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Innovative products for landscaping
and road construction


Innovation and production, Ritter GmbH in Schwabmünchen

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Experience With more than 25 years experience and the devel-
Innovation opment of application-oriented solutions, we are
Enthusiasm experts for different outdoor installation and ground
conditions. Our products with the versatility and cost
effectiveness are highly appraised by architects and
All our products have three key features in common:
they are made from single grade, environmentally-
neutral recyclable plastic, they are easy and economi-
cal to use and they make an active contribution to
environmental protection.
As a reliable partner for the landscaping and road
building sector, we are looking forward to giving you
professional and comprehensive advices.

made in germany made by ritter

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ProGrass – makes green surfaces
suitable for walking and driving on

For more than 25 years ProGrass, the The honeycomb cell structure prevents

original grass securing honeycomb from the ground from compacting. The open

Ritter Landscaping, has been helping to edge cell design provides an optically

make predominantly green areas suit- homogeneous surface, and the ad-

able for driving and walking on with vanced technical details ensure a very

several million square meters installed good installation and greening result.


Applications Properties Dimensions

Replacations of surfaces No ground sealing Format: 500 x 390 x 45 mm
Greened parking areas Local water drainage Requirement per m²: 5 panels
Golf car tracks Load bearing capacity 100to./sqm Weight: 1.1 kg
Embankment stabilization A high proportion of green space (around 90%) Pallet contents: 120/180 panels

Quick and easy to lay – Traditional construction with substruc- The open edge cells give the surface of
no machinery required. ture, base layer, panel and filling with the grass a homogeneous appearance.
grass seed.

Checked, tested and proven, the honeycomb lawn protection in areas providing fire service access.

Design Tests carried out

Material: recyclable HDPE Load test for fire service access routes
Accessories: marking plugs Load test on filled surface
Standard colours: green, anthracite Load test for small aircraft
Optional colours: natural, grey, beige Determining the permanent deflection strength

The marking plugs can be used to mark
out surfaces for a specific use.


ProGrassFlex – the modular fixing
system for drainage ditches.

Unsecured drainage ditches, in particu- areas. If required, individual sections
lar those on a slope, are extremely lia- can be supplemented with individual
ble to erosion. Material movement and panels. In areas with high water influx,
uncontrolled erosion cause problems. ProGrassFlex can be used to create a
ProGrassFlex ensures effective protec- fixed channel with concrete fill.
tion against erosion in these sensitive

Pre-mounted three-section
standard panel.

Applications Properties Dimensions

Collection ditches Protects the ditch walls against erosion 2 element: approx. 850 x 500 cm, height 45 mm
Temporarily flooded open ditches Permeable 3 element: approx. 1250 x 500 cm, height 45 mm
Side ditches Low weight, approx. 3.4 kg (standard 3-section panel) 4 element: approx. 1650 x 500 cm, height 45 mm
Rain water collection ditches Can be extended with individual panels or elements 5 element: approx. 2050 x 500 cm, height 45 mm

The pre-mounted elements can be trans- Complicated channels can be created The elements can also be concreted to
ported easily and installed cost effectively using ProGrassFlex panels. handle high water influx.
even in difficult terrain.

Collection ditches reinforced with ProGrassFlex hold the rain water safely away from the structure.

Design Tests carried out

Material: environmentally neutral, recyclable HDPE Load capacity for fire service access routes
Weight: 2 element approx. 2.25 kg, 3 element approx. 3.38 kg, Load capacity in filled state
4 element approx. 4.5 kg, 5 element approx. 5.57 kg
Colours: black, green

A ditch reinforced with ProGrassFlex meets
“biologically active soil zone” requirements.
The U-clip enables rapid connection of the
elements along the installation route.


MultiFlixx – the installation panel in XXL
format for a wide range of applications

XXL format, multifunctional, flexible. The large XXL format means that instal-

The MultiFlixx installation panel with its lation is extremely economical with a

special connection system makes it suit- laying rate of between 100 and 140 m2

able for both temporary applications per man hour and prepared subsurface.

and a wide range of erosion protection The environmentally-neutral material

measures, as well as lake and river bank makes it suitable for use in environmen-

reinforcement. tally-sensitive areas.

Applications Properties Dimensions

Large parking areas for temporary use Designed for large-scale use Laid format: 589 x 1,156 mm, 40 mm high
Driving tracks designed for temporary use Can be filled and greened Weight: approx. 3.8 kg
Embankments and lake and rive banks Extremely durable and suitable for driving on Pallet content: 100 panels for approx. 68 m2
Flood ditches High installation rate (100-140m2 per man hour) Pallet weight: approx. 400 kg

When driven on by tracked vehicles, Green can establish over large areas in MultiFlixx offers a wide range of options
MultiFlixx helps prevent major damage temporary use. as erosion protection for embankments.
on construction sites

Forecourt as grassed parking place – with Multi Flixx harnessed.

Design Tests carried out

Material: recyclable HDPE Load test
Fill volume: approx. 21 l/m2
Standard colour: black/anthracite
Optional colour: green

Multiflixx is made from plastic and can easily
cut to fit for complex laying situations.
The special connection system enables quick
installation and also forms an expansion joint.


EquiTerr – professional reinforcement
for riding arenas and paddocks

Good riding ground and weather- base for riding arenas and paddocks. The
resistant conditions are no coincidence positive feedback from well in excess
but require expert advice and a sound of 600,000 m² installed in Germany and
installation concept using high-quality abroad, even after many years with differ-
components. The EquiTerr fixing panel ent riding arena owners, makes one thing
acts as a separating layer within the clear: EquiTerr means optimum surface
overall construction and provides a solid reinforcement for all disciplines.

Applications Properties Dimensions

Jumping, dressage and warm-up arenas Creates a permanent separation between the Laid format: 589 x 1,156 mm, height 40 mm
Paddocks, roundpens riding surface and substructure Weight: approx. 3.8 kg
Horse walkers, hall floors Provides safe conditions in any weather Pallet content: 100 panels for approx. 68 m2
Exercise areas Environmentally neutral Pallet weight: approx. 360 kg
Protects your investment

EquiTerr’s technical features make it very Outdoor or indoor riding arenas. Equi- EquiTerr guarantees the success of major
cost effective to install. Terr ensures good riding conditions at all tournaments and club events alike.
times and safeguards your investment.

EquiTerr creates consistently good, weather-independent conditions for tournaments.

Design Tests carried out

Material: recyclable polyethylene Load test
Surface with non-slip structure
Colour: black

EquiTerr has proven itself in all horse rid-
ing disciplines for more than 17 years un-
der the harshest of conditions.
Laid on grit and filled with gravel, EquiTerr
provides the optimal separating layer.

12 Quality products in all respects

GravelGrid, Kneipp, Ochsenfurt

Get the full picture

For an interactive guide to Ritter Landscaping’s
installation systems visit

GravelGrid, Bodensee
Our tip: MegaLeaf for maintenance.
The GravelGrid filling material should be kept free of leaves and rubbish.
The MEGALEAF from the Ritter Landscaping leaf rake range is therefore ideal for
raking and clearing parking areas and paths.


GravelGrid – the water-permeable and
extremely robust base panel

GravelGrid is available as a natural coloured With the constantly rising demand for parking and service areas in private,
panel for light-coloured filling material. open-pore fixed surfaces, GravelGrid industrial and municipal use.
was specially developed for backfilling The permeability test conducted by the
with bulk material. GravelGrid therefore LGA (Bavarian State Testing Authority)
represents a cost-effective alternative confirms that surfaces with GravelGrid
to traditional construction methods for remain permeable.

Applications Properties Dimensions

Industrial and municipal service areas Quick to lay and water-permeable Format: 1180 x 600 x 30 mm
Park & ride facilities Prevents vehicle tracks and puddles from forming Laying format: approx. 1139 x 570 mm
Playgrounds, sports and leisure facilities The filling remains in position Weight: 2.6 kg
Ground protection around the house, Suitable for areas where there is open access Requirements per m2: 1.54 panels
courtyards and garden

The precise positioning system enables The appearance of the surface can be No erosion or movement of the material
it to be laid quickly and cost effectively arranged by using different filling materials. on inclines.
without heavy equipment and with mini-
mum labour requirements.

GravelGrid was used under these solar carports to create low-cost reinforced employee parking spaces.

Design Tests carried out

Material: recyclable HDPE Load test/suitability for fire service access
Standard colours: black, white Water permeability
Optional colours: grey, beige
Versions: with and without cross-shaped supports

Suitable for walking on, driving on, barrier-free –
ground reinforced with GravelGrid is ideal for beer
garden use
As accessories, GG markers, black/ white
for visual surface division.


RoadEdgePave – for cost-effective
securing and reinstatement of verges

Increasing car and truck traffic means maintenance of the “problem zone”
rising reinstatement costs for public verges. The panel is light, robust and
authority highways departments. quick to lay, making RoadEdgePave a
RoadEdgePave was specially popular solution in its field.
developed to enable economical
RoadEdgePave 40

RoedEdgePave 60 Properties Dimensions RoadEdgePave 40

Applications Quick and economical to lay with a Format: 800 x 400 x 50 mm
flexible connection system Laying format: 770 x 400 x 50 mm
Roundabouts Suitable for bends with a radius greater than 6.5 m Weight: approx. 2.3 kg
Junctions Able to support heavy loads (260 t/m2) Laying radius: flexible, > 6.5 m
Road widening
Central reservations

For large-scale use, it is advisable to The RoadEdgePave flexible connection RoadEdgePave can even withstand
construct equipment for removing the system enables problem-free laying heavy motorway traffic.
base layer even on bends.

RoadEdgePave protects the verge on busy slip roads and helps avoid expensive.

Dimensions RoadEdgePave 60 Design Tests carried out

Format: 800 x 600 x 50 mm Material: recyclable HDPE Load test (2.660 kN/m2)
Laying format: 770 x 400 x 50 mm Colour: black
Weight: approx. 3.6 kg Spring components to equalise the lengths
Laying radius: flexible, > 6.5 m Cross-shaped supports

The 9 cross-shaped supports enable stable
connection to the substructure.
The connection system ensures uniform height
and stabilises the panels in all directions.


WastoDrain – stores rainwater and
discharges it in a controlled manner

The WastoDrain system for green roofs Drain roof water storage panels are
is a water storage system as well as a easier to be installed and are suitable
long-lasting drainage system with a for higher substrate layers. The drain-
highly diffusion capability. It provides age system have 277 holes/sqm and
thereby the best conditions for long enables water retention of approx. 27 l/
lasting roof greening. With bearing sqm. WastoDrain improves the green
capacity up to 204 kN/sqm, the Wasto- roof microclimate.

Lengthways and crossways drainage chan-
nels ensure high diffusion capability.

Applications Properties Dimensions

Greening of sealed surfaces Water storage approx. 27 litres/m2 Format: approx. 570 x 380 x 80 mm
Underground car park roofs Enforced drainage across the surface Water storage: approx. 27 l/m²
Pitched roofs up to around 25° High and low intensity greening Hydraulic value: q=2.8 l/s/m2
Feature greening, rooftop gardens High level of diffusion capability Load capacity: 204 kN/m²

WastoDrain can be laid extremely quickly The panels adapt to the local conditions. Pre-planted WastoDrain panels. We are happy
over large areas. to put you in contact with suppliers.

WastoDrain provides water storage and controlled water retention.

Design Tests carried out

Material: recyclable HDPE Load test
50 mm storage depth before enforced drainage Determination of the hydraulic value
Filling volume per panel: 14 l
Environmentally-neutral, bitumen-resistant.

Traditional intensive planting. This is where
WastoDrain shows its strengths through its wa-
ter storage and high diffusion capability
The WastoDrain click system means that
the storage panels stabilise each other,
which is a major advantage in edge areas.


SysDrain – the flexible shaft system
for rain water drainage

The rain water drainage in constricted delivered in convenient packages and
spaces and within already existing in- can be installed above each other or in
frastructure requires products which row to the customer requirements.
are easy to be installed. SysDrain is

Applications Properties Dimensions

Roof drainage Low weight: approx. 11 kg per element Assembled shaft ring: 612 x 620 mm
Basement access areas, balcony drains Can be installed without heavy equipment Connection options per side section: 3 x d=115 mm
Garden buildings, carports Standard connections DN 100 Total height 1 element incl. inlet module: approx. 880 mm
Yard and terrace drainage Stackable and flexible Weight complete: approx. 11 kg

SysDrain base module and expansion The SysDrain accessories offer a wide The modular design enables individual
module are conveniently packaged in a range of installation options and can be adjustment to the water volumes and the
box and are easy to assemble. combined with standard products. existing infrastructure.

Flexibility in use makes SysDrain a popular solution for landscapers.

Accessories Tests carried out

Inlet module, 3-part Infiltration capacity
Base panel, can be used as a baffle panel
Adapter/foundation ring
Filter membrane

Anzahl der A = 100 m2 n = 1,0 h=[m]
Schachtelemente 4






1 kiesig
lehmig sandig

1 E–6 1 E–5 1 E–4 1 E–3 k = [ m/s ]

Regenspende r15, (1.0) = 200 l/s*ha
Regenspende r15, (1.0) = 150 l/s*ha
Regenspende r15, (1.0) = 120 l/s*ha
Regenspende r15, (1.0) = 100 l/s*ha
Regenspende r15, (1.0) = 90 l/s*ha

Berechnung für eine Kiespackung von 0,5 m


MegaLeaf – makes gardening a
pleasure any time of year

Good Equipment makes the work eas- over the entire width. The length of the
ier! With our MegaLeaf every one can telescopic handle can be adapted to
enjoy leaf raking in garden or parks. the user and MegaLeaf is so light that
Through the special radius of the teeth, the whole work is also less strenuous.
MegaLeaf works extremely efficiently

Applications Properties Dimensions

Parks and Gardens Extremely effective due to the bent shap Three different sizes
Areas near embankments and river banks Easy to use with minimal force required Rake widths: 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm
Beds Handle length can be adjusted to suit the user

Perfect designed for a thorough and MegaLeaf XL extremely effective – The leaf rake range S, M and L, for all
rapid work not only in large park areas. areas of the garden.

Spring, summer, autumn ... and enjoy working with MegaLeaf.


Rake made from high-quality copolymer plastic
Telescopic metal handle suitable for hanging
Colour: green (rake), yellow (telescopic handle)

The thread of the telescopic handle can be
screwed into position securely with minimal
force. Alternatively, a wooden handle can
also be fitted. 93002-9052 | V4 |

Ritter GmbH, Landscaping
Kaufbeurer Straße 55
86830 Schwabmünchen
Phone +49 8232 5003-32
Fax +49 8232 5003-51

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