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Published by Greater Salina Community Foundation, 2019-11-18 10:16:06

Community Grants Report

November 2019

Community Grants Report
November 2019

City of Luray, Luray Cemetery Restoration

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$2,108, Awarded 11/14/2018

Project Summary: This grant request is to provide funds to assist in
restoring and improving accessibility and beautification for our City
Cemetery that was established in 1874.

Use of Funds: The grant funds were used to have a local contractor build a
custom directory for the Luray Cemetery.

Impact & Results: This Cemetery Directory was a catalyst in updating the Luray Cemetery. Several individuals and
families from this community volunteered their time to help trim and remove trees and tear down old broken
fences. The directory was custom built by Jay Lindsay, who also happens to be the Luray City Council president.
The local American Legion also donated and set flag poles along the west side of the cemetery. It has been several
years since any updates or improvements have been made at our cemetery. If the community would not have been
excited about the new directory, we doubt any of the other work would have started.

This impact of this project reaches far and wide. Not only are we honoring those who are buried at the
cemetery, but we are giving their living loved ones a meaningful and beautiful place to visit and pay their
respects. The Luray City Council has established a Cemetery Advisory Board, which consists of passionate
community members who have a vision to keep improving the cemetery!

Russell Arts Council, Festival Visibility

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$1,437, Awarded 4/10/2019

Project Summary: The Ad Astra Music Festival is looking for new
ways to promote its visibility in Russell and the surrounding areas.
This year, we would like to display a banner across Russell’s Main
Street as well as have representation on I-70 with two billboards.

Use of Funds: The funds were spent on the cost to print the vinyl
signs for two billboards and a banner.

Impact & Results: The billboards and banner are such a wonderful addition to our festival that we will be able to use
annually! The public promotion of this event encourage attendance and future financial gifts.


Lovegrass Music Festival,
3rd Annual Lovegrass Music Festival

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$1,500, Awarded 4/10/2019

Project Summary: Lovegrass Music Festival Association hosts a free
annual bluegrass type music festival in Russell County at Wilson State
Park the second full weekend in August. Interactive art and music
activities are also offered during the festival.

Use of Funds: Funding was spent on: Signal Ridge - Performance.
Appalachian Sky - Performance and Flatfoot Dancing Workshop. Erin
Mae Lewis Music- Kids Workshops/Instrument Petting Zoo.

Impact & Results: The Russell County Community Grant allowed us to
pay for 2/3 of our performers on the secong night of the festival as well
as the new kids activity area in which we added to the festival this year.
The kids activity area was a huge hit with kids and adults alike!

One of the main comments about the festival on our post festival
survey was how friendly folks were and that the music really brought
people together. We did bring in around 400-500 people to Russell
County and survey results told us they spanned from Kansas City
to Wichita to Tulsa to Hill City, Lawrence and Hays, Abilene, Conway
Springs as well as the local area.

Most of these folks from out of the area spent money outside of the
state park as we did not provide any food or beverages, many spent
money in neighboring towns and communities, many also ventured to
Lucas and Russell to view the attractions Russell County had to offer.

The festival was a huge success and the interest and attendance continues to grow each year! We look
forward to working with Russell County Community Foundation for years to come to continue to offer such a
fabulous large scale free event to folks around the area and to promote our area!

More Photos Available:


Russell Arts Council, High School Honor Choir

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$1,500, Awarded 4/10/2019
Project Summary: Ad Astra Music Festival provides
opportunities for high school students from the surrounding
areas to be a part of our festival. These students come for three
days to study and perform with two of our select choirs.
Use of Funds: The funds from this grant were directly applied
to the expense of transporting the high school students to
rehearsals, purchasing music, clinician and pianist fees, lunches
and tshirts.
Impact & Results: The students were so touched to have such generosity from this foundation. These students
really embrace their musical talents and having an opportunity like this completely funded was such an exciting
relief to students and their families. With a general lack of state funding across the board for art and music, all the
participants were incredibly thankful for RCACF to validate and support their talents in the form of a financial gift.


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