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Mike's car breaks down and has to go through a series of events to get to work.

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Published by Lilyana Eisenlohr, 2019-05-08 09:32:00

Craziest Day in the World!

Mike's car breaks down and has to go through a series of events to get to work.

Craziest Day in the​


By: Lily Eisenlohr

It was a thunderstorm in Phoenix, Arizona at 5:30 am and Mike was
on his way to work, and the roads we very bad he didn’t know if he would
make it to work. He was a lawyer so it was important he was not late. He
thought since he just got his 2011 Ford pick-up repaired so he’d be fine…

When he was driving down the road, he didn’t see the huge puddle of
rainwater on the road, he just thought it was a mirage. So he kept driving.
Right as his first two tires hit the puddle he immediately went spinning and
spinning and spinning. He was screaming “AHHHHHH”. Then, suddenly he
stopped, he was on the side of the road in the desert, he was swirling with
dizziness. It was already 5:50 and he had to be at work by 6:00 am. He had
a big important meeting from people around the world, about his promotion.

Meanwhile, at the courthouse, everybody was waiting for Mike, Mike
was usually at least 20 minutes early to work if not earlier, so this was a
complete change for the courthouse. Back in the middle of nowhere, Mike
was going insane because it takes him 20 minutes to get there from where
he was at. So he opened his front hood, and his engine was coughing out
smoke, probably from hitting a rock during the spin-out.

So he pulled out his phone, but he had zero bars, so he was stuck on
the side of the desert until a car came. Then he would have to hitch a ride.
So he waited and waited for 15 minutes and his boss was getting soangry
that he didn’t want to have a meeting, and he thought to himself “ I’m gonna
fire Mike”! Since Mike was late it made Mr. Johnson, Mike's boss, look bad
because Mike was late. Mr. Johnson was so embarrassed. So he sent the
other bosses from around the world to the airport, the meeting was over
even though it didn’t even start, like Mike's car.

Back where Mike was, he was sitting on a rock waiting for a car.
Finally a red 2015 Toyota came and offered him a ride and of course, Mike
said “yes”. Her name was Jenny and she gave him a ride to work. Jenny
asked Mike “ what's wrong with your car”, “I had a spin-out on a puddle”,
said Mike. “That must’ve been horrible”, said Jenny. “ It was”, said Mike.

So Mike arrived very late at work and thanked Jenny. It was a quarter to 7:00 am He was
45 minutes late for work, Mike thought to himself, ¨ I'm as done as a bug on the sidewalk¨. So
Mike walked into the meeting room and it was just Mr. Johnson in there writing on some pieces
of paper. Mike knocked on the door and Mr. Johnson’s head bobbed up. Mike said “Hey, Mr.
Johnson, I’m sorry I’m late, my car it broke…”, “I don’t wanna hear it”, said Mr. Johnson. “You
made me send bosses from around the world back to their countries”. “I’m really sorry Mr.
Johnson but it was my car it broke down”. Mr. Johnson said, “Well you don’t have to worry about
your car breaking down to come anymore because you're fired”! Mike’s jaw dropped at first he
didn't feel like he would've gotten fired but he did. So then Mr. Johnson had him sign his
resignation papers and gave him his final paycheck.

He walked
outside to
the cold
morning fog
hit his face.
He felt
relaxed, even though he just got fired. All that he could think about was
how calm he was. He was care free because all of the weight of worked
just got… lifted off his shoulders. Once that was all over, all he could think

about was how am I gonna get home? What am I gonna use to get my car

Then he saw Jenny’s car and it was in the front of a repair auto body
shop called “JENNY’S REPAIR”, and he went over there and he saw Jenny
working on a car and Mike said, “I lost my job because I was late”. Jenny
said, “ well I have an opening for a repair/ handyman do you wanna take
it”? Mike said, “YES PLEASE”! So he fixed his car and him and him and

Jenny were very good friends and decided to get
married. And they had their first baby boy named Auto
named after their Auto Body Shop. And they lived
happily ever AFTER!

Baby Auto!

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