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DoggieRescue E-Magazine December 2015_Neat

ADDRESS : 2 Mc Cowan Rd, Cnr. Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101 SHNEOLTKEIRLL
OPEN: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

PHONE: 9486-3133

Vol.11 No.134 ADOPTIONS:

2015 CATS 239

11AM - 3PM

Over 150 dogs & cats
are featured in our


Meet adorable cover
Trinity and all her friends
on pages 8 & 9


Magazine By Monika Biernacki


Featuring over
200 homeless
doggies & many
cats & kittens...

What’s Inside?

Feature Articles: Published

Order your copy now... 8-9

Meet our adorable CHRISTMAS DOGS & CATS
here to celebrate the festive season

We all had a scary time at DoggieRescue’s 10-11


Bubbles letter to Santa (with the help of Cynthia)

MEET JOAN OF ARC—The brave Staffy who 19
features as our ‘Everyday Hero’ this month

happens when the gloss has worn off your present?

CHRISTMAS HAZARDS Make sure that your 38-39 “ Little Goliath (pictured above) and
pet is safe this Christmas. By Dr. Deidre Clack I want to take the opportunity to
thank all our volunteers for all
DOGGIERESCUE.COM RESCUING CATS - 44-50 their commitment and dedication
A special section just for CATS/KITTENS throughout the year – for all
those special things you have
Every month: done that might have gone
unnoticed but have helped
FROM MY DESK by Monika Biernacki 2-3 our four legged friends.
12-13 Without all of you, these
Doggie Rescue UNLEASHED & dogs would not have been
DANGEROUS By Roland Briefrel 33 rescued.” Monika

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Featuring Pugsly Thomson

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And help us raise the funds to save more desperate dogs on Death Row...

Dear Readers, dedication to see it through to earn the trust of a worried,
confused dog and transform him into a happy, tail
Christmas is almost upon us and our dogs are lying in wagging family pet.
the sun napping after a yummy meal dreaming of a
forever home for Christmas! Hearing from Jessie (nee Gryff) (p16) and Pinky (p26)
attests to the fact that there is someone out there waiting
They were last year’s presents now broken and for each one of our rescues. If you are ready for the
discarded (see p20 & p21). However their spirits are commitment, come and meet some of these boys and
not broken. They are forgiving and at DoggieRescue girls who are dreaming of their forever family at
we have shown them that we love them and that they Christmas. What a selfless thing to do, and each dog
are all special. They may have suffered through horrific that is adopted, enables DoggieRescue to save another.
experiences but nothing is too hard for us to take on.
Love heals many wounds and each doggie is unique. For those of you who are helping to care for the dogs and
Kind words, understanding, a gentle touch and a sense cats on these festive days ahead, we plan to have some
of belonging is what DoggieRescue gives these dogs. yummy refreshments as a token thanks for all your efforts
and to share in the spirit of Christmas. If you’re planning
Some dogs like Seb (p21), Riley (p12) and Bubbles to spend Christmas alone, don’t. Come and give a fur kid
(p15) have spent a few Christmases with us now. They some love and a cuddle and put some happiness into
have licked their wounds and are ready to take on a your life!
forever home. Their confidence and self-esteem have
returned. They are ready for a special family to love Remember to keep your own pets safe and heed the
them and return that love. They are all so deserving! suggestions made by Dr Dee (p38 & p39)! Have a happy
Christmas with your family and if you need some last
It takes patience and care to take a rescue dog into minute gift ideas, please don’t forget our 2016 Calendar
your family. As Roland describes in his fostering article which makes a great stocking filler and the ideal gift for
(p12 & p13), it takes a lot of human talent and those people who have everything. Monika

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DoggieRescue wishes to thank all of our …


To all the special volunteers (impossible to name you all ) who have worked so hard this
year raising funds for the DR doggies— you know how much appreciated, YOU are!




You SAVE A LIFE of a desperate, death
row doggie in a pound by purchasing a

• 100% of sales from our beautiful,
glossy calendar, specially produced by
our generous supporters, helps
DoggieRescue to continue our
important lifesaving work. It is our
major fundraiser for the year.

A message from Monika…

Promoting our 2016 calendar this month is
Maeko. This beautiful, gentle little boy would have
perished in a pound if not for DoggieRescue. It is
hard to imagine that thousands of dogs and cats,
pups and kittens, die in pounds but there are so
many more abandoned pets in this desperate
situation depending on a last minute rescue.
Christmas and the busy January holiday period, is
sadly the time which has the highest dumpage
rates, with pounds and shelters all full to

PLEASE, buy a 2016 DoggieRescue Star calendar cover boy Maeko poses with his proud family
Calendar for EACH one sold helps to fund at DoggieRescue’s Halloween 2016 Calendar launch.
more animals rescued. By giving a calendar as
a gift you are truly giving the ‘GIFT OF LIFE’.



D WHERE TO BUY A DOGGIE 5-Dec-15 Petbarn Alexandria 10am - 3pm Alexandria
E RESCUE 2016 CALENDAR! 5-Dec-15 Petbarn Chatswood 10am - 3pm Chatswood

E Support DoggieRescue by purchasing

M a 2016 DoggieRescue Calendar at 12-Dec-15 Petbarn 10am - 3pm Nth Parramatta
B any of these venues listed or buy a North Parramatta

E 2016 DoggieRescue Calendar direct by 12-Dec-15 Petbarn Alexandria 10am - 3pm Alexandria
R using this link…http://

E 12-Dec-15 Petbarn Chatswood 10am - 3pm Chatswood
E The Cottage Animal Hospital 19-Dec-15 Pup N' Pussy 10am - 3pm Surry Hills
N 16 Ross St. PARRAMATTA. 9890 7220 19-Dec-15 Petbarn Alexandria 10am - 3pm Alexandria
Boags News

T 1 Botany Rd, WATERLOO. 9698 2080

S Help us to continue to save lives... 19-Dec-19 Petbarn Chatswood 10am - 3pm Chatswood


Ingleside Shelter is located at
2 McCowan Rd Cnr of Bloodwood Rd,

Open 10am - 5pm Tuesday to Sunday
Phone: 9486-3133

PLEASE SANTA…. “If I don’t have a home will
Bring me a home Santa still find me?” Angus
for Christmas!
Click here for
Dear Santa, I have been a more photos
VERY good girl don’t forget
me like you did last year...

Gypsy Shepherd x Kelpie x 2yrs
18.2kgs Female Sponsor: “Merry,
merry Christmas!” Freddie Martin

Male Sponsor: “ I hope you find a kind
• Gina, Beethoven, Esther, Sabrina, Larry, Wally, Maggie, Jill, home for Christmas!” Lesley Cansdell
Fiona, Remy, Hansel & Gretel (together), Echo, Buddy, Olaf &


DoggieRescue has Leave a Legacy of Love

All the pictures, stories & doggies
you love are just a CLICK AWAY…

If you would like to receive a copy of our
E-Mag every month please send your details
to email address: [email protected]


Because you will always care.
Please remember DoggieRescue in your Will.

Send or call for your free brochure about leaving a
gift in your Will.

NEWTOWN FESTIVAL STALL: A very big thank Mr/Mrs/Ms/Other
you to 10 year old Xavier Kraus and his family who First name
raised over $300 for Monika's Doggie Rescue. Surname
Xavier's goal had been to raise $200 so he was
pretty happy! For full story CLICK HERE Address

Call Luci 0423 963 422
Please return to:
Has been full time with
DoggieRescue for 4 years – reliable & caring. DoggieRescue,
Pittwater Area ONLY 8 Chiltern Road,
Or call 9486-3133 Thank you


For video
click here

Peaches Adult Tabby Female Marina Foxy x 14yrs Female Sponsor: Tuesday 1yr Female FIV positive.

Sponsor: With love from Sylvia Raye “Happy Christmas!” from Brenda Harris Sponsor: Lesley Cansdell, with love.

Santa told me RESCUE is his I’m not just for HOLIDAYS,
FAVOURITE breed. I’m for LIFE

Jane Foxy x Pug 15yrs 11kgs Female A beautiful Burrito Chihuahua x Foxy 4yrs 4.6kgs Male A sweet,
senior girl who is young at heart. Sponsor: “ I’d adopt happy boy who prefers female company. Sponsor: “It
her in a heartbeat - she is divine!” Barbara Holdsworth. will be a lucky family that gets you!” Rachel & Andrew

To all the kind people who have supported DoggieRescue by sponsoring doggies


To see all available
cats click here

Manny Papillion x Corgi 11yrs Male Latte 1yr Female Sponsor: Happy Cheddar T/Terrier 8yrs 6kgs Male

With love from the 5 Kane kitties. Christmas from the 5 Kane Kitties. Sponsor: Love from Kerry Woods

What better GIFT is there to Please ADOPT,
give than SAVING a life? Don’t SHOP this Christmas!

Trinity Mini Foxy x 3-4yrs 4kgs Female A sweet, shy Kylie 5.5kgs & Danii 4kgs Jack Russell x 8yrs Females

girl who needs a gentle family. Sponsor:“ I am hoping Darling pair of sisters. Sponsors:“Merry Christmas!” Lopez

you receive a home for Christmas!” Julie McCann (ex DR dog), Chilli & Tess & Love from Martha Pavlakis

To all the kind people who have supported DoggieRescue by sponsoring doggies

DoggieRescue’s 2016 Calendar Launch
on 31st October was a HOWLING success..

Skeletons, spiders & scary black bats
Pink tutus, cakes & dogs in witches hats!
What fun we had with TRICK or TREAT...
Our calendar launch could not be beat!!!!

It was CREEPY and
SCARY too - I
had FUN...Did

“ I wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone for all your hard work. It was a very successful day and I hope
everyone also enjoyed themselves. Our shelter looked simply amazing – you can all be so very proud of
yourselves and what you did for the doggies. We raised $4,500 and sold lots of calendars!” Monika


Please buy a
calendar or two!





It is one of the best things you can ever do. It routinely saves lives. Yet for many, they will be a total failure at it – and
that is a good thing!! If you love animals but cannot make a long-term commitment to adopting a pet, fostering may
be worthy of consideration. Taking in a stray or homeless pet on a temporary basis can be incredibly rewarding, and
helps sensitive or special-needs animals find their forever home with minimal stress and suffering.

What is fostering all about? Time and time again Doggie For video
Rescue launches appeals concerning the lack of space click here
available in their adoption kennels at DoggieWood. For a
plethora of reasons including the current economic climate, FOSTER ME
an increasing number of people are seeking to re-home their PLEASE...
pets, while there are fewer new permanent homes available.
Pets that are lucky enough to find a place in a shelter kennel Riley Foxy x 6yrs 9kgs Male Sponsor: “In
do not always thrive there as evidenced by my own dog loving memory of Rusty, Tasha & Sam!” Happy
Cooper. Whilst DoggieRescue goes to great lengths to Christmas Riley from Robert Nauta
ensure all their dogs are well cared for, many animals will not
transition well into kennel life. The longer a pet spends amazed at the changes in dogs taken from a kennel
confined with minimal human interaction, the more likely they environment to a home one and the huge amount of
are to develop behavioural or temperament issues as a extra information the carer is able to give a
result. Even the best-behaved dog or cat may be vulnerable prospective adopting family that would never have
to the stresses of living in a shelter, not to mention the effect been known if it was not for the fostering process.
on pets already shy, nervous or frightened. Unsurprisingly,
this can be detrimental to a pet's adoption chances and
thereby increase their length of stay at the shelter.

Foster carers help ensure that pets have the best chance
possible to find a new permanent home. By allowing pets in
need to live in a normal household environment, the fosterer
takes special care to ascertain that their charge is well
adjusted and ready to be with the right family forever. It is
the best way to keep animals happy and healthy while they
wait for their new home, whilst also providing a good idea of
what the pet is like to prospective new owners.

Raising the chances of a future adoption A dog within a • Patience. Whilst many pets are surrendered/
kennel or shelter such as DoggieWood may not be at their dumped through no fault of their own, they may be
best, and so, they will not appear in their best possible light apprehensive about their new surroundings and
to potential new owners. Within a home situation, the true show some negative behaviours, including fear
personality of the dog will have a much better chance of aggression, destructive tendencies, or shyness.
shining through, giving potential adopters a much more A good foster carer ought to be willing to work with
accurate insight into the temperament and any future the dog to bring out its best attributes, and help it
problems that the dog may have. I have never ceased to be overcome problems stemming from a difficult past.


• A home with plenty of space. If a foster carer A final few words from a failed foster carer Dogs
already has their own pet then occasionally there brought to DoggieRescue for rehoming are not always in
may be issues integrating them with a foster animal. the best of health, and may suffer from a whole range of
Therefore, it is a good idea to have a separate room issues such as malnutrition and fear aggression, or need
available in case the foster animal is shy or does time and therapy to recuperate from veterinary treatments
not take well to other pets. undertaken shortly after they were rescued. This can take
a lot of time and effort on the part of the foster carer, and
• The ability to avoid over-attachment. Some in some cases, may also mean that the dog needs to be
foster carers do end up adopting pets in their care; isolated from other dogs while they recover, something
however, it is important to remember that fostering that is hard to properly achieve in a kennel environment.
is meant to be temporary. (It is here where I make
the confession that I totally failed this part of the Further, some dogs that are put up for adoption have
process and ended up adopting Cooper!!) Foster suffered from neglect, poor handling, cruelty, or a simple
carers should aim to help as many animals as they lack of experience of ever having lived within a calm,
can rather than simply "trial" new pets. secure home with proper boundaries. For dogs from this
type of background, simply living within a calm, secure
• An open mind. You may have ideas about the kind and canine-appropriate environment with caring foster
of pet you would like to foster, however it is best to families can make the difference between producing a
be open to fostering pets according to their need dog that is ready to go to their forever home with new
rather than other attributes such as age or breed. owners, and one that is going to be hard to find a match
for due to their past experiences and treatment. My
• Time and commitment. Though it is fun and Cooper (see below) is an excellent example. Coming from
rewarding, caring for a foster animal is hard work. an abusive background, he was a fear biter and it seemed
It can be difficult to predict a homeless animal's that he would never find a forever home. The fact that he
needs so it is important prospective foster carers did find a forever home, albeit with his failed foster carer,
are able to devote a consistent amount of time to was simply a function of moving to a calm and secure
care, training, cleaning and medical requirements. environment with a routine. Any homeless dog can be
homeward bound with the assistance of a foster carer.
What are the costs associated with fostering?
Expected costs vary from animal to animal, but generally
medical care is covered by the DoggieRescue especially
in an emergency situation. Other expenses MAY be
reimbursed, however fostering should be viewed as a
commitment to looking after the dog which unsurprisingly
means you will incur costs – food, grooming etc.

What challenges might I face as a foster carer? For This Christmas, consider fostering a dog it is one of
many, the most difficult part of fostering is saying the most rewarding things you can do. But do it with
goodbye. You should be mindful of the fact that some a realistic understanding of what is involved and the
fostering situations carry on for months, and during that very real prospect that you will be a failure. And if
time you may form a strong bond with your foster pet. It
is important to always remember that fostering is meant you do fail, as I did, revel in it!!
to help as many animals as possible - and that the aim of
your role is to help your foster pet move on to their
forever home so they have a fair second chance at life.
You should accept that whilst you have some say in
where your foster pet ultimately ends up, the best part
about fostering is that you have the ability to make a
difference in the animal’s quality of life. Without foster
carers, many more needy animals would have nowhere

to go – and that means higher kill rates in pounds.


FUNDRAISING Hello Readers,

for the doggies... Our ANNUAL FUNDRAISER on 31st October was an amazing success with
donations raised from the sale of donated goods plus our homemade
condiments and cakes, refreshments, a hot dog stall. On 4th November we
also held a CHARITY DINNER and total funds raised from both events was
$6,300.00. Just amazing! Everyone had a wonderful time with all funds going
to help the DR doggies. How good is that? I would like to thank everyone
involved for their amazing dedication, hard work and support. Becky Timmins


“ Do it yourself ”



Santa does not just come on Christmas Eve,
his spirit lives all year long, if only you believe!
So for all the dogs in shelters don’t shed a tear,

he knows that they’ve been good all year.
Sometimes it does take him a little while…
He scratches his head, but then he will smile!!!
Another doggie finds their forever family
and their joy shines for the whole world to see.

All I want for Christmas.....

Hello,'s me, Bubbles. I don't want to
whinge but I think you've missed me. I haven't
written to you before with my Christmas wish
because I was told that you could see ALL the
good boys and girls...and they would get their
wish from you. But...I've been waiting for 5 years
now for my wish to come true and I didn't think I
was wishing for something toooo big.

All I want for Christmas is a family of my own to
love and, perhaps, a fur-sister to play with and
walk beside. I really LOVE walking. Maybe this
is why you have missed me for so long. Maybe I
want too much, do you think? I don't want a
fur-brother, or a cat, or a rabbit, or chickens…
just a couple of humans who would also love to
walk with me and let me sit on their knees.

Maybe you missed me because I'm not unhappy To see Bubble’s
here at DoggieRescue. I have my fur-friends… alter ego click here
Gypsy, Joey and Elsa...and we all play happily
together. I have lots of people who love me…
There's Luis who lets me stand on his shoulders
when he's picking up the laundry. There's Hayley
who lets me kiss her when she comes in to do
the cleaning in our area and there's my special
friend, Cynthia ( who helped me with my letter )
who takes me out for interesting walks and plays
kissing through the fence.

But, Santa, I want my own forever family. Why is Breed: Jack Russell x Age: 6yrs Weight:8kgs
that too much to ask?
Sponsor: “ For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess! My
Please, Santa, hear me this year… fingers are crossed that Santa reads your letter Bubbles
for you really deserve a special home!” Lorelei Dowling
PL E A S E Lots of love....Bubbles


for Santa

A heart warming Christmas update from a much loved ex DR doggie Gryff...
Hello Readers,
We adopted Jessie from Monika’s Doggie Rescue just
before Christmas last year. At that time he was called
Gryff but we changed his name – new home, new start!
He was very hesitant at first, being a little old chap with
bad eyesight and having been at Doggie Rescue for
about 5 years. He didn’t like to be picked up and would
wander into the garage and stay there except for meal-
time and at night, so we let him do what he wanted and
put a basket out there for him. We do have five other
dogs, all inside dogs, and gradually over a few months
he started to come in and sit with them for a while.
Now he is with the other dogs all the time except when
he wanders off to have a sleep in his inside basket, he is
never in the garage now. Jessie lets us pick him up and
he sits with me on the lounge with the others to watch
television. It has taken till now for him to really trust us
but the journey has been well worth it. He has his
permanent home now and we will make sure he is well
cared for. Happy Christmas from the Robertson family.


Your one stop pool shop— We do it all!
Shop 4, 1 Powderworks Rd, Nth Narrabeen Phone: 9913 2566

Email: [email protected]




1 2 34

5 678

9 10 11 12
1. Judith Tenterfield Terrier 12yrs Female Sponsor:“ Sending love from Jamie & Rosie!” Pat Broderick
2. Dougal Terrier x 10yrs 12.3kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Penny & Lucy!” Hannah
3. Coral Jack Russell x 10yrs 11.2kgs Female Sponsor:“Must be your turn soon Coral!” Love, Hughie Wray
4. Igor Maltese x Jack Russell 10yrs Male Sponsor: “Sending love & lots of hugs!” Jane & her fur kids
5. Marge Chihuahua x 15yrs 4kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Connor & Polly!” The Browns
6. Pedro is a Jack Russell x 12yrs 9kgs Male Sponsor: From the Students at the Sydney School of English
7. Bernie Pomeranian x 12yrs Male Sponsor:“In memory of Banjo & Clancy!” Mummy,Daddy, Molly, Mabel & Henry
8. Mario Mini Foxy x 10yrs 5.3kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of my husband Les!” Noreen
9. Claude Poodle x 10yrs 7kgs Male Claude is blind. Sponsor: “A gift from our beloved Markey!” Robert & Chris
10. Lavender Foxy x 11yrs 6.2kgs Female Sponsor: “A sweetie who melts your heart!” Kylee-Jan Ervine
11. Hutch Jack Russell x 16yrs 7-8kgs Male Sponsor: “For our Rainbow Bridge Mob!” Colleen & Ron
12. Genie Jack Russell x 13yrs 4.9kgs Female Sponsor: “ On behalf of our sweet Josie!” Liz May


Joan of Arc


For video
click here

“ Loveable Joan is a very sweet dog who
enjoys being cuddled and jumps up to lick
your face. She is excited to go for a walk
when people and dogs are around, but in a
quiet area could also walk without a lead.
While walking she looks at you the whole
time, so full of trust. I just love her." Ceallai


Joan of Arc is a Staffy x only 18 months old
and already she has experienced so much
suffering. Joan has demodectic mange
which we have started to treat. It is a slow
process and nothing replaces diligence and
care and lots of vet visits. But she is so
worth it! She is a sweet happy girl who will
feel a lot better soon. One day Joan, when
you are better, we know you will find that
very special human that you dream about.

Sponsor: “To help you start a brand new
life!” Merry Christmas from Desi Hendrawen

for photo Jack Russell x 3-4yrs 5.6kgs Male

Squirtle came to us as a puppy and he is now going on 3.5
years. When he was desexed we noticed that it was hard to
stop the bleeding post surgery. After a number of tests he was
diagnosed with haemophilia. After spending his whole life at the
shelter Squirtle has just found a foster home with a family that
volunteer with us. How good is that? Squirtle is settling in and
our dog trainer is keeping a close eye on his progress. We will
update news from his foster home shortly! Sponsor: “ Hope you
find a special forever family very soon!” Rachael & Andrew

Everyday hero……


LAST YEAR’S Morephotos
click here

CHRISTMAS Seb Jack Russell
PRESENT x 3yrs 12kgs Male
Sponsor: “Sending
love from Oxy!”
John Kinninmont

By Corinne Daw

Last year I was brand new—all bright and sparkly with the joy of living. I was
purchased as a Christmas gift in a spur of the moment decision with no thought
to my welfare or my future or the responsibility and cost of adopting a pet.

At first everyone in my new family loved me. I was “sooo cute” and “precious” and
all my baby antics were laughed at. The kids fought over whose bed I would sleep
on and I had so many toys to play with! I could do no wrong - I was the MOST
loved doggie in the whole world….. but it did not last!

I wet in the house and was a “dirty dog”, the children lost interest in me - computer
games were more fun! “Have you taken the dog for a walk!” Mum would say but
somehow there was always something more interesting for them to do. Then after
the January holidays I was alone all day. I cried and I cried. Then I barked and I

Bored- I started to dig holes in the garden or pull clothes off the line, which amused
me for a while. But my family was not AMUSED. Dad got so ANGRY and YELLED
loudly at me. I was terrified and started to snap at him. I was not allowed in the
house anymore but locked in the backyard. I would be so excited to see Mum in the
morning my tail would go around and around but she would just put my bowl outside
the back door and go inside again and then I would not see her again all day. Dad
would come home late, give me my dinner and go back inside the house again,
slamming the door in my face. I would stand at the wire door and watch them inside.

It seemed that nobody had any time or love for me anymore.
To them it was as if I had just disappeared. I was so lonely and miserable.


Then one day a strange man came to take me away. He put
a thick chain around my neck. I was frightened and did not
want to go. I would not walk so I was dragged and I heard
the man say “does he bite” and is he unpredictable”. He
gave me a pat as he put me in a cage in the van and slid
the lock in place. I heard him say to Mum “ You know
if you surrender this dog he won’t be kept for 7 days but
euthanized almost straight away!” “ We brought him last
Christmas to amuse the kids and have no time for the dog
anymore, he is just a nuisance!” was her reply. I looked
around and noticed that there were other cages in the van
too with many other frightened dogs, just like me. I could not
stop shaking and I wet myself. As the door of the van shut
with a bang, I was in darkness and my terror began…

The steel gate shut with a clang and the locks snapped into
place. Strange dogs were barking and howling. Everywhere
was noise and confusion. I was in a Pound!!!! As I shrank
back into the furthest corner of my cage sheer terror over-
came me. But staff at the Pound took pity on me. I was one
of the few lucky dogs who were to be rescued by Doggie
Rescue, on the day that we were all due to be euthanized.
I have a chance now to start again, with a different family
this time, but sadly I now come with baggage.

I am fearful, especially of men.
I am not housetrained or lead trained.
When voices are raised I wet myself.
I want to be loved but don’t know how to

respond or how to please people.
I have separation syndrome.

I am not socialized with other dogs.
I am a living toy which has been broken,

and then simply discarded.



Seb, our gorgeous model, is not the dog mentioned in this story but he represents all the dogs who come to Doggie
Rescue having seen the very worst of humans. Seb is just an amazing boy who has learnt to love and trust again.

Featuring star ex DR doggie Chippy


Ho! Ho! Ho! Hi Fans,
Not many days to go...
I know what I’m getting for
Christmas and I’m so excited!!!

Santa, I’ve Dad brought it in the other day
been a very and I thought—WOW!!! Then he
good girl... and Mum started to make it look
really pretty with lots of stuff like
coloured balls and shiny tinsel.
They even put a star on top -

Mum’s put a barrier around it so I can’t
use it until Christmas Day but when I
look at it my tail just wags and wags.
No more going out in the wet and
cold anymore and I can use it day
and night so I don’t have to hold
on. It is just the best present
anyone could give to a doggie
and I can’t wait until Christmas
Day. Chippy is going to have
his own ‘indoor toilet’.

Skyla Pointer x 1yr 22kgs Female Sponsor: Hope you get just what
“Merry Christmas!” Kezi, Sherry & Spot Trafford YOU want this Chrissie!

Merry Christmas from Chips

Toto Wiry Terrier x 10yrs 12kgs Male Sponsor:“From ex DR doggies Kipling, Digby & Marlow!” Catherine
Tetley Mini Foxy x 8yrs 4kgs Male Sponsor: “ With lots of love from Gunter & family!” Rhonda & Brett
Chuck Jack Russell x 4yrs 10kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Ralph, Floyd & Steffie!” Verena
Missy Wiry Terrier 2yrs 7.5kgs Female Sponsor: Merry Christmas with lots of love from Breanna


AMAZING... Read the story below of 5 year old Ziv’s
dedication to helping homeless doggies

FUNDRAISING Star Dear Monika's DoggieRescue,

More pics “Thank you Ziv, My son Ziv, decided that he wanted to
click here it is amazing start a loom band business, making and
what talent selling bracelets and necklaces. Instead of
young people keeping the money, his Dad and I
like you have suggested that he could donate the money
and your love to a charity instead. Ziv really liked the idea
and compassion of helping others and immediately agreed.
have helped
other homeless More than anything in the world, Ziv loves
dogs like yours!” his dog Minnie. Minnie is also a rescue dog
Monika that came to live with us almost two years
ago. So Ziv decided that he wanted to
donate all the money that he made to help
rescue dogs. We told him about Monika's
and he really liked the idea. We promised
to take him to see some of the rescue dogs
so he knew where his money was going
and how it helps.

Please look out for $30.20 that has been
transferred to your bank account - Ziv
made this money mostly by selling 50 cent
bracelets. That's a lot of work for a five
year old! Ziv's Dad and I are thrilled to have
him learn at such a young age how to run a
small business, but more importantly, how
to look after and care for others.

Kind regards, Dana

click here

Dahlia Foxy x 11mths 4.9kgs Female Sponsor: “ For Emma, Jesse & Mary!” with love from Uncle Sam
Milo Foxy x 10-12mths 4.7kgs Male Sponsor:“ Good luck finding a kind family to love you 4ever!” Will Gorman
Yoda Poodle x Shih Tzu x Boston Terrier 4yrs Male Sponsor:“Merry Christmas!”The Neutral Bay School of Dance
Harry Terrier x 6yrs 5.4kgs Male Sponsor: “ To give you a better chance of finding a 4ever home!” Joan & John


I’m Shortcake

I’m Rossco

I’m Terry I’m Malinka I’m Harold
I’m Santa’s
We are all just as excited as can be …
But.. OH NO! We have no chimney!

I’m Justin

I’m Dottie


I’m Dusty Is it HO! HO! HO!
I’m Quinn Christmas
I’m Lily • Rossco Jack Russell x 6yrs 6kgs
yet? Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of
Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica
I’m Pippa
• Shortcake Staffy x Cattle Dog 2yrs
I’m Whiskey 14.2kgs Female Sponsor: With lots
of love from Nicole Van du Gard

• Terry Aussie Terrier x Jack
Russell 6yrs 5.2kgs Male Sponsor:
“ To help him to find a home as
loving as Napoleons!” Jackson

• Malinka English Staffy x 2yrs
12kgs Female Sponsor: “ A forever
home for Christmas!” Susan Cassidy

• Harold Terrier 10yrs 6.7kgs Male
Sponsor: “ In loving memory of our
dear little Elle!” Joan & Bill Collins

• Dottie Mini Foxy x 10yrs 6kgs
Female Sponsor:“In loving memory
of my wonder dog Curtis!” Lee

• Justin Mini Foxy x 6yrs 7.8kgs
Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory
of Harry!” Malki & Chandra

• Dusty Kelpie x Corgi 3yrs 10.8kgs
Male Sponsor:“ For my Serbian
rescue dogs Nela & Tess!”
Lorelei Dowling

• Quinn Jack Russell x Kelpie x
5-6yrs 9.7kgs Female Sponsor:
“For my sweet Milo!” Diana Tang

• Pippa Jack Russell x 4yrs 4kgs
Female Sponsor: “ She’d make a
loving & faithful forever friend!”
Claire & Michael

• Lily Chihuahua x 3yrs Female
Sponsor:“In loving memory of
Iceberg!” Henny Sim

• Whiskey 8yrs Cairn Terrier x 5kgs
Male Sponsor:“Your sponsor family
loves you!” Fred & Annie Tse


“ All in all I’m so happy I have Pinky,
he is a unique and special little dog

and I love him to bits!” Linda
Hello Readers,
My name is Linda and I am Pinky’s proud “Mum”. I was asked to
write an update on him because he was so loved at Doggie
Rescue. I know Pinky was a long termer at Monika’s and I feel so
fortunate that I was the one who got to adopt him! I remember
the first time I saw him on the Doggie Rescue website and I knew
straight away I wanted to meet him. And so began a couple of
long drives from Bundeena to Monika’s to get to know him.


On the third weekend the 29th of Cole Border Terrier x 4yrs Cookie 3 Italian Greyhound
August I knew I wanted to adopt him 6kgs Male Sponsor: “He needs x 6yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:
so before I went up I brought him a kindness, love and a little time!” “In loving memory of Tia &
collar and tag with his name and new Janice, Volunteer Ian!” Kathryn, Paul & Muffin
details. It was quite an overwhelming
experience as lots of the volunteers Video
who had known Pinky for so long ( he click
was at Doggie Rescue for about here
4 years I think ) were saying their
goodbyes and there were tears of Perry Maltese x 10yrs Cleveland Corgi x Cattle
happiness for Pinky finding his forever 6kgsMale Sponsor: “ In loving 10yrs 12kgs Male Sponsor:
home. I was also really amazed at the memory of our dear Edie!” Merry “In loving memory of Ralph,
amount of likes and comments on Christmas, Mary Jean Scroope Floyd & Steffie!” Verena
DR’s Facebook so it wasn’t hard to see
Pinky is a much loved little fellow. Video
Pinky settled into his new home very here
quickly he loves his walks and the
beach and gets along well with Lucy Video
the cat. He has become a bit of foodie click
and loves it when I’m cooking he here
comes into the kitchen looking at me
with those gorgeous eyes as if to say Yukki Mini Foxy x 3yrs 4.3kgs Joey Kelpie x Foxy 5yrs
I’m so hungry. Male Sponsor: “In loving 8.2kgs Male Sponsor: “ In
memory of my very special Macy loving memory of our girl Lily
Pinky and I would like to take the girl!” Susan Dorahy Biesler! ” Greg & Amy
opportunity to wish all his friends and
followers a very Happy Christmas and
to thank everyone who looked after
him during his time at Monika's.
Monika’s DoggieRescue is a truly
amazing organisation and I thank you
for all that you do.

God Bless. Pinky and Linda

PS : Note from Pinky
Licks & tail wags to all my 4 legged
friends at DoggieRescue and I will have
my paws crossed that Santa brings you
all a forever home this Christmas.
To Aunty Monika and every one who
loved me at Doggie Rescue, and to my
wonderful sponsors Anne & John
Anderson, thank you for never giving
up on me. Woof! Woof! Pinky Tarrant


Click here for
larger pics

12 3

4 56 7

8 9 10 11

1. Dante Pomeranian x 2yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Sheba!” Merry Christmas from Louise
2. Andy Rottweiler x 2yrs Male Sponsor: “ For all my precious dogs -Suzie, Annabel & Mitzi!” Maureen Edwards
3. Pesto Cattle Dog x Jack Russell 9yrs 11.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ From our family of 2 dogs!” Lisa & Greg Doutty
4. Colonel Jack Russell x 10yrs 7.2kgs Male Sponsor: With lots of love from Nikki@locisolutions
5. Arty Jack Russell x 8yrs 6.6kgs Male Sponsor: “Wishing this sweet boy a kind home!” Marg Iveson
6. Patch B/Collie x Cattle1yr 17kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica
7. Saffy Jack Russel x 8yrs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of ex DR dog Crunchie!” Cathy Beer
8. Charlie Mini Pinscher x 8yrs Male Sponsor: “ My fingers are crossed for a forever home this month!” Meaghan
9. Kitty Pug x Foxy 12yrs 5.4kgs Female Sponsor: “In memory of dear little Fantasia!” Emma Curtin
10. Ember Kelpie x Shepherd 1yr 18kgs Female Sponsor: Merry Christmas from Rosemarie, Monica & Justine
11. Elsa Cattle x Kelpie 4yrs 15kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Mitch & Amber!” Sue Bellamy


Click here for Click here for
video of Giles larger pics

12 3

45 6 7

8 9 10 11

1. Siska English Staffy x 10yrs Female Sponsor: “ For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
2. Giles Aussie Terrier x Chinese Crested 8yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor: “A home for Christmas!” George Coleman
3. Sparkle Wiry Terrier 4yrs 5kgs Female Sponsor: Merry Xmas from the students at the Sydney School of English
4. Ralph Maltese x 12yrs 6.2kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you luck finding a kind forever family!” P. Tew
5. Bambi Kelpie x 1yr 15kgs Male Sponsor: “ A loving home is coming very soon!” Tony Suters
6. Maxwell Jack Russell x 6yrs 9kgs Male Sponsor: “Just’ cause you’re such a good boy!” from Jane & Romeo
7. Tabitha Labrador x B/Collie 2yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Sam & Jess!” Sara Dyer
8. Jax Labrador x Border Collie 2yrs 17.5kgs Male Sponsor: “ A faithful friend forever!” Wendy McCathie
9. Trixie Maltese x 8yrs 4kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of dear little Sammy!” Fred & Teena Wratten
10. Turtle Labrador x 2yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Roger, Rover & Ross!” Elizabeth
11. Faith West Highland Terrier x 13yrs 4.2kgs Female “ In loving memory of Bill & Brittany!” Doreen Watkins


Will Santa bring
us a home...

Beryl Button

Fennel & Video
Spice click here

Antonio Crash

Beryl Chihuahua x Corgi 5yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor: “Merry Christmas!” from Jane & Romeo
Button Wiry Terrier x 8yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Pebbles!” Sigrid Lublow
Antonio Foxy x Kelpie 3yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor: “For the lovely Lily & the joyous Jenna!” Lisa Kane
Crash Bandicoot Pomeranian x 2yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor:“Happy Christmas!” from Jane & Romeo
Spice Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 2yrs Female & Fennel Chihuahua x Mini Foxy 6mths Male
Sponsors: Linda, Pat & Pee Wee & remembering Robbie & “A loving home soon!” Patsy Wills
Penny Great Dane x Shepherd 1yr 30kgs Female Sponsor: “ Wishing you good luck” Lisa Suters
Tommy Mini Foxy x 1yr 6kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Minnie!” Marika Camilleri
Nell West Highland x 8yrs 8kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Curtis!” Lee McKerracher
Bailey Jack Russell x Pug 1yr 8.3kgs Male Sponsor: “It’s in giving that we receive!” Royce Milmlow

Penny Tommy Jenny
Nell Bailey

Jenny Maltese x Lhasa Apso 8yrs 5.3kgs Female &
Humphrey Lhasa Apso x 6yrs 7.2kgs (bonded pair)
Sponsor: “ This is for Sam & in loving memory of ex DR
doggie Ted!” Alsion Skinner


Angelique & Bert.
A bonded pair.

Taree Mr. Spok

Dodger Roxy

Taree Cattle x Dingo 2yrs 14.7kgs Female Sponsor: Love from Ruby & Pompey!” John Kinninmont
Mr. Spok Mini Foxy 8yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Pepe & Cindy!” Malki & Chandra
Dodger Mini Foxy x 5yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“A forever home for Christmas!” Janelle Wooldridge
Roxy Staffy x 5yrs 26kgs Female Sponsor:“ In memory of Jessica!” Honey, Bonnie & Marti their Mum
Angelique Mini Foxy x 6yrs 3kgs Female & Bert Chihuahua x 10yrs 7kgs Male ( Bonded pair )
Sponsors: “ In loving memory of Frankie!” Abel Coelho & “Sending you love at Christmas! ” Ruth Wall
Bessie B/ Collie x Husky 6yrs 19.5kgs Female Sponsor: With lots of love from Shona & Narice
Calvin Foxy x 4yrs 5.4kgs Male Sponsor: “ To give you a better chance of a home!” Pam Robson
Bear Staffy x 2yrs 18kgs Male Sponsor:“Good luck!” The volunteer team at
Speckles Cattle x Corgi 7yrs 15kgs Male Sponsor: “ Merry, merry Christmas Speckles!” Sam & Joy

Bessie Calvin

Bear Speckles Kim (Daughter) Jack Russell x 9yrs 6kgs Female &
Kath (Mother) Jack Russell x 11yrs 5.2kgs Female
Sponsors:“In loving memory of Evie & Poppy & for
Sam!” Brenda Harris & With love from Lesley Cansdell


Larger pics
click here

12 3

4 56 7

8 9 10 11 click here
1. Rani Aussie Bulldog x Cattle 2yrs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of dear Lucy!” Elizabeth Lynch
2. Nash Jack Russell x 5yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “Sending you lots of love at Christmas!” Nicole Van du Gard
3. Squall Foxy x 6yrs 9kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of our dear Tia & Ian!” Paul & Kathryn & Muffin
4. Rex Schnauzer x Terrier 1yr 9-10kgs Male Sponsor:“I’m on the trail of a forever home!” Lyb Semple
5. Rosie Shar Pei x Staffy 8yrs Female Special needs. Sponsor:“A gift from our beloved Maxwell!” Robert & Chris
6. Piper Foxy x Pug 12yrs 10.6kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris
7. Floppy Maltese x 10yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Elle!” Merry Christmas from Bill & Joan Collins
8. Spike Wiry Terrier 12mths Male Sponsor: “ Big hugs to a sweet boy!” Happy Christmas from Gail & Nelson
9. Nina Foxy x 10yrs Female Sponsor:“Wishing you health & happiness!” Happy Christmas, Kendalle, Guy & Finn
10. Aladdin Jack Russell x 2yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor: “Just ’cause you’re such a good boy!” Jane & Romeo
11. Sylvester Mini Foxy x 8yrs Male Sponsor:“He would be perfect for anyone with a heart!” Merry Christmas, Beth



Spoilt, loved and looking
forward to his first
Christmas with his
forever family.

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be - Jamie Oliver. Because he I hate to whine but- my parents put me on this horrific
gets to work with food and cook food and eat food etc... thing known as a ‘DIET’… apparently that means I
If I could wish fleas on someone it would be - Mum exercise more and eat less. Yuck.
when she gives me a bath or tries to clip my nails, or the My greatest achievement is - pulling out all of my toys
neighbour who walks past the house 287 times a day... from the toy box. It takes a long, long time and requires
To all those dogs waiting in pounds I say – your a lot of hard work, especially since Mum is usually
family is out there!! All the best ones make you wait. But following behind me, putting them back into the box.
when you finally get into your new home… it’s awesome. Doesn’t she know that they belong on the floor??
My family say I have taught them - be patient. I was My friends howl when – I run around with a toy in my
nervous when I first went to my new home. I spent a mouth. Especially my favourite one, Daddy’s old thong.
while without one, so they had to take their time teaching The food that makes me drool is - PEAS! Fresh,
me home life is safe &I was staying with them for good. frozen, cooked, or raw. They’re soooo good!!!
When I heard I was to star in DoggieRescue My nickname is - Pugs, Puggers, Puggles, Tubby,
magazine I – waddled over to my toy box, grabbed my Goofball, Weirdo, Sweet Pea, Monster, Critter, Rotten,
monkey toy, and wiggled my butt!! I mean, I know I’m Pugsly-Ugsly, Doh-Doh …
adorable & amazing, but it’s nice to be recognized for it!! Santa is bringing me - treats, a bone, and a new toy!!!!
I have made a difference to my family’s life because - I get spoiled throughout the year so I told Santa to bring
now there’s always toys all around the floor to play with. my toys and treats to Monika’s so the dogs still there
If I impersonated a famous star I’d be - Bill Murray. can have something to open up on Christmas Morning.
Because he’s a grumpy looking funny-guy. Just like me. On Christmas Day I will be - in Melbourne, hanging
My favourite place in the world is - on the beach! out with Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, my Auntie and
Jumping from rock to rock, playing in the waves and rock Uncle and my fur-cousin, Koh! Hopefully they’ll even
pools. Or in the kitchen, because that’s where the food is. give me extra food. ’Tis the season for giving, after all!


Cupid Hazel


Betty Papi

Cupid Maltese x 12yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “A forever family is coming soon!” Lesley Cansdell
Hazel Shih Tzu x 10yrs Female Sponsor:“In memory of Jess & Jody!” Michele & Steve Tamassy
Betty Maltese x 10yrs Female Sponsor:“In memory of Sybil & Jed, 2 strays!” Janet & Richard Elmes
Papi Maltese x 12yrs 6.5kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of all my woofs!” Susan Carovigno

❤Blaze Cattle x Staffy 2yrs 15kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of my boy Sam!” Val Rodgers

Monte Maltese x 12yrs Male Sponsor: With ex DR doggie Jerry, Lucy & humans Maya & Willie
Merlin Maltese x 15yrs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of dear Jakkson & Jack! ” Gina Carovigno
Basil Maltese x 12yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of our dear little Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
Tyson Maltese x 10yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of our rescue dog Penny!” Stephanie

Monte Merlin

Basil Tyson Neville Maltese x 10yrs 4kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving
memory of our dear Connor & Polly! Wishing a very
Merry Christmas to all !” from The Browns


Bobby Rocket Jaxson



Tina Fidget A WHITE

Bobby Maltese x 15yrs 7.5kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of our dear Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
Rocket Maltese x 12yrs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck at Christmas time!” P. Tew
Tina Poodle x 3yrs 4.4kgs Female Sponsor: “For my dogs—Annabel, Suzie & Mitzi!” Maureen
Fidget Maltese x 1yr Male Sponsor: “Merry Christmas with lots of love!” Margot Cuthill
Jaxson Spaniel x Spitz 9yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “ A loving home is coming soon!” from Jody Redler
Leo Maltese x 3yrs 5.4kgs Male Sponsor:“ Wishing you very good luck & a happy Christmas!” P.Tew
Ollie Maltese x Shih Tzu 8yrs 5.4kgs Male Sponsor:“ Merry Christmas!” Lochie, Melinda & Brett
Wiggles Maltese x 4yrs 4.5kgs Male Sponsor: “Ex DR dog Woody’s way of saying thanks!” Tracy Fay
Oscar Maltese x Shih Tzu 10yrs 9kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Scamp!” Joey, Lily & Helen

Leo Ollie Woody
Oscar Woody Maltese x Poodle 6yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor:
“ Wishing you very good luck! And a happy and loving
new home for Christmas!” from P. Tew


check here:


Annandale Vet Hospital Pet Barn (Sat only 10-3) Pet Barn (Sat only 10-3) ACON
62 Moore St, Leichhardt 175 McEvoy St, Alexandria 372 Eastern Valley Way 414 Elizabeth St,Surry Hills


Alex Greenwich MP Greencross Vets Pets Palace Jamie Parker MP 112a

58 Oxford St,Paddington 1 Livingston Rd, Petersham Shop 28, 617-626 King St Glebe Point Rd Glebe

CITY— Councillor Angela Vithoulkas EDGECLIFF— Edgecliff Pets Eastpoint,

Vivo Café 388 George Street cnr of King & George St Shop 33 New South Head Rd Ph: 0434 975 377 [email protected]

• RSCPA • Sutherland Shire • Organisations
supporting homeless
• Hawkesbury Pound Animal Shelter people with pets

• Monika’s Doggie Rescue • HIV Support Services


1 2 34

5 6 78

9 10 11 12
1. Spud Foxy x 3yr s 7.2kgs Male Sponsor: “ To help youstart your new life with a family!” Desi Hendrawen
2. Lancelot Siber ian x Collie 6yr s Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Otto & ex DR dog Rohan!” Gail
3. Celene Maltese x Mini Foxy 10yr s 4.1kgs Female Celene is blind Sponsor: “ Wishing you luck!” Sylvia Raye
4. Alfie Kelpie x 7mths Male Sponsor: “Just ‘cause you are such a good boy!” Love from Jane & Romeo
5. Dezzy Maltese x Shih Tzu 3yr s 5.6kgs Male Sponsor: “To find the forever home you deserve!” Ros Hadley
6. Mar bles Chihuahua x Foxy 5yr s 5kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Ricky!” Malki & Chandra
7. Jim Mini Foxy x Italian Gr eyhound 9yr s Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of our dear Elle!” Malki & Chandra
8. Hiccup Shih Tzu x Maltese 13yr s Male Sponsor: “ It’s in the giving that we receive!” Royce Milmlow
9. Mr . Magoo Mini Foxy x 7-8yr s Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory our precious Heidi & Libby!”Judith Lynch
10. Fr anzinaTerr ier x 7-8yr s 5.2kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of my f riend Salvatore (Sam).” Antoinette
11. Br yson Jack Russell x 2yr s 6.3kgs Male Sponsor: “ In memory of our E bony!” Melissa, Honey & Charlotte
12. Bar naby Foxy x Cattle Dog 11yr s 8kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of my little Scruffy!” Barbara Morrison


Featuring Dr. Deidre Clack from The Cottage Animal Hospital Phone: 9890 7220

“ On these two pages I have highlighted a few hazards for pets at
Christmas time. By following these simple tips you and your pets
can enjoy a happy and safe Christmas holiday. ” Dee


Though plants bring colour and life
into your home, caution should be
used when placing them.
• Holly: The berries and leaves

can cause discomfort / vomiting.
They can also be fatal.
• Poinsetta: sap will blister your
dog’s mouth and can also cause
stomach upset.
• Mistletoe: Can, in mild cases,
cause stomach upset and in
severe cases, heart collapse.

• Some dogs will pee on the here • Pets can look cute dressed as ‘Santa Claus’ or ‘Santa's
Christmas tree.
Reindeer’ but make sure they are not feeling stressed &
• Others see ornaments as miserable or in too tight, hot & uncomfortable costumes.
toys and try to pull them off.
• Dogs can knock the
Christmas tree over. • Prior to Christmas, when you are decorating your
home and wrapping gifts, be sure to use caution. If
• Dogs may chew the you are using adhesives or glue, keep it away from
wires from Christmas your dog. Glue and adhesive seem to lure pets,
lights, which can cause but glue is extremely toxic to dogs.
shock or electrocution.
• Potpourri oil is toxic to dogs. However, they will lap it
You must take the time to up in generous amounts if it is left within reach.
pet-proof the Christmas
tree. Child safety gates • Keep ribbon, string & yarn away from your dog. If
work well as a barrier. swallowed, these items will twist around your dog’s
intestines.Never put a ribbon around your dog’s neck.


PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE… Just because we humans like to indulge in the

feast does not mean it is good for our dogs.

Rich, fatty foods can seriously upset your dog's

stomach and even be toxic. It is especially

important to keep your dog away from the

following dangerous foods: Onions, which can

cause anaemia (high levels of garlic can,

too), grapes and raisins, chocolate, bones

(especially cooked bones and ANY poultry

bones), alcoholic beverages and any foods

high in fat, sodium and/or sugar.

Ryley Miller


• It is easy to succumb to the
adorable puppies, kittens and
bunnies who appear in pet
store windows at this time of
year. Pressure from a child is
a temptation for parents but
spur of the moment
purchases often end in
abandonment for those pets
who are dumped in pounds
when the novelty wears off.

Adopting a baby animal is a
not to be taken impulsively. A
better option for Christmas gift
for a child? A cute, cuddly toy
or a book about caring for pets.


• Place candles on high shelves, Telephone: 9890 7220
away from curious noses and 16 Ross Street, PARRAMATTA. 2150
wagging tails. Your pet can be
seriously injured if a candle ignites
his tail or his fur. Emergency
treatment for dogs with burns is
costly and if the burns are severe,
they can be fatal to your pet.




Readers, what's the one thing animals
want for Christmas?


They really don't ask for much. Whether it's a
belly rub, a kind word, or simply some quality
time with their two-legged loved ones. Kindness
is a language that all animals understand. And
this Christmas, we have a plan to bring
kindness to those animals who need it most.

The reality is, while we celebrate "peace and

goodwill" to all, Christmas is a peak time of

suffering for animals raised for food. Pigs,

turkeys, chickens — every bit as inquisitive

and deserving as our pets at home — will be

subjected to cruelty upon cruelty in factory

farms and slaughterhouses. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE PLEDGE:

You and I know that it's come to this because To have a Kinder Christmas and we'll send you a
animal industries have become so adept in FREE 'Kinder Christmas' ornament for your tree!

keeping their secrets hidden from the public.

But take heart: over one million people have watched our eye-opening street interviews where we revealed the

pork industry's biggest secret to the public. And there's more. Today, 1 in 4 Australians are choosing to cut back

on animal products or are meat-free. Maybe you're one of them!

If like me you were brought up to celebrate the "traditional" festive feast, your first mental picture of a meat-free
Christmas might have a big hole in it where the pig or turkey used to be... But this year, you can enjoy a "traditional"
and delicious Christmas spread with all the trimmings, that is 100% animal-friendly. We call it a Kinder Christmas.

Let me show you what a Kinder Christmas looks like...

“ Thank you for all you do for animals, and for helping make the
world a kinder place.” Lynn

Lynn White AM Campaign Director


Have FUN, meet likeminded PEOPLE and help to change a homeless doggie’s WORLD...

Monika’s Doggie Rescue at the Kings Cross Dog Show - A big thank you to all the brilliant volunteers who battled
the rain to be at the very first Kings Cross Dog Show. Without our volunteers we couldn't get the word out about the
rescue and the doggies wouldn't have such fabulous excursions out! A heartfelt thank you from the MDR team!
Like to be part of DoggieRescue’s events team? Nat would love to hear from you … [email protected]

DoggieRescue at Avalon Markets Dog Show - We had a fabulous day was had by all raising over $1500 for Doggie
Rescue and promoting our doggies. A big THANK YOU to everyone who volunteers and supported the day. Luci



EVERY $1 raised can help to SAVE a doggie’s LIFE!

Xavier Kraus and Megan Brownlow (pictured)
at their stall during Newtown Festival raising
money for Monika's DoggieRescue.

“ For my son Xavier’s last birthday he decided to ask people for cash
instead of presents so he could donate the money to Monika’s Doggie
Rescue. You even featured a picture of him and our dog Elsa in your
magazine. He has had another great idea( see below ) and he thought
we should donate the profits to Monika’s.” David Kraus

Click here for more pictures

Click here for Raising money for Monika's
The Newtown Festival in November each
“ Summer Hill Public School had a year brings over 50,000 people to the
‘Mufti Day’ in conjunction with BE popular inner west suburb. The Kraus family,
KIND TO ANIMALS WEEK and raised who live locally, saw it as a great opportunity
$200.00 for DoggieRescue. Thank you to raise money and awareness for their
so much from all the doggies..” favourite charity, Monika's DoggieRescue.
Together with their friend and neighbour Phil
Monika Donoghue they got cooking and created a
stall in their garage selling homemade
produce and organic honey from their bees.

Lime Pickle, red onion confit, grapefruit &
ginger marmalade, preserved lemons and
homemade gourmet biscuits proved very
popular with passers-by heading to or
returning from the festivities. The cookies
and honey were the most popular, both
completely selling out.

The stall raised over $300 for Monika's. Ten
year old Xavier's goal had been to raise
$200 so he was pretty happy!


‘Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the Pound,
no cat was stirring,
there was not a sound...

Adopt a homeless CAT/ Click on each cat to
KITTEN and give an see a larger photo.
abandoned pet a
second chance in life!

1-2yrs Female

Imp.4893: THE DON Impounded
0-12wks Imp.4339: for 40 days
Male 1-2yrs Male URGENT
Click here
for video

Video Video
click here click here

Imp.4864: Imp.4711: MYSTYERIOSO
1-2yrs 6-12mths Imp.4857:
Female Female 1-2yrs Male

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Adoption is the

way to go...

$110 - MALE/$130 - FEMALE (CATS 2 TO 6YRS)
$90 - MALE/$110 - FEMALE (CATS 7 + YRS)

MON-FRI: 8.30AM - 4.30PM / SAT: 9AM - 1PM / SUN: 9AM - 11AM


Christmas morning arrived with As they all run to the tree to see
squeals and purrs of delight, what Santa had left behind...
Under the bare Christmas tree
Excited cats hoping that Santa had there were no homes to find.
left them a home in the night….

Click on each cat to Blacktown Animal
see a larger photo. Holding Facility
Phone: 9839-6161
Imp.4866: Video
1-2yrs Female click here

CAPRICCIO Video Imp.4875:
Imp.4826: click here 0-12wks Male
1-2yrs Male
click here

ISAMU Video ANWEN Imp.4554:
Imp.4900: click here Imp.4934: 1-2yrs Male
1-2yrs Female 12wks-6mths







Dear Cat Lover,

The cats at Blacktown
Animal Holding Facility send
this invitation in the hope that
you will come for without your
attendance they will not
survive and cat lovers are kindly
asked to attend. All these cats
have come together though
abandonment, most have
suffered fear, hurt, distress and
hunger. The loss of everything
familiar and loved to them.

Please, if you are committed to
adopting a new fur baby don’t
let the fact that Blacktown
Pound’s cattery is closed for
renovations stop you from
coming. The cats need your
help more than ever before!

Experience the feeling of WHERE: Blacktown’s Animal Holding Facility
opening a cage door for your 415 Flushcombe Road,
new best friend and seeing a PROSPECT. NSW
beautiful, loving animal given
the chance of living until they WHEN: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
grow old— this chance to adopt Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
is an opportunity not to be Sunday 9:00 am to 11:00 am
missed. We hope to see you ( Closed Public Holidays.)
there. Please don’t let these
cats down.

9839-6161 $110 - MALE/$130 - FEMALE (CATS 2 TO 6YRS)
$90 - MALE/$110 - FEMALE (CATS 7 + YRS)


With his bright red Santa hat on and
standing in front of a Christmas tree this
should be a happy festive photo but...

Poor Affanoso looks so sad, forlornly staring
at the camera. What is his history? We only
know that he came into the pound some
weeks ago from Marsden Park. He is a
strikingly coloured tabby with amazing odd
coloured eyes. Do you have love to spare?

This gorgeous boy is impound 4856 at
Blacktown Pound. He is 4-6yrs old, and is
just $110 to adopt. He will be desexed,
vaccinated (F3), micro chipped and life-time
registered. If you are interested, please call
the pound on 98396161.

AFFANOSO : Imp. 4856 4-6yrs Male Tabby


CLICK HERE FOR WEB SITE: Tiger has been at Sutherland

Shelter since 02/10/2015

Tiger is one of the most top notch kitties we
have at the shelter at the moment. This
talkative feline is so friendly she will approach
anyone for a pat and a chin scratch. Tiger may
be 11 years young, but you wouldn’t know it,
this gorgeous girl has a twinkle in her eye and a
bounce in her step that makes her appear much,
much younger. Tiger is a rare ginger tabby
female, and her special face just captures her
lively and fun-filled personality.

This senior girl still has many plans for her
remaining years and she wants more than
anything to spend them with someone who will
love her, do you have room in your heart for
this exceptionally unique kitty?

ADDRESS: 8 Production Road, Taren Point

TELEPHONE : 9710 0401 for more details...


Generic photo Look what we've got ….
Mosman Veterinary Hospital have just taken delivery of two
new kittens, saved from the
Mosman Veterinary Hospital pound by Monika’s Doggie
9 Canrobert St, Rescue and brought to MVH
MOSMAN. NSW. 2088 for rehoming. They are both
Ph: (02) 9960 2856 ginger and one is a boy and
the other a girl and we can
vouch that they are absolutely
gorgeous! Please call in or
contact us if you are interested
in adopting a new fur-baby.

SAVING PRECIOUS LIVES Annandale Animal Will you help
Hospital us to keep
Generic photo 62 Moore Street saving lives?
Click here to see
Currently has a stunning blue/ videos and more
silver tabby mum called Sahara photos on Doggie
with her four 6 week old kittens Rescue’s site...
(3 ginger, 1 tortoise shell). These
will be available in a few weeks
when old enough to be adopted.

Phone: (02) 9550 9600
Email: [email protected]

VET FRIENDS Generic photo
Cremorne Veterinary
73a Spofforth Street,
Phone: (02) 9953 1090

Currently has a very friendly and beautiful, tortoise shell mum cat
(Mumma) with her 5, 4 week old babies (3 blue, 2 tortoise shell)

Collaroy Veterinary Services
1185 Pittwater Rd,
Phone: (02) 9971 8487

Currently has a striking looking VIDEO:
blue tabby mum cat called CLICK HERE
Queen Elsa and her 2 six week
old kittens and a beautiful
ginger mum cat called Goldie
( her kittens have been
adopted) pictured at right.

Click here video Queen Elsa

Avalon Veterinary Hospital
710 Barrenjoey Rd,
Avalon Beach. NSW. 2107
Phone: (02) 99180833

We currently have for adoption
5 adorable dark and blue tabby
kittens. They will be available
for adoption at 8 weeks.

Generic photo

The Cottage Animal Hospital
16 Ross St, PARRAMATTA. NSW. 2150
Phone: (02) 9890 7220 If you are serious about adopting a new fur baby
please call and see what kittens we have available.


Click for

Click for
For details on adopting or fostering please contact DoggieRescue on 9486-3133
Or see our full list of available cats at

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