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DoggieRescue E-Magazine April 2017_Neat SHNEOLTKEIRLL

2 Mc Cowan Rd, Cnr. Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101
OPEN: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

Vol.11 No.150 PHONE: 9486-3133
DOGS 11,997
HOURS Coco’s message “ Live
bunnies are NOT Easter
11AM - 2PM gifts but a 10 year
TUES - SUN commitment!”
Weather permitting Meet Coco & all her
friends inside...



Marley our epileptic Labrador x Staffy continues the Easter
festivities on our contents page. He is such a beautiful gentle boy
who was left at the vets for euthanasia. Marley is now on a new
anti-seizure medication that is working well for him. What a
handsome young man! On the next pages we have pairs of
doggies on parade as couples -- Janice and Buffy, Tanami and
Ruby. All sweet easy dogs who want to stay with their lifelong
mate, so they are doing their best to attract your attention.

Long standing volunteer Joss has decided to do a 36 day trek over
Easter across the tip of Spain from Irun to Sanitago, SOLO. She
needs our support and words of encouragement. It can get very
lonely out there and very tiring. Send her your good wishes and
support ( p9 for details). You have no idea what that means to a
person trekking alone. She is doing this as a fundraiser for
DoggieRescue and hopes to raise $15,000. We are indeed blessed
to have such amazing and dedicated volunteers amongst us.

Dear Readers, However, to volunteer you do not have to be a high achiever.
We have jobs for people with all backgrounds, as long as you
Corinne has put together an amazing issue love dogs or kitties, and preferably both! Thinking of retiring
with such cute dogs, kitties and bunnies all soon? We need you! Keep fit and active and make new friends
parading for Easter for you in all their glam! and acquaintances. Geari has been helping us for more than 13
years. She has been multi-tasking, helping with jobs like customer
Our cover girl Coco, recently rescued from service, feeding the dogs, fostering, distributing magazines as well
Taree pound, thanks to our committed as food preparation and packaging. Read her story (p18) and how
volunteers Keryn and Nat, is doing such a she became involved. It all just started with some dog walking!
great job holding the bunny basket with her
paw. What a sweet girl! Just weeks ago she Ron and Ellen, a retired couple who have been with us almost 16
was on death row frightened and quivering years have shared that it is time to “pull up the stumps” (p20). They
(p37), now she gives us a little smile and puts have been running stalls, creating all sorts of handicrafts, making
on a happy face knowing she is saved. the best doggy doonas I have ever seen and lots more. Ellen’s
talents are amazing and her creations will not stop. “We are greatly
Beautiful Arnold ( seen with me above and indebted to you both for all your hard work. So many times the
just adopted ), a 10yo Maltese is trying his weather has been awful and despite heat, cold, gusty wind and
best to sit quietly with his bunny ears on, rain, you and your team of helpers keep wearing smiling faces and
making sure they do not fall off! It is a tall ask plan for the next stall. It is a commitment where many would cave.”
for a mature boy!



Story next issue!


Sadly one of the most unpleasant parts of our work at DoggieRescue is • Please make a DONATION
saying good-bye to some of our lifelong friends. Coral was fortunate to
meet a special family in her twilight years who made a great fuss of her If you wanted to make a tax
and let her enjoy pleasures she had never experienced. Five years ago deductible donation to help
Coral was our cover Easter girl. Read what a special girl she was and Doggie Rescue save more
what an impact she had on her Mum and Dad. (p10-11). lives in the year ahead you can
donate online via our secure
We have a number of “senior citizens” who want to all wish you a website or call us on
Happy Easter – come and meet them on p21. Funny enough they are 02 9486 3133.
all boys but we have girls too! Check our web site! Senior citizens are
always harder to find homes for as are dogs with disabilities. Gorgeous • Become a DoggieRescue
Duke has shown his family he has just as much love to give as any four
legged dog (p23) LIFESAVER

At Doggiewood we are currently refurbishing yards and improving fencing Or you might like to consider
to keep our medium sized dogs safe in quieter areas where they can laze becoming a DoggieRescue
in the sun, waiting for a volunteer to come and spend some time with them. Lifesaver (see p40), with a
This is all in preparation for winter so our dogs will be as comfortable as regular monthly gift to support
possible. We have not forgotten our kitties either and Luis has been our work.
designing some extensions to our cat enclosures to make them more
interesting and enjoyable for our kitties. Come to Doggiewood and see All gifts, regardless of size,
what we are doing! help us to give a brighter future
to the dogs and cats in our
Our dogs, kitties and bunnies all welcome you to come and visit and care. Thank you in advance
lend a hand where you feel most comfortable. There is so much to do for your kind donation.
and so many animals who just want some TLC. Rescue yourself and
save a life! Happy Easter to all of you and your families and keep your I look forward to keeping you
pets safe too! Be mindful of all the Easter hazards! updated on our progress in the
months ahead and sincerely
FEATURED DOGGIE (p2) : Arnold Maltese x 10yrs 4.4kgs Male thank you again for all your
Sponsor:“ In loving memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris support.

Where is DoggieWood? Warmest regards

Ingleside Shelter location: 2 McCowan Rd, Monika
Cnr of Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101
Open 11AM –2.30PM Tuesday to Sunday

Phone: 9486-3133

Monika Biernacki
Founder - DoggieRescue

Please help us to continue
our lifesaving work






A CHALLENGE! By Joss Stewart

CORAL MOORE– Memories of a 10-11
special girl. By Amanda Moore

By Jess Sandstrom

By Geari Rose DR Volunteer

6 Tips on keeping your pet safe.

A precious life saved...


by Monika Biernacki

DANGEROUS By Lachy Berry

Catching up with…“ TEDDY
COSTELLO” aka Darwin

Email: [email protected]

Cover: A few weeks Check out online Featured dog
ago Coco was on above is: Marley
Death Row in a Join us on Facebook Staffy x Labrador
Pound at Taree. 5yrs 27.4kgs Male
Meet her p8 also Sponsor: “Wishing
read her story p37 Follow us on Twitter you all the love in
Cover photo: the world!” Anna
Oznur Mezgil Emmerson


Leave a Legacy of Love

for video

Bubbles Jack Russell x 7yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor: Because you will always care.
“ For my rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling Please remember DoggieRescue in your Will.

Sponsored doggies adopted!

• Paige, Astro, Cheddar, Buttercup, Alice, Milo, Send or call for your free brochure about leaving a
Piper, Spot, Sheldon, Dudley, Reggie, Fifi & gift in your Will.
Lola (together), Alex, Rossco, Molly, Daphne &
Pip Squeak (together), Siska, Murphy, Nala, Mr/Mrs/Ms/Other
Beau & Sandy First name wishes to acknowledge Surname
the assistance given by:


Post code

Virbac Animal Health Telephone
361 Horsley Road, Please return to:
MILPERRA. NSW. 2214 DoggieRescue,
8 Chiltern Road,
Free call: 1800 009 847 INGLESIDE. NSW. 2101
Ph.(02)9772-9772 Or call 9486-3133 Thank you





What an inspiration! (3 from Monika )and thanks her dogs for
What a challenge! getting her up every day and exercising. In
2009 she was 20 kgs heavier than she is
Joss Stewart walks 820 kms across the top of Spain now. Walking - and the weight loss - changed
Raising $15,000 for Monika's Doggie Rescue her life . Joss says : " life has never been
better - I am fit and healthy - enjoying my life
Joss Stewart arrived in Spain on 24 March and is walking 820 so much - and I want to live as long as I can. I
kilometres along the north coast of Spain from Irun to Santiago. It figure I may only have another 15 Christmas'
will take her 36 days - averaging 25klms a day.The walk is known left - given the average lifespan for women in
as the "Camino del Norte". She is walking SOLO, in her trusty trek Australia is 82. SO ! I jump in at the deep end
boots with a backpack and a map. and set big targets for myself.”

The first week will be hard. Lots of 700m ascents and descents on Joss has been a volunteer - off and on - at
some tough walking trails , she will also pass through the cities of DoggieRescue for 12 years. She says “I am
San Sebastian and Bilbao, through some beautiful coastal scenery inspired by the hard work Monika and the
of high cliffs and long sandy beaches. The long walk will finish in volunteers do to keep the shelter running.”
the famous city of Santiago de Compostela, the home of the Whilst we have wonderful supporters who
famous 12th century church of St James. donate their time - Monika still needs a lot of
cold hard cash to pay for the material costs of
Joss is 67 years of age and retired. She only started long distance higher fences, the gates, the air conditioning,
walking and trekking 13 years ago. She currently has 4 dogs water tanks, the concreting, electrical works,
plumbing works. Massive extra expenses now
50% of our dogs are big dogs. They are more
difficult to re-home and have to be kept longer
which results in higher costs albeit rewarding
when those big dogs find their forever home -
it may take a bit longer but WOW so wonderful
to see the transition the big dogs experience
going into their new loving fur-ever home.

ENCOURAGEMENT: it’s a big effort behind you - thank you
for her and she only needs 300 for great support and
supporters to donate 10 cents per love of the doggies !
kilometre / OR. $50 per donation.
That's all AND she reaches her
target of $15,000!

Link to donate ( in the E-Magazine just
click ) :

Joss also set up a Facebook page
jossbigwalk4thedoggies/ if you want to
follow her posts and blogs along the
way she will welcome your messages
and support. Please say hello it will
keep her spirits up ! ITS A LONG
HAUL! 24 kilometres every day -
all day is a lot of walking!


• • • Coral Moore feature



In this our 2017 Easter Edition of DoggieRescue
magazine we would like to share the story of a
much loved dog called Coral whose smiling face
graced our Easter cover in 2013. Coral finally found
love with an amazing couple who gave her story
the happy ending she truly deserved….

Dear Readers,

Last May, scrolling through your 'golden oldies' page on
your website I came across Coral’s profile. It had been
updated to say she was a quiet granny who was forgetful
and needed a gentle hand to show her the way. I instantly
knew Coral was meant to be a part of our senior doggie
family. I contacted Monika that day but when Ted (was
Ralph) was diagnosed with kidney failure I thought I should
wait a little. But I just cant help myself and we came to the
shelter and adopted Faith and Coral.

Coral settled in instantly and was so easy to care for and
love. Because of her dementia, we couldn’t leave her
unattended as she would always manage to get herself
stuck in places. Behind the lounge, under the chair, we
were always rescuing her and then giving her a big
smooch. Only the other week she got herself stuck behind
the TV unit. Hours later we couldn't work out why the TV
wouldn't turn on, we thought it had broken. It then clicked
that Coral had stepped on the power button! She was a
funny old lady.

Ever since we brought her home my main priority was
giving Coral so much love and all the things she so
deserved. She had lots of comfy beds in the house and
outside. I loved rugging her up in winter in all her pretty
jammies and covering her over in snuggly blankets at night.
At her first Christmas with us last year she looked so sweet
in her Santa hat and scarf ( see photo at left ).


“Coral loved her sleep ins and we would always tip toe around the house so not to wake her.” Amanda

When Summer hit, Coral felt the heat really bad so we I hope so much that she knew and felt how much she
installed ceiling fans outside to keep her cool while we was loved. I feel there are no words that are enough
were at work. Inside she had prime position under the to say how much I loved our Coral lady. The love of
ceiling fan and air con vent. During the night if she woke my life, my darling girl, I absolutely adored her. She
up hot I would sponge her down until she fell back asleep. needed so much care and I loved being able to give
She had little potters down to the river and beach, where that to her. I’m heartbroken that she is no longer with
she felt the sand between her toes, sniffed sea shells and me. The house is lonely and her little bed is empty.
even got her legs wet! If she got tired Jarrad would carry
her home. She would even have the occasional play with For it is with great sadness and pain that I tell you
a soft toy and I sometimes left her with a Kong while I went that Coral, our lady, has passed away. Over the last
to work, to keep her mind active. I loved seeing her do few months her dementia had been increasing and
'doggie things', it was really special to see. her body was failing her. She was tired and worn out.

CORAL MOORE 2000– 2017
“ My darling girl, sadly missed...”

While I was at work Coral was safe on the deck. She It was a decision we really struggled to make, but
couldn't go into the yard on her own as she wasn't able to when we looked into her beautiful eyes we knew it
find her way back up to the deck. Every day Coral's was time for her to go to heaven. We had our vet
Nanna, my Mum, would come to check on her and clean come to our house and I held her in my arms while
up any messes. Sometimes even twice a day! She loved she went to sleep. To say I’m devastated is an under-
coming to check on her and look after her. In the heat she statement. She was one of the most special dogs I
sponges all the doggies down to make sure they're comfy have ever known and we had a very special love.
until I get home Mum has said she's really going to miss
coming to check on her. Coral was surrounded by so many It brings me so much comfort knowing how much
people that adored her, not just Jarrad and I but my everyone at Doggie Rescue loved and cared for her
parents and brother. We all saw how special she was. while she lived at the shelter. It is so clear to me that
she was so loved and I thank you all for that. I also
Because of her dementia, Coral didn't show affection in the thank you Monika for trusting me to care for this little
same way that other dogs do. But she would look at me old lady, I feel so truly blessed to have known and
with those beautiful big brown eyes and I knew that was loved her. I'm a better person for having known her
her way of telling me she felt all the love I gave her. I and I will love her forever. With love,
LOVED smooching her and holding her close.
Amanda and Jarrad x



Lachy is a university student
studying architecture at the
University of Sydney. He likes
to spend his time playing
soccer and looking after his
two dogs, Oscar and Roxy.

ASSISTANCE DOGS: MORE After escaping from a
THAN SEEING EYES playground and being pulled
from a nearby creek in 2015, it
When we think of service dogs – those trained to support people with disabilities - was clear to the Brown family
we tend to immediately think of Guide Dogs due to their frequent appearance in the that Reilly needed a special
media and on our streets. However, there is a growing demand for a different kind way to be kept safe when out
of service dog, known in Australia as an Assistance Dog. in public. "Every time we'd see
on the news a child with
Richard Lord - Top Dog (yes, this is his Jason is an Assistance Dog who has autism had gone missing, we
actual job title) at the charity been supporting Teresa, her husband just thought — this could be
organisation Assistance Dogs Australia Gavin, and their five-year-old son for the us,” says Teresa.
(ADA) - describes Assistance Dogs “as last two years ( see photo above thanks
the hands and arms of people in need, to ABC NEWS ). Since being welcomed After a year of research,
trained to help their team mates in all into the Melbourne home, the beloved discussion, and interviews
sorts of ways - opening the door to a black Lab has had a transformational with ADA, the Browns were
life of freedom and independence.” impact on Reilly and the family. finally ready to introduce
Jason to their son. “Jason is
Any ‘team mate’ lucky enough to be Thousands of Assistance Dogs just like a goofy black Labrador, who
supported by an Assistance Dog will Jason are currently serving people from when he’s in his service coat
testify to their incredibly positive all walks of life across Australia. Many just becomes this beautiful,
influence.“Without a doubt it's changed people living with physical disabilities, gorgeous gentle giant and
our lives. We were a family in crisis autism, post-traumatic stress disorder helps us get around as a
before we got Jason. It means the and dementia, both young and old, are family.”
world to us,” says Teresa Brown, being supported by these remarkable
mother of Reilly, who has autism. animals. When out of the house, Jason
wears the service coat as well
as a forty-centimetre tether
attached to Reilly. If Reilly
does attempt to run, Jason
knows to sit an act as an


Assistance Dogs Australia CLICK HERE

However, Assistance
Dogs like Jason not
only act as physical
anchors, but emotional
ones too. Jason helps
to regulate Reilly's
anxiety, either by
reading his moods or
by responding to a
command from his

"If Reilly is anxious at home,
I can say, 'Jason touch' and
he'll go and touch Reilly's
hand and then wait," Mrs
Brown said."There will then
be an instant calm over the

The emotional connection When out of the house, Jason wears the service coat as well
formed between people with as a forty-centimetre tether attached to Reilly. If Reilly does
disabilities and their attempt to run, Jason knows to sit and act as an anchor.
Assistance Dogs speaks to
the primordial relationship As is the case for Reilly, dogs have survival no longer depends on them,
between the two species. continued to fulfil this vital, dutiful role dogs are crucial to the mental well-
Colin Groves of the for their owners. Katie Hunter, founder being of millions of people living
Australian National University of Dogs for Kids with Disabilities, with disabilities around the world
believes that humanity’s success as speaks of the evolutionary trait which and their families.
a species is at least in part due to links humans and their dogs."There's
help from our canine companions. always a chemical reaction in the body Take Tim McCallum, for example,
when you're feeling anxious or a paraplegic supported by his
For 100,000 years, according to stressed or in fight-or-flight mode, and Assistance Dog, Roxy. The
Groves, “dogs acted as human’s dogs can smell that change, long Labrador Retriever has been trained
alarm’s systems, trackers, and before we can see it,” says Katie. to perform everyday tasks such as
hunting aides, garbage disposal picking up newspapers and closing
facilities, hot water bottles, and Perhaps this helps to explain why doors. Even these simple actions
children’s guardians and these special animals now play such grant Tim a sense of empowerment
playmates.” an important emotional role in our day by reducing his reliance on human
-to-day lives. Even though human caregivers.
However, Assistance Dogs like
Jason not only act as physical
anchors, but emotional ones too.
Jason helps to regulate Reilly's
anxiety, either by reading his moods
or by responding to a command
from his parents.


“They give you the strength to be able to continue on with
some of the daily struggles and barriers and challenges that
you face,” says the 35-year-old Brisbane performer and
former The Voice contestant. Furthermore, Assistance Dogs
act as a great ice-breaker, helping those with disabilities to
overcome social isolation. “People feel like they can
approach you,” Tim says, “it takes the focus away from what
you can’t do, more about what you can do.”

Unfortunately, Assistance Dogs can cost upwards of To Tim McCallum (above with Roxy ), it’s
$30,000 to train over a period of two years. Although it does meant confidence, acceptance, and a
not receive ongoing financial assistance from the special bond of unconditional love. “We’re
government, ADA prides itself on providing these best friends. With her I feel invincible. I feel
extraordinary animals free of charge to recipients in need like I’m the person that I was meant to be.”
and their families. Assistance Dogs such as Jason and Roxy
are changing the lives of physically and mentally disabled
people every day. While to many the contributions of these
dogs may seem trivial, the efforts of these inspiring animals
can mean so much more. To Teresa Brown, “it’s meant
independence, it’s meant involvement and engagement in
the community, being able to do normal, everyday things
that other families take for granted.”

For Assistance Dogs Australia to continue to make a difference in the lives of people with
disabilities now and into the future, the support of the community is critical. ADA is reliant on the
donations of generous individuals, corporate givers, and philanthropic organisations to provide
these vital services to the community. Your support as a volunteer, donor or corporate supporter
could prove invaluable. To support this unique organisation, ADA can be reached toll free at
1800 688 364, or emailed at [email protected].


St. Francis Jack Russell x 20wks Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of my dog Curtis!” Lee McKerracher
St. Nicholas Jack Russell x 20wks Male Sponsor: “ Thanks for sponsoring me Anna!” Nadir
Jacky Shepherd x Bull Dog 20wks Female Sponsor: “ Sending you lots of love!” George Coleman
June Shepherd x Bull Dog x Cattle 20wks Female Sponsor:“ Wishing you very good luck in 2017!” P. Tew




Everyone needs to have a purpose. The roles we play in our day to day lives have the potential to
invigorate and enrich the way that we perceive the world around us. Without them things could
become rather mundane. Sure, a few days off on the couch is a welcome change. But often that
R&R wears thin after a short while and cabin fever can set in. Well, just like humans, dogs also
need stimulation and variety in their lives, especially working breeds in the city.

For many dogs the role of family boredom at bay. The needs of each However some dogs do need more
companion is deeply satisfying. To individual dog can vary immensely than others in order to fulfil their
be included in your daily routine with so it is important to have a think needs! Working breed dogs are a
regular exercise, a bit of practical about your own dog’s intelligence, great example of this. More often
obedience training, some play time drive and energy levels when than not these dogs are highly
and your affection is all that is coming up with exciting activities intelligent, extremely motivated and
required to sustain them and keep to engage them with. have a lot of stamina which can
make them a joy to have in the
family. But if an outlet isn’t provided
then these dogs may just find one for
themselves... And it probably won't
be an appropriate one.

Seth (Border Collie x Before committing to that handsome
Cattle) was adopted by Kelpie or adorable Cattle Dog take
the Mowbray family. Erin some time to do a bit of research on
says “ Life with Seth...he your chosen breed. Try to find out
just cannot get enough what they were originally bred for
of his beach walks, play- and what kinds of character traits
time and cuddles...Lots were valued as we humans
and lots of cuddles!” selectively bred these animals to
create our perfect workmate and best
friend. Do as much reading as you
can on your chosen breed, surf the
internet and go and talk to
people who have experience with the
breed of dog you are interested in.
What is expected of a breed and an
individual dog’s personality can
potentially be very different so
speaking to experienced, responsible
owners can be extremely useful.


Article by : Jess Sandstrom (pictured with DR doggie Speckles)

If you do decide after your extensive study that a Laundry to hamper -
working dog is perfect for you and your lifestyle... well Toys to toy basket -
that is when the real fun begins! The possibilities are Recycling to the bin or
endless when it comes to finding jobs for your new you could even delve
best friend to do to keep them satisfied mentally, into some exciting
physically and emotionally. You could get involved in party tricks like
dog sports such as agility, treibball, flyball or nose- fetching you a drink
work. Perhaps look at advanced training at home from the fridge or riding
which could be for fun or even have a practical a skateboard!!
application! Faithfully retrieving the newspaper is a
classic trick for your dog to learn but what about “The possibilities are limited only by your
something a little more? How about helping to collect imagination and of course what is appropriate for
items and place them in a container? your dog’s physique and stamina!” Jess

Always remember that your dog is only what you make them. Make the time and commitment to
enjoy your working breed dog! Join a club, meet new friends, use your imagination and have
some fun because working dogs are intelligent creatures who love to learn and be involved. By
training your new bestie the bond between you will grow stronger and you will reap the benefits
of owning such a magnificent animal. Your dog is a gift – enjoy them to the fullest.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

1. Sally Cattle x Kelpie 2yrs 18kgs Female Sponsor: “ She still has so much to give!” Inzie Bailey
2. Sammy Border Collie x 1yr Male Sponsor:“Hoping 2017 brings you a forever family!” Julie McCann
3. Courtney Kelpie x Italian Greyhound 1yr Female Sponsor: “ Wishing you good luck!” Breanna
4. Jessie Kelpie x 12mths Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of our beautiful Elle!” Malki & Chandra
5. Nelson Cattle x 3yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Minnie, who was so special!” Marika Camilleri
6. Ember Kelpie x Shepherd 1yr 16kgs Female Sponsor: “Just ‘cause you’re such a good girl!” Jane & Romeo


For years you longed for retirement, you could hardly wait until that
special day when you would be free from work commitments and be
able to do anything you liked with your life. Now that retirement is finally
here, and the novelty has worn off, all you feel is ISOLATED, LONELY,
BORED and DEPRESSED... but there is no need to be!!!


Geari Rose is 73. She had a background in unheard off and I was so happy that she was trying to
recruitment and human resources for many do this on her own. My daughter and I started dog
years. She volunteers at the shelter on walking at the Strathfield location in 2004 and when
Tuesdays with a shift in CUSTOMER SERVICE Monika moved to a retail shop in Drummoyne on
having been one of the first Gold Coast Meter Victoria Road it was just down the road from where I
Maids in the early sixties. lived and I assisted in the retail shop 4 days a week for
3 years. Monika used to drive from the Northern
Geari says: “ I couldn’t wait to retire so I could get Beaches with up to 30 dogs a day in her van to the
involved with Doggie Rescue. I had read about Monika shop and then had to drive back again with the dogs in
in the newspaper and resolved this is what I would do. I the evening as no dogs were allowed to stay over-
was astounded to read that Monika was rescuing dogs night. It was a real labour of love for Monika to spend
directly from a pound. At the time this was nearly so much time in traffic every day to make sure dogs
were able to be viewed for adoption and dog walking.”


After Monika established the present shelter Geari sold her
house and moved to the northern beaches which coincided
happily with other family needs and meant she was closer to
the shelter at Ingleside.

“When I was a Meter Maid I travelled all “ I cut my teeth dealing with the
over Australia meeting an amazing general public on a daily basis
variety of people. You only have to look feeding parking meters when I was
at the website to see what they get the a meter maid in my youth ( see
girls to do these days”. Geari then went photo above ). They still use my
on to have a background in recruitment photo on their website today but
and human resources for many years. the Meter Maids are not the same
“It was what I loved to do and when I these days since they were taken
retired I felt I still had a lot to offer. I over from the Gold Coast City
decided the best fit for me at Doggie Council by a promoter.” Geari
Rescue was to do customer service
which I have done ever since and enjoy “Every volunteer has different skills
immensely. I actively try to recruit to offer and it does not matter
volunteers for this position in my meet whether you can volunteer for a day
and greet role and we have gained a week or a day a fortnight…
some wonderful loyal volunteers over or...even a day a month, you will be
the years.” she says. helping Monika to save more lives
and make some new dog-loving
Geari has also been delivering Doggie friends at the same time. Age is no
Rescue Magazine on her bicycle since barrier for many of the older dogs
2005 (see main photo ). Each month are happy just to be cuddled so
she distributes about 250 magazines don’t let that deter you! See you at
along the beaches at bus stops, coffee the shelter!” Geari
shops, banks and whoever else lets her
put down a magazine. “ I see so many
people pick it up and start talking about
it with me or their companions. On total
I would have distributed some 36,000
magazines over 12 years.” Geari

She encourages any retirees to come in on a Tuesday morning and have
a chat with her and spend a morning to see if it is something you would
enjoy. “It goes without saying that without our volunteers DoggieRescue
would not be able to run the shelter so efficiently and when you volunteer
you meet lovely likeminded people who see dogs as part of their family.”

Don’t be shy. Please call us on 9486-3133 or just pop in and introduce yourself. No matter
what your skills ( or lack of them ) if you love dogs we guarantee we will find the perfect
volunteer job for you as there are just so many different volunteer jobs available. With the
Easter holidays fast approaching it is a perfect time to come to the shelter and say “Hello”!

Part 3 next month by Mark Lawrence….




Volunteers extraordinaire! Breed: Labrador x Shepherd
Age: 6yrs Weight: 23kgs
“ We regretfully announce that ‘Old Father Time’ has caught up
with us after close to 16 years of doing stalls for DoggieRescue Bazza is a very lovable social boy.
and we now have to pull up stumps. We do thank you all for your He is good with people and was with
great support...To the Volunteers who have helped us each week, children in the past. He walks well on
we could not have done any of it without your help.” Ellen & Ron lead and is very well mannered. He
loves a run. Bazza was left at the
pound with a large tumour which we
have had removed. He is a beautiful
boy who deserves a better life. He
was originally adopted from the
pound at a young age and dropped
back when they moved. He knows
how to sit, shake, stay and lie down.


Dear Ellen and Ron,

I would like to let you know how valued you both have been,
your tireless work raising funds for our doggies ( in all weath-
ers ) has been awe-inspiring. Over the years you have always
put your hands up when we needed help, not only with the stalls
you ran but Ellen the beautiful quilts you have made and sold to
help raise funds. If only we could bottle your enthusiasm, your
willingness to raise funds despite many difficulties. You both
have never expected anything in return but just the knowledge
that the funds you raised helped and I want you to know how
grateful I am for the last 16 years. I know that you will still be
working hard each month delivering DoggieRescue magazines
to save us the postage (and be helping out when we need your
barbeque skills Ron)! Thank you from us all, but mostly for the
hundreds of dogs that you have helped along the way to finding
new families with your continued support.

Monika and all of the DoggieRescue family

Sponsor: Happy Easter from Jody Redler






13 11 11
Years Years Years

Jason is a gentle, easy going Lincoln is an affectionate boy Scout is cuddly and loves his
boy who is active for his age. very bonded to his brother Scout. brother Lincoln. They are a pair.


10 11 10
Years Years Years

Polly is a sweet, loving little girl Wyatt is a loving and gentle boy Russell is a quiet, older boy who
whose owner sadly passed away. who would suit an older family. needs a loving, committed family.

Jason Lhasa Apso 13yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Jakkson & Jack!” Gina Carovigno
Lincoln & Scout ( A bonded pair ) Mini Poodle x 11yrs Both Males. Sponsors: “In loving memory of my precious
dogs Heidi & Libby!”Judith Lynch & “You have a sponsor who cares —now you are loved!” Fred & Annie Tse
Polly Chihuahua x Pomeranian 10yrs 5kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Sam!” Valerie Rodgers
Wyatt Poodle x Shih Tzu 11yrs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Jessica!” Honey, Bonnie & Marti, their Mum
Russell Silky Terrier x 10yrs Male Sponsor: “For the lovely Lily & the joyous Jenna!” Lisa Kane

Hoppy Easter

BARNEY Byron Shih Tzu x 6yrs 3.8kgs Male Sponsor:“ In
& GEMMA loving memory of our dear Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins


What would Why shouldn’t you
we do with- tell an Easter egg a
out Barney? good joke? Answer:
He's settled It might crack up!!!!
right in and Ha! Ha! Ha!
I think it’s
So does
Best friends


Hi Fans… family don’t want to make me sick so they

don’t give me even a little bit of choccie.

Easter is just around the corner and my This means I miss all the fun of Easter

tail is wagging! This year I am going on morning too.

an EASTER EGG HUNT and I just

can’t wait for Easter to come… Usually when the egg hunt is on I’m

locked inside with my nose pressed to the

I love chocolate so Easter is a tempting window but this year it’s going to be

time for me— trying to get a lick of a different! This year the Easter Bunny is

chocolate bunnies ear, sniffing for using plastic eggs (yes, Mum told me)

broken bits of Easter eggs that fall on and it is so doggies can enjoy hunting for

the floor, washing chocolate covered eggs too!!! It seems the plastic eggs turn

fingers and begging for some choccie into chocolate ones when they are found

—PLEASE! It is hard because and brought inside and if a doggie finds a

chocolate is POISONOUS for doggies plastic egg then it turns into a yummy

( it’s so unfair ) and if you love your dog liver treat that doggies can eat. My tail is

don’t fall for the pleading look or the going ...windmills!!! Most of all I am happy

begging and the whining, the drooling that this Easter I can be part of the fun

and the barking. I’ve tried it all but my too. It’s so EGG-CITING!!!! C/u Chips


• • • • MEET MY DOG “ Duke Hartmann” by Charlotte 12 years

Hi Everyone, dogs and has been extremely well behaved with every
one of them. Duke loves the dog park. We have taken
On the first day we brought Duke home, he was a bit him a couple of times but today was his first time off
barky and stressed, but he quickly calmed down. It has lead. He was such a good boy and came back to us
been the most amazing feeling to walk downstairs in the when we called his name. He is very social and was
morning or come home from school and be greeted by meeting dogs of all shapes and sizes with a wagging
a wagging tail and big slobbery kisses! Duke loves his tail! Duke is always up for a pat and often falls asleep
walks ( more like runs ) and has been on many, as we when we are patting him! He even loves his baths and
often walk him a couple times a day. He loves to sprint is very well behaved ( and he now smells great too :) ).
at first but then he gets a bit tired and lies down – how-
ever once he gets his energy back he often continues to Thank you for giving us such a beautiful, good
sprint! He has met all our neighbours and all of their tempered, well behaved and affectionate dog!

Is handsome, a Call 9486-3133
quick learner & to meet me!
enjoys jogging.
& has a cute smile...

Button Aussie Terrier x 8yrs 8.6kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of my dear little Pebbles!” Sigrid


VOLUNTEER With your help we will
continue to find homes
Get involved....9486-3133 for more than 1000 doggies every year.


1. Jacob Staffy x 10yrs 24.5kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Otto & ex DR dog Rohan!” Gail
2. Khaleesi Staffy x 12mths 12.7kgs Female Sponsor: “It’s in the giving we receive!” Royce Milmlow
3. Frederick Kelpie x 7yrs 14.3kgs Male Sponsor: “ Just ‘cause you’re such a good boy!” Jane & Romeo
4. Jedi Cattle x Staffy 5yrs 16kgs Male Sponsor: “ Good luck!” Yvonne, Marina, Jef & Easy Social Media
5. Phantom Staffy Terrier x 2yrs 19.6kgs Male Sponsor: Love from Mummy Karen & Kezi, Sherry & Spot Trafford
6. Jax Labrador x Border Collie 4yrs 17kgs Male Sponsor:“A faithful friend 4ever!” Wendy McCathie
7. Django Kelpie x 7mths Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you a very happy home soon!” Sara Schaara
8. Gracie English Staffy 5yrs Female Sponsor: Sending you lots of love from Susan Cassidy
9. Mariah Shepherd x 5yrs 23.4kgs Female Sponsor:“Sending some luck your way!” Rachel & Andrew
10. Dre Whippet x 3yrs 10.3kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Rusty, Tasha & Sam!” Robert Nauta
11. Caleb Staffy x Border Collie 9yrs 22.4kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Scruffy!” from Barbara
12. Zoe Kelpie x 1-2yrs 19.2kgs Female Sponsor: “ Wishing you a Happy Easter!” The team at Total Earth Care





Volunteer Cuddle a Help
at the Shelter. Doggie. Fundraise...

There are a huge variety of DoggieRescue has many Meet like minded people, have
volunteer jobs available. doggies who love a cuddle... some fun & help us fundraise!

Kids can Adopt, Don’t Give us
Volunteer too... Shop! a call...

Under 18? You can still help but There are so many abandoned No matter what skills you have,
you need to bring an adult too. pets waiting for a loving family. or your age you can help!



12 3

4 56 7

8 9 10 11

1. Dahlia Whippet x Staffy 1yr Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Linda who loved animals!” Pat & Pee Wee
2. Rosie Shar Pei x Staffy 8yrs 15kgs Female Sponsor: “A gift from our Maxwell!” Robert & Chris
3. Romeo Staffy x Cattle 12mths 17kgs Male Sponsor:“To help him find a home as good as Napoleon’s!” Jackson
4. Blaze Staffy x Cattle 2yrs 15kgs Male Sponsor: With lots of love from Kate Retallack
5. Willow Staffy x 6yrs 15kgs Female Sponsor: “Wishing you a very Happy Easter!” Barbara Holdsworth
6. Percy Mastiff x 8yrs 31kgs Male Sponsor:“To give you a much better chance of a home!” Joan & John
7. Marcus English Staffy x 7yrs 16.9kgs Male Sponsor: “ In memory of my wonder dog Curtis!” Lee McKerracher
8. Hazel Shepherd x 3-4yrs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Monty, Grace & Honey!”Margaret Crowe
9. Casper Staffy x Jack Russell 2yrs 12.4kgs Male With lots of love from Ruth Wall
10. Bailey Jack Russell x Pug 4-5yrs 8.3kgs Male Sponsor: “ It’s in the giving we receive!” Royce Milmlow
11. Angel English Staffy x 2yrs 14.2kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Iceberg, who was special!” Henny


45 6 7

8 9 10 11
1. Tess Jack Russell x 3-4yrs 8.2kgs Female Sponsor:“ In loving memory of Lucky!” Kevin Lynch
2. Audrey Boxer x 7yrs 30kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Bessy Irvine!” Janiece
3. Mercedes Rottweiler x 6yrs 33kgs Female Sponsor: “ In memory of Lucky, Bunny & Yellow!” E. Lin
4. Turtle Labrador x 4yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Roger, Rover & Ross!” Elizabeth Lynch
5. Marzipan Staffy x 2-3yrs Female Sponsor: “To help you to start a brand new life!” Desi Hendrawn
6. Penny Great Dane x Shepherd 1yr 30kgs Female Sponsor: Lisa Suters, with love
7. Tara Mastiff x Wolfhound 2yrs 40.1kgs Female Sponsor: “Sending you lots of love!” Jane & her fur kids
8. Benette Bull Mastiff x Shepherd 4yrs 25.9kgs Female Sponsor: “From our family of 2 dogs!” Lisa & Greg
9. Olive Kelpie x Shar Pei 2yrs 15.7kgs Female Sponsor:“Just ‘cause you’ve been a good girl!” Jane & Romeo
10. Trudy Labrador x Shepherd 3yrs 29kgs Female Sponsor:“ In loving memory of Salvatore!” Antoinette
11. Jackie B/Collie x 8yrs 16kgs female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Jess & Jody!” Michele & Steve Tamassy



1. Spike Wiry Terrier 1yr 15.1kgs Male Sponsor: “ Big hugs to a very sweet big boy!” Gail & Nelson
2. Sparkle Wiry Terrier 4yrs 5.6kgs Female Sponsor: The Students at the Sydney School of English
3. Quinn Jack Russell x 6yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris
4. Dusty Kelpie x Corgi 3yrs 10.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ For my dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
5. Nikita Corgi x Sheltie 10yrs 9.8kgs Female Sponsor:“A loving home is coming in 2017!” Tony Suters
6. Winkle Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 5yrs 4.1kgs Male Sponsor:“Happy home is coming soon!” Love from Noreen
7. Rex Schnauzer x Terrier 1-2yrs 10kgs Male Sponsor:“ In loving memory of dear Sheba!” Louise Dowd
8. Justin Mini Foxy x 6yrs 7.8kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of our beloved Harry!” Malki & Chandra
9. Wiggles Maltese x 4-5yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “Ex DR doggie Woody’s way of saying thanks!” from Tracy Fay
10. Charlie Mini Pinscher x 8yrs Male Sponsor: “ My fingers are crossed for a forever home!” Meaghan
11. Speckles Cattle x Corgi 11yrs 15kgs Male Sponsor:“Wishing you a happy Easter!” Sam & Joy Jenkins
12. Jenny Maltese x Lhasa Apso 8yrs 5kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Ted & for Sam!” Alison Skinner


Your one stop pool shop— We do it all!

Shop 4, 1 Powderworks Rd, Nth Narrabeen Phone: 9913 2566
Email: [email protected]


• • • Postcard WHERE ARE THEY NOW Maxwell Davis

Waving… Dear Readers,
Here I come!!! Maxwell had been at Monika's Doggie Rescue for 5 years. When I went to
visit him he wouldn't walk up the road without being carried. I took him out
in the car and he was a completely different dog. It's been around 8 months
now since I adopted him and he is adored by everyone that meets him. Max
is 90% deaf. He is also short sighted. And he has a skin allergy to regular
food and is on a prescription diet. So training a deaf, ill sighted dog was a
little challenging but we have a code when he is off the leash which he
loves. He turns his head regularly and if I wave and squat down he comes
back to me! Our other sign language is sitting, laying, jumping up. We
haven't quite mastered the roll over but we're getting there. He’s very clever!

Maxwell loves a road trip and I've had him on the family farm which he also
loves, especially the cow poop!! Max is very attached to me, which is to be
expected, and is the only dog I know that can sit beside you when you're
eating and not beg and miraculously he ignores birds and cats completely.
Max is a dear little soul, I’m so glad I rescued him. We have one happy dog!

Margot Davis

Where is my 3.
forever home?

1. 2.

4. 5. 6.

1. Spud Foxy x 3yrs 7kgs Male Sponsor:“To help you start a brand new life in 2017!” Desi Hendrawen
2. Gunther Jack Russell x 6yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of our dog Penny, who was special!” Stefanie
3. Squall Foxy 6yrs 9.4kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Tia & Ian!” Paul & Kathryn & Muffin
4. Melody Kelpie x Foxy 2yrs Female Sponsor:“ Wishing you a happy 47th birthday Ray!” Nila Sudiarta
5. Arty Jack Russell x 8yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “Fingers crossed for this month!” Marg Iveson
6. Dezzy Maltese x 3yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “ With love from Kipling, Digby & Marlow!” Catherine


• Feature EASTER HAZARDS Brought to you by DoggieRescue’s….



Frosty Irish Terrier x 8yrs 7.7kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Chip & Blossom!” Alan & Tina
Blitzen Irish Terrier x Poodle 10yrs 9.4kgs Male Sponsor: With lots of love from Beth Gentle
Joseph Irish Terrier 8yrs Male Sponsor: “ For all our Rainbow Bridge Mob!” Love from Colleen & Ron



Is the Easter
Bunny bringing
me a home?


dog won’t know the difference between their toys and
the toy Easter bunnies that abound at Easter. Any
stuffed toys that fill your Easter baskets need to be
dog safe ie: noses, eyes & decorations securely
fastened for small parts can come off and pose a
choking hazard for your pet.

5. EASTER GRASS: This is the

pretty shredded cellophane that
accompanies most Easter Egg baskets. As it
smells ‘chocolately’ dogs may be tempted to
ingest it and it can cause an obstruction or
perforation. Keep it out of reach of your pets or
don’t tempt fate by buying it.

6. FOIL: Most chocolate eggs come Brandy Irish Terrier x 10yrs
Female Sponsor: “ Wishes for a brighter
wrapped in shiny foil and while it looks future!” Sach Baillie
pretty, if swallowed, it can pose a
choking or obstruction hazard for your pet.


Star Toy Poodle x 10yrs 4.9kgs Female & Ivy Silky x Poodle 8yrs 4.2kgs Female Sponsors: “In loving memory
of all my special woofs!” Susan Carovigno & Sponsor: “ In loving memory of our dear little Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
Twinkle IrishTerrier x 9yrs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Banjo & Clancy!”Ann & John,Molly,Mabel &Henry


1. Bonnie Foxy x 6yrs 5.8kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
2. Matilda Kelpie x 5-6yrs Female Sponsor: “A forever family soon!” Janelle Wooldridge
3. Gypsy Kelpie x Shepherd 5yrs 18.3kgs Female Sponsor: “Good things are coming soon!” Jody Redler
4. Pearl Silky x 10yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Connor & Polly!” The Browns
5. Emmet Maltese x 10yrs 9.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck in 2017!” P. Tew
6. Zara Cattle x Labrador 3yrs 26kgs Female Sponsor: Wishing you a Happy Easter from Anik Surcar
7. & 8. Brandine Jack Russell x 3yrs 5.3kgs Female & Cletus Jack Russell x 3yrs 11kgs Male (a bonded pair)

Sponsor: “My fingers are crossed you find a loving home for Easter!” Love from Lesley Cansdell & Titch the cat
9. Squirtle Jack Russell x 3-4yrs 5.6kgs Male Sponsor:“ We hope you find a family soon!” Rachel & Andrew
10. Cole Border Terrier x 4yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “He just needs time, patience & a lot of love!”Janice Martin
11. Tasha Shar Pei x Labrador 3yrs Female Sponsor: “Just ’cause you’re such a very good girl!” Jane & Romeo
12. Mia Foxy x 4yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of our dear Macy girl!” Susan Dorahy



( aka Darwin)

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be – Beethoven (the dog) My family says I have taught them– how better their
If I could wish fleas on someone it would be– Max life is now I'm here!
the annoying pug I meet at the park. My tail wags most- I hear the word walk or think there
It took a while but I finally - became comfortable might be a treat coming my way.
around strangers. My greatest achievement is – swimming in the sea, I
When told I was to star in DoggieRescue magazine - hated it at the start but I got used to it and now I love it.
I ran around in circles with joy. My relationship with other dogs is – great, I am really
I often wonder - why I was left at the pound when I am friendly and outgoing, I love meeting new furry friends.
such a good boy. If I impersonated a famous star I’d be - Bradley
The food that makes me drool is – chicken & Rice Cooper I'm not really sure who he is but I hear my Mom
and Steak. talk about him a lot so I guess he must be a good guy :)
My happiest moment are– long walks on the beach My favourite place in the world is – Yarra Bay beach.
and even longer naps after. Sleeping so close to my I was so proud – of myself when I learned to roll over.
Dad he has to share his pillow with me! Life is - All about second chances for me, I feel very
I am so excited– about the rest of my life with my new lucky and special!
family. I hope the Easter Bunny brings me – Baxters Choc
My nickname is - Ted or Buddy. Treats (dog friendly chocolate)


Does your new sponsor doggie appear on this page?

1. Ralph Pomeranian 10yrs 2.5kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica
2. Aria Corgi x Staffy 5yrs 14.7kgs Female Sponsor: “ For my dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
3. Ava Bull Arab x 8mths 24.1kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Pepe & Cindy!” Malki & Chandra
4. Rue Bull Arab x 27kgs Female (Ava & Rue are sisters) “In loving memory of Ricky!” Malki & Chandra
5. Snoopy Maltese x 4yrs 6.6kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck!” P. Tew
6. Chandler Jack Russell x Maltese 7yrs Male Sponsor: “Keep smiling Ralph!” Love from Tilly, Jasper & Karen
7. Noddy Foxy x Jack Russell 2yrs Male Sponsor: Wishing you a happy Easter from the 4 Kane Kitties
8. Kiera Shih Tzu x 6yrs 4.5kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Sammy!” Fred & Teena Wratten
9. Heather Labrador x Staffy 9yrs 26kgs Female Sponsor: “This sponsorship is my gift to you!” Jeff
10. Malaki Wolfhound x 2yrs 25.2kgs Male Sponsor: With love and hugs from Shona & Narice
11. Mary Poodle x Irish Terrier 9yrs Female Sponsor: “A house without a dog is not a home! ” Sylvia Raye
12.Twinkle Maltese x 10yrs 3.8kgs Female Sponsor:“In memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins

were used in
this article... YOU’RE NO BUNNY ‘TILL



So find yourself ‘some bunny’ to love…..



Fudge Schnauzer x Maltese 2-3yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“ We LOVE you Fudge!” Tracy & Andrew Hall
Juliet Chihuahua x Pomeranian 3-4yrs Female Sponsor: “ With love from Joey & Rosie!” Pat Broderick
Angus Aussie Terrier x 5yrs 8.5kgs Male Sponsor: “Somewhere a loving home waits!” Lesley Cansdell & Titch
Pudding Aussie Terrier x 9yrs 7.6kgs Male Sponsor: “ Sending lots of love!” Martha Pavlakis
April Aussie Terrier x 10yrs 8.1kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Ted & for Sam!” Alison Skinner
Maisy Staffy x Jack Russell 2yrs 10.5kgs Female Sponsor: “ Wishing Maisy a happy life!” from Hughie Wray


PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE What’s trending on instagram?
in 2017 BY FOLLOWING... Follow the DoggieRescue news/
see videos of the doggies/ catch
instagram up with our day to day
happenings and much more…



1. Holly Irish Terrier x 9yrs 8kgs Female Sponsor: “Hoping you find a family to love you soon!” Patsy Wills
2. & 3. Lena Foxy x Terrier 14yrs Female & Reci Foxy x 10yrs Female Both tiny. ( bonded Mum & Daughter

pair) Sponsor: “In loving memory of Tyson & Gramps, who had a happy life at the end!” Lucy Beaman
4. Kaia Maltese x 9-10yrs 3.7kgs Female Sponsor: “I hope you find lots of love—you deserve it!” Margot Cuthill
5. Teddy Foxy x Chihuahua 11yrs 6.7kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Bill & Brittany!” Doreen Watkins
6. Celene Maltese x Foxy 10yrs 4kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Daisy!” Ashleigh Synnott
7. Saffy Maltese x 8yrs 5.1kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of my sweet Crunchie!” Cathy Beer
8. Lorelei Terrier x 12yrs Female Sponsor: “ A gift from our beloved Markey!” Robert & Chris
9. Jamie Jack Russell x 6yrs 8kgs Male Blind Sponsor: “Wishing you very good luck!” from Freddie Martin
10. Bruce Mini Pinscher 11yrs 9kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Sybil & Jed, 2 strays!”Janet & Richard
11.&12.Thelma Chihuahua x 10yrs 1.8kgs Female & Louise Chihuahua x 8yrs 3.3kgs Female (Bonded pair.)

Sponsors: “Tail wags from Lopez (ex DR dog, Chilli & Tess!” & the Students at the Sydney School of English.


Share updates/ videos, catch up on
our latest news and help us to
spread the word! LIKE US TODAY :)

The message on facebook said: “ Time to hit the road—we took a selfie
URGENT VOLUNTEER x 2 needed: We before heading back from Taree”
are looking for 2 people willing to drive to
Taree to save this girl ASAP. She looks
Lab sized. We have an appropriate crate
here at the shelter for her. There is limited
space at the pound and we want to save
her from being PTS.

Meet Keryn Twining & Nat McEwen -
angels in disguise…

Keryn & Nat put their hands up for a
rescue mission to save Coco a Labrador
x Kelpie who was on Death Row in
Taree Pound.

Asked about their successful rescue mission Nat replied “ It was the best road trip ever! We got to save the MOST
beautiful girl, my heart has melted! Rubbing her name off the euthanasia list was awesome!” Well done girls, you are
LEGENDS! On her new found fame Coco was too busy to be interviewed due to Easter photo shoot commitments.

Please help DoggieRescue continue our lifesaving work. Not only for today
but for the years to come. Make a gift to the animals through your Will.

Please call or email for your free brochure about leaving a gift in your Will.
Phone: 9486-3133 Monika



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Featured dog: Donald Shar Pei x Labrador 4yrs Male • • • Lifesaver fundraiser



Sponsor: “ In loving Express your love and commitment
memory of Penny & to the doggies who no one else cares
Lucy!” Hannah about! With your regular monthly
contribution our life-saving work will

In 2013-2014 year 27,438 dogs & cats
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In this economic climate our need for
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