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OCTOBER 2020 Bucket Sheets

OCTOBER 2020 Bucket Sheets



Edition 51 Issue 01 October 2020

from 1970 to 2020

The purpose of the club shall be the maintenance of the highest standards of courtesy
and safety on the road; the enjoyment and sharing of the goodwill and fellowship
engendered by owning a Chevrolet Corvette, engaging in social activities and
competitive events and encouraging favorable interest in the club and the Corvette;
the maintenance of the highest standards of operation and performance of the
Marque by sharing and exchanging technical and mechanical information; the
establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial relations with manufacturers,
dealers and service courses to the end that the Marque will prosper and enjoy
continuity and prominence; to have, exercise, and enjoy all the powers and purposes
which may be exercised by a non-profit organization.

Suburban Corvettes of Minnesota, Inc. will be meeting at 7:30 p.m. on the third
Tuesday of every month until further notice at:

1132 East County Road E
Vadnais Heights, MN 55110
(651) 482-1100

Interested owners of Corvettes are welcome to attend meetings or club functions.
Family membership, $85; Single, $65; Associate, $20; Lifetime, $55. All include
NCCC membership. Additional information can be found on our web page:

Postal Address P.O. Box 270584, Vadnais Heights, MN 55127

Page 1

Report from our President

October 2020

We had the 50th Anniversary Cruise and Lunch
at Keller Golf Course and it was a great day.
The cruise was really nice and we had a lot of fall colors to enjoy. These
are not official numbers because it was like trying to herd cats keeping
track of the ones counted and those not, but I think we had around 40
cars on the cruise. In addition to a range of Vettes from C1’s to C8’s, we
even picked up a Mustang for the cruise part way. I didn’t see the driver
of the Mustang but I hope he (assume it was a he) enjoyed the drive. I
heard the count was 50 for the meal at Keller’s. Again, it was excellent
in my opinion.

Well Summer has turned into Fall as of 9/22 and I’ve gotten out the
sweatshirts already. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been working on
all the various around the house tasks that need to be done in the fall and
pre-Winter. It’s amazing how many things have to be taken care of.

In addition to all the things around the house that needs to be done, is the
need to prepare the cars to be put away for the Winter. The list isn’t long
but the doing it isn’t something I like to think about. It’s knowing that
snow and cold weather are coming along with having the car down for
several months that’s depressing. I wasn’t able to get the Vette out near
as much as I wanted this year mainly due to the Coronavirus threat and
isolating, it really put a cramp on things.

Page 2

Due to the COVID-19

pandemic all upcoming

events are being evaluated

and if cancelled members will

be informed via e-mail

as well as website

calendar updates

Page 3

Hamburger, Fries and Catch-up

Saturday, November 7th 5:00 P.M.


Dues are payable

A notice for online payment with
Member Planet and access to a renewal

was sent in late August.

Page 4

Event Chairpersons Needed

for the

HFC Events

Annual Awards Banquet

Plastic Fantastic Car Show

Cars Under the Stars

Fall Color Run

If interested contact

Roger Dahlquist, VP
[email protected]


Page 5


September 14, 2020

Both the June and September events were successful
with 26 and 25 attendees registering for a total of
51 participants.

Page 6

Page 7


The club gathered at Jimmy’s Food & Drink on September
27th for the cruise.

Page 8

The cruise concluded at the Keller Golf Course in
Maplewood for the 50th Anniversary luncheon.

Page 9

A note from the National Corvette Museum Oct 2020

I received a nice note from Suburban Corvettes member Arvin
Bothof. He had just returned from his 1st Corvette Museum Tour. 

Arvin signed up and went on the museums National Parks Tour, he
commented to me how well planned the event was. He stated that
the guides had organized a very professional tour and that all the
accommodations and tours were well executed for the whole group.

I mention this because CoVid-19 has halted a large number of
SCCMs events as well as many events across the country.

That was 2020 and I know a number of SCM members have put
very few miles on our cars this year and we all have probably lost a
few pounds not having any Hamburger, Fries and Catch-up events
to attend.

The National Corvette Museum is moving on to 2021 and orga-
nizing their calendar and scheduling a full 12 months of activity
including a number of cruises.

If you are not a member of the museum go to their website www.
National Corvette and see if there is an event you
would like to attend. Please check their website often as events are
being added weekly both for the museum and the track

On a side note for SCM Event chairs the museum is now offering
Goody Bags and Door Prizes for events such as Plastic Fantastic,
Fall Color Run, and Cars Under the Stars. The club must make the
request with at least 30 days advance notice of the events submitted
thru the club Ambassadors. They will accommodate as many as

Greg Stattman
Suburban Corvettes Ambassador to the National Corvette Museum

Page 10

Page 11

Suburban Corvettes recently received

recognition from the

National Corvette Museum

for being a Member for 10 Years.

Page 12

2020 Club Sponsored Events

October 2020

6 – Board Meeting – Jimmy’s 7:00pm
** Zoom meeting **

20 - General Membership Meeting – Jimmy’s 7:30pm
** Zoom meeting **

November 2020

3 – Board Meeting – Jimmy’s 7:00pm
** Zoom meeting **

17 - General Membership Meeting – Jimmy’s 7:30pm
** Zoom meeting **

December 2020

1 - Board Meeting – Jimmy’s 7:00pm
** Zoom meeting **

15 - General Membership Meeting – Jimmy’s 7:30pm
** Zoom meeting **

The Minnesota Car Club Association

handbook is available on the website.

Met Council Website is

Page 13

Page 14

Page 15

Membership Meeting Minutes

Date: September 15, 2020

The September Virtual Membership Meeting of Suburban
Corvettes of Minnesota was called to order with in excess of
36 members present at 7:30pm by President Paul Hauschildt.
Quorum requirement is 42.

Secretary’s Report: Gloria Weeks reported
General Meeting minutes from August were presented. A
motion was made to approve the minutes as published in the
September Bucket Sheets by Shawn Hanna with a second by
Roger Dahlquist; motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Barb Stattman reported
● Expenses were attributed to ZOOM software, printing
postage and Pay Pal for driver’s school.
● Deposits were attributed to the Driver’s School regis-

Treasurer’s reports are available for review.

Membership Report: Marie George reported
SCM Members: 208, Lifetime Members: 96, and NCCC
Members: 182

Marie thanked members for sending in membership renewals.
To date 147 members have renewed.

Minutes continued on Page 19

Page 16


Attorney at Law

Estate Planning: Gift Planning &
Wills & Trusts Gift Tax
Powers of Attorney Personal Injury
Estate Tax Business Law

25% fee discount to Corvette Club Members

(763) 458-7752 [email protected]

When visiting our sponsor

Matt Saxe Chevrolet Buick

present your NCCC identification card

for eligible parts and service discounts

Page 17

Page 18

Minutes continued from page 16

First Timers: None
Second Timers: None
Third Timers: None

Public Relations: Dave Olson reported
● Kiss’s in not renewing their ad which opens up the inside
cover of Bucket Sheets.
● Dave Olson is still working on the 50th anniversary shirts
and logo.

Editor’s Report: Ron Weeks reported
● Bucket Sheets deadline is Tuesday, October 6, 2020 for
articles and reports.

IT Report: Steve Heasley reported
● Steve reported that pictures on the website are current.
● Steve has a new Facebook page for SCM. He is currently
updating it with pictures.
● Steve is working with Blue Host to update software up-
dates so the pre-registration function works properly. He
will need to change the payment software.

Governor’s Report: Jim Bodin reported
● Certificate of insurance is current.

Vice President’s Report: Roger Dahlquist reported
Club Sponsored Events:
Past Events:

• Sep14 – Driver’s School – Shawn Hanna reported that
they had good weather, 4 novices and 25 drivers which is
slightly above the breakeven point for the event.

Minutes continued on next page
Page 19

Minutes continued from page 19

Upcoming Events:
● Sep 27 – Autumn Cruise – Jim Bodin reported. To date
they have 30 people registered for the 50th anniversary
celebration dinner. They need 50! $30 per person includes
dinner, one drink, tax and tip. They must have online res-
ervations no later than September 17. Jim announced that
Ron Reidell is planning on doing a short presentation at the

Please see the Vice President’s calendar in the Bucket Sheets or
visit the website for a full list of both Club sponsored and non-
Club sponsored events.

Old Business: None
● Paul Hauschildt spoke to the club’s need for people to par-
ticipate in meetings and he reminded members that Novem-
ber is club elections.

New Business:
● Birthdays – Members with September birthdays were rec-
● The Board has received requests from members for copies
of the pictures taken at the 50th anniversary photo shoot.
Roger Dahlquist and Steve Heasley are working on it.
They believe the easiest way would be to put the pictures
and videos on a thumb drive and mail out the thumb drive
to interested members. Members would need to request the
photos on line and there would be a fee for them.
● Nominations Committee – Lynn Steenblock and Marty
Buck have been appointed by the Board to provide this ser-
vice to the club. Lynn Steenblock provided an overview of
the nomination process. An e-mail was sent to all mem-
bers prior to the membership meeting listing the openings
and providing job descriptions. He reminded us that all

Page 20

offices are open and they are looking for volunteers. Lynn
and Marty plan on bringing recommendations to the Octo-
ber Board meeting as to how to handle elections this year.
ZOOM or in person and voting methods.

A motion to adjourn was made by Dave Olson with a second by
Shawn Hanna. Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at

Respectfully submitted by
Gloria Weeks, Acting Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2020

The October Board Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President
Paul Hauschildt.

Board Members Present: Paul Hauschildt, Roger Dahlquist, Gloria Weeks,
Sandi Scott, Jim Bodin, Dave Olson, Marie George, Ron Weeks, Steve
Heasley, Barb Stattman, Marty Buck, Dave Scherf, Lynn Steenblock, Dave
Benner, Steven Mael

Board Members Not Present: Sue Griffin, Butch George

Guests Present: Jan and Shawn Hanna

Secretary’s Report: Gloria Weeks reported,
A motion to approve the September Board Meeting minutes as published
was made by Dave Olson with a second by Dave Scherf; motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Barb Stattman reported,
● Withdrawals were attributed to 50th Anniversary, Bucket Sheets
printing and postage, Pay Pal charges from Driver’s School and
Autumn Cruise

Page 21

● Deposits were attributed to Driver’s School and Autumn Cruise regis-
tration, small amount of advertiser money

Treasurer’s reports are available for review.

Membership Report: Marie George reported,
● SCM members = 208, Lifetime members = 96, and NCCC members
= 182
● Marie reported she has received 178 renewals and has received no
response from 30 members
● Marie reported that the new member packets she sends out includes a
copy of the club bylaws

Public Relations: Dave Olson reported,
● Kiss’s has dropped their ad. Greg Stattman’s Coldwell Banker ad will
fill the inside front cover of Bucket Sheets with the November issue.
● All advertisers are current. Ziebart and Headquarters Machine have
renewed their ads.

Editor’s Report: Ron Weeks reported,
● Deadline for next month is Tuesday, November 3.

IT Report: Steve Heasley reported,
● Website is current.
● Steve is looking for pictures from the Autumn Cruise and Driver’s
● Advance registration is working again.

Governor’s Report: Jim Bodin reported,
● Insurance certificates are complete for the year.

Vice President’s Report: Roger Dahlquist reported,
Club-Sponsored Events:
Sep 14 – Driver’s School Brainerd – Shawn Hanna sent out a BIR
short track and final total reconciliation to the SCM Board Members
on October 5th. He thanked his workers.
Sep 27 – Autumn Cruise – Jim Bodin reported that there were 38
cars on the cruise and 50+ members for the dinner. He said they had
received lots of complements on the event.

Page 22

The SCM event calendar is fluid and will need to reflect events being cancelled
due to Coronavirus. See the Vice President’s calendar for a full list of both
club sponsored and non-club sponsored events in the Bucket Sheets or visit the

Old Business:
● Election Voting Process Selection – Lynn Steenblock reported. He shared

the timeline that he and Marty plan to use.
○ 10-07 – An e-mail will be sent to the membership outlining the
voting process for 2021 Board officers and a second e-mail will
be sent to all members that have one to five years within the club
encouraging them to get involved and run for an office.
○ 10-14 – An e-mail will be sent to all club members reminding
them of the election.
○ 10-20 – SCM General meeting – Nominations
○ 10-23 – All Nominations are due
○ 11-03 – Official ballot by mail
○ 11-17 – Ballots must be received for counting

● Lynn and Marty are giving strong consideration to election by mail. Club
bylaws states election will be done using a paper ballot.
○ Barb Stattman made a motion to accept Marty and Lynn’s pro-
posal of using a mail in ballot this year due to limitations with a
second by Sandi Scott. Motion passed.
○ Dave Benner made a motion to authorize up to $249 to fund the
cost of mailing ballots with a second by Marie George. Motion

● Order 50th Anniversary drone pictures – Roger Dahlquist reported they are
ready to take orders through the website.
○ Roger Dahlquist made a motion to authorize up to $200 to pur-
chase USB thumb drives and postage prior to orders being placed.
The $10 charge to club members will cover the cost of thumb
drives and postage. Gloria Weeks seconded the motion. Motion

● Holding general meeting at Jimmy’s. Open dialog discussion. Steve
Heasley will check to see if we can do an in person meeting at Jimmy’s
and a ZOOM meeting together. The October meeting will be held using

● 50th Anniversary Shirts – Dave Olson reported that he is still working on
it. He should be able to have sample pictures soon. He doesn’t want to
stock shirts and will have process to order shirts. He will have a polo shirt
for sure.

Minutes continued on next page

Page 23

Minutes continued from page 23

New Business:
● Quorum at general meeting – Gloria Weeks reported. ZOOM provides the

number of log in’s however, does not provide number of people in house-
hold attending meeting. Ron Weeks is using a roster format to count mem-
bers visible on ZOOM screen which usually increases the attendee count.
Suggestion was made to have spouses make themselves visible so they can
be counted as attending the meeting. Sandi said that we could also utilize
the chat feature in ZOOM where members could advise that spouses are in
attendance. With elections coming up it is imperative that we have quorum
for the October and November meetings.
● Club Retention Guidelines – Gloria Weeks questioned the need to utilize
Office 365 cloud storage of Secretary’s minutes. Currently the Secretary’s
club retention of records consists of Bucket Sheet newsletters. The Secre-
tary minutes are published in club newsletter. Steve Heasley advised that
the reasoning behind having the minutes backed up on the club laptop and
in the cloud is to provide him with data in the event of a laptop breakdown.
Gloria will provide Steve with a USB port providing him with the 2019 and
2020 minutes and he will utilize for backup.
● Marie George has received a request for the club to provide engraved
jackets for lifetime members. She was advised that lifetime members are
already acknowledged by FOM and she should refer the member to Mike
● Dave Benner asked if we’re taking care of our club sponsor. Are we
maintaining contact? Ron Weeks advised that he has personally driven out
to Saxe to deliver the Bucket Sheet newsletters in person to Greg Simon.
Dave Olson has extended an invitation for Greg to join us on a ZOOM
● Jim Bodin said that a photographer followed the group into Keller Golf
Course asking if he could take pictures of the cars. He also wants to come
to a ZOOM meeting to place a sales pitch. Jim was advised that attending
membership meetings is reserved for our advertisers.
● Lynn requested labels to be used for ballot mailing. Ron Weeks will work
with him on the request.

A motion to adjourn was made by Ron Weeks with a second by Lynn Steen-
block. The meeting was adjourned at 8:39pm.

Respectfully submitted by
Gloria Weeks, Acting Secretary

Page 24

Wheelin’ and Dealin’

Free Corvette magazines. 
Corvette Enthusiast  Nov ‘07- Sep ‘10 and Corvette Magazine, in-
cluding the Premier edition Sept ‘02 up the the present.  Neither is
complete.  Also many Car and Driver, Road & Track, and MANY,
MANY Motor Trend, up to the present. 
All for free, but you would need to come to my house to get them. 

Call Bob 651-402-0597.

Pictures will be displayed in Wheelin’ and Dealin’ on a space available
basis. As the club can get back to offering more events and flyers are
included in Bucket Sheets we may not be able to provide the space.

All SCCM members are welcome to submit ads to the editor for Corvettes or Cor-
vette related parts that they want to sell or acquire. These ads are run for 2 months
after which they will automatically be dropped. If the items are sold, please notify
the editor so that the ad can be cancelled. You may also renew the ad if the items
aren’t sold after 2 months. There is no charge to members for this service.

Page 25

Wheelin’ and Dealin’


C5 factory alum (gray) wheels w/Kumho tires

Front; 17»x9.5» wheels, 245/45/17

Kumho Ecsta XS tires

Rear; 18»x 10.5» wheels,

275/35/18 Kumho Ecsta XS tires

Includes center caps. Wheels are

like new.

Tires are balanced and have less

than 200 miles on them.

Package price $1,100 (consider separating,

$600 tires, $500 wheels)


C5 Cleartastic Front and Rear wheel panel kit

    New in the envelope.

    Free to a good home.


B & M Supercooler transmis-

sion cooler

    Model #70274,great shape

    Size; 5 3/4» x 11» x 1 1/2»

     Call 763-425-5503 (Jay)

Page 26

This space for rent

contact Dave Olson


Get the Ultimate Vehicle
Shine and Protection

Ceramic Z-Gloss® Paint Coating

Backed by a 7-year warranty!


609 E. Grant St.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Page 27

Behind the Scenes

President: Paul Hauschildt OFFICERS
612-588-8046 [email protected]
Vice President: Roger Dahlquist 612-730-7020 [email protected]
Membership: Marie George 763-786-0356 [email protected]
Treasurer: Barb Stattman 952-435-6657 [email protected]
Governor: Jim Bodin 612-940-5275 [email protected]
Public Relations: Dave Olson 612-245-4320 [email protected]
Secretary: OPEN POSITION 952-000-0000 [email protected]
Editor: Ron Weeks 952-546-0434 [email protected]
Information Technology: Steve Heasley 651-308-0676 webmaster

GMCCA Liaison: Eric Kehle

Dave Benner
Sue Griffin Spina Bifida: Bruce & Char Johnson
Sandi Scott
Gloria Weeks
Steven Mael
Dave Scherf Met Council Rep: Scott Hegstrand
Marty Buck

Lynn Steenblock
Butch George Hospitality Sue Griffin -

[email protected]

National Corvette Museum Ambassador

Greg Stattman - [email protected]

Bucket Sheets is published monthly by Suburban Corvettes of Minnesota. The publication
is free to Suburban Corvette club members. Nonmember subscription rate is $35 per year.
Please mail dues or subscription request to: Marie George, 9103 Van Buren ST NE, Blaine,
MN 55434. All submissions are subject to editing as needed and must be received by the
Friday following the1st Tuesday of the month for publication in the next issue. Submissions,
comments, advertisements, articles, & pics can be e-mailed to [email protected]. Annual
Advertising rates:

1/2 page = $100.00, full page = $175.00, inside covers = $250.00.
Half page and larger ads qualify for display on website.

For advertising information call: Dave Olson: 612-245-4320

Suburban Corvettes thanks all our advertisers and sponsors for their support. As a Club,
however, we do not endorse the products or workmanship of any company. Any warranty or

guarantees must come from the company or manufacturer.

Page 28

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