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Published by Greater Salina Community Foundation, 2019-12-12 16:15:22

FY19 Annual Report




Table of From Our Board Chair
About Us | 3 Dear Donors & Friends,
People | 5
Impact | 8 Great new future for Ellsworth County! It is a privilege
Giving | 18 to be the chairman of the Smoky Hills Charitable
Foundation for 2018-2019. We have great community
Financial | 26 pride with generous donors, many great civic leaders
Stewardship and very good board members who take pride in
helping our individual communities of Ellsworth,
Board of Kanopolis, Wilson, Holyrood and Lorraine.
All of our communities in Ellsworth County have projects
Bill Evans, Chair going on that the Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation has
Roger Pearson, had the opportunity to help fund. The foundation has
Vice-Chair worked with great leaders in each of these communities
Rita Whitmer, to further growth and progress.
Angela Bunch We are carrying on with the Strategic Doing initiatives.
Gary Everett Each month, committees meet and continue to work on
Sharon Folk the plans for their communities to help move them into
Judy Gebhardt the future. These Strategic Doing meetings are a great
Amber Peschka way to help each community in Ellsworth County grow
Don Siemsen and prosper. Many good and new ideas are brought up
Devin Weis at these meetings. All residents in Ellsworth County are
welcome to join in the Strategic Doing meetings. Bring
your new ideas to us and we can help you get started.

Overall, this year has been very good for Ellsworth
County and the Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation.


Bill Evans, Chairman
Board of Directors


is to build permanent endowment funds
and meet charitable community needs.


The Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation was
founded in 2000 to benefit the communities of
Ellsworth County. The foundation is a permanent

source of charitable funds used to meet the
current and future needs of our county.

The Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation is an affiliate of the Greater
Salina Community Foundation in Salina, Kansas.





WHO SHARE Cash, Check Retirement Grain, Livestock Life Stocks, Bonds,
& Credit Card Accounts & Property Insurance Mutual Funds

TO Community The Smoky Hills Community Fund
Grant Funds is an unrestricted community grant
CREATE fund. Gifts to this fund offer the most
flexibility for meeting charitable
community needs, both today and in
the future.

BIG Distributions Grants to Charitable Scholarships
IMPACT! from community Organizations for Students
funds provide:


It Starts With People

Founding Donors

Our founders inspired the creation and growth of the foundation. We are
forever grateful for the support of these generous donors!

Individuals & Families Business Entities
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Grant Citizens State Bank & Trust Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Hunter H & B Communications, Inc.
Doc & Lu Jarus Kirkham, Michael & Associates, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kozisek Stumps Charitable Trust
Jon D. & Patricia L. Mollhagen Sundin Trust, Randy V. Mills &
Judy S. Mills Trustees

Sustaining Donors

Sustainers made a significant financial commitment to the
operations of the community foundation.

Individuals & Families Ellsworth County Banks:
Anonymous • Bank of Holyrood
Arleen Craig • Citizens State Banks & Trust Co.
James H. & Mona J. Guilfoyle • First Bank Kansas
Alice Macek • The Lorraine State Bank
Stanley & Kathryn Mollhagen • Wilson State Bank

Business Entities Gil Corp, Inc.
Carrico Implement Co. Inc. Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc.
Ellsworth Co. Health Care Smoky Hills Charitable
Foundation Foundation Board of Directors
Wind Capital Group

All sustaining gifts received a $2,500
match from the Kansas Health Foundation.


With A Passion

“I’m aware that every day of my life is a significantly
greater part of the rest of my life, so I have to make
each day worth more.” - Frank Toman

Frank Toman shares why giving to permanent funds at the
community foundation is so important to him.

Frank Toman taught biology and biochemistry at Western Kentucky University
for 34 years. When he retired, he and his wife Judy returned to their roots in
Ellsworth. Soon, both Tomans were active in the community and supporting the
Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation with their volunteer service. Toman believes
in the importance of endowments as “forever funds.” “Endowments are a critical
aspect of where I want my money to go,” Toman said.
Toman was instrumental in setting up a fund in memory of his aunt and uncle
with money left to him in their will. In his own will, Toman and his wife have
established a Fund for the Future, which means their estate will be directed to a
permanent fund at the foundation, where it will serve Ellsworth County forever.
“I’m aware that every day of my life is a significantly greater part of the rest of my
life, so I have to make each day worth more,” he said.


Who Share Their Gifts

Match Month Success

Through a month-long gift matching initiative in October, the community
foundation raised over $95,000 for community grants and operations. During
Match Month, donors make gifts to the community foundation to support
community grants. These gifts are then matched at 150% by the Dane G. Hansen
Foundation. The matching dollars support community grants and operations.

2019 Total Raised: 2019 Total Matched: 2019 Total Benefit:

$38,038 $57,038 $95,076

Over the last three years, our Match
Month campaign has raised a total of
$274,790 for the community. Thank you!


To Create Big Impact

The Depot The Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation
board recently held a meeting at the
The Holyrood Santa Fe Depot was built historic depot, where they were given a
in 1887, and is one of only four historic tour by volunteer Vern Schepmann.
buildings left in Holyrood. Because
of the condition of the depot, it was
necessary to either restore it or tear it
down. The Booster Club started the
restoration in fall 2014. Since then, the
club has been awarded two different
grants to help fund necessary amenities
to the building.

Local volunteers in the area have
worked hard to make this dream a
reality. “The community has been very
supportive of the project,” said grantee
Karen Schepmann. With completion of
the project, the depot will be used as a
museum and meeting rooms, and once
again be an important part of Holyrood.

Mosaic Munchies Mosaic utilized a community foundation
grant to purchase baking equipment
8 for their “Mosaic Munchies” project.
This initiative helps their clients
develop social skills, baking skills, and
volunteerism while showing appreciation
for their community partners. Most
recently, Sue, a Mosaic client was able
to celebrate her birthday by baking
cookies and delivering them to her mom
and home church in Little River. She and
her Mosaic friends passed out cookies
to the congregation to show their love
and support. Because of the grant, Sue
was able to spend her birthday with her
church friends and family.

Grant Spotlight

A grant from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation Community Grant
Fund supported the creation of poly-resin painted Czech eggs.

Grants help Wilson community grow
Czech culture and tourism

The Wilson Community Foundation board and produce seven four-foot
was awarded $10,000 from the Dane poly-resin Czech painted eggs, each
G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, a designed to represent symbols of the
fund at the community foundation, Czech culture. With the incorporation
to begin the development of an arts of the interactive board, tourists
and culture area in Wilson’s historic stayed in town to interact with the
downtown district. board while spending more time
and money in the community. The
This project’s purpose is to draw Czech eggs act as a walkway down
tourists to rural towns, expanding main street to draw visitors to local
an economic base and town pride. businesses. Grantee Melinda Merrill
The funds from this grant were used sees a future for growing tourism.
to implement an interactive tourism


“We will continue to build on this and The first major tourist event after
other historical aspects of the area the project’s completion is for 800
which gave Wilson its identity,” said Bike Across Kansas participants.
Merrill. By creating an oral history library,
directional signage and maps, visitors
The Wilson Community Foundation will be guided through the town for
was also granted a second award of different events and functions.
$19,800 from the Hansen Fund for
the second phase of this project. Melinda expressed Wilson Czech’s
gratitude for the funding and support
“Our dual-purpose project is not only from the foundation on this project.
to welcome tourists to the Czech
capital, but to encourage exploration “Thank you to the Smoky Hills
of Czech heritage,” said Merrill. Charitable Foundation for providing
“We would like the flow of tourist the Strategic Doing initiative
traffic to enhance the sustainability meetings that started us on the
of our project by supporting local pathway to increase tourism in
businesses.” Wilson, the Czech Capital of Kansas.”

“Thank you to the Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation
for providing the Strategic Doing initiative meetings
that started us on the pathway to increase tourism in
Wilson, the Czech Capital of Kansas.”

- Melinda Merrill, grantee


New Equipment for Holyrood Fitness Center

The Holyrood Recreation Commission
used funding from a community
foundation grant to purchase a Precore
EFX 835 for the Holyrood Fitness Center.
This machine features a low-impact
stride and an adjustable incline to offer
a customized workout to users of many
ages and abilities.

The center, located at the Holyrood Fire
Department, offers year-round access
to an assortment of equipment in a
comfortable, climate-controlled facility.
The center is open to the public and
those who serve the community. The
updated equipment helps to better
serve the needs of members, as well as
appeals to a larger audience. Grantee
Melody Fisher thanks the foundation for
its kindness in this award. “The Precore is
an extremely positive addition to fitness
opportunities at the Holyrood Fitness
Center. We are so very grateful to the
Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation for its
generosity,” said Fisher.

Expression Swing in Kanopolis City Park

The Dane G. Hansen Community Grant “Since it has been installed, I have seen
Fund awarded the City of Kanopolis adults and children swinging together,
the money needed to purchase an especially in the morning before going
expression swing for City Park. The into the community room for lunch.”
expression swing is a swing that an adult
and toddler can swing on while facing
each other. This swing is designed to
promote intergenerational play. “In this
busy, busy world, quality time with a
child is of utmost importance. This swing
is one way for parents and their small
children to spend quality time together,”
said grantee Michelle Scwerdtfeger.


Hands in Clay Previously, students were limited on
supplies, and were not able to explore
Grantee Bambi Freeman of USD 112 the medium to its full ability.
used an award from the Central Plains
Fund to purchase the necessary supplies “I knew I wanted to get my students’
so that students could experience the hands in clay while focusing on surface
use of natural clay in the classroom. application, which I am passionate
about,” said Freeman.

With this grant, students gained hands-
on experience, as well as learned the
history and techniques of the medium.
Freeman said the students’ behavior
regarding future projects shifted as they
grew confident in their abilities and the
outcomes of their pieces.

“The excitement on my students’ faces
after creating a piece was overwhelming.
I soon found my kiln overflowing with
over 50 pieces created from this one
grant,” she said.

Tech to Connect

USD 327 was awarded a grant from the
Student Benefit Fund to purchase the
newest generation iPad and protective
case for grantee Sarah Kueser’s
classroom. By incorporating the iPad into
students’ daily learning, relationships
have been enhanced and additional
research opportunities have been
provided. With this technology, students
can practice learning and experience
reading and math online. “My students
have loved having a dependable
connection to technology within our
classroom. It has also become an
essential tool in sharing our learning with
our parents,” said Kueser. “Thank you for
your kind support. Your caring gift will
continue to reward future classroom


Splashing + Smiling = Success

The Kiwanis/City of Ellsworth Splash The splash park opened to the
Park was completed this past year public July 5, 2019, and has since
with assistance from a grant. The received incredible feedback.
Kiwanis Club considered who was
impacted by this park, so they “During the ribbon cutting ceremony,
engaged children who were able several citizens were very pleased to
to vote on the features that were see the excitement and anticipation
brought to the park. in the smiling faces of the young
kids with their parents who were
“Building a sense of community ready to utilize the park,” said Moore.
and inclusion were the keys to our “The partnerships formed through
project’s success,” said grantee this project allowed a once-in-a-
Scott Moore. Each water feature generation collaborative effort,
in the park was selected by bringing the community together
the elementary students in the to share in the Kiwanis’ and City of
community. Ellsworth’s success.”

“The partnerships formed through this project
allowed a once-in-a-generation collaborative effort,
bringing the community together to share in the
Kiwanis and City of Ellsworth’s success.”

- Scott Moore, grantee


2018-2019 Grant Recipients

The following organizations received either donor-directed or
competitive grants from funds at the community foundation:

`` American Cancer Society `` J. H. Robbins Memorial Library
`` American Family Insurance* `` Kanopolis Sunflower Civic Club
`` Anesthesia Associates of `` Kansas Gas Service*
`` Kansas Kiwanis Foundation
Central KS, P.A.* `` Lang Memorial Library
`` Berean Christian Laymen’s `` Midway District Shooting Sports
`` Mowery Clinic, L.L.C.*
Association `` Physician Practice Management*
`` Carneiro Church `` Pratt Community College
`` Casey’s* `` Salina Regional Health Center*
`` CD Mog Investments, LLC* `` SRHC Physician Practice Mgmt*
`` Central Care Cancer Center* `` The University of Kansas Health
`` Chase*
`` City of Ellsworth System*
`` City of Holyrood `` United Radiology Group*
`` City of Kanopolis `` USD 112 Central Plains
`` City of Wilson `` USD 327 - Ellsworth
`` Ellsworth County Fair Association `` Visa Gift Card*
`` Ellsworth County Historical Society `` Walmart*
`` Ellsworth County Medical Center* `` Western Cooperative Electric
`` Ellsworth Family Connection Inc.
`` Ellsworth First United Association, Inc.*
`` Wilson Community Foundation, Inc.
Methodist Church `` Wilson Heritage Museum
`` Ellsworth Housing Authority `` WPM Pathology Laboratory Chtd*
`` Farmers Insurance*
`` Feeding the Children of Central *The foundation paid for medical bills, hotel
rooms, household expenses, and gas cards
Kansas Inc to assist cancer patients with the cost of
`` Ford Credit* medical and travel expenses related to
`` Geneseo Public Library cancer treatments.
`` Heartland Dermatology & Skin

Cancer Center, PA*
`` Holyrood Booster Club
`` Immanuel Lutheran Church


2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients

The following students received scholarships through the
community foundation’s competitive scholarship program.

`` Micah Bolton, Ellsworth `` Bransen Schulte,
Kansas State University Ellsworth
Fort Hays State University
`` Ethan Dlabal, Wilson
Kansas State University `` Janae Schulte, Ellsworth
Kansas State University
`` Grant Gwinner, Ellsworth
University of Kansas `` Lukas Sebesta, Ellsworth
Kansas State University
`` Kaleigh Hanzlick, Wilson
Kansas Wesleyan University `` Tristan Soukup, Wilson
Pratt Community College
`` Kordel Kriley, Wilson
Kansas State University `` Caden Whetzel, Ellsworth
Fort Hays State University
`` Mason Prester, Wilson
Kansas State University `` Hannah Wilson, Ellsworth
Fort Hays State University
`` Kara Rodriguez, Ellsworth
Kansas State University `` Sydney Wilson, Ellsworth
Kansas State University

*Additional renewable scholarships may also have been awarded to previous recipients.
Students may have also received more than one scholarship.

2019 Impact Numbers

Number of Grants & Total Grants
& Scholarships
116 $244,230Scholarships Awarded

82 Competitive $163,504 Competitive
Grants Awarded Grants
7 Donor-Directed $65,196 Donor-Directed
Grants Awarded Grants
$15,530 Scholarships
27 Scholarships Awarded


Foundation Funds

Endowed funds produce charitable income every year and help donors create a
legacy of giving. New funds created in fiscal year 2018 are green.

Donor-Directed Grant Funds: Established by someone to support their
charitable wishes. The foundation board does not determine grants.

Donor Advised Funds

Enable donors to recommend grants to the charitable organizations
or programs of their choice.
Helen & Will Shanelec Fund
Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation Sundin Trust Fund

Designated Funds

Provide annual support for specific charities selected by the donor.
Geneseo Public Library Fund
Gladys M. Wagner Memorial Fund
Kansas Health Foundation Operating Fund for Smoky Hills
Miss Czech Slovak Kansas Pageant Fund

Organization Funds

Provide annual income for nonprofit organizations in support
of their charitable work.
Ellsworth Childcare & Learning Center Fund
Ellsworth County Historical Society Fund
Ellsworth Senior Center Fund
J. H. Robbins Memorial Library Fund

Other Funds:

Administrative Fund

Supports foundation operations.
Smoky Hills Administrative Fund


Foundation Funds

Competitive Grant Funds: Awarded through an application process;
grants are made at the discretion of the community foundation board.

Community Fund

Support the foundation’s community grantmaking.
Smoky Hills Community Fund

Field of Interest Funds

Enable donors to support a designated cause or geographic area.
(e.g. the arts, a specific community, etc.)
Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund - Smoky Hills
Ellsworth County Cancer Fund
Joyce Nagel Health, Education & Recreation Fund
Kansas Health Foundation Fund for Smoky Hills
Smoky Hills Healthy Living Fund
USD 112 Central Plains Fund
USD 327 Student Benefit Fund
Wilson Forever Fund

Scholarship Funds

Assist and encourage promising students, including those
challenged by educational costs.
Caryle Jean Bender Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles & Velma Westerman Scholarship Fund
Dawn L. Pruitt Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eleanor Hunter Scholarship Fund
Fran Malir Memorial Scholarship Fund
Geraldine L. Anschutz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jack R. Janousek Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lila Jean (Warta) Young Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary Hanzlicek Memorial Scholarship Fund


Grow Your Gift

Your gift to the community foundation will grow over time, just like a tree!
Whether you plant a seed by starting a new fund or help a fund grow by giving
to an existing fund, every gift to the community foundation helps provide “fruit”
for the community through grants and scholarships.


You decide to make a
permanent gift of $10,000.

After 15 Years...

Your gift has grown to $15,000
and has given $10,000 to charity.

After 25 Years...

Your gift has grown to $18,600
and has given $19,000 to charity.

After 50 Years...

Your gift has grown to $51,000
and has given $35,000 to charity.

*For demonstrative purposes only; these numbers were calculated on a 5% annual payout,
1% administrative fee and 8.5% rate of return.


Give Now or Later

Everyone has a gift!

No matter what or how you give, you can make a difference. Everyone has different
assets, and the community foundation can accept many types of gifts, including:

Cash, Check Retirement Grain, Livestock Life Stocks, Bonds,
& Credit Card Accounts & Property Insurance Mutual Funds

You’ve enjoyed a good life in a great community. What will you
do to ensure that future generations can say the same?

Do you have children or grandchildren who were born and raised in our community
but have since left? Chances are, when you pass away, the money in your estate will
leave this area forever.

Through your will, you can leave a gift that impacts our
community far beyond your lifetime.

Every day, people just like you leave incredibly meaningful marks on our world
through these types of gifts. By leaving just 5% of your estate to our hometown
needs, you could help provide permanent funding for our schools, hospital, parks,
churches, charities, libraries and so much more. The process is simple and the
impact of your generosity will live on for generations!

Your professional advisor will help you
document your charitable wishes in your will.
The community foundation will take special care
to honor your wishes and protect your gift’s value.
Your favorite organizations will receive
annual support from your gift, forever.

To learn more about leaving a gift in your will, contact
your professional advisor or the community foundation.


2018-2019 Donors

Large or small, every gift contributes to the community foundation’s ability to
serve the community. We have made every effort to include all gifts from July
1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. If you believe there is an error or need to make a
correction, please contact us.

A.W. & Carol Adams David Bontrager
Lu B. Adams Jan Bontrager
Angi Alexander Todd & Karen Britton
Daniel & Patricia Allen Pastor Luke Brown
Charles Andrews Susan B. Brown
Anonymous Donor H.E. and M.E. Brownback
Vaughn Anzek Janice E. Bryan Trust
Richard & Sue Arensman Barbara Faye Bunch
Deborah Bach Mike & Dawnae Bunch
Paul & Jenifer Bahr Robert & Joyce Bunch
Richard & Heather Barta Russell Bunch
Robert & Linda Barta Mel & Colleen Cailteux
Lindy Barton Dennis & Dianne Call
Beaver Grain Corporation, Inc. Daniel O. Carr
Beaver Valley Home Improvement LLC Kathleene & Peter Carreon
Kent & Linnea Beebe Carrico Implement Co., Inc.
Gregory & Cynthia Bender Janet Carswell
Emma Berggren Cashco, Inc.
Berkeley Capital Management Alta Cavanaugh
Marijo Beth Central Kansas Dentistry, P.A.
Betty Nienke Trust Jodi Chase
David & Nancy Bircher Gary Choitz
Donald & Wadona Bircher Phyllis Cisneros
Steven & Linda Bishop Thomasa Cisneros
Audrey Boeken Citizens State Bank & Trust
Melinda & Terry Boeken City of Ellsworth
Brian & Robin Boisvert City Plumbing, Heating & Air
S & Nancy Bolton Conditioning, Inc.


2018-2019 Donors

Rodney & Sondra Claassen Gary & Mary Everett
Brent & Lou Ann Clark F & M Drug, L.L.C.
Coach & Four Bowling Lanes, Inc. Finke’s Retail Liquor Store
Rick Connally Kris Finke
Roger P. & Deanne Corn First Bank Kansas
Jonathan & Cheryl Dahlke First Presbyterian Church
Ronald & Barbara Davis Fort Harker Days Mens Club
Verl & Anne Deming Robert & Mary Ann Fredrickson
Mary Rachel Densman Alvin & Judy Fuller
Vernon & Phyllis Dolezal Rodney Fuller
Stephen & Elizabeth Donley Gamma Tau
Terry & Sandy Donley Ricky Gates
Rose Doubrava Richard & Shirley Gawith
Dr. G Kyle Gwinner, OD LLC Doug & Tamara Gayer
Kevin & Anne Dreiling Gerry & Judy Gebhardt
Marilyn Dumler Mitch & Angie Gebhardt
Eagle Communications, Inc. Frances Gehring
Eats LLC Gene’s Heartland Foods
ECF Employee Wellness Fund Gregg & Debra Gordon
Helen Eckelman Bill & Carolyn Graves
Edward Jones Bill & Lila Gwinner
EFC Employee Wellness Fund Derril & Roberta Gwinner
Ellsworth Animal Hospital Kyle Gwinner
Ellsworth CIty Women’s Bowling Association H & B Enterprises
The Ellsworth Coop H & R Block
Ellsworth Correctional Facility Randy Hager
Ellsworth County Independent/Reporter Jon & Stacey Halbgewachs
Ellsworth County Medical Center Mark Hammerschmidt
Ellsworth Junior Senior High School Steven & Janet Hamous
Ellsworth Sr Mens Golf Assoc. David Hand
Ellsworth Steakhouse Chad Hansen
Chris & Brenda Erichsen Dane G. Hansen Foundation
Janice Essick Brett & Krista Hanson


2018-2019 Donors

Donald & Garnell Hanson Elwyn & Sharon Johnston
Mary Hanzlicek Memorial Scholarship Trust George & Ann Jones
Harvest Bible Church Glenn & Geraldine Joy
Arlie & Carol Haymond Rosalee Judd
Greg & Cee Heller K & D Revocable Trust
Rick Henderson KanEquip, Inc.
Larry & Elaine Henne Kanopolis Sunflower Civic Club
William & Sharon Herrington Allyn & Lori Kaufmann
Dr. Mark Herzog D.D.S. P.A. Loretta Keazer
Hi-Plains Sand, Inc. Kevin & Barbara Kennedy
Robin Hickel Dennis & Jennifer Kepka
Hoffhines Marketing & Communications Mugs Kepka
Nancy Hoffman Terry & Agnes Kepka
Barbara Hofmeier Rosemary Kerwin
Holyrood Lions Club Kirkham Michael
Home Lumber & Supply Co. Kiwanis Club of Ellsworth
Homolka Grain & Supply, Inc. Stanley & Linda Knipp
Ryan & Michelle Homolka Delmar & Jane Kohls
Hopkins Agency Linda Kohls
James & Rebecca Hopper Lloyd & Carol Kottman
Michael & Polly Hoppock Donald & Ilene Kozisek
Darcy Hubka Roger & Melissa Kraatz
Charles & Judith Huffman Timothy & Jeanette Kratzer
Thomas Huggins Steve & Pam Kraus
Charles & Marilyn Huslig John & Diane Krupp
Ideal Real Estate Kyler & Son
John Jaco Tim & Veronica Kyler
Douglas & Cindy Janssen Leonard & Nancy Lamia
Shelly & Richard Janssen Dirk Larsen
Mildred Janzen Peder Jon & Sharon Larsen
Eugene & Lou Jarus Elaine Legere
Herbert Johnson LIA Great Bend, Inc
Steven & Jil Johnson The Lorraine State Bank


2018-2019 Donors

Lyons Federal Bank Orozco’s Portales Cafe
M & L Parsons Cliff & Deana Ostrom
Alice Macek Padens Place
Terry & Vaudine Maddux Barbara Palecek
Stephen & Melody Magette Donald & Carol Panzer
Eugene Malir Parsons Funeral Home
Kenneth Malir Mark & Lisa Parsons
Max Marler Roger & Teresa Pearson
Martin’s Pro Auto Randall & Nancy Peschka
Cliff Martin The Petal Place LLC
Mason & Lesta May William & Lynette Peterman
Melvin & Shirley McCary Peterson & Staudinger LLC
Roger & Janice McCaulley Lois Pflughoeft
Theresa McKinney Sandra Pflughoeft
Steven & Pam Michel John & Carolyn Phelan
Miss Czech Slovak Kansas Pageant Michael & Jean Plett
Mr. & Mrs. R. D. Mitchell Shawn & Kendra Jo Ploutz
Gayla Moeckel Joseph & Kelly Poppelreiter
Craig & Debbie Mog Post Rock Wind Power Project, LLC
Roy & Joyce Mooney Randy’s Restoration & Body Shop Inc
Sharon Muehleisen Jack Raney
Laurita Munoz Shirley Raney
Robert & Jina Murrell Randy & Rosalie Ranker
Ralph & Rita Naegele Randy & Marie Ranker
Roxie Newbrey Christina Rathbun
NewFields Mining Design & Tech Services LLC Ronald & Betty Rathbun
NHS, LLC Lewis Ray
Lorraine Nobert Reliant Roofing LLC
Roger Novak John & Judy Renard
James & Vicki Nylund Chris & Tasha Rice
Michael & Diane O’Connor Robson’s Card & Gift Shop
Oak Creek Chiropractic Richard & Cindy Roenigk
Michael & Dawn Olson Tyler & Jennifer Roesti


2018-2019 Donors

Clint & Dimity Rogers Nadine Smith
Wayne & Lisa Rohr Terrill & Mary Smith
Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. Oran Snyder
Rolling Hills Electric Coop Ronald Soeken
RTD Inc. DBA Ellsworth Steak House Sons of the American Legion Post #200
Ronald & Karen Rudiger Jerome & Cathy Soukup
Kermit & Darlene Rush Kerri Soukup
Gary & E.J. Russell Sara Soukup
Mike and Linda Rust St. Bernard Catholic Church
Martin & Cherie Sauers St. Bernard’s Council of Catholic Women
Geneva Schneider St. Ignatius Loyola Parish
Caleb D. Schultz Agency, LLC Douglas & Tammy Stefek
Adolph & Jolene Schultz Rolland & Carol Stewart
Andrew & Lynsey Schultz David & Nancy Stonebraker
Arlen & Karli Schultz Linda Strella
Delvin Schultz S. Jo Stumps
Kevin & Deborah Schultz Donald & Nellora Svaty
Duane & Kathleen Schwab Peggy Svaty
J. C. & Judy Scritchfield Ron & Pat Svaty
Richard & Abby Gail Seiler SWCCW Altar Society
Seitz Pharmacy, LLC Brad & Mim Taylor
Mark Seitz TK & Company, Inc.
Kenneth & Dolores Shaheen Frank & Judy Toman
Gail Shanelec Ronald & Donna Toman
Mark Shepard Torkelson Chiropractic, P.A.
William & Annetta Shepherd Duane & Theresa Townley
Sherman, Hoffman & Hipp, LC United Steel Workers Local 12788-Dist 11
John & Judith Sherman Urban Memorials
Kevin Shoemaker Nanette Urban
Bernard & Teresa Shute Albert & Michelle Vanek
Alan & Linda Siemer Meredith Vargo
Donald & Carol Siemsen Victor Bros. Auction & Realty, Inc.
Michael & Elaine Smith Dr. Richard & Mary Louise Vopat


2018-2019 Donors

Karen Wacker Byrne & Rosalie Wood
Todd & Tracy Wacker Kerry & Evelyn Woods
Vicki Wacker James & Ginger Wooten
Alan & Roberta Waymaster Mark Zouzas
Wayne’s Ag Aviation Pauline Zvolanek
Dale & Peggy Weinhold
Devin & Jody Weis Memorials
James & Jean Welch Evelyn Gourley
Gilbert & Lois Wenz Sandra Larson
Irene Werth Janice McCaulley
Western Cooperative Electric Association, Inc. Bob Munoz
Joe White Tom Renard
Whitmer Insurance & Financial Planning Larry Sears
John & Rita Whitmer
Dr. Ronald & Joann Whitmer Honorariums
Wilson High School Joshua Beth
Wilson Telephone Company, Inc. Terry Kepka
Rod & Bonnie Wilson Leigh Williams Jones
Mary Wires

FY2019 Giving Breakdown by Gift Type:

Gifts of Cash Gifts of Grain Other Gifts

$298,140 $0 $0


Financial Information

Asset Growth $3.30M


Total Assets: $1.86M


Number of Funds:



2003 2007 2011 2015 2019

2019 # Donors: 2019 Total Gifts: 2019 # Gifts: 2019 New Funds:

342 $298,140 435 1

Grants & Scholarships $1.02M
$ Awarded Since Inception:


# Awarded Since Inception:



26 2003 2007 2011 2015 2019

Total Competitive Grantmaking
Since Inception:


Community Development Education

$243,303 • 36% $79,122 • 12%

Health & Human Services Arts & Culture

$114,312 • 17% $39,653 • 6%

Other Needs Youth Development

$107,211 • 16% $6,093 • 1%

Parks & Recreation

$95,554 • 14%

None of this would be possible without people like you!

Your support makes a meaningful difference in
Ellsworth County, both now and in the future.


P.O. Box 265 · Ellsworth, KS 67493
785-531-1807 · [email protected] · Find us on Facebook!

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