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Published by Greater Salina Community Foundation, 2019-11-18 10:09:29

Community Grants Report

November 2019

Community Grants Report
November 2019

Minneapolis Area Chamber of Commerce, Promote Ottawa County

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $6,252, Awarded 5/16/2018
Project Summary: To create a mobile-friendly website, Facebook page, tourism brochure, visitor rack card and
County logo to promote Ottawa County as a visitor destination and as a desirable place to live and work.
Use of Funds: Website design, development, site hosting and training, Facebook design and training
Design, production and distribution of tri-fold brochure and 4” X 9” rack card and design of the county tourism logo
& slogan.
Impact & Results: There was need that was identified at the Strategic Doing meeting that was held by the
community foundation that showed how the community could be better marketed. This item was one that seemed
to be one that could be addressed and achieved. Committee of volunteers came together that was willing to work
on the project and develop into an achieved goal.
The community foundation is an excellent resource for the community. This grant allowed the volunteers to
work under a strategic item that was defined and identified thru the community brain storming process as
part of strategic doing.
The goal of a county wide website that promoted our county to work, live and play was developed, and is an
effective and professional tool for find-ability of our community on the web. The website has brought together in
a cohesive way the many benefits and features of the county and worked to provide current information and web
sources for the information featured on the website.


The City of Tescott, Downtown
City Park Improvements

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$7,879, Awarded 10/18/2017

Project Summary: We would like to purchase four dome
lid trash receptacles, a BBQ grill, three small pieces of
playground equipment, and a privacy fence to separate city
property from private property.

Use of Funds: BBQ grill - $248
Privacy Fence - $1,450.78
Playground Equipment - $3,805.57
Trash Receptacles - $1,320.90

Impact & Results: The project really added beauty to the downtown area. The privacy fence is stunning, I even
saw kids playing on the play ground equipment today. The idea behind this project was to make the park more
functional for use by families and organizations in Tescott.

Ottawa County Office of Economic Development
[Disc Golf Association], Markley Grove Park Disc Golf Course

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, Ottawa County Public Health Fund,
$3,324, Awarded 5/16/2018

Project Summary: To install a 6-hole disc golf course in Markley Grove Park to expand the options for healthy play
and exercise in the Park.

Use of Funds: See copies

Impact & Results: The projet went very well and has brought many people to our park. A success was that we were
able to include many community members to bring this project together. Lessons we learned were that we should
have a more organized scheduled to maximized our use of equipment and people. Although I don’t have a specific
story, there have been multiple comments made to us about how much fun families were having using the course.
All ages of community members have commented about the fun they have had.

Niles Community Center, Our New Schoolhouse

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $9,808, Awarded 5/16/2018

Project Summary: To complete the ongoing infrastructure improvements to
the 1940 township schoolhouse that serves as the Niles Community Center, by
replacing the original exterior doors, windows, and interior lighting, adding an
ADA entry ramp and new tables.

Use of Funds: We used the grant funds to replace 17 windows and two exterior
doors. Doing this has greatly reduced the heat loss of the building.

Impact & Results: In the past two years of being able to use your grants we have
received so many comments about how beautiful our center is. We did replace
the remaining windows not covered in last years grant and the two exterior doors.


VFW Post 3201, East Entrance Rehab

Dane G. Hansen Community Foundation,
$8,475, Awarded 5/16/2018

Project Summary: To restore functionality to the VFW
main meeting room to better serve its members and
the community. By replacing the 1920 windows and
entrance doors with energy-efficient upgrades and make
critical structural repairs to preserve the main floor.

Use of Funds: Replacement of north windows and entry
door with double-pane glazing. New sheetrock on north
wall. New artificial stone kneewall on exterior suface.
Leveling of entryway with sidewalk.

Impact & Results: Thanks to the improvements this
space is now much more inviting and functional. It has
seen increased usage and feedback from users has been
very positive. Others who frequent the downtown area
have also complimented VFW members on the much
improved exterior appearance.

This project completed the sealing of the building from
the elements. The modern double glazing and new door
have resulted in lower utility bills and the space is more
comfortable and functional.

HOPE, Standing Together to Fight Breast Cancer

Ottawa County Public Health Fund, $2,000, Awarded 10/11/2018

Project Summary: The Ottawa County H.O.P.E group had a very busy year serving the members
of our community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, supporting those in treatment
and providing an educational evening for the community about breast cancer

Use of Funds: Since last October our H.O.P.E group has delivered six wonderfully filled bags with
a variety of items for diagnosed individuals with breast cancer and an educational night for the
ladies in the county

Impact & Results: Our H.O.P.E group is a support group which supports the women in Ottawa County. When
a woman is diagnosed and we are made aware, two or three H.O.P.E members visit and pray with the newly
diagnosed. We also deliver them a wonderful pink bag filled with the inspirational book, “Strength Renewed:
Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer,” a blanket for chemo treatments, a hat, pillow, journal, a $75
gas card, etc. This bag along with the visit from breast cancer survivors is an inspiration and comfort for the newly
diagnosed. Also, individual H.O.P.E members send words of encouragement throughout the newly diagnosed
treatment period. In the Spring, the money we received from the community foundation was used to host an
educational evening for the women in the county. This years’ Ladies Night Out was attended by seventy-five ladies.
The theme for our banquet this was “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” Every year ladies in the community look
forward to our Ladies Night Out because it is an educational evening, and is only possible because of the
generosity of the community foundation. Thank you.


The City of Tescott, City
Beautification Equipment

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund
Tescott Community Fund, $10,000,
Awarded 5/20/2019
Project Summary: The city of Tescott wants to
purchase a used 2005 excavator to clean up
dilapidated properties and provide needed
maintenance on drainage ditches and two creeks
running through the city.
Use of Funds: The grant funds were spent to purchase
a 2005 337 Excavator from Bobcat in Salina Kansas.
Impact & Results: Since the excavators purchase, the city has used for numerous things including: 1) Removing
dead or unwanted trees from property. 2) Repairing a water leak in the center of a city street. 3) Filling in an old
cellar that was on property near the downtown area and a safety concern. The city has so many plans for this
excavator, it will be put to good use.

USD 239, MJSHS Football Field Landscape

Ottawa County Impact Fund, $3,820, Awarded 5/20/2019
Project Summary: This project is intended to not only replace the numerous pine trees lost around the football
field due to the parking lot construction and pine blight disease but to add a landscaped “look” to enhance the
appearance fo the football stadium.
Use of Funds: Landscaping for our football field.
Impact & Results: Trees were removed in late July. Red rock will be placed inside the “M” this week. We still have
plants to add to the side of the hill. .


Ottawa County Health Center - Great Plains of Ottawa County, Inc.,
Ottawa County Health Center - Healthy Food Steamer

Ottawa County Public Health Fund, Kansas Health Foundation Fund
Ottawa County Impact Fund, $5,302, Awarded 5/20/2019

Project Summary: Ottawa County Health Center (OCHC) is requesting assistance in purchasing a healthy food
steamer to improve the nutritional quality of the food that the hospital provides to its patients, residents, staff, and
family members/visitors of the hospital.

Use of Funds: Accutemp Food Steamer

Impact & Results: The OCHC Dietary Manager has been active in finding opportunities to improve the nutritional
health of our patients, residents, staff and visitors that enjoy hospital meals each day. This nutritional benefit will not
only help them while they are at the hospital, but will hopefully continue to help improve their health after they
return home. The Dietary Manager is pleased to report the increased number of fresh vegetables that the hospital
has begun to order. While we do not yet have a lot of data since the steamer has only been in use for two weeks,
we have received positive feedback on the quality and flavor of the steamed vegetables that have been offered.
Steamed zucchini, green beans, potatoes, and broccoli have been among the favorites. Most importantly, steamed
vegetables retain more than 50% more vitamins and minerals than when they are boiled, so the nutritional value for
our patients is greatly improved. As we continue to utilize the steamer, we expect to reduce the number of canned
and frozen foods that we use. Resulting in healthier meals for our patients, staff, and visitors. The OCHC Dietary
Manager is currently working on the hospital’s new fall menus, so she is excited to be able to incorporate steamed
vegetables into the menu for the upcoming months. Without this grant funding from the OCCF, OCHC would not
have been able to offer these healthy menu options. We appreciate the support of the OCCF and their role in
making OCHC an healthier place!

Minneapolis Rec Commission,
Summer Youth Camps 2019

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$1,250, Awarded 5/20/2019

Project Summary: Summer youth camps for grades 3-6, boys and girls.

Use of Funds: We were able to get 5 camps, (Football, Baseball, Softball,
Golf and Track and Field). Each coach was paid and we were able to
purchase shirts for the first 25 kids that signed up by the due date.

Impact & Results: I was amazed at how many kids signed up to do
each camp! I had at least 20 plus kids at each camp each day. The
camps that I was able to put on with the money I received were,
Football, baseball, softball track and field and golf. All were a big hit and
it really felt good hearing a lot of positive feedback from the community
and other towns surrounding that were able to bring their children also.
I know without the available funds we wouldn’t have been able to put on all of the camps. I was able to reach out to
other communities and get kids signed up outside of Ottawa County. Many parents and even kids are asking if we
will be doing this again next year!!! There are some kids that have a love for sports and want to really play and be
involved on a team, but parents struggle with finances and cant afford to get them to practice or games and
they were very thankful that they were able to sign their child up to have the experience like everyone else!


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