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Published by Greater Salina Community Foundation, 2019-11-13 16:06:12

Community Grants Report

July 2019

Ellis County Grants | Page 1
Rooks County Grants | Page 4
Trego County Grants | Page 7

Community Grants Report
June 2019

Ellis County

Plainville Fire Department, Helmet Update

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $4,650, Awarded 11/9/2017
Project Summary: We are looking to update our fire protective helmets that need replaced every ten years
according to the National Fire Protection Association. 35 of our helmets are needing replaced to stay in compliance
with the standards.
Use of Funds: We were able to purchase 35 new helmets for our firefighters.
Impact & Results: The grant allowed us to meet a big need that we had for the fire department. Safety is always the
number one concern, and by having the best equipment available to us, it makes us a better department. We were
able to purchase new fire helmets for all 35 firemen. It was a rewarding meeting the night our new helmets arrived
and we were able to replace our old ones.

Ellis County

United Way of Ellis County,
Digitizing and Distributing the Ellis County Community
Resource Directory

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $6,980, Awarded 6/6/2018
Project Summary: The goal is to improve inter-agency cooperation
and increase utilization of local social services by building an App,
printing copies of the Ellis County Community Resource Directory, and
promoting both in a multi-media marketing campaign.
Use of Funds: App development and free availability to upload with
three years of server fees = $5000; One year digital billboards = $1980
Impact & Results: The United Way of Ellis County was honored to be a part of the Heartland Community
Foundation Strategic Doing. Through this, and the many community committees that United Way is a part of,
information was, and continues, to be shared throughout the community regarding this phone app. As individuals
call agencies looking for assistance, they are also told about the app so they can upload to their phone. This app is
updated regularly to keep current on services offered in Ellis County. One such individual looking for services started
to cry when told about the phone app. She stated, “this will be so handy so I do not have call numerous agencies to
find what I need when I need it!”


Ellis County

First United Methodist Church, Healthy Congregations AED

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $2,895, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: This grant request is for the purchase of a Zoll AED device and
training for internal and external users of Hays First United Methodist Church.

Use of Funds: We were able to purchase the AED through the Ellis County EMS and
cover the cost to train four people.

Impact & Results: After we were awarded the grant, we notified the church members
through announcements in the weekly bulletin and our monthly outreach of the
grant awarded through the Heartland Community Foundation. We made members
aware of the fact that later in the year we would be providing training. The Healthy
Congregations committee does not maintain a separate checking account and we
were not notified by the church when the grant money was received. Therefore, it was not until approximately
January that we placed an order for the AED through the Ellis County EMS. This arrived in February and was
delivered to the church. The church admin board then discussed the best location for the AED and did consult
the Healthy Congregations committee. It was placed outside the main floor church office. Information about
the location of the AED was added to already existing church directory signs. Announcements were made in the
bulletin as well about location. Next, Ellis County EMS was contacted about the best times to offer CPR/AED training
to the congregation. Two dates were picked: a Wednesday evening and a Saturday morning. Announcements
were in the church bulletin about the times, and members were encouraged to sign up through the church office.
Unfortunately, we only had 2 sign up for the first Wednesday and the Ellis County EMS required 6 people to hold a
class. This was not discussed up front during initial dialogue with the Ellis County EMS. We therefore had to cancel
the class. Eight to nine people had called the office to sign up for the Saturday June 15th class. Only 4 people
showed up, but were trained on the AED. We have consistently struggled to get more members to take advantage
of Healthy Congregation classes and offerings. We had hoped that more members, and more church staff, would
express a desire in knowing how to use an AED. We are fortunate to have quite a few medical professionals (nurses,
PA, MDs, Dentists) that attend our church and are certified.

Ellis County

First Call for Help of Ellis County, Inc., Meals on Wheels

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $4,000, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: First Call for Help requests funding for the Meals on Wheels volunteer stipend. This stipend is paid
to a volunteer on a weekly basis to ensure delivery of meals on Rt 2, to substitute as needed on Rt 1 and to deliver
meals on Saturday and Sunday.

Use of Funds: The funds granted were used for the stipend paid to one volunteer who delivers meals on Route
two each day, including weekends and holidays. Having this volunteer helps to ensure coverage 7 days a week and
is sometimes called to finish his route and then go back to pick up meals for route 1 due to another volunteer’s

Impact & Results: From Ruth Ann, a Meals on Wheels Client:

“I had suffered a stroke and then some heart issues. They had to put a stent in my heart. My family was concerned
about me staying home and considered putting me in the assisted living or nursing care. As I recovered, someone
from the hospital told us about Meals on Wheels and that is what allowed for me to stay home. The volunteers are
so special. Larry often delivers the meal to my home and he is a hoot! Another thing is that the meals are delicious,
even the sauerkraut sausage soup. Really everything is good and we get some good desserts as well.”


Ellis County

Jana’s Campaign, Inc., Building on Our Success:
Continued Work to Reduce Teen Dating
Violence in Ellis County

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $5,000, Awarded

Project Summary: This project is an extension of our
successful work in Ellis County to reduce teen dating violence
through prevention education, utilizing multi-dimensional,
inter-generational programming in elementary, secondary,
and higher education institutions.

Use of Funds: Due to receiving a partial award of our grant
request, we scaled back marketing efforts to USD 388 and USD 432. However, we were still able to maintain and
actually increase our work with USD 489 and Fort Hays State University. The remaining program budget for Ellis
County was supplemented by private donations.

Impact & Results: Jana’s Campaign staff has partnered with Sue Ann Tebo, FACS teacher at Hays High, for
prevention education efforts at the high school, Sue Ann stated, “Jana’s Campaign has positively impacted students
at Hays High School. Since starting the Bystander Intervention Training for all 9th grade students several years ago,
many students have approached me about feeling confident in intervening during possible unhealthy situations
that they witnessed. The students explained that they otherwise would not have known what to do during those
situations. Many HHS students have become actively involved in helping spread the education about healthy and
unhealthy relationships. A group of them have even started presenting to grade school students. I will definitely
continue having Jana’s Campaign come to our school to train the students.”

Ellis County

USD 489, PREPaRE Crisis Workshop 1 Training

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $3,710, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: The Hays Schools Crisis Committee is working with area school districts and first responders
to provide the first workshop of PREPaRE crisis training for staff in Ellis, Rooks, and Rush counties. At least three
workshops are anticipated this year.

Use of Funds: The district used the grant funds to purchase 100 copies of the Workshop I Crisis Prevention &
Preparedness: Comprehensive School Safety Planning book and 50 copies of the Workshop 2 Crisis Intervention &
Recovery: The Roles of School-Based Mental Health Professionals.

Impact & Results: The Hays Schools Crisis Committee continues to be engaged in provided the safest possible
environment for all students and staff in Hays Public and Private Schools. The grant funding proved incredibly
prudent in our efforts to provide high-quality training to school crisis team members. The knowledge learned in
these training sessions has been invaluable in editing our current crisis plan to ensure that the newest techniques
in school crisis response are being utilized within our community. Furthermore, building stronger relationship with
our Ellis County first responders has been a positive side effect of the exercises that were carried out this last year,
specifically in regards to the drills that were conducted. The district will continue to provide this training to staff as
new people transition into the school crisis teams. We look forward to the collaboration that will occur next year as
we further define the Hays Schools Crisis Plan.


Ellis County

Bethesda Place, Inc., Bethesda Home Accessibility Update

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $1500, Awarded 12/5/2018

Project Summary: The Bethesda Home serves as a residential home for
aging male clients with developmental disabilities. Barriers to care have
been presented due to the declining health status, thus presenting a need
for disability friendly flooring.

Use of Funds: Toward the purchase of laminate flooring for the residential
home of our aging men with developmental disabilities. This flooring allows
for ease of mobility and better hygienic care. The flooring was purchased
locally at Gordon’s Carpet Center.

Impact & Results: This project is one of many changes that we have been making to support our residents as they
age: accessible restrooms, improved climate control, modified spaces for therapy, and modified work environments.
This May 11, we will be hosting our 7th annual Garden Day where hundreds of people will come to view the work of
the men and their home. These men demonstrate the great potential of individuals with developmental disabilities
if properly supported “their whole life through.” We desire to continue to meet that goal as they transition into
their senior years and inspire more people to do the same for future generations. In the past year, we have worked
alongside several hundred volunteers, provided education on holistic care to over 50 nursing students at FHSU
and given tours to over a dozen elementary classrooms, asking them all to consider how they can come alongside
individuals with disabilities so that “together we can overcome each of our unique challenges.” Without continued
community support such as this grant, we will not be able to successfully adapt to the men’s changing needs and
we will no longer be able to serve as a successful model of holistic care as the men of Bethesda continue to “live,
work, play and pray together” as they have since 1979. Without the continued support of grants like this community
members will no longer proudly be able to say that they purchase their produce, landscaping or Christmas gifts
from local individuals with disabilities.

Rooks County

USD 270 Plainville, RoCo Prep for Success

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $4,750, Awarded 6/7/2018

Project Summary: RoCo Prep for Success is a preparatory workshop for students and a professional development
session for teachers during the 2018-2019 school year in an effort to increase the ACT scores of college-bound
students enrolled in Rooks County High Schools.

Use of Funds: Teacher ACT Training - $975; Student ACT Prep - $4015

Impact & Results: USD 270 hosted a Teacher ACT Training for the core content teachers in Rooks County. Teachers
from Plainville and Palco came together for a training session on September 13, 2018. Carolyn Devane from Power
Prep, Inc., provided training to the teachers to help them assist students in their preparation for the ACT exam. They
were introduced to several instructional strategies they used in their classrooms to improve the students’ preparation
for the ACT. Staff members immediately utilized and incorporated these strategies into the curriculum. In early
January students from Plainville High School, Palco High School, Stockton High School, and a Rooks County student
from Natoma High School attended the presentation provided by Carolyn Devane from Power Prep, Inc. The project
was initially intended for sophomores and juniors; however, there were several seniors who took advantage of the
opportunity as well. There were a total of 87 students who participated. The number of students taking the ACT
exam increased tremendously. In fact, every Junior student at Plainville High School took the ACT. Even with the
significant increase in the number of students participating, the scores exceeded the expectations of faculty and
administration. Due to several of the students’ individual successes, many of them are now considering attending
college due to scholarship offers. USD 270 plans to continue this for our students due to the success of the program.


Rooks County

Plainville Community Foundation,
Military Pole Banners and Picnic Table

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $2,810, Awarded 6/7/2018

Project Summary: The grant request is for detailed military banners
that would be mounted to the existing light poles. Each banner would
represent a military scene of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines and
for a round picnic table with flag table top.

Use of Funds: All funds were used for the military metal banners at the

Impact & Results: The military pole banners were constructed and
installed by B & B Metal Art, Hoisington, Kansas. They are a welcome
addition to the Park and we have received many, many compliments
that they add to the completion of Andreson Memorial Park in Plainville.

Military metal art pole banners were installed at the Andreson Memorial
Park before Veteran’s Day 2018. The banners help complete the military
theme and are a welcome addition for the Park. There are four large
18” x 30” metal fabricated with military scenes for each branch of the
military mounted to the Victorian Lamp Poles around the interior
sidewalk at the Park. The military pole banners were ordered through
B and B Metal Art, Hoisington, Kansas who designed each scene. B
& B also constructed the metal Park benches and the large military
monument at the Park. They were funded through a grant from the
Heartland Community Foundation’s Dane G. Hansen Community Grant

The Plainville Ambassador Club maintains the Andreson Memorial Park
and try to add to the Park each year with various improvements. Each
year the Club has a Luminary Ceremony on Veteran’s Day where lighted
luminaries light up the night for several hours at the Memorial Park.
Luminaries are donated In Honor, In Thanks, In Memory, In Support of
military personnel. This includes veterans from Rooks county as well as
many other Kansas counties. As people drive by on Highway 183 they
have stopped to walk through the Park and admire the luminaries and
have donated for their veteran sometimes from different states. Over
350 luminaries are put out each year with the help of the local Plainville
High School football team and high school service organizations.

At this year’s luminary ceremony, many people commented on the military pole banners that added to the event.
The Plainville Ambassador Club also provides a meal on Veteran’s Day to any veteran. This also includes our local
high school who volunteers to serve the local veterans. The meal is donated by local area cooks in town and is served
before the Luminary Ceremony.

In addition, PAC also volunteers and helps with the local Wreaths of Honor program here in Plainville that honors
local veterans in our cemeteries by placing a fresh evergreen wreath at each grave. Plainville and PAC are becoming
known for honoring all veterans and will host the national “Remembering Our Fallen” which is a national memorial
for our country’s Fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan Post 9-11-01. This display will be located at the Andreson
Memorial Park from October 17 through October 20, 2019. PAC is in the process of planning and fundraising for this
event. We will be proud to be the first Kansas community west of Legends in Kansas City to host this event.


Rooks County

Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth, Inc.,
Young AmeriTowne of Kansas - ROOKS

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $4,140, Awarded 6/7/2018

Project Summary: Lessons in free enterprise and economics truly come to
life in Young AmeriTowne of Kansas as students see the direct impact their
actions and decisions have on themselves, their business and the overall

Use of Funds: The funds were used for the classroom curriculum and
workbooks as well as the Day in Towne activities. Stockton 5th grade
created their own economy for their Day in Towne. Plainville, Palco &
Damar combined created their economy for their Day in Towne.

Impact & Results: The growth and development of the students that
participated in the curriculum at school really came full circle when they
were able to apply what they learned in the classroom during their Day in
Towne. As the mayor welcomed the citizens of AmeriTowne with a speech
and a ribbon cutting, the students raced back to their shops and dawned
their uniforms for the day. Working on birdhouses, creating a newspaper and television commercials and helping
“sick” patients in the medical center kept students busy during the day. The DJs in the radio station played music
as the graphic designers created signs. The technicians swapped out old light bulbs for new LED ones in shops as
cookies were being baked and sold before they cooled in the Snack Shop. The mayor handed out business licenses
while the police officers handed out citations and the judge determined their guilt. The bank tellers and staff were
busy cashing paychecks and making deposit for the citizens and the businesses. While all of this was happening
in the shops, workers were on break buying items in town and stimulating the economy. Learning about supply
and demand came in handy as prices were adjusted on items throughout the day in almost every shop. All of the
students and teachers learned a lot of lessons while teaching the curriculum and while participating in their Day
at Towne. After experiencing the Day, teachers learned what lessons in the classroom were more important than
others, so they will most likely be adjusting how they teach the lessons next year.

Rooks County

USD 269, Beyond the Classroom

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $3,200, Awarded 12/5/2018

Project Summary: Beyond the Classroom is a day for junior high and high school students to be exposed to life skills
and activities that are not generally taught in the traditional school setting. The day will consist of a keynote speaker
and break out sessions.

Use of Funds: $2,000 of the funds went to our guest speaker for the day, Jared Estes

$550 purchased lunch for 75 (students/staff/guests)

$650 purchased supplies for morning and afternoon sessions (wood, paint, canvas, glue, paintbrushes, rock, etc)

Impact & Results: We did a smaller version of this day with our students last fall. We brought in a local speaker and
had very little money for supplies for the day. Beyond the Classroom this spring was by far a much better day for
our students since we had the funds from the grant. We were able to bring in Jared Estes from Wichita to share his
story about how a drunk driver changed his life in a split second. He spoke to our students about resiliency in his Fire
Back presentation. The afternoon was all hands-on sessions for our students to experience woodworking, painting,
childcare, guitar lessons and a kindness project. The funds from the grant allowed us to bring in local experts from
the community to share their talents with our students and staff.


Trego County

WaKeeney Housing Authority, Backup Generator for Community Room

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $7,065, Awarded 11/9/2017

Project Summary: We are applying for a grant with the Heartland Community
Foundation in the category of “Health & Human Service Needs “.

Use of Funds: The money for the grant was totally used for the 20kw Generac Standby
Generator which is located behind the community room.

Impact & Results: In the past, our community has been attacked by ice & snow storms.
The ice storms have caused the electricity to go out at times. Our complex has 30
apartments and the only source is electricity. This housing facility hosts Senior Citizens
and residents who are disabled. We have been fortunate, so far, that our energy company has been able to restore
electricity to our community in a timely matter but you never know if there may come a time that they can’t. Our
last ice storm did make us think about what we would do with all the residents, should electricity could not come
back on very quickly. Electricity is how the residents get their heat. There is no gas in the facility. We had an unusual
storm In August of this year, in which our community was hit with a severe tornadic wind & hail storm. It broke out
windows shattering glass everywhere, roofs, gutters, and siding were damaged, debris everywhere and much more.
It was a sight around town. Electricity could have been a problem, but in our town it was not. But If the electric
company was not able to restore electricity, the residents would have needed to be placed in other facilities around
town due to the fact some of them use their oxygen or breathing machines. Therefore, the need of a backup
generator system came into our minds once again. We realized we needed to establish a “safe place” for these
residents along with making an Emergency Preparedness Plan. Especially after our winter storm and most recently
our hail storm. The weather is very unpredictable as WaKeeney found out this summer. This backup generator can
provide residents security and comfort if needed. Thank you very much Heartland Community Foundation!!

Trego County

American Legion Moore Post 197, Open Access

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $5,000, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: replace floor, Provide open access to the American Legion hall with a coffee bar, & a place for
veterans & the community to socialize. Getting people out of their homes (especially from nothing to do but watch
TV) is a healthy way to help others.

Use of Funds: The funds were used to pay towards the $19,000.00 invoice for Home Depot Flooring Project.

Impact & Results: The floor has been completed (Dining Hall has served many meals) for the community use.
Kansas state and the National Command came out-toured, had a wonderful catered meal, and were very impressed
that our small communities can survive. More than 300 people have been served. Children and community have
enjoyed our facility for Halloween safety, community dinners, partnering with health services for class.

Trego County

WaKeeney VFW, Handicap Bathroom

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $5,000, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: WaKeeney VFW needs a Handicap Bathroom. For the size of the building and know that we have
a male and female restroom, we will plan on one Unisex handicap bathroom.

Use of Funds: to pay for building materials.

Impact & Results: Bathroom was complete. More use can now be accomplished.


Trego County

Trego County-Lemke Memorial Hospital, TCLMH
Outdoor Sitting Area

Trego County Legacy Fund, $3,445, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: The project will consist of a concrete slab, picnic
table, and trash receptacle. This will be handicap accessible and
located in front of Trego County Hospital. This can be utilized by
many different people from the community and the hospital.

Use of Funds: The funds received were used to purchase the
following: Concrete/Construction - $1,755, Trash can - $659.93 and
the picnic table - $1,200. The hospital covered all additional cost.

Impact & Results: Results of this project are overall well-being of hospital inpatients, nursing home residents,
hospital employees, hospital visitors, and community members. People visiting our town and people passing by
can also benefit. It is known fact that taking a mental break and relaxing can improve overall mental health. The
installation of the concrete and the table were delayed a bit due to a flood and a leak in the area of the hospital
where it was to be installed. Once that construction was complete the process of the concrete and table went
very smoothly. All objectives of the project can be met by anyone using this sitting area. Staff and members of the
wellness committee have observed the table being used by staff, patients, and visitors. There has been positive
feedback from the community and staff on the use of the picnic table area. The sitting area has been such a success
in offering an additional outlet for staff, patients, and families to have for visiting and meal time. It has been great
for department moral and mingling between departments during breaks throughout the day. Visitors and patients
have been enjoying it more now that the weather is nice, and it gives them a chance for a breath of fresh air.

Trego County

Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas, Catholic Charities Mobile Outreach - WaKeeney

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $6,000, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: To reach rural areas, CCNKS travels to other communities (including WaKeeney) to provide
clothes, hygiene kits, food kits, clothing, other essentials, financial assistance and case management services.

Use of Funds: The funds were utilized to provide direct assistance to the community of Wakeeney and prioritized
as indicated in the original application. The breakdown of the dollars expended are as follows: Food Box Products =
$2,428.00; Hygiene Kit Supplies = $1,723.00; Other Distributed Items = $446.00; Utility Assistance = $1403.00

Impact & Results: At the start of the grant cycle, this agency projected specific outcomes for the 12 months
following the receipt of funding through the HCF Grant. Although the numbers projected were not met for each
result as outlined in the grant proposal, the agency was able to assist a total of 31 households or 71 individuals
with the basic necessities of food and hygiene while also providing other personal needs items and direct financial
assistance to help families who required help to pay their utilities.

K.L. came to the agency specifically as a Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI) client in February 2018 through
Catholic Charities. She is a single mom to three young children and, while she came to us primarily for help through
the PMI program, during her case management meetings she explained she was having financial difficulties which
caused her to be unable to pay her utility bill. In May of 2018, she was referred to this agency’s emergency assistance
coordinator and requested funds to help pay her energy bill. When she filled out the application for financial
assistance, she owed over $600 to the energy company. The emergency assistance coordinator worked with the
client and was able to refer her to other agencies who also assist with paying utilities. With help from other agencies
in the area, K.L. was able to get the bill taken care of which kept herself and her children from having their electricity
shut off. K.L. has also been able to benefit from our monthly visits to Wakeeney. Most months she has received a food
box and a hygiene kit and continues to attend regular PMI case management meetings.


Trego County

USD 208, Preschool Block Grant

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $3,052, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: Grant request covers purchase of wooden blocks, storage
units, and wooden block vehicles to be used in the Trego Grade School
Preschool classroom. The blocks will be used by children ages 3-5 years old
during instructional time and child play time.

Use of Funds: Funds were used to buy the blocks, storage units, and wooden
toys. The only problem we ran into was many of the “special” blocks and most
of the wooden toys were either out of stock or not available anymore. So many
reorders and searches were made to get the desired toys and blocks. But it
all worked out in the end. We actually had a little money left from all of the
different orders so we ordered wooden alphabet letters which the children
have absolutely loved, especially when they make their names.

Impact & Results: The wooden block and wooden toy grant was an
amazing educational asset to the Trego Grade Preschool programs. It
provided opportunities for children to participate in teacher directed and child directed activities. Children of
normal development as well as children with special needs played with the blocks and toys with excitement and
enthusiasm. Children of various ages enjoyed the blocks and toys. It was amazing to see how this project increased
the attention span of the children. They were very intense and serious when building their creations. They showed
such pride when they shared them with their peers or staff, especially the principal when he came into our room.
The level of kindness and social interactions definitely increased as children learned to be careful to not knock down
someone else’s creation. It was so encouraging to witness children asking their peers to play and build with them.
The wooden toys especially encouraged teamwork and social studies concepts when they worked together building
a farm and “hauling” the “products” to other places like the pretend factories and farmers. The math skills definitely
increased for the children as they learned the name of shapes, how to build new shapes, and counting the blocks.
Pictured: As an extended activity after learning how to draw a person, the children discovered a way to build a
person using the new blocks!!

Trego County

Trego Arts Council, Wichita Children’s Theatre project

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $2,000, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: Trego Arts Council/Club has been bringing the excitement of live theatre to the students of Trego
County with the help of the Hansen Foundation and the Heartland Community Foundation. TAC wants to keep this
annual tradition alive in Trego County.

Use of Funds: The HCF funds were used for the Wichita Children’s Theatre Company to compensate the actors
for their work and to defray their travel expenses. The HCF funds kept us from having to charge admission to the
performances, which increased the size of our audience.

Impact & Results: Shortly after the Wichita Children’s Theatre performed in WaKeeney on Oct. 9, 2018, the Trego
Arts Club received over 50 handwritten thank you notes from the students at Trego Grade School. They thanked the
actors, the Arts Club and the Heartland Community Foundation for bringing the plays to the school. Most of them
said that the play about Mark Twain was their favorite; the notes included drawings of Twain’s characters, such as
Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and even the Jumping Frog of Calabasas County! Social studies and English teachers were
grateful for this lesson, and hopefully the students will be reading more. The kids enjoyed the actors’ visit, and so
did their families. The Children’s Theatre and the Heartland Community Foundation gave families an unforgettable
evening that they look forward to every year.


Trego County

Trego County Historical Society , LED Lighting Upgrade

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $4,689, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: The Trego County Historical Society would like to replace
the fluorescent lights in its museum with LED instruments to provide even light
coverage and add UV filtering film to avoid damage to historical artifacts from the
UV radiation.

Use of Funds: The grant funds were used to purchase 23 “2ft. X 4ft.” LED panel
lighting instruments and hardware. The fee for the electrician we hired to do
the necessary rewiring and installation was included in the price of the lighting
package. In addition, we purchased UV filters for the lights and UV filtering film to
cover the large front windows that make up the entrance area and front door to
the museum.

Impact & Results: Trego County Historical Society Sheds Light on the Past - This
year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Trego County Historical
Society, located in WaKeeney, Kansas along State Highway 283 north of Interstate
70. The museum that was built in 1975 has received a new look in the past few
years due to a large new addition which has made it possible to build new displays and re-arrange old ones in the
main building. One of the ways the museum is being brought into the 21st century is through the updating of its
lighting system. Up until October of 2018, the museum’s original overhead lights consisted of fluorescent bulbs in
panels that fit into a drop ceiling grid. This may have been state-of-the-art lighting for the 1970s, but in 2019 we
have a much greener technology available for lighting instruments. LED systems are able to put out a more intense
light that diffuses more evenly over a large area and is more energy efficient than either incandescent bulbs or
fluorescents. To keep up with the times and to offer their visitors a more pleasant viewing experience that allows
them to see historical artifacts in the best possible light (literally), the museum has upgraded its lighting in the
original museum space to include LED instrument panels. It is remarkable how many artifacts were overlooked
before because they were stuck in the shadows of an outdated lighting system. The museum is proud to be able
to brighten up all of its collections with the new lights, proving that while they are dedicated to preserving the past
through their artifacts and educational displays, they are not afraid to move into the future when it comes to taking
advantage of the most current technological advances to maintain a quality environment for the museum facility.
Perhaps by the time the Historical Society is 100 years old, there will be a lighting system in place that is miles ahead
of the new equipment just installed. If so, it will be just one example of how The Trego County Historical Society is
continuing the tradition that began in 1969 of preserving and shedding light on their county’s past.

Trego County

Western Kansas Veterans Patriot Center, Avenue of Flags

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $5,000, Awarded 6/6/2018

Project Summary: Replace, repair and restore the Avenue of Flags(flags, poles and equipment) Flags are powerful
symbols, which remind us of our common heritage, history and ideals. Our Avenue of Flags was initially established
as part of the celebration in 1988.

Use of Funds: Paid the invoices of supplies to successfully complete the Ave of Flags

Impact & Results: Repairs new supplies and flags were purchased, repaired and replaced. It has been wonderful.
In Dec 2018 we came in under budget by $914 which was returned to GSCF to be applied back to this wonderful
endeavor that Dane Hanson is doing for our communities. By have the funds so readily available to move forward
with this project; little did the granter know that putting their backing behind us, persuaded others to: Jump in and
HELP, make DONATIONS, and educate others on what we as a group can accomplish.


Trego County

Church of God in WaKeeney,
WaKeeney Church of God - AED (Automated External

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $1,552, Awarded 12/5/2018

Project Summary: Purchasing an AED for the WaKeeney Church of God.
Includes Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Value Pack (battery pack, adult SMART
Pads cartridge, wall cabinet w/ standard alarm, & carrying case); additional
battery & pedi pads will also be purchased.

Use of Funds: We used the funds to purchase an AED for the church. This
included a Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Value Pack (battery pack, adult
SMART Pads cartridge, wall cabinet w/ standard alarm, & carrying case), and
an additional battery & pedi pads.

Impact & Results: Thankfully, we have not had to put this unit to use yet. However, it has been wonderful seeing
the thankfulness and relief of the people who notice it is available. We have especially been thanked by those who
are dealing with serious heart issues or have family members with the same. For all those who have seen the unit
hanging on the wall, there has been a noticeable sense of comfort and gratitude. As an unexpected bonus, we have
now had some who are in the healthcare industry offer to help provide training on the use of it. We are in the works
of how to best make this training available and productive. Overall, everyone is very happy it is there. As a church, we
are thankful for the grant that was given towards it because it probably would not have happened otherwise. We
don’t have much in our budget to help make this happen. Between the awareness of those who noticed that the
A.E.D. was needed, and the Heartland Community Foundation providing the grant, we realize we have been blessed
with a much needed, and much appreciated, gift.

Trego County

USD 208, USD 208 New Technology

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $13,808, Awarded 12/5/2018

Project Summary: The goal of this grant is to provide funding for new
technology which includes two mobile Promethean Model AP6-75A-4K
75” ActivPanel with Android Module Touchboards and one Apple iPad Pro
12.9” with 256GB of memory and Wi-Fi with Apple Pencil.

Use of Funds: The grant funds were specifically spent on two mobile 75”
Touchboards and an Apple iPad Pro with pencil as per what was stated in
the grant request.

Impact & Results: Our school has now had the opportunity to secure and
utilize resources available to be able to use state of the art technology in
immersing students in the learning process. Our teachers and students are
better off because the teachers have access to resources that can improve
student learning through appealing to more of students’ various learning
styles. Without this grant, our school would not have had the financial
resources it took to purchase the new technology. I really feel like I helped
all of my fellow teaching colleagues in my district as well as all of the
students they teach. Very few schools have access to technology as new as
this that both teachers and students can benefit from.


Trego County

USD 208, USD 208 (TCHS and TGS) Heart Rate Monitors

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $6,598, Awarded 12/5/2018
Project Summary: This project consists of a monitor worn on the wrist
with an optical sensor that will instantly gather data for the class with a
continuous heart rate stream. Then, data is synced wirelessly into a clean
interface on an iPad or other mobile device.
Use of Funds: The grant funds were used to purchase heart rate monitors as
per the grant request.
Impact & Results: Our school district’s physical education teachers now have
the ability to monitor the heart rates of the students in their classes while
they are working out. This provides the teachers with the knowledge they
need in order to encourage the students who aren’t working hard enough
to improve their physical condition to work harder as well as the knowledge they need to praise the students who
are pushing themselves as hard as they should be. This allows our teachers to teach more effectively as well as our
students to learn more about what it takes to improve one’s physical condition. Without this grant, our school district
would not have had the required funding to purchase the heart rate monitors. The acquiring of this grant allowed
our school district to improve the physical education of roughly 400 students.

Trego County

Zion Lutheran Church - Trego Food Pantry, Food Security for Trego County

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $4,800, Awarded 12/5/2018
Project Summary: The Trego Food Pantry will ensure that residents of Trego County will not experience food
insecurity: at the same time, it will provide volunteer opportunities for local youth and churches, and food salvage for
our local grocery store.
Use of Funds: The HCF funds were spent on basic grocery items to stock our food pantry, which serves about 40
families in the Trego County area. We also provided vouchers to our local grocery store for fresh produce and dairy.
Impact & Results: Officer Zachary Gibbs of the WaKeeney Police Department has been a welcome addition to
our Food Pantry volunteers, and a well needed liason between law enforcement and the community. He is also a
trained chef. He has taken food purchased with HCF funds and used it to make videos demonstrating easy recipes
for our food pantry clients who lack basic cooking skills. He has also used some of the food we purchased to create
gourmet style dishes that our clients would be able to cook at home. The food pantry has also purchased easy to
carry food items and bottled water for transients passing through the county. All of this necessary aid has been
provided with the help of HCF and Officer Gibbs. The vouchers provided with these funds have helped our clients
purchase nourishing food and have helped our local grocery store.
Our Facebook page may be found at “Trego Food Pantry.”


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