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DoggieRescue E-Magazine January 2017_Neat

2 Mc Cowan Rd, Cnr. Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101 SHNEOLTKEIRLL
OPEN: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

PHONE: 9486-3133

Vol.11 No.147 ADOPTED
DOGS 11,892


11AM - 2PM
Weather permitting


AJalscokime e&eht eorurfrgieonrdgseoounspcaogveesr girl 7



“ My resolution for 2017
is to show a little more
kindness to the animals
around me and that I
come into contact w ith
and be more aw are of
their needs – not just
companion animals but
all animals. As Roland
say s in his article let
Australia be a beacon
to animal welfare.”
Monika ( at right with
Boo, now adopted. )

Dear Readers,

We have jumped into 2017 with a load of young “undamaged” so they can bring them up and
pups! The count just before Christmas was 14 but train them their way to become perfect pups.
quite a few have found forever homes just before Sadly we know where a lot of these pupsend
the New Year. The cute puppies never cease to up by the time they are teenagers.
attract families who want the fresh and
Pups come and go and our adults wait quietly in
TRUST IS BUILT ON KINDN ESS & LOVE... the wings waiting with their tails wagging for a
family to notice them. They are waiting for
families who can see past the cute puppy look
and have a depth of understanding and
compassion to recognise their latent potential.
In adult dogs you get what you see in terms of
size and personality, and you help them grow
in confidence and self-esteem.

We saw a lot of long termers leave in 2016.
With pounds doing more assessments of dogs,
Doggie Rescue is focusing more on the dogs
that they label as“ Rescue Only” meaning they
are not offered to the public for adoption. These
are dogs with either medical or behavioural
issues that require time and work. Examples of
these include Jedi our Kelpie x Cattle ( see at
left with kennel hand Jess) and also on p12,


Lonhro p23 ( now in a loving home ) and Hermoine, our Staffy pup • Please make a DONATION
(p8) who you may have read about on social media.
If you wanted to make a tax
This is what DoggieRescue is all about – helping those that deductible donation to help
have no-one and putting in the time and effort to see it Doggie Rescue save more
through. Want to be part of that team? Look at our New Year’s lives in the year ahead you can
Resolutions p13 and get that sense of achievement. donate online via our secure
website or call us on
Read about Eric and Clifford p18-19 and see what 12 months of 02 9486 3133.
rehabilitation can achieve in a home environment, with some love,
patience and understanding. Lonhro was similar. Look how a foster • Become a DoggieRescue
family with children was able to transform this quivering scared
little boy. If you have some time and love to give and have worked LIFESAVER
with rescue dogs, consider fostering one. We are here to help and
support you on the journey. Or you might like to consider
becoming a DoggieRescue
The same work is applied to our cats and kittens. The staff at The Lifesaver (see p40), with a
Cottage Animal Hospital and our volunteers are committed to regular monthly gift to support
saving those that are sick and abandoned. Nursing and feeding our work.
kittens who are days old through to Mums and kitties from the
pound with ringworm and cat flu are part of everyday work at that All gifts, regardless of size,
busy vet practice. These strays get the same attention and care as help us to give a brighter future
their private clients. to the dogs and cats in our
care. Thank you in advance
“ In 2017 I look forward to your continued support and for your kind donation.
care for all our homeless animals.” Monika
I look forward to keeping you
Where is DoggieWood? updated on our progress in the
months ahead and sincerely
Ingleside Shelter location: 2 McCowan Rd, thank you again for all your
Cnr of Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101 support.
Open 11AM –2.30PM Tuesday to Sunday
Warmest regards
Phone: 9486-3133


Monika Biernacki
Founder - DoggieRescue

Please help us to continue
our lifesaving work


DOGGIERESCUE.COM Email: [email protected]





2016 HAS GONE—2017 IS HERE ! 10-13
Some New Year’s resolutions...


BAILEY & MELODY shar e a bush 20
adventur e. By Keryn Twining

By Chloe Piper 9 years.

By Janiece Irvine


by Monika Biernacki

By Roland Briefrel
Cartoonsby Ryley Mil er

Catching up with…

Featur ed cover Check out online Featur ed dog
dog: Jackie—meet
her and all her Join us on Facebook above is: Nelson
friends on pages ggierescue Cattl e x 3yr s
6&7 Male Sponsor: In
Follow uson Twitter
Cover photo: www.twitte loving memory of
Oznur Mezgil Minnie!” Marika


Leave a Legacy of Love

Skip Foxy x
4yrs Male

We, the team at Total Earth Care (Ergys, Gae, Because you will always care.
Reid, Dijana, Kellie, Luci, Jane, Mossy, Jody, Tim, Please remember DoggieRescue in your Will.
Kirsten & Luke) have decided to sponsor Skip in the
memory of our managing director’s best friend Billy Send or call for your free brochure about leaving a
- the dog who has passed away recently. Billy was gift in your Will.
a part of our team for many long years and we miss
him greatly. We wish Skip to find a loving home Mr/Mrs/Ms/Other
where he will be cherished as much as Billy was First name
when surrounded by his family & friends. Surname

Sponsored doggies adopted!

• Levi, Amy, Gidget, Grace, Spencer, Destiny,
Tylor, Georgie, Duke, Pippa, Andy, Kingsley,
Leo, Nick, Mufasa, Rupert, Crystal, Donny,
Archie, CJ, Chester & Marley wishes to acknowledge
the assistance given by:


Post code

Virbac Animal Health Telephone
361 Horsley Road, Please return to:
MILPERRA. NSW. 2214 DoggieRescue,
8 Chiltern Road,
Free call: 1800 009 847 INGLESIDE. NSW. 2101
Ph.(02)9772-9772 Or call 9486-3133 Thank you


Jackie B/Collie x 8yrs 16kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving Sally Cattle x Kelpie 2yrs 18kgs Female Sponsor:
memory of Jess & Jody!” Michele & Steve Tamassy “ Still so much to give!” Inzie Bailey


2016 has wound to a close & 2017 is finally here. At the start of a new year everyone makes all sorts of
resolutions - to lose weight, to save more money, to finally get that credit card balance down. At Doggie
Rescue our resolution is always to try to save more lives and we can do it too but we need YOUR help.
There are many ways, as you can see in this magazine, to help but most importantly is to adopt. Every dog
ADOPTED makes room for another to be RESCUED. Get 2017 off to a great start by saving a life!


Tango Kelpie x Cooli 12mths Female Sponsor: “Wishing Rollo Shar Pei 4yrs 21.2kgs Male Sponsor: “Wishing

Tango a very happy 2017!” love from Sara Schaare you a great family soon!” George Coleman

Deidre Clack
THE SAVING from...
HERMOINE The Cottage
Animal Hospital
www.c o ttag ean imalh o sitp al.c 16 Ross St,
NSW. 2150

Ph: 9890 7220

VIDEO We have a very special little pup
DoggieRescue has rescued under
CLICK duty of care. Her name is Little
HERE Hermoine, a Staffy X who is only 7
weeks old and weighs 1.6kg. She
came from the pound’s vet and needed
urgent care. She has serious injuries to her
back. The stench of her tissue pervaded
the Vet Clinic. We have only showed one
photo of the injuries as it is very gory. She
is safe now and on the very long road to

“ The wound as you can see below
covers from col ar level to just above
the tail. The infection when she arrived
was horrible with a smel that filled the
building. We have surgically cleaned
the wound, debrided all the rotting
necrotic skin and soft tissue. She is on
fluids, pain medication and antibiotics.
We are still awaiting culture results.”

Day 1: The tiny Staffy x puppy was transferred to our clinic and
this photo was taken the day she arrived. We all thought it was a

severe burn at first. She was made as comfortable as possible and
she nibbled some food. Hermoine could not walk and the plan was
to x ray the nex t day and clean up her dead tissue.


Day 2: Upon examination of her injuries, Dr. Dee could see puncture marks in Hermoine’s flesh which
suggested it was not a burn but rather that she had been picked up by a dog and severely shaken, tearing off layers
of skin. X rays revealed she also had 2 vertebrae out of alignment, which explained why she could not walk and
supporting the suggestion that it was a dog attack. She was not provided with any veterinary care after this
happened so infection had set in. Luckily for Hermoine, all her neurological system was intact.

“ It is going to take many months of daily dressings to improve her condition and she may need
further surgical work and possibly skin grafts, depending how the skin granulates. It is only
after most of her physical injuries heal will we be able to ascertain what behavioural
scarring this has produced.” Dee

ONE WEEK LATER: Hermoine wants
to say a HUGE thank you for all the
donations, thoughts, prayers and love she
has received since her story was posted on
DoggieRescue’s Facebook site. As you can
see she is being loved and cared for by us all
at The Cottage Animal Hospital.

Hermoine is doing well! The infection has
reduced and the wound has shrunk and is
about 3/4 the size and the skin is starting to
granulate! Yaaaaay! She is getting into her
tucker which is great to see. We will keep you
all updated as she continues to heal . Thanks
once again, from the bottom of our paws.

If you want to be part of Hermoine’s recovery
please donate here...


It seems like only a short while ago we welcomed
2016 & now as it comes to a close let us celebrate
some of our standout adoptions...

Adoption of the year was ERIC & CLIFFORD (p16)
closely followed by JOEY, TINA, SVEN, COLONEL,
forget our very special pair ANGELINA & BERT!
CLEVELAND is now so spoilt, long time resident
CORAL was adopted with little FAITH and our much
loved COOKIE 3 joined the adoption list in August. As
Spring blew in another of our special kids found his
forever home, dear MAXWELL. Followed by DODGER
( who now has a fur sister in recently adopted PIPPA )
and another much loved DR resident found his forever
family...YUKKI! SERENA & VENUS found a home
together in November, followed by our lovely little
mummy LEXI ( with two of her pups!)

The year 2016 has seen our adoption total
climbing to 11,892 (not incl. kitties). Without our
hardworking team this would not have been
possible, so THANK YOU one and all….





Volunteer Cuddle a Help
at the Shelter. Kitty. Fundraise...

There are a huge variety of DoggieRescue has many kitties Meet like minded people, have
volunteer jobs available. who love a cuddle... some fun & help us fundraise!

Kids can Adopt, Make a
Volunteer too... Don’t Shop! Difference

Under 18? You can still help but There are so many abandoned No matter what skills you have,
you need to bring an adult too. pets waiting for a loving family. or your age you can help!



2017 Dear DoggieRescue Supporters,
As we embrace a brand new year I am looking
HERE forward to the challenges ahead. Our goals for 2017
are to save as many animals as we can and find
them forever homes.

But DoggieRescue is not just about RESCUE, it is
also about REHABILITATION. Many animals come
to us broken, both mentally and physically, it can
take many long months for them to relax and feel
happy. It can sometimes take even longer than
that for abused dogs to feel safe and to be able to
respond to the human touch and learn to t rust again.
One such dog is Jedi, see his story below.

There are many more doggies like Jedi waiting in
pounds for a second chance at life. Please help us
to give them that chance.


Jedi was so anxious when he came to us from the pound VIDEO
that no one could get near him or catch him. We had to
let him settle in for a while in his kennel and eventually CLICK
we were able to handle him. He lets people pick him up HERE
and move him to where he needs to go because he gets
scared when a lead is put around his neck. Jedi seems
to have settled into the routine of being carried around
and what a way to be treated like a king! He’s certainly
not a small dog but small enough so he can be carried
everywhere. For Jedi, he gets the most therapeutic effect
from other dogs because he is social and thus this has
slowly helped to build up some of his confidence to the
point where we have been able to place him in yards that
are more ex posed to the outside world and where he can
see and get used to seeing more people and the daily
activities of the shelter. Jedi also seems to not have had
much ex perience socialising with other dogs and so
being in groups with other dogs has not only boosted his
confidence but helped him to be more dog-like.

My vision for Jedi is to see his anx ious habits begin to
gradually slow down more as we apply the TLC that
Monika’s Doggie Rescue is proud to embody and is
recognised for, so that one day he can be completely
free, happy and a fully-actualised balanced doggie. I
have seen it happen before and it is a sight to behold!

Luis De Florio DoggieRescue Kennel Manager

Jedi Cattle x Staffy 5yr s 16kgs Male Sponsor: A Happy New Year f rom Yvonne, Marina & Jef, Easy Social Media





Name Levi

Jerry Name a Sponsor
DR Doggie! a Kitty
Food &
Shelter Give a DR doggie a start in their Be involved in rehoming your
Pays for food & shelter for new life by choosing their name. sponsored kitty in our magazine.
1 dog for 1 month.

Romeo Jackie

Food & Food, Buy a 2017
Shelter + Vet Fees Shelter & expansion DR Calendar
Pays for food, shelter & vet
fees for 1 dog for 1 month. Pays for food, shelter & vet fees 100% of money raised through
for 1 month + saving more lives. sales goes to the doggies!!!



• Feature DOGGIERESCUE UNLEASHED AND DANGEROUS Compiled by Roland Briefrel


Roland Briefrel, a long time
supporter of DoggieRescue, is an
educator and an animal welfare
advocate who is not hesitant to
speak about topics for animals who
have no voice.

At one time we had truth and lies. welfare in NSW and Australia, Ryley Miller
Now we have truth, lies, and particularly given the on again off
statements that may not be true but again ban on greyhound racing in has said no to these questions and
we consider too benign to call false. NSW. Most people when asked do assume it would take a very
Euphemisms abound. We are they care about animals and their particular kind of monstrosity to
“economical with the truth,” we welfare will respond with a answer in the negative. Nobody
“sweeten it,” or tell “the truth resounding YES. When asked are really wants to see animals
improved.” The term deceive gives they against animal cruelty, will harmed or treated inhumanely.
way to spin. At worst we admit to again respond in the affirmative. In Well that is right up to the moment,
“misspeaking,” or “exercising poor fact I have never met anyone who it seems, it hits the hip pocket
judgment.” Nor do we want to nerve, political cowardice, media
accuse others of lying. We say they intervention and post-truth.
are in denial. A liar is “ethically
challenged,” someone for whom
“the truth is temporarily unavailable.”

This is post-truth. In the post-truth
era, borders blur between truth and
lies, honesty and dishonesty, fiction
and nonfiction. Deceiving others
becomes a challenge, a game, and
ultimately a habit. Why is this
important – well because it
explains, together with politics and
money, the reversal of the
greyhound ban in NSW. Just deny
the facts!!

As we enter a new year, it really is
time to ponder the future of animal

With thanks to ANIMALS AUSTRALIA for some of the material used here….
What is some of the evidence?

1. Just six months ago we were all celebrating a monumental leap forward for animals. Greyhound racing —
along with ‘live baiting’, drugging, fatal injuries, and mass graves — was set to become a thing of the past in
NSW. But since then, immense political pressure and a relentless media campaign have successfully
overturned the historic greyhound racing ban.

It seems that again, the interests of animals — to be free from pain, fear and abuse — have come second to
the interests of the almighty dollar. The industry and its supporters think they have won. The animal abusers
think they have won. We all need to prove them wrong. But it ought not to end this way.

Our initial disappointment at the back down quickly turned into determination. Not for a moment does this
signal that this industry has a future. It remains teetering on the precipice. And one mis-step is all it will
take… The opportunistic politicians who pressured the NSW Premier to overturn this ban are set to have
many sleepless nights. Their political destinies are now wedded to an industry whose sense of right and
wrong went missing decades ago.

But politicians have forgotten that they have ‘befriended’ an industry where no behaviour, no matter how
abhorrent or criminal was off the table, if a race could be won. Sickening cruelty and highly illegal drugs were
commonplace ‘training’ methods. Now that prize purses are back on offer, it is only a matter of time until they
will be again. Now, once again the animals need us. Going back into battle against this industry again is
not something anyone had planned for. But it is exactly what we need to do. This is not just about
greyhounds or kittens, piglets, rabbits, or possums. This is about every animal abused for profit. It is
about every industry that thinks it can bully its way out of obeying what limited laws exist to protect animals.

What happens next will send signals far and wide. You can bet that cruel industries everywhere — from
factory farming to live export — are watching. The greyhound industry did not deserve a second chance, but
money and politics won out. The post truth era has enabled all of this to happen through simple denial.


2. In Western Australia more than 370 racing report released on Thursday showed the industry
greyhounds were put down in the last year, which provided $11.7 million in 2015-16 for around 300 race
most would agree is shocking and unacceptable, meetings.
given about 600 are bred each year, according to the
WA Greens. New figures released in the WA The latest figures come after the RSPCA recently
Parliament revealed 371 greyhounds were put down launched an extraordinary attack on the WA greyhound
in the last twelve months because they were too slow, industry, labelling it "highly secretive" over its refusal to
injured or deemed unable to be re-homed. release historical euthanasia figures. RSPCA WA had
previously stood by industry's ability to self-regulate, but
Questions to the Minister for Racing in WA has since called on the WA Government to set up an
revealed 187 dogs were euthanized because they independent welfare and integrity body to oversee the
were injured on the track or while training, 96 were industry. The RSPCA, Labor and the Greens have been
not suitable for racing and 88 were deemed unfit for asking the industry to tell them how many dogs have
re-homing since October 2015.About 600 of the dogs been put down over the last decade because they were
are bred each year in WA, while about 400 are deemed unsuitable.
imported from interstate for racing purposes, with
2,019 imported into WA since 2012. The number of But in post truth Australia, Racing and Wagering WA
dogs exported from WA to be raced in other states (RWWA) will only provide the figures for the last three
has also increased significantly since 2012. Greens years, citing the data would need to be recovered.
MLC Lynn MacLaren MLC has said the figures were RWWA has continually refused to dedicate the
"shocking" and revealed ongoing systemic cruelty resourcing they claim is required to provide the figures.
within the WA greyhound racing industry. Ms MacLaren said the latest figures show the industry
has something to hide.
"We already knew at least 800 dogs were euthanized
in the two years up to the end of 2014-2015," Ms "It is little wonder the industry has been reluctant to
MacLaren said. The industry rehominggroup GAP admit to the true number of otherwise healthy dogs
has rehomed 120 greyhounds in 2015-16 with about which have been historically euthanized." Again money
$200,000 funding. The Racing and Wagering annual and politics has won out.

3. And the vilest of all – live animal export!! Why is this
industry allowed to continue? For animals, a step onto a
live export ship can lead to a most cruel and brutal fate.
We know, because over forty investigations have
revealed what the industry does not want the public to
see. When Animals Australia's first Indonesian live
export investigation was aired on Four Corners, a
massive public outcry forced the Australian government
to regulate the live trade for the very first time. In fact the
trade ceased for a short period of time and was
supported by many including cattle farmers right up until
it affected their bank accounts and politics intervened
with some suggesting racist overtones because the trade
was stopped with Indonesia.

New rules made exporting harder, more expensive,
and fewer animals today endure this journey. But while
animals continue to be exposed to all the known risks of live export, and with most still enduring fully
conscious slaughter in importing countries, investigations into this trade continue rather than the banning of it
because post truth Australia denies the appalling violence is continuing.


So as we welcome in the New Year and make those healthy civilization. When enough of us peddle fantasy
annual resolutions, what does Australia actually as fact, society loses its grounding in reality. Society
believe in when it comes to animal welfare? The cynic in would crumble altogether if we assumed others were as
me believes, that like in all things in our fast paced likely to dissemble as tell the truth. We are perilously
consumerist, whatever it takes society, the answer is close to that point with the reversal of the ban.
simple – money and politics, with many saying they
believe in animal welfare just to avoid criticism and The idealist in me however, wants to believe that the
alienation by those who actually do. journey for REAL animal welfare in Australia is just
beginning, as more and more people become repulsed
The post-truthfulness I mentioned at the start of this by our treatment of animals. Australia can be a beacon
piece, builds a fragile social edifice based on wariness. to animal welfare if it chooses to do so – without
close to that point with the reversal of the ban. It erodes losing money and regional seats in parliament and by
the foundation of trust that underlies any rejecting post truth!!


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentina’s Congress has passed a law to ban greyhound racing
in a bid to reduce the risk of animal cruelty in the South American country. The measure includes
jail terms of up to four years and fines of about $5,000 for anyone who organizes, participates in
or promotes dog races. President Mauricio Macri has backed the measure and is expected to
sign the bill into law in the coming days.


By Kathleen Hainey


“ Oh Cliffy. I cried all the way home. Sometimes I still cry. All I wanted
was to cradle you in my arms. But you were terrified of me….” Mummy

Dearest Eric and Clifford, What happened to your leg Cliffy my baby? At your
first vet visit I had you anesthetised in order to save
Can you believe it has been 1 year since I brought you your little heart the terror of being groomed and
home? Two terrified little dogs, so frightened and so examined. The darkest moment for me in our journey
distressed. Frightened of humans, frightened of sounds, together was without question when I spoke to the
frightened of your water bowl, frightened of light, vet before I took you home. She told me you weren't
frightened of blankets. There literally wasn't a single thing born with only half a back left leg. She told me the
you weren't frightened of. As the days turned into weeks stump was far too crude for your leg to have been
and you were both still so terrified, I'd often wonder medically amputated by a vet. She said that most
exactly what had happened to you. What on earth could likely you lost your leg through either mistreatment
have broken your spirits so completely? What had you or from an injury that didn't receive any veterinary
seen? What had you felt? What had been done to you? care. She told me that there was only a thin layer of
What exactly was your life like before you were rescued. skin covering your bone stump and that it would
easily be injured and ran the risk of having the bone
I'd often look at you guys and try to imagine you as poke through.
babies. Brand new pups, wide eyed and eager to explore
the world. Eric, you would have been so tiny! How cute Oh Cliffy. I cried all the way home. Sometimes I still
you must have been with your big ears and under-bite cry. All I wanted was to cradle you in my arms. But
smile. Cliffy you must have been the sweetest little ball you were terrified of me. If I picked either of you up
of fluff! Big wide eyes and ever so adorable! It hurt to you would both lose control of your bladders and
think of you being mistreated. To learn only the bad bowels with fear. You both shook uncontrollably if I
things about humans and perhaps none of the good. even tried to pat you. Whenever I came near, Eric
To slowly have the love in your hearts sucked away and you climbed onto Clifford's back and trembled.
replaced with fear. To have your bright and trusting little Clifford you tried to make yourself as small as
eyes darken with heartache and disappointment. possible. So totally traumatised and defeated.



As time passed you both began to relax a little. I was, than gold. You bring a smile to my face every time I look
and still am, determined to heal you. It became my at you. You make me laugh every time I watch you play.
mission to show you what love was. To unscramble The contentment I feel when we cuddle is indescribable. I
your pieces and put you back together. It was knew from the moment I saw you that you needed me.
unacceptable to me that any creature should feel so What I didn't realise was how much I needed you. I didn't
bad. Eric you came forward at a steady pace. Clifford realise there was a hole in my heart in the shape of a little
you have only just begun to make significant progress 3 legged dog and a little dog with big, pointy ears. You
in the last month or so. You both love to be patted mean the world to me and I will never let you go. I will
now. You both love to sleep snuggled into me in bed. love you with all of my heart and soul. I will protect you
You aren't often scared of me anymore and you two and fulfil you. I will always be gentle and predictable. You
are beginning to be less afraid of my family. Eric you will always come first. Forever. Love, Mummy xoxoxo
often jump onto my lap and Clifford you allow me to
pick you up. How far you both have come this year. Dear Monika and team, thank you for bringing the loves of
my life into care and saving them. I am thankful every day
We are a family now. A unit. You two, Summer, Bandit for the work you do, for without it, I wouldn't have found
and I. Every lick and tail wag are more precious to me my two little fur babies who have made my life complete.

“ So Happy ‘gotcha day’ my loves. If I could blow out a candle and make a wish for you both it would be
that this is the first of many ‘gotcha days’. You have made me a better person and I am incredibly proud

to be your mum. We have a long way to go in your healing process babies but I will find your missing
pieces and make you whole again. Love you both so, so, so much.” Mummy


• • • DoggieRescue feature By Keryn Twining

For this adventure, we went to Narrabeen Lagoon to
walk the tracks. With stops for water and treats and
a longer lunch break, this round trip can take 3-4
hours. A BIG day out for these puppies.

Bailey is a 4-5 year old Jack Russell X Pug who
has been with us for some time now. Bailey takes
some time to trust his handler and has gained this
trust of volunteer Adele. Bailey walks well on lead,
but some smells and looks can remind him of his
past and you will need to learn to read the signs in
order to calm him and avoid him lunging in
protection. Bailey is treat oriented, and with
patience and love, he will learn it is OK. Bailey also
likes to show he is the boss of any other dog that
may show you affection. A person with rescue
experience or willing to make numerous visits to
gain his trust will be the best suited to Bailey.

Bailey & Melody share Melody is a 2-3 year old Kelpie X Foxy who has
a bush adventure! been with us a little while now. Melody is a very
sweet girl that is easily spooked by loud unknown
An exciting day out for two homeless doggies noises. She loves cuddles and kisses. Melody walks
well on lead, but generally looks for a buddy to take
Occasionally our regular, trusted volunteers come to control so she can follow. Once she feels
Doggie Wood to take a couple of dogs for an adventure comfortable, she will grow with confidence and may
away from the shelter for a day. Today Adele and myself not need a leader. Melody requires a calm adult
took Bailey and Melody ( who both hadn’t experienced household that is willing to take the time to bring out
much outside shelter life ) on such an adventure. ….. her confidence.

Bailey and Melody walked well on a loose
lead, excitedly sniffing all the new smells
along the way and we had two very happy
but tired pups at the end of the day.

Sponsors are : “It’s in the giving we receive!” Royce Milmlow & “ Wishing you lots of luck!” from Susan Gerber




Featuring star ex DR doggie Chippy

Must love dogs Hi Fans, CHIPPY

Baths Do you have any New Year’s
suck! Resolutions? Well mine is just to make
more friends. Everyone is my friend - don’t
Marshall Belgian Shepherd 10yrs 25.3kgs care about their colour, how big or small, how old or young or
Male Sponsor:“ In loving memory of Poppy & even how they smell. Of course some people I love more than
Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris others. Mostly I meet my new friends on my morning walks and
I can make new friends anywhere.

Every morning I wag my tail as we head out of our gate
wondering who I am going to meet today. I especially love it
when we go into shops - I licked a man’s leg in the paper shop
today (Mum was embarrassed) and he bent down and patted
me, we went into the chemist and I got not one cuddle but two!

And coming home Mum walked
past a bus stop full of people - new
friends everywhere!!! First seat two
old people - sitting with sad faces -
but when they saw me they smiled
and patted me. Next seat four kids
and I got so much attention I sat up
and begged! Next seat a man and a
child in a pram. More pats and even
a cuddle. This is such fun.

People say that the world is full of
strangers but in my world, it is
brimming over with my friends. To
all my friends I know and all my
friends I have yet to meet I wish you
a very HAPPY 2017. Chips.

aka Goliath….

Hi Everyone, “ Snoozing the day away with my bestie Marvin…”
I am so happy and so loved by my forever family.
I skim across the earth’s surface at high speed, ears
up, tail wagging. I love a cuddle but am just as
happy to curl up with my mates Chihuahua, Lois
Lane (13) and black pug, Marvin (11).When I’m in
the mood I make it my business to see the brush
turkeys off the property and I’m an excellent dancer,
especially at meal times. Mum says I am very loyal
and brave except when a device is pointed in my
direction for a photo or when Julie sneezes!

Love from Bart xxx


• • • • Meet My Dog In focus: Chloe Piper 9 years

Hi, I’m Chloe and I am 9yrs of age and today I’m
going to do ‘Meet My Dog’...

My family have been involved with Monika’s Doggie
Rescue for around 7yrs, at the moment we have 3
adopted dogs all bitzer’s and one foster dog (Bryson)
- (foster means that you take care of a dog until he/
she find his/her hopefully forever family).

Today I would like you to meet…… Drumroll
please…. The Amazing… Lonrho :)

The first thing Lonrho did when he first got to our loves TV time with mum and dad at the end of his hard
house was find a low table or chair to go hide under working day of sleeping and eating (just like Garfield the
until we were sound asleep in bed. For the first few Cat: sleep, eat and watch television)
weeks Lonrho wouldn't let anyone near him. Lonrho is
obsessed with food so obviously he ate, but we had The benefits of adopting or fostering a dog from a dog
to slide the chicken wings across the floor to him, he rescue - (I suggest to get 2 dogs as they will keep each
is a greedy guts just like my dad (like dad like dog). other company and make it much easier for you and your
family) - you will help a dog in need - you will change the
After around 6 months Lonrho would actually stand dog’s world and perspective of the world forever - you will
still so that we could pat him, he also started letting have a playmate - you will have a forever friend - a dog
us feed him properly around 6 months. For the first includes….free kisses, licks and tail wags!!!
year or so, Lonrho was very food aggressive and
would try to bite the other dogs if they went near him This article was typed and thought of by me, Chloe Piper :)
and his food. After a few months we managed to I also chose the pics :))))
train this out of him. It was probably a survival thing
more than anything and once he realised that he
would get fed regularly he settled down.

Now (around 2 years after he first met us) he is not
food aggressive at all, he loves to play with small
tennis balls and loves butt scratches. Lonrho also

“ Lonrho has many secret identities… ‘Super Lonrho’… ‘Dr Bones the Detective’ … ‘Mr Handyman’... ‘Shortie
Security’... and many more. Shh don’t tell Lonrho ( Lonnie for short) that I gave away his secret identities.” Chloe


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1. Ann Maltese x 12yr s Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Elle, who was so special!” Bill & Joan Collins

2. Russell Silky Terr ier x 10yr s Male Sponsor: “For the lovely Lily & the joyous Jenna!” Lisa Kane
3. Truffle Maltese x 10yr s 5kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory & tribute to Mouse!” A g roup of f riends
4. Ber nie Pomer anian x 12yr s 5.5kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck in the future!” P. Tew

5. Butter cup Foxy 11yr s 13kgsFemale Sponsor: With lots of love for a Happy New Year from the 4 Kane Kitties
6. Angie Maltese x10yr s Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of all my special woofs!” Susan Carovigno
7. Jip Maltese x 10yr s 4kgs Male Sponsor:“ In loving memory of my friend Salvatore! ” Antoinette
8. Elvis Shih Tzu x 10yr s 9.4kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Jakkson & Jack!” Gina Carovigno

9. Daphne Maltese x 10yr s 5kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
10. Emmet Maltese x 10yr s 9.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck in 2017!” P. Tew
11. Celene Maltese x Foxy 10yr s 4kgs Female Sponsor:“Blind dogs still make wonderful pets! ” Sylvia Raye

12. Pear l Silky x 10yr s Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Connor & Polly!” The Browns


• Feature BESSY’S LEGACY OF LOVE…. By Janiece Irvine

Dear Monika,

Sadly I write to you to let you know that Bessy passed
away from heart failure Thursday week ago. We adopted
Bessy from you on 27 December 2005 at an approximate
age of 3 to 4 years old. At the time both Bessy and our
family were very sad, Bessy having been with you for
3 months and just given birth to a still born puppy and
ourselves losing our little dog Misty to illness.

Bessy weighed under 4 kilos and was very timid and
particularly wary of men and groups of people. With our
care she gained confidence and we healed each other's
hearts. She gave us so much love and joy and is a sadly
missed member of our family. She was our little baby.
Bessy has lived most her life at the beach at Curl Curl
(see photo below) having moved from Killara 9 years ago.
She had a love of food, and not dog food, so became
quite the gourmet dog. She enjoyed her walks and at
South Curl Curl coffee shop she was a regular.

Meadow Pomeranian x 7yrs 4.5kgs Female
Sponsored in loving memory of “Bessy Irvine”

“ We would like to rescue another dog but we
would like time to grieve for Bessy. But in the
meantime we would like to sponsor a dog in your
care in memory of our precious girl.” Janiece

During the day she was my shadow but at night she loved On her last day she had to visit the coffee shop and
to curl up on the lounge with us. When unable to be found left the vet with her tail up. She passed away
we always looked for her on the girl’s beds and we often peacefully with us at home. Her ashes are buried in
joked she was the favourite daughter. Bessy had a big her favourite spot in the garden.
character and a big heart and we all loved her so very
dearly. Monika, we wish to thank you for rescuing Bessy.
She has been a blessing in our lives and given us
so much joy and love.

Regards, Janiece Irvine


• Feature IT’S ALL ABOUT DOGS Written by Luis De Florio



Running dogs. To us at the shelter it means many things except (ironically) Luis De Florio is Kennel Manager
a dog running free of harness and lead. But it does mean to us that each dog at DoggieWood, Ingleside. He is
has a chance to one day run in an open field with their adopted family. also passionate about animal
‘Running dogs’ is great exercise for the kennel hands because when we ‘run welfare and rehabilitation.
dogs’ it means that we have begun the daily process leading the keen and
fresh doggies out from their night kennels into the newly cleaned yards that
are now gradually being highlighted by the morning sun. And of course like
any business, things must be done quickly and efficiently – and our business
is love and care, it’s an invaluable resource!

It’s a great feeling to see a dog run around their day reliance on eye sight cannot reveal the exciting cascade
yard like it’s never been there before, intensely sniffing of interposed ghosts of Easter Eggs that lay about like
the invisible series of events and changes that have treasure for the brain’s need to process stimuli.
come upon the locale in just one day since they were
there last, a sensual ability that their human counter- I can imagine the great frustration that a dog could
parts have no understanding of and that the human suffer when, it is deeply absorbed nose-deep into a


grassy patch which is condensed with several layers of the nose and the brain imbuing the dog’s entire being with
events and just as the dog is deciphering the various an intensity that can be seen in the urgency of the dog’s
nuances of happenings, it is abruptly jerked away by movements as it seemingly zigzags aimlessly without a
their human so that they can continue to their particular pattern. The pattern of the dog’s journey is not
destination! Well, my inner dog tells me that the smell planned and is guided by the moment as the scents and
was the current destination whose ending would have stories unveil themselves, like watching a movie for the
naturally flowered once the dog’s nose was able to first time. And yet the human, understandably, is happy to
come to an olfactory conclusion to the story that was walk in a straight line from A to B unaware of the sensual
forming! Much like being pulled away from watching the and perceptual marvels that lay scattered about the
ending of a movie which is in the process of culminating ground; Treasures that change from moment to
into the cliff hanger ending. moment, day to day in an unceasing renewal and
Even though we cannot get into a dog’s nose, we can
more easily get into a dog’s body through our eyes as Or maybe there’s also sometimes just one smell, but that
connected to our hearts and gut. Our inner feelings are ONE smell is so deep it that it’s like cracking open a seed
needed in order to connect with our canine friends and and seeing a giant tree falling out that would take hours to
understand their simple and primal language devoid of climb! The one smell that conceal layers upon layers of
intellectual over-complications. We can get into a dog’s details within details within details that followed to fruition
body by simply looking and feeling – when a dog is would contain a whole tree within one’s nose and not only
walking around sniffing I see someone immersed in a the tree but also the birds that have come and gone, the
most important task, imperative enough to ignore all leaves that have fallen off the tree and animals that have
other happenings except that which transpires between scattered to and fro.

“The urgency in a dog’s olfactory endeavours is clear as their ability to smell it because their nose is their
gateway to finding their means of continuing their existence, sharp canines in close proximity to their nose
at the ready to be executed in definitive action like the most refined tools. Luckily for them they still retain
their magnificent instruments despite not needing them for more than an entertainment and thus the joy,
passion and urgency for living still reverberates through and around them and toward us humans who can
only wonder what goes on inside a dog’s nose.” Luis

• • • facebook briefs For more stories/updates go to…

3/12/16 DONATION 3/12/16 WHAT A 10/12/16 CAT FOOD

Thanks to Gwen for donating STAR Charlee aka Thorpie just WANTED! Lots of rescued
lovely homemade doggie carry passed puppy school, getting best kitties = lots of food & litter needed.
bags, proceeds go towards care sitter in the class too. Woo hoo Our kitties love FANCY FEAST
of our dogs. Thank you Gwen! Mel Bessenyei food & BREEDERS CHOICE litter.



Meet 12 cuties to melt your heart...

1. Drake Foxy x 5yrs Male Sponsor: “ Somewhere a loving home is waiting for you! ” Lesley Cansdell & Titch
2. Squirtle Jack Russell x 3-4yrs 5.6kgs Male Sponsor:“ We hope you find a family soon!” Rachel & Andrew
3. Mr. Magoo Mini Foxy x 8yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory Heidi & Libby!”Judith Lynch
4. Bryson Jack Russell x 2yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “In memory of Jessica!” Honey, Bonnie & Marti their Mum
5. Cheddar Tenterfield Terrier 8yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: Sending you lots of love from Susan Cassidy
6. Milo Foxy x 2yrs 4.7kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Elle!” Happy New Year from Bill & Joan Collins
7. Quinn Jack Russell x 6yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor: “In memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris
8. Squall Foxy 2 6yrs 9.4kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Tia & Ian!” Paul & Kathryn & Muffin
9. Winkle Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 5yrs 4.1kgs Male Sponsor:“Happy home is coming soon!” Love from Noreen
10. Seb Jack Russell x 6yrs 12.8kgs Male Sponsor: “For all of our Rainbow Bridge Mob!” Love from Colleen & Ron
11. Mia Foxy x 4yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of our dear Macy girl!” Susan Dorahy
12. Bubbles Jack Russell x 7yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor:“ For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling



1. Dave Chihuahua x 6yrs 3.6kgs Male Sponsor:“ In loving memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
2. Gilbert Maltese x Shih Tzu 6yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Elle!” from Bill & Joan Collins
3. Maisy Staffy x Jack Russell 2yrs10.5kgs Female Sponsor: Happy New Year from Hughie Wray
4. Winter Maltese x Poodle 6yrs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck in 2017!” P. Tew
5. Romeo Staffy x Cattle 12mths 17kgs Male Sponsor:“To help him find a home as good as Napoleon’s!” Jackson
6. Wren Mini Foxy x 18mths 5.1kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Pepe & Cindy!” Malki & Chandra
7. Cosmo Jack Russell x Pug 9yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Bill & Brittany!” Doreen Watkins
8. Neville Poodle x Shih Tzu 11yrs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of ex DR dog Ted & for Sam!” Allison Skinner
9. Sammy Border Collie x 1yr Male Sponsor:“Hoping 2017 starts with a forever family!” Julie McCann
10. Miles Chihuahua x Foxy 4yrs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Monty, Grace & Honey!”Margaret Crowe
11. Anya Labrador x 4yrs 26.7kgs Female Sponsor: “To help you find the home that you deserve!” Pam Robson
12. Reggie Spoodle 3yrs 9.8kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Banjo & Clancy!” Happy New Year from Ann

& John, Molly, Mabel & Henry



On these two pages we showcase a few of the amazing photos of
the DoggieRescue doggies taken in 2016 by one of our dedicated
volunteer photographers, Oznur.. This is a thank you to her….


Frederick Kelpie x 7yr s 14.3kgs Gunther Jack Russell x 6yr s Male Percy Mastiff x 8yr s 31kgs Male

Male Sponsor:“ Just ‘cause you’re Sponsor: “ In loving memory of our Sponsor:“To give you a much better

a very good boy!” Jane & Romeo dog Penny, who was special!” Stefanie chance of a home!” Joan & John

Naomi Foxy x 8yr s Female Bruce Mini Pinscher 11yr s 9kgs Cupcake Terr ier x 6yr s 9kgs

Sponsor:“She will smile her way to Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Female Sponsor: “Your sponsors
love you!” Fred & Annie
your heart! ” from Beth Sybil & Jed, 2 strays!”Janet & Richard



THANK YOU! For more details on any of the featured
doggies on these 2 pages call 9486-3133

“ I love taking the photos of the DR doggies each month for the cover and feature pages of the
magazine and am over the moon when one of them is adopted. I feel like I am their ‘lucky
charm’. Please consider making one of these beautiful DR dogs a part of your family.” Oznur

Angus Aussie Terrier x 5yrs Cedric Staffy x Lab 10yrs 25.6kgs Marbles Chihuahua x Foxy 5yrs
8kgs Male Sponsor:“Happy New Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of
Year!” Lesley Cansdell & Tich Zippy!” Noni & Warwick Farley Ricky!” Malki & Chandra

Jessie Kelpie x 12mths Female Rosie Shar Pei x Staffy 8yrs Siska English Staffy x 10yrs
Sponsor: “ In loving memory of 15kgs Female Sponsor:“A gift from 17kgs Female Sponsor: “ For my
Elle!” Malki & Chandra Maxwell!” Robert & Chris dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling





1. Jacob Staffy x 10yr s 24.5kgs Male Sponsor: “ I n loving memory of Otto & ex DR doggie Rohan! ” Gail

2. Br uno Boxer x 2yr s 24.5kgs Male Sponsor:“ Sending luck your way!” Convert Advertising
3. TrudyLabr ador x Shepherd 3yr s Female Sponsor: “To Kim from your secret Santa!” Bethan Hockey
4. Chantelle Chihuahua x 5yr s 4kgsFemale Sponsor:“In loving memory of my dog Curtis!” Lee McKerracher

5. Spike Wir y Terrier 1yr 15.1kgs Male Sponsor: “ Big hugs to a very sweet big boy!” Gail & Nelson
6. Dwayne Staffy x Labr ador 12yr s Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Tia & Ian!” Kathryn, Paul & Muffin
7. Bar ney Foxy x 2yr s 7.4kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Ralph, Floyd & Steffie!” Verena
8. Marcus English Staffy x 7yr s Male Sponsor: “ I n loving memory of my wonder dog Curtis!” Lee McKerracher

9. Duke Ger man Shepherd x 18mths Male 3 legged. Sponsor:“ Wishes for a brighter future! ” Sach Bailie
10.Seth Bor der Collie x 2yr s Male Sponsor:“ Wishing you a very happy 47th birthday Ray! ” Nila Sudiarta
11.Tasha Shar Pei x Labrador 3yr sFemale Sponsor: “Just ’cause you’re such a very good girl!” Jane & Romeo

12.Juliet Chihuahua x Pomer anian 3-4yr s Female Sponsor: “ With love from Joey & Rosie!” Pat Broderick



If I wasn’t me I’d like to be – A human that could open If I impersonated a famous star I’d be - 'Rocket' a
the fridge door. famous dog off the kids show Mutt and Stuff
If I could wish fleas on someone it would be– a My happiest moments are - snuggled under the
puppy breeder covers, when my humans are home...
It took a while but I finally - learnt to stop tipping over My favourite place in the world is – Curl Curl lagoon.
the garbage bin. I’m was so proud – when Heath made me a card which
When told I was to star in DoggieRescue magazine said “ DIGBY - the best dog in the whole world ” :)
I – thought I wonder if I will be rewarded with a chicken Santa brought me – empty bottles. I love them more
My tail wags most when - I hear the world 'walk' or I than toys.
hear my human family say 'let's take Digby for a you- My nicknames are – Diggy, Resort Dog (I love to relax)
know-what". and DigDig (by the 2 year old human)
I often wonder - If my human big brother will ever bring I am so excited– my human big brother is on school
the 4 chickens at his school home for me... holidays and can play with me!!!
My greatest achievement is – scaring the bush turkeys On New Year’s Day I will be - having a birthday! My
out of my backyard! human brother Heath was very excited when he
My relationship with other dogs is – mixed. Some- adopted me and found out that we share the SAME
times I'm friendly and other times not. BIRTHDAY! So blow up the balloons on the first day of
My family says I have taught them– to get off the iPad the year we are all going to party!!!!
and get outside! Life is - celebrating birthdays, lots of cuddles and
The food that makes me drool is – chicken. enjoying life to the max with my best mate Heath.


• • • Rescue Experience Needed To adopt me PHYSICALLY ABUSED & TRAUMATIZED

1. Nikita Corgi x Sheltie 10yrs 9.8kgs Female Sponsor:“A loving home is coming in 2017!” Tony Suters
2. Dusty Kelpie x Corgi 3yrs 10.8kgs Male Sponsor:“For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
3. Olive Kelpie x Shar Pei 2yrs 15.7kgs Female Sponsor:“Just ‘cause you’ve been a good girl!” Jane & Romeo
4. Jamie Jack Russell x 6yrs 8kgs Male Blind Sponsor: Happy New Year from Freddie Martin
5. Spud Foxy x 3yrs 7kgs Male Sponsor:“To help you start a brand new life in 2017!” Desi Hendrawen
6. Turtle Labrador x 4yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Roger, Rover & Ross!” Elizabeth Lynch
7. Amanda Foxy x 2yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor: “ I hope you find some joy in 2017!” Margot
8. Charlie Mini Pinscher x 8yrs Male Sponsor: “ My fingers are crossed for a forever home!” Meaghan
9. Jax Labrador x Border Collie 4yrs 17.5kgs Male Sponsor:“He’d be a faithful friend 4ever!” Wendy McCathie
10. Rossco Jack Russell x Foxy 5yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica
11. Ember Kelpie x Shepherd 1yr 18kgs Female Sponsor:“ Wishing you a Happy New Year!” Jane & Romeo
12. Justin Mini Foxy x 6yrs 7.8kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of our special boy Harry!” Malki & Chandra


Your one stop pool shop— We do it all!
Shop 4, 1 Powderworks Rd, Nth Narrabeen Phone: 9913 2566

Email: [email protected]




Hello Readers,

This is a photo of our beautiful Earl three and a half
years on, and his New Year resolution is to try and not
look so handsome & take all the attention away from his
older sister Jenna (also an ex DR doggie).

We answered the call for temporary fostering, just two
weeks they said. We had actually picked a dog on the
web site but when we arrived Monika said Earl had only
just come in and would we take him. Earl was frightened
of nearly everything, the list was long, he was also quite
aggressive at times to people including us and other
dogs, he had obviously been ill treated. But we were
patient and tried not to be ‘offended’ when he wanted to
bite us and always remembered that this was his only
form of defence in his other life.

“ It came the time for us to return Earl to Doggie
Rescue, which we did, but our hearts were
broken. I contacted Monika every day to see how
he was and or if anyone wanted him, the answer
always being no.” Lisa

We decided to foster Earl long term and at
Christmas of that year he became a permanent
member of the family. The New Year was a new
beginning for our family with the wonderful
addition of Earl.

Earl is the most loving, affectionate and loyal dog you
could ever meet, his greatest love is Jenna, who also
came to us from DoggieRescue 9 years ago ( both
pictured at left with some of their friends ), she
pretends his juvenile behaviour is tedious and tells him
off every now and again, but loves to join in his play
when she thinks no one is watching!

Thank you so much Monika for allowing us to love
these two very beautiful dogs.

Lisa Kane & family

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1. & 2. Dannii 8yrs 3.9kgs & Kylie 8yrs 5.5kgs Jack Russell x Females (bonded sisters who want to be
adopted together) Sponsors: Tail wags from Lopez (ex DR doggie), Chilli & Tess & Martha Pavlakis, with love

3. Dre Whippet x 3yrs 10.3kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Rusty, Tasha & Sam!” Robert Nauta
4. Marzipan Staffy x 2-3yrs Female Sponsor: “To help you to start a brand new life!” Desi Hendrawn
5. & 6. Reci Foxy x 10yrs Female & Lena Foxy x Terrier 14yrs Female ( bonded Mother & Daughter) Sponsor:

“In loving memory of Tyson & Gramps, made happy and finally loved in the end!” Happy New Year Lucy Beaman
7. Button Aussie Terrier x 8yrs 8.6kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of dear little Pebbles!” Sigrid
8. Miguel Siberian Husky x 12mths 17.9kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck!” P. Tew
9. & 10. Ruby Kelpie x Shar Pei & Tanami Kelpie x Shepherd Both 18mths Females (bonded sisters )Sponsor:

“In loving memory of Ralph, Floyd & Steffie!” Verena & “In loving memory of Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica
11. Maya Dalmatian x 1yr 18.9kgs Female Sponsor: “Keep smiling Maya!” Love from Tilly, Jasper & Karen
12. Jerry Beagle 10yrs 18.7kgs Male Sponsor: “Somewhere a loving home is waiting!” Lesley Cansdell & Titch



Meet 12 cute fluffies to melt your heart...

1. Hugo Maltese x Poodle 8yrs 8.4kgs Male Sponsor: “Wishing you a very happy 2017!” Ruth Wall
2. Jaxson Spaniel x Spitz 9yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“Good things are coming to you really soon!” Jody Redler
3. Cole Border Terrier x 4yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “He just needs time, patience & a lot of love!”Janice Martin
4. Skittles Tibetan Spaniel x 5yrs 5.7kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Lucky!” Kevin Lynch
5. Sparkle Wiry Terrier 4yrs 5.6kgs Female Sponsor: The Students at the Sydney School of English
6. Pip Squeak Maltese x 8yrs 3.6kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Sammy!” Fred & Teena Wratten
7. Wiggles Maltese x 4-5yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “Ex DR doggie Woody’s way of saying thanks!” from Tracy Fay
8. Saffy Maltese x 8yrs 5.1kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of my ex DR doggie Crunchie!” Cathy Beer
9. Dezzy Maltese x 3yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “With love from ex DR doggies Kipling, Digby & Marlow!” Catherine
10. Fudge Schnauzer x Maltese 2-3yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “ We LOVE you Fudge!” Tracy & Andrew Hall
11. Claude Poodle x 10yrs 7kgs Blind Male Sponsor: “A gift from our beloved Markey!” Robert & Chris
12. Domino Pomeranian x 8yrs 6.3kgs Male Sponsor:“Sending some good luck your way!” Convert Advertising


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1. Dahlia Whippet x Staffy 8mths Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Linda who loved animals!” Pat & Pee Wee

2. Paige Dachshund x 12mths Female Sponsor: With love from Anna Emmerson
3. Rex Schnauzer x Terr ier 1yr 10kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Sheba, who was special!” Louise Dowd
4. Jenny Maltese x Lhasa Apso 8yr s 5kgsFemale Sponsor:“In loving memory of Ted & for Sam!” Alison Skinner

5. Dickens Beagle x 4yr s 6.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ A happy home is coming soon!” Christin Schaller, with love
6. Sadie Jack Russell x 5yr s 8kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of beautiful Fantasia!” Emma Curtin
7. Khaleesi Staffy x 12mths 12.7kgsFemale Sponsor: “It’s in the giving that we receive!” Royce Milmlow
8. Angel English Staffy x 2yr s 14.2kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Iceberg, who was special!” Henny

9. Speckles Cattle x Cor gi 10-11yr s 15kgs Male Sponsor:“Wishing you a very happy 2017!” Sam & Joy Jenkins
10. Her a Shepher d x Cattle 5yr s 15kgs Female Sponsor: “Sending luck your way in 2017!” Convert Advertising
11. Ar ty Jack Russell x 8yr s 6kgs Male Sponsor: “May you find the love of your life soon!” Marg Iveson

12. Perr y Maltese x Poodle 10yr s Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Connor & Polly!” The Browns


VOLUNTEER With your help we will
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1. Mer cedes Rottweiler x 6yr s 33.8kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Lucky, Bunny & Yellow!” E. Lin
2. Blaze Cattle x S taffy 2yr s 15kgs Male Sponsor: With lots of love from Kate Retallack
3. Tar a Mastiff x Wolfhound 2yr s 40.1kgsFemale Sponsor: “Sending you lots of love!” Jane & her fur kids
4. Benette Bull Masti ff x Shepherd 4yr s 25.9kgsFemale Sponsor: “From our f amily of 2 dogs!” Lisa & Greg
5. Penny Gr eat Dane x Shepherd 1yr 30kgs Female Sponsor: Lisa Suters, with love
6. Nar la Mastiff x Ridgeback 4yr s 32kgs Female Sponsor: “ This sponsorshipis my gift to you!” Jeff
7. Phantom Staffy x 2yr s Male Sponsor: With lots of love from Mummy Karen & Kezi, Sherry & Spot Traf ford
8. Willow Ridgeback x Staffy 6yr s 15kgs Female Sponsor:“ Sending all my love!”Barbara Holdsworth
9. Caleb Staffy x Bor der Collie 9yr s 22.4kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Scruffy!” Love from Barbara
10. Cour tney Kelpie x I/Gr eyhound 1yr Female Sponsor: “ I hope Santa brings you a family!” Breanna
11. Alex Staffy x Gr eat Dane 2yr s 30kgs Male Sponsor: With love and hugs f rom Shona & Narice
12. Anika Staffy x Border Collie Female Sponsor: “ Hoping you find a family to love you soon!” Patsy Wills


Featured dog: Donald Shar Pei x Labrador 4yrs Male • • • Lifesaver fundraiser



Sponsor: “ In loving Express your love and commitment
memory of Penny & to the doggies who no one else cares
Lucy!” Hannah about! With your regular monthly
contribution our life-saving work will

In 2013-2014 year 27,438 dogs & cats
were destroyed in pounds & at the
RSPCA in NSW alone. Operating as a
charity for 15 years we have rescued
over 11,600 dogs from council pounds.

DoggieRescue is dedicated to saving
precious lives. These dogs receive
immediate medical care, are de-sexed,
vaccinated and micro-chipped and await a
loving family at our shelter, “Doggie
Wood” at Ingleside. We are a “no-kill”
shelter. Our commitment to these dogs is
for the rest of their lives. Our running
costs are considerable and increasing.
We receive no government funding and
rely exclusively on donations.

In this economic climate our need for
support has never been greater….

• Your contribution of $29 per month pays for food & shelter costs
for 1 doggie

• Your contribution of $49 per month pays for food, shelter &
veterinary costs for 1 doggie

• Your contribution of $79 per month pays for food, shelter and
veterinary costs and contributes to the expansion of our program –
there are thousands more lives to be saved!

For more information please visit our website!

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