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DoggieRescue E-Magazine November 2016_Neat

ADDRESS : 2 Mc Cowan Rd, Cnr. Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101 SHNEOLTKEIRLL
OPEN: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

PHONE: 9486-3133

Vol.11 No.145 ADOPTED
DOGS 11,848


11AM - 2PM
Weather permitting

Find out why
Jerry can’t
stop smiling…
Pages 8 & 9



Dear Readers,

Our dogs are all getting ready for
summer with their zinc cream on
their noses and splash pools in their
yards to cool off after a brisk walk
with volunteers. One more month
and dare I say it, it will be
Christmas. Our week-ends have
been packed with dog walkers and
some of our kid friendly dogs get out
more than once!

With the lead up to Christmas there

is always more work to do around

the shelter as more dogs and kitties Monika with
come in. If you have some Jules (see p6)
vacations or spare time, please

come and lend a hand. There is

so much to do! Look at our web site for a list of all our is a great gift to sell at work and share as Kris Kringle
gifts and keep as stocking fillers. What a great way to
volunteering jobs! We are particularly in need of more help and share the love for these homeless animals.

transport volunteers right now to pick up more pound If you are into exercise, come and
give our high energy bigger dogs a
puppies and transport them to vets and back. (see p3) good work out. We have so many
beautiful big doggies who need
exercise and who love the one on
one attention. Like Penny (p20-21)
They would love it!

Click Kids, if you want to do some-
here thing special for the doggies
and kitties, get Mum or Dad to
get some calendars that you
can take to school or sell in
your neighbourhood – maybe
even at your local dog park!
There is a discount for volume.

Our volunteers are busy co-ordinating stall events in No matter what age or activity level you are, there is
readiness to sell our calendar. Pre-orders are coming in plenty to do. Please come and lend a hand and talk to
and we are looking forward to shipping them to families our Customer Service team about what you would like to
in readiness for Christmas. Remaining at $15 each with do. Our doggies and kitties will be so glad of your help.
all proceeds going directly to the doggies and kitties, it


Where is DoggieWood? • Please make a DONATION

Ingleside Shelter location: 2 McCowan Rd, If you wanted to make a tax
Cnr of Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101 deductible donation to help Doggie
Open 11AM –2.30PM Tuesday to Sunday Rescue save more lives in the year
ahead you can donate online via
Phone: 9486-3133 our secure website or call us on
02 9486 3133.

• Become a DoggieRescue


Or you might like to consider
becoming a DoggieRescue
Lifesaver (see p44), with a regular
monthly gift to support our work.

All gifts, regardless of size, help us
to give a brighter future to the dogs
and cats in our care. Thank you in
advance for your kind donation.

I look forward to keeping you
updated on our progress in the
months ahead and sincerely thank
you again for all your support.

Warmest regards


Monika Biernacki
Founder - DoggieRescue


Please help us to continue
our lifesaving work





DOGGIERESCUE 2017 SEE THE 6-7 Sponsored by: “In loving memory of Rusty & Natasha!” Barry &
CALENDAR ORDER FORM. Jessica & “In loving memory of Ralph, Floyd & Steffie!” Verena

SUMMER’S COMING! Sun, surf & 8-9
the sea how happy we will be...

JACOB By Belinda Lacey

By Amanda Moore

PENNY By Jessica Sandstrom & 20-21
Mark Lawrence

By Luis Del Florio

PHOTO BOOTH ME! Eight DR 42-43
doggies pose for the camera.


by Monika Biernacki

By Roland Briefrel

Catching up with LANCELOT

Email: [email protected] TANAMI &

Featured cover dog: Check out online Featured dogs
Meet adorable Beagle above are:
Jerry and his beach Join us on Facebook Tanami Kelpie x
loving friends on Shepherd & Ruby
pages 8 & 9 Kelpie x Shar Pei
Follow us on Twitter & 18mths
Cover photo: (bonded sisters
Oznur Mezgil who want to stay


Leave a Legacy of Love

Buster Kelpie x 17wks Male Sponsor: “In loving Because you will always care.
memory of Rusty, Tasha & Sam!” Robert Nauta Please remember DoggieRescue in your Will.

Sponsored doggies adopted!

Henry & Zoey (together), Ned, Charmer, Sophie, Send or call for your free brochure about leaving a
Millie, Christine, Mason, Simon, Charlotte, Keira, gift in your Will.
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the assistance given by: Surname


Post code

Virbac Animal Health Telephone
361 Horsley Road, Please return to:
MILPERRA. NSW. 2214 DoggieRescue,
8 Chiltern Road,
Free call: 1800 009 847 INGLESIDE. NSW. 2101
Ph.(02)9772-9772 Or call 9486-3133 Thank you


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to Doggie Rescue at 8 Chiltern Road, Ingleside. NSW. 2101

*Postage: 1 Calendar $3.00 2 Calendars $5.00 3-19 Calendars $10.05 20 or more Calendars Free


We are proud to launch our
2017 DoggieRescue Calendar -
Our major fundraising activity
for the whole year.

Buy one or buy 100 and help us reach our sales goal of 4,000 Calendars sold.
Just imagine the difference this money raised makes to our doggies’ lives.

Over 300 dogs have been adopted since the release of our 2016 calendar and
some of them feature in this years calendar. Cinnamon is our 2017 calendar star!

Taking pre-orders now for CLICK
the perfect Xmas gift!



Naomi Foxy x 8yrs Female She likes to play ball but Jules Terrier x Pug 6yrs 7.2kgs Male Would love to
would rather have cuddles! Sponsor:“Naomi has a smile help you build sand castles in the sun. Sponsor:
to melt your heart!” love from Beth “Fingers crossed you find a home soon!” Jodie Finch



IT’S almost...


Cleopatra Kelpie x12mths Female Throw a stick, Jerry Beagle 10yrs 18.7kgs Male Sniff...sniff...roll, roll—
watch me run! Splash! Splash—lots of fun! Sponsor: chase the seagulls high in the air. BLISS! Sponsor:
“My fingers are crossed you find a family!” Patsy Wills “ Somewhere a home is waiting!” Lesley Cansdell & Titch


• • • Postcard from “ROSIE JACOB” aka Shortcake feature

Hello Readers,

We adopted Rosie (was Shortcake) on
Australia Day 2016. We were nervous to
bring her home as she seemed
frightened to get into our car and a little
anxious by nature. Ceallai from Monika’s
Rescue came a couple of days later to
help me to settle Rosie in. She instantly
liked to be in the basket we bought for
her. We had a few toileting accidents for
the first couple of weeks, after that she
found her routine and has stuck to it. We
met Ceallai again in the park for a
training session, which was so helpful to
settling her into our family.

“ I strictly told my husband and son that
Rosie would not be allowed on the beds or
sofas……..well that did not last very
long……….she has found her way into all
our hearts and we cannot resist her!! ”

1. 2. 3. 4.

1. Siska English Staffy x 10yrs 17kgs Female Sponsor:“For my Serbian rescue’s Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
2. Alex Staffy x Great Dane 2yrs 30kgs Male Sponsor: With love and hugs from Shona & Narice
3. Willow Ridgeback x Staffy 6yrs 15kgs Female Sponsor:“ Sending all my love!”Barbara Holdsworth
4. Angel English Staffy x 2yrs 14.2kgs Female Sponsor: “ Wishing you lots of good luck!” Lucy Hortense


Rthoesiebeloavcehs... I couldn’t wait to take her to the park and let her run free – but we didn’t
want her to run away…I had practiced come when called and took a
leap of faith. We let her off the lead in Centennial Park and have never
looked back. Other dog owners were so helpful with advice, one of the
best being to let her meet new dogs all the time, especially off the lead
to help her socialize.

Rosie’s favourite pastimes are chasing swallows, chasing a
dog who is chasing a ball, chewing sticks, running on the
beach and lying in the sun.

Rosie is great with other dogs and “But most of all Rosie LOVES her family… and we ALL
wonderfully patient with children. LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! She has made our family complete.”
She is wary when strangers come
to the house – but that’s OK. She Belinda
is a bit barky, but mostly with a
wagging tail, so she is just really
excited. Though she does not like
to swim out of her depth, she
LOVES the beach and each time
we go is going a little further out,
she also LOVES muddy puddles,
streams and creeks.

5. 6. 7. 8.

5. Phantom Staffy x 2yrs Male Sponsor: With lots of love from Mummy Karen & Kezi, Sherry & Spot Trafford
6. Joan of Arc Staffy x 18mths 22.5kgs Female Sponsor: “ To help you to start a brand new life!” Desi Hendrawn
7. Dahlia Whippet x Staffy 8mths Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Linda who loved animals!” Pat & Pee Wee
8. Blaze Cattle x Staffy 2yrs 15kgs Male Sponsor: With lots of love from Kate Retallack


• Feature DOGGIERESCUE UNLEASHED AND DANGEROUS Compiled by Roland Briefrel


Roland Briefrel, a long time supporter
of DoggieRescue, is an educator and
an animal welfare advocate who is
not hesitant to speak about topics for
animals who have no voice.

Brain scans have discovered evidence
that dogs process language in a similar
way to humans and are only truly
happy if a praising tone of voice is
matched by the actual words spoken.
If this is true, then the next time you
make a critical comment about your
dog, you might want to be well out of
earshot. All those comments about
doggie breath and the need to cut back
on those fattening doggie treats will
need to be made in the next room or
next suburb – because we all know
how good a dog’s hearing is!!

New research shows that dogs can praise that the dog was truly happy. While this was only the dogs’ “word-
understand not just the intonation and meaning representation”, it still showed they had an idea of what message
delivery of what we say to them, but the specific sound of an individual human word was designed to convey.
also the words themselves. The study Lead researcher Dr Attila Andics, of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest,
based at Eötvös Loránd University in said: “During speech processing, there is a well-known distribution of
Hungary investigated how dogs’ brains labour in the human brain. It is mainly the left hemisphere’s job to process
process human speech and found that word meaning, and the right hemisphere’s job to process intonation. The
a canine’s brain mechanisms in this human brain not only separately analyses what we say and how we say it,
area reflect our own. but also integrates the two types of information, to arrive at a unified
meaning. Our findings suggest that dogs can also do all that, and they use
They discovered that dogs’ brains very similar brain mechanisms.”
process language in a similar way to
humans, with the right side dealing
with emotion and the left processing
meaning. It was only when both sides
of the brain agreed they were hearing


During the brain scans, the researchers spoke words like “good boy” and “well done” spoken with a
praising intonation, the same words in a neutral voice and also words that were meaningless to them, like
“however”, in both intonations.

Researchers recruited thirteen family type of vocal intonation a person sensations like being petted, mating
dogs living with their human owners, would typically use to praise a dog. and eating nice food – was only
and trained the dogs to sit in an fMRI She also spoke a variety of activated when they heard praising
scanner — a device that measures “neutral” words — like conjunctions words spoken in a praising
brain activity — while awake. Dr. that are unlikely to carry any intonation.
Andics and his colleagues noted that particular meaning — and said
the dogs — a group mostly made up them in a neutral tone of voice. “ It shows that for dogs, a nice praise
of border collies and golden can very well work as a reward, but it
retrievers — were never restrained The scans showed the dogs’ left works best if both words and
inside the scanner and were free to brain tended to be activated when intonation match,” Dr Andics said.
leave if they chose. they heard words that were Further, he went on to say:“So dogs
meaningful to them. This did not not only tell apart what we say and
The scientists recorded a trainer’s happen when they heard words how we say it, but they can also
voice saying certain phrases with they did not understand. The right combine the two, for a correct
varying types of intonation. hemisphere activated when they interpretation of what those words
In one recording, she said Hungarian heard a praising intonation. But really meant. This is very similar to
expressions “used by all test dog the reward centre of their brains – what human brains do.”
owners for praising” with the same which responds to pleasurable


This appears to contradict the idea they can also combine the two, for a Dog owners have known for a long
that dogs only understand tone of correct interpretation of what those time that they could use verbal
voice and do not have an idea of the words really meant. Again, this is commands to train their dogs and
words actual meaning. While they very similar to what human brains communicate with them, like telling
might respond tentatively to a do.” a dog to “sit.” But Andics explained
praising tone using words they do not that even dogs’ reactions to those
understand – or even insults – they The results do not clearly prove that commands are often hard to
are only genuinely happy when they dogs can grasp the precise meaning separate from the tone of voice and
understand the praise they are of all familiar words, but it does body language that a trainer might
receiving. indicate that they can distinguish incorporate. His study indicates
between words they have heard that dogs can recognize familiar
The dogs’ “rewards centre” — where before and words they have not. It words, independent of context like
they process things like positive also suggests that they at least tone of voice and body language.
attention and foods — was associate familiar “praise” words with
stimulated when they heard the positive outcomes. “The main result is not that they
praise words spoken in a positive can differentiate words, but that
tone. In other words, they processed • One important thing is that we do they differentiate meaningful and
the praise words as familiar no not claim that dogs understand meaningless words, and the left
matter how they were spoken, but it everything we say, of course,” hemisphere has a key role
only registered as positive attention said Dr. Andics there,” he said. He added that he
when they were spoken in a praising believes researchers would find
tone. The researchers described their work similar results with other domestic
as a first step towards understanding animals like cats and horses, if
“It shows that for dogs, a nice praise how dogs interpret human speech. A the animals in question had lived
can very well work as a reward, but it statement about the study said the among humans.
works best if both words and researchers believed their results
intonation match,” said Dr could “help to make communication Of course given the antics of my
Andics, “So dogs not only tell apart and cooperation between dogs and dogs over the years, I would not
what we say and how we say it, but humans even more efficient”. be surprised if they can read my
mind as well!!


Hello Readers, Lachlan Hargraves
with Cleopatra
Cleopatra is adorable. My kids and I came to DR ( See also p9 )
and walked her recently and she wasn't shy with
us - I think she knew we loved dogs and she was
so happy to come and play. She's a sweet kissy
girl and smart, she understood the following
commands first time: sit, drop, crawl, roll over,
stay and come! She'd be great for someone who
wanted to teach their dog some tricks or go to
dog club/agility or equally happy to run around the
yard with the kids. A great kid- sized dog, I can
see she'd be in on all the action, but wouldn't be
knocking anyone over. Cleo was also happy to
just sit down and have cuddles with the children.
If we didn't have enough dogs already, she'd be
coming home with us. :) Fiona Hargraves




HELP • If you can’t adopt FOSTER
• If you can’t foster DONATE
We need YOU....9486-3133
CLICK HERE • If you can’t donate VOLUNTEER
• If you can’t volunteer then please


1. Nash Jack Russell x 6yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“To help him find a home like Napoleon’s!” Jackson
2. Rossco Jack Russell x Foxy 5yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica
3. Sadie Jack Russell x 5yrs 8kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of beautiful Fantasia!” Emma Curtin
4. Gunther Jack Russell x 6yrs 6.9kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of our rescue dog Penny!” Stephanie
5. Winkle Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 5yrs 4.1kgs Male Sponsor:“Happy home is coming soon!” Love from Noreen
6. Bryson Jack Russell x 2yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “In memory of Jessica!” Honey, Bonnie & Marti their Mum
7. Tylor Terrier x 6yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Iceberg, who was special!” Henny Simm
8. Pippa Jack Russell x 5yrs 4kgs Female Sponsor: “ Sending lots of love to you!” George Coleman
9. Cole Border Terrier x 4yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “He just needs time, patience & a lot of love!”Janice Martin
10. Cheddar Tenterfield Terrier 8yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: Sending you lots of love from Susan Cassidy
11. Justin Mini Foxy x 6yrs 7.8kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of our special boy Harry!” Malki & Chandra
12. Squall Foxy x 6yrs 9.4kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of our dogs Tia & Ian!” Paul & Kathryn & Muffin



BUY “This calendar is not only a great stocking filler but is
also a gift that actually saves the lives of abandoned
animals in desperate need!” Monika


100% OF




• Feature REMEMBERING KENNY MOORE by Amanda Moore

From Monday however he went downhill very quickly
and by Wednesday he hadn't eaten in a few days. The
vet advised me that his heart was failing. He was in
and out of consciousness. I held him in my arms and
kissed his head and told him over and over how much I
loved him. I am shocked and devastated it happened
so fast. We've had heart dogs (Norman & Harry) who
lived for months after diagnosis. I thought Kenny would
have that too.

Our house is lonely, his bed is empty. I miss his
little face and having him follow me. I miss holding
him and kissing him. I can’t believe he left me so
quickly. I am thankful though that we got to be
there with him as he passed, at home in my arms,
his most favourite place in the world. I’m so very
thankful to have known him.

“ My darling Kenny was sweet and gentle. Kenny was
loyal and loving and his family was his whole world. He
was only truly happy when he was with me and I loved
making him feel safe. He loved to cuddle in my arms.
He had one little tooth that stuck out and his tongue
was always hanging out. He had a cheeky side and
would rumble on his back, legs flying. I loved watching
him do that, because for those moments he forgot
about his anxiety and was so joyous.” Amanda

I am beyond devastated to let you know that my darling Relaxing with
Kenny, my baby, went to heaven last night…. his Grandad...

We knew Kenny had a heart murmur but he was showing
no signs at all of anything worrying and he had a check
up at the vet a month ago and got the all clear, we were
told he didn't need meds at that stage. Last Monday I
worried about him as he was breathing rapidly so we
took him to the vet, tests were run and he was diagnosed
with heart failure. The vet said we were lucky we didn't
lose him. I don't understand how this happened so
quickly after getting the all clear. He was put on the usual
heart meds which he was such a good boy taking and he
seemed to be doing well. Sunday he went to my parents
house and pottered in their yard and cuddled with his
grandparents. He had dinner and rumbled on his back.


• • • facebook briefs Make a difference…. Please
donate to help brave Marcus!


1/10/16 Maggie's official 15th Birthday
today! When we adopted Maggie she was
approximately 5 months old (so we nominated
today her birthday). Thanks to Dr Dee and
Monika's she is our "little white fluffy princess"!

1/10/16 Marbles This popular little Marcus is 6yo English Staffy boy who was left in the
facebook star still waits for his forever family. pound with a torn cruciate ligament. He is a bright
Marbles Foxy x 5yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “ In happy boy, and like all Staffies just loves people and always
loving memory of Ricky!” Malki & Chandra gives you licks and cuddles. Marcus is also a good ball player
but his sore leg has really prevented him from playing much.
For more stories/updates
& information go to… Marcus has not known much care in his life and has the usual
signs of worn skin and calluses that suggest he has lived on concrete for a lot of his life. His luck is changing now. Marcus
is going to the vet today for orthopaedic surgery and we are
keeping all our paws crossed for him!

Marcus English Staffy x 7yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving
memory of my wonder dog Curtis!” Lee McKerracher

Brave Marcus needs help on the road to recovery,
please share the link if you can. thank you




A collaboration by Jess Sandstrom and Mark Lawrence

Hello Readers,

Precious Penny. Where do I even begin! This big, boofy girl has been a
firm favourite for many since she arrived at Doggie Rescue in the throes
of adolescence in January 2015. With no apparent basic training and
already spending time in a shelter at under 12 months of age, one has
to wonder what Penny's life may have been like before she came to us.

Although her jovial spirit hasn't been dampened by this rocky start, the
day to day stress of shelter life does tend to get Penny down in the
dumps. And really who could blame her! Try as we all might to make
the lives of the animals in our care as rich as they can be it just doesn't
cut it when compared to a real home with a real family who are there
just for Penny.

In the time that Penny has been with us she has learnt a great deal.
From basic obedience to the basics of life! Such as how to play with
toys, how to sit, how to wait for her food and is slowly but surely
learning how to exercise self control and not jump on the humans she
holds close to her heart (which includes ALL the humans!) Penny
adores water and loves to splash around in the clamshell pool
provided in her yard during the day. Even more enjoyable are the
days out to Narrabeen Lake with one of our dedicated volunteers
Kirsty who says "Penny loves to play in the water as long as she can
touch the bottom and you go in with her so she can play games of
trying to pull you in total and splashing you till you're that wet that you
should have just gone swimming anyway! She also wags her tail
every time she sees a human and believes their only role in the world
is to take time away from their daily chores to stroke her."

“ Aside from being beautiful, lovable and loving Penny is
also very trainable! If approached in a positive and

consistent manner then it should not take too much to show
this young lady what real life is supposed to be like. It may
also be beneficial to let her know too that she is actually a
really large dog because no one seems to have told her yet!
However, she does give fantastic cuddles once she is in
your lap so I haven't bothered to let our dainty Miss Penny

know yet... It can be our little secret.” Jess


Had my swim—
now it’s cuddle
time… Where’s
a free lap?


Mark says “ It’s so unfair! If Penny was a small But after a few minutes of excitement, and in a quiet
or medium sized dog she would be snapped up place away from other distractions, she is serene and
by a lucky new owner in no time. She has a great calm, quite content to sit with you (or on you, she thinks
personality, walks / runs well, loves to play, is she’s a lapdog!) and take in the peacefulness of life
still young (perhaps 3 years old?) and is VERY outside the shelter.
pretty. But she has just one small—or should I
What Penny would like most is the chance to burn off all
say large? — problem.” her energy in a big open space at least every day, and
then sleep if off in peace. And a few tummy rubs and
Hello Readers, treats would also be nice, because underneath it all she
is just a big softy!
When I first walked Penny in February 2015 I wrote that
she was a “Good Girl - but SO STRONG!” And getting Importantly though, for everyone’s comfort, she needs
on for two years later that assessment is still 100% someone with the discipline to train her properly – for
correct. Yet Penny isn’t really that big for a Great Dane, example not to try to meet every dog she sees, to come
weighing in at a little over 35kgs. But she has a on command, and to sit and wait when required. Given
puppyish, playful energy, which means that it takes that she is treat motivated and smart, this is very much
someone with some serious muscle to keep her on the a possibility. With training and regular exercise, dare I
straight and narrow. If she chose, she could pull some- say it, she could become the perfect dog? Mark
one off their feet; or if seated, off their chair.

And because she does not get to go out as much as she Sponsor: “ Wishing you lots of luck!” Lisa Suters
would like, it’s one big marvelous adventure for her
every time – all those wonderful sights and smells, • Breed: Great Dane x Shepherd Age: 3 years
perhaps the chance to play with some other dogs, frolic
in the water, or even better - be cuddled by a human! Weight: 35kgs Colour: Brindle Sex: Female



IU Hi Fans,

I heard Mum
yesterday saying to Dad that it is time
to book for the Christmas holidays.
Dad’s got four whole weeks off and
they have decided to spend
Christmas away this year. Misery:(

What will happen to me? Boarding kennels? Pet minder? Maybe
Gran will come in and see how I am? No, Gran is going too…
A lonely Christmas Day with no family. Will they just drive away
and leave me with strangers? All those other lonely doggies
without their families in a kennel. Do I have to sleep in a cage?
Bored. Miserable. Hungry ( no extra treats ) least I will be
safe and cared for but...when do I get my Chrissie presents?
How am I going to survive. I hate Christmas. It sucks.

Slinking around, tail between my legs. Mum on the phone
talking to Gran. “ I found a holiday house that is furnished, has
lovely big garden, is right on the beach — and it is pet friendly.
Chippy will be so excited to go for a Christmas holiday!”

Tail going like a windmill!!! Bark! Bark! Bark! Chippy’s going on
holidays. Paddling in the water, running and rolling on the sand,
exploring and most of all, being with my family. As Mum says..
How could they have a holiday without their fur baby? Can’t wait
for Christmas. Love it, love it...Life’s cool! Chips

He’s young, handsome, smart, MEET Adopt
very loving, a great poser and a me!
doggie to be proud of!!! ROCKET!

Bailey Jack Russell x Pug 1-2yrs 8.3kgs Foxy x 3yrs Male
Male Dogs do not satisfy Bailey and he
needs human companionship. He enjoys A small, very
pats and cuddles. Due to his sad past an sweet boy who
older family with rescue experience would is looking for a
be ideal. Bailey has been waiting a long time family to love
for a family of his very own. Sponsor: “ It’s in him...
the giving that we receive!” Royce Milmlow
Sponsor: “ To help
him to find a loving,
kind home!” Julie


“ Did you say...

“ ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz” “ No, not getting up…” CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO!

Drake Foxy x 5yrs Male Sponsor: “ Somewhere a loving home is waiting for you! ” love from Lesley Cansdell & Titch


PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE What’s trending on instagram?
BY FOLLOWING... Follow the DoggieRescue news/
see videos of the doggies/ catch
Instagram up with our day to day
happenings and much more…

1. Andy Rottweiler x 4yrs 28kgs Male Sponsor “In loving memory of ex DR dog Ted & for Sam!” Alison Skinner
2. Lucy Beagle x 6yrs Female Sponsor: “ Still so much love to give!” Inzie Bailie
3. Cupcake Terrier x 6yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor: “You have sponsors who love you now!” Fred & Annie
4. Ember Kelpie x Shepherd 12mths 18kgs Female Sponsor:“Just ‘cause you’re a good girl!” Jane & Romeo
5. Buttercup Foxy 11yrs Female Sponsor: With lots of love from the 4 Kane Kitties
6. Button Aussie Terrier x 8yrs 8.6kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of dear little Pebbles!” Sigrid Lublow
7. Charlie Mini Pinscher x 8yrs Male Sponsor: “ My fingers are crossed for a forever home!” Meaghan
8. Quinn Jack Russell x 6yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor: “In memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris
9. Tabitha Labrador x Border Collie 4yrs Female Sponsor: Erin Kramer –German x Danish Aussie Female
10. Arty Jack Russell x 8yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “May you find the love of your life soon!” Marg Iveson
11. Seb Jack Russell x 6yrs 12.8kgs Male Sponsor: “For all of our Rainbow Bridge Mob!” Love from Colleen & Ron
12. Dusty Kelpie x Corgi 3yrs 10.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling



Hello Readers,

There are many old dogs who are discarded
in pounds by their families as past their use
by date. I have been a DoggieRescue
supporter for a while now and love to help
the senior dogs to find their forever homes
through sponsorship. I also have adopted
two old dogs, Tyson and Gramps, who have
both passed away now and were so special
to me. Even though I did not have them a
long time I will always remember that their
last months were the happiest of their lives.

Adopt a senior pet—
they have so much love to give.

RECI Foxy x 10yrs Female & LENA Foxy x
Terrier 14yrs Female ( bonded Mother &
Daughter) Sponsor: “In loving memory of
Tyson & Gramps, made happy and finally
loved in the end!” Lucy Beaman


Please help DoggieRescue continue our lifesaving work. Not only for today
but for the years to come. Make a gift to the animals through your Will.

Please call or email for your free brochure about leaving a gift in your Will.
Phone: 9486-3133 Monika




On the 16 September we received three, one week old pups that were dumped outside a vet clinic without their
Mum. It was a struggle to get them fed. We tried tube feeding, bottle feeding and syringe feeding but none were
particularly successful. We thought they were some sort of Staffy X pups. At the time they arrived we had a
Chihuahua x Mum called Lexi with 4 pups about 4 weeks of age of her own. We tried to see if she would accept
them and being the beautiful little Mummy that she is...she did! At the time those pups were only slightly smaller
than her own. She started to clean them and she fed them. We were so relieved! We named them Cindy, Marcia
and Jan from the Brady Bunch as they were now a blended family. The girls grew and they are now feeding on their
own but will always try and get some Mummy milk as that is always the best! They are now 5 weeks old and soooo
healthy. We have received lots of kind donations of puppy milk and a litre pack disappears within seconds amongst
all 7 pups! Thank you to all our supporters for helping them! They will all be up for adoption soon…




1. Daphne Maltese x 10yrs 5kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
2. Russell Silky Terrier x 10yrs Male Sponsor: “For the lovely Lily & the joyous Jenna!” Lisa Kane
3. Crystal Foxy x 10yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Bill & Brittany!” Doreen Watkins
4. Angie Maltese x10yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of all my special woofs!” Susan Carovigno
5. Elvis Shih Tzu x 10yrs 9.4kgs Male Sponsor:“Hoping 2016 isn’t too ruff for you!”Andrew Larke
6. Bruce Mini Pinscher 11yrs 9kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Sybil & Jed, two strays!”Janet & Richard
7. Samwise Cattle x 10yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Elle, who was special!” Malki & Chandra
8. Claude Poodle x 10yrs 7kgs Blind Male Sponsor: “A gift from our beloved Markey!” Robert & Chris
9. Dwayne Staffy x Labrador 12yrs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Tia & Ian!” Kathryn, Paul & Muffin
10. Jip Maltese x 10yrs 4kgs Male Sponsor:“ In loving memory of my friend Salvatore!” Antoinette
11. Archie Pomeranian x 10yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Connor & Polly!” The Browns
12. Pearl Silky x 10yrs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Connor & Polly!” The Browns


• • • • ADOPT In focus: OLIVE Kelpie x Shar Pei 2yrs 15.7kgs Female

Hello Readers,

Olive is a sweet girl who is very friendly
with other dogs and walks well on lead.
She has a lot of energy and loves to roll
in the mud.

Olive can be reserved with strangers and
might take some time to trust and will
need someone willing to give her that
time. She is very curious but is especially
fearful of big young men. When she does
trust you, it is a very loving giving
relationship. Olive loves her pats and
cuddles and will shower you with love.
Olive is very energetic and would suit a
family that is active.

Olive loves company “ EVERY dog needs

and when you are

that trusted person, to feel secure before

she is very easy their true personality

going. Don't be fooled shows through! ”

though, you need to

earn that trust, but when

you do, this girl will shine!

Thanks, Keryn, DoggieRescue Volunteer
Sponsor: “Just ‘cause you’ve been a very good girl” Jane & Romeo



MaggieH(wuamspAhlrliesyono)n the
& her fabmeailych...with Dad...

Dr Deirdre (Dee) Clack “ Owning a dog provides companionship, loyalty and
BVSc (hons). affection for people of all ages and is an invaluable

The Cottage Animal Hospital addition to families and individuals.” Dee

Ph: 9890 7220

Owning a dog provides companion-
ship, loyalty and affection for people
of all ages and is an invaluable
addition to families and individuals
however it is important to find the
breed of dog most suitable to your
particular lifestyle and be aware of
the responsibility that comes with
dog ownership before you adopt or
purchase a dog. As a veterinary
service we are willing to discuss the
many aspects of dog care, including
breed-specific medical problems and
routine health care that your future
dog may need.

After purchasing your puppy or dog, there are several important aspects of their care to

• We strongly recommend that you insure your new dog. Please see our information sheet on

insurance on our website for more about this topic.

• Suitable bedding such as washable rugs, cushions or blankets need to be provided in a

weatherproof kennel or indoors.

• A secure area such as a dog-proof yard is essential.

• All dogs need daily exercise and mental stimulation to help avoid behavioural and health

problems. Dogs view their human owners as being part of their pack and can develop behavioural
issues if they feel neglected or excluded. It is also vitally important that dogs are socialised with people
and other dogs from an early age in order to learn appropriate interactive behaviours.


All pets require a minimum of one HERE’S HUMPHREY!
health check a year. On average,
dogs age five to eight times faster than “ Having a great time, wish you were here…”
humans, allowing major health changes
to develop in a relatively short amount of Hi Monika and all my friends at Doggie Rescue,
time. Routine vaccinations, flea & tick I just wanted to write and let you know that I am very happy in my
control & worming are recommended. A new home with mummy, daddy and my big sister Stella! Stella and I
visit to us is an opportunity to ask about get along very well and we love to play tug of war together and race
nutrition, behaviour and other issues. each other for the ball! Mummy and daddy are completely in love
with me and cannot believe what a good boy I am and how smart!
Nutrition is an important part of Mummy and Daddy have loved seeing my little personality come out
your dogs care. A healthy and as I get more and more confident every day. I have lots of energy but
balanced diet is essential. This will then after my walk and dinner I head to the lounge, flop over on my
provide protein to build the body; fats for back with my legs in the air and crash out asleep with little snores.
skin and coat health; carbohydrates for
energy; minerals and vitamins for good
bone development and healthy tissues.

It is essential to keep your dogs
teeth clean. A regular dental care
routine will minimise tartar build-up on
your pet’s teeth. Never give your dog
cooked bones, as these can be brittle
and splinter, causing harm to your dog.

Grooming & brushing is essential,
particularly for long-haired breeds. This
helps remove dust, dead skin, loose
hairs, grass seeds, and tangles and it
also assists to shorten the coat moult,
which occurs every autumn and spring.

For further information about pet
care, please phone our helpful
staff during business hours.

Telephone: 9890 7220 I have lots of toys to play with at my home and Stella lets me share
hers which is good, but my absolute favourite thing to play with are
16 Ross Street, mummy's furry Ugg boots - I leave them all around the house! I have
PARRAMATTA. 2150 also learned that I love the beach and love rolling in the sand, but I'm a little bit uncertain of the water - it looks like fun when Stella goes in
so I might try it one day!

I wanted to write and say thank you to my friends at Doggie Rescue
for looking after me until I could find my family, and a big thank you to
my special friend Monika whose kindness and love I wont ever
forget. Thank you everyone at Doggie Rescue for making two people
and two doggies so happy!




1. Chantelle Chihuahua x 5yr s 4kgsFemale Sponsor:“In loving memory of my dog Curtis!” Lee McKerracher

2. Nugget Terr ier x 6mths Male Sponsor: “ A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart!” Kara Vassallo
3. Seth Bor der Collie x 2yr s Male Sponsor:“ Wishing you a very happy 47th birthday Ray! ” Nila Sudiarta
4. Spencer Terr ier x 6yr s 7.3kgs Male Sponsor: “Wishing you very good luck!” Erin Salmon

5. Mar ty Foxy x 6yr s 8kgs Male Sponsor:“ It’s in the giving that we receive!” Royce Milmlow
6. Ingr id Foxy x 7-8yr s 8.9kgs Female Sponsor:“Keep smiling little Ingrid!” Tilly, Jasper & Karen
7. Nick Foxy x 10yr s Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Elle, who was so special!” Bill & Joan Collins
8. Donny Foxy x 6yr s Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Pepe & Cindy! ” Malki & Chandra

9. Ann Maltese x 12yr s Female Sponsor: “ Somewhere a loving home is waiting!” Lesley Cansdell & Titch
10. Layla Silky x Cair n Terr ier 3yr s Female Sponsor: “ Sending love from Joey & Rosie!” Pat Broderick
11. Jerr y Beagle 10yr s 18.7kgs Male Sponsor: “ Somewhere a loving home is waiting!” Lesley Cansdell & Titch

12. Fr ankie Maltese x Shih Tzu 9yr s Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins


LANCELOT….Loving life, meeting old friends,
enjoying his comfy new bed and exploring the beach….

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be – a bush turkey. They look If I impersonated a famous star I’d be – Lassie
nice and they get to roam free in the bush, and at My relationship with other dogs is – improving. I was
Christmas time, nobody would eat me! pretty shy but since my owners often take me to the dog
If I could wish fleas on someone it would be– Venus, park I have met new doggie friends so now I feel better
the cat who sleeps in the garden hose. around other dogs.
It took a while but I finally - stopped barking at Venus. My family says I have taught them– learning to handle
Apparently we are not going to be BFF’s but we will a large dog is not so really hard to manage after all.
learn to live with each other. My happiest moments are - bush walking, having my
When told I was to star in DoggieRescue magazine belly rubbed and a bowl of food.
I – heard my owners scream. Somehow they are more The food that makes me drool is – actually anything I
excited than I. They are so very proud of me, they said. can eat. I love food!!! Dry food Yes! Chicken wings Yes!
My tail wags most when - I see my owners coming Lamb bone, Pork bone, Beef bone, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
back home. (and food of course!) My favourite place in the world is– on my owners’
I often wonder - how my friends at Monika’s DR are couch or lap:)
going. When I left Monika’s, volunteers and friends were My nicknames are– Lancie and Sir Lancelot.
happy to see me finding a forever home but at the same I am so excited– when my owner puts her shoes on
time I remember they were sad to say good bye to me. because we are going for a walk!!!
So was I. I cannot be more than happier now but To all those big dogs waiting in pounds & shelters I
sometimes I miss all of them at Monika’s. say - there will be the right home waiting for you.
My greatest achievement is – being able to eat a Life is – just like a bag of bones, you never know which
chicken wing in 3 seconds. one you are going to get.


Wh[t Dogs h[v_ T[ught M_….. By Luis Del Florio

What is the Nature? According to a Dictionary Definition it is: “the phenomena of the physical world collectively,
including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or
human creations.” And here we have the crucial separation eloquently defined within the very books that we rely
upon to source the meanings behind words. “As OPPOSED to humans or human creations”. This sentence
in itself could be expanded to resemble the widespread assumption that we as a species are in conflict with
(because for the most part we are) rather than in communion and cooperation with The Nature. This separation
both carries with it the overtones of humanity’s assumption of superiority over The Nature and the resultant
ignorance it creates and perpetuates.

What do dogs have to do with this

and why does the writer keep saying

“The Nature”?! Ironically for a lot of

people domesticated animals are

one of the last links to themselves.

Ironical because these animals have

been bred and shaped to adapt to

the living conditions of humans.

Conditions so separate from The

Nature that the self-domestication of

Humans by their own hands of

technological-ingenuity has led to

these animals, if placed alongside

their human keepers in the

wilderness would most likely both

struggle to survive removed from the Saying ‘The Nature’ is a form of reverence, a form of reverence to

shiny and polished surfaces of remind one that there is essentially no “Nature”. I ask; Is Nature a tree?

domestic living. The Nature is rough Is nature and animal? Is it out there, reflecting as light through the

around the edges, encasing its narrow windows of perception as we sit in our homes glad-wrapped by

beauty within its centre around which the luxurious technological bubbles that distil the outside world and its

the elements are revolving, eroding resources into the various products we have on tap in our homes from
and interacting with it in a naturally our fridges, items that we sit on, and we wear on our skin?

balanced Interchanging interaction.


The Nature is a term the writer has
borrowed from travels abroad as
in some languages when speaking
about Nature, a “The” is always
placed in front of it and upon first
hearing it being spoken this way
by a native of the Russian tongue,
innocently translating into English
without knowing that we do not
use “The” in front of Nature the
writer was delighted firstly by the
comical quirk of inter-lingual
transfer but later awed by the
implications of the power of

The dog barking, freely
expressing itself in all it’s
free-moving energy as it zooms
around a park is a link to The
Nature and Ourselves.

A link to The Nature because “Dogs remind us to play, to laugh, to love. A link to ourselves
The Nature is not even there, it’s because in their innocence they allow us to shed the layers that
everywhere. Not ascribing to the obstruct the softness within to touch another and not care about
traditional definition of “Nature” our rough edges but rather embrace them and not care to have to
even a computer is part of The polish them to perfection.” Luis
Nature. This is because a
computer although removed from The separation is a conceptualised I thank Dogs for reminding us each
nature by various degrees of one that our canine friends are not day to simplify and to embrace our
human intervention via a process aware of, a concept that has daily walks together as if it is the first
of extraction and mechanistic inevitably arisen as humans time we have ever walked, the first
transmutation, still is made from differentiate between the various time we have ever experienced our
the resources of The Nature and Natural landscapes and daily routine, the first time we have
functions according to the basic Technological Marvels that too ever enjoyed a ball game. After all, it’s
laws of The Nature as defined by depend on The Nature for their the first time everything is happening
physics through the observation of survival. – All the Time.
The Nature.

Dogs will love you all the same
and remind you that your heart,
your skin beneath your clothes are
The Nature too and not as a
human, opposed to The Nature.
How can the organs within one’s
body that collectively and
harmoniously collaborate their
energies in the spirit of the
continuation of one’s life, a
human life and animal life alike
NOT be part of The Nature?


Share updates/ videos, catch up on
our latest news and help us to
spread the word! LIKE US TODAY :)

1. Saffy Maltese x 8yr s 5.1kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of my ex DR doggie Crunchie!” Cathy Beer
2. Squir tle Jack Russell x 3-4yr s 5.6kgs Male Sponsor:“ We hope you find a family soon!” Rachel & Andrew
3. Pip Squeak Maltese x 8yr s 3.6kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Sammy!” Fred & Teena W ratten
4. Spud Foxy x 3yr s 7kgs Male Sponsor:“To help you start a new life!” Desi Hendrawen
5. Candice Dachshund x Staffy 3yr s 12.3kgs Female Sponsor: “ This sponsorship is my gift to you!” Jeff
6. Rex Schnauzer x Terr ier 1yr 10kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Sheba, who was special!” Louise Dowd
7. Angus Aussie Terr ier x 5yr s 8kgs Male Sponsor:“Somewhere a loving home is waits !” Lesley Cansdell & Tich
8. Jenny Maltese x Lhasa Apso 8yr s 5kgsFemale Sponsor:“In loving memory of Ted & for Sam!” Alison Skinner
9. Ber nie Pomer anian x 12yr s 5.5kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck in the future!” P. Tew
10. Celene Maltese x Foxy 10yr s 4kgs Female Sponsor:“Blind dogs still make wonderful pets! ” Sylvia Raye
11. Tasha Shar Pei x Labr ador 9mths Female Sponsor: “Just ’cause you’re such a very good girl!” Jane & Romeo
12. Dickens Beagle x 4yr s 6.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ A happy home is coming soon!” Christin Schaller, with love


• • • • ADOPT ME! Long Term doggies in focus: JOEY & BUBBLES


I’m as CUTE as can be,
please fall in LOVE with me!

Khaleesi Staffy x 12mths 12.7kgs
Female Sponsor: “Everyone deserves to
have a good life!” Margot Cuthill



Your one stop pool shop— Meet two long term doggies who have
We do it all! formed a close bond of friendship….
JOEY & his mate BUBBLES
Phone:9913 2566
Joey a Kelpie x Foxy 5yrs 8.3kgs Male & Bubbles a Jack Russell x
Shop 4, 1 Powderworks Rd, 7yrs 8kgs Male have shared a kennel together at DoggieRescue for
Nth Narrabeen quite a while and are not only happy, energetic doggies who enjoy
playing together but two dogs who have become really good mates.
Email: Both are tan and white, with similar build and size and would make a
[email protected] ready made family for someone seeking a pair.

Website: Sponsor: Joey: “In loving memory of Ralph, Floyd & Steffie who were so very special to me!” Verena
Sponsor: Bubbles: “On behalf of my Serbian rescue dogs Nela &
Tess!” Lorelei Dowling



Meet 12 cute fluffies to melt your heart…

1. Lilly Papillion x 4yrs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris
2. Emmet Maltese x 10yrs 9.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ I am wishing you very good luck!” P. Tew
3. Jaxson Spaniel x Spitz 9yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“Good things are coming to you really soon!” Jody Redler
4. Leo Maltese x 3yrs 5.4kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck in finding a home!” P. Tew
5. Skittles Tibetan Spaniel x 5yrs 5.7kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Lucky!” Kevin Lynch
6. Wiggles Maltese x 4-5yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “Ex DR doggie Woody’s way of saying thanks!” from Tracy Fay
7. Sparkle Wiry Terrier 4yrs 5.6kgs Female Sponsor: From the Students at the Sydney School of English
8. Truffle Maltese x 10yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory & tribute to Mouse!” A group of friends
9. Dezzy Maltese x 3yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “With love from ex DR doggies Kipling, Digby & Marlow!” Catherine
10. Kingsley Poodle x 6yrs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Banjo & Clancy!” Mummy,Daddy,Molly,Mabel & Henry
11. Hugo Maltese x Poodle 8yrs 8.4kgs Male Sponsor:“Hope you find a forever and ever home soon!” Tyerell Allen
12. Rossi Terrier x 4-5yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor: “ Sending some good luck your way!” Convert Advertising



Do we have your missing piece?....9486-3133


1. Rosie Shar Pei x Staffy 8yrs 15kgs Female Sponsor: “A gift from our Maxwell!” Robert & Chris
2. Dre Whippet x 3yrs 10.3kgs Male Sponsor: “Good luck little mate!” Mike Jamieson
3. Courtney Kelpie x Italian Greyhound 1yr Female Sponsor: With lots of love from Breanna
4. Melody Kelpie x Foxy 2yrs Female Sponsor: “ Wishing you lots of luck!” from Susan Gerber
5. Lexi Chihuahua x 4yrs 6kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Jess & Jody!” Michele & Steve Tamassy
6. Mr. Magoo Mini Foxy x 8yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory Heidi & Libby!”Judith Lynch
7. & 8. Danni 8yrs 3.9kgs & Kylie 8yrs 5.5kgs Jack Russell x Females (bonded pair of sisters) Sponsors: Tail

wags from Lopez (ex DR doggie), Chilli & Tess & “A loving home soon!” Martha Pavlakis, with love…
9. Mia Foxy x 4yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of our dear Macy girl!” Susan Dorahy
10. Frederick Kelpie x 7yrs 14.3kgs Male Sponsor:“ Just ‘cause you’re such a very good boy!” Jane & Romeo
11. Nelson Cattle x 3yrs Male Sponsor: In loving memory of Minnie!” Marika Camilleri
12. Shelby Kelpie x 10yrs Male Sponsor:“Sending you lots of love and hugs!” Ruth Wall


VOLUNTEER With your help we will
continue to find homes
Get involved....9486-3133 for more than 1000
doggies every year.
http://www.dogg ier kavail.htm

1. Duke Ger man Shepherd x Staffy 18mths Male Sponsor: “ Wishes for a brighter future!” Sach Bailie
2. Mufasa Mastiff x Ridgeback 6yr s 36.3kgs Male Sponsor: Good luck from the students at the School of English
3. Jax Labr ador x Border Collie 4yr s 17.5kgs Male Sponsor:“He’d be a faithful friend 4ever!” Wendy McCat hie
4. Br uno Boxer x 2yr s Male Sponsor: “ Sending some luck your way!” Convert Advertising
5. Jacob Staffy x 10yr s 24.5kgs Male Sponsor: “ I n loving memory of Otto & ex DR doggie Rohan! ” Gail
6. Benette Bull Masti ff x Shepherd 4yr s 25.9kgsFemale Sponsor: “From our f amily of 2 dogs!” Lisa & Greg
7. Shadow Labr ador x 2yr s 20kgs Male Sponsor: “ Happy home soon!” f rom Freddi Martin
8. Spike Wir y Terr ier 1yr 15.1kgs Male Sponsor: “ Big hugs to a very sweet big boy!” Gail & Nelson
9. Tur tle Labr ador x 4yr s Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Roger, Rover & Ross!” Elizabeth Lynch
10. Speckles Cattle x Cor gi 7yr s 15kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you lots of luck!” Sam & Joy Jenkins
11. Jedi Cattle x Staffy 5yr s16kgs Male Sponsor:“He’s a sweetie! ” Yvonne, Marina & Jef, Easy Social Media
12. Mer cedes Rottweiler x 6yr s 33.8kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Lucky, Bunny & Yellow!” E. Lin


Did you know? In 2014-2015...

26,217 DOGS

were destroyed in pounds & at the
RSPCA in NSW alone. So many

precious lives lost. Each andevery
animal deserving of a second

chance—to be loved, cared for
and be special to someone…

Volunteer Kristina • You may not be able to CHANGE
with Milo & Lola these statistics but - you can
(Lola is now adopted ) MAKE A DIFFER ENCE!!!

Milo Foxy x 18mths 4.7kgs Male Sponsor: “Good luck!” Will Gorman DoggieRescue has saved over 11,000
dogs and cats fr om Kill Poundsbut to
continueour vital wor k weneed YOU.
Volunteers form a huge part of Doggie
Rescue and there are many varied
volunteer jobs available from walking and
cuddling to feeding and laundry duties,
from raising funds to administration. If you
love dogs we will find a volunteer job that
suits you. If you have any special abilities
we would love to hear f rom you too!

Don’t just say “I wish I could help!”
Please give us a call and become a
part of the DoggieRescue family.


http://w ww .doggi orkavai l .htm


BAZZA Labr ador x Kelpie 6yr s Male He is active, 2. CALEB Staffy x Bor der Collie 9yr s 22.4kgs Male

intelligent and wants to please. Sponsor: “ Wishing He loves playing with toys or fetch. Sponsor: “ In loving
Denise a very happy birthday!” Karla, John & Lotti memory of dear little Scruffy!” Love from Barbara

3. PERCY Masti ff x 8yr s 31kgs Male A big, boofy 4. CEDRIC Staffy x Labr ador 10yr s 25.6kgs Male

boy who loves cuddles. Sponsor:“To give you a better He is a sweet older gentleman. Sponsor: “I n loving
chance finding a loving forever home!” Joan & John memory of Zippy!” Noni & Warwick Farley


Eight DR doggies show their true personalities in these adorable close up photos….

5. LEON Pomer anian x 10yr s Male He’s as cute as 6. NIKITA Corgi x Sheltie 10yr s 9.8kgsFemale

can be! Sponsor: “ Sending some good luck your way!” A timid girl with a beautiful nature. Needs time & love.

Convert Advertising Sponsor:“A loving home soon!” Tony Suters

7. TARA Mastiff x Wolfhound 2yr s 40.1kgs 8. NOAH Shih Tzu x Maltese 9yr s Male A very

Female She’s a real water baby! Sponsor: “Sending happy boy with a cute smile! Sponsor: “In loving

you lots of love, you sweet girl!” Jane & her fur kids memory of Jakkson & Jack!” Gina Carovigno


Featured dog: BOWSER Red Cattle Dog 5yrs Male • • • Lifesaver fundraiser



Sponsor: With thanks to Doggie Express your love and commitment
Rescue’s hardworking laundry volunteers. to the doggies who no one else cares
about! With your regular monthly
contribution our life-saving work will

In 2014-2015 year 26,217 dogs & cats
were destroyed in pounds & at the
RSPCA in NSW alone. Doggie Rescue
is dedicated to saving these precious
lives. Operating as a charity for 15
years we have rescued over 11,800
dogs from council pounds.

DoggieRescue is dedicated to saving
precious lives. These dogs receive
immediate medical care, are de-sexed,
vaccinated and micro-chipped and await a
loving family at our shelter, “Doggie
Wood” at Ingleside. We are a “no-kill”
shelter. Our commitment to these dogs is
for the rest of their lives. Our running
costs are considerable and increasing.
We receive no government funding and
rely exclusively on donations. In this
economic climate our need for support
has never been greater….

• Your contribution of $29 per month pays for food & shelter costs for
1 doggie

• Your contribution of $49 per month pays for food, shelter &
veterinary costs for 1 doggie

• Your contribution of $79 per month pays for food, shelter and
veterinary costs and contributes to the expansion of our program –
there are thousands more lives to be saved!

For more information please visit our website!

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