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Published by SCM, 2018-12-14 20:02:06

December 2018 Bucket Sheets

Edition 49 Issue 3 December 2018
from 1970 to 2018
The purpose of the club shall be the maintenance of the highest standards of courtesy and safety on the road; the enjoyment and sharing of the goodwill and fellowship engendered by owning a Chevrolet Corvette, engaging in social activities and competitive events and encouraging favorable interest in the club and the Corvette; the maintenance of the highest standards of operation and performance of the Marque by sharing and exchanging technical and mechanical information; the establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial relations with manufacturers, dealers and service courses to the end that the Marque will prosper and enjoy continuity and prominence; to have, exercise, and enjoy all the powers and purposes which may be exercised by a non-profit organization.
Suburban Corvettes of Minnesota, Inc. will be meeting at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month until further notice at:
1132 East County Road E Vadnais Heights, MN 55110 (651) 482-1100
Interested owners of Corvettes are welcome to attend meetings or club
functions. Family membership, $85; Single, $65; Associate, $20; Lifetime, $55. All include NCCC membership. Additional information can be found on our web page:
Page 1

Hi Folks,
Re-elected as your club president, I thank you
for the confidence you have in me to represent
our club. As I said a year ago, it is truly an hon-
or and a privilege to be able to serve you in this
position. My goal and promise are unchanged.
As the SCM President I will ensure we fulfil
our purpose with the highest of standards, and passionately work toward the prosperity of the club, unity of our members, and keeping up with technology to maintain our club’s competiveness.
The outgoing board members deserve recognition. Mark Orfield at Public Relations who interfaced with our advertisers, gained new supporters, and ensured all were up to date. Dave Juhl’s hard work as Treasurer was invalu- able with many hours keeping our finances in order. Marie George’s excellent work at Membership including the challenge of keeping the roster current. Sarah Lopez worked hard to remember everyone’s name and chronicle our meetings. And to those that are taking their place; Dave Olson, Barb Statman, Sandi Scott, and Gloria Weeks, thanks for your enthusiasm and commitment to take on the challenge. Don’t forget our Member’s at Large that are an inte- gral part of the board and work diligently to serve our club.
As for the state of the club: we had a challenging year but maintained finan- cial stability. Most important, our membership is growing, we made new friends, and had a lot of fun.
I hope everyone has a great holiday season with family and friends. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Sincerely, Dave Benner
Page 2

Hamburger, Fries and Catch-up
Saturday, January 5, 2018 5:00 P.M.
Crooked Pint Ale House
1784 Adolphus St Maplewood, MN
Hosted by
Marty & Mary Buck Phone 612-802-2870 [email protected]
Saturday, February 2, 2019 5:00 P.M.
Location TBD
Hosted by
Sandy Norgaard & Dave Scherf Phone Sandy at 651-583-1763 [email protected]
Page 3

Board Meeting Minutes
December 4, 2018
The December 4, 2018 SCM Board Meeting was called to order at 7pm by President Dave Benner. Opening remarks: Board uses Roberts Rules of Order, expects courtesy decorum on Board, Board shall ensure financial security, live within Suburban’s bylaws.
Installation of Incoming Board Directors/Officers: Dave Benner introduced Gloria Weeks - secretary, Barb Stattman - treasurer, Sandi Scott - membership, and Dave Olson - public relations.
Members at Large (MAL) Selection: There were six positions open and a total of nine candidates. An election was completed using a paper ballot. Marty Buck, Roger Dahlquist, Steven Mael, Dan Collins, Roger Scott and Lynn Steen- block were voted in as the members at large for 2019.
Board Members Present: Dave Benner, Sue Griffin, Barb Stattman, Ron Weeks, Jim Bodin, Dave Olson, Tony Harris, Gloria Weeks, Marty Buck, Roger Dahlquist, Steven Mael, Dan Collins, Roger Scott, Lynn Steenblock, Dave Juhl, Marie George
Board Members Not Present: Sandi Scott, Mark Orfield
Guests Present: Sarah Lopez, Dave Anderson, Paul Capeder, Terry Wigginton,
Butch George, Judy Juhl, Timm Hendrix Secretary’s Report: Gloria Weeks reported,
The November Board Meeting minutes were presented. A motion to approve the minutes as written was made by Dave Olson and Lynn Steenblock seconded; motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report: Dave Juhl reported for Barb Stattman,
● Withdrawals were attributed to: Annual Banquet, Spina Bifida and newsletter expenses. NCCC dues have been paid.
● Deposits were attributed to: membership dues, advertisers and Spina Bifida.
Treasurer’s reports are available for review.
Page 4

Membership Report: Marie George reported for Sandi Scott,
● SCM members =220, Lifetime members = 95, and NCCC members =
● Discussion around NCCC membership cards. Will wait and see if
NCCC mails new cards to members.
● Discussion around members who did not renew. Suggestion made to
create a bucket in Member Planet for future event mailings.
Public Relations: Dave Olson reported,
● Need ad from new advertiser, Bravo.
Editor’s Report: Ron Weeks reported,
● Deadline for next month is Friday, January 4.
IT Report: Tony Harris reported,
● Website is current
● Direct link for Electronic Bucket Sheets is on the website
● Collecting laptops to install Office 365 software
● Judy Juhl now has access to Member Planet. She has volunteered to
do the data entry to create e-mail file for event mailings through Mem- ber Planet.
Governor’s Report: Jim Bodin reported,
● Update on rear license plate only project for Special Interest vehicles. ● There are no insurance requests at this time of year.
● Has obtained an insurance quote from a local broker however does not
match what we are getting through NCCC. He will request a detailed quote following the terms of NCCC coverage.
Vice President’s Report: Sue Griffin reported,
Past Club Events:
● Nov 10 – Annual Awards Banquet at Jimmy’s. Event Chairs Sandi and
Roger Scott.
Upcoming Club Events:
● Dec 8 - HFC 5pm Hosted by Sandy and Roger Scott. Location: Bonfire
in Woodbury.
● Jan 5 - HFC 5pm Hosted by Marty and Mary Buck. Location: Crooked
Pint in Maplewood.
● Feb 2- HFC 5pm Hosted by Sandy Norgaard. Location: TBD.
Page 5

Non Club Events:
● Jan 5- Annual Banquet sponsored by Met Council. Location: Old Chica-
go in Apple Valley. Contact Scott Hegstrand if interested.
Calendars for the Club sponsored and Non-Club sponsored events are current thru December
Please see the website or the Vice President’s calendar for additional details.
Old Business:
● Adobe In-Design and Electronic Bucket Sheets - Ron Weeks - created sequential file successfully but can’t download to printer for review prior to distribution. Tony requested sequential file be sent to him so he can upload the Electronic Bucket Sheets to the Web site. Ron will run parallel process for December.
● Former Member E-mail Hospitality Policy - “The purpose of the club’s e-mail communication program is to serve current club members and will not be used to communicate information pertaining to former members.” A motion to approve the policy was made by Jim Bodin and seconded by Marty Buck; motion passed
New Business:
● Driver’s School discussion for 2019. Dave Benner plans on meeting with BIR Management prior to March. David Scherf and Shawn Hanna will be working with current chairs Rick Oland and Jon Thompson with the intent to chair the driver’s schools for 2020.
● SCM Sponsor discussion – Our sponsorship was discussed and the dis- cussion will continue at the January board meeting.
● Plastic Fantastic discussion – Chairs Dave Anderson and Paul Caped- er presented an overview of plans for the event with date tentative for Father’s Day.
● By-Laws election process – reviewed process used for nominations and for election ballots.
● January Board meeting – The first Tuesday is January 1st which is New Years Day. The meeting will be held Thursday, January 3rd at the normal time of 7:00 P.M.
A motion was made to adjourn by Dave Olson with a second by Marty Buck; the meeting was adjourned at 8:48pm.
Respectfully submitted by Gloria Weeks, Secretary
NOTE: Membership Meeting Minutes start on Page 22
Page 6

1:00 p.m. Sunday, March 17, 2019
Entering this year’s contest are: Classic Corvettes of Minnesota; Corvettes of Minnesota, Suburban Corvette Club of Minnesota, NCRS, Minnesota Renegades, River City Corvettes, Crow River Corvettes and FOM. Other clubs TBA.
This year the Chili Challenge wants you to bring your individual, group or club chili recipes in a crock-pot (or larger heated vessel) to share. Entries are unlimited. We’re hoping for at least 20 different chilies. So break out those tasty recipes and come on down to:
Jimmy’s Food & Drink 1132 East County Road E
Vadnais Heights, MN 55110
Jimmy’s will provide us with a banquet room, tables and outlets to plug in our crock pots (we pay
for this) and Jimmy’s will also provide us with a cash bar. We’ll supply our own disposable bowls, napkins and utensils. All you need to bring is yourself and an appetite.
This is a free event plus all entrants get one free raffle ticket.
So whether you cook or not come on down to taste and vote. We’ll have door prizes, raffles, a silent auction for charity and prizes for the various winning chili recipes. “Best Overall Chili, Best Mystery Chili and Best Tasting Spicy Chili”. (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
Hope to see you there. If you have questions contact:
Shawn Hanna at: 763-425-6550
Page 7

Member Spotlight
Submitted by Joe Orehek
Several months ago I mentioned in my article that several of our club members
were going to attend the Corvette Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain in Pahrump, Nevada. Doug Arneson and Ed Bender attended the school in September, and Doug wrote the following article for Member Spotlight:
“How many of you have been to Pahrump, Nevada, or have it on your Bucket List? If you get an opportunity to attend or even just visit the home of Spring Mountain Motor Resort and
Country Club
located in Pahrump, I strongly suggest you take the time
to see what the official Corvette Performance Driving School is about. This isn’t your normal country club as
the “long drives” are race track straightaways and the club pro is Ron Fellows of Corvette racing fame.
Ed Bender and I flew to Las Vegas where we picked up our rental Hyundai (doesn’t seem right going to a Corvette event in a 4 cylinder Hyundai) for the 50 mile
drive to Pahrump. The drive is very scenic with the Mojave Desert surrounded by stunning mountain views and a 700 foot rise in elevation.
My first impression of the facility was unbelievable! There were Corvettes everywhere, about 140; all were 2018 or newer in every color, all coupes equipped with appropriate hardware for speed and braking on the track. The facility currently sits on 332 acres and consists of 3 separate tracks that can be combined together for one 6.1 mile track, the longest in North America. Currently under construction on an additional 662 acres are 2 more tracks that can be configured to the existing asphalt making a 16.07 mile course, the longest in the world. The principal owners are John Morris and Brad Rambo, and the initial membership fees are $60,000 not including annual fees. The 2nd floor condos where we stayed have garages below for the Corvettes and owners private cars. The roof of the building is designed as a Chevy bowtie. The 8000 square foot club house, where we ate
Page 8

most of our meals, serves first class food and cocktails.
Promptly at 7 AM we met in the white classroom designated for our group. There were 20 people in our group split in half. We started with classroom time after meeting our 8 instructors, who answered any questions we asked. The first sessions dealt with braking and cornering. From the classroom we
left to select the car of our choice; color, transmission, model, etc. We were then asked to position the seat and mirrors to our liking and then came around and made suggestions on better positioning (most of us had incorrect seating positions). From there we went to the skid pad and did braking exercises on
a wet track, consisting of 0-60 as fast as you can, and then apply the brakes
as hard as you can to see how quickly you come to a stop. Next was panic braking and changing lanes quickly, then relax, and steer. Then came the slalom course and learning to properly set up for the next corner. Two runs in, it’s working well, and they tell you to stop and your instructor puts a sunshade on the windshield and now you run the cones with only side windows. Not
an easy exercise, but it forces you to turn your head early. The next session centered on the weather driving mode. After more class time, we went out to the wet skid pad with an instructor riding along, drove a figure eight course
in whatever mode you chose, other than weather, and pushed the car to the edge of spinning out. Then they had you switch to the weather mode and drive as hard as you could. The tires refused to spin or fish tail, with total controlled acceleration and sliding. It made some crazy noises but maintained control.
In the afternoon we were on the track with our 4 person group playing ‘follow the instructor’. Each car is set up with a 2 way radio running through the car speakers, which allowed us to talk to our instructor. He drives at a pace that no matter how hard you push, you never get closer than 5 car lengths and every
2 laps the car behind him drops to the right and the next car moves up. He continually speaks not only to the driver right behind him but also to the other
Page 9

drivers giving them tips and even a few ata boys. You run all the sessions in track setting 2 with the air and seat coolers on. They provide the hair nets and helmets, and each run lasts about a half hour and then you go back for the next class and refreshments.
Temperatures were in the 90’s, but the cars and classrooms were comfortable. After several sessions, the day ended at 3 PM. We adjourned to the club house for an adult beverage, and discussed the day’s events, while Ed recorded a camera crew filming a CTS V drifting on the track at high speed, spinning out, and going back until he got it right.
Day 2 started again promptly at 7 AM and was filled with a lot more track time
focusing on fine tuning techniques for sharper cornering, smoother braking, and increased acceleration. Times improved, we got quicker, but we still couldn’t close the gap with the instructor! The second to our last session the instructor took the driver’s seat in the car and we road shotgun. My instructor was JJ, who, like all the instructors, has an extensive background in racing, including NASCAR Truck Series, Indy Car, and Formula One. JJ told me he was going to drive at 80% throttle and steer with one hand as he would show me throttle and braking with his right hand. What a great ride, extremely smooth and precise. I
Page 10

asked him how many cones we hit, since it seemed like 10, and he answered 0, but we came really close. Now I know why we never caught up!
We finished up the day with some tech time, going over all the appropriate maintenance issues from how to properly check the oil to how to change the cabin filter.
They have 2 very complete maintenance facilities at the track. Maintenance begins at 5 AM with every car: lug nuts retorked, etc. Normal maintenance is every 3 sessions, unless a car goes off track. Then it is immediate. Oil is changed, and every
suspension bolt
is retorked, and based on wear, tires are replaced resulting in mountains of tires and tire retaining walls where needed. After 9000 miles the cars are off to a dealer in LA for sale.
The school is for everyone. Ed and I were not the youngest or the oldest in the session, and there were both men and women. You can be as aggressive as you wish and they quickly determine what drivers you should run with. If you want to sit out any part, it’s up to you. In conclusion, it’s about as much fun as you can have driving someone else’s Corvette “like you stole it”!
Doug Arneson
Page 11

If you care about your Corvette you should consider Boos Performance for the following
reasons John Boos:
Over 24 years experience as a professional technician
Has a degree in auto mechanics
Is an ASE CertiÞed Master Technician
Will repair and modify your car correctly the Þrst time
Has a reputation throughout the area for repairing the ‘issues’ that dealers, other tuners & local repair shops are unsuccessful in solving
Sells and builds to make customers satisÞed. Achieving the highest proÞt margin is not priority.
Builds corvettes that WIN races
Page 12

Hamburger, Fries, & Catchup
The event was held in Woodbury with 30 members and guests attending.
Continued on Page 16
Page 13

Met Council Annual Party Saturday Jan. 5th, 2019
This party is open to all SCM members
The annual Metropolitan Council of Sports Car Clubs and Minnesota Autosports Club will be hosting the 2018 Awards party on Saturday, January 5th 2019. Trophies will be presented for the 2018 Met Council Autocross Series and 2018 MOWOG Autocross series. This a great opportunity to relive the past season and socialize with your autocross friends.
Please note, we will once again be at the Old Chicago Pizza in Apple Valley. This facility can handle many people. A buffet with pizza, meat lasagna, cheese stuffed manicotti in tomato cream sauce, salad and soda will be included with your $15.00 cover charge, there will also be a cash bar for alcoholic beverages.
Saturday January 5th, 2019 from 6:00 P.M. until ? Food served at 6:30 P.M.
Awards to follow
Old Chicago Pizza
14998 Glazier Avenue
Apple Valley, Minnesota. 55124 (NE corner of Cedar Av & Co. Rd. 42)
Phone: 952-891-4600
Note: For additional overflow parking, park in the Credit Union parking lot NE of Old Chicago, do not park in bank parking lot behind Old Chicago!!!
Cost: $15.00 per person (collected at the door)
For further information please feel free to call Scott at 612-619-8615.
Page 14

2018-2019 Club Sponsored Events December 2018
8 - HFC 5 pm, Hosted by Roger and Sandi Scott, Location: Bonfire Wood Fire Grill, 1424 Weir Dr. Woodbury.
18 - General Membership Meeting – Jimmy’s 7:30pm
January 2019
3 – Board Meeting – Jimmy’s 7:00pm (The meeting is being held on Thursday as Tuesday, January 1st is New Years Day)
5 - HFC 5PM – Hosted by Marty and Mary Buck Location: Crooked Pint Ale House 1784 Adolphus St. Maplewood Contact infor- mation: [email protected] phone # 612-802-2870
15 - General Meeting - Jimmy’s 7:30pm
February 2019
2 – HFC 5:00PM – Hosted by Sandy Norgaard and Dave Scherf, Location TBD 5 – Board Meeting – Jimmy’s 7:00pm
19 – General Meeting – Jimmy’s 7:30pm
2018-2019 Non-Club Sponsored Events
January 2019
5 – Met Council Annual Party 5:30pm Old Chicago Pizza, Apple Valley. Con- tact Scott Hegstrand 612-619-8615.
The Minnesota Car Club Association handbook is available on the website
Page 15

Continued from Page 19
The December event was hosted by Roger & Sandi Scott . Pictures - Roger Dahlquist
Page 16

RONALD G. MARKS Attorney at Law
Estate Planning: Wills & Trusts Powers of Attorney Estate Tax
Gift Planning & Gift Tax Personal Injury Business Law
25% fee discount to Corvette Club Members
(763) 458-7752 [email protected]
Page 17

Page 18

A Note from the National Corvette Museum / Dec 2018
Looking for that special Christmas Gift for yourself? www.National Cor- vette go to shop. The museum is featuring a lot of closeout deals and bargain prices for garage art, clothing, and gadgets for your car.
The website offers a number of great features and always a fun place to browse.
I had a great recommendation from SCM member Eric Kehle to reach out to new NCM Board Member Kaye Wagner to see if she is available to come speak to SCM when we have a full complement of members in town. Hope fully we can have her come and discuss NCM membership and her own ownership of a new C7. Kaye was raised in Minnesota and currently lives in South Dakota.
Jan 23 kicks off 2019 SCM events with a Corvette Caravan in Daytona Beach ending inaugural race starting the 2019 Weather Tech season. www. more info.
As of this date there has been no announcement for 2019 scheduled plant tours. I will keep you posted as soon as the museum releases the schedule.
The Museum and track remain open with a full calendar of events on their schedule. Be sure to look at their website if your journeys take you down to the Bowling Green area.
Greg Stattman
Suburban Corvettes of Minnesota Ambassador to the National Corvette Museum
Page 19

Our Newest Members
Tom & Cathy Healy Peter Panos Ken Franklin 1998 Red Conv 1999 Pewter Conv 2016 Blue Z06 & 65 Red Rdstr
Page 20

Page 21

Membership Meeting Minutes
Date: November 20, 2018
The November Membership Meeting of Suburban Corvettes of Minnesota was called to order with 70 members present at 7:00pm by President Dave Benner.
Opening Remarks from President: Dave Benner provided a summary of the agenda for the Membership Meeting. Introduced the SCM Board and thanked them for their service.
Secretary’s Report: Sarah Lopez reported
General Meeting minutes from October were presented. A motion was made to approve the minutes by Evon Miller and a second was made by Ron Kabat with correction spelling out EBS as Electronic Bucket Sheets; motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report: Dave Juhl reported
Expenses were attributed to: newsletter costs, Fall Color Run, and Drivers School, Annual Banquet.
Deposits were attributed to: Fall Color Run.
Membership Report: Marie George reported
SCM Members: 248, Lifetime Members: 96, and NCCC Members: 207
First Timers: None Second Timers: None Third Timers: None
Public Relations: Dave Benner reported for Mark Orfield ● Advertisers are up to date.
● New advertiser, Bravo Protection Systems
Editor’s Report: Ron Weeks reported
● Deadline for next month is Friday, December 7th
IT Report: Tony Harris reported
● The website calendar and gallery are up to date with Fall Color Run
and recent HFC..
● Added a link on the website for Electronic Bucket Sheets.
Page 22

Governor’s Report: Jim Bodin reported
● Legislation has been drafted for the Special Interest car license plate. ● The qualifications of the legislation are: the vehicle is used for per-
sonal leisure, mileage limit of 10,000 miles, and additional annual registration fee of $25.
Vice President’s Report: Sue Griffin reported Past Events:
● Nov 3 – HFC 5pm Hosted by Bill and Barb Price. Location: Pub 42 in Crystal.
● Nov 10 – Annual Awards Banquet at Jimmy’s. Event Chairs Sandi and Roger Scott.
Upcoming Events:
● Dec 8 - HFC 5pm Hosted by Sandy and Roger Scott. Location: Bon- fire in Woodbury.
● Jan 5 - HFC 5pm Hosted by Marty and Mary Buck. Location: Crook- ed Pint in Maplewood.
● Jan 5- Annual Banquet sponsored by Met Council. Location: Old Chicago in Apple Valley.
Non-Club Sponsored Events:
● None
Please visit the website or see the Vice President’s calendar in the Bucket Sheets for a full list of both Club sponsored and non-Club sponsored events!
Old Business:
● Dave Benner spoke about openings for members at large and asked interested members to attend the December 4th Board Meeting.
● Nominations at the October meeting were only made for two offices. The Nominations Committee opened nominations for all offices. At least one nomination was made for each office. Nominations were closed. Ballots were distributed to the membership and completed ballots were collected. Results are listed under New Business below.
New Business:
● Birthdays
● Rear Plate Consortium Commitment - $500 - A motion to donate $500
to Minnesota United Car Club was made by Gregory Stattman and seconded by Sandy Norgaard; motion passed.
Meeting Minutes continued on Page 24
Page 23

Meeting Minutes continued from Page 23
● A designated accounting fund will be created for interested members to make donations to the Minnesota United Car Club for the Rear Plate Consortium Commitment.
● 2018 Financial Summary Presentation
● Design Software - A motion to approve a one year $275 license fee was
made by Gregory Stattman and seconded by Diane Benner; motion passed.
● 2019 SCM Board Elections results
○ Position
○ President
○ Vice President ○ Treasurer
○ Governor
○ Public Relations ○ Membership
○ Secretary
○ Editor
○ IT
Candidates Dave Benner Sue Griffin Dave Juhl Barb Stattman Jim Bodin Dave Olson Sandi Scott Gloria Weeks Ron Weeks Tony Harris
Elected Dave Benner Sue Griffin
Barb Stattman Jim Bodin Dave Olson Sandi Scott Gloria Weeks Ron Weeks Tony Harris
DOOR PRIZES (not eligible if won in the last 3 months) ● Fabric cooler with Corvette logo – Ron Weeks
A motion was made by Evon Miller to adjourn and with a second by Roger Dahlquist, the meeting was adjourned at 8:32 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Sarah Lopez – Secretary
Page 24

Page 25

Wheelin’ and Dealin’
1980 Red Corvette C3 T top, New Red Leather Interior and new suspension. P/S, PDB Tilt Steering Wheel, Power Windows, 4 speed automatic transmis- sion w/overdrive, engine has been rebuilt, $10,500 or best offer. Any question call Garry 651-459-1666 or 651-278-5744
For Sale: Set of 2002 Z06 factory Speedline wheels with Continental (Extreme contact DW) tires w/ 2000 miles.
275/40/17 front, 295/35/18 rear, 10/32” & 9/32” tread.
Wheels are in like “New” condition w/ lugs & caps.
Have pics on request. $1400 OBO
Rick 651-206-8670 call or text.
Page 26

Page 27

B e h i n d t h e
S ce n e s
[email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
President: Dave Benner
Vice President: Sue Griffin Membership: Sandi Scott Treasurer: Barb Stattman Governor: Jim Bodin
Public Relations: Dave Olson Secretary: Gloria Weeks
Editor: RonWeeks
Information Technology: Tony Harris
651-688-8505 651-366-9824 651-459-4877 952-435-6657 612-940-5275 612-245-4320 952-546-0434 952-546-0434 612-889-8045
Dave Juhl Marie George Mark Orfield Roger Dahlquist Steven Mael Dan Collins Marty Buck Lynn Steenblock Roger Scott
COMMITTEES GMCCA Liaison: Eric Kehle
Spina Bifida: Shawn Hanna
Met Council Rep: Scott Hegstrand
Hospitality Gloria Weeks - [email protected]
National Corvette Museum Ambassador
Greg Stattman - [email protected]
Bucket Sheets is published monthly by Suburban Corvettes of Minnesota. The publication
is free to Suburban Corvette club members. Nonmember subscription rate is $35 per year. Please mail dues or subscription request to: Sandi Scott, 8343 68th St So, Cottage Grove, MN 55016. All submissions are subject to editing as needed and must be received by the Friday following the1st Tuesday of the month for publication in the next issue. Submissions, comments, advertisements, articles, & pics can be e-mailed to [email protected] Annual Advertising rates:
1/4 page = $50, 1/2 page = $100.00, 3/4 page = $135.00, full page = $175.00 inside covers = $250.00.
For advertising information call: Dave Olson: 612-245-4320
Suburban Corvettes thanks all our advertisers and sponsors for their support. As a Club, however, we do not endorse the products or workmanship of any company. Any warranty or guarantees must come from the company or manufacturer.
Page 28

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