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CBA 2019 souvenir

CBA 2019 souvenir

Keywords: cba,hyderabad,durga puja,2019,miyapur

The Cyberabad Bangali Association
Durga Puja 2019

Idol sponsored by
Shri SN Guha, Sheema Guha, Priyanshu Nath, Naireet Nath







The Editorial

Dear Friends
Congratulations to the Cyberabad Bangali Association (CBA) members and their families,
patrons, sponsors and well wishers for winning yet another award. This year we won the BIH
Most popular Puja award in Hyderabad. This is a significant achievement as the Durga Puja
space in Hyderabad is now cluttered with multiple new Puja pandals vying with the historical
Puja like Keys High school, Domalguda etc.
We live in interesting times when achievements in science and Human development has
spurred humans into new territories of identities, labor market dynamics and instant
communications. While this can be considered as a liberation for the human kind, in reality
this has raised new questions around the purpose of human life and is leading to
rediscovery of faith and belief systems across the world. In our little world of CBA as well, we
have seen the Durga puja has grown from strength to strength over the last decade riding on
the devotion, belief and love for Ma Durga on the devotees and well wishers.
Behind the glitz and glamour of a successful event, lies the sweat and blood of the
organizers and volunteers. We have been blessed with the commitment and energy of a
wonderful team. I wish to thank our patrons, sponsors, donors, members and well wishers
for their unconditional support. I wish to also thank the Naren Gardens Management and
Support staff and the Security forces as well who have supported the event with logistical
Aasche Bochhor Abar Hobe!
Thank You! Your support is what keeps the CBA spirit alive!
Take Care
Surojeet Sengupta

President’s Message

Dear friends,
We celebrate Durgapuja to remember Maa Durga, she killed a monster Mahishasura.
Durgapuja is main festival of Bengalis. Throughout the year every Bengali will be eagerly
waiting for these days. It is my pleasure to share some of the memories of the 12th year
Durgapuja by Cyberabad Bangali Association (CBA) and express my thanks and gratitude to
all of you for making the festival success.
In Hinduism, the Goddess Durga, also known as Shakti and numerous other names, is the
protective mother of the universe who protects all that is good and harmonious in the
world. She is the warrior goddess who combats evil and demonic forces that threaten peace,
prosperity and dharma of the good. In fierce form of the protective mother Goddess, she
unleashes her anger against violence for liberation & destruction to empower creation.
Like every year It is the time when all other activities take a back seat and the priority is to
turn up at the puja venue to select a theme for the mandap (this year it was on Bengali
literature) and to bow to our beloved Durga Maa, join anjali and be a part of the
entertainment and show case whatever talents we have either internal or external on the
stage as performer or in the audience with hilarious comments and enthusiastic clapping.
It is a great pride indeed to be associated closely as president of the CBA, the vibrant Bengali
community in Hyderabad. We thank all of those who have worked tirelessly making different
arrangement and joining meetings after office hours. I thank each and every member for
their timely contribution towards membership fees and getting a sponsorship for making
even a greater success year after year to ensure a flawless celebration in spite of the rigors
of their own profession and job pressure.
I am very delighted to inform you all that this year we are honoured the “Most popular Puja”
award in the Sharod Samman competition organised by Bengali in Hyderabad (BIH).
Once again my sincere thanks to all the executive members, volunteers, patrons, stage
performers and above all the ladies for their hard work and devotions to make this
Mahapuja a grand success.
We should continuous to be able to rise above our individual differences and egos to work
together. Let’s pray to Goddess Maa Durga to give us courage, perseverance and serenity to
overcome internal and external devil forces and help us to build up a mind set in bringing up
those who are way behind our organisation the CBA. We must continue our good work and
use this auspicious occasion as good opportunity.
Wishing you, your families, friends and relatives in advance a very happy and prosperous
new year.
Dipak Ch. Das

General Secretary’s Message

Dear Members and Patrons,

Thank you for your continuous support over the last 12 years to help CBA grow as one of the
significant Durga Puja events in the twin city. It is your support and votes that made us win the Most
Popular Durga Puja award in the competition organized by Bengalis in Hyderabad (BiH) as part
Sharod Somman 2019.

This year our theme of the Pandal and Mandap on promoting the book reading culture and depicting
the legacy of Indian literature in a variety of vernacular languages including Sanskrit, Bengali, Hindi,
Oriya, Bihari, Kashmiri, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam was the stand out attraction
appreciated by one and all. Our Cultural backdrop paid homage to legends of Bengali literature like
Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Sarat
Chandra Chattopadhyay, and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. Personally, it was a fulfilling experience for
me to talk about the theme and the importance of our Indian literature to various guests and
especially the children who took keen interest in knowing about our heritage.

While promoting the culture of book reading as our theme, we also ran the book donation campaign
and got good response from all of you. We are donating the collected books to NGOs who will be
distributing it to different schools. As part of social responsibility, we have continued our partnership
with an NGO who are working with people suffering from cerebral palsy. Our Durga puja event gives
them a source of income as all our disposable items are hand made by the residents of that NGO.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our executive committee members and volunteers
who worked hard for months to plan, strategize, and organize the events round the year including
Picnic, Poila Boishakh, Taranga, and of course Durga Puja. Our footfall has increased from last year
and our team executed the plan well to manage the crowd during Pushpanjali, Sandhi Puja, and
Pratima Boron.

Our cultural programs have been phenomenal, and I must admit that our inhouse talents are at par
with any professional performers. Looking at the trend, I have requested our cultural team to restrict
external artists only for a day so that we can experience the great performances from our members
including the children for more number of days.

We had good number of footfall during Bhog distribution on all days and on Navami we had to start
cooking again to make sure we serve Bhog to all present. It was a humbling experience to see some
of our members coming forward to help the volunteers. This speaks volume of the bonding in CBA
family that we share. Please continue your support to CBA and do provide us feedback so that we
can improve things year on year.

Once again thanks to everyone and wishing many more successful years of togetherness and
festivities. Have a good year ahead!

Subhro Mukherjee

Cultural Secretary’s Message

Dear Friends,

I am pleased and honored to serve as the Cultural Secretary of CBA for fourth time in the
year 2019-20. All the activities that we have organised received a very warm response from
the members and other participants. I would like to thank our sponsors and all the CBA
members & participants for their encouragement and support to make Durga Puja 2019 and
all the cultural events a grand success.

This year we have organized our yearly cultural program TARANGA-2019 on 20th July 2019.
The cultural team organized series of cultural events for five consecutive days during Durga
Puja 2019. The event started with Anandamela where more than 15 members have
displayed their cooking skill with delicious food.

Ladies groups, children groups of CBA displayed their theme based performance. CBA’s in-
house programs like Devi Bandhana, Love is Divine, Sringer, Girls like to swing, Fashion
show “Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Smorone Kichu Katha Kichu Gaan", Dance Drama
“Radha”, Ntok “Gulsan” and Orchestra, “Symphony-The Musical Evening” was a grand

A grand Dandia event with DJ SHANK, a melodious performance by well-known singer Puja
Sarkar(Sa Re Ga Ma Pa ) and Biswajit Dasgupta from Kolkata was organized.

Thanks to Joint Cultural secretary, and cultural team members, volunteers, Anchors,
judges and Women’s Wing for all their endeavour, support and relentless work.

Lastly I would like to mention about the competitive events that were held for the children,
had a whopping participants competing in different events over the 4 days of Durga Puja.

I would like to extend thanks to President, General Secretary, Treasurer ,EC members and
advisors for their guidance and timely suggestion at every step of organising events

On Behalf of the Committee I wish all our members a happy and prosperous New Year 2020
in advance.

Good Luck!!

Debabrata Bala

Treasurer’s Report

Dear Friends,

On the 12th year of Durgapuja celebration, CBA Puja is an event for which whole Bengali
community of Hyderabad looks for and talks about. With a humble beginning in 2008, within
twelve years, CBA Puja has become one of the most admired Durgapuja in Hyderabad. Ever
increasing crowd at our Puja Pandal, most popular face book page & website – CBA has
become the face of Hyderabadi Bengalis. So, it is quite but natural, that CBA Durgapuja has
become the “Most Popular Durgapuja” in the “Hyderabad Sarad Sanman 2019” conducted
by Bengalis In Hyderabad. Our sincere thanks to all those who voted us to the TOP.

This is the third year at our new and bigger venue, Naran Gardens, Miyapur. This venue is
more spacious and has helped in catering to bigger crowd during the Puja days.

Of course, the year started with Poila Boishakh in April and Taranga in July. After successfully
completing both the events, our team was determined to make this Puja celebration also a
memorable one for all our members, patrons and well-wishers.

Popularity brings more crowd, bigger celebrations and requires increased budget too, but,
for our team rose to the occasion, we could manage the required funds and successfully
conduct the events.

I am extremely thankful to all our EC members, general members, patrons and well-wishers
who have contributed generously to make the events a great success; else, it would not have
been possible for me as a Treasurer to meet both the ends.

Our last years, i.e. 2018-19 accounts are also completed and submitted for auditing. The
auditing has been completed and report is under preparation. We would like to submit to all,
that our accounting is fully transparent and our audited accounts report is always available
to all for verification.

I am extremely thankful to CBA for giving me a chance to serve as Treasurer for the
consecutive 5th year and assure you that I have tried to maintain the accounts in a manner
as much transparent and clean as possible and will continue to do so.

Once again, thanking you all,

Kingsuk Kumar Roy

The Cyberabad Bangali Association

Patron: Shri S N Guha

Executive Committee 2019-20
President : Shri Dipak Chandra Das
Vice President : Shri Prabir Ranjan Paul
Vice President : Shri Sirsha Haldar
General Secretary : Shri Subhro Mukherjee
Treasurer : Shri Kingsuk Kumar Roy
Cultural Secretary : Shri Debabrata Bala
Jt Cultural Secretary : Shri Ramen Mitra
Sponsorship Secretary : Shri Sayan Jana
Media Secretary : Shri Rajdeep Poddar
Jt. Media Secretary : Shri Sumantra Chanda

Executive Committee Members: Smt Lopamudra Ghosh, Shri Shwetanuj Saha, Shri Tapas
Biswas, Shri Shovan Saha, Shri Tirthankar Chattopadhyay, Shri Amit Ray, Shri Sabyasachi
Sengupta, Shri Somnath Mukherjee, Shri Anindya Datta, Shri Amit Kumar Ghosh, Shri Subhajit
Saha, Shri Siddhartha Das, Shri Koushik Borua, Shri Pronil Sengupta, Shri Anujoyti Datta, Shri
Debraj Goswami, Shri Amit Manna

Advisory Board : Shri A K Hom, Smt Soma Roy, Shri Arya Roy Chowdhury, Ms Swathi Guha, Shri
Susmit Sarkar, Shri Surojeet Sengupta, Shri Kaushik Bhattacharya, Shri Koushik Sarkar, Smt
Shabari Mitra, Shri Subhranshu Tripathi

Sharad Sambhaar 2019 Editorial Team
Sri Surojeet Sengupta

Printed and Published by
Sri Surojeet Sengupta on behalf of The Cyberabad Bangali Association

Cover page Design
Photography by Smt. Samadrita Sengupta

The Cyberabad Bangali Association and the Editors of the Magazine Sharad Sambhaar are not
responsible for the content supplied by the various contributors to the Souvenir. All logos and
trademarks of various sponsors have been published with their permission. All other logos and
trademark used in the Souvenir are acknowledged.

Copyright Notice
“The Cyberabad Bangali Association” and the CBA logo are the property of The Cyberabad
Bangali Association which is registered with the AP registrar vide. no 863/13. Use of the Logo
and the name without permission is prohibited. No part of the souvenir Sharad Sambhaar 2019
be reprinted, published or used without permission of The Cyberabad Bangali Association.

Contact Information:
Flat 602, Block 15, Raintreepark, Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500 072, A.P
Phone: 9949414295, 9849488212,, [email protected]

Sri Ganesha: Genesis of his evolution & widespread popularity

A K Hom

Sri Ganesha: Genesis of his evolution & widespread popularity

A K Hom

Sri Ganesha: Genesis of his evolution & widespread popularity

A K Hom

Sri Ganesha: Genesis of his evolution & widespread popularity

A K Hom

Sri Ganesha: Genesis of his evolution & widespread popularity

A K Hom

Grateful Acknowledgement –
1 - Padma Purana- English Translation–by N.A.Deshpande-
2 - 99 Thoughts on Ganesha, by Devadutta Pattanaik- Google Books- pg-79/83 -
3 - Sacred Animals of India, Nanditha Krishna - Google Books- Chapter Airavata –
4 -
5 - Vishnudharmottara - in Part Three-Ch-71-verses-1 to 18 ( part-94-Translations).
6 - Ganesh: Studies of an Asian God-by Robert L. Brown -Google Books- pg-8-para -1,2.
7 - Chinese Gods & Immortals, in Chapter-‘Gods of Indian Origin’ –
<> & “Chinese Folk Religion”, in Chapter-‘History’ -

Customary Kolkata- A Retrospection

Ratna Das

Shyambazar- they call it the heart of Kolkata. I hear humanity dancing here to the beat of a frenzied
drum. A conflict- a tumultuous conflict to seize the airs of the South, on one hand, and to keep alive the
fragrance of old, traditional North Kolkata on the other. SPEED is the essence of humanity here. SPEED,
enormous speed, the purpose of which no one knows, yet this unfathomable facet intrigues mankind. If
you happen to walk by Shyambazar, multi-laned street, locally referred to as the ‘panch-mathar more’
you get a taste of customary Kolkata. The carefully spoken, pleasing to your auditory sense- our very
own vernacular, and unbeatably the sizzling K.C Dass rosogollas, a taste that brings Kolkata on a
common pedestal. The buildings, some deserted, some barely inhabited, speaking volumes of their
glorious past, the once highly envied residing places of the ‘Bonedi Bangali Babus’. Speaking of
‘Bangaliana’, calls to mind the pot-bellied, dusky-skinned intelligence rise up at every little pretext to
animatedly call out ‘Amar Kolkata, Amar Garbho’.
Lazying through the galleries I could almost perceive ‘Kartama’ just after her bath from the nearby
‘pukur’ and everyday ‘Thakur pujo’ summoning Bapun and Khuki. And there sits Chatterjee babu on his
‘aram-kedara’ listening to the endless complaints of the kids, occasionally punctuated by the ‘taan’ on
the hookah. Bapun exclaims ‘Aei meye bora jedi (She is such a stubborn girl). She has fallen off the tree,
while plucking mangoes’. Khuki’s sobs now transforming into sniffles as she brushes away the muddy-
bruise on the knee, ‘Amaro echeche kore na bujhi boro hote, aam parte (I too yearn to be a grown-up
girl, plucking mangoes)’. So, sorry that I got carried away in the delectable innocence of this
conversation, just to remark that these Chatterjee’s, Ghosh’s and Guha Rai’s have given way to
Agarwal’s, Oberoi’s and Khan’s. Kolkata is no longer a ‘Bangalir Kolkata’

Amongst the howling of the pavement vendors ‘Didi kichu lagbe (Sister, do you need something?) or ‘Ja
neben shob panch (Whatever you buy is priced at five rupees)’, arrives Tarini Babu , a replica of the
genre of which very few exist. Clad in a ‘kocha dewa dhuti’, his carefully parted hair and his cultivated
manners, a giant umbrella in one hand and ‘Kalibarir prasad’ in the other, rambling on the footpath
with the airs of a man who has survived the test of time, managing to challenge the new order and
carrying on the legacy of ‘Amar Kolkata, Amar Gorbho’.

Customary Kolkata- A Retrospection

Ratna Das

As he proceeds to cross the road towards Hatibagan, a band of well-dressed dandies riding at
breakneck speed run over this frail-frame, Crashhhhh……..‘Murder’ shouts the Chatterjee Bari,
‘Murder’ bursts forth the Kalibari , ‘Murder’ calls out my misty eyes stifling the appalling cry
within. The voices are unheard, dampened by another surge of commuter traffic. Those
literate rustics glance over their shoulders as if to say ‘Serves you right you old goose’;
‘Speeder artha janona tai aei goti (You have disregarded speed, thus this end)’.

Authorities take control and the corpse is steadily carried away to prevent a traffic jam, but
isn’t there a jam already, a ceaseless jam. Jammed souls, jammed brains…….. silly sentiments
they call, I call it HUMANITY. The wheels of the fast-moving public buses carry along the
bloodstains towards Park Street, Dakhineshwar, and Sealdah and all over the city. Not mere
bloodstains, instilled them is a deep dismal note ‘Kolkatar astitto dhumil hote choleche
(Kolkata is losing its identity in haste)’.Don’t you see its distinctiveness falling apart? Is it the
paltry debris of a civilised existence we leave behind for the generations to come? A question
giving rise to another potent question, untangling the riddle here with just another one.

The old Mitra’s Mansion named ‘Bhalobasha’ is being razed to the ground. The din of the
metal cutting on marble isn’t louder than the shovels working on the emotions on which the
building stood. There are plans of erecting a multi-storeyed apartment here in a few years’
time. It is just maddening, the dust arising out of the construction, my apologies, destruction,
degrades the humanoid crux to dust. Not even the Shiulir gaach, is spared. The loveliest
flower that ever bloomed beside the human door, its fragrance announcing ‘Sharoder
agamon, (harbinger of autumn)’ buried below layers of dust, smoke and effluence. My silent,
desperate pleas fall on deaf ears and the sentinel of the Mitra’s family legacy succumbs to the
demands of the expert fingers wielding on the spade with a loud thud.

Customary Kolkata- A Retrospection

Ratna Das

‘Sale sale sale’ is the notice all over. The Mitra’s have already evacuated the place to settle in
the posh locality of New Alipore. His elder son employed in one of the leading MNCs is quite
abashed to invite his Saheb colleagues to this dingy part of Kolkata and his grandson is
allergic to ‘Shiulir gondho’ suggests the 65 year old Mr. Mitra, a retired railway accountant
with a smile-‘Chele pule boro hole toh compromise kortei hoy buro baba ke (An old haggard
father must compromise when his son grows up)’, a unmistakable hint of deep remorse stuck
in the piping elderly speech.

Kolkata, in its present scenario, as I describe to you, is a mountain of concrete and cement
juxtaposed to offer a false impression of civility. Underneath this façade are worms frantically
scurrying the grounds, finding means to survive. Well- dressed, elite worms, out to conquer
the world, while their very existence is shrouded in danger. Behind this disguise is the
underlying truth which belies my faith in humanity. As I gaze up the sky, I see myself, a
creature driven and derided by vanity and my eyes burn in anguish and anger.

Photography – Devi and her Devotees

Utsab Ghosh & Ratna Das

Multifarious in form-unchanged in faith

Almighty God, to your presence I submit

In dance is madness, in dance sanity

In Music We Celebrate

Puny offerings, lofty faith Give me oil in my lamp..keep me burning!!

Photography – The laws of nature

Utsab Ghosh & Ratna Das

Hand in hand..treading boundaries

Another day's wait begins

Dusk Descends-Summons Homecoming

Beyond limits they soar

I caught the fireball in my lens Endless Corridors-Sentinels to the human heart

Short Story

Dibyendu Chakraborty


রবীন্দ্র কলেলজর বাাংোর প্রালেসর প্েবরসাে চ‍্যাটাজী একজন প্ াড় খাওযা মানুষ।
--- এবালরর প্বঙ্গদ্রের বযাচ‍টা, সদ্রযযই প্বশ ভালো, যাই না?
সহকমী প্রালেসর শান্তশীে দ্রমলের সালে আলোচ‍নায বলে ওলেন দ্রযদ্রন।
---যার মলযয প্বষ্ট হলে অনুশ্রী মখু াদ্রজি ।‌ শুযু প্েখা ড়ায নয, এমন স্বভালবর প্মলয আজকাে
প্েখাই যায না।
সহকমীর রযু যত্তলর, সম্মদ্রযর ঘাড় নাড়লয নাড়লয, প্ভযলর প্ভযলর অনয দ্রচ‍ন্তা কলরদ্রিলেন প্রালেসর
চ‍যাটাজী। যারই েেস্বরূ বিরখালনক হলো েবী ালে অনশু ্রী এখন, যার একমাে প্িলে রঞ্জলনর
স্ত্রী। রঞ্জন প্ শায কদ্রিউটার ইদ্রঞ্জদ্রনযার, একটি এম.এন. দ্রস.-প্য কমরি য। দ্রবলযর এক মালসর
মলযযই, একটি স্কু লে চ‍াকদ্রর ায অনশু ্রী। হাজরার কালি।

প্বশ বলনেী বাংশ অনশু ্রী শ্বশুরবাদ্রড়র। শহর প্েলক মাইে েলশক েলূ রর মেস্বে,সৃজন ুর।
এখানকার রু লনা বাদ্রসন্দা ওরা। দ্রখোন প্েওযা বাদ্রড়, সের েরজা, েরু ্াি -োোন সবদ্রকিুর মলযযই
একটা বলনেীযানা।

র্াযেী প্েবী অনুর শাশুদ্রড়,আযুদ্রনক মনস্কা। শাদ্রন্তদ্রনলকযলন ড়ালশানা। বাদ্রড়লযই একটা র্ালনর স্কু ে
চ‍াোন, নাম সুরধ্বদ্রন।

ঝরঝলর বদৃ্রষ্টর ময ঝলর ড়লয োলক দ্রেনগুলো। র্ম্ভীর মুখ প্িলড় কান্না হাদ্রসর েুলকাচ‍ু দ্ররর আকাশ,
দ্রভলজ ঘালসর প্র্াড়া আর দ্রবদ্রিলয োকা দ্রশউদ্রে েু লের সাো া দ্রড়র শাদ্রন্তর মলযয, জােরাদ্রন প্বাঁটো ার
অহঙ্কালরর ঝেক।

েরু ্িা লূ জালয অলনক প্োক হয এই বাদ্রড়লয। আত্মীয স্বজন, কালজর প্োক, রান্নাবান্না আর বাচ্চালের
দ্রচ‍ৎকার-কান্না দ্রমলেদ্রমলশ একটা দ্রসম্ফদ্রন। নানা আত্মীলযর নানা উ হার, অনু এখলনা প্বশ নযু ন
বউ। যবওু বাদ্রড়র কযি া প্েবরসােবাবু এই প্বৌমাটিলক প্যমন ভালোবালসন, প্যমন দ্রনভি র কলরন।
োোলন েরু ্াি োকুর র্লড় দ্রেলয প্র্লি টু যা াড়া কুমালররা। প্চ‍াখ আকোঁ া প্শষ হলে, উল্লালস
প্েবরসােবাবু বলেদ্রিলেন,
---প্েলখা প্েলখা, এলকবালর ঠিক আমার প্বৌমার মখু । অনুমা আমালের েরু ্াি , েশভূ জা।

ঞ্চমী হলয িুটি ড়লো অনশু ্রীর স্কু লে। ওর কদ্রের্, ইদ্রযহালসর অদ্রঙ্কযা, স্কু ে শুরুর আলর্ বলেদ্রিলো,
---প্বশ ক'দ্রেন প্যা প্েখা হলব না, চ‍ে না একটু ঘলু র আদ্রস।‌ যাদ্রব আদ্রে ুর দ্রচ‍দ্রড়যাখানায?
র্দ্রিলযর মাযবী বেলো,
---এয জাযর্া োকলয দ্রচ‍দ্রড়যাখানা!

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