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Published by april.gardeazabal, 2019-12-19 10:57:04

Epiroc Internal Newsletter Issue 02 - DEC 2019

October 2019 Issue 2



A MESSAGE FROM OUR GM In the coming quarter, we will manage our
costs down to match our current business
Dear Epiroc Canada colleagues, levels to ensure we remain profitable.
During these times, we will continue to
Safety First: For this edition, I start by thanking aggressively pursue new business, while
you all for your continued focus and effort in good service levels will ensure we also
regards to safety within our lives and protect our current business. We must
organization. During 2020, we will be taking this please ensure that any non-value adding
to the next level - in the coming quarter and activities are avoided and international travel
going forward we will roll-out SafeStart within should only be done when business/
Epiroc. SafeStart will equip us to develop and revenue will be promoted/generated in the
improve our safety awareness and strengthen coming months - please ensure the correct
our safety habits at work, but also in our private approval process is followed when it comes
lives. As long as accidents and safety incidents to travel.
happen, we all should strive to make a greater
positive impact on safety and wellbeing for
ourselves and others. I ask that you always
identify, evaluate and manage the risks in your
everyday lives, not only at work, but at home
and on the road.

Our Business: Looking at our global, as
well as local business, after quarter 3 we
see a slight softening on Capital Equipment
(CE) orders and in some cases, delayed
customer decisions when it comes to new
or developing CE contracts. During this past
summer, we also had slightly lower
business levels in our aftermarket vs. first
half of the year but still at healthy levels;
therefore, we remain cautiously optimistic
looking into next year.

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Cost saving initiatives and actions will be communicated during the coming months and I ask that you also
share ideas for savings and/or opportunities with your managers should you have any.
We also completed our 2019 Customer Net Promoter Survey last month and received an NPS score of 14 vs. 2018
score of 22. This is obviously concerning as it tells us our customer satisfaction has gone down from last year. I however
can say that we again had a very low response rate (10.6% vs 11.8% in 2018) and we will need to see how we improve
this during next year’s survey. Looking at the feedback we received, the main opportunities for improvement revolve
around availability and lead-times. I am aware that a lot is done in this area and believe that with the Regional
Distribution Center we will see further improvement. We also received positive feedback (in fact the majority of
comments) where customers praised our products and services and we must ensure we build on this.
Important actions for us from the NPS is that the Account and Service Managers interact with each of the detractors to
ensure they are aware of the actions and initiatives we will have in place to address their concerns. We also need to
take an action for the 2020 survey to ensure we get our response rate above 35% when it is sent to customers.

In closing, I would also thank those of you who played a role in creating actions for us all to improve as an
organization based on our feedback from the “My Voice” employee survey. We focused on 3 main areas this year
and these were  1) Customer Focus, 2) Feedback and 3) Communication.
In the coming months, we will focus and take action as a team to improve in these 3 areas, while also ensuring to
continuously develop and improve in all other areas as individuals and as an organization. Please request feedback and
action plans from your managers/supervisor.
As always, I mention again that it is important to remain focused on our customers and ensure we continue to add
value to their operations and results. Let us make this happen safely.
Always be safe!
Best Wishes,

Jason Smith & the Management Team

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From your statement and a balance sheet.  I A balance sheet is a financial
Business know you have ALL wondered about statement that reports our assets,
Controller the differences between both….maybe liabilities and shareholder equity.  As
even kept you up at night sometimes. a rule of thumb, asset = liability +
SYLVIE DUMAS equity.  It is a snapshot of what a
An income statement also known as company owns and owes at any
Summer is over and fall is in full swing.  I a Profit and Loss statement (P & L) is given point in time.
hope that everyone was able to take a a financial report that provides the
few moments to enjoy the kaleidoscope summary of our company’s revenue, Now to our Canadian results for Q3.  I
of colours, which to me is the highlight of cost of goods sold and expenses for would love to be able to provide
this time of year. For those who like to a given period.  The time period for excellent news about our current
hunt, kudos to you for liking the cold and an income statement is monthly but situation but unfortunately, Q3 was
often wet outdoors waiting for that elusive it is also measured as an increasing not a strong quarter for us.  We are
moose, deer, partridge, wild turkey, rabbit, YTD balance.  At the end of the year, down 4% from last year's results and
squirrel, mouse…. to get in the path of that the final income statement for 2019 we are short by $13M against our plan. 
rifle. will be the sum of all 12 months.  This We are seeing slight slowdowns in
statement is what we use to show both capital equipment and
In this newsletter, I thought of our operating profit, which is aftermarket sales. On a global front, this
explaining the difference between an determined by taking all revenues has been the latest trend also along
income and subtracting all costs and with fewer orders than the same period
expenses. last year.

The payout for this quarter is less than Q2 as it is a running total of the 3 quarters.  With the slowdown in Q3 it means that
Q1 and Q2 were overpaid.  If we catch up in Q4 though, the Q3 shortfall will be re-instated.  Please reach out to me if you have
any questions. This quarter will be paid out the 1st pay in November.

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My Voice workshop in EDMONTON

In August, a My Voice workshop was held with our
team in Edmonton. The goal of the workshop was
to review the results of the employee engagement
survey and develop innovative ideas and strategies
on how we could address improving our customer
service, communication and feedback. The team
was also updated with a quarterly business review.

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2.How longhaveyoubeenwiththecompany?








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MARKETING We can also show different angles and unique
MOVES perspectives of our heavy equipment in action
with aerial shots taken by drones. Most
recently, we used a drone pilot to film multiple
blasts at an open pit mine (with our Pit Vipers
watching on).

Our Communications team has been busy in From a safety perspective, we can display the
the field as of late, most recently teaming up correct methods to perform tasks while
with Royal Productions in Sudbury and keeping our team injury-free.
Timmins for a series of video shoots.
Many of these external clips are shortened
The push for digital/video content is driven and/or adjusted for social media, which
by a need for easily digestible, engaging extends our reach to customers and the
material that creates an alternative to communities we operate in.
lengthy text-heavy publications. It allows us
to capture on-screen interviews and When this content lands on your computer
testimonials from customers, which adds an screen, feel free to share with your own
extra layer of credibility to our sales efforts. network!


In Epiroc, we put safety first. We want all
our employees to be safe at work and
return home to their family and friends
safely every day. All employees are
required to follow our 12 Life Saving

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The new SmartRoc C50, which is the first unit
delivered in Canada was launched in Quebec this
past August and has been delivering excellent
results to date.
It is showing a better than expected drill string life to
date, demonstrating very little wear and enhanced
overall drilling performance and outstanding fuel

The machine is showing an average 17.4 Litres/hour
or approx. ½ litre per drill meter - this machine is
setting a new standard in fuel economy!

With support from our Swedish colleagues and local
Epiroc service teams, the start up went off without
issues / problems and the machine has been
running very strong since.

Al Vaillancourt
Suggests Top


Congratulations to Al Vaillancourt for
winning our newsletter-naming contest with
his submission: Word in the Tunnel. We had
great name suggestions from employees
coast to coast, but Al’s was chosen as the
best of the bunch.

Al won a new Bluetooth speaker for his
efforts – well done!

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Canada's Integration of the Epiroc and New Concept Mining The publication and presentation of technical research
powered by Epiroc (NCM) teams is complete with Heinrich papers will continue under the New Concept Mining
Greeff and Daniel Mainville joining the Epiroc team in Lively, Powered by Epiroc brand at mining conferences and
Canada. Heinrich (Regional Rock Engineering Manager) will symposiums. The experienced team from NCM will drive
continue engaging with customers regarding the the acquisition of new business, while working closely with
introduction and development of NCM products. Daniel existing Epiroc Customer Centers. The NCM model of
(Business Development Specialist) will support the Epiroc business development requires a detailed understanding of
Account Managers with NCM’s to-market strategy to allow each mine, there is no catalogue of NCM products. Since
sustainable ground support market development. Existing specialized technical expertise is required, the initial
NCM clients will be serviced through the Epiroc structures. business development is being limited to several specific
regions globally. This process is being conducted through
The New Concept Mining brand will be maintained globally, the existing Epiroc CCs and, once the business has been
as we all continue to build on the reputation of NCM for developed, it will continue to be managed through these
providing innovative ground support solutions for the existing Epiroc structures.
benefit of all our customers. The addition of Powered by
Epiroc to the NCM brand communicates the ability that we Classification of inflatable bolts, which are part of the NCM
as Epiroc have to deliver innovation and reliability in the offering include a series of inflatable rock bolts that
mining community. New Concept Mining Powered by complement the Swellex range of bolts currently offered by
Epiroc allows NCM to continue to respond in an agile Epiroc. The Swellex range will fall under the NCM portfolio
manner with innovative solutions for the most challenging going forward. A project is underway to unify the product
ground support conditions with the established service performance specifications for the different bolt
levels and reputation that the mining industry is configurations to aid customers in determining which of the
accustomed to from Epiroc. inflatable rock bolts may be best suited to their

Daniel Mainville Heinrich Greeff

The addition of Powered by Epiroc to the NCM brand
communicates the ability that we as Epiroc have to deliver

innovation and reliability in the mining community.

Page 8

How to Act
& Communicate
in a Crisis

Although crisis situations are rare, these instances do occur. As a team, we need to be prepared
to handle ourselves and the situation effectively. Crisis management is a well-structured
strategy, which includes the actions we take in response to a crisis to protect our employees
and company image.

A crisis is an incident that arises outside the organization with potentially severe consequences.
This crisis could threaten the life or safety of Epiroc employees and/or assets belonging to the
Group. A serious example of a crisis occurred when Vale’s dam in Minas Gerais, Brazil, collapsed
taking many lives and leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

Epiroc Canada has developed a crisis committee that will take the lead should a serious
situation occur. The committee will communicate with staff as the situation unfolds, as well as a
course of action. If an employee is contacted by the media, they are to let the media personnel
know they are unable to answer any questions related to the situation and to then direct them to
either the General Manager or Communications Department.

On SharePoint in the Epiroc CC Way you will find policies, checklists and a pocket guide.

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Our team in the East is currently working on arrangements
for a customer event in Val-d’Or planned for mid-

We will welcome customers from the region to join our
Product Specialists who will be presenting on the latest
advancements in Mobilaris, automation and battery

During the event, we will be displaying the ST14 and MT42;
we will also have our training simulator available for
customer demos.

This event marks another exciting opportunity for Epiroc
Canada to expand our reach in Quebec – a rapidly growing
market for mining and construction. Stay tuned for pictures,
news and articles from the event in future newsletters.



Epiroc believes in corporate business ethics as a
principle, therefore Speak Up has been created
for the benefit of all employees. This hotline can
be used to raise concerns free of any
discrimination, retaliation or harassment.  All
reports are CONFIDENTIAL and will be given
complete ANONYMITY. This Policy is a
replacement of the Whistle Blower Hotline Policy.


If you suspect any wrongdoing, unethical or
suspicious behaviors that are not being given
the proper or appropriate attention by your
reporting manager, HR team, or GM.
1. Talk to your manager, or manager's manager.
2. Talk to your HR professional.
3. Report your concerns through Speak Up by
computer or phone, available 24 hours a day.

1-866-818-1239 or

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As of October 1st, 2019, all requests for time Contact the Human Resources department
off will be entered into the ADP system and no if you require training or for more information.
longer in Stride/Monitor.
[email protected]
IMPORTANT NOTE: All time off requests
entered after August 24th or previously
approved in Monitor for time off after August
24th to December 31, 2019 must be
re-entered into ADP for approval.  Please
ensure that all your employees are aware of
this requirement.


Do you have an exciting story from site? A great picture?

Our most popular posts on social media come directly from our team! If you have something you
would like to share, send it to the Communications department, [email protected] (with a
brief description if necessary).

Any stories about on-site experiences and new projects are encouraged and the top
submissions will be included in our internal newsletter. Unless we have been given written
permission, please do not include recognizable customer site landmarks in photos. If there are
individuals other than Epiroc employees included in the photos, we would also require written

A big thanks to the team members who have been sending in their photos; we are looking

forward to seeing a new batch of great content in the future! Page 11

United in performance.
Inspired by innovation.

Performance unites us, innovation inspires us, and
commitment drives us to keep moving forward.
Count on Epiroc to deliver the solutions you need to
succeed today and the technology to lead tomorrow.

Page 12 9851 2983 01a 2017-04 Örebro, Sweden. Legal Notice © Copyright 2017, Epiroc Rock Drills AB, Örebro, Sweden. All product names in this publication are trademarks of Epiroc. Any unauthorized use or copying of the contents
or any part thereof is prohibited. Illustrations and photos may show equipment with optional extras. No warranty is made regarding specifications or otherwise. Specifications and equipment are subject to change without notice.
Consult your Epiroc Customer Center for specific information.

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