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Published by Griffin MacDonald, 2018-12-13 11:05:23




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Table of Contents

1. What are brands?
2. Difference of Brands
3. Adidas (a popular brand)
4. Nike (a popular brand)
5. Vans (a popular brand)
6. Resources

What are brands?

Brands are the companies that make things that you
are wearing right now. go ahead and look at your
shoes, your socks, your shorts, your shirt, etc.

Brands are made for clothing and shoes Did you Know?
mostly, but also the brands that make the

popular things are most likely the popular That some brands only
brands. The brands make things to get paid.
make one type of
If there were no brands, clothing and shoes, clothing, object,
etc. would just be so plain.
material, shoes, etc?

Difference of brands

The difference of brands are that some brands are more
popular than other brands, and also some brands get paid
more money than others, some brands are made for different
things, but not all the time.

Why are brands Different?

Brands are different because brands are made for different
things, for example, shoes, shirts, etc.

Adidas (a popular brand)

What is Adidas?

Adidas is a very popular brand, mostly for shoes, but Adidas also makes
a lot of other things. their shoes are very trendy, the shoes from

Adidas, mostly ultra boosts and NMDS are the most popular shoes, (but
very expensive).

Why was Adidas made?

Adidas was made for sports and it is a sports brand now, but other
people prefer Nike, puma, etc. People like Lionel Messi are sponsored by

Adidas, but other people like Usain Bolt are sponsored by Puma.

Nike (a popular brand)

What is Nike?

Nike is another very popular brand, also mostly for shoes, but the
shoes do not last long, most people would not recommend to buy
Nike shoes. Other things like shirts, and tracksuits are very nice.

Did you know?

Nike shoes are so popular that Nike sells 25
pairs of shoes per second!

Vans (a popular brand)

What is vans?

Vans is a very popular skateboarding brand, and vans is a very popular
brand for shoes as well. some skateboarders prefer other brands, for

example, supreme, volcom, etc.

Why were vans made?

Vans was originally made to be a skateboarding brand, but also
started to make casual shoes, which are now very popular.


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