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Published by romeszaros, 2018-12-17 12:17:26

Kern Early Stars


Why is quality child
care so important?

Numerous studies show that when
children receive high quality care and
education during their first five years of
life, they are more ready for school, they
are better readers, and they are more
likely to graduate from high school. This
is the fundamental reason for the Kern
Early Stars program being created and
implemented in our Kern County.

What is Kern Early Stars?

Kern Early Stars is a child care support program under the auspices of the Kern
County Superintendent of Schools, which partners with child development
centers and family child care providers to improve their programs over time.

How does Kern Early Stars work?

Using a common set of quality indicators and general guidance developed collaboratively through
a state and local partnership, Kern Early Stars uses a Quality Rating and Improvement System
(QRIS) to assess and rate childcare providers throughout Kern County. Their participation in this
program is voluntary.

Stars are awarded based on established criteria in each of these areas:

Provider Qualifications School Readiness Teacher-Child Ratio

Providers that are committed to increasing A solid foundation is built academically Fewer children per adult allows caregivers
their knowledge of child development and socially to set children up for success to give more individual attention to each
and early education through professional in to succeed in future educational child, creating a strong bond which allows
development and continued course work. endeavors. the children to succeed and reach higher
developmental goals.
Teacher-Child Relationships Health & Development
Safe & Age Appropriate Environments
A positive, nurturing environment where Measures are in place to ensure
it is evident that both provider and child children are healthy, physically active, Facilities are clean and well maintained
are happy and that they truly enjoy one receiving proper nutrition and meeting and the equipment and materials are
another. developmental milestones. appropriate for the ages of the children
and are used to promote exploration and

What do the star ratings mean?

Participating providers receive a report card which outlines strengths and development areas.
Providers may then set goals and have the opportunity to earn more stars through continued
quality improvement activities. The rating scale — from 1 star to 5 stars — signifies the various levels
of quality.

The star ratings do not equate to letter grades you would expect to find on a normal report card.
Furthermore, the Kern Early Stars rating system is different than the rating system people are
accustomed to when reviewing a restaurant or hotel. Providers enter the program at different
experience levels. Factors that effect a rating may include: staff education level, experience with
the tools used in rating, type of early learning and education program.

Levels of quality:

Emerging Quality Rising Quality Achieving Quality Mastering Quality Exceeding Quality

Licensed and in good

Kern Early Stars is all about a commitment to quality improvement. Participation at
ANY level demonstrates this commitment.

Why does Kern Early
Stars matter?

QRIS ratings can help parents
understand what the different levels of
quality mean for a child and choose a
provider accordingly. At the same time,
a QRIS rating helps providers identify
areas for potential quality improvement
and provides supports to help providers
sustain quality and success over time.

How does Kern Early Stars support providers?

Providers enrolled in the Kern Early Stars program have the opportunity to work with coaches to
understand their strengths and develop techniques to provide better care for the children they
are entrusted with. They receive coaching and learning materials to help improve their physical
environments and enhance their program curriculum. Kern Early Stars will come alongside of
programs and providers to help support them in what they do best, helping prepare children for
success in kindergarten and beyond.

No-Cost Provider Benefits
Small group coaching and trainings sessions
Resources to support a provider’s program
Strategies to enhance all areas of a
provider’s program
Participation demonstrates to parents that a
provider is committed to continuous
Ratings are used as a point of pride

What are the benefits to parents?

Choosing the best child care option can be overwhelming for parents. Providers enrolled in the
Kern Early Stars have a shown a commitment to continuous quality improvement of their program.
The program provides insight to parents to assist with making an informed decision.

Parents can find a list of rated providers at

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