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Rada Cutlery

Catalog Valid Until July 31, 2020


PROUDLY Introducing

Anthem Wave

details on page 10

Quality Kitchen Products Since 1948

Paring Knives

Rada’s all-time best seller. Perfectly A non-serrated blade
sized all-around paring knife
used for cutting, slicing, and peeling. B super fine

A) Regular Paring serration!
3¼” blade | 6¾” overall
Paring Gift Sets on Page 30
Silver Handle R101 $6.00
Black Handle W201 $6.00

B) Serrated Regular Paring
3¼” blade | 6¾” overall

Silver Handle R142 $6.10
Black Handle W242 $6.10

Super Parer Granny Paring

Our largest paring knife provides comfort and versatility. This curved blade is perfect for intricate kitchen tasks.
Perfect for paring jobs, big or small. Makes slicing and cutting a cinch – whether in a motion
toward or away from you.
Super Parer 43⁄8” blade | 83⁄8” overall
Granny Paring 23⁄8” blade | 57⁄8” overall
Silver Handle R127 $8.10
Black Handle (shown) W227 $8.10 Silver Handle (shown) R100 $6.00
Black Handle W200 $6.00


Peeling Paring Heavy Duty Paring

This small knife fits nicely in your hand. Exceptional Ideally suited for a wide range of kitchen tasks, this
for peeling fruits and vegetables, and great for creating knife offers more control for cooks who prefer a slightly
garnishes too. longer handle.

Peeling Paring 2½” blade | 61⁄8” overall Heavy Duty Paring 3¼” blade | 71⁄8” overall

Silver Handle R102 $6.00 Silver Handle (shown) R103 $6.30
Black Handle (shown) W202 $6.00 Black Handle W203 $6.30

Craftsmanship Care Instructions

finger guard for surgical quality T420 high Hand washing all fine cutlery is
maximum protection carbon stainless steel blades recommended to prevent microscopic
on all knives dings on the blades’ cutting edge.
Hand washing also eliminates the
resin handle on all harsh environment created by a
black knives for better dishwasher’s high temperatures and
dishwasher tolerance abrasive detergents and helps protect
your knives from corrosion, ultimately
extending the life of their finish.

new matte finish on
Anthem Wave knives

ergonomic all blades hand sharpened for a Metal Cleanser & Polish
comfort grip razor-sharp edge and hollow ground
permanently cast solid brushed aluminum handles, to ensure precision concave surface Restore aluminum handles
satin finish – hand wash only for maximum edge retention to a smooth light gray finish.
One 1 oz. packet cleans at
Rada Mfg. Co. will replace any product manufactured by our least six handles.
company returned to us due to defects in material or workmanship.
1 oz. | B302 $.50

Tomato Slicer Veggie Peelers



A must-have for every kitchen, the incredibly sharp,
swiveling dual blade is designed for right- or left-hand use
and remains one of the most popular products we sell. Try
the deluxe peeler for a larger handle, making big peeling
chores a breeze.

The dual serrated blade creates a clean, straight cut for A) Vegetable Peeler 1¾” blade | 7¼” overall
perfect tomato slices every time without squashing. Great
for fruit, heads of lettuce, and even hard-cooked eggs. Silver Handle (shown) R132 $8.40
Black Handle W232 $8.40

Tomato Slicer 5” blade | 87⁄8” overall B) Deluxe Vegetable Peeler 2” blade | 83⁄8” overall

Silver Handle R126 $7.20 Silver Handle R141 $9.40
Black Handle (shown) W226 $7.20
Black Handle (shown) W241 $9.40

Grapefruit Knife Granny Fork

Its angled tip and double-sided serrated blade makes Tons of uses for these sharp, pointed tines! Turn meat while
it perfect for cutting grapefruit and other citrus fruits. cooking, grab pickles from a jar, hold food while slicing.
Separate segments with less mess than using a spoon.

Grapefruit Knife 33⁄8” blade | 7” overall Granny Fork 4” tines | 7¾” overall

Silver Handle (shown) R130 $6.80
Black Handle W230 $6.80
Silver Handle R122 $7.10
Black Handle (shown) W222 $7.10


Cook’s Knives


A) Cook’s Knife B
Minces and dices fruits and
vegetables with ease. Chef Select Gift Set on Page 29

6¼” blade | 107�8” overall

Silver Handle R134 $13.50
Black Handle W234 $13.50

B) Cook’s Utility

Maneuvers like a paring knife with
the versatility of a larger knife.

4¾” blade | 85�8” overall

Silver Handle R140 $9.30
Black Handle W240 $9.30

Chef’s Dicer French Chef

Serious cooks like the larger cutting surface for mincing
and dicing.

Ideal for preparing meats and vegetables for stir-fry, French Chef 8½” blade | 13” overall
cutting through small poultry bones, and so much more.
Silver Handle R131 $22.10
Chef’s Dicer 5¼” blade | 9½” overall Black Handle (shown) W231 $22.10

Silver Handle (shown) R129 $15.10
Black Handle W229 $15.10 5

Steak Knives

A) Utility/Steak B
Smooth cutting action and razor-
sharp edge cuts through meat Steak Knife Gift Sets on Page 30

47�8” blade | 85�8” overall

Silver Handle R104 $6.70
Black Handle W204 $6.70

B) Serrated Steak

For those who prefer a serrated
blade, this knife makes easy work
of cutting through meat.

37�8” blade | 7¾” overall

Silver Handle R105 $6.80
Black Handle W205 $6.80

Great Grilling grooves form
Starts Here! with use

Wooden Grill Scraper
Clean the grates of your grill safely and
easily with Rada’s new Wooden Grill
Scraper. With this sturdy scraper, you
won’t need to worry about dangerous
wire bristles getting into your family’s
food. Customized grooves will form
with each use, so the more you use
it, the better it works (high heat allows
the grooves to form quickly).

Like all Rada products, our scraper
is proudly made in America.

4” x 16” overall
B307 $29.00


Seasonings A
A) Burger & Fry
(allergens: none) C

A perfect blend of salt and spice D
to use on steak, chicken, pork,
vegetables, and our favorite All- E
American meal – a burger with fries.

Q722 $6.90

B) Zesty Lemon Pepper

(allergens: none)

Sweet and savory blend of garlic,
black pepper, sugar, orange,
lemon, and lime. Great on grilled
vegetables and any type of meat.

Q723 $6.90

C) Steak & Chop

(allergens: none)

Wake up your steak with a delicious
combination of coarse-ground
peppercorns, garlic, salt, dill, and
other spices.

Q725 $6.90

D) Sweet Hickory BBQ

(allergens: none)

Grill like a champion with this
sweet hickory barbecue blend. Use
on beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and
fish when grilling or smoking.

Q721 $6.90

E) Mexican

(allergens: soy)

The ultimate seasoning for all your
Mexican dishes. Perfect for ground
beef, shredded chicken and
pork, seafood, and grilling.

Q724 $6.90

Each seasoning R ADRAaFdUaNCDutRlAerISy.IcNoGm.C OM 7
comes in a handy

shaker bottle.

Meat & Poultry Experts E



Whatever the cooking task, Rada has a knife to
fit the need. Great for meal prep and cutting all
kinds of meats in the kitchen, these knives are
super sharp and have many uses.

All Knives Available in Silver (shown) or Black Handle

A) Slicer C) Stubby Butcher E) Ham Slicer
Slices meats with ease. 9½” blade | 137⁄8” overall
7” blade | 113⁄8” overall $9.80 This all-purpose knife is great for
$9.80 cutting ribs, slicing a pineapple, or Silver Handle R111 $11.80
Silver Handle R107 cutting cake. Black Handle W211 $11.80
Black Handle W207
53⁄8” blade | 97⁄8” overall

B) Carver/Boner Silver Handle R106 $9.40 F) Serrated Slicer
Black Handle W206 $9.40 7” blade | 11¼” overall

Flexible blade carves around bones. D) “Old Fashioned” Butcher Silver Handle R138 $10.10
Hefty blade to split, strip, and Black Handle W238 $10.10
65⁄8” blade | 11” overall cut meat.

Silver Handle R108 $9.50 7¾” blade | 121⁄8” overall G) Carving Fork
Black Handle W208 $9.50 51⁄8” tines | 9½” overall
Silver Handle R109 $17.90
8 Black Handle W209 $17.90 Silver Handle R110 $8.50
Black Handle W210 $8.50

A) Sportsman Knife A Outdoor Knives
Clean fowl and small game. Leather
scabbard included that can be worn B
on your belt for easy accessibility!
5¼” blade | 10¼” overall Fillet Knife & Sharpener Set
R210 $30.00 Set includes Fillet Knife, Knife
Sharpener, and Leather Scabbard.
B) Fillet Knife S08 $42.30
Comfortable, non-slip rubber
handle makes this knife a joy to use.
Flexible blade makes cutting around
bones easy. Leather scabbard
included that can be worn on your
belt for easy accessibility!
71⁄8” blade | 12¼” overall
R200 $31.30


Perfect Gift for the Outdoorsman!

Four Pepper (allergens: none) Italian Herb & Garlic (allergens: none) Jamaican Jerk (allergens: none)

We’ve blended garlic with black, white, Set your sites on Tuscany, with our Bring the flavor of the islands to your
pink, and green peppercorns for a robust balanced blend of sugar, garlic, onion, table with this blend of lemon, lime,
marinade to use on your favorite cut of spices, and bell pepper. Mix with chiles, and other spices. Mix with vinegar,
meat. Simply mix with vinegar, oil, and vinegar, oil, and beverage of choice; oil, and a beverage; add pork, chicken, or
your favorite beverage; add meat and add your favorite meat and marinate seafood and marinate 30-60 minutes.
marinate for 30-60 minutes. for 30-60 minutes.
Q742 $2.10
Q741 $2.10 Q743 $2.10 9

AnthemWave Rada’s new Anthem Wave Series is a collection of highly popular
knives that are a must in every kitchen. The large handles have a
B C comfortable ergonomic grip, are easy to clean, and look great.

classy matte finish Anthem Wave Series handle

A standard silver handle



H Ergonomic grip for comfort

A) Cook’s Knife Anthem Oak Block Set
Minces and dices fruits and Oak Block, Slicer, French Chef, Cook’s
vegetables with ease. Knife, 8” Bread, Tomato Slicer, Super
6½” blade | 12” overall Parer, and Heavy Duty Paring.
W434 $26.00 G458 $202.00

B) 8” Bread Knife Fill the block with six steak or paring knives (sold separately).
Awesome for slicing fresh, warm,
homemade bread. I) Anthem Serrated Steak Set
8” blade | 125⁄8” overall I Six Anthem Series Serrated
W443 $19.30
Steak Knives
C) Slicer G46S $63.00
Slices meats with ease. J) Anthem Slice & Pare Set
7” blade | 115⁄8” overall Anthem Heavy Duty Paring,
W407 $18.80 Tomato Slicer, Super Parer
G459 $38.90
D) Super Parer J
Our largest paring knife provides
comfort and versatility. 11
43⁄8” blade | 9” overall
W427 $16.30

E) Tomato Slicer
Perfect tomato slices every time
without squashing.
5” blade | 9” overall
W426 $10.60

F) Serrated Steak Knife
For those who prefer a serrated
blade, this knife makes easy work
of cutting through meat.
37⁄8” blade | 77⁄8” overall
W405 $9.90

G) Heavy Duty Paring
More control for cooks who prefer
a slightly longer handle.
3¼” blade | 73⁄8” overall
W403 $9.50

H) French Chef
Serious cooks like the larger cutting
surface for mincing and dicing.
8½” blade | 133⁄8” overall
W431 $33.40

Items on these pages with this symbol Party Dips
simply need to be mixed with sour cream
and cream cheese (or mayonnaise). A) Buffalo

A makes 1¾ cups
B (allergens: milk, blue cheese)

C For the spicy taste of Buffalo wings
without the mess, simply stir our
D seasoning and a can of chicken
E into cream cheese. Serve warm.

Q607 $3.40

B) Applewood Smoked Bacon

makes 2 cups (allergens: none)

Try a gourmet twist to the classic
BLT. We’ve combined the sweet
flavor of bacon smoked over
applewood chips with the tangy
taste of tomato. Mix seasoning with
cream cheese, sour cream, and milk.
Serve warm.

Q609 $3.40

C) Chili Con Queso

makes 1¾ cups (allergens: milk)

A blend of tomato, garlic, and
peppers puts a classy twist on a
traditional favorite. Simply mix
seasoning with cream cheese.
Serve warm.

Q608 $3.40

D) Warm Pizza

makes 2 cups (allergens: milk)

Our blend of cheese, tomato, and
Italian herbs and spices creates an
authentic pizza flavor. Add mix to
cream cheese, milk, and shredded
cheese. Serve warm.

Q613 $3.40

E) Chipotle

makes 2¼ cups
(allergens: none)

Slow-smoked mild jalapeños
produce a unique, rich flavor.

Recipes using Quick Mixes at Q602 $3.40


Cucumber Onion Dill Spinach Artichoke Tomato, Garlic & Basil Bacon Cheddar

makes 2¼ cups makes 1¾ cups makes 1½ cups makes 2 cups
(allergens: none) (allergens: milk) (allergens: milk) (allergens: milk, soy,
A rich blend of spinach, wheat)
The garden-fresh artichoke, and Parmesan Sweet sun-dried
flavor of cucumber, cheese. Serve warm. tomatoes, garlic, basil, Tangy cheddar cheese
onion, and dill. Q603 $3.40 and Parmesan cheese. and smoked bacon in a
Q601 $3.40 Q604 $3.40 creamy dip.

Q605 $3.40

Delightful Dips will add pizzazz to your gatherings!

Sriracha Ranch Roasted Garlic & Onion Guacamole Fresh Garden Salsa

makes 2 cups makes 2 cups makes 2 cups makes 2 cups
(allergens: milk) (allergens: soy) (allergens: none) (allergens: none)

The addictive zing of The delicious flavor of Combine this dip Perfect for fuss-free
Sriracha hot sauce classic onion dip with a mix with avocados entertaining. Add mix to
combined with the cool, lively roasted garlic twist. for perfect guacamole petite diced tomatoes.
creamy flavor of ranch. Q612 $3.40 every time. Q606 $3.40

Q611 $3.40 Q614 $3.40

Life of the Party F



When your kitchen is stocked with these essential
party utensils, you’ll be ready for any get-together.

All Knives Available in Silver or Black Handle

A) 10” Bread Knife C) Cheese Knife E) Party Spreader

Awesome for slicing fresh, warm, Easily cuts an array of hard and soft Perfect for spreading dips and butters
homemade or garlic bread. cheeses... and sausage too! and serving cheeseballs.

9½” blade | 137⁄8” overall 5¼” blade | 95⁄8” overall 33⁄8” blade | 6 7⁄8” overall

Silver Handle R112 $11.80 Silver Handle R139 $9.60 Silver Handle R135 $7.70
Black Handle W212 $11.80 Black Handle W239 $9.60 Black Handle W235 $7.70

B) 6” Bread Knife D) Bagel Knife F) Super Spreader

Ideal for breads and pound cakes. Ideal for slicing bagels and English Easily spreads jam with one swipe,
muffins, with a host of other uses. cuts sandwiches, and frosts cakes.
6” blade | 103⁄8” overall
6” blade | 101⁄8” overall 53⁄8” blade | 95⁄8” overall
Silver Handle R136 $9.70
Black Handle W236 $9.70 Silver Handle R118 $8.80 Silver Handle R113 $8.90
Black Handle W218 $8.80 Black Handle W213 $8.90

Cheeseballs Cheeseballs are perfect for parties! Decadent
and delicious, but oh-so easy to make with
A) Tuscan Herb Rada’s convenient mixes!

(allergens: soy, wheat) B
Traditional Italian herbs, spices,
and a touch of olive oil are blended
for this amazing cheese ball mix.
Add to cream cheese and roll in
our colorful bell pepper topping

Q504 $4.70

B) Sweet Hot Pepper Jelly

(allergens: none)

Love the taste of sweet pepper jelly
over cream cheese? We’ve blended
sweet and hot peppers for perfect
flavor. Add to cream cheese and
roll in our chile topping (included).

Q501 $4.70

C) Jalapeño

(allergens: soy)

Favorite Southwestern flavors
combine for a mild spice-filled
treat. Add to cream cheese and roll
in our crunchy topping (included).

Q502 $4.70

D) Garden Vegetable C

(allergens: none) D 15
This seasoning is a delicious blend
of carrots, celery, green onions, and
garlic. Add to cream cheese and roll
in our colorful bell pepper topping

Q505 $4.70


Bread + Cheese INGREDIENTS
53⁄8” x 7¾” (64 full color pages) Muolntiegsraidine
Mayo bbruetatedrseldices, aibuSnnrnpgedbrraeetudoadt.adtiLeesmanrteytbadseoyrbstoriehdeotsmewnidoeatefehinsnteh.inselgices
Grilled sandwiches that’ll
make you melt! Simple recipes FGCrrreuissyhpèarreerud, gsahuprleapdled,etdhinly sliced 21
for great inspiration.

#7152 $14.60

Items on this page simply need to be mixed Sweet Dips
with sour cream and cream cheese.
A) Cookie Dough
B makes 2 cups (allergens: soy)

C Brown sugar,
D chocolate chips,
and cocoa
E butter combine
to make a
16 yummy sweet
dip for crackers
or fruit. Great
for last-minute

Q905 $4.70

B) White Chocolate Raspberry

makes 2 cups (allergens: none)

The mellow flavor is perfectly suited
for fresh fruit dippers. Great to have
on hand when unexpected guests
drop by.

Q901 $4.70

C) Key Lime

makes 2 cups (allergens: none)

Wonderfully refreshing, light, and
creamy, with just a bit of citrus zing.
A quick and delicious dip you’ll be
proud to serve.

Q902 $4.70

D) Island Coconut
makes 2 cups (allergens: coconut)

This deliciously sweet blend of
coconut and pineapple is a great
fresh fruit dip or fruit pizza spread.

Q904 $4.70

E) Cinnamon Roll

makes 2 cups (allergens: milk)

The flavors of freshly baked
cinnamon rolls inspired this
great-tasting blend. Makes an
outstanding fruit and cracker dip,
bagel spread, or frosting.

Q906 $4.70

Essential Oak Block Set

Slicer Cook’s Knife 6” Bread Knife Tomato Slicer Cook’s Utility Super Parer Regular Paring
perfect for easily cuts fresh ideal for breads & cuts fresh effortlessly great for larger perfect all-around
slicing meats tomatoes
veggies pound cakes with ease slices and chops paring jobs paring knife

Available in Silver (shown) or Black Handle

Essential Oak Block Set

Oak block comes prefilled with seven Empty block available!
must-have knives – Slicer, Cook’s Knife,
6” Bread Knife, Tomato Slicer, Cook’s Display the Rada knives you already
Utility, Super Parer, and Regular Paring – own. Purchase the oak block with
plus six open slots to add your favorite 13 empty slots! Provides safe storage,
small Rada paring or steak knives. easy access, and blade protection.

Silver Handle S58 $131.90 B58 $68.50
Black Handle G258 $131.90 17


& Sauce
A Mixes


Nothing says “comfort food” like a hot bowl of soup. Nothing
says “easy” like the preparation of these flavorful Rada soups!

A) Pasta Fagioli B) Chicken & Wild Rice C) Chicken Tortilla D) Roasted Corn Chowder

serves 4 serves 4 serves 5 serves 4
(allergens: soy, wheat) (allergens: milk, soy, wheat) (allergens: none) (allergens: milk)

This classic Italian soup is This home-style soup This Southwestern classic Filled with roasted corn
a hearty blend of beans, mix updates traditional is the perfect blend of onion, flavor, this thick and delicious
vegetables, and pasta that chicken soup with a delicious garlic, peppers, and corn, chowder is quick, easy to
simmers in a rich, savory rice blend. Just add water with a hint of lime. Just add make, and oh-so enjoyable.
tomato broth. Just add water. and cooked chicken. water, diced tomatoes, and Just add milk and corn.
cooked chicken.
Q805 $5.80 Q802 $5.80 Q812 $5.80
Q811 $5.80


Baked Potato Soup Cheddar Broccoli Soup Black Bean Chili

serves 4 serves 4 serves 6
(allergens: milk, soy, wheat) (allergens: milk, soy, blue cheese)
A creamy soup mix with the hearty, Creamy and delicious, this soup is (allergens: soy, wheat)
satisfying flavor of baked potatoes. cheesy with just the right amount
Just add water. of broccoli. Just add water. This enticing blend of spices and
Q801 $5.80 Q804 $5.80 veggies makes outstanding chili.
Add ground beef, tomato paste,
diced tomates, and water.
Q806 $5.80

Easy-to-make comfort food.

Beef Stroganoff Soup Chicken Gumbo Soup Scampi Sauce

serves 4 serves 6 serves 4
(allergens: milk, wheat, sulfites)
(allergens: milk, soy, wheat, sulfites) (allergens: milk, soy, wheat, sulfites) Rich, buttery garlic sauce for pasta.
Mix with water and butter.
A rich beef burgundy broth filled This comforting southern classic Q843 $5.50
with bite-size pasta. Add ground features a delicious blend of
beef and water for a delicious vegetables, rice, and spices. Just 19
dinner in minutes. add water and cooked chicken.
Q807 $5.80 Q809 $5.80




A) S’mores Celebrations Birthday Cake
serves 8 (allergens: milk, soy, wheat) serves 8 (allergens: milk, soy, wheat)
The addicting combination of chocolate, The sweet cream flavor really shines
cream, and marshmallow flavors create through, with plenty of colorful sprinkles
a decadent and creamy dessert. to make this cheesecake a fun dessert
Q941 $8.80 for any occasion – or no occasion at all.
With three ingredients from your kitchen,
B) Strawberry Cream whip up a dessert that guarantees a
serves 8 (allergens: soy, wheat) party in every bite!
Sweet cream and strawberry flavors Q944 $8.80
mingle to produce a rich, mellow-
tasting cheesecake. All four cheesecake mixes include both
Q943 $8.80 crushed graham and filling packet. All
you need are a few ingredients from
C) Lemon Drop your kitchen for a decadent dessert that
serves 8 (allergens: soy, wheat) couldn’t be easier to make.
The tangy and refreshing taste of lemon
fills every bite of this cheesecake.
Q942 $8.80


Serrated Pie Server Ice Cream Scoop

Cut and serve pies and round cakes with ease. Great for The specially shaped bowl of this rugged scoop easily
serving pizza too! serves even the hardest ice cream.

Serrated Pie Server 41⁄8 x 23⁄8” face | 9¼” overall Ice Cream Scoop 4½” handle | 9¼” overall

Silver Handle (shown) R120 $8.90 Silver Handle R137 $16.60
Black Handle W220 $8.90 Black Handle (shown) W237 $16.60

Gourmet Popcorn

8 oz bag perfect
for gift giving!

Old-Fashioned Caramel Corn Tutti Frutti Caramel & Peanuts
8 oz. bag (allergens: soy, processed in 8 oz. bag (processed in a facility 8 oz. bag (allergens: soy, peanuts)
a facility that also processes nuts) that also processes nuts) The same awesome caramel coating
as the Old-Fashioned Caramel Corn,
The addictingly delicious sweet caramel Kids and kids-at-heart will crunch their with the addition of crunchy peanuts.
coating promises to make you a fan way through this attention-grabbing Q961 $6.40
from the very first bite. bag of yummy fruit-flavored corn. 21
Q960 $6.40 Q962 $6.40

Cook & Serve

bottom view bottom view


comfort grip


All new from Rada, these non-scratch I) Serverspoon M) Quick Edge Knife Sharpener
utensils won’t harm delicate surfaces. This versatile tool serves, scrapes, mixes, Simply pull the blade between the wheels
They’re heat-resistant too! A variety of and even whips. to quickly sharpen knives.
handy kitchen utensils you’ll find yourself
reaching for again and again. (A-H) 3½ x 15⁄8” face | 87⁄8” overall 3½ x 2”

A) Slotted Turner R116 $6.60 R119 $7.60
133⁄8” overall
W952 $5.60 J) Pizza Cutter N) Spatula

B) Basting Spoon Quickly cuts through all types of pizza. Endless uses for cooking and serving.
13¼” overall
W950 $5.60 3” wheel | 75⁄8” overall 33⁄8 x 2” face | 8¾” overall

Silver Handle R121 $14.00 Silver Handle (shown) R114 $8.80
Black Handle (shown) W221 $14.00 Black Handle W214 $8.80
C) Slotted Spoon
13¼” overall W951 $5.60 K) Scraping Spatula O) Turnover
Scrape, stir, and mix ingredients.
D) Ladle W953 $5.60 One-piece nylon construction. Perfectly sized for flipping burgers. Also
13” overall great for removing cookies and brownies.
3 x 1¾” face | 9½” overall
3¾ x 3¼” face | 101⁄8” overall
B303 (includes 2) $4.70
E) Potato Masher Silver Handle R128 $11.40
12” overall Black Handle (shown) W228 $11.40
W954 $5.60
L) Mini Server
P) Potluck Spatula
F) Meat Chopper W955 $5.60 Perfectly sized for serving brownies Ideal for serving dessert and bars.
11¼” overall and bars. One-piece nylon construction.

2 x 17⁄8” face | 7½” overall 2¾ x 2” face | 7½” overall

G) Pasta Server Silver Handle R133 $7.80 B304 (includes 2) $5.60
13¼” overall Black Handle (shown) W233 $7.80
W956 $5.60

H) Skimmer W957 $5.60 Make your everyday kitchen tasks
13¼” overall easier with these helpful tools!



specially hardened
N steel wheels
P 23


stacks to
save room


D Complete E
F your kitchen
with these
nifty tools!




Prep Made Easy

With these Rada essentials, you can get
the job done – no matter what the job is!

Our cooking spoons feature a stub nose, E) Rada Quick-Grip Clip I) Handi-Stir
making it easy to scrape the bottom of Quickly and tightly closes all types of
the pan while cooking. They stack nicely plastic bags, including bread bags, The angled whisk head is ideal for mixing
to save space. (A-B) frozen vegetable bags, and cracker gravy, jello, batters, and sauces.
sleeves. Seals so tightly you can carry
A) Cook’s Spoon the bag by the clip. 93⁄8” overall
2½ x 3” bowl | 11½” overall 2” x 1¾”
R123 $12.30 B301 (includes 3) $2.40 Silver Handle R117 $7.50
Black Handle (shown) W217 $7.50
B) Cook’s Spoon with Holes F) Rada Apron
2½ x 3” bowl | 11½” overall Stay clean while cooking with the durable J) Serrated Food Chopper
R125 $12.30 Rada Apron! Made from a polyester/
cotton blend, with two handy pockets. Use for chopping foods like nuts, whole
C) Daisy PanMate Scraper 19” x 24” with two 25” ties tomatoes, and cooked potatoes. Great for
Three different edges scrub unwanted B126 $23.60 crumbling ground beef when browning
food residue from cookware, clean inside and for chopping food for toddlers.
edges of pans, and remove hard-to-reach G) Flexible Cutting Board
areas on lids and ridges around sinks. Rugged enough to handle all your slicing 3” diameter | 4” tall
2½ x 3” and dicing, yet bends easily to funnel food
B300 (includes 2) $3.00 into serving dishes and pans. R115S $7.00
10 x 14” (includes 1) CB2 $3.10
D) Dishcloths K) Plain Food Chopper
Textured cotton/polyester blend provides H) Small Cutting Board
superior washing and wiping. Colors are Flexible cutting boards for smaller tasks. The sharp edge works wonders on celery,
seasonal and will vary. 7 x 10” (includes 3) CB3 $6.60 eggs, and biscuit dough. Works well for
11” x 12” average size forming small hamburger patties too.
B305 (includes 2) $8.00
3” diameter | 4” tall

R115P $7.00 25

Cookbooks & Gift Books

Great Gift Ideas! Guided journals for a one- Fill with Love Journals
of-a-kind keepsake gift.
Ideal for hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, or
just for fun, these books are filled with tried- 6” x 81⁄8” (64 pages)
and-true recipes, ideas, activities, and more.
I vloisvietibtewcahuesne.y..ou My yFoAuVrORhIoTuEse place
Full-color books are 53⁄8” x 7¾” (64 pages). in is . . .
Others are 5¼” x 8¼” (128 pages). ___________________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________ Mhyelfpavyooruitwe itthhinisg. to
___________________________________________________________ ..

Make it What I Love About Grandma What I Love About Grandpa

1 wbsiMnlaaimilyalxceybtoohmolueowirxlgilstk.lube(uWr.ue)eteatyomnooduautfcrocahSontedrddycoroooiutlfooraranimnyg #4101 (full color) $14.60 #4102 (full color) $14.60

2 iInntaontohtehwerabteorwuln, stitliritthdeissboolrvaexs. 30 postcards in each book! Fun Postcards
Mail TO and FROM Grandma
3 (abAYwootraueay'alxlsforwponoamloytenntrheaieentdtasoiadttbiemhoeouef,gtst3lhutiteeretabmhsoepiwxotlou,nrbesuoutfnitbt’siolsrsatliixlmlwaealfittoetrrlmerisgsthiactnkndyo.pwu.)lls 6¼” x 4¼” (30 postcards) this

4 tSotiwr ionrtkhtehefomaminbuanlltsilawnedlltmheixnegde. t in there with your hands thing happened today...
5 nysWotoiouciskrrekyh!.iCanTnrhaadectsnki.nlNleye,otbctirittoarcmneklsyolteria,estcibrtleuofanursacntxht1.wo0asmttreienrtiucfhttehasenamdndmixrtoeulwdre,oiirtskmtiotaowkeitsh ____________________________________________________________

nDMeiasesdkoefvoaer1beiatgecahbsabptaoctohcnhobfooAf rfcaltoxiavimant1oacrnud#p2shttooortemwtihaxetmerre,ussltttitirporliunesgbeawinteclohl.teUhsesoer frweFchloiapatemys.o:u

a CLOSER look 35 YaonduI'’mrenotg Lrioen!at

frtsToSehehrttetmouetlrlraef.enoPsyFtaertoleomrostiattttyhbsmoeaoaglirmbelnisgotaahwitnztneioialrnla,mlrgtisihr.!stteBerieguftthaotctbhwtcuhyholeaoentnuntoadsypifomnlaouesoarm.ltmdhSoauewobrspsillleihrlmisee! whY i think you’re special:

Slime, Gak, and Goop _________________________________________

Learn to create homemade slimes, gaks, Mail FROM Grandma Mail TO Grandma
and goops. Discover secret formulas for
successful slime-making so you’ll never
deal with a slime flop again!

#2620 (full color) $14.60 #4302 (full color) $15.20 #4301 (full color) $15.20

400 Calorie Dinners Fix, Freeze, Take & Bake 12-Hour Slow Cooker Party Snacks to Share Mommy & Me

Satisfying, guilt-free, Prepare meals ahead to 12 hours vs. 8 hours for Tempt guests with Help kids discover the
real-life meals. suit your busy life. gone-all-day meals. yummy party fare. joy of cooking.

#7104 $11.50 #7001 $11.50 #7014 $11.50 #7074 $11.50 #6221 $11.50


All products 100% Made in America

Campfire Cooking Cast Iron Cooking Dutch Oven Cooking Campfire Dinners A Stick and a Fire

Dutch ovens, pie irons, Indoor and outdoor Campers will enjoy these Make great food in the Build a fire and grab a
foil, on a stick, and more! cooking methods. family-style recipes. great outdoors. stick for great food.

#7005 $11.50 #7072 $11.50 #2912 (full color) $14.60 #2914 (full color) $14.60 #2919 (full color) $14.60

Fix it in Foil Flippin' Good Loaded Salads Half Crocked Slab Pies

Recipes for the campfire, Grill recipes for great Lighter options for Perfect slow cooker One recipe and one big
oven, or grill. No clean up! get-togethers. mealtimes. recipes for one or two. pan, easy to feed a crowd.

#7024 $11.50 #7139 (full color) $14.60 #7137 (full color) $14.60 #7085 (full color) $14.60 #7143 (full color) $14.60

On the Road Again 7¼” x 8½” (72 pages) 8¾” x 8” (96 pages) Prayer Journal 5½” x 41⁄8” (368 pages)

Organize trips with meal Bold Boards Relax, Unwind, Color Passages and questions Closer Walk with Thee
plans and yummy recipes. Ideas and recipes for Find joy in the simple to help you reflect on God. Perpetual calendar with
easy entertaining. pleasure of coloring. thoughtful daily prayers.
#2918 (full color) $14.60 #9630 $8.80
#7156 (full color) $15.20 #2508 $11.50 #9631 $11.50 27

Gift Sets that Wow!

Kitchen Basics Set
Peeling Paring, Serrated Regular
Paring, Vegetable Peeler

Silver Handle S56 $22.40
Black Handle G256 $22.40

All Sets Available in Silver or Black (shown) Handle

The Starter Set The Starter Set Part 2 Sensational Serrations Set

Regular Paring, Vegetable Peeler, Cheese Knife, Granny Paring, Serrated Regular Paring,
Tomato Slicer, Super Parer, Heavy Duty Paring, Utiltiy/Steak, Tomato Slicer, 6” Bread Knife
6” Bread Knife, Cook’s Knife, Slicer Cook’s Utility, Stubby Butcher, Silver Handle S54 $25.30
Silver Handle S38 $66.10 Serrated Slicer Black Handle G254 $25.30
Black Handle G238 $66.10
Silver Handle S48 $60.80
28 Black Handle G248 $60.80

Housewarming Set Ultimate Utensil Set Pie A’La Mode Set

Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Slicer Ice Cream Scoop, Pizza Cutter, Ice Cream Scoop, $28.80
Silver Handle S02 $24.80 Serrated Pie Server, Spatula Serrated Pie Server $28.80
Black Handle G202 $24.80 Silver Handle S50 $53.80
Black Handle G250 $53.80 Silver Handle S44
Black Handle G244

Great Gift Ideas for Weddings, Birthdays & More!

Serving Set Chef Select Set Carving Set

Serrated Pie Server, Mini Server Cook’s Utility, Cooks’ Knife, Carver/Boner, Carving Fork
Silver Handle S37 $20.00 French Chef Knife Silver Handle S13 $20.10
Black Handle G237 $20.00 Silver Handle S57 $48.60 Black Handle G213 $20.10
Black Handle G257 $48.60 29

Serrated Steak Sets Utility/Steak Sets Meat Lover’s Set

Set of 4 Serrated Steak Knives Set of 4 Utility/Steak Knives Six Serrated Steak Knives, Slicer,
Silver Handle S4S $29.30 Silver Handle S55 $28.90 Carving Fork
Black Handle G24S $29.30 Black Handle G255 $28.90 Silver Handle S7S $62.30
Black Handle G27S $62.30
Set of 6 Serrated Steak Knives Set of 6 Utility/Steak Knives
Silver Handle S6S $43.20 Silver Handle S06 $42.60
Black Handle G26S $43.20 Black Handle G206 $42.60

All Gift Sets Available in Silver or Black Handle.

Paring Knives Galore Set Peel, Pare & Slice Set Cooking Essentials Set

Peeling Paring, Regular Paring, Regular Paring, Vegetable Peeler, Heavy Duty Paring, Utility/Steak,
Heavy Duty Paring Tomato Slicer Tomato Slicer
Silver Handle S01 $20.10 Silver Handle S18 $23.50 Silver Handle S49 $22.00
Black Handle G201 $20.10 Black Handle G218 $23.50 Black Handle G249 $22.00


Prepare then Carve Set Wedding Register Set Paring + Sharpener Set

Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Slicer, Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Knife Sharpener, Heavy Duty
Carving Fork Stubby Butcher, Slicer Paring, Super Parer
Silver Handle S3C $33.50 Silver Handle S04 $34.50 Silver Handle S36 $25.30
Black Handle G23C $33.50 Black Handle G204 $34.50 Black Handle G236 $25.30

Useful Gifts are Always Appreciated!

Cook’s Choice Set All-Star Paring Set Meal Prep Set Pare & Peel Set

Super Parer, Cook’s Utility Granny Paring, Peeling Granny Paring, Heavy Heavy Duty Paring,
Silver S53 $19.20 Paring, Regular Paring, Duty Paring, Super Parer, Vegetable Peeler
Black G253 $19.20 Serrated Regular Paring, Vegetable Peeler Silver S46 $16.40
Heavy Duty Paring, Silver S05 $31.00 Black G246 $16.40
Super Parer Black G205 $31.00

Silver S52 $41.10 31
Black G252 $41.10

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