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GSBC Director Hiring

GSBC Hiring.docx

GSBC​ Director Position 

Academic Director’s​ ------------------------------- Page 2 
Athletic Director’s​ ------------------------------- Page 3 
External Director’s​ ------------------------------- Page 4 
Logistics Director’s​ -​ ------------------------------ Page 5 

Finance Director​ ------------------------------- Page 6 
Social Director​ ------------------------------- Page 7 


Position:​ ​Academic Director(s)
You and your fellow director of academics will play an important role in the making 
of GSBC! You will be responsible for anything academic related, for example, finding 
the different speakers to come to the conference, writing the cases and finding the 
judges for GSBC.  




Position:​ ​Athletic Director(s)
There will be 2 directors in this position! A big part of GSBC is the athletic 
tournament. You and your fellow director will be in charge of coming up with the 
athletic tournament and games to play throughout the weekend. You will also have to 
coordinate the theme into the games. This position is filled with creativity so if 
you’re into athletics and being creative, this is the position for you! 


Position:​ E​ xternal Director(s)
You and your fellow director will be in charge of making everything go smoothly 
through this event! One of your main tasks will be to set up the speaker series and 
help to find the keynote speaker! This is a very important role in the whole event of 
GSBC so if you’re someone who is organized and ready to have some fun, this is the 
position for you! 


Position:​ L​ ogistics Director(s)
You and your fellow director will be in charge of the essentials of this event, the 
“nitty gritty”! GSBC would NOT be possible without these directors, this event’s 
“right hand man/woman”. Some of your future tasks will include pricing, 
transportation, rooming, food, and the list of planning continues. If you are interested 
in learning and handling full-on event planning, this is the position for you!   


Position:​ ​Finance Director
This is one of the most essential positions for this event, as you will be in charge of 
the event’s budget and points system! POINTS? Yes, points will be added and tracked 
in a beautiful system of your creation and collaboration with every director 
throughout the event; leading to the grand prize for the number one team! If you 
have a goal of finance or accounting in your future, this may be the best position for 


Position:​ S​ ocial Director
Are you someone that enjoys a fun night out full of activities and laughs? This role 
may be for you if you can source out the hottest spots in a town for a drink, dance, 
and memories to be made. This position is essential to GSBC as you will be mainly in 
charge of many of the major meals for the event, the locations or destinations for 
mini events, and aspects of/within social activities! This position needs someone who 
is outgoing and has a passion for planning and partying, is this you?!  


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