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Mini trifold brochure for the Sunsplash saltwater purification system.

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Published by Sunsplash, 2017-03-31 17:28:28

Sunsplash Mini Trifold Brochure

Mini trifold brochure for the Sunsplash saltwater purification system.

F E AT U R E S RPhoenix, AZ
2305 W. Huntington Dr.
l Salinity reading display HELP R
l Totally sealed and splash proof U Tempe, AZ 85282
l Pool cover recognition (optional) 602-454-7000
l Quick connects to cell and accessories ARMING
l Gripping fins enable easy assembly and Las Vegas, NV
5424 S. Cameron
dismantling. NO TOOLS required
l Reinforced ribs provide extra strength. Suite #101
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Cell can withstand pressure of up to
7 bars (100 psi) 702-435-4820
l Unique arrangement of blades
eliminates the need for high voltage Tucson, AZ
currents that can be harmful to the 7090 N. Oracle
long-term performance of the cell
l The robust cell is made of transparent Suite #178
material for periodic lime scale and Tucson, AZ 85704
corrosion testing without any need to
dismantle the unit 520-770-9902
l Automatic identification of feeding
voltage 120/240V Yuma, AZ
l Full flexibility in timing of turbo activation 340 N. 32nd St.
and polarity switching intervals
l High and low salinity level warning alerts Suite #109
l Simple, intuitive, user-friendly operation Yuma, AZ 85364



© 2015 Green Energy, Inc. DBA Heliocol West
AZ ROC Lic #188403, #188404, #188405

NV ROC Lic #0052411 (Bond Limit $50,000)
NV ROC Lic #0052410 (Bond Limit $50,000)


There’s nothing like the sensation of swimming in a silky, soft pool that has been purified with a
Sunsplash salt system.

Sunsplash salt systems use a small amount of ordinary table salt added to your pool’s water (similar
in salinity to a human teardrop, or about one tenth of the salinity of the ocean). This small amount of salt,
when energized by the Sunsplash system, thoroughly sanitizes your pool without the addition of chlorine.
The result is a fresh, pure swimming pool without red eyes, dry hair, bleached swimsuits and strong chlorine
odors. As an added benefit, the slight salinity makes the water more buoyant and comfortable for swimming
while reducing scale along the water line.

Never buy chlorine again!


Sunsplash is an automatic Natural Chlorine
Generator for pool and/or spa sanitation. The
system uses a very low concentration of salt,
less than the concentration in a human
teardrop, and converts it into chlorine that kills
algae and bacteria in your pool. After killing the
algae and bacteria, the chlorine reverts back
to sodium chloride. This process of purification
continues, making the need to add extra
sanitizing chemicals to your pool virtually


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