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AROANIA - Algorithmic Spot Currency Fund

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AROANIA - Algorithmic Spot Currency Fund


Spot Currency

(Ticker: AROANIA VI)

2 aroania

“ The first rule is not to lose.
The second rule is not to forget the first rule.”

Warren Buffet

aroania 3

Stable returns

Aroania is an absolute return type

( )hedge fund with annual 11% net return.

1Automated trading

Since it does 100% automated

)trading, there is no risk of human

( 2error or emotions.
Low Risk

( )Most trades are closed within the
same day, as a result there is very

low risk due to opening gaps.

4 aroania

Currency independent

Investment in all major currencies

( )yields similar returns.

4Extremely low VaR

In 80% of trades less than 0,01%
of total assets are used. Overall

( ) 5daily VaR/AUM ratio is 0,15%.
No scalping
( )Our algorithm does not operate on an
HFT model to cumulate miniscule arbi-
trage returns. In average, only 9 trades
are opened and closed each day.

aroania 5

Investment Methodology


Identifies Formulates Consistently
profit generating these recurring applies these rules
patterns as a
mechanisms in a mechanical
in markets set of rules fashion

Advanced quantitative models

Aroania’s strategy is to generate excess returns by trading in G7 FX markets
using advanced and proprietary quantitative models which are empirically
validated over 20-year period with out-of-sample data.

Investable Volatility
The investment strategy is agnostic
about trends and aims only in
realized market volatility. It is also
not correlated to prices of
traditional asset classes.

6 aroania

Risk Management


Portfolio Limited Individual
based maximum positioning
leverage management
of trades

Fully automated multi-level risk management

ü Coupled with a fully automated multi-level risk management system, which sim-
ply “shuts down” the system when volatility exceeds certain thresholds.

ü Risk management is calibrated based on 15 years of academic research and
market experience.

ü Estimates the likelihood of profitability

versus the risk of large loss, and either
continue to carry inventory or exit the

ü Statistically calibrates an appropriate
position size relative to the risk/ reward
ratio involved.

aroania 7

The Team

A dedicated team of qualified
financial professionals

Dr. Gregorios D. Siourounis - Director

Gregorios D. Siourounis (1975) is a Professor in Economic Theory
and Policy at the Department of Regional and Economic Studies,
Panteion University. He studied economics in four different institu-
tions with scholarships starting at the Athens University of Econom-
ics and Business from where he graduated with first degree; Iowa
State University (MSc.); Universitat Pompeu Fabra (MSc.) in Spain;
London Business School (PhD). He was awarded the 2005 Young Economist Award
from the European
Economic Association and the 2008 Austin Robinson Prize from the Royal Economic
Society. After his
PhD, Gregorios worked two years in the Global FX Strategy team at Barclays Capital
as Global Head of
Quantitative Research.

Gregorios is certified by the British FCA on consulting and trading financial
instruments. He is a member
of the American Economic Association and the Royal Economic Society and a referee

for Econometrica,
American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Economic Journal,
Review of Economics and

Dr. Elias Papaioannou - Director

Elias Papaioannou (1976) is Professor of Economics at the London
Business School (London, United Kingdom). He is also a research af-
filiate of the CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research) and the
NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research), the leading research
institutes in Europe and the United States, respectively. He holds an
LL.B. from the law school of the National and Kappodistrian University
of Athens, Greece, a Masters in Public Policy and Administration (MPA) with a
concentration in interna-
tional economics from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the
London Business School.

After the completion of his doctorate in 2005 he worked for two years at the
Financial Research Division
of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, Germany. From 2007 till 2012 he
served as Assistant Pro-
fessor of Economics at Dartmouth College (NH, USA), while during the 2010-2011
and 2011-2012 academic
years he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Economics Department of Harvard
University (MA, USA).

8 aroania

Fund Basics British Virgin Islands
Akara Bldg, 24 Castro Street,
General Info Wickhams Cay I, 3174, Road
Town, Tortola
Fund Manager Aroania Capital Investors [email protected]

Investment Manager Aroania Capital Investors Ltd.
Base Currency EUR aroania 9
Benchmark HFRX Global Hedge fund index
Inception Date 20.02.2013
Geographical Reach Global
Share Classes B (EUR)

Fund Data ACE Fund Services Ltd.
BDO Ltd.
Administrator HELLENIC BANK PLC.
Custodian BBG003NXK9Z5
Bloomberg Ticker G05007102
Bloomberg ID VGG050071023
CUSIP Number
ISIN Number

Summary Of Terms

Investor Classes Qualified Non-US Investors
Eligible HNWI and Institutional
Minimum Investment $100.000,- or - €75.000,-
Investment Types Subscription to the Fund
Subscription Monthly
Redemption Every 3 months
Lock-up period 12 months
Management Fee 2% per annum paid every month
Performance Fee 20% with High Watermark

Now What ?

If you want to invest in Aroania simply visit our web site

Register : Download fund
Enter your contact
details Offering Memorandum &
Subscription Agreement

If approved by management

Upload your Transfer Money:
Send money to the
ID and Proof of Address custodian bank

Get report each month

10 aroania


Aroania Investments Fund is registered in the British Virgin Islands as a fully
regulated investment fund and
is not authorized for public offering in other countries. Applications for shares will
only be considered on the
terms of the Offering Memorandum issued by Aroania Investments Fund.

The detailed terms of the issue of the shares are subject to substantial qualifications
and restrictions, all
of which are set out in the Offering Memorandum and which applies to this material.
This material must
therefore be read in conjunction with the terms, qualifications, conditions and
restrictions described in the
Offering Memorandum.

The Offering Memorandum must be obtained from [email protected]
Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any performance figures shown
in this document repre-
sent the returns for the Class B EUR shares of the Fund.

aroania 11

British Virgin Islands

Akara Bldg, 24 Castro Street,
Wickhams Cay I, 3174, Road
Town, Tortola

[email protected]

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