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It's about a girl who has a bad day, or at least she thought.

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Published by Audrey Montantes, 2019-05-20 13:01:03

The Craziest Day in the World

It's about a girl who has a bad day, or at least she thought.

​ ​ The Craziest Day in the World ​Kinda

B​ y Audrey Maree Montantes 

As I got out of bed I looked at the time it was nine 
o'clock still five hours till work. I took out my guitar and looked 
at it. Its words were latched to my brain “In loving memory of 
Joseph V. Montantes 1977-2010”. I got bored later on so I called 
Ethen “Hey brotha.,” I said with a smile “Hey, let me guess you 
want an idea of what to draw.,” Ethen said “Yeah.,” I sighed he 
always knows what I’m thinking “Um well have you drawn 
something for Mex yet.,” as he said that all I thought about 
was, oh no his birthday is in a week.  
“No,” I said, “ I feel so bad now,” I said I felt like I was 
going to cry. “Hey, don’t cry you still have a week.,” he said I 

hadn’t realized that I was crying. I wiped my tears and said “I 
know, I’m going draw now bye, love you.,” “Bye, love you too” he 
hung up. I don’t know how many hours had passed, but when I 
looked at my clock it was two o’clock I was an hour late for 
work. I’m gonna get fired from my dream job, designing 

I got in my car and started to drive to work and as I 
drove down the highway my car started to make weird noises 

and then it stopped smoke was coming out of the hood now 
it was brand new, it was a Journey it shouldn’t have failed 
me. I opened the hood and I was surrounded by smoke. I 
checked my phone no service, I was out of data so that 
wouldn’t work. I went back in my car and thought “What should 
I do?”. 

A car stopped beside me the driver said “You need a 
ride.,” I took a closer look at the driver it was Mex. “Why aren’t 
you at work?,” I said confused “I could ask you the same 
thing.,” he said with a smirk I went over to the side of the car 
and opened the car door. “So how exactly did you find me?”. 
“Well I went to your house and then noticed you weren’t home 
so I decided to go to your work.,” he said looking at the rode I 


When we got to my building I got out and braced myself to go 
inside. When I got to my store that I worked in and I got on 
my uniform. I got straight to work and my boss came in, she 
didn’t even ask why I was late she just fired me. What’s that 
sound “beep, beep, beep, beep” I opened my eyes, I stopped 
my clock. “It was only a bad dream?” I mumbled to myself. I 
got on my work uniform and went to my car and left for 



The End  


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