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DoggieRescue E-Magazine May 2017_Neat SHNEOLTKEIRLL

2 McCowan Rd, Cnr. Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101
OPEN: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

Vol.11 No.151 PHONE: 9486-3133

DOGS 12,017


11AM - 2PM


All glammed up
for our Mother’s
Day photo
shoot Heather
does not realize
how close she
came to death.
Read her story
on p8.

Volunteers Welcome!


• from my desk


“To keep us going financially, Nat is organising yet another a Trivia Night, which is our official
celebration of our 12,000 adoptions. Come and join us on 15 July 2017. See details p17.” Monika

Dear Readers, special messages help these dogs to get adopted and
you are giving a gift of life and love. Mikey, a 14yo old
This month we have a special celebration -- 12,000 dog I adopted over 12 months ago, has sent me a
dog adoptions -- 12,000 precious lives saved! Mother’s Day wish – p9. It is so beautiful and so
touching. Maybe you can do something like this for
We are also celebrating Mother’s Day. This edition is your Mum? We have gift certificates available. For
packed with gorgeous doggy Mums waiting for a home. more details please give us a call on 9486-3133.
Our cover girl Heather is one of the luckiest girls alive.
Not only did we saved her from being put down at the The beautiful story of Woody and Keno p10 adopted in
pound but her tumour was also benign. It was an 2003 reminds me how long we have been going!
emotional journey from the start but resulted in a Roland has written about our 12,000 adoptions, from
success story thanks to the many people who helped his perspective and he has been with us a long time!
her along the way. Read her story on p8. p12. His column gives some insights of our past and
what we have lived through.
This month we have a Mother’s Day parade of dogs, all
who have been mothers and understand what it is all Joss, a long term supporter, is currently on the north
about. Many of them are just teenagers themselves like coast of Spain doing an 820km walk called the
Megan, Zoe and Courtney p6 but we also include some Camino del Norte. Like me, she is one of the senior
adult dogs like Ellen and Jackie. There are dogs to suit Doggie Rescue volunteers and has huge ambitions to
all different mothers and families. If your Mum cannot raise $15,000 for our dogs and kitties. She is doing it
adopt, think about a gift card to help them along. These tough – lots of bandaids on her toes, fighting flu with


lots of rain, but she does not let that damper her spirit. Get behind Joss and Please make a DONATION

•show her you believe in her commitment. Read her latest update on p19.

As we are largely a volunteer based organisation, we are always on the If you wanted to make a tax
lookout for more volunteers to keep us going. Retirees like Mark play an deductible donation to help Doggie
enormous part in our operation. He helps in many areas of our work simply Rescue save more lives in the year
dictated by the time he has available and what suits him. So many ahead you can donate online via
opportunities lie at the door! Read Mark’s story on p24.Without our our secure website or call us on
volunteers, DoggieRescue would not be where it is today! Get involved 02 9486 3133.
and do something that you enjoy.
• Become a DoggieRescue
This month we are also featuring some of our kid-friendly dogs on p30
which have been professionally assessed by a dog trainer with kids 8-10yo. LIFESAVER
The dogs are all sizes and ages just waiting to jump into your heart. Come
and do some family walking at Doggiewood on Mother’s Day and meet Or you might like to consider
some of these kid-friendly dogs. becoming a DoggieRescue
Lifesaver (see p42), with a regular
When you come to visit you will see we have some construction underway. monthly gift to support our work.
We have so many more medium and large breed dogs these days that we
needed to change a lot of our fencing to make it more secure and safe and All gifts, regardless of size, help us
also provide that ambience that the dogs need to enjoy the outdoors during to give a brighter future to the dogs
the day. Come and take a peek when you drop in! and cats in our care. Thank you in
advance for your kind donation.
Enjoy Mother’s Day and do your best to make it a meaningful day. Lots
and kisses and slurps from all the woofas and kitties! I look forward to keeping you
updated on our progress in the months ahead and sincerely thank
locations/228240252/monikas-doggie-rescue/ you again for all your support.

Warmest regards

Where is DoggieWood? Monika

Ingleside Shelter location: 2 McCowan Rd, Monika Biernacki
Cnr of Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101 Founder - DoggieRescue
Open 11AM –2.30PM Tuesday to Sunday

Phone: 9486-3133

“ Maggie”

Please help us to continue
our lifesaving work






By Monika Biernacki

WOODY & KEANO– Celebrating 10-11
100th birthday By Colin & Michelle

Joss now? Fundraiser.

By Dominic 13 years.

By Mark Lawrence DR Volunteer



by Monika Biernacki


DANGEROUS By Roland Briefrel

Catching up with…“ PENNY
FILACOURIDIS” aka Chrissie

Email: [email protected]

Cover: While there Check out online Featured dog
is life there is hope. above is: NIKITA
Meet Heather on p8 Join us on Facebook Corgi x Sheltie
& read Monika’s 10yrs 9.8kgs
heartfelt story. Sponsor: “A loving
Cover photo: Follow us on Twitter home soon!” Tony
Oznur Mezgil Suters


Leave a Legacy of Love

Who said I
look like a
teddy bear?

“ I have no concept of how small I am!” Ralph Because you will always care.
Please remember DoggieRescue in your Will.
Ralph Pomeranian 10yrs 2.5kgs Male A tiny
bundle of personality. Sponsor: “In loving memory of
our beautiful Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica

Sponsored doggies adopted! Send or call for your free brochure about leaving a
gift in your Will.
• Tess, Kaia, Arnold, Lorelei, St. Francis,
Gypsy, Phantom, Twinkle, Juliet, Squirtle, Mr/Mrs/Ms/Other
Wyatt, Gracie & April First name wishes to acknowledge Surname
the assistance given by:


Post code

Virbac Animal Health Telephone
361 Horsley Road, Please return to:
MILPERRA. NSW. 2214 DoggieRescue,
8 Chiltern Road,
Free call: 1800 009 847 INGLESIDE. NSW. 2101
Ph.(02)9772-9772 Or call 9486-3133 Thank you


In this our Mother’s Day
photo shoot volunteer photographer
Oznur Mezgil has showcased some
beautiful photos of FIVE DR girls...

Did you know most of the female dogs at 1.
Doggie Rescue have been mothers? Many
have had multiple litters, some up to 10
years of age and others are abandoned
pregnant when little more than a puppy
themselves, like Courtney ( pic at right )

1. Courtney a Kelpie x Whippet 1-2yrs
came into Doggie Rescue’s care pregnant
at a very young age. Her only puppy Kiera
found a home very quickly but Courtney so
far has not been so lucky. She is very
affectionate, active and a sweet girl who
deserves a chance to be loved. Sponsor:
“ Hoping you find your forever home soon!”
Love from Breanna

2. Ellen a Staffy x about 4yrs who has only
recently been rescued. She is a friendly girl
with a loving nature. Ellen has had puppies
in the past. Sponsor: “Wishing you a happy
home soon!” Anik Surkar



For more details on any of the featured doggies 4.
please call DoggieRescue on 9486-3133

3. Megan a Staffy x Kelpie 12mths and is a gentle girl
who is timid with strangers. An active and bouncy young
girl she would best suit an older, energetic family into
exercise and having fun with their dog. Sponsor: “In
loving memory of my dear Sheba!” Louise Dowd

4. Pretty Zoe (a Kelpie x 1-2yrs has not had a good
start in life. She is nervous of strangers and needs a
kind and gentle family to bring her out of her shell and
show her that life can be happy, fun and most of She needs someone who can build her
confidence and esteem—is that you? Sponsor: “ In
loving memory of a special boy Billy!” The team at
Total Earth Care (Ergys, Gae, Reid, Dijana, Luci,
Kellie, Jane, Mossy, Jody, Tim, Kirsten & Luke)


5. Jackie a Border Collie x 8yrs is getting used
to being brushed and that little extra TLC that
mature girls love. A clever girl she has learnt to
sit, shake hands, high five, drop and speak!
Jackie is super lovely, calm yet energetic and is
seeking a family who is into long walks and can
appreciate her sweet nature. Sponsor: “ In
loving memory of Jess & Jody, so very special!”
Michele & Steve Tamassy

It is so sad that these dogs have been
looked upon as disposable and in this
our Mother’s Day issue we wanted
everyone to see with just a little effort
how lovely these dogs are!

“ We had fun at the photo shoot
with lots of belly rubs and kisses
given. It didn't take long for our ‘models’ to get
used to the camera, letting me put props on
them and pose. They loved the attention, cuddles
and especially the treats!” Oznur





Heather was on the kill list at a Sydney Pound. She The next day we had a 12 year old Staffy girl, Siska,
was a middle aged girl with the biggest mammary who had mammary tumours that we removed, get
tumour we had ever seen. adopted. She was an older girl who likes to walk at a
leisurely pace with her arthritis. A young,
We were SUPER FULL at the shelter and things kept compassionate couple saw what a beautiful angel
running through my mead…. Siska was, and knowing that she did not have many
more years left and that they would probably face
• Is it sensible to take on a girl who might need lots of some big vet bills in the future, still took her on so that
chemo and then not have a long life expectation? she could have the best possible life in her twilight
years. The commitment these people showed gave
• Is it fair to put her through such an ordeal? me the courage to give Heather a chance.
• There are many easier dogs at pounds waiting to
So Heather was picked up on 13th March and she
get out. immediately had surgery. We sent the biopsy to
• Is it kinder to let her go to sleep at the pound? the lab and awaited the results…

I grappled with these thoughts and kicked it around with A few days later we got the most amazing news...that
my vet. She said you never know but given it is a hard HUGE tumour was benign! I had made the right
fibrous mass which had been there for a long time, the decision to save her. I felt so good about it. I was in
odds are stacked against her. I stalled at making the tears and the vets were over the moon.
decision. It was too hard. It just buzzed around in my head.


Post surgery Heather came to DoggieWood and we saw what HAPPY MOTHER’S
a sweet, gentle dog she was. She recuperated with us, put on DAY TO MONIKA
some weight and we got her ready for her next ordeal.

Heather’s mouth was very smelly so if was off to the vets for a
dental. She has 10 teeth extracted poor thing, but she can eat
much better now and chomp on some soft bones. We also
x-rayed her chest and fount it was all clear, so we could feel super
confident about her health! What an amazing outcome.

Sometimes we just have to go forward in faith even in the face
of adversity.

Photos above show Heather pre operation and the amazingly “ From all the 12,000..and Me!” Mikey
large mammary tumour. It is obvious that this poor girl has had
many, many litters over her lifetime but those years are now I went out to rescue a
behind her and she can look forward to a healthy future and dog that day
soon I hope the wonderful home she deserves.
I went out to the pound that day
“ We thought that Heather was the deserved cover To save just one precious life
girl for this our ‘MOTHER’S DAY ISSUE’.” Monika To take him away from an unknown fate
Where sickness and death were rife…
I thought if only I could save just one
To give a dog a chance to live
But when I got there I found

killing healthy dogs was something
I just could not forgive!

So what do you think really did happen?
The day that I did my good deed,

I discovered a love that I'd dreamed of
And fulfilled in myself a strong need.

For on that day I was affected by things
that I was really meant to see!

And all those dogs waiting to be rescued,
Keeps the passion burning in me!

Based on the original poem by Fiona D


Wishing Woody & Keano
a very happy...

BIRTHDAY While at DoggieRescue we
celebrate reaching our
Can you eat it, 12,000 adoptions
I wonder…. milestone there are two
very special brothers who
A birthday card have reached an important
from the Queen… milestone of their own...
Oh, wow! Woof!!!
This is their story.
Woody & Keano celebrate their special day at the beach...
Hi Monika,

This is just a short note to let
you know about 2 dogs that my
wife & I were lucky enough to
adopt from you in March 2003!

Holden & Audi were born on
December 15th 2002 and when
we dropped in to you at Duffy’s
Forest 3 months later, with a
view to becoming dog owners,
we came across these 2 super
cute male Kelpie / Belgium
Shepherd pups that happened
to be the last 2 of their litter. We
fell in love with them straight
away, couldn’t contemplate
parting them and the following
day we picked them both up
and brought them back to their
new home in Rozelle.


Since then, Woody & Keano As you can image given their

have been a major part of our “I thought it might be timely to breeds, they used to be extremely
lives and also now part of our congratulate you on the amazing and energetic dogs and needed to be
children, Molly (11), Ruby (8) tireless work you have done for the dog, run around Callan Park, Rozelle a
& Billy’s (7), lives too. We all cat and other animal communities over few times a day. They also loved
love them both dearly and many years now Monika. You need to be the beach ( see photos below of
have always had their best proud of yourself and understand the them in younger days ) now they
interests close to our hearts. joy your work brings to people’s lives love a leisurely stroll on the Manly
We moved to North Balgowlah and I’m sure Woody & Keano would love beach front, or even just around
in 2009 where they have to thank you for gifting them with an the block is enough for them.
enjoyed a bit more space than opportunity to live such a happy life.”
Rozelle and our family of 7 is For now, Happy 100th Birthday to
a very happy place! Colin & Michelle the two boys that were named

after cars, but ended up being

I’m writing to you to let you know that despite their called after the Captain of the Irish Soccer & Rugby

slowing down, we have worked out that Wednesday, teams in 2003!

29th March was a special day in our house. “The Boys”

are 100 dog years old, in other words …. 14 and two I’d like to thank you again for these 2 wonderful additions

sevenths, human years old! to our family. Very best regards…Colin & Michelle.




The First 12,000 CLICK

IT WAS SOMETIME IN THE LATE 1990’S WHEN I FIRST the dogs they rescued from around
CAME INTO CONTACT WITH MONIKA AND DOGGIE the pounds of Sydney would be
RESCUE,BY ACCIDENT... looked after, until their forever home
was found. NO KILL MEANT
I WAS IN MY VET’S SURGERY What a waste, what a tragedy. Man’s NO-KILL, unless a dog was
whilst getting my then two dogs best friend discarded, dumped and terminally ill. A dog rescued by
their vaccination shots. It was a destroyed often after giving humans a Monika was indeed safe!!
somewhat simpler time and this life time of love and affection. This did
very magazine was in black and not sit well with me especially as
white but revealed colourfully what according to Roger Caras: “Dogs are
Doggie Rescue was all about. not our whole life, but they make our
lives whole.” Clearly something was
What stuck in my mind was the then wrong and clearly something needed
slogan, “We’ll give them a bone to be done.
‘til you give them a home.” This
short, pithy statement reminded me, As I continued to read through the
as a dog lover and owner, that there magazine in the veterinary surgery I
were many dogs around Sydney was struck by another statement in
that were not as fortunate as my small lettering that could easily have
spoilt two. In fact after doing some been missed. “No Kill Shelter”.
research, it quickly became clear Three simple words, that when struck
that across Sydney, NSW and together across the page, meant so
Australia dogs were being much. This was a rescue
euthanized for no other reason than organisation of which it was worth
that they were unwanted. being a part. They ensured that all


CELEBRATING DOGGIERESCUE REACHING 12,000 Adoptions! Written by Roland Briefrel

According to Monika “Doggie But such was the reputation of Roland Briefrel, a long time
rescue was created to Monika and her volunteers, also the supporter of DoggieRescue, is an
best of humanity, that the educator and an animal welfare
provide a viable NO KILL organisation survived, Life Savers advocate who is not hesitant to
alternative in Sydney and to (see p40 ) came into being and speak about topics for animals who
educate the public on their Doggiewood continued to grow. At have no voice.
lifelong responsibilities when that time, I worked in customer
owning a dog.” service and was constantly amazed The need therefore, for
at the generosity of so many people. organisations like Doggie Rescue,
So who was this person Monika? From local businesses through to that asks questions of us all and
I set out in the late 1990’s to find out, little children with their piggy banks, our commitment to animal welfare,
by offering to volunteer. Not only has the donations came rolling in. has never been greater. The 23
this taken me on a voyage around March 2017 on the other hand
the suburbs of Sydney, but it has But no matter what happens at proved to be one of those days that
brought me together with all the dogs Doggie Rescue human nature come around far too infrequently. I
I have owned since those days in the continues. As Shakespeare was informed by Monika that a four
vet surgery, where whilst bored contended in The Tempest…. year old Jack Russell x Terrier
waiting, I casually picked up an early named Tess had been adopted
copy of this magazine. It also “hell is empty and all the devils that afternoon (see photo below ).
brought me into contact with the best are here”.
and worst of humanity.
This view may seem extreme to
Monika is the best of humanity. A some, but it is always a source of
former scientist, who gave up her immense sadness to me that our
lucrative work twenty years ago, treatment of dogs and animals in
when she saw a desperate need to general, is quite often questionable.
prevent the unnecessary euthanasia It is in this treatment where I have
of dogs that were perfectly healthy seen the worst of humanity,
yet had been abandoned because especially when shining a light on the
their owners no longer wanted them live animal export trade and puppy
anymore. This is what drives Monika farms.
to devote her life to the homeless
dogs of Sydney.

According to Monika “Doggie rescue
was created to provide a viable NO
KILL alternative in Sydney and to
educate the public on their lifelong
responsibilities when owning a dog.”
But NO KILL is possibly the most
expensive alternative requiring
significant money and volunteering in
order to remain viable. When the
World Financial Crisis hit in
2007-2008, Doggie Rescue nearly
went under, as donations to the
organisation dried up almost
overnight. The future indeed looked
grim for the dogs of Sydney.


That adoption marked the HUGO AND ME!
12,000th for Doggie Rescue.
“We could not imagine our life
For 12,000 dogs (and a significant number of cats and rabbits), without Hugo. He brings us so
the world had changed forever. For 12,000 human beings and much joy every day.” Victoria
families, they all came to realise that a dog is the only thing on
earth that loves YOU more than s/he loves themselves. We all We adopted our new little boy Hugo
look forward to the adoption of the next 12,000!! through Monika's Rescue. We lost
our 16 year old beautiful Westie,
“Below are six of the 12,000 that I have adopted and have made Bessie, and the chances of getting
me want to be as good of a person that they think I am!!” Roland a mature Westie to replace Bess
were very limited. We missed a dog
SNOWY GILL IGA N COOPER in our lives so we decided to take in
a rescue dog and help limit the
EBONY BOBBY SALLY-ANNE number of unwanted dogs in the
community. So we chose Hugo from
YOU TOO CAN BE A PART the pictures online. He was a bit
OF OUR NEXT 12,000TH! unknown to us but we had a
connection from the minute we met
For more details on VOLUNTEERING, him at Monika’s Rescue.
Three weeks later we could not
PROMOTING please call 9486-3133 imagine our life without Hugo. He
or email: [email protected] brings us so much joy every day.
Every day he proves to us that we
made the right choice in his
mannerism and kisses. He's still a
bit naughty but we know that every
day he feels secure and knows that
he is loved and his naughty traits
diminish by the day. We have
made the best choice with Hugo
and we look forward to him being a
part of our lives for a very long time.

Thank you Monika and Hugo's
previous carers. XXX Words can’t
describe our thanks.

Victoria Carlson




People often see a call out "Rescue Driver required"... Are there any costs involved? Obviously, there is
and then see it is for a country pound that requires a big petrol. Any donation to this is appreciated. There are
drive. Being a DoggieRescue volunteer I have done a also some pounds that charge a release fee. This fee
number of these drives, I thought I'd tell you a bit about it will be reimbursed by the shelter. Just keep the receipt.
so the next time you see the call out, you may think - "I
can do that"! These callouts are usually at short What happens when we get back? You will take the
notification, giving the team a day or two to sort some- dog to the Cottage Animal Hospital in Parramatta
one out. The most common questions asked are: (unless it is a Sunday or late Saturday - then return to
the shelter). They will check the dog over per
What do I need? The shelter will provide you with a requirements. If you have the time to wait, and the dog
crate suitable for the size of the dog you are picking up. is OK to go to the shelter, you could take the dog up to
They also have blankets/towels if you need. You also the shelter, otherwise a driver for the next day will do it.
need to pack fresh water (for the dog and yourself) and
some snacks (again, for the dog and yourself). What if I want to do a drive, but I am only 1
person? The shelter will put 2 individuals in contact,
Why do you need 2 people? This is for safety reasons. so don't be afraid to offer as a single. It's a great way
One, it is a big drive, usually over 3 hours each way. So to get to know another volunteer that loves the dogs as
having a second person in the event you get tired is much as you!
always required. Two, if you break down there is some-
one to get the dog out of the car, and another to stay and Although a long day, it is a great experience. You are
wait for road side assistance. Or when you stop for helping save the life of a dog. I have found these are
petrol, one gets the dog out for a walk/toilet break while the ones that I get attached to in some way. You get to
the other fills up. know them first, before they meet anyone else at the
shelter, and maybe get a little insight into their
What happens when you get to the pound for pick personality. The love and affection they show you can
up? This depends on the pound. You need to check their not be described. These are dogs that are scared as
opening/closing times before you head out to ensure you they have no idea what is going on. They have gone
are there to meet the ranger. The pound will most likely from place to place and none of it is familiar. Photo
provide a contact number for you. Make sure you get below shows me driving back with Coco from Taree.
directions from Google maps/GPS the night before to Nat and I went in April to save her from being PTS.
have a rough idea of travel time and distance. In my
experience, the ranger will introduce the dog and let you You can show them they are safe with MDR! If you can
have time to get to know the dog before filling out the help with long distance rescue, please let us know!
paperwork and getting the dog ready for the return trip.

Get involved.

With your help we will continue to find homes
for more than 1,000 doggies every year.

PHONE: 9486-3133


Monika’s DoggieRescue Annual

THEME Saturday 15th July 2017

It’s a Dog’s Life… Doors open 5pm and event to commence 6.30pm

Come dressed in your best doggie Club Willoughby Auditorium
themed outfit. Prizes for the best 26 Crabbes Avenue, Willoughby
Special guests and lots more…
A night of fun and laughter guaranteed!

There will be a bake stall, cash boards, raffles and carnival
games to participate in. All money raised goes to
DoggieRescue which helps to save lives from death row.


$25 per person ( an event for all ages)
To be collected at the door on the night
Ticket cost includes table nibbles ( lollies and chips)

Online at
On sale Monday 1st May at 9am till Sold Out
(limited tickets available)
Meals can be pre-ordered at the Bistro-Menu to
be released prior to event via email

Contact: nat
Email: [email protected]
Mobile 0402 785 196


• Feature DOGS WE HAVE LOVED...AND LOST... “If only we could wave a magic
wand and your best friend lived the
OUR LITTLE PRINCE “TEDDY” By Natasha Vergara same length of time and both he and
you parted from this world at the
Hi Monika,
exact same time.” Frederick
My name is Natasha Vergara and
you gaveme my Prince, Teddy. Dear Monika,
Teddy featured in your Doggie
Rescuemagazine on the front It seems a lifetime ago since Gimli got a
page vol. 11 No. 41. Aug 2007 new Dad, for as one lady said to me he is
your son you are so alike. Gimli passed
I would like to inform you that away over a year ago and a little bit of
unfortunately on the 15/03/17 me died with him. I told him that in the
Teddy passed away from last seconds of his life I loved him and we
congestive heart failure. I'm will meet in the after life.
writing to you because I would like
to thank you for bringing so much Scruffy Face and Gimli (both adopted
joy into our lives. You gave us from DoggieRescue) were the idea pair
one of the most beautiful gifts and except over food were the best of
anyone could have ever received. mates. Both caused great distress to my
now former wife, Gimli for sleeping on the
bed and Scruffy, who slept on a cushion
at the side of the bed.

One night Scruffy bailed up the wife and
would not let her past. I decided it was a
good time for a nap so Gimli and I were
on the bed and wife joined us and com-
plained about Gimli being on the bed. I
said "don’t make me choose between the
dog and you". As I joked with my friends
after the wife and I parted company "the
dog won" and we all laughed.

Yesterday Scruffy had her favourite meal
(My Dog with cheese) then as usual went
for her nap. Hours later Scruffy made
some strange noises and I patted her and
talked to her. She died early this morning.

He lived such a wonderful life here with us, very spoilt and most importantly Monika I can only say thank you for both
loved endlessly. When he came to us he could barely walk due to fear Gimli my mate and Scruffy his sidekick,
however he became the most independent, loving and courageous boy. without you their life would not have
The years we had been given with him were the best and will be treasured changed for the better and they both had
forever. He will always be our beautiful baby boy. Thank you for giving us a long and great life. If there is a dog
our Angel, we love him so much. Natasha heaven when my time comes that is
where i want to go for Gimli truly was my
son and his sidekick Scruffy my daughter.

thank you Monika. Frederick


WHAT A CHAMP! “ Just averaging 25-30 klms a day x 5 weeks is a huge challenge but
WHAT AN EFFORT! I am doing it for the doggies! Help me to reach my goal of $15,000! ”

“ I CAN’T FIND EVERY DOG A HOME AS GOOD AS THIS I am soldiering on though the coastal
ONE HAS BUT I CAN RAISE FUNDS TO HELP MONIKA scenery which is spectacular but you
know the thing I love the most ? Seeing
WITH THE AMAZING WORK SHE DOES SAVING LIVES! ” all the beautiful dogs here and how well
they are looked after. The Spanish love
Hi Everyone, their dogs take them into restaurants,
and on buses, hotels and beaches. I
Here I am on the North Coast of Spain. Far, far from home and the dogs I make a point of cuddling 5 dogs every
love. It is now 17th April and I have completed 540klms of the 820klms on day (see photo above of a well cared
the “ Camino del Norte” in my goal of raising funds for DoggieRescue by for Collie )! It really lifts my spirits.
walking 820 klms across the north coast of Spain. As May issue goes to
print I am still walking and I cannot believe I have been walking solid for 3 Joss has 13 days to go to finish the
weeks already. Not bad for a 67 year old!!! It has been mighty tough at last 280 klms of her long journey -
times, I have been averaging 25klms a day and some days are 35klms. final destination Santiago de
At the end of those long 12 and sometimes 14 hour days I am shattered Compostella. Knowing she has the
support of DoggieRescue followers
and can hardly stand up. But I will make all the difference.
have a goal and I am determined
Please click on the everyday hero link
to reach the end. here
Oh, my There has
aching feet... been a lot of And support Joss to reach her target -
she needs only 200 donations of $50
big climbs over each to reach her target of $15,000 but
any donation would be amazing!
mountains and long
Joss also set up a Facebook page
steep ascents down, down,
down into a village…. very

unpleasant when it rains walking

for 10 solid hours. Water eventually seeps into everything and I have

battled a bad flu, high temperature and chest infection and am managing

my feet everyday cushioning toes and my bunions with lots of bandages.


There’s A Dog For Every Mum!


This Mum’s life is not complete This Mum doesn't have a CV This Mum really knows the score
she’s too busy watching TV
without her daily ‘TWEET!!’ she really works on her core!

English Staffy x 7yrs 16.9kgs Shih Tzu x 6yrs 4.5kgs Female Staffy x Cattle 2yrs 15kgs Male
Male Sponsor: “ In memory of my Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Sponsor: With lots of love from
dog Curtis!” Lee McKerracher Sammy!” Fred & Teena Wratten Kate Retallack

Ridgeback x Staffy 6yrs 15kgs Maltese x 11yrs 4.4kgs Male Jack Russell x 7yrs 8kgs Male
Female Sponsor: “ Beautiful girl, Sponsor: “In loving memory of Sponsor: “ For my Serbian rescue
the life you deserve starts now!” Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei
Barbara Holdsworth Harris Dowling


A dog is for life and there are many different Mums in the world searching for their perfect match but at
DoggieRescue we have a dog to suit every individual. Why not give the gift of life this Mother’s Day?


This Mum is petite, loves girly A special Mum who has found This Mum has not one dog or two
that love turns lives around.
things & is just so sweet. & could possibly have a few!

Irish Terrier x Poodle 9yrs 6kgs Jack Russell x 6yrs Male Sponsor: Cattle x Kelpie 2yrs 18kgs Female
Female Sponsor:“In loving memory “ In loving memory of our dog Sponsor: “ She has so much love
of Connor & Polly!” The Browns Penny, who was special!” Stefanie to give!” Inzie Bailey

Chihuahua x Pom 10yrs 5kgs French Bulldog x 2yrs 10.5kgs Kelpie x Shepherd 1yr 16kgs
Female Sponsor: “ In loving Female Sponsor:“ Wishing Maisy a Female Sponsor: “Just ‘cause
memory of my dear little Sam!” happy life & a forever home!” from you’re such a very good girl!” Love
Valerie Rodgers Hughie Wray from Jane & Romeo



Why do bees have
sticky hair?
Answer: Because they
Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hi Fans… Yes I am one of the 12,000 Doggie Featuring star ex DR
Rescue doggies and was adopted by my doggie Chippy Pizzey
Wow..This month DoggieRescue is Mum & Dad when Doggie Rescue was at & his pearls of wisdom
celebrating their 12,000 adopted Homebush. They fell in love with me at
doggies. Wouldn’t it be great if they first sight and I can't blame them I was a
could all meet and have a fun party!! handsome dude in those days. Little did
they know that I would become famous in
I have been thinking. I wonder how the Doggie Rescue magazine.
many of those dogs have changed
peoples lives? What I mean is made I am an old doggie now but I have had a
their new families happier, and more fit. wonderful life which really began when
If we could talk to all t he people who Monika rescued me from the pound. I
have adopted doggies over the years have given advice to kids now for 14
I’ll bet those dogs have some tales to years in this magazine from how to make
tell of adventures and holidays, of new doggie biscuits - to how to overcome your
friends made and old friends lost. fears of scary things. It’s funny, thinking
back now, I would never have had a life if
You know, I’ll even bet some of those it had not been for Monika. Just think what
dogs are now famous… Like ME! the world would have missed. C/U Chips

1. Is that a 2. 3.


I want a

I want to

1. Noddy Dachshund & Staffy 2yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor: Wishing you a happy home soon!” the 4 Kane Kitties
2. Jacky Shepherd x Bull Dog 5mths Female Sponsor: “ Sending you lots of love!” George Coleman
3. June Shepherd x Bull Dog x Cattle 5mths Female Sponsor:“ Wishing you very good luck in 2017!” P. Tew


Sunny loves And
her belly rubs cuddles

“She brightens up
our day every day”

Mitchel gets
a cuddle too!

A Little Ray of keeps my dad company when he works in the garden.
Sunshine But what she absolutely loves is cuddles and she
doesn’t care how you cuddle her as long as she gets the
attention. She also likes tummy rubs and loves a good
scratch behind the ear.

BY DOMINIC (13YRS) & SUNNY (CUDDLES) MAHON I love coming home from a very busy day at school and
seeing how happy she is when I come home. Her tail is
WHEN WE BROUGHT SUNNY (AKA BON BON ) wagging and she gets her favourite fluffy toy and brings it
HOME she had no idea what was going on, but after a to me. The first thing I do when I come home is give her
few days she got to know the house and became a cuddle and a tummy rub. Sometimes when I do my
comfortable with our family. She soon established a homework she likes to lie down next to me and keeps
connection with all of us in different ways, she is really me company while I do my homework. We also realise
clever like that. now that we have given her the perfect name as she
loves sunbaking in the autumn sun.
She is pretty good with other dogs unless they are too
wild or smell her too much. She will let them know that We would like to say a Big thanks to MDR for letting us
they have come too close as she likes her space. She is adopt this gorgeous girl!
a girl who knows what she wants and we love her for
that. Sunny loves doing walks with mum and plays fetch Do you want to see your DR doggie in DoggieRescue
(when she wants to) with my brother Mitchel. She also Magazine? Email: [email protected]



Retirees we need you!


After each walking session, I wrote down the name each of dog
that I’d walked, and kept an eye on the Doggie Rescue website
and Facebook page to see if they had subsequently been
adopted. Amazingly, some 60 of the dogs I personally walked
have since been adopted (including one that we adopted
ourselves, Cleveland). On the other hand, sadly, a few dogs
remain there over two years later, including Blaze, Penny,
Gunther, Squall, and Sparkle.

Background: Mark was in IT Management It was not long before I noticed the variety of other
for over 20 years before discovering he opportunities that were on offer at the shelter, and the chance
had no idea any more about the to become a regular feeder was quite attractive (after all what
technology he was meant to be dog is not pleased to see someone approach them with a bowl
managing. In 2013 he gracefully retired of fresh food, or a treat or two). This was, and still is, a great
from the workforce and now volunteers opportunity to observe what goes on “behind the scenes” at
as a regular Feeder on Wednesdays, and Monika’s, have a lot of fun with the kennel-hands and fellow
is often seen at the shelter on Mondays feeders, and to get up close and personal with a number of
taking his favourite long-term resident dogs, some of whom are too shy or difficult to be taken out for
“Angus” out for a walk or car-ride. doggie-walking. (One of these dogs is Angus, whose pen I was
initially not even allowed to enter for fear he would attack!
After I lost my own ex-Monika’s dog in 2014, and Nowadays, I am more concerned that he may lick me to death
in order to continue enjoying some exercise and rather than bite me, but that is a whole different story - see pic).
“doggie-time”, I started doing semi-regular dog
walking at the Ingleside shelter. I observed the continual need around the shelter for “stuff”;
some dog related (dog-biscuits, rice, supplements etc.) but
more often, simply related to the running of what is a vibrant
small to medium sized business. These include consumables
such as dishwashing liquid, food handling gloves, plastic tubs
for storing food, utensils, marker pens!! (for marking each plate
of food with the correct dog’s name) also materials needed for
maintaining and repairing the dog pens such as cable-ties, wire
mesh, colorbond material, timber etc. Not to mention large
items such as fridges, washing machines, and washing lines!


“Nowadays, I am more
concerned that Angus may
lick me to death!” Mark

Below are some of the varied supplements As all of these things either need to be donated or bought, I
which are added to the doggies meals. decided to dip my toe into fund-raising, and soon enough found
myself co-opted onto the Doggie Fund Raising
Committee. This has led me on to a number of different ventures
including seeking donations of goods from pet-product
manufacturers/wholesalers, helping out with the Doggie Rescue
Calendar sales at Manly, sourcing grants from a number of grant
providers, coordinating with Bunnings Hardware and arranging a
staff activity day at the shelter, helping with the organization of
the “Money Tin” program, and recently looking at ways to
enhance our web presence.

In between I have occasionally delivered issues of this
magazine to my local vet, and transported dogs to and from the
Cottage Animal Hospital in Parramatta as the need arises. What
this demonstrates, I hope, is that if you happen to have the time,
there is a wealth of opportunities to spend some of it helping
what I hope you all agree is a very good cause.

You can be male or female, young or old, in
employment or retired, and it does not really matter,
as every little bit of volunteer labour helps Monika
and her team to help save hundreds of doggie lives
each year. To be a part of that is….AMAZING!!!!!





TURTLE Labrador x B/Collie 4yrs FUDGE Schnauzer x Maltese
Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of 2-3yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“ We
Roger, Rover& Ross!” Elizabeth Lynch LOVE you Fudge!” Tracy & Andrew


SUIT HOME WITH SPIKE Wiry Terrier 1-2yrs 15.1kgs SQUALL Foxy x 8yrs 9.4kgs Male
Male Sponsor: “ Big hugs to a Sponsor:“In loving memory of Tia &

very sweet big boy!” Gail & Nelson Ian!” Paul & Kathryn & Muffin

For more details on each DONALD Sharpei x Labrador 4yrs JAX Labrador x B/Collie 4yrs
doggie please…
PHONE: 9486-3133 24kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving 17.5kgs Male Sponsor:“A faithful

memory of Penny & Lucy!” Hannah friend4ever!” Wendy McCathie




DEZZY Maltese x Shih Tzu 3-4yrs BRANDY Irish Terrier x 10yrs
5.6kgs Male Sponsor:“ With love... Female Sponsor: “ Wishes for a
Kipling, Digby & Marlow!” Catherine brighter future!” Sach Baillie


APARTMENT SPECKLES Cattle x Corgi 11yrs WIGGLES Maltese x Shih Tzu 5yrs
FRIENDLY 15kgs Male Sponsor:“Wishing you a Male Sponsor: “Ex DR dog Woody’s
happy home!” Sam & Joy Jenkins way of saying thanks!” Tracy Fay

For more details on each EMMET Maltese x 10yrs 9.8kgs JENNY Maltese x L/Apso 8yrs 5kgs
doggie please… Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very Female Sponsor:“In loving memory
PHONE: 9486-3133 good luck in 2017!” P. Tew of Ted & for Sam!” Alison Skinner


“Dogs have a way of finding people who need them and
filling an emptiness we did not even know we had…”

Adopt Me!


Arty Felix

Arty Jack Russell x 8yrs Felix Foxy x 5yrs 6.3kgs
6.6kgs Male Sponsor: With Male Sponsor:“You deserve
love from Marg Iveson lots of love!” Margaret Cuthill

BORED? LONELY? OVERWEIGHT? LIFE NOT Spud Foxy x 3yrs 7kgs Male Matilda Kelpie x 5yrs Female
WILL NEVER MEET YOUR LIFE PARTNER? Sponsor:“To help you start a Sponsor: “A forever family

You know what’s wrong with new life!” Desi Hendrawen soon!” Janelle Wooldridge
you? You need RESCUING!
Dre Whippet x 3yrs Male Mia Foxy x 4yrs Female
Jessie is full of the excitement of just being Sponsor:“In memory of Rusty, Sponsor: “In loving memory of
alive. She is willing to share her days ( and Tasha & Sam!” Robert Nauta our Macy girl!” Susan Dorahy
nights ) with you. To brighten your life and
give you a chance to frolic once again. Come
and make a date, experience unconditional
love and put the fun back into your life.

Jessie Kelpie x 12mths Female

Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Elle!”
Malki & Chandra



NAME: Audrey BREED: Boxer x AGE: 7yrs
WEIGHT: 30kgs COLOUR: Tan/White SEX: Female

Hello Readers,

You want a puppy? Aw, come on. Aren’t you a little more

discriminating? Pets, like fine wine, improve with age. When I

think about all the dumb things I did as a puppy, I just

want to howl with embarrassment! But now I’m older Call & ask
and wiser. I may be a little slower ( a tad plumper ), for Audrey
but I’m also smarter and calmer and less likely to drive

you crazy. I’m ready to be your friend and bed-mate, to

share long walks and evenings in front of the fire. I just want to

be spoilt and loved. I’ll romp like a puppy sometimes, but not

all the time. Believe me, that’s something you’ll appreciate at

three in the morning. So go check out the puppies, and then,

when you’re ready for a mature relationship, come back to

me. I know my tummy and boobies are sagging from all the

puppies I have had over the years but I am on a diet and hey,

I’m looking good! It takes a long time to get this sweet and I’ve

got a lot of love left to give. Please consider adopting me.

Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Bessy Irvine!” Janiece

Willy Maltese x 12yrs Jason Lhasa Apso 13yrs Blitzen Irish Terrier x Celene Maltese x 10yrs
5kgs Male Sponsor: “ A Male Sponsor: “In loving Poodle 10yrs 9.4kgs Male 4kgs Female Sponsor:
gift from our beloved memory of Jakkson & Jack!” Sponsor: With lots of love “In loving memory of
Markey!” Robert & Chris Gina Carovigno from Beth Gentle Daisy!” Ashleigh Synnott


Your one stop pool shop— We do it all!

Shop 4, 1 Powderworks Rd, Nth Narrabeen Phone: 9913 2566
Email: [email protected]



On these 2 pages are highlighted 12 KID COMPATIBLE Malaki Wolfhound x 2yrs
doggies of different BREEDS, SIZES and AGES. 25.2kgs Male Sponsor: With love
and hugs from Shona & Narice

Brandine Jack Russell x 3yrs 5.3kgs Female & Cletus Jack Russell x Bonnie Foxy x 6yrs 5.8kgs
3yrs 11kgs Male (a bonded pair) Sponsor: “My fingers are crossed you Female Sponsor: “ In loving
find a loving home soon!” Love from Lesley Cansdell & Titch the cat memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins

Bazza Labrador x Shepherd Button Aussie Terrier x 8yrs Sammy Border Collie x 1yr Male
6yrs 23kgs Male Sponsor: 8.6kgs Male Sponsor: “ In Sponsor:“Hoping 2017 brings you a
Jody Redler, with love... forever family!” Julie McCann
memory of Pebbles!” Sigrid


Caleb Staffy x Border Collie 9yrs Lincoln & Scout ( A bonded pair ) Mini Poodle x 11yrs Both Males.
22.4kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving Sponsors: “In loving memory of my dogs Heidi & Libby!”Judith Lynch &
memory of Scruffy!” from Barbara “You have a sponsor who cares, now you are loved!” Fred & Annie Tse

Here at DoggieWood we put all the dogs through a series of
different tests to determine the dogs temperament. Our testing
is controlled and the situations are deliberate and set up.
There are many dogs who have a very high thresh hold when it
comes to kids, and dogs who actually prefer kids to adults!!

Ruby Kelpie x Shar Pei 18mths It is important for families getting their first rescue dog to focus on
Female Sponsor: “In memory of engagement of the kids and what they are comfortable with, rather than
Ralph, Floyd & Steffie!” Verena what adults are preferring. The dogs pictured here have all passed our kid
friendly assessments. Being gentle with children, sturdy enough to handle
heavy pats, tolerance of prolonged hugs & having a blasé attitude toward
running, screaming children are just some of the traits that make a kid-
friendly dog. However, a shelter scenario is not natural & environment,
influence, stress levels along with other combinations should always be
taken into consideration when a dog is adopted. No dog should ever be left
unsupervised with children.


Ruby & me It is always a good idea to spend some time
are a pair! with your chosen doggie walking and getting
to know them before adoption as
in a kennel situation the ability to
predict future home environment
behaviour is unproven….

Tanami Kelpie x Shepherd 18mths
Female Sponsor: “In memory of
Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica



( aka Chrissie)

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be – a dog in a family with The food that makes me drool is – chewy snacks
children. I just love them. which are good for my teeth.
If I could wish fleas on someone it would be– my My happiest moment are– cuddling Mum and Dad
previous family who moved and left me behind with a on the sofa at night. I fall asleep and snore.
litter of tiny puppies ( see photo next page ). I am so excited– when my little cousin Paris comes to
It took a while but I finally - got over my initial shyness. visit. We love to play together and snuggle.
When told I was to star in DoggieRescue magazine I - My nickname is - “ Fang ” because I have a little
thought "me?".."how cool." Better look cute for the photo. bottom tooth that sticks out and give me a cheeky grin.
I often wonder - where all my babies are now. I hope My family says I have taught them– that ‘Rescue
they are as loved and precious to their families as I am! Dogs are the Best.’ Adopt, don't shop!


Spice & Fennel


My tail wags most– when I am being We were lucky enough to adopt Spice and Fennel in May
cuddled or going for my walkies 2016, and how fast this last year has flown by.
My greatest achievement is – being
a wonderful mummy to my beautiful Spice, the loving mommy, and Fennel, her little baby boy, moved right in!
six puppies. Settling in perfectly…..well almost. The first few days were quite tentative
My relationship with other dogs is– as they adapted to the new surrounds, a new family, a new
better with small dogs and I will run neighbourhood and a new lifestyle. I can imagine that for them,
around with them. I'm being taught especially Fennel who was born in the kennels and who had never really
not to bark at big ones with positive known the “outside", the changes must have been very dramatic. We
reinforcements. I like cats best.!!! layered on the love and attention in making them feel welcomed and
If I impersonated a famous star I’d cared for, and they responded in kind with growing affection and
be - Julia Roberts. Such a beautiful confidence…..we are now a complete pack of 6.
lady with a huge smile.
My favourite place in the world is – Our house is their new home and oh boy have they taken to the job!
I love to roll in the grass, go for walks They have adopted us as much as we did them in taking complete
and play and swim at the beach. ownership of the property; always alert, protective and letting us know
My family says - that they adore me when new people arrive or strange noises peak their interest. When not
and cannot imagine life without me. out on patrol around the garden perimeter, Spice and Fennel are kicking
Life is - all about me these days! No back on their favourite blanket on the lounge couch.
more puppies even though I loved
them all... Always around for a scratch or cuddle, these two have become key
I hope Mother’s Day finds me – members of our family. While slightly dejected looks are given when we
having a walk in my favourite park, leave home, wagging tails and happy faces always welcome us back.
where I run and roll in the grass - I
feel such freedom on these The Jacobs Family
occasions. Life is good:)


Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre

DoggieRescue was recently contacted by an animal lover regarding her experiences
volunteering at animal shelters in India. She would like to remain anonymous so that the focus
remains on the work of these animal shelters particularly Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre
(SGACC) whose good work and achievements do not receive much recognition.

SGACC is spread over four acres of land in Raja The SGACC Mission is to provide sick, wounded and
Gardens, West Delhi. It is Asia’s largest facility of this abandoned animals with food, shelter, medication,
type and home to over 3000 animals at any given time. kindness, safety and care for as long as they need it.
It was founded in 1983 thanks to a legacy from the late Like DoggieRescue, SGACC is a no-kill shelter except
where animals are in extreme pain and beyond
Mrs Ruth Cowell of NSW. recovery.



• SGACC accepts all (any number, any type) • Part of the city municipality's Animal Birth

animals that need help. This includes cattle, Control programme to sterilise and vaccinate
cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, monkeys, ducks, street dogs.
peacocks, sheep and goats.
• Works closely with the police to take in and
• Open 24/7 with a round-the-clock free animal
care for animals confiscated in cruelty cases
ambulance service and helpline.
• SGACC also encourages people to care for
• Outpatient Department treating almost 200
and rescue street animals. People who find and
companion animals a day. bring in animals that need treatment are also
not charged. On an average, SGACC treats
• Free treatment for people who cannot afford 20-25 such charity cases a day.

veterinary care.


If you are visiting India and would like to know more about SGACC and their need for volunteers
and other support, please visit:


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1. Winkle Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 5yrs 4.1kgs Male Sponsor:“Happy home is coming soon!” Love from Noreen
2. Hazel Shepherd x 3-4yrs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Monty, Grace & Honey!”Margaret Crowe
3. Sparkle Wiry Terrier 4yrs 5.6kgs Female Sponsor: The Students at the Sydney School of English
4. Dusty Kelpie x Corgi 3yrs 10.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ For my dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
5. Charlie Mini Pinscher x 8yrs Male Sponsor: “ My fingers are crossed for a forever home!” Meaghan
6. Snoopy Maltese x 4yrs 6.6kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck!” P. Tew
7. Justin Mini Foxy x 6yrs 7.8kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of our beloved Cindy!” Malki & Chandra
8. Jamie Jack Russell x 6yrs 8kgs Male Blind Sponsor: “Wishing you very good luck!” from Freddie Martin
9. Teddy Foxy x Chihuahua 11yrs 6.7kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Bill & Brittany!” Doreen Watkins
10. Melody Kelpie x Foxy 2yrs Female Sponsor:“ Wishing you a happy 47th birthday Ray!” Nila Sudiarta
11. Russell Silky Terrier x 10yrs Male Sponsor: “For the lovely Lily & the joyous Jenna!” Lisa Kane
12. Quinn Jack Russell x 6yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris


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1. Benette Bull Mastiff x Shepherd 4yrs 25.9kgs Female Sponsor: “From our family of 2 dogs!” Lisa & Greg
2. Coco Cattle x Labrador 5yrs Female Sponsor: “ To help you find the wonderful home you deserve!” Pam
3. Nelson Cattle x 3yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Minnie, who was so special!” Marika Camilleri
4. Tasha Shar Pei x Labrador 3yrs Female Sponsor: “Just ’cause you’re such a very good girl!” Jane & Romeo
5. Tara Mastiff x Wolfhound 2yrs 40.1kgs Female Sponsor:” Sending you love, you sweet girl!” Jane & her fur kids
6. Django Kelpie x 7mths Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you a very happy home soon!” Sara Schaara
7. Casper Staffy x Jack Russell 2yrs 12.4kgs Male With lots of love from Ruth Wall
8. Penny Great Dane x Shepherd 1yr 30kgs Female Sponsor: Lisa Suters, with love
9. Mercedes Rottweiler x 6yrs 33.8kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Lucky, Bunny & Yellow!” E. Lin
10. Vixen Ridgeback x 12mths 20.4kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Pepe!” Malki & Chandra
11. Jedi Shepherd x 5yrs16kgs Male Sponsor:“He’s a sweetie!” Yvonne, Marina & Jef, Easy Social Media
12. Olive Kelpie x Shar Pei 2yrs 15.7kgs Female Sponsor:“Just ‘cause you’ve been a good girl!” Jane & Romeo




Hank Dachshund x Papillion 4yrs 7.1kgs Male & Ava Bull Arab x 24.1kgs & Rue Bull Arab x 27kgs
Heinz Dachshund x 2yrs 5.1kgs Male (Bonded pair) Female both 9mths Female (Bonded sisters )
Sponsors: “ In loving memory of my dog Curtis!” Lee Sponsor:“In loving memory of our dogs Ricky, Pepe &
McKerracher & “In loving memory of Lucky!” Kevin Lynch Cindy!” Malki & Chandra

Ivy Silky x Poodle 8yrs 4.2kgs & Star Poodle x 10yrs Janice Foxy x 2yrs 5.9kgs Female & Buffy Kelpie x
4.9kgs Females (Bonded pair) Sponsors: “In loving 3yrs 21.5kgs Female (Bonded pair). Sponsors:“ In
memory of my woofs!” Susan Carovigno & “ In loving loving memory of Ralph, Floyd & Steffie!” Verena & “ A
memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins happy home is coming soon!” Christin Schaller

Lena Foxy x Terrier 14yrs Female & Reci Foxy x Louise Chihuahua x 8yrs 3kgs & Thelma Chihuahua
10yrs Female (Mum & Daughter) Sponsor: “In loving x 10yrs 1.8kgs both Female (Bonded pair.)
memory of Tyson & Gramps, who had a happy life at the Sponsors: “Tail wags from Lopez (ex DR dog, Chilli &
end!” Lucy Beaman Tess!” & the Students at the Sydney School of English.


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1. Frosty Irish Terrier x 8yrs 7.7kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Chip & Blossom!” Alan & Tina
2. Pudding Aussie Terrier x 9yrs 7.6kgs Male Sponsor: “ Sending lots of love!” Martha Pavlakis
3. Twix Terrier x 10yrs 6.4kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
4. Pearl Silky x 10yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Connor & Polly!” The Browns
5. Rodger Chihuahua x 6yrs 3.8kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
6. Joseph Irish Terrier 8yrs Male Sponsor: “ For all our Rainbow Bridge Mob!” Love from Colleen & Ron
7. Byron Shih Tzu x 6yrs 3.8kgs Male Sponsor:“ In loving memory of our dear Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
8. Twinkle IrishTerrier x 9yrs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Banjo & Clancy!”Ann & John,Molly,Mabel &Henry
9. Lilac Mini Foxy x 10yrs 4kgs Female Sponsor: “ In memory of our beloved Ruby!” Lori & John Wong
10. Cole Border Terrier x 4yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “He just needs time, patience & a lot of love!”Janice Martin
11. Mary Poodle x Irish Terrier 9yrs Female Sponsor: “A house without a dog is not a home! ” Sylvia Raye
12. Boots Spitz x 5yrs 9.3kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck in 2017!” P. Tew


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1. Bailey Jack Russell x Pug 4-5yr s 8.3kgs Male Sponsor: “ It’s in the giving we receive!” Royce Milmlow

2. Chandler Jack Russell x Maltese 7yr s Male Sponsor: “Keep smiling Ralph!” Love f rom Tilly, Jasper & Karen
3. Yasmin Jack Russell x 8yr s 4.5kgsFemale Sponsor: “ With love from Joey & Rosie!” Pat Broderick
4. Mir anda Poodle x 3yr s 4kgs Female Sponsor:“ We hope you find a family soon!” Rachel & Andrew

5. Vicky Poodle 18mths 5.3kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Ted & for Sam!” f rom Alison Skinner
6. TrudyLabr ador x Shepherd 3yr s 29kgs Female Sponsor:“ In loving memory of Salvatore! ” Antoinette
7. Br uce Mini Pinscher 11yr s 9kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Sybil & Jed, 2 strays!”Janet & Richard
8. Saffy Maltese x 8yr s 5.1kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of my sweet Crunchie!” Cathy Beer

9. Gr iffin Cor gi x 2yr s 16kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Jessica!” Honey, Bonnie & Marti, thei r Mum
10. Holly Ir ish Terrier x 9yr s 8kgsFemale Sponsor: “Hoping you find a family to love you soon!” Patsy Wills
11. Fr eder ick Kelpie x 7yr s 14.3kgs Male Sponsor: “ Just ‘cause you’re such a good boy!” Jane & Romeo

12. Onyx Ir ish Wolfhound x 4yr s 28.8kgs Male Sponsor: Sending you lots of love from Susan Cassidy



Seeking to adopt a ‘Fur Kid’?
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1. Dwayne Staffy x Labr ador 12yr s Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Tia & Ian!” Kat hryn, Paul & Muffin

2. Khaleesi Staffy x 12mths 12.7kgs Female Sponsor: “It’s in the giving we receive!” Royce Milmlow
3. Jake Staffy Ter r ier x 12mths 12.5kgs Male Sponsor: Love from Mummy Karen & Kezi, Sherry & Spot Traf ford
4. Jacob Staffy x 10yr s 24.5kgs Male Sponsor: “ I n loving memory of Otto & ex DR dog Rohan!” Gail

5. Mar ley Staffy x5yr s 27kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you all the love in the world!” Anna Emmerson
6. Mar zipan Staffy x 2-3yr s Female Sponsor: “To help you to start a brand new life!” Desi Hendrawn
7. Percy Mastiff x 8yr s 31kgs Male Sponsor:“To give you a much better chance of a home! ” Joan & John
8. Romeo Staffy x Cattl e 12mths 17kgs Male Sponsor:“To help him find a home as good as Napoleon’s!” Jackson

9. Ar ia Cor gi x Staffy 5yr s 14.7kgs Female Sponsor: “For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
10. Dahlia Whippet x Staffy 1yr Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Linda who loved animals!” Pat & Pee Wee
11. Mar iah Shepherd x Staffy 5yr s 23.4kgs Female Sponsor:“Sending some luck your way!” Rachel & Andrew

12. Angel English Staffy x 2yr s 14.2kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Iceberg, who was special!” Henny


Featur ed dog: Donald Shar Pei x Labr ador 4yr s Male • • • Lifesaver fundraiser



Sponsor: “ In loving Express your love and commitment
to the doggies who no one else cares
memory of Penny & about! With your regular monthly
Lucy!” Hannah contribution our life-saving work will

In 2013-2014 year 27,438 dogs & cats
were destroyed in pounds & at the
RSPCA in NSW alone. Operating as a
charity for 15 years we have rescued
over 11,600 dogs from council pounds.

DoggieRescue is dedicated to saving
precious lives. These dogs receive
immediate medical care, are de-sexed,
vaccinated and micro-chipped and await a
loving family at our shelter, “Doggie
Wood” at Ingleside. We are a “ no-kill”
shelter. Our commitment to these dogs is
for the rest of their lives. Our running
costs are considerable and increasing.
We receive no government funding and
rely exclusively on donations.

In this economic climate our need for

support has never been greater….

• Your contribution of $29 per month pays for food & shelter costs
for 1 doggie

• Your contribution of $49 per month pays for food, shelter &
veterinary costs for 1 doggie

• Your contribution of $79 per month pays for food, shelter and
veterinary costs and contributes to the expansion of our program –
there are thousands more lives to be saved!

For more information pleasev isit our website! ers.htm


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If you would like to join the customer SAVING ANIMALS LIVES FOR
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