And Hayden Goldstein
Favorite Camp Song: Johnny’s Milk Song helped along the journey with doing his
Favorite Camp Memory: I loved going caving and how brave all of own 50 random acts of kindness. Fellas,
the campers were being. that is AMAZING! Way to go!
WyaQ Feist has made the Greenwich AquaFc
Name: Maggie Bayer travel water polo team. WOW! Great job,
Hometown: Pismo Beach, California WyaQ!
Birthday: November 28, 1997
Pets: Chihuahua named Posey and a hamster
named Toast and a lot of bunnies!
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Dessert: Churros
Favorite Beverage: Chai lattes
Favorite Movie: Elf
Favorite Singer/Group: Kygo
Favorite Actor: Hugh Jackman!
Favorite Actress: Kristen Bell
What’s Currently Playing on your iPod? Look at Her Now by
Selena Gomez
Nicknames: Maggot, Gingy, M’ggie
Favorite TV Show: Friends and The Bachelor
Favorite Subject In School: Psychology
Favorite Fast Food: In N Out !!!!!
Favorite Color: Yellow
Person you would most like to meet: Taylor Swift
Place you would most like to visit: Victoria Falls in Africa
Favorite Quote: “Be the person your dog thinks you are”
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Camp Song: Little red wagon
Favorite Camp Memory: Upper senior campfire down at the
waterfront hearing about all the amazing memories
everybody has had at camp.

Page 3

A Note From Andrea & Scott

Dear Southwoods,

It's that crazy time of year again when things seem to start moving so fast that we meet ourselves coming and going. In
our home this year for some reason, more than others, it seems that we spend most of our time managing chaos. We
hope you, like the Ralls family, intentionally do things to slow life down and firmly ground the holiday season in family

We asked our daughters what they love most about the holidays and they shared: decorating our home, baking cookies,
making and buying gifts for friends and loved ones, watching cheesy animated holiday shows and of course, family
story time. These were the traditions they verbalized and ones we feel help slow life back down allowing us to really
experience the season. We find that it is our family traditions that help us focus on what is really special and that these
traditions bring perspective to all the crazy things that are going on all around us. These traditions highlight what is
truly important…being present with family and friends!

If you were to ask your child about traditions at Southwoods, we bet their lists of favorites would be long and include:
Fuzzies – that adorable creature we award each night at line-up to campers that have given of themselves to make
someone else’s day better; the blue, natural and green papers that come cascading down through the air to signify the
beginning of tribal...and of course the burning of the year up on the hill at closing circle the last night of camp. Others
that your child may list are, all camp campfire, our plays, tribal sing, our fantastic camp carnival extravaganza, Rainbow
Warriors, Panic, the Winter Weekend, rides in the red ranger, the camp reunion, or THE WAY shirt that is presented to
outstanding staff members.

Some of OUR most favorite traditions at Southwoods are the ones our campers, without any input from us, have
created. The phrase “NSW” (Not the Southwoods Way) or chants and cheers we hear at line-up “ I feel good…oh I feel
so good” or in the dining room “give it to me one time”, and let’s not forget the “Shake your booty” dance. Yes, some
traditions we like more than others, but it is all of Southwoods' traditions that help slow the summer down and allows
each camper the opportunity to have those unique, fun, special and appropriate camp experiences.

All of us here at Southwoods World Headquarters hope you have the happiest of holiday seasons, full of love, laughter
and wonderful traditions. As Rondi Hillstrom Davis recommends in, Together: Creating Family Traditions, “we
encourage you to take the time and make some new family traditions. Organize a new activity or outing you will do
each year or share your current traditions with someone less fortunate through a charity or senior citizens home. It is
through the excitement, joy and anticipation of these traditions, we create time as a family to be together.” We know
you find as your children get older, they will change or arrange their schedules to not miss these opportunities to be
together. So invite your children to help create and implement these family traditions- we know you will find that they
help slow things down and make family time unique, fun, and yes, even special.

Now that winter has started to howl its’ cold winds round our house, we look forward to each fire in the fireplace and all
the snow angles and snowmen in the yard…and we hope for you a holiday season full of friends, family and ongoing
traditions to enjoy… “The Southwoods Way”.

Our Mission Statement...

Sotuahtnrhodwusgoeohlfdc-suetissttienceogmm-embdyigtreteepidnrtfooogrercaminmpgmopwionesgriitinimvgepplheeumompelanent.evOdaubluryegaso.caWal riesefatuoclhlbyiuesiveledletcchotinesdfigdaoenandl ce
fully trained staff whose investment in children, like our own, is unparalleled.

Page 4

Camper Deep Thoughts

This past summer was my first summer at Southwoods, I was in
the Cliff bunk. My favorite things to do at camp were going to
street hockey with Gabe on all my free periods, playing the
Magic card game in my bunk, the apache relay, and going on the
Great Escape Trip. When I think about what I love at camp I
remember the amazing lake, the awesome counselors, and the
Isaac Rothman great friends I made. I can't wait to go back to Southwoods in
Lower Senior Boy 2020! I'm looking forward to my younger brother Henry
joining me this summer. I'm also so excited for the Lower
Senior trips like whitewater rajing. And I really hope my Tribal team wins this year.
And of course I'm going to sign off with Go Pats!!

S’MORE Page 5
CAMP! Limited Spaces!
Call to reserve
GET A TASTE OF your camper’s
Friday, July 31st - Monday, Aug 3rd (914) 214-8780

An opportunity for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
graders in Sept. 2020 to experience
sleepaway camp for 4 days/3 nights.

$625, includes transportation
from NYC Metro area.


Page 6

winter weekend

Winter Weekend is a fun-filled 3 days of
Adirondack adventures for returning and first
year campers! 24J2ta0hn2-u20a6rtyh

See Your Enjoy Deluxe Facilities at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Water Park
Optional Ski Trip to Gore Mountain

Favorite Camp Splash, Slide & Surf in the Water Park
Snow Tubing at West Mountain
Friends! Sledding and Snowmobiling at Southwoods Camp

[email protected] oCuoIntnhnswteacotgeordadtmso CCAaMmPp! tPhIaCtea’sbhrSeonenoRuoctutketsPttshooDeawuoarrtovyeeoaoanGutdirortsluy’nosiDdstnoe!eDlinstohakeni!ynk thMeaSkoeusthuwreoyoodus bBlooogkomnalirnke!

FaTwceitbtoerok www.bsloougtshpwooto.cdosmcamp.

Don’t miss a beat!

quUoptedsa, tpeisc,tfuurzezsie, fso, rnmesw, se,tc!

wK Mao-sn-uF A TwteAe hrhlbyilewl eIelir-t mL o u uaCPooBlraapasundromrotOseey r.fbdpcn!toX oea t rtSYm n oH apootR v/oauuo fCantr uEowia ldCBrrmaM imbaolbIlpGto ffilsraeeIo e trl NmcokocFoeeo gn a DbirulivimleneeeE se r: . R aianst! pe arly Searching for bmeptoaaTonuyuyttImihfootlemIuyiyonormaiWnt2unct1oispr/Iihce/nptn1aaoadt2tsvlilreli&otl4eytmratncccl-aWe5al#hh1mnn/r2eaotd/1,eserst2gyknewoDe6entuidsnlalrdDtuees:
WSepseticlltahacvuelacrouSntsaeflfo: r
positions open for summer
k2n0o20w! If you or anyone you
wants to be part of a
cawlwl Lwa.usroeunthawt o(9o1d4s) .2c1o4m-8o78r0

Page 7

Parent Page

A Camp like Southwoods allows for the broadening of the mind through immersion in the
natural world around us, and helps better prepare children to live life to its fullest. The
corridors of life demand a greatly expanded skill set than do the halls of middle school or high
school. As parents we must do all we can to allow our children to learn the skills that will help
them find lifelong success.

At Southwoods we focus on Life Skills. The skills our campers are taught are meant to help
them succeed in all aspects of life – personal, academic, and later on professional. By
selecting Southwoods, you are not just allowing them to go to camp; you are giving them a
gift that will last a lifetime. Below are the top 5 things Southwoods provides our campers:

1. Campers get to explore nature at Southwoods in a way that is different than just being at home in the
back yard. They get to pitch a tent, cook over a fire, catch frogs, slip n slide in the mud and so much more. At
camp we use all of our senses to experience the world around us. Campers unplug and explore in ways that
surprise many parents. We often get a shocked blank look when our campers share in front of mom and dad
that one of their favorite activities at camp was frog catching or caving! Things many parents cannot
imagine their child enjoying.

2. Campers at Southwoods learn how to navigate tricky social situations. They learn how to be a part of
and hold what we like to call “dinner conversation”. They learn how to meet new people of various ages and
create appropriate and positive relationships. They learn that it is not necessary to be best friends with
everyone in the group and yet still have an amazing time. They realize the world has endless possibilities
and they get to play the leading role in who they become. They learn that their value is really not in how
good they are at something, it is all about how good of a person they are.

3. Campers have the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures at Southwoods. We have staff at
Southwoods from 16 different countries and campers from 11. At line up we hear the Spanish word of the
day, the Turkish phrase of the day, the sushi of the day and so much more. We hear the national anthem of
different countries and enjoy cuisine prepared by staff from all over the world. Some of our favorite
campfire songs have been brought to us from other countries!

4. Campers find out at Southwoods that they are strong. Strong enough to fall down, scrape their knee and
their ego, then get up and wipe both off, and keep going. They find out they can be away from their parents
and home and all is still okay! They build independence, confidence and self-esteem which sets them up to
take advantage of the many opportunities that will come their way in the future.

5. Campers learn the value of traditions at Southwoods. Our campers return year after year and each of
them have something they can't wait to have happen. Things like tribal, overnight camping trips, tribal
break, campfire songs, lower camp panic, rainbow warriors, upper senior Boston trip, head staff dunk tank
at carnival, silent dinner, candy hunt, the plays, and closing circle (just to name a few). Traditions and the
moments in time they represent live on generation after generation.

Page 8

southwoods - unplugged!

Snow Day? sNOw PROBLEM...
Let’s play a Carnival game!

Cut 5 evenly spaced triangle notches out from the
side of a cardboard box. Number the holes as shown.
Set the box on the floor and choose a starting line
(start with 5 feet away and move back to make it
more difficult!)
To play, give each player 5 marbles and have them
take turns trying to shoot marbles into the holes.
Players earn points based on the number value of the
hole they shot their marble into! Highest score wins!

Project Morry

Kids That Give

Project Morry’s “Kids That Give” program is comprised of youth
who have been inspired to support the organization throughout the

year. By creating fundraising initiatives and in-kind donation
projects, each participant dedicates their time to helping the
organization grow and develop. This is a fantastic opportunity for

youth looking to stay involved with Project Morry.

100% of Participation Ideas Include: 90% of Project
Project Morry’s youth
Morry’s youth ~Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects~ ~Donation Drives~ who attend a
graduate from ~School Clubs~ ~Walk-A-Thons~ college or
High School. university secure
~Community Fundraisers~ ~Support Sundays~

~Bake Sales~

For more Information contact: [email protected] a degree.


Page 9

girls side line up!

Hey Southwoods! Lauren Hohman
Wow! I can’t believe it is already December. It feels like just yesterday we were meeting at Girls Side
the flagpole for Girl’s Side Lineup, hearing your cabin calls, and preparing for the fun camp
day ahead. Even in the midst of a hectic holiday season, Southwoods is always in the back Head Counselor
of my mind. Whether I’m humming the tune of “Little Cabin in the Woods” or daydreaming
about the warm, sunny days at the lake… not a day goes by without a thought of camp. If
you’re like me and Southwoods is always on your mind, I have come up with a list of things
you can do to keep yourself occupied as you count down the days to summer 2020!

1. Gather your family or friends and start the day with your own version of “Morning
Lineup” - include silly announcements, box scores, I mustache you a question
Monday, closing song, etc…

2. Write a letter or text all of your camp friends, reminding them of your favorite
memories from 2019.

3. Change the words of the songs you hear on the radio to be about Southwoods. This
is great practice for your Chieftain summer!

4. Go out of your way to make someone else’s day better. Pass along that FUZZY

5. And finally… make a list of all the things you’re excited for at camp in 2020!
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!
See you in 2020!

boys side line up!

This time of the year is an absolute favorite of mine, besides the camp season of course! Johnny Reinke
We are officially saying goodbye to 2019 and welcoming 2020! It gives us all opportunities Boys Side
to be thankful for all that we have and reflect on the year’s past. It sure is fitting that the
cold season is always warmed by great friends and wonderful family. I would like to take Head Counselor
this opportunity to tell you my top 5 things I am thankful for this year. I am thankful for…

1. Family.
2. Friends.
3. A home and nourishment.
4. Laughter.
5. Those who have made a positive impact on my life i.e. Southwoods.
What are you thankful for? Sometimes we get caught up with the little things that life may
throw at us, but believe me we all have so many things to be thankful for. Take a moment
this holiday season to say “thank you” to those who have influenced you in a positive way.
These two modest words can have such an enormous impact–Thank you! Until next time,
keep dreaming big!

Page 10

Cooking with Andrea!

If your house is anything like ours, there is a daily weather watch in the hopes that in the
morning we will find a blanket of snow outside. In addition to the anticipation of having a
day off from school, there is also the undeniable magical feeling that comes with the first
snowflakes. From snowball fights to building snowmen, the fun is endless. Usually after a
day of playing outside, everyone is ready for some warmer indoor activities. Luckily we
have a wonderful recipe to help with that! Frosty snowman pretzels are a super fun, easy
recipe that everyone in the family is sure to enjoy making and eating!

24 Pretzel Rings
1 cup White Candy Melting Chips

3-4 Fruit Roll Ups

Mini Chocolate Chips

1 Orange Starbursts


Cut Starburst into 3 rectangular strips. Then cut each of
those in half,creating 6 rectangles.

Now cut each of those diagonally creating 12 triangles for

Unroll Fruit Rollup and cut into 1/2″ strips to use as scarves.

Line cookie sheet with wax paper.

Heat White Candy Chips by microwaving for 30 seconds
stirring and repeating until melted.

Transfer to corner of zippered bag and clip tiny piece off of corner to pipe.

Lay scarf on prepared sheet and pipe a small dot of candy in the middle.

Place 2 rings so they are just touching at that spot

Fill the inside of each ring with white candy.

Place nose in upper ring.

Place mini chocolate chips for eyes mouth and buttons at this time before

candy sets. Fold scarf over to hide the joint.

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