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A post-apocalyptic event story by the gameplay ‘The Last of
Us’ Based Story
Written by Hernandez L.
21st September 2021.


S.J McMillan Bio Hazard Nuclear Factory Power Plant,

24th October 2203.

Somewhere around the Earth.

O ne of the largest biological hazards nuclear powerplant
in the country, served over 50,000 workers from
different states; multi race and color; even some Asian,
European and African; worked together with their sweats
and energy; endure the pain they through in order to achieve
the company goals; which is to be the biggest; largest and the
most powerful nuclear energy plant in the whole world.

S.J McMillan Company was once named as SANTA
PABLO INDUSTRIES, that has been founded and raised by a
Mexican guy who was named Gustavo Pablo, the real owner
of this company, who sadly passed away in the year 2081.
Thus, was now being handle over by Dr. MacMillan, the one
who renamed this company. S.J McMillan Biological Hazards
Nuclear Company have been awarded as the best nuclear
companies over decades and centuries; 10 times gold medal
winner for the best business from the year 2193; biggest
ambassador in the biological hazards nuclear powerplant
history; with net worth for over 10,000,000 US Dollars a
month, under the fame of Dr. MacMillan.

Prof. Doctor Smith Jackson MacMillan, the big head of
S.J McMillan bio hazard nuclear companies, host over than
50 small branch all over the world; making him one of the
most successful nuclear technicians in the world. An old


appearance looking man, 54 in his age, fierce looking blueish
eyes with a sharp shaped face; has a not very dark skin and 5
feet 6 inches his height; looking kind and soft but actually
rude and greedy little old man. Married but doesn’t have any
child. One more thing you must know about him, don’t ever
judge a book by its cover.

Despite all his success, he has a secret that nobody
knows. With all the praised and fame, he gets everything he
wanted. Money, money and lot of money. But the little truth
is, for all this time; he only expects his employees to do the
job for him. Over his selfishness; he is the one who often gets
praise from powerful departments, and he never ever once
praised his own hardworking workers that keeps the
company alive; he even reducing and cut off the salaries of its
employees for his own use. Not even giving any breaks to its
employees, making them desperate to see their families for
those who lives far from them.

Dr. MacMillan, working for over 20 years, from a
sincere worker to a selfish technician; took over late Mr.
Gustavo part, from a kind employee to an old greedy little old
man. Didn’t even offer any help to its employees. Walking
around over the factories for the whole day, that’s his only



O ut of the blue, there’s a thing doesn’t seems right that
happen on that day, 24th October. The thunder and
lightning struck, heavy rain on the outside.

In a middle of a busy construction noises, there’s a
man, an employee, Blake Fernando, half American half
Spanish, tall in appearance with long black noodle hair;
rushes over to Dr. MacMillan who is in a middle of his walk
over the place,

“Sir? Sir! I’ve got something to tell you. It’s urgent!
Sir!”, said Blake in a panic voice.

Dr. MacMillan stopped right away, turned his head
slowly and replied,

“Don’t you see that I’m busy right now? And even if
it’s urgent, then it is your problem. I have got no time to talk
about something that doesn’t have to do with me”.

“But Sir, I think it’s a really huge problem. It’s about
the underground pipes. There’s a hissing coming from all


over the tunnel. I might have a bad feeling about this. I think,
it might be leaked”, answered Blake in a desperate tone.

Dr. MacMillan stay silent, looked at Blake with an
annoyed look, while take a bite of his bread sandwich on his

Blake yet again panicked, and repeated the same thing
over and over again,

“Something bad might’ve happen if we didn’t do
something, sir. But we may be able to prevent it if we resolve
it earlier. Is there an order from you, sir?”.

Dr. MacMillan doesn’t seem really care, and looked
like he’s upset about it, with his lame expression he just

“Do I look like the one who going to fix that problem?
No, right? I run this company, not you. Any fucking business
that not related to me, I never have time for it. Now listen,
one more fucking word from your tiny little mouth, I’ll make
sure that you’ve got nothing to eat for the rest of your life.
Understand? Now go before I change my mind”.

Blake just stood there and froze himself; while looked
at Dr. MacMillan that just walked away without any
hesitation, without even thinking about Blake’s problem.

Without any order from him, Blake lost his mind;
doesn’t know what he has to do. As he said, the underground
pipes might be leaked and hissing sound heard from under
there. Blake more concerned about something, he knows


that the factory has a lot of biological hazards chemical. Did
you think what Blake’s thinking? Yes. Boom. Might be
happening anytime soon; if only they didn’t react from now.

All of the sudden, a walkie-talkie that Blake held in his
hand, there’s a sound and voice can be heard from it. A very
disturbing and desperate voice,

“Blake? Blake! You must come here, right now! Hurry
up! I think I know where’s the sound came from”.

“Hang on a second, Jake. I’ll be on my way!”, Blake

Apparently, that desperate voices from the walkie-
talkie was from Jake, Jake Hilton, an English guy with blonde
hair who worked with Blake in the underground section.

Blake took a last glance on Dr. MacMillan, with a word
stutter from his mouth,

“I hope you die with us today, fucking old man”.

Without wasting any time, he rushed towards the
hydraulic lifts; and go to the underground section as fast as
he can. He doesn’t really know what’s happening down
there, but from Jake voice tones; he surely knows that
something wrong is happening.

Jake, on the other hand, panicked over the hissing
sound that’s getting louder and louder. He is the only one
there; alone, because all the other workers were too afraid to
stay there. The hissing sound getting louder as he slowly
walked towards the end of the underground tunnel. It was


dark and spooky, with the light on his safety helmet; he was
able to see what in front of his. But surprisingly, looked like
the pipes from all along the tunnel was fine, no sign of leaked
or broken from the pipe appearance. Jake starting to expect
something wrong might be happening on the end of the dark
tunnel. It’s because he was too scared and alone by himself,
he then called Blake using the walkie-talkie to accompany
him towards the end of the dark underground tunnel to see
what’s the problem.

Few seconds later, Blake arrived at the underground
section; walking out from the lifts and rushed himself to find
Jake. He walking around the section for minutes but still
couldn’t find him. He kept on walking through the end of the
section, every room he checked, every corner he looked, still
didn’t have any sign of Jake. Then, he stopped in front of the
tunnel door. The tunnel door was the one connected all the
underground pipes. Blake was startled, and shocked seeing
nobody was around the tunnel, even the whole section was

completely empty.

He then picked up his talkie-talkie, trying to reach Jake
on the other side. He asked over and over,

“Jake? Jake! You there? Answer me, Jake!”.

But there is no response. He tried again and again. But
still, no any response from Jake.

Without any hesitation, Blake who has no other
choice; slowly open up the tunnel door and the hissing sound
was heard from afar inside the tunnel. The first step of his


foot, slowly he walked inside the dark tunnel, torching his
way by using a torchlight on his right hand; on his other left
hand was his walkie-talkie, still waiting for Jake response.

Out of the blue. Quirky, quirky little noise came from
the walkie-talkie. It was even hard to hear what was the
noise or the voices trying to tell.

Blake once noticed, and quickly reacted to it,

“JAKE? JAKE! Hey, is that you? Jake, can you hear me?
JAKE! Give me a response, PLEASE!”.

The walkie-talkie then produced a quirky noise again.
But it was hard to hear.

“WHAT? What is it? JAKE!”, Blake asked in a panic

“Fuck!”, Blake swears.

Blake is now completely out of his mind, doesn’t really
know what to do. He then picked up his cellphone from his
pocket, trying to call anyone for help. He then called the
emergency section from the factory,

“Hello there, emergency site here, how can I help
you?”, asked the service.

“It’s Blake here. We have an emergency on the
underground section. Uh, I think there’s a problem from the
tunnel. Please send few people over. Hurry up”, without any
hesitation, Blake hung the phone up.


“Hang on, Jake! The help is coming right away. Just
stay there, and you’ll be fine!”, as he talked from his walkie-
talkie trying to reached Jake.

screech screech “NO!” screech.

“What? Jake?! Is that you?”, a strange voice from the
walkie-talkie that made Blake startled.

Cough, cough.

“Don’t come here. Go! GO! Close the door! Close it
thigh and never open it!”.

“JAKE! I know that is you. Tell me. Fucking tell me,
what’s happen over there!”.

Blake positively thinking that the voice from the
walkie-talkie was Jake. There’s no one connected to the
walkie-talkie other than Jake himself.

A sudden quirky voice was heard again,

“Mask. MASK! Put your gas mask on and, RUN!”.

Blake’s hand suddenly started to shiver, scared until
his whole body wet in sweats; scared because he doesn’t
know what happened on Jake. With the terror and blurry in
Jake voices, he asked him to put on his gas mask and quickly
leave the underground area and closed the tunnel door

Hardly he breathed, every second the hissing getting
louder and louder. He put on his walkie-talkie to his mouth
again; probably for the last time, he asked,


“Jake?”, Blake tears start to fall a bit by bit; “I’m not
going to leave you there, hang on!”.

A sudden quick response was heard, with a sore and
uncleared voice,


A silent fall.

Within the moment, the ground starts to getting very
blur in vision. Then, the sirens roar. A sign of sirens that only
can be heard when any section is in a big trouble or in
danger. In a split second, the red light shines the whole
underground and tunnel section; the tunnel darkness is now
filled with red terrors. A sign of danger can feel by Blake on
Jake, who he still now stuck in an end of the tunnel without
any sign of him yet.

A sudden announcement has been made,

“All employees are instructed to vacate this place
immediately. Repeat, all employees are instructed to vacate
this place immediately. There’s a problem detected in the
underground section. All the underground workers are asked
to leave the place right away. We will now lock all the
underground door include all the tunnel door. Repeat, we
requested every underground worker may now vacate the
area immediately. Over.”.

The whole factories became a chaos, all the
employee was requested to go back to their dormitories and
vacate the factories as fast as possible. All the security and


emergencies door has been locked immediately. All the
security and guards secure every section and every corner to
make sure no one is around. A very unpredictable chaos
happened in a blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, Dr. MacMillan relaxed in his office,

“Why do kids love to play in the underground? What a
useless troublemaker. All they have to do is just do their
work, how is it that hard? Uh, kids. Maybe I should hire a
babysitter next time”.

Blake, on the other side,


Unfortunately, no one is there.

And at that moment, the tunnel door; automatically
closed slowly by slowly. If Blake didn’t make his way out by
now, he might have been trapped as well in the underground
tunnel; of course, not to forget, Jake who still might be
showed up in any seconds by now.

The walkie-talkie then made a noise, a sore in pain
voice was heard,

“Go, Blake. Just go. Don’t have to think about me. I’m

It is really Jake on the walkie-talkie all this time. He
desperately ordered Blake to leave by his own. Seems like
Jake has already found his fate. We may not know what


really happening over there, even Blake. Jake looked like he
is hiding something; some secrets from Blake, that he doesn’t
want him to be flow in fears.

Without realizing it, Blake turned his head and realized
that the tunnel door was now halfway closed. In any second
by now, it will be completely closed.

Blake has no any other choice. He has to go by now if
he doesn’t want to get trapped in it too. He took the last ever
glance over the end of the dark tunnel, his tears fall slowly;
drop by drop precious little tear. What fate has struck them
both, they had to separate from each other after a long time
working together.

Blake sobbing,

“I’m sorry, Jake”.

He apologized, for the last time. In a mid of his tears,
quickly he ran off over the tunnel door before it is completely
locked. He kept on running, without turning back. The closer
he ran towards the door, the more his tears fall.
Unknowingly, that’s the last time he’s going to be with Jake.
Blake, who will loss his best friend, forever.

In a nick of time, as he squeezed his body through the
narrow door that almost completely shut; he made it. The
tunnel door was now locked, with Jake still in it.

Blake’s mind was now just blank, back on the
underground section, still right outside the tunnel door;
crying. The floor now filled with his every single tear that


came out. He then turned his head around, looking on the
inside dark tunnel through the glass door.

Leaned his head in front of the glass, with his emotion,
was now filled with regret. He felt so bad about himself that
he couldn’t save Jake. Every emotion he felt; anger, sadness,
anxious, afraid; he punched the wall with his fist, kicking
everything in front, smashing his head through the glass that
made his head slightly bleed.



A fter Blake let out all his anger and emotion, he then
continued to leaned his head in front of the glass tunnel
door. Out from the situation, looked like the whole factory
area has now been vacated. Nobody was seen around the
main hall, laboratory, hospital, nowhere anyone to be seen
except for guard and security.

Blake who is now alone; sobbing in tears. Lie himself
down and hook sitting behind the tunnel door. His hand
around his knee as he lied his head on his arm; facing
downward in sadness and regretful feelings. He doesn’t have
any courage to continued; losing his own self esteem.

“I’m sorry, Jake. I couldn’t save you this time. Please.
Show yourself, please. Jake! Tell me you’re alive”, Blake
whisper in a sad tone.

Until… All of a sudden… In a midst of silent…
Crackling, growling, screeching moans, roaring,
grunting, quirky little noise; came from out of nowhere. It


sounds like someone who’s having a sore throat cough;
someone who really hungry trying to get some food to eat. A
noise that starting to breaks the silent.

And in that moment, Blake began to realized; that he
wasn’t alone. He’s not alone by himself; in there. He lifted up
his head as soon as he heard that noise, making him feeling
uneasy with his surroundings.

Then, the walkie-talkie that Blake thrown on the floor;
makes a disturbing weird noise as well. The same noise which
he heard just now. Growling, and roaring, a noise that he
couldn’t explain himself. Blake just looked towards the
walkie-talkie, then he was frozen. Who else will be on it if it
wasn’t Jake? But; it doesn’t sound anything like Jake.

Blake gathered all his courage; slowly he picked up
the walkie-talkie, putting on the highest volume to listened it
clearly. A clear growling was heard, bone cracking; teeth
screeching, grunting louder and louder.

Blake began to scared; had no idea what is it. His
hand shaking furiously, body sweating wet. He then getting
pissed off; stood up and throw the walkie-talkie hard on the
floor until it’s broken; shredding into pieces. Yet, the noise
still can be heard. And what even surprised, Blake realized
that the noise came from inside the tunnel door, from the
deep dark end tunnel.

He’s now turned his gaze through the glass tunnel
door; a dark tunnel that only now illuminated with spinning
red light. He scrutinized in depth, trying to find out the


source of the noise. Then he thought of something, what if
Jake is still alive in there? Should he go in again?

He thinking maybe he should. So, he’s now trying to
find a crowbar or anything heavier enough to crushed down
the locked door. Right on time, the underground section has
an emergency fire axe in a safety box hang on the wall. With
strength, Blake broke the glass safety box with his elbow to
reached the fire axe.

Without hesitation, he took the fire axe and aimed it
at the tunnel door knob. He trying to cleared his mind,
catching some breath, then;


He smacked the door knob with the fire axe; one
powerful swing. And again,


With the loud smacking noise that Blake made, the
louder the growling noise from the tunnel. The louder, the
more it getting closer. Seems like the thing inside the tunnel
starting to getting mad. Blake really has no idea what is it
inside. He then backed himself up, not to get closer to the
door; because he thought something might showed up as the
growling noise getting closer.

His eyes now wide open, shocked as he saw; a green
smoked gas starting to slowly illuminated the tunnel room;
slowly it filled up the room. As the green smoke reached the
door, it is now vaporized the tunnel glass door, blurry in


Blake’s vision. The gas even began to come out of the crack in
the door.

Blake; though he did not know, yet he could sense the
impending danger.

“Shit! Biohazard gases!”, Blake swear.

Green smoke means something bad is happening.
Green smoke is a sign; no other than, the biological hazards
gas, refer to biological substances that pose a threat to the
health. A dangerous gas that could affect human in a very
terrible way, serious brain damage and more. That is why the
tunnel is a restricted area. Wasted toxins, chemical
substances, viruses and parasites are all channeled in one
pipe. One mistake enough to be killed.

Blake quickly put on his gas mask, covering himself;
trying not to breathed in as much gas as he could. Without
long thought, he’s back again smacking the door hard with
the fire axe.


After a few tries, the door knob is finally destroyed; but
unluckily the tunnel door still won’t open; because of the
strict control that isn’t easily to be break. Only the guards
who has a security code card able to open the door.

Blake was getting pissed; after all what he did didn’t
pay off. He then thrown the fire axe on the ground, breaking
it apart. Kick the door as hard as he can. Let out all his anger
by swearing,


“All of this wouldn’t happened if that FUCKING old
man just listen to me once, only ONCE!”

Meanwhile, on the Dr. MacMillan office, a guard came
on furiously into his office, as he said,

“Sir, we have a problem. Look at this”, as the guard
pointed something on the computer screen. He pointed at
the underground section security camera, which now
covered in green blurry screen.

Dr. MacMillan now put himself in a focus mode,
looked at the screen; then he wondered,

“Green smoke? Why the hell is there green smoke?
Did you think what I think right now?”, as he now turned his
gaze on the guard.

“I think what you thinking of, sir! But I’m not sure. We
might not know what it is if we didn’t check it. Any order,
sir?”, said the guard, panic.

Dr. MacMillan stressed out, his eyes blinking fast,
roaming his office around, then he gives an order,

“Send few of our man down there. Secure this place,
shut it down. No man allowed to go out from their
dormitories and fucking solve this problem quick. Go. NOW!”

“Noted, sir!”.

The guard; who is now rushing to spread the
information to the others, quickly response to the order as all
the guard man prepare themselves by wearing their


protective clothing and gas mask. By any means didn’t want
involved to any danger down there.

Another announcement was been made,

“All employees are restricted not to leave their
dormitories until the next announcement are been made.
Repeat, all employees are restricted not to leave their
dormitories until the next announcement are been made. We
will now shut the factories for specific reason. All the
employee are advised to stay calm and not to be panic in this
situation. Thank you”.

After the announcement, all the electricity and power
are now being shut down. Any nuclear or chemical activities,
are now being stopped for a while. Every main door is
completely shut with double security gate. The factory is now
completely shut, filled with darkness; with only sunlight that
shines through. This method is to help the guard man to fix
the underground problems.

10 men total has been sent over; all the guard are
now rushed towards the underground section by using the
hydraulic lifts. Dr. MacMillan were now just sitting on his
office chair, focus his glint eyes on the computer screen to
spectate everything that happened down there. Another
assistant on his side, with a tablet on his hand; a tablet that
connected to the 10 men guard that had been sent off.
Anything that happen on the guard, will received an
information or signal on the tablet.


At the same time, Blake who had heard all those
orders and instructions; was now just sitting by facing his
back against the wall.

“It’s too late now, Doctor”, Blake whispered.

Then, he came through with an idea; which he
decided to hide in another room and hear out everything
that happened on the guards if they had entered the tunnel
door. Blake is now hiding in the laboratory room, opposite
the tunnel door; so that he could sneak in listening loudly
and clearly.

The guard footsteps were now heard all over the
underground section; roaming the area as they arrived. The
whole section was completely filled with green bio hazard
gases; makes them hardly to see each other. Without
knowing anything, their footsteps made to much noise. The
growling noises was then heard again, the same noises that
Blake’s heard; made the guards and the whole section falls in

“What the hell is that?”, asked Guard 005.

“Is anybody in here?”, another Guard 003 shouted.

One of the ten guard, Guard 007; was now standing in
front of the tunnel door, lowered his head and sneak in
listening through the door. He is completely startled, as he
heard the growling noises came from inside the tunnel.

“Hey, guys! Come over here”, as all the guard is now
gathered together, then he continued,


“I think there’s someone in there. But the thing is, it
doesn’t sound anything like human”.

All the guard began to panicked, looking at each other
in fears. A dark and spooky tunnel that filled with toxin gases.
Blake; on the other room, listen clearly the conversation
between the guard. He was shocked as well as the guard said
that the noises did not came from a human. But, if it’s not
Jake then what is it?

Guard 001 then connected to Dr. MacMillan, feeling
1desperate as he pushed the communication button and

“Sir! Something unpleasant is going on here. There
was a strange sound heard through the tunnel door. What
are we supposed to do, sir?”.

A quick response from Dr. MacMillan, sounded really
pissed off this time,

“What do you mean what should you do? Go in there
and check what’s in it. Why do you have to ask me what you
should do? What a lame. Now, go in there!”.

The order that the Guard 001 received made him
froze in place; looked sharp in everyone eyes, as he told the

“He told us to go in there”.

“Is he crazy! What if something bad happen to us?
I’m not going in there”, Guard 002 objected.

The others guard then involved,


“Crazy little bastard!”.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea”.

“I don’t want to die in there!”.

Then Guard 001 that received the order;
exasperated, as he yelled,

“An order is an order! We just do what we have to

“You first to go in, then”, objected by Guard 002.

Guard 001 went speechless; standing frozen. All
the guards directed their gaze towards Guard 001. Since no
one volunteered, then he was the only answer to enter the
tunnel first by himself; as he wasn’t sure if he is brave
enough to do so.

Without delay, slowly he opened his steps forward
and stood right in front of the tunnel door; saw his fearful
reflection on the glass door and refocused. No matter what
happened inside, he seemed ready to accept the reality.
Hence, he pulled out his identity card and directed it to the
door scanner to unlocked the door. From red light to green
light, the door seems to be open. As he slowly opened the
door wide; all the gas trapped in it was now released, making
vision more blurred; as well with that hissing sounds like a
leaked pipe can be heard. However, they focused more on
the growling noises they had just heard.

Guard 001, the one who’s going to enter, with
expression full of fears; started to muttering a prayer as he


about to go in. Finally, he set foot and began to enter the

A tunnel that was in the darkness, he illuminated his path
using a flashlight in his hand; torching up front. The deeper
he went in, the more he lost his presence in the sight of the
other guards; as well as observations from Dr. MacMillan
through his computer screen.

Few minutes they waited, and waiting, and keep on
waiting. In a midst of silent, no response or anything can be
heard from Guard 001. Dr. MacMillan wondered in his office,

“What’s taking him so long?”.

All the guard still standing outside the tunnel; didn’t
have any encourage to stepped their foot in, looking at each
other in fears as Guard 001 still didn’t make any response.

Guard 009 seemed to feel something bad, then he

“Are you still there?”.

Then, the silence breaks.


Came from out of nowhere, there was a screaming; a
very loud scream. An unusual scream; hoarse tone in pain;
like someone is in a bad situation. Loud screams buzzing in
every nook and cranny coming from the deep end of the
tunnel. A scream that made all the guards stood frozen,
gasping for their breath, thoughts confused in fear.


Blake on the other; eyes wide opened, feared; covered
his mouth with his hand when he heard the screams coming
from the tunnel. What’s that? What happened to Jake? What
happened to the guard? All those questions and thoughts
were playing around in his mind now. He’s trying not to make
any noises, so that the guard did not notice him in there.

“What the hell is that?!”, asked Guard 002 panicked.
All the guards were now in great fear as they
expected something bad happened on Guard 001. They did
not dare at all to enter the tunnel to check what was going
on towards Guard 001.
What should they do now? Escape or rescue?
“Guard 001, down”, shown on the tablet screen.



T he growling noises was heard by the guards once again.
But this time, it sounds differently; sounds like
something is tearing; squeezing and screeching. It becomes
increasingly aggressive. Every guard was showered with fear;
except Guard 002, who gave no reaction.

“What exactly is that?”, stuttered Guard 008.
“If you want to know, why don’t you go inside and
find out what it is!”, said Guard 002, annoyed.
Guard 002, has the same stance characteristics; just
alike Dr. MacMillan. Stubborn; rotten and selfish thinking;
even acting like he is the alpha. He was the one who forced
Guard 001 to enter the tunnel by himself. Now, what
happened to Guard 001? Nobody knows, he didn’t want to
bear at all.
Thus, Guard 008; objected boldly as he stepped
forward, in front of Guard 002,


“You kidding me, right? You have any idea what’s
going on in there? You forced him; and now you’re forcing
me too? Huh? You’re trying to kill everyone, aren’t you? Why
not you’re the one to go in there, and fuck yourself!”.

“So, you’re the alpha now?”, Guard 002 stepped

“Neither do you”, Guard 008 replied in fierce, as he

“Listen to me. There is something bad going on. We
have to get out of here. Do you understand me?”.

The situation suddenly became tense, quarrels
between fellow guards. It is their curiosity that makes them
feel stressed and depressed; really want to know what is
really going on inside the tunnel.

Then, Guard 002 focused his gaze on the other
guards; who saw fear in their eyes, in a thigh situation,

“Well…”, as he slowly pulled out a pistol from its
holder; and pointed it straight towards Guard 008 face. All
the guards behind Guard 008 were all astonished; even felt
threatened. The, they all turned their backs on Guard 008 as
they pulled out their pistols all at once. One by one the ends
of the pistol points are now focused towards Guard 002.
With a weird smirk on his face, Guard 002 continued his talk,

“…if that is what you guys really want, then…”,
slowly the grip of Guard 002 pistol moved and he aimed it in
the tunnel. BANG! BANG! BANG! Several shots were fired by


him into the dark tunnel. The loud sound of gunfire had just
intensified the living creatures in the tunnel. The growling
noises is now getting louder as it gets closer, closer and
CLOSER. Flush the tunnel with a torn sound as the noises
crawling forward; even make the whole dark underground
section became creepy.

Blake, who was in the laboratory room; was also
shocked to hear the sound of gunshots being fired. He was
wondering what was going on?

“I think, you should lock the door right now. I don’t
think this is a good idea”, stuttered Guard 008 who was in
intensely fear. They could all sense the danger that would
befall them if the door was not closed immediately.

“Close the door? Don’t you really want to see what’s
inside? Well, now is the time!”, objected Guard 002.

“Are you out of your mind? You’ve made that thing
angry. Now, that fucking thing is coming towards us!”, said
Guard 008 angrily.

“Oh, so you’re scared now?” smirked Guard 002, as he
released few gunshots inside the tunnel yet again.

He didn’t realize that he had made a huge mistake that
would have endangered them all. That thing inside sounded
alive, even now moving towards them with speed; but they
couldn’t yet see anything inside because the tunnel was too
dark. It sounds deadly, what if they don’t close the door right


Slowly that thing approached…

Without hesitation, Guard 008 who was now
frightened; pushed Guard 002 body that stood blocking the
door. Quickly he grabbed the tunnel door knob and pulled
hard and closed the door tightly. Guard 002 just stood by, his
eyes judging after he’s getting pushed.

After the door was closed tight, their heartbeat
beating fast, sweating; for what will happen next. For a while
they waited, still nothing showed up. Are the noises just an
illusion of their hearing? Guard 002 chuckled a bit, thought it
was a joke and he then interrupted,

“Didn’t I already tell you guys? There is nothing. Look,
NOTHING! You are all cowards. Each and every little one of
you, cowards. COWARDS!”, said the word in a shout. He now
turned to Guard 008, who was standing upright in front of
him; pointed his head, pushing it with his finger, then he said,

“Especially you. Did you mom ever teach you how to
respect? How dare you fucking push me over? Act like an
alpha, but actually a coward. HAH, WHAT A COWARD! ALL OF
YOU, COWARD!”, he shouted as he slammed the door hard
with his hand as repeated his word again and again; scolding
the other guards. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Suddenly, in shock, GGRRRR WHAM! BOOM! A loud
crash. Something just hit the door hard from the inside. All
the guards were startled and backed themselves. All eyes
were focused on the door now. However, this is not a good
thing on what they saw. Their eyes widened, their feet slowly


moving and stepped backwards; trying not to be panicked.
Their hands each held their own pistols; because what they
see with their eyes right now, is not something ordinary. But
instead of what they see is; an aggressive infected human
lookalike, a reawakened corpse with a ravenous appetite,
wrinkled face full of reddish tumors; an odd creature with
rotten flesh; dry blood-stained teeth; terrible and lifeless
looking thing, obviously something that they don’t want to
mess with.

What more surprised them all was the infected
human seemed to have two of them. Could it be?

“What the hell are those things?!”, said Guard 004,
in fear.

“Some sort of parasite or something”, answered
Guard 008.

All of the sudden, Guard 006 has his eyes widened;
his finger pointed toward one of the infected, looks like he
recognizes it as he stuttered,

“It…It was him…I swear it was him. This is bad! We
have to get out of here!”.

As all the other guards move a step backwards on
their own, scared; everyone except none than other; Guard
002, who with curiosity and he wondered what are that
thing. Then, he stepped forward by himself.

“What are you doing? You will get yourself killed!”,
objected Guard 008.


He ignored the other guards called, even advancing
towards the front door of the tunnel; which is locked so as to
make those infected unable to escape from within. He looked
closely; judging every thought that was on his mind. Those
infected crawl aggressively to get out, but they didn’t react
anything when Guard 002 was in front of the tunnel door

Guard 002, wondered why. Out of his curiosity, he
then gave a few knocks on the tunnel door. Just as he
expected, those infected give an aggressive reaction towards
the sound of the knock. He then backed himself, turned his
gaze over the guards as he said,

“Don’t worry. We’re safe”.

“You sure about that?”, asked Guard 008.

“They have sensitive hearing, but their vision
completely blurred. As long as we don’t make any noise, they
won’t attack”, replied Guard 002; as he began to take the
situation seriously.

“So, is he?”, asked Guard 006.

Guard 002 turned his gaze over those infected again,
and he replied without hesitation,

“Yes. I think it is”.

“If it’s him, who is the other one then?”, asked Guard

“I don’t know”.


Apparently, what surprised them was; one of the
infected, with a familiar face. Guard 001, the one guard that
entered the tunnel earlier, has eaten his fate to become one
of the infected. However, what’s that makes them
wondered; who is the other infected behind him. The answer
known only to the man who’s hiding in the laboratory, Blake.
His work partner; Jake was also unlucky to have turned out to
be one of the infected.

“We should get out of here”, said Guard 002.

Then they all agreed, they had no other choices but to
leave the place. They all starting taking steps backwards to
leave, towards the hydraulic lifts and wanted to out from the
underground section.


Guard 002 noticed; all the other guards shocked, then
turned their gazed around and seeing Guard 002 standing
still. One by one the screws from the tunnel door knob fell to
the floor. This is not a good sign. It seems that the pressure
exerted by those infected is too strong; in fact, the door knob
became weak due to the blows made by Blake. That means
the door will unlocked at any time. They all just looked at
each other, instead of going straight. Guard 008 then asked;

“Is everything okay there?”.

Guard 002 with no response; just stood still frozen,
not moving at all. His gaze straight towards Guard 008 now,


his eyes full of fear, he is starting to sweats a lot. His mouth
began to stuttered; in desperate he whispered,


DRRAZSHHH! The tunnel door slammed crash open.
The infected is now ran out aggressively then caught Guard
002 who was standing frozed from behind. The strong
pressure pushed him forward made him unstablely fall flat on
the floor. ARGHHH!! Guard 002 screamed out loud in fear
make the infected reacted more aggressive. In a horrible
ways you could ever thought, the infected acted violently
then biting the neck of Guard 002 until his blood splashed
out all over the floor; his face began to turn faded and pale.

“Guard 002, down”, shown on the tablet.

Guard 008; as well with the other guards were now in
extremely great fear, watery and sweaty eyes, body shivering
violently; still waiting for the hydraulic lift door to be opened
as it’s coming down slowly. They can’t calm down in a such
situation. They couldn’t help but only see the body of Guard
002 lying on the floor with the infected on it.

Now, the infected turned his attention to what was in
front of him. As all the guards know, those infected has a
weaken vision but a sensitive hearing. So they carefully not to
make any noises as they waited for the lift door to be
opened. However, one of the guards, Guard 004, could not
restrain himself and was attacked by feelings of uneasiness;
anxiety attack. He began stroking her hair virgorously; tears
came out of fear; sobbingly; his gas mask was covered with


his hands so that no any noises came out from his mouth; his
body shivered. Then, Guard 008 noticed; as he tried to calm
him down, whispered,

“Hey! Hey. Listen to me. We going to be just fine. Just
calm down for a bit, then we escaped. Okay?”.

Then, Guard 006 interrupted, as he pointed his finger


They immediately looked in the direction where Guard
006 was pointing. Appearently, he was pointed towards
Guard 002 body.

The body started to moved, but in an odd, odd way.
With bite marks on his neck; his face now seemed to slowly
become swollen, decayed-looking eyes and there was a red
tumor can be seen patchy on his face. His veins were now
beginning to grow like a worm all over his body, the color of
purplish blood. His head trembled, his body crawled
backward; crumpling like his bones started to cracked. He
began to make a weird noises; grumbling and growling just
like the other infected. Looks like he will slowly become part
of the infected from now.

“He’s one of them now. Everyone stay calm”, said
Guard 008.

On the other hand, Guard 004; appears to be in an
uncontrollable state. His body began to tremble violently,


gasped for breath; as he unstably will fall at any time soon. Is
he really on anxiety attack?

Guard 008 turned then noticed, and he asked,

“Hey, are you okay?”.

After the question was asked, Guard 004 suddenly
released his hand from his gas mask. Unexpectedly, his gas
mask fell to the floor from his hand. His body unstably
trembled and fell to the floor. Guard 009; pointed at the
ground and his eyes wide open, as he realized,

“His…his mask broke”.

In a split second, Guard 008 and the other guards
were now panicked. It turned out that Guard 004 was not in
a state of anxiety attack, but instead his gas mask was
damaged causing him to inhale too much biological hazards
gases. It seems that he is even now slowly changing. Guard
001, Guard 002, Guard 004; one by one of them has now
turned out to became those infected. One mistake, they all
will be the infected as well.

“Guard 004, down”, shown on the tablet.

In a state of panic, suddenly the infected hand of
Guard 004 caught and grabbed Guard 008 ankle. Guard 008
shocked and turned his gaze downward immediately; looks
like Guard 004 shows his drooling fangs as he wanted to bite
his ankle. If he get bitten, it’s over. Without hesitation,
panickly he pulled out his pistol and pointed it right in front
of Guard 004 head, then; BANG! An accurate shot was fired


directly through the head of Guard 004 until his brain and
head shattered. Thought it was a relief, yet he forgot; the
sound of the loud gunfire had disturbed the hearing of the
other infected. The look on his face then changed as he


The infected then aggressively and violently ran
towards the sound of the gunshot; which means toward
Guard 008. With their hands clawing forward, their fangs
bleeding in hunger, growled loudly as they ran forwards;
enough to make Guard 008 panicked then he stretched his
gun again towards the infected and shot them. BANG! BANG!
Several shots were fired, but had no effect on the infected as
they advanced closer.

Seems like it’s all too late, those infected had caught
and gripped the wrist of Guard 008. The hydraulic lift door
does not appear to have opened yet. At this point, they were
all hopeless. Guard 008 who is now in possession by those
infected, is still able to survive by holding their bites with his
hands to avoid himself being bitten; keep on defending
himself until the lift door is open.

“I hold on to it, let me know if the door is open”,
shouted Guard 008.

Yet it is only in vain, the infected was too violent; they
managed to reach their fangs on the wrist of Guard 008.
Then they let out a horrible bite, a hungry bite until his skin
was torn; making his bloody wrists splash instantly.



Guard 008 shouted in pain making the other guards
move in an uncertain direction, stood back and held out their
guns towards the infected as they ready to shoot.

“Don’t shoot!”, reminded Guard 007.

Guard 008 released his grip on the infected after
failing to defend himself, and is now was stranded on the
floor; groaning in pain from the bite on his wrist. Out of 10
guard members, now only 6 remain uninfected. The question
at the moment is, how many members of the guard will
manage to save himself?

In a tense state, the sighting of Guard 008 is now
trying to stand unstable; blood-stained hands as his veins
started to turned purplish in color. As he is now walking
towards the other 6 guards direction. Without hesitation, all
the guards then pointed their guns at him.

“What are you doing? You know you’re infected, right?
Don’t come any closer!”, scolded Guard 007.

And just at that moment, there was a light coming out
from behind; none other than, the hydraulic lifts door
seemed to be wide open. All the guards noticed then slowly
stepped back to enter the lifts while still pointing their pistols

“It's all over here, there's nothing else you can do.
Look at you. You will change at any moment now. We don’t


want to bear the consequences”, said Guard 007 towards
Guard 008 who had been infected.

“I don't want to be infected…”, whisper Guard 008,
with a smirk on his face.

“But you already are”, objected Guard 007.

“… alone”.

All the guards were immediately confused; wondered
about what is behind the meaning of Guard 008 words. As all
six of the uninfected guards had entered the lifts, just need
to press the lifts button to exit the place.

“We won’t care what you say”, objected Guard 007 as
he pushed the button immediately.

However, whatever the fate, the lifts door was not
closed; not even moved. They were all glued for a moment.

“I think it’s stuck”, said Guard 006.

Guard 008 then smirked a bit, as he heard their
problem. He then talked in a soared voices,

“It seems we are all indeed destined to be together”.

“What the fuck you talking about?”, shouted Guard
007 in a high pitched tone; anxiously.


Something unexpected then happened out of the blue.
Guard 008 pointed his gun at Guard 007 and without
hesitation he shot right through his chest; his blood
splattered as the bullet pierced his heart shattering. Guard


007 right away collapsed inside the lift in a helpless state. All
the other guards are now right in a state of dissaray due to
the conflict that has taken place.

“Guard 007, down”, shown on the tablet.

Due to the sound of loud gunfire towards the inside of
the lifts, again has disturbed the hearing of the infected.
Those infected are now ran vigorously towards the lifts
where the gunshots were aimed. All the left guards inside
panicked then repeatedly quickly pressed the button over
and over again so that the door immediately closed. The
closer the infected came, bullet after bullet was fired to
delayed those infected. After a few seconds of pressing the
button violently, the lift door finally moved and wanted to be

However…sadly…it was too late.

As the door slowly closed, the infected were too quick
and managed to run and put themselves into through the lift
door. Therefore sadly, the area inside the hydraulic lifts was
too narrow and deadlocked resulting in no other way to
escape as the door is closed. One by one of them in the lifts;
is now bitten by those infected; a total of five guards left,
they were all will be infected. And worst of all, the hydraulic
lifts are now heading upwards; brought the seven infected
now to the main building in the factory.

“Guard 003. Guard 005. Guard 006. Guard 008. Guard
009. Guard 010. DOWN!”, shown on the tablet, in a red


In the office, Dr. MacMillan as well with his assistant
eyes widened; seeing all his men had lost, frowning as he

“What happened? Why are they all off the control?!”.

His assistant then shivered suddenly; she knows,

“Sir, something bad is coming at us now…from the
underground…it’s horrible…”.

“What do you mean?”.

With a curious feeling, Dr. MacMillan walked towards
in front the glass wall of his office to see what would come
out of the hydraulic lifts itself. It was dark outside; all the
electricity supply was turned off as well with all the doors
were locked before that. He just focused on a lifts that looks
like a signal that heading upwards.

Then; in a sudden silence, the loneliness was broken
by the sound of muffled screams from afar echoing in every
corner; every direction; nook and cranny of the factory. Dr.
MacMillan was shocked as he turned his gaze towards his
assistant; asked in a desperate tone,

“Did you hear that? What the hell is going on?”.

Without hesitation, as his assistant not answering the
question; she then pointed outside immediately,

“Sir, look!”.

Dr. MacMillan turned his gaze around again, and see;
apparently the lifts door seemed to have opened. However,


surprisingly, it was empty. Nothing came out of the lifts door.
The thing immediately made Dr. MacMillan wondered, as he
was engrossed in hearing screams everywhere.

“Why is it empty? What the fuck is going on right
now? I NEED AN ANSWER!”, as he shouted at his assistant.

His assistant startled by the scream and accidentally
dropped the tablet from her hand. She was scared, her spirit
dissapeared instantly, deadlocked.

Then, out of the blue. Hush…


A loud banging sound was heard on the glass wall;
horrible looking, revealing a group of infected crawling and
scratching outside Dr. MacMillan office. The sound of the
blow startled him, yet; the infected shocked his soul even
more until he was thrown backwards. More, even more,
EVEN MORE infected; hundreds of them were seen roaming
violently inside the main building.

Apparently, those infected as well with the infected
guards came out of different lift doors; the lift doors that
adjacent to the workers dormitories. The loud crackling,
growling noises had made some of the worker come out of
their dorm room to check on the situation. At once, indirectly
causing them to be attacked; bitten and getting infected.
After a loud scream was heard by all the workers there, they
immediately came out from their room as well. Without they
knowing anything, one by one of them were also afflicted
with the same misfortune; bitten by those infected and get


infected just like that. Then those screams were echoing in
every direction and nook; was heard by Dr. MacMillan not
long ago just now.

Back to the Dr. MacMillan situation, he is now in a
frozen position; speechless as he was experiencing the thing
for the first time.

“What the fuck is that?!”, he stuttered.

“Sir, there are…many more out there, sir”, said his
assistant in fear; as she pointed outside the office.

The infected were increasingly accumulating in large
numbers; growling and crackling; roaming crowdedly around
Dr. MacMillan office. He and his assistant including the
infected were all trapped inside the factory; hundreds of
them. They were both at a loss as to what to do. The only
way to escape from the office is to open all the main door
and let the infected circulate from there; yet it will have a
detrimental effect.

“What should we do, sir?”, asked his assistant; who
desperate to escaped.

“How do I know!?”, Dr. MacMillan replied in rushed.

“I think we need to get out of here, sir”.

“Get out of here? Easy as that? Didn’t you see? They
look like scabies; ringworm hungry dogs that will fucking bite
you up until it crush down your bone! No, no, no, no, I don’t
want to die just like that”, says Dr. MacMillan who nagging
too much.


“What if we try to divert their attention elsewhere? As
far as I know, I heard one of the guards say that they had
blurred vision but sensitive hearing. Maybe we could go out
quietly”, his assistant explained.

Dr. MacMillan kept rethinking, then he made his

“You go first. Don’t make me regret this”.

His assistant immediately began her movement as
her intention was to escape from there, walk towards the
end of the glass wall of the office; then gave out a loud knock
repeatedly on the glass wall. As for now; with those sensitive
infected hearing, they are now by dragging themselves in
groups violently towards the sound of the loud knock. As a
result, the exit from the office to be free of all that infected,
thus this is their chance to get out of there quitely.

“It works”, his assistant was impressed with her idea.

“Let’s get out of here…Quick!”, Dr. MacMillan rushed.

“Remember, we have to be careful not to make any
noise”, she reminded.

“I know, I know…You don’t have to worry about that.
Hurry up!”, Dr. MacMillan annoyed.

Without wasting time, they now moved immediately
rushing to get out of the office; without making a sound, Dr.
MacMillan slid the office door to open it. For now, those
infected is still wandering in the direction of the knocking
sound. It was safe from now. But once they stepped out of


the office, suddenly something undesirable happened. In
their silence to avoid those infected, Dr. MacMillan cell
phone indirectly rings and emits a loud ringtone sound. The
matter at once had diverted the infected attention all
towards him and his assistant. He knew that was not a good
sign; they stopped freezing instanly, slowly turning their gaze
together as they looked at each other with a fear eyes now.

“Sir….”, his assistant whispered in fear.


Cracked head bones; their bodies shifted, growling
and crawling, those infected is now in a large group running
violently dragging towards the sound of the ringtone which is
incessantly ringing. It carried hundreds of the infected
towards Dr. MacMillan and his assistant. Dr. MacMillan
looked back, as he saw many infected who were now running
around like a starving scabies dog towards his direction. He
was in a fear that he could not hold back. As a result, he has
come up with one of the most unreasonable idea; rotten and
vile. He is now looked right in the eye; looking back at his
assistant, with his eyes full of guilt as he wanted to do
something unplanned.

“I’m sorry…”, he whispered.

The infected ran closer and closer towards them. With
one last glance towards his assistant, without her expecting
anything, Dr. MacMillan shrugged; pushed her shoulder so
hard that it made his assistant fall flat on the floor.

“SIR!!”, his assistant shouted in pain.


With a sense of innocence, he fled; behave inhumane;
fleeing from there leaving his assistant alone; betrayed her to
keep himself away from being chased by the group of
infected. With herself lying on the floor, she turned her head
slowly in fear; with her last glance seeing a large group of
infected was speeding towards her, she knows it’s over.


She was horribly bitten by those infected in many
bites; like being bitten by a group of hungry scabies dogs.
Horribly and violently had torn her skin from her body so that
it was covered in blood. Now we know why Dr. MacMillan did
so, so that he could buy time out of the infected from chasing
him; he uses his own assistant to save himself.

As for now, Dr. MacMillan; he himself ran farther;
running away from being infected, gasping for breath as he
ran. Run and run, faster and farther; with his head back and
forth turned back to keep his distance away from the
infected. Without him looking what in front of him, in his
running; then out of the blue,


Dr. MacMillan bumped into something in front of him,
causing him unstably fall flat on the floor. As he regained
consciousness, he immediately turned his gaze to see what
he had just violated. In his gaze heading ahead of him,
shocked and froze; he saw someone holding a pistol, a gun
that pointed right in front of his head. Relieving himself, he


thought he had collided with one of those infected; however,
it was still tense when the pistol still remained on his head.

Dr. MacMillan mumbling some words; stuttering,

“Hey, listen. We have to run away. There are lots of
fucking little scabies dogs are chasing in our direction…”

The guy that holding the gun; then cuts in,

“It’s not a dog. It was an infected…human being.
Fucking infected!”.

“Blake…we have no time for this”, Dr. MacMillan

Apparently, the person who was holding the gun was,
Blake; who he himself managed to escape to the main
building from the laboratory room due to the underground
section that filled with blood and gases; was left empty.

“All of this wouldn’t happen if you just fucking listen to
me; hear what the problem is I have to say. But you don’t
seem to care at all. Jake; your men; everyone, died of
infection; because of you!”, Blake let out his anger towards

“We still have a chance to survive, we can still escape.
Don’t you think about that?”.

“Not after what you have done. Let me ask you a
question, don’t you feel sorry?”

“Feel sorry? About what? I think this is all just a


“A fucking what? Misunderstanding, you said!”, as
Blake aggressively forward his gun towards Dr. MacMillan.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey. Blake, about that, we…we can still
bring up the talk. For now, we have to run”.

“Talk, huh? Talking about what? About your factory
business?...fucking bullshit. You know what, I have an idea
how we are going to ended this”.

“Whatever you want. It’s up to you”, Dr. MacMillan
agreed without hesitation.

As he slowly lowered his pistol, then. Click.
Blake; with a cynical smile on his face, grinned as
slowly he clicked the pistol hammer; firearm of the handgun
part, and pointed ahead again right in front of Dr. MacMillan
head. This time, with a serious tone in his talk; as he said,
Dr. MacMillan gulped,
With the cynical smile again, on his face; then,



The news have confirmed that we are about to be plagued by
an unknown infected epidemic everywhere.
The number of confirmed deaths has passed five hundred.
The Governor has called a state of emergency…
There were thousands of bodies lining the streets.
Panic spread worldwide after a leaked report from the World
Health Organization that the latest vaccination tests have
…with the bureaucrats out of power we can finally take the
necessary steps to…
Queens Charlotte City is now the latest city to be placed
under martial law. All residents are required to report to
their designated quarantine-
Riots have continued for third consecutive day and winter
rations are at an all time low.
A group calling themselves the Centauries have claimed
responsibility for both attacks.


Their public charter calls for the return of all branches of
Demonstrations broke out following the execution of six
more alleged Centauries.
You can still rise with us.
Remember when you’re lost in the agony…
Look for the freedoms.
Believe in the Centauries.




B ulldog Radiant, Quarantine Zone.
5th April 2218.
Dog barking; storm ragging outside. Raining.

A man, familiar man, no other than one of the
survivor; Blake, sleeping on a couch. Looks very
uncomfortable; shortness of breath in drowsiness, sweating;
his body felt unwell, wiped to left and right. Then, he awoke
suddenly from his sleep; gasping from breath.

“Morning…a bad dream, huh?”, said Sierra.
Sierra Miller, a mature and independent woman, yet
young in age 20; tall in appearance, flexible and muscular
body, short blonde hair, pointed nose and greenish eyes. A


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