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He gets fired 3 or 4 times and then finally gets a job

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Published by Joshua Lanz, 2019-05-08 09:31:16

Tims Crazy Day

He gets fired 3 or 4 times and then finally gets a job



Why was the mad man mad? The mad man was 
mad because a tree fell on his car and broke. It was 
like a hurricane came through. The mad man's name 
was Tim. Then a thunderstorm came and a bolt of 
lightning struck him, and his car, and he fell asleep 
for a few minutes. 



He woke up. Tim felt bad that he was going to be 
late, and he felt like he had to walk 50 miles, but it 
was only 1. Tim´s boss is going to be mad at Tim 
again because this is his second time being late. Tim 
started to walk then he started to run because he 
was going to be late to work.  

Tim was so close to work. Tim was now at work 
and talking to his boss. His boss said, “it's fine you 
just got to work two more hours Don't worry about 

Then he had to buy a new car, so he bought a 
Lamborghini because he made a lot of money working 
as a businessman. 


He was not late. He went home and stayed up 

watching Netflix until twelve. After that, he woke up 
at 10:30, and he was supposed to be there at 8:30, so 
he was late. The next day, he was late again soo……. 
He was fired. 

Tim was walking down the street and a sign said: 
“NOW HIRING $30.00 AN HOUR”. So he got the job, 
and he tried to never be late ever again. But was he?  

Yes. His boss said, “Don't be late for a while.” 
Tim said “Ok”. 


Then he was late, and his boss was very mad that 
day, so he fired him, and he was sad but the next 2 
hours, he finally got another job, and he was getting 
$25.00 dollars an hour. A little bit less but he liked 
this job better his last job. He was an engineer, now 
his job is a reporter, and he likes this job way better 
than being an engineer.  


He is good at his job, but sometimes he gets in 
trouble, but not very often. Maybe once every 19 
minutes. Now he's been working there for 5 hours. He 
makes newspapers a lot and people read the 
newspaper, and they like it, so he keeps just doing his 

Then he got in very big trouble, but he did not get 
fired. So he tried to make his own business and 
making newspapers and stuff like that for 5 hours 
and people like what he was doing because it was 
interesting, and he lived happily ever after. 

Then there were aliens, so the most logical thing 
to do was to write about them. Another guy was too, 
so he had competition. He tried so hard to beat him, 
but he got in trouble by the police, so he had to pay a 
$5,000 fine because, he went past the speed limit. 

He went to go work for Microsoft, and he was 
very good at it. He got paid a lot more than what he 
used to he gets paid. $50.00 an hour.  


Tim can get anything he wants. Well, almost 
anything he wants. And he is the most popular person 
in the city. He lives in Los Angeles City, and he loves 
it there. It's better there than in New York City. Well 
at least, he thinks. 

Now the stuff he owns are a mansion, a $5,000 
dollar PC, his own basketball court, a Lamborghini, 
(everything he basically wanted). Now he can have 
everything. Almost everything: not a helicopter or 
plane or his own island. Because he does not want 
that. He is making a lot more money than when he 
was working as an engineer, and a businessman and a 

Then Fortnite came out that day, so he played 
that on the weekend, and he made even more money 
doing that. He was almost the richest man in the 
U.S.A. except for Bill Gates. 

Yes, this happened in one day! 



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