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Published by Oliver Capewell, 2018-12-13 10:32:40

Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions

By Oliver capewell

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Table of Contents

*What is Christmas
*how do you celebrate
*Who celebrates it

*What is it like in different places

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What is Christmas

What is it? Christmas is a well known holiday. It's the season of giving and
spending time with family. Christmas was created on the 25th of december. It was
created because of jesus birth in a barn with all his family there and the kings
came with gifts for jesus. Christmas day is always the 25th of december and
christmas eve is always the day before,the 24th of december. On the night of
christmas eve Santa comes and puts presents under the tree for you and your
family he also fills your stockings with small gifts.

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How do you celebrate

How do you celebrate Christmas? You decorate the house with lights, put santa
decorations up. Well, the main thing is to put up a tree and you decorate that tree
with ornaments and lights and put a star on top. That will be your christmas tree.
once you set it up, your elf on the shelf will come or it will come on the first of
december. My familie puts our tree up on november 30th and our elf comes the
next day on the 1st of december.
After the tree is up we put lights up on the front of our house and put our presents
under our tree and our stockings on our beds.

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Who celebrates it

Christmas is a well known christian tradition celebrated because of Jesus’s birth
and easter is celebrated because of his death. If you don't know who Jesus is,
according to the Bible he is God's son and God is the creator of the world. Why we
give presents to each other on christmas day is because when Jesus was born,
kings came to him with gifts.

Redeeming God

What is it like in different places

Different countries celebrate Christmas in different ways like some place might
dance with lights and others might decorate their house with lights. states
In many regions in France, Christmas celebrations start with St Nicholas day on
the 6th of December. Then children get sweets and little gifts. Cities are
decorated in France, especially in the Alsace region, where they say the first
decorated Christmas trees appeared as far back as the 14th century and in
england In England, Christmas decorations start early. Many families decorate
their houses with lots of fairy lights and sparkling displays. So what i'm trying to
say is that different countries do different things for christmas.

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