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Published by Greater Salina Community Foundation, 2019-11-13 15:36:32

Community Grants Report

April 2019

Community Grants Report
April 2019

Cloud County Ducks Unlimited - Lifetime Youth Hunting License

Youth Activity Fund, $502.50, Awarded 8/14/2017

Project Summary: At our annual conservation banquet, our group will give away to a
greenwing attendee (under age 18), a lifetime Kansas hunting license. Our goal is to
promote the outdoors and pass along the tradition of hunting to a younger generation.

Use of Funds: We purchased a Kansas lifetime hunting license from the Kansas Dept. of
Wildlife & Parks that was awarded to a youth member of our community.

Impact & Results: All of our past winners of this project have become regular attendees
at our event and further involved with wildlife habitat conservation through school and 4-H programs. We have seen
a real benefit to this program through the involvement of our youth with our chapter and at our event. This has also
led to increased opportunities to assist KDWPT with additional conservation programs throughout the state.
We felt this year’s event was especially successful in our attempt to interest the youth in the outdoors. We have over
40 greenwings (under age 17) attend our event. We were able to provide them with information regarding duck
species and how to determine those species. Out of the 40 youth in attendance, we were able to give away a Kansas
lifetime hunting license to a Tyler Applebee, a youth member in our community. Our camera skills were a little off
on Saturday night and our winner was extremely camera shy. Tyler is pictured (hiding his face) with his father Trevor
Applebee and his grandmother, Sharon Applebee.

Nazareth Convent and Academy Corporation, Helping Hands Diaper Program

Kansas Health Foundation Fund for Cloud County & Cloud County Public Health Fund, $3,000,
Awarded 12/19/2017

Project Summary: Helping Hands would like to provide disposable diapers and wipes as well as formula to low
income families who are not able to purchase them.

Use of Funds: The funds from this grant were used to purchase Huggies or Pampers diapers, wipes and Similac or
Enfamil formula from January to December of 2018.

Impact & Results: When speaking to the administrators of the program, one family stood out in their minds. The
family had a mom, dad and five children ages 7, 6, 5, 2 and 1. Both parents had jobs and were working to support
their family but were coming up short. They visited Helping Hands to ask for assistance with diapers and formula.
While there, they also received food. One of the children was so excited that he made the comment, “you mean we
get to eat tonight?” The family was so elated with the items they received. Their reactions left a lasting impression.


USD 333, Concordia Jr/Sr High School Trap Club,
Range and Equipment

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $16,533,
Awarded 3/21/2018

Project Summary: In January of 2018, USD 333 approved the
creation of a Jr/Sr High school trap shooting club. This grant
would provide funds for building a trap range and equipment
for the students in the club.

Use of Funds: Two PAT Trap throwers were purchased for the
trap houses, two complete sets of wireless voice releases for
each trap field, lumber, wire mesh and sand to build the trap
pads, paint for trap houses, asphalt millings to put around the trap pads and houses. Power cords for the throwers.
Padlocks and miscellaneous items to complete the fence, trap houses, electrical and trap pads.

Impact & Results: The community came together to help build the trap range for the Concordia Jr./Sr. High School
Trap Club. Many people donated their time and equipment to help complete the range in under a month to make
sure the trap club had a range ready at the beginning of the season. The inaugural season saw 42 shooters in the
spring season and 38 shooters in the fall season. The club has given many kids an opportunity to participate in a
school-sponsored club who might not be involved in other school activities. It has brought kids together who may
not normally associate at school. Not only have Concordia students benefited, but there is also a student from
Beloit High School that has joined the club. The students have demonstrated great gun safety and showed great
improvement as the season progressed. Watching some of the shooters improve from struggling, to breaking 10
clays out of a round of 25, to consistently breaking 20 or more each round has been amazing. Seeing the confidence
build as shooters get better is also great to watch. Without the foundation grant, the range would not have turned
out as nice as it did and could not provide the opportunity for our youth to have a trap club.

City of Concordia, The Broadway Plaza’s 2018 Movie & Concert Series

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $5,695, Awarded 1/23/2018

Project Summary: We are requesting grant funds to purchase movie licensing rights
and secure musical artists so we can continue with the Movie & Concert Series at the
Broadway Plaza.

Use of Funds: To purchase five movie licensing rights and to assist in booking bands.

Impact & Results: Lisa, owner of the Concordia Liquor Outlet, said she made a point
to go and watch King Midas & the Muflers. Her husband, Marc Henry, a Concordia
police officer, took off work so he could go to every concert at the Plaza. Unfortunately,
Marc died in June from a motorcycle
accident. Lisa said she sat there and
cried during the entire performance,
but it was exactly where she needed to
be. She was honoring the memory of
her late husband.


Heart Choices, Smart Parents/Safe Kids of Cloud County

Cloud County Public Health Fund, $2,098, Awarded 4/17/2018

Project Summary: Car seats, cribs, curriculum updates, marketing materials, and
car seat safety training to establish the Smart Parents/Safe Kids of Cloud County

Use of Funds: “Preventing Child Sexual Abuse” DVD - $95.92; 8 Car seats -
$679.98; 8 cribs/mattresses - $1,335.11

Impact & Results: When Carl and Amanda (names changed for confidentiality)
were married, they knew they would want to begin a family. However, because
Carl had children from a previous marriage, they already were trying to
adjust to their new situation and manage their finances. It was not long until
Amanda realized she was pregnant, sooner that they had planned. She saw the
information about Heart Choices at the Cloud County Health Dept. and made an
appointment at the Concordia Heart Choices location. When she arrived, Donise
Underhill, parent educator, explained the services offered, including the Smart
Parents/Safe Kids program.

Because they knew it was going to be difficult to purchase all of the items
needed for the new baby on the way, learning that they could receive a new car
seat was a huge relief to them. Both Amanda and Carl were able to schedule
classes to begin earning the seat right away and found they learned so much
that they wanted to continue taking classes, even after they had fulfilled the
requirements for their new car seat!

When their baby girl came earlier than expected and experienced some physical
problems, she had to be transferred to another hospital. This created even more
financial strain on the couple. When it was finally time to come home, the
hospital wanted to know what kind of a car seat the couple had for their little one. Carl and Amanda were relieved
when the hospital praised them for having a new and safe car seat to bring home their baby girl.

“I have learned a lot through these classes,” Carl said. “Even though I had already had children, there were many
things I did not realize we should be doing differently. It was really good to have someone show us how to put it in,

Amanda says, “Taking the classes at Heart Choices made me more confident as a first time mother. I really
appreciate having a place where I can ask questions and learn more about parenting all of our children. I’m so glad
we were able to earn the car seat.”

Amanda went on to say that she is very thankful to Community Foundation of Cloud County for making this
program possible through Heart Choices. “It really helped us out a lot!”

We are very appreciative to Community Foundation of Cloud County and the Dane G. Hansen Foundation for
providing the funding for this program. It is wonderful to know that these children are being transported in and
are sleeping in safe surroundings, and that their parents have received the education necessary to provide a safe
beginning for them. The program has also created the opportunity for relationship that allows parents to feel they
have the support and help to become better parents. This is so important in building a stronger and healthier


City of Concordia, Concordia Bleacher Project

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund & Impact Fund for Cloud County, $12,000,
Awarded 4/17/2018

Project Summary: The Concordia Bleacher Project is applying for funds to install
new, safer bleachers at the four most used fields at the Concordia Sports Complex.
Specifically, this grant will be used to help purchase our last set of bleachers at Meats

Use of Funds: To help purchase the final set of bleachers on Meats Field.

Impact & Results: Our community has benefited greatly from the foundation’s
kindness. If you drive around Concordia and see a positive project happening, the
Community Foundation of Cloud County has probably touched it.

City of Concordia - Broadway Plaza Committee,
Tables & Chairs

Impact Fund for Cloud County & Seize The Moment Fund, $1,900,
Awarded 4/17/2018

Project Summary: We are requesting grant funds to purchase additional
tables and chairs that are durable, foldable, stackable, and movable that will
provide an increase in accommodation to our residents and guests.

Use of Funds: To help purchase tables and chairs through Crate & Barrel.

Impact & Results: “We were able to have a birthday party at the Plaza for my two oldest children this past August.
It was such a great day out and we didn’t even need to reserve the Plaza! I called and double checked the Royals
game was going to be on as well as the Splash Pad. There were tables available for us, not only to eat at, but also to
put the cake and presents on. My family lives out of town so it was nice not to have to load up a bunch of tables and
chairs and haul them in to town.” - Michelle Ringer

National Orphan Train Complex, Inc, Landscaping Update

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $2,000, Awarded 5/29/2018

Project Summary: Funding to refresh four of the eight landscaped areas
at the Complex for greater visual appeal. This will be round one. Round
two will occur after the Train Station building has been completed.

Use of Funds: The funds were used to hire Republican Valley
Landscaping to replace the existing mulch with new bed lining, metal
plot edging and river rock. The native grasses and rose bushes were left
but small unhealthy vegetation was removed.

Impact & Results: Updating the landscaping at the National Orphan Train Complex is just a piece of a larger plan
that is the Orphan Train Statue Project. When the museum was approached to brand the community “the Orphan
Train Town,” the seven statues at the complex were the obvious way to authentically share the history of the Orphan
Train Movement and its riders throughout the community. Without the help of early supporters like the Community
Foundation for Cloud County, the statue project would not be the success it is today.


Concordia Police Department, National Night Out

Seize the Moment Fund & Impact Fund for Cloud County, $414.53, Awarded 6/25/2018

Project Summary: The grant would provide funding for various activities associated with National Night Out.

Use of Funds: The foundation’s grant funds were used to purchase National Night Out temporary/washable tattoos,
glow eyeglasses, rings and stick necklaces, KNCK National Night Out radio ad, Blade newspaper National Night Out
block party ad and Blade newspaper Newspaper save the date ad.

Impact & Results: National Night Out at the Broadway Plaza was a great event for children to have fun engaging in
activities and learning about local agencies/resources that were venders at the event. Several children and parents
learned that organizations like Domestic Violence Advocates of Central Kansas (DVACK) provide relationship
educational presentations and bullying prevention training. They were excited in helping spread awareness about
issues such as these within our own community and shared with peers that also attended the event.

City of Jamestown, Community 4th of July Celebration

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $2,000, Awarded 6/25/2018

Project Summary: Jamestown 4th of July is the biggest of its kind in Cloud County & seems to grow yearly. $2750
is needed as a fee for the band from Colorado to have housing for overnight. $1800 is for food and meal supplies,
$3000 for fireworks.

Use of Funds: The funds were used specifically used to house the band and purchase food.

Impact & Results: One of the neat things this event does is pull together family for a mid year gathering. One long
time Jamestown resident declared during the middle of the event that they would be moving their family reunion
to the 4th of July celebration next year. This exemplifies the pride Jamestown people have regarding this event.

Brown Grand Opera House INC, Missoula Children’s Theatre

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $5,000, Awarded 6/25/2018

Project Summary: The Brown Grand Opera House wants to bring in the touring Missoula Children’s Theater for one
week to cast local students in a production of Peter and Wendy.’

Use of Funds: $3500 went to Missoula Children’s Theatre for booking fees and $25 was for the dvd licensing fee.
The remaining $1475 went towards the housing costs of $1746.76. The remaining portion of the housing costs were
covered by a grant from the Cloud County Chemical Dependency Council.

Impact & Results: Two of our newcomers were new to Concordia and the parents/grandparent were highly
impressed with the program and very thankful we were able to host it. Their whole experience has been positive
and they’re glad they moved to Concordia. The mom/grandmother is the new president of Cloud County
Community College, Dr. Adrian Douglass. Her husband Bruce was the most involved for the week, as he brought the
girls and picked them up everyday. He’s stopped in several times to look around the theatre and to thank me for
bringing such a fun week for his daughter and granddaughter. They look forward to participating again next year.


Cloud County Ducks Unlimited,
Lifetime Youth Hunting License

Youth Activity Fund, $502.50, Awarded 8/21/2018

Project Summary: At our annual conservation banquet, our group will give away to
3 greenwing attendees (under age 18), a lifetime Kansas hunting license. Our goal
is to promote the outdoors and pass along the tradition of hunting to a younger

Use of Funds: Used to purchase a Kansas Lifetime Hunting license.

Impact & Results: We always want to have a positive impact on our youth at our event and want them to be
included. It is a natural part of our mission. We have so many good young people in our community that assisted
with our event but also those who were winners were very appreciative. In fact, we received a thank you note from
our lifetime license winner this year, Peter Newman and his brother Reed. This let our committee know what a
positive impact our event has on our young people. Additionally, we had several members of the Concordia Trap
Club that helped us set up, clean up, run games at the event and basically be available to do whatever was needed.
We can’t make these events happen without the help of a community and we feel like ours is a pretty good one!

USD 333, CHS Mentor Program Luncheon

Seize the Moment Fund, $500, Awarded 9/5/2018

Project Summary: This will be the inaugural year for community
mentors to meet with Concordia High School students. In this
program, mentors will meet with their assigned students four times a
year. During the lunch, we will go over basic expectations of mentors.

Use of Funds: $385 of the grant was used to purchase the El Puerto
meal. The remaining $115 was used for drinks, candy, utensils and
table covers that were purchased at Wal-Mart.

Impact & Results: The Community Foundation for Cloud County
sponsored a luncheon for the new Concordia High School Mentors. The mentors consist of community members
who have volunteered their time to meet with high school students four times a year. Each group will consist
of 10-11 students and two mentors. Mentors will stay with their group until graduation. The mentor groups will
discuss various life skills topics. A few examples of those topics are financial responsibility, workforce skills, healthy
relationships, career/job paths, and interview skills. “We believe the more positive role models in our young people’s
lives, the better. This will help reinforce intrinsic values that are not only being taught by parents but also our
teachers,” Brandt Hutchinson said. The mentors will meet with their students this year in October, December,
February, and May. Some of the volunteers have signed on for four years because their groups will consist of 9th
graders. Senior mentors will be given the opportunity to sign up again next year for the following freshmen class.
Hutchinson said, “We have 54 volunteers who are willing to take time out of their day to help grow our young people
which is incredibly unselfish, especially when many of them will be in the program for multiple years.” Hutchinson
went on to say that this is just the beginning of new ways to bring the school and the community together. There is
more on the horizon. Another bonus to the mentoring program is that it’s helping students expand their network.
Students will meet with mentors that can possibly open some doors for them in the future or at the very least
give them advice on the critical elements of networking. “The most genuine and caring network we all have is
the network where we come from or where we live. One of our goals is to intertwine the Concordia generations
to provide opportunities for our young people. This network also has benefits for our Alumni and Friends such as
providing quality workers or even a potential succession plan,” Hutchinson said.


National Orphan Train Complex, Inc,
Custom Statue of Agent Anna Laura Hill

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund for Cloud County, $7,823, Awarded 10/17/2018

Project Summary: Final payment for creation and delivery of the life size, custom, bronze statue
of Agent Hill. Creation of commemorative plaque. The statue will be placed in Concordia, the
“Orphan Train Town” on a brick base at the corner of 6th St. and Hwy 81.

Use of Funds: The funds were used to: final payment for custom statue to Randolph Rose
Collection - $5,473; shipping from Yonkers, NY to Concordia, KS - $1,850; commemorative
Plaque produced by LeDuc Memorial - $500.

Impact & Results: The National Orphan Train Complex can not thank the Community Foundation for Cloud County
enough for their continued support. With their help, we were able to realize our dream of bringing Agent Anna
Laura Hill’s custom statue home to Cloud County. Agent Hill was the longest serving agent of the Children’s Aid
Society of New York during the Orphan Train Movement. She believed in the opportunities and power that rural
communities had on the children she placed out. The Community Foundation of Cloud County offers us the an
amazing opportunity to invest in our communities and the future.

NCK CASA, Inc., Christmas Tree Lane Event

Seize the Moment Fund, $500, Awarded 10/17/2018

Project Summary: NCK CASA is hosting the annual
Christmas Tree Lane Fundraiser, benefiting 12 Cloud County
nonprofit organizations. Funds are used to purchase a
Wreath, Event Rental Fee, advertisements and paper goods
at the event/auction.

Use of Funds: The funds were used to pay for the rental of the Cloud County Fairgrounds building and the purchase
of 13 wreaths for each nonprofit to decorate.

Impact & Results: Through the generosity of the Community Foundation’s grant, 13 local nonprofits we able to raise
$11,440 dollars to continue to support their missions. NCK CASA uses these funds to continue our mission to be the
voice of children who have been neglected and abused.

USD 333, CMS Leaders Tulip Project

Youth Activity Fund, $350, Awarded 10/17/2018

Project Summary: The Concordia Middle School Leadership Team would like
to do a volunteer project to enhance the beauty at the CMS/CHS campus. The
students would like to add color the CHS grounds by planting red and white
tulips on campus.

Use of Funds: To purchase tulips, treats for students, and gardening supplies.

Impact & Results: Because of the community foundation, our students were able to learn the value of volunteering
for the betterment of our community. Every year when the tulips bloom, our young people will remember the day
they helped make Concordia better. As a community, we are very fortunate to have the community foundation for
Cloud County. If you see something positive happening in Concordia, the foundation probably has touched it.


Kansas Crossroads Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc.,
Women In Agriculture Ladies Night Out

Cloud County Public Health Fund, $2,000, Awarded 11/26/2018

Project Summary: Provide a trauma kit to each attendee to the Women in Agriculture
“Ladies Night Out” event. The program will focus how an individual can react to a farming
emergency before first responders arrive.

Use of Funds: Funds were used to buy trauma kits for participants of the Women In Ag
“Ladies Night Out” program: Farming 911 - Citizens Response to a Farming Emergency.
The total cost of the kits was $2,549.49. Balance provided by River Valley Extension District.

Impact & Results: The Women In Ag Committee conducted a pre-test and a post-test at
the event. This event did not certify participants in CPR but the group was interested to
find that only 22% of participants were CPR trained. Only 25% said they were confident
they could identify an environmental exposure. 60% said they could apply a tourniquet or
splint, 40% felt confident in performing CPR, and 70% reported they did NOT know items
to have in a farm trauma kit.

In the post-test survey, 100% reported confidence in using the farm trauma kit if needed, 100% felt confident they
could apply a tourniquet or splint in the case of an emergency, and 83% felt confident they could assemble the
items needed for a farm trauma kit. Most importantly for this project, 100% of the post-test surveys said that they
had trained all family members on the location and use of the trauma kits that were distributed at the event, while
16.7% had already duplicated the kits for other locations around the farm to make them more accessible where

We could have offered the education without the grant, but the participants would not have had the resources
needed in the event of an emergency on the farm. Kansas Crossroads RC&D has been a long-time sponsor of the
River Valley District Women In Agriculture programming and feel that we have continued to help prepare over 200
women in the area to become more prepared to be a more active partner in the farming operation and/or mange
the farm if necessary.

City of Concordia, Project Scoreboard

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund for Cloud County,
$7,000, Awarded 12/13/2018

Project Summary: After many years of trying to repair the Doyen
Field Scoreboard, the time has come to replace it with a new model.
As one of the main focal points of Doyen Field, it has become a scoreboard that rarely works and has dwindled in

Use of Funds: We used the $7,000 to help purchase the new scoreboard at Doyen Field.

Impact & Results: We will do a press release when the scoreboard is completed. However, we are still waiting on
the installment of signs, including the Community Foundation for Cloud County sign. The attached picture is the
preliminary art for the scoreboard. The scoreboard, when finished, will look similar to the art.

Again, we are extremely grateful for the generosity of the community foundation. The community is very fortunate to
have such a program. Without the foundation, many of the positives in the community wouldn’t be here today.


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