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DoggieRescue E-Magazine September 2016_Neat

ADDRESS : 2 Mc Cowan Rd, Cnr. Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101 SHNEOLTKEIRLL
OPEN: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

PHONE: 9486-3133

Vol.11 No.143



11AM - 2.30PM TUES - SUN

Weather permitting


Meet our smiling boy
“Samwise” and all his
friends on pages 6 & 7



ADOPTED Dear Readers,

Featured with Monika are: Darwin Maltese x What better way to shake off those shackles of winter
10yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Ex DR blues than with happy dogs, in spring wearing floral attire,
dog and for Sam!” Alison Skinner and Angie that just want to bounce into your life. Our cover boy Sam
Maltese x 10yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving is hopeful of a home in his mature years that is filled with
memory of all my special woofs!” Susan Carovigno love and a bit of spoiling. He is posing ever so nicely and
trying to make you SMILE!
Our beautiful Lexi has given birth to four big
puppies—two boys and two girls. Donations of Some of our other dogs decided to try some of the floral
puppy milk are always appreciated…. attire to show that can look just as sweet, regardless of
age and shape. Willow, Cedric and Bruce all joined in the

On a more serious note, no doubt you have heard the
greyhound racing industry is being closed down in NSW.
DoggieRescue will need to be part of the mopping up
process. It is part of the evolution of Doggie Rescue.
Roland has given us an “in your face” summary of
findings to date. It is a horrible thought to realise that
50-70% of greyhounds are killed as they are uncompetitive
on the race track. Many die before they reach 16 weeks of
age and their deaths are often far from humane.

When I first starting rescuing dogs some 20 years ago
there were very few small dogs in the local pounds. They
were mostly larger sized and a lot of working breeds. I was
quite excited when there were a few smaller dogs to
rescue. As the years moved on and puppy farming took
hold we only took small dogs as we could save more of

In recent times the number of small dogs has dwindled as
more animal rescue groups join in and as less puppy
farms are in operation. DoggieRescue takes in more large
and medium sized dogs these days than ever before. Of
course this means we take less each week than we would
if they were small dogs. I can foresee that soon we will
also be taking greyhounds and again we will need to
change some of the ways we operate and change the
facilities to accommodate them comfortably.

We still have a large number of small dogs, however a
disproportionate number are mature in age, discarded
when families decided they just lived too long and were no
longer wanted. Amanda gives us a beautiful insight of her
experiences with these oldies and how much fulfilment and
joy she receives from them. Read her story on P8.


Some of our dogs needs to stay a while whilst they develop and learn to • Please make a DONATION
become good citizens in the community. Angus is one of these. Angus
came from the pound with a “Nuisance Order”. He was very protective and If you wanted to make a tax
reactive and I will always remember he bit me the day he arrived. Angus deductible donation to help Doggie
has been loyal and trusting of his friends but the inner circle of special Rescue save more lives in the year
people does not enlarge quickly. Read how volunteer Mark has engaged ahead you can donate online via
Angus’s trust and follow the baby steps he needed to take on P10. This is a our secure website or call us on
real example of how damaged some dogs are and what lengths we need 02 9486 3133.
undertake to take them on the journey of rehabilitation. There are no short
cuts nor easy fixes, just hard work and determination, never losing sight of • Become a DoggieRescue
your goal.
Such works requires dedicated people to follow through but also needs
financial resources to keep going. The Neutral Bay School of Dance P23 Or you might like to consider
did an annual fundraiser for us amongst their students and friends and becoming a DoggieRescue
have raised an amazing $850! They have been helping us for a number of Lifesaver (see p40), with a regular
years and we really appreciate what they do! It is people like that who keep monthly gift to support our work.
us going and enable us to rescue more dogs like Angus.
All gifts, regardless of size, help us
As you can imagine our costs are huge, running a busy shelter that houses to give a brighter future to the dogs
80-100 dogs. We have commenced some new volunteer roles at and cats in our care. Thank you in
DoggieWood to not only help us with all our activities but give the advance for your kind donation.
volunteers some more hands on involvement with the dogs. Volunteers
can do so much to brighten the lives of the dogs whilst they wait for their I look forward to keeping you
forever homes. One such new role is “Morning Set-Up Role” P28 aimed at updated on our progress in the
early risers and fitness conscious people. There are more roles to follow. months ahead and sincerely thank
you again for all your support.
Make the most of spring with the beautiful weather and spend some
time walking some special fur kids. Who knows, it might change Warmest regards
your life forever. Monika
Where is DoggieWood?
Monika Biernacki
Ingleside Shelter location: 2 McCowan Rd, Founder - DoggieRescue
Cnr of Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101
Open 11AM –2.30PM Tuesday to Sunday

Phone: 9486-3133

& her puppies

Please help us to continue
our lifesaving work


DOGGIERESCUE.COM Join us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter



by Amanda Moore

ANGUS – Feature story by Mark 10-11
Lawrence and Jess Sandstrom 17


A DAY IN THE LIFE DoggieRescue’s 28-29
Customer Service Roles By Ashley Blair

By Linda Pringle, her Mum 37

Focus on Sparkle By Kim Bernotas

by Monika Biernacki 32-33

UNLEASHED AND DANGEROUS Joan of Arc Staffy x 18mths
By Roland Briefrel 22.5kgs Female Sponsor: “ To
Drawings Ryley Miller help you to start a brand new life!”
Desi Hendrawn
We catch up with ex DR doggie
Stanley (Just call me Piggy)

Email: [email protected] wishes to acknowledge the assistance given by:

Virbac Animal Health Australia
361 Horsley Road,
Free call: 1800 009 847 Ph.(02)9772-9772


Leave a Legacy of Love


Because you will always care.
Please remember DoggieRescue in your Will.

Breed: Cattle Dog Age: 5 yrs Weight: 16.3kgs Send or call for your free brochure about leaving a
gift in your Will.
Bowser is a happy super friendly and well behaved
boy. He is social and playful with other dogs. He Mr/Mrs/Ms/Other
loves attention from people. Bowser is a great ball First name
player and will share his ball with other dogs. He is Surname
so clever! Bowser is DEAF so another doggy pal
would help him know what was happening. Bowser Address
jumps into the car. He is happy to be met and
patted by strangers and is social with small and Post code
large dogs. You can fiddle with his mouth and
paws. He is obedient and lets you walk through Telephone
doorways first and waits before crossing the road.
Please return to:
Sponsored by: With thanks to DoggieRescue’s DoggieRescue,
hardworking laundry volunteers. 8 Chiltern Road,
Sponsored doggies adopted! Or call 9486-3133 Thank you
• Flick, Sid, Harvey, Jodie, Maxwell, Axle,
Zelda, Hazel, Daisy, Jasper, Jim, Chrissy,
Flint, Pickles, Batman, Rossi, Frodo, Darcy,
Sweetie, Nemo & Dory (together), Maggie,
Marty & Margy (together), Darwin, Cindy,
Harry, Ralph & Rusty


If I don’t find a
home soon…
Wattle I do?


Mini Pinscher 11yrs 9kgs Male Sponsor:“Sending Ridgeback x Staffy 6yrs 12.7kgs Female
some good luck your way!” Convert Advertising Sponsor:“ Sending all my love!”Barbara Holdsworth




Cattle x 10yrs Male Sponsor:“ In loving memory Staffy x Labrador 10yrs 25.6kgs Male Sponsor:

of Elle, who was special!” Malki & Chandra “ In loving memory of Zippy!” Noni & Warwick Farley



• • • Joy’s Senior Dogs Home feature By Amanda Moore


It's safe to say I've always loved animals. Max
All animals. But my biggest passion are enjoying
old dogs. There is something very special the morning
about their greying face and sometimes sun in the
toothless smile. hallway...

My husband and I adopted our first senior dog from
Monika's nearly 3 years ago. His name is Max and
he was 12 at the time. Max settled in so quickly. He
learned his house and routine and became a happy,
goofy boy. He has a real love for life. He is an
extremely fit boy and when he first arrived could
easily go for a 4km run each morning, only stopping
when I needed a rest. Nowadays Max is 15 and a
little slower but still enjoys a long, brisk walk every
day. Since adopting Max my love for golden oldies
has grown and Max has welcomed 10 senior
brothers and sisters into our home.


Follow us on or

There are many benefits of owning a senior dog. 1.

• They are affectionate and so loving. 2.
• They are mature and calm and settle into a new home 3.

with minimal fuss.

• They have good doggie manners and are usually already
toilet trained. Our oldie Samson is so well behaved and
is such an easy boy to have in the house.

• Older dogs need less exercise and are great for people
who work full time. Our dogs are happy to spend the
day pottering in the garden or snoozing in the sun on
the deck while we are at work.

We've cared for senior's with a variety of energy levels, from
little grandpa's like Marty and Teddy that just need a little
potter down the road to fit and energetic oldies like Max who
love a long daily walk.

Sometimes senior dogs have some health issues. We've
cared for a number of older dogs with sight or hearing loss and
have found that each dog copes really well. Our little Maltese
Kenny has learned his way around the house and even goes
on walks. You wouldn't even know he had poor sight! We've
also welcomed into our family dogs that have had heart
problems and both dogs were vibrant and happy and never let
their disability get in the way. Whatever the health issue, senior
dogs live in the moment and have a real passion and love of
life. Our doggies Norman, Harry and Joy all woke everyday
with a smile and a wagging tail and lived their life to the fullest.

We have formed a special bond with each of our oldies.
Senior dogs know that you have given them a loving
home. They are so grateful. Grateful for letting them become
part of your family. Grateful for the love you give them. They
don't ask for much. Like our oldies Hutch, Coral and Faith, all
they want is a warm bed and lots of love and in return they will
give you love, joy and companionship. It is so rewarding
knowing you have given an old dog a loving home for the
remainder of their life.

We are so blessed to have known each one of our little senior's
and I really recommend you consider opening your heart and
home to a golden oldie.

Photos: 1:) Amanda and Jarrad with Marty “ We are so blessed to have known
2:) Harry exploring his yard each one of our little senior's….”
3:) Hutch using Kenny as his pillow


• • • Caution – Angus BITES feature

ANGUS A fearful boy “It will take a
learns trust... special person with

PART 1. From Mark – Feeding Volunteer the time and
patience to adopt
One of the privileges of being a Volunteer Feeder is the chance to Angus. But it would
meet some dogs that the general public doesn’t see. These dogs often be worth it.” Mark
have a sign on their runs: “Kennel Hand Only”. On one run, though,
there is second, more urgent, sign: “Caution – Angus BITES”.

And this is true. Angus is “Fear Aggressive”, and unfortunately, is
afraid of nearly all people until he gets to know them. This is why he
has been at DoggieRescue for a few years. It will take a special
person with the time and patience to adopt Angus. But it would be
worth it. With me, some 18 months after we first met, Angus is the
most delightful and affectionate dog, who loves walks and car rides,
sits and waits on command, enjoys a cuddle and treats, and can be
brushed and bathed without (much) fuss. He is the cheeky schoolboy,
with socks around his ankles, shirt hanging out and a grazed knee.

This is how I became Angus’ “Special Friend”:…. VIDEO
• March 2015: In my feeding duties, I walk past his run. Angus HERE
runs along the fence barking at me. I ignore him.
So is Angus now cured of his
• April 2015: I approach him, armed with a treat, and give it to him Fear-Aggression? NO!!!!
(carefully) through the fence. Angus takes it but looks confused.
Soon after, Angus not only takes treats, but also licks the back of If dogs or people invade his space he
my hand through the fence. growls his warning and it usually works.
But introducing new people is always
• May 2015: He recognizes me and puts his paws up on the fence challenging. His first reaction is to growl, if
to greet me. I ask, and am allowed, to feed him in his run, held on a they come close he lunges towards them.
leash by Jess. I place his food bowl a metre away, then calmly exit. But I trust him absolutely not to hurt me.

• June 2015: I can place the food bowl under his nose while Jess
holds him, and remove it after feeding.

• Sept 2015: I ask Ceallai, Monika’s Dog Trainer, if I could take
him out for a walk? Yes, but Ceallai supervises the first walk.
Success! I start to take Angus out twice weekly for walks. He
loves his walks and is so excited! He’s a good walker – ignores
bikes, cars, trucks. But I keep him away from people and dogs.

• Oct 2015: I stroke him for the first time. His fur is so soft! By now
he takes treats from my hands & sits & waits on command. I begin
to brush him after his walks. He is wriggly but fine. He licks my

• March 2016: Off to the vet in my car for a minor operation. He is
so well behaved!

• June 2016: With Monika’s permission off to Narrabeen Lagoon
by car for an outing. He loves the ride and walk, and ignores
everyone, even the ducks!


By Jess Sandstrom Accredited Dog Trainer

PART 2. From Jess – Kennel Hand/Dog Trainer

Breed: Aussie Terrier x It is a very special thing to win the affections of a dog who has experienced the
Age: 5yrs Weight: 8kgs world in the way that our dear Angus has. It takes buckets of patience, a lot of
empathy, some flexibility and a little bit of bravery to help a dog like Angus realise
that he really can trust you. One thing that we have noticed about Angus in his
time at the shelter is that once you are a part of his 'inner circle' it seems to be that
you are a member for life.

The people that decide to take Angus on as adoptive parents would need to be
experienced in training and handling traumatised rescue dogs and be extremely
committed to receiving support from Doggie Rescue and our network of skilled
staff who have cared for Angus during the time he has spent with us. They would
also need to be willing to come and have many successive meet and greets with
Angus under the supervision of our Dog Trainer who will be able to coach them
on the best ways to present themselves to Angus and then show them when it is
safe to progress through the stages of getting to know him. As Mark describes on
page 10 it took him some seven months of weekly interactions with Angus before
he was able to pat him. As much as we all dearly love Angus and want him to find
his home more than anything, we must be upfront and honest about his needs. It
will not be a quick process but if the right person is out there who is willing to put in
the time and carefully follow our lead then we will absolutely support them in
becoming one of Angus's special friends.

Sponsor: “Good luck Angus!” Looking to the future and imagining how one would handle Angus in a home
Love from Lesley Cansdell environment once a bond has been established...

• I would picture the perfect human for Angus as someone who doesn't have a
lot of guests visit their home on a regular basis as Angus is more interested in
a quieter lifestyle that doesn't offer too many surprises.

• From a management perspective it could be practical to allocate an area of the
house that is able to be securely closed off from guests to act as Angus's safe
haven, well away from the action if you do have someone over. Realistically this
is not just for Angus's benefit to feel comfortable in his home but also for the
safety of guests - Angus really hasn't had a great start to life before Doggie
Rescue and if he feels threatened or afraid he has learnt through repetition over
his lifetime that to lunge and snap at something scary makes the scary thing
retreat very quickly!

• Angus would also require a suitable training plan from an accredited dog trainer
highly experienced in working with fear aggressive rescue dogs who is able to
provide ongoing support as the training evolves and progresses. The plan
would need to be multifaceted and Angus's new owner would need to be
prepared to follow it to the letter and train on a daily basis.

“ Taking on a dog like Angus would be a pretty big commitment and require someone who is able to take a
long term view on his training as it is quite the project to tackle. But he is such a beautiful, loving dog who
deserves to have a shot at a life outside of a shelter. I can only reiterate what Mark has said as I also trust
Angus implicitly! Angus like many big tough burly blokes is a great big softy deep down inside who only
wants someone to break down the walls he has built up and show him how to love freely again.” Jess


• Compiled By Roland Briefrel How the NSW greyhound
racing industry eviscerated
their social licence to operate.

When Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland investigators
dug into the dark side of greyhound racing, they uncovered mass
killings, doping, corruption and horrific 'live baiting' training practices.
The evidence they gathered was broadcast on the ABC's Four Corners
program — and the endemic animal cruelty at the heart of the greyhound
racing industry was finally exposed for the whole world to see. CLICK!

Roland Briefrel is an educator and an An independent inquiry was launched in NSW to determine the
animal welfare advocate who is not continued existence — or dissolution — of the greyhound racing industry.
hesitant to speak about topics for As a result, the Premier Mike Baird had no real option but to follow the
animals who have no voice. He is a advice of thousands of caring Australians and the Commissioner of the
long time supporter of Doggie inquiry, Michael McHugh, who all came to the only logical conclusion —
Rescue. that greyhound racing has completely lost its "social licence" to
operate and must be banned.

The predictable fight back There is one inescapable truth that not even greyhound breeders will deny and
from the industry emerged that is that greyhounds are bred in vast numbers in order to find a few dogs that can
almost immediately with a win races. Poor socialisation over time has meant that many pups are anxious and
series of arguments being nervous and consequently unable to race. Viewed also, as unable to be re-homed,
mounted in its defence. The the only option is to kill them, a result of the most vicious of cycles.
most ridiculous one being
that the ban was all about
class warfare. Well actually,
it is about the humane
treatment of animals, some-
thing that appears to have
escaped the apologists for
the industry. Other animal
“entertainments” like
bear-baiting and circus lions
have slowly died out as our
sentiments about animals
have changed over the
centuries. Further,
bullfighting disgusts most
modern Australians; gorillas
at the zoo are not forced to
do tea parties anymore and
we no longer see monkeys
dancing to organ music.

What was acceptable at
one point suddenly
became unacceptable.


ADOPT A GREYHOUND But the horror goes even further, as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald in July. After a one year investigation into
the Keinbah Trial Track near Cessnock, investigators
uncovered another inconvenient truth for the apologists -
a mass grave of 99 greyhounds who were done away with
over a four year period simply because they were
“underperforming and therefore of no further use”. The
report by senior barrister Clive Steirn SC found that they
were killed between 2009 and 2013 for reasons “other than
euthanasia”. The brutality of their deaths is too graphic to
recount in this article.

Suffice to say, the report has been referred to police for
advice as to whether criminal charges should be brought
against anyone adversely named in the report. More telling
however, is the statement by the outgoing interim chief
executive of Greyhound Racing NSW, Paul Newson, who
told Fairfax Media that “the report’s findings have confirmed
everyone’s worst fears. That mass graves have occurred
and a number of industry participants were involved in
sickening and unconscionable acts of animal cruelty”.

It is naïve to believe that this killing takes place Some key findings and
“humanely”. These death row animals are often observations of the Special
handed to large veterinary practices, according to
Claire Harvey in The Sunday Telegraph, to be Commission’s report
“anaesthetised, and then drained of blood before
being euthanised”. The blood is then used in • Of the 97,783 greyhounds bred in the last 12 years,
transfusions on other pet dogs. Universities too, between 48,891 and 68,448 dogs were killed because
have used live, anaesthetised greyhounds they were deemed uncompetitive as racing dogs –
according to Harvey, “to train student vets and this equates to a “wastage” rate of 50 to 70 per cent.
surgeons…. before they are killed”.
• Even by reducing the number of races to the minimum
Whilst this may not have been a problem centuries required for the industry to remain viable (593), at
ago to the bear-baiters, they also thought public that wastage rate there would still be 2,000 to 4,000
executions were a fun family day out!! Times are dogs killed prior to reaching racing age each year.
constantly changing and sports that wish to survive
have to change as well. Thirty years ago, as I • Evidence of live baiting extends as far back as 2009
embarked on a career in education, I used to pass and with around 10 to 20 per cent of trainers engaged
two dog tracks on the way to work, both of which in the practice; the Commission concluded that there is
were closed down due to investigations into live endemic support for the practice and that GRNSW
baiting and corruption in the industry. Today those knew about the practice and did nothing about it.
same allegations permeate the industry, as
revealed so graphically on Four Corners. No • Greyhound racing is only commercially run in eight
change and no real reform in that time and now counties. The largest of those is the United States
the industry wants MORE time to reform. where it has been in decline over a number of years
with Arizona becoming the 40th state to ban the sport
in June this year.

• Deaths and injuries went unreported to GRNSW even
following a Four Corners report in February 2015
exposing live baiting practices, and the establishment
of the Special Commission of Inquiry in May 2016.


Ryley Miller

Yet in spite of the findings and conclusions reached the McHugh and Steirn reports has exposed the dirty
above, the inexplicable fight back to save greyhound secret. We can sanction it no more.
racing referred to above, continues, but it cannot be
allowed to win. The NSW Premier’s profound move to In the months since the ban was announced, some
shut down this peculiar form of animal cruelty, posing as have complained that good people will lose jobs
entertainment, where masses of dogs are killed to support because of a few bad apples, that it is an elitist attack
Australia's gambling habit, has to be allowed to succeed. on a working-class sport, that animal welfare is the stuff
Of course, the government must help those whose jobs of vegans with nose rings and psychological problems.
depend on dog racing and may not have played any role However, few critics grappled with the industry's
in the cruelty and most importantly, we must re-home as fundamental problem: that in order to function, the
many greyhounds as possible, to eliminate any excuse for "sport" has to breed far more dogs than will ever be
unfettered euthanasia of even more dogs. Go to: http:// raced to weed out the slow ones. But it must be finished, with
its fate an example to other forms of savagery The "wastage" is not due to a few bad apples. It is an
wrought on animals. Take note horse racing and live element of its existence. The routine mass killing is
animal exports!! required to sustain the entertainment of humans. It is
no sport for the dead dogs. The thorough report by
Greyhound racing falls on the wrong side of the stark former High Court judge Michael McHugh (plus the
moral line between humanely killing animals for human details of the Steirn investigation) make that plain
food, and abusing animals for human fun. The light of enough as detailed above.

Over the past 12 years in NSW alone, we have allowed the slaughter of anywhere up to 68,000
greyhounds; the gentlest of dog breeds, dealt the most callous of fates.





Button Charlie


Bowie Alex

Spud Foxy x 3yrs 7kgs Male Sponsor:“To help you start a new life with a family!” Desi Hendrawen
Button Aussie Terrier x 8yrs 8.6kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Pebbles!” Sigrid Lublow
Charlie Mini Pinscher x 8yrs Male Sponsor: “ My fingers are crossed for a forever home!” Meaghan
Bowie Labrador x Cattle 6mths Female Sponsor: “Keep smiling Bowie!” Tilly, Jasper & Karen
Alex Staffy x Great Dane 2yrs 30kgs Male Sponsor: With love and hugs from Shona & Narice
Sadie Jack Russell x 5yrs 8kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of beautiful Fantasia!” Emma Curtin
Nikita Corgi x Sheltie 9yrs 9.8kgs Female Sponsor:“ A loving home is coming very soon!” Tony Suters
Tabitha Labrador x Border Collie 4yrs Female Sponsor: Erin Kramer –German x Danish Aussie Female
Cupcake Terrier x 6yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor: “Now you have a sponsor, you are loved!” Fred & Annie
Bryson Jack Russell x 2yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “In memory of Jessica!” Honey, Bonnie & Marti their Mum


Sadie Nikita

Tabitha Cupcake


Calendar Contest


The calendar contest & production team would like to thank, and congratulate,
the 2017 DoggieRescue Calendar Contest winners and everyone who took part
in the contest this year! The choice is never easy and we believe that all the
doggies are winners for having found such loving homes! Winners are listed
in no particular order below….

• Cinnamon • Spike
• Ruby • Gemma
• Harriett • Buddy
• Gizmo • Cleveland
• Olive • Norman & Kenny
• Crash Bandicoot • Neville
• Jack

I’m so It’s such a Wow, is my
excited good cause name dog’s
name there?
I’ve WON!

Xmas gifts!


• • • Update on Wilson feature

Dear Readers,

Some background on Wilson.

On 12th December 2014 Rowena
adopted a Kelpie x from Doggie
Rescue called Wilson. After her
home was broken into on the 19th
December 2014 Wilson went
missing. A Facebook page, titled
‘Please Help Find Wilson’ was set
up, as well as a website, and his
story was followed up in local
newspapers and blogs. One year
passed with no news of Wilson…

Never give up if you have lost a
chipped dog…….Wilson had been
missing 12 months. Many of Doggie
Rescue’s supporters had helped in
the searches that Shannon ( a DR
supporter who knew Wilson well )
was driving for so many months. On
New Year’s Eve he was brought to
a vet clinic after being found at
Petersham, frightened of the fire-
works. He was in good condition
apart from a cut pad. Wilson came
back to our shelter. Doggiewood.

Rowena, Wilson’s adoptive
owner says: I was stunned
and thrilled when I heard that
Wilson had been found. It's
been a long twelve months.
When he was still missing at
Christmas I gave away all his
things and went on a holiday.
I have now been out buying
dog toys and treats for him. A
big thank you to Team Wilson
for your persistence.”

On Friday 8th January 2016,
one year and 15 days after
he disappeared Wilson was
reunited with owner Rowena
and went home...


Written by Rowena Harding-Smith

Hello Readers, As a result, he is
inside on the
Wilson has been home for six months now, to the couch most of the
delight of the whole family and the many people in the day or relaxing on
neighborhood who helped search for him. He is a local the deck in the
celebrity. During walks in the park, people still ask, “Is sun. He loves the
that really Wilson?” The community interest in his car and if I leave
disappearance and in his return was, and is, the back window
heartwarming. It was their belief that he would be found down he will leap
that kept me searching when I despaired of ever seeing in and wait for me
him again. to drive him some-
• The day Wilson came home I took him to Annandale
Animal Hospital for a health check to ensure that he Many people wanted to know why he didn’t make an
had no injuries or heartworm parasites. He received appearance on the Today Show in January, just after he
a clean bill of health and many treats. The vet and was found. When I first adopted Wilson in 2014 he was
the receptionist were delighted to know that he was afraid of loud noises, strange men, bright lights and
safe. The next stop was Annandale PetO for dog moving machinery. A TV studio is all of those things. It is
toys and a new bed because I had given his old bed an unsettling place for a person who understands what is
away two weeks before he was found. At PetO, the happening. It would have been terrifying for Wilson. I
staff were excited to meet him. They rubbed his ears thought that he had been through enough and I wanted
and fed him many doggie treats. He now loves to protect him. I wanted him safe at home.
visiting the vet and PetO.
Wilson now ignores loud buses, men on the street and
Wilson looks fabulous: he has put on some weight (all moving machinery. He loves to run and play with other
those treats), his fur is glossy and his tail is wagging. dogs. He is devoted to my daughter and he spends his
He is still an anxious dog, however. He won’t go into days following her around the house in the hope of a
the backyard unaccompanied because that is where tummy rub. He is currently bringing up two kittens. As he
the whole saga began - where someone broke in and cuddles up on the couch during these cold nights we
stole him, or drove him away. He trembles if he hears can’t imagine not having him here, with us. There is a
a loud noise out there. He is very relaxed in most other new lock on the garden gate and a GPS on his collar to
places so whatever happened that day must have been ensure that he won’t get lost again. Thank you all for your
horrible for him. help in bringing him home. Rowena

“Wilson is a
local celebrity.
During walks in
the park even
now, people still

ask me,

“Is that really



Kiera has just become a Mum
to 4 beautiful puppies.





7. & 8. 1. Winston Jack Russell x 8yrs 8kgs

Male Sponsor: Love, Freddie Martin

2. Barney Foxy x 2yrs 7.4kgs Male

Sponsor: “Because you really deserve

10. 11. to be loved!” Daniela Versace

3. Keira Maltese x Shih Tzu 3yrs

Female Sponsor: “ A loving home is

waiting!” Lesley Cansdell & Titch

4. & 5. Henry & Zoey Both Beagle x 5yrs

Male & Female (bonded pair).

Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Elle!”

Bill & Joan Collins

6. Melody Kelpie x Foxy 2yrs Female

Sponsor: “Good luck!” Susan Gerber

7. & 8. Ruby Kelpie x Shar Pei & Tanami

Kelpie x Shepherd Both 18mths

Females (bonded sisters )Sponsor:

“In loving memory of Ralph, Floyd &

Steffie!” Verena & “In loving memory of

Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica

9. Scruffy Shih Tzu x 3yrs Male

Sponsor: “A true friend leaves paw

prints on your heart!” Karen Vassallo

10. Jules Terrier x Pug 6yrs Male

Sponsor:“Fingers crossed!” Jodie Finch

11. Gunther Jack Russell x 6yrs 6.9kgs

Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of

our rescue dog Penny!” Stephanie

12. Oska Bulldog x Staffy 4yrs 24kgs

Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of

Sybil & Jed, 2 strays!” Janet & Richard

13. Dodger Mini Foxy x 5yrs 6.1kgs Male

12. 13. Sponsor: “ All Dodger really needs is

somebody to love and trust!” Beth


Hi Fans,

It’s a busy world. So much to do,
so little time! Have school, friends,
sport, computer games, TV and
your mobile phone taken up so
much of your life that you have
forgotten a really good friend who
needs your love and care?

MASON LOVES A CUDDLE— OR TWO! Who is that you say? I’ll send them Adopting a dog is a lifetime
a text and catch up:) But this friend COMMITMENT for every-
Cattle x 2yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory does not have a mobile phone, has one in the family. That
of Rusty, Tasha & Sam!” Robert Nauta no other friends, school or sport to commitment means not just
take up his time and cannot play feeding him, or giving him a
computer games but ...he is the hurried few minutes each
best friend you will ever, ever day but spending quality
have. He is your dog...Don’t say time with him and making
you give him a pat on the head and him a big part of your life.
you play with him when you have
some time, for that is not enough. To your dog you are his
whole WORLD, take the
Your dog needs stimulation, time to love and appreciate
just like you do. He needs to him for dogs are simply
play, he needs to go for walks awesome! C/U Chips
and have regular fun &
exercise not just left in a yard.
Your dog needs to learn just
like you do too! Dogs are very
clever and it is easy to train
them. But most of all he needs
your love and companionship.

The lovely Alice dropped in
to DoggieRescue a few
weeks ago with her Mum to
donate the $25 she raised
busking at Mona Vale
playing her violin ! How
fabulous !

“Well done Alice and
thank you for helping the
doggies …” Monika


FUNDRAISER Dancing for
the doggies
A rainy afternoon in
June was brought to life with
the Neutral Bay School of
Dance holding their annual mid year
dance concert DR fundraiser. 350
performers entertained the crowds
with their dancing singing and
acrobatic skills. Much fun was
had by all and $850.00 was raised for
DoggieRescue! Special thanks to all
those on stage and behind the
scenes. We love holding our
annual fundraiser for DR, our
students have a ball performing and
to combine it with a good cause like
DR makes it all the more special.

Jennifer Craddock Studio Principal.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. Joey Kelpie x Foxy 5yrs 8.2kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Lily Biesler!” Greg & Amy
2. Blaze Cattle x Staffy 2yrs 15kgs Male Sponsor: With lots of love from Kate Retallack
3. Lola Bull Arab x 18wks Female Sponsor:“Hey mate, my paws are crossed you find a family!” George Coleman
4. Spike Wiry Terrier 1yr 15.1kgs Male Sponsor: “ Big hugs to a very sweet big boy!” Gail & Nelson
5. Carter Kelpie x 2-3yrs Male Possible fungal infection. Sponsor:“It’s in the giving that we receive!” Royce Milmlow


FOLLOW DOGGIERESCUE ON What’s trending on instagram?
Follow the DoggieRescue news/
instagram see videos of the doggies/ catch
up with our day to day

happenings and much more...

on instagram

1. Autumn Staffy x Whippet 12mths Female Sponsor: “My fingers are crossed you find a family soon!” Patsy Wills
2. Olive Cattle x Staffy 2yrs 15.7kgs Female Sponsor: “Just ‘cause you’re such a very pretty girl!” Jane & Romeo
3. Rosie Shar Pei x Staffy 8yrs 15kgs Female Sponsor:“A gift from our Maxwell!” Good luck from Robert & Chris
4. Khaleesi Staffy x 12mths Female Sponsor:“Everyone deserves a good life!” Lots of love from Margot Cuthill
5. Frederick Kelpie x 7yrs 14.3kgs Male Sponsor:“ Just ‘cause you’re such a very good boy!” Jane & Romeo
6. & 7. Serena 17.9kgs & Venus 18.5kgs Both Staffy x 18mths. Female ( bonded sisters) Sponsors: With lots

of love from Lesley Cansdell & “ In loving memory of Iceberg, who was special!” Henny Simm
8. Phantom Staffy x 2yrs Male Sponsor Mummy Karen & Kezi, Sherry & Spot Trafford
9. Neon Labrador x Dachshund 4yrs Male Sponsor: “Sending you lots of love and cuddles!” Ruth Wall
10. Dusty Kelpie x Corgi 3yrs 10.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
11. Angel English Staffy x 2yrs 14.2kgs Female Sponsor: “ Wishing you lots of good luck!” Lucy Hortense
12. Courtney Kelpie x Italian Greyhound 1yr Female Sponsor: With lots of love from Breanna


• • • facebook briefs Make a difference…. Please
donate to help little Zoe!

6/08/16 Aurora was rescued from
Taree Pound. Rushed to the vets after
a paralysis tick was found but is now
back at DoggieWood recovering.

6/08/16 Keira gave birth last night. Little Zoe came in as a tiny 3.1kg dog, very
By 2.30am she had puppies. All going frightened very matted and not used to human
well. Pups are healthy and Mum is eating handling. We treated her with a warm bath and Caroline
and settled. We have 2 boys and 2 girls. our volunteer groomer gave her a lovely cut. She was
tentative about this but Caroline was very patient.
2/08/16 The Lord Gladstone Hotel
THANKS - to everyone who came down When Zoe came from the pound she had loose incisors and
last Friday to support Monika's Doggie dental disease as well as an umbilical hernia. Her skin was
Rescue. Amount raised $276.45 :) in poor condition and she is currently on medicated
shampoos to improve her skin and coat. Zoe has had a
DOGGIERESCUE SHOP: CLICK HERE dental with 9 extractions and her hernia has been surgically
For more stories/updates repaired. She has recovered well and is slowly gaining
& information go to… weight. Please help Zoe on her journey and help her find
a forever home where she will be spoilt.
Zoe Maltese x 9yrs Female Sponsor: “It will be a lucky
family who adopts you!” Rachel & Andrew

Little Zoe needs help on the road to recovery,
please share the link if you can. thank you

I loved you my whole life yet you threw me away because I was old...

Ziggy Foxy x 8-10yrs Claude Poodle x 10yrs Caleb Staffy x B/Collie Elvis Shih Tzu x 10yrs
Male Sponsor: “In loving 7kgs Male Sponsor: “A gift 9yrs Male Sponsor: “ With Male Sponsor:“Hoping
memory of my wonder dog from our beloved Markey!” love & hugs from Gunther 2016 isn’t too ruff for you!”
Curtis!” Lee McKerracher Robert & Chris & family!” Rhonda & Brett Andrew Larke

Perry Maltese x 10yrs Russell Silky Terrier x Honeydew Beagle x 15yrs Neil Maltese x 11yrs Male
Male Sponsor: “ In loving 10yrs Male Sponsor: “For Female Sponsor: “ In loving Sponsor: “ Wishing you a
memory of Scruffy!” the lovely Lily & the joyous memory of my wonder dog very happy 47th birthday
Barbara Morrison Jenna!” Lisa Kane Curtis!” Lee McKerracher Ray!” Nila Sudiarta

Buttercup Foxy 11yrs Bernie Pomeranian x Siska English Staffy x 10yrs Pearl Silky x 10yrs
Female Sponsor: With 12yrs Male Sponsor: 17kgs Female Sponsor:“For Female Sponsor: “ In
lots of love from the 4 “ Wishing you very good my Serbian rescue’s Nela & loving memory of Connor
Kane Kitties luck in the future!” P. Tew Tess!” Lorelei Dowling & Polly!” The Browns

Their devotion is AGELESS,
Their love is FOREVER….


They looked at us and only saw a grey face & cloudy eyes—a BURDEN, a HASSLE...
But they missed the BEST part of us - our LOVE, LOYALTY & total DEVOTION.

Celene Maltese x Foxy Yogi Spitz x 11yrs Male Daphne Maltese x 10yrs

10yrs 4kgs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory 5kgs Female Sponsor: “In Archie Pomeranian x
10yrs Male Sponsor: “In
Sponsor:“Blind dogs make of Banjo & Clancy!” Mummy, loving memory of Elle!” loving memory of Connor
& Polly!” The Browns
great pets! ” Sylvia Raye Daddy, Molly, Mabel & Henry Bill & Joan Collins

Truffle Maltese x 10yrs Dwayne Staffy x Labrador Emmet Maltese x 10yrs
5kgs Male Sponsor: “In
loving memory & tribute to 12yrs Male Sponsor:“In 9.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ I
Mouse!” A group of friends
loving memory of Tia & Ian!” am wishing you very good Jeff Maltese x 10yrs Male
Sponsor: “ In loving
Kathryn, Paul & Muffin luck!” P. Tew memory of Jakkson &
Jack!” Gina Carovigno

Millie Mini Foxy x 10yrs Jip Maltese x 10yrs 4kgs Jacob Staffy x 10yrs Male
Female Sponsor: “In loving Male Sponsor:“ In loving Sponsor: “ In loving
memory of Bill & Brittany!” memory of my friend memory of Otto & ex DR
Doreen Watkins Salvatore!” Antoinette doggie Rohan!” Gail

HELP SAVE ANOTHER POUND DOG’S LIFE! Female Sponsor: “ In loving
memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan


• • • A Day in the Life feature by Ashley Blair The 5 part series of what our volunteers do!

Morning Set Up
Volunteer Role

Are you a morning person? Do you enjoy being active
and have spare time for our doggies and kitties? If so, the
Morning Set-Up role may be the volunteer job for you!

This role is closely affiliated with the kennel hands, so
teamwork, good communication skills and a love for
doggies are all essential for this job.


The role, as suggested by its name, is a weekly morning
shift (from 7:30 am to 9 am) on a rostered basis. Its
purpose is to lighten the kennel hands' load for the day.


Olly (Kennel • Setting up the day yards by pouring water
Hand) fills the into the water bowls
water bowls...
• Putting bedding in the kennels of each yard

• Ensuring sure each yard has toys

• Feeding the cats, changing litter in the litter

• Mopping the corridor, office, grooming room
and kitchen

• Miscellaneous jobs that may come up

• Exercising the dogs (walking or running)

Though this is a busy role that requires a lot of hands-on work, it is most rewarding to know that
you've helped get our eager dogs ready to leave their night kennels as swiftly as possible to
roam their spacious yards and breathe in the fresh morning air. The sooner we get our dogs into
their day yards, the sooner our doggie feeder volunteers can get stuck into their work – and the
sooner the dogs' night kennels can be cleaned in preparation for another snug night's sleep!

We follow DoggieRescue Volunteer Felicity on her varied morning jobs….

1. Putting out
the kennels

2. Cutting up
the cheese

Volunteering at Ingleside
Is not only a great work
out to keep you fit but a
whole lot of fun too….

4. Making sure 3. Mopping
the doggies the floors
all have toys

Interested in applying for this role? Get in contact with Luis De Florio, our
kennel manager, at [email protected] for more information.



Bowser on
page 5


Joan on
page 4


on page 24



Meet Venus
& me on

page 24




Every flower that blooms has
to go through a whole lot of dirt
first—Stanley has put his sad
start in life behind him for these

are his years in the sun…..

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be – a human. I love the My nickname is – Piggy. I think it has something to do
company of people and would like to be able to be in with my appetite!
charge of the supermarket shop. The food that makes me drool is – Pizza! On Friday
If I could wish fleas on someone it would be– people nights the family always make pizza and I am the
who are mean to their dogs. designated sous chef! I keep an eye on things and make
It took a while but I finally - Learnt how to use the cat sure any left over meat toppings get cleared away. Yum!
flap! Now I am an inside or outside dog at my own If I impersonated a famous star I’d be– Jennifer
leisure. I'm only ever an outside dog if it's sunny though! Lopez. People say I have a big bottom. The cheek of it!
When I heard I was to star in DoggieRescue My relationship with other dogs is – great! Since
magazine I – thought it was about time! I've become moving to a village I know all my neighbourhood dogs
pretty famous, you see. I've been photographed with and we often play out together on the village green. Most
politicians, mentioned on national radio and had my of the dogs know I'm an old boy now and that I'm in
photo in the newspaper... I'm hoping to appear on Oprah charge. My favourite dog friends are puppies as they
before the year is out. bring out the puppy in me.
My tail wags most when - I'm going out for a walk with My family says I have taught them– that dogs are hard
my family. We have such good fun. work, need a lot of commitment and change your life
I hate to whine but - the weather in the UK is not like forever but they are absolutely worth it.
Sydney! I do miss my sun bathing. But on the flip side, My happiest moments are - going for a good long walk
it's never too hot on the paws when we go walking. in the country and then getting back home to warm up
I often wonder - how my doggie friends at Monika's are and relax in front of the fire.
getting on. I hope they've found loving families like mine. I could not believe it when it started to– snow! You
My greatest achievement is – making my family happy. Sydney dogs wouldn't believe this stuff! It's cold and wet.


My biggest adventure has been –taking a long-haul KERYN TWINING WRITES ABOUT
flight from Australia to the UK. I stopped off in Dubai on ONE OF HER FAVOURITES….
the way. I was glad to get my paws on solid ground again
though - I don't plan on flying again any time soon. “DRE”
My favourite place in the world is – wherever my
family are. But if we had to go on a holiday my vote
would be for Bendalong on the NSW south coast - it has
the best dog-friendly beaches.
I love my work as - a school dog. I started last year and
it's a tough but rewarding job. I go into class twice a
week and listen to children read. Some children who are
having a bad day come and share their worries and
troubles with me. I'm always very quick to offer myself up
for a stroke and a pat. I'm a very good listener. I've even
started a dog walking club to keep the children fit and
healthy and learn how to look after dogs safely.
Life is – full of surprises, good and bad but with a loving
family on your side you can conquer anything.
I am so excited about – being in this magazine!
Living in England is - not as warm as I was hoping but
it's very dog friendly: unlike Australia I'm allowed in pubs,
in National Parks, on all the beaches and even on public
transport. It means I have even more time together with
my family which makes me the happiest dog around.
To all those dogs waiting in pounds I say – don’t give
up! There is a forever family out there waiting for you. Be
yourself and stay calm - it's worth the wait. Look at me!!!

BREED: Whippet x AGE: 3yrs WEIGHT:
10.3kgs SEX: Male COLOUR: BLACK

Dre is such a sweetie. He loves one on one
attention, belly rubs and also loves you to toss him a
soft toy ( he even plays with it by himself - you just
have to be quick to catch him )! He can be a bit shy
of men but over time has bonded with Doggie
Rescue volunteer Kevin who says "Dre loves his
treats, and best thing is giving him belly rubs."

Dre is a timid dog but would be the most loyal
companion given a little time. He is not a great
walker, but would love to chill out in the sun with you.
Dre can be easily spooked by loud noises but once
he gains trust and confidence with a family, he will
be the best friend you will ever find!

If you are looking for a loyal companion who loves
company, Dre is the man for the job. Patience and
kindness will be the key to winning this boy’s heart.

Sponsor: “Good luck little mate!” Mike Jamieson


• • • Olivia’s story feature

By Linda Pringle, her Mum

My husband Peter and I adopted Libby (formerly Olivia)
from DoggieRescue on the 12th September 2008. As
for any "new parents" it was a very special day for us.
Libby was a very special girl….

I became quite physically ill the following month after adopting
Libby. Her incredible attentiveness and love toward me during
that time was a never ending source of inspiration as I slowly
returned to good health.

Background: Olivia, a Kelpie x
about 4 years old, came into
DoggieRescue’s care in 2007. She
arrived from a pound with a
paralysed front leg which looked
like she had been hit by a car some
time ago. The leg was of no use to
her and for her comfort it was
decided it was best to amputate.

But her paralysed leg was only a
small part of Olivia’s problems. She
was a very scared, sad girl who
looked like she had never known
kindness or love in her life. She
also had a severe car phobia.

After her leg was amputated Olivia Libby had the gift of breaking down barriers with people: absolute
was lucky enough to find a foster strangers often wanted to greet her and just love her. This
home with Jeni and after six months spontaneous loving and happy response from people toward Libby
rehabilitation, kindness and love in inspired me to consider us training for pets as therapy work.
a foster home, she was adopted by
Linda and her husband Peter.


Libby and I embarked on a pets as therapy “Libby with
course together through Velma's Pets as Mummy”
Therapy Training School in 2009. Libby was
a real hit. Together we trained as I “ Libby
completed the 12 chapter correspondence with
component. Libby then passed her vet Daddy”
assessment and we received an
Accreditation Certificate in January 2010
( see Libby’s graduation picture below left ).
Peter and I were two very proud parents.

Sadly the years went too fast but we had 8
lovely years with our Libby.... she made us
a family. Libby touched many lives with her
gentleness... a beautiful Angel.

Libby passed away peacefully 4th August
2016 on our bed surrounded by Love.
Libby's Mum and Dad
(Linda Pringle and Peter Davis)

In Memoriam
Olivia (Libby)
Adopted 12/09/2008

Passed Away 4/08/2016

Words cannot describe the “ She was
Love we feel for our a happy
beautiful girl Libby.
Words cannot describe the
Loss we feel at Libby’s

Libby was so much more
than we have ever

experienced from any

....Our Beautiful Doggie

....Our Beautiful Angel.....
Rest In Peace

“ Libby's happy face every morning, so
full of cheer for each new day, moved
me intensely considering what she had
suffered in her early life. She was a truly

very courageous girl.” Linda


VOLUNTEER With your help we will
continue to find homes
Get involved....9486-3133 for more than 1000 doggies every year.

1. Saffy Maltese x 8yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of my ex DR doggie, dear Crunchie!” Cathy Beer
2. Cole Border Terrier x 4yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “He just needs time, patience & a lot of love!”Janice Martin
3. Pip Squeak Maltese x 8yrs 3.6kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Sammy!” Fred & Teena Wratten
4. Jenny Maltese x Lhasa Apso 8yrs 5kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Ted & for Sam!” Alison Skinner
5. Wiggles Maltese x 4-5yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “Ex DR doggie Woody’s way of saying thanks!” from Tracy Fay
6. Leo Maltese x 3yrs 5.4kgs Male Sponsor:“ Wishing you very good luck finding your forever home!” P.Tew
7. Izzy Maltese x Silky 8yrs Female Sponsor: “ Happy home is coming soon!” With lots of love from Noreen
8. Rex Schnauzer x Terrier 1yr 10kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Sheba, who was special!” Louise Dowd
9. Fudge Schnauzer x Maltese 3yrs Male Sponsor: “Fudge’s sponsorship is my gift to you!” Jeff
10. Dezzy Maltese x 3yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “With love from ex DR doggies Kipling, Digby & Marlow!” Catherine
11. Hugo Maltese x Poodle 8yrs 8.4kgs Male Sponsor:“Hope you find a home soon!” Tyerell Allen
12. Jaxson Spaniel x Spitz 9yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“Good things are coming to you really soon!” Jody Redler


• • • one of my favourite dogs

Personality? Sparkling!!!

“Sparkle is the epitome
of a cute, scruffy,
naughty, stubborn

terrier, a tomboy who
struts along on a walk on
her long legs, snuffling

around in the grass,
kicking up dirt and
leaves behind her…”

Kim, Volunteer

by Kim Bernotas

Once she gets to know you, Sparkle ( a Wiry Terrier x 5 years old ) people she doesn't know so she needs some-
is a super friendly, happy girl who will bounce up and down with joy, one with rescue dog experience to teach her
wagging her tail when she sees you. She is very playful, running how to behave in public. She is very treat
around with tennis balls and other toys, and will even take on motivated (will sit obediently for Schmackos!)
soccer balls that she can barely fit in her mouth. She also loves the and will learn with repetition, training and
water. She will roll over for belly rubs and wave her paws around exposure to other dogs and people. I adore
wanting to play and sometimes she gets that "crazy dog" look in her this quirky, personality-plus girl and hope
eye and will take off running, zig zagging this way and that at top there is someone out there who is willing to
speed. When she's tired at the end of the day, she'll curl up and fall get to know and love Sparkle as much as I
asleep in your arms. do, she will make you a loyal friend for life.

Although Sparkle loves being out in the big, wide world and walks Sponsor: The students at the Sydney School
well on a loose lead, she lunges and barks at other dogs and of English

to Liz
Foxy x 3yrs Male
Your one stop pool
shop—We do it all! A birthday gift
for Liz Pritchard
Phone:9913 2566
“To celebrate your
Shop 4, 1 Powderworks Rd, birthday I have
Nth Narrabeen
given you the gift of
Email: [email protected] life by sponsoring a homeless doggie!”

From Punam Burr
and Courtney Rowe



1 2 3&4

5 67 8

9 10 11 12


1. Quinn Jack Russell x 6yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor: “In memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris
2. Bailey Jack Russell x Pug 1yr 8.3kgs Male Sponsor:“ It’s in the giving that we receive! ” Royce Milmlow
3. & 4. Dannii 8yrs 3.9kgs & Kylie 8yrs 5.5kgs Jack Russell x Females (bonded sisters) Sponsors: Tail wags

from Lopez (ex DR dog), Chilli & Tess & Martha Pavlakis, with love…
5. Pippa Jack Russell x 5yrs 4kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of our dear friend Bill!” Karla, Lottie & John
6. Rossco Jack Russell x Foxy 5yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica
7. Nash Jack Russell x 6yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“To help him find a home like Napoleon’s!” Jackson Fedoseer
8. Chuck Jack Russell x 4yrs 10kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Ralph, Floyd & Steffie!” Verena
9. Bubbles Jack Russell x 7yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor:“ For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
10.Squirtle Jack Russell x 3yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “ We hope you find a forever family soon!” Rachel & Andrew
11. Seb Jack Russell x 6yrs 12.8kgs Male Sponsor: “For all of our Rainbow Bridge Mob!” Love from Colleen & Ron
12. Arty Jack Russell x 8yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “May you find the love of your life soon!” Marg Iveson



123 4

5 67 8

9 10 11 12


1. Justin Mini Foxy x 6yrs 7.8kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of our special boy Harry!” Malki & Chandra
2. Milo Foxy x 18mths 4.7kgs Male Sponsor: “ Good luck little mate!” Will Gorman
3. Christine Foxy x 6yrs Female Sponsors: “In loving memory of Penny & Lucy!” Hannah
4. Cheddar Tenterfield Terrier 8yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: Lots of love from Susan Cassidy
5. Sophie Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 1yr Female Sponsor: “ Sending love from Joey & Rosie!” Pat Broderick
6. Squall Foxy x 6yrs 9.4kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of our dogs Tia & Ian!” Paul & Kathryn & Muffin
7. Winkle Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 5yrs 4.1kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Sam!” Valerie Rodgers
8. Mr. Magoo Mini Foxy x 8yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory Heidi & Libby!”Judith Lynch
9. Yukki Mini Foxy x 9yrs 4.3kgs Male Sponsor: “Wishing you very good luck!” Erin Salmon
10. Mia Foxy x 4yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of Macy girl!” Susan Dorahy
11. Marbles Foxy x 5yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Ricky!” Malki & Chandra
12. Drake Foxy x 5yrs Male Sponsor: “ To help you find the home you deserve!” Pam Robson

Please help DoggieRescue continue our lifesaving work. Not only for today
but for the years to come. Make a gift to the animals through your Will.

Please call or email for your free brochure about leaving a gift in your Will.
Phone: 9486-3133 Monika


Please call....9486-3133 DOG ADOPTED…

Big dogs need
homes too...

1. Benette Bull Mastiff x Shepherd 4yrs 25.9kgs Female Sponsor: “From our family of 2 dogs!” Lisa & Greg
2. Shadow Labrador x 2yrs 20kgs Male In loving memory of our precious boy Frankie!” Abel Coelho
3. Mufasa Mastiff x Ridgeback 6yrs 36.3kgs Male Sponsor: Good luck from the students at the School of English
4. Andy Rottweiler x 4yrs 28kgs Male Sponsor: “:Wishing you lots of luck!” Nikki from Locisolutions
5. Tara Mastiff x Wolfhound 2yrs 40.1kgs Female Sponsor:” Sending you love, you sweet girl!” Jane & her fur kids
6. Ember Kelpie x Shepherd 12mths 18kgs Female Sponsor:“Just ‘cause you’re such a good girl!” Jane & Romeo
7. Jax Labrador x Border Collie 4yrs 17.5kgs Male Sponsor:“He’d be a faithful friend 4ever!” Wendy McCathie
8. Penny Great Dane x Shepherd 1yr 30kgs Female Sponsor: Lisa Suters, with love
9. Mercedes Rottweiler x 6yrs 33.8kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Lucky, Bunny & Yellow!” E. Lin
10. Speckles Cattle x Corgi 7yrs 15kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you the very best of luck!” P. Tew
11. Jedi Shepherd x 5yrs16kgs Male Sponsor:“He’s a sweetie!” Yvonne, Marina & Jef, Easy Social Media
12. Turtle Labrador x 4yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Roger, Rover & Ross!” Elizabeth Lynch


No Home Is ADOPT ME!
Complete Without
The Pitter Patter Seeking to adopt a ‘Fur Kid’?
Of Doggie Feet Please call 9486-3133

1. Georgie Silky x 2yrs 7.4kgs Female Sponsor:“Hope you find a loving forever home!” Convert Advertising
2. Banjo Kelpie x 8yrs 23.1kgs Male Sponsor: “To help him to find a home ” from Julie McCann
3. Linus Cairn Terrier x 2yrs 7.3kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of Peppe & Cindy!” Malki & Chandra
4. Elton Newfoundland x 5-6yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Lucky!” Kevin Lynch
5. Nelson Cattle x 3yrs Male Sponsor: In loving memory of Minnie!” Marika Camilleri
6. Alison Spoodle 2-3yrs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris
7. Lexi Chihuahua x 4yrs 6kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Jess & Jody!” Michele & Steve Tamassy
8. Percy Mastiff x 8yrs Male Sponsor:“To give you a much better chance finding a home!” Joan & John
9. Alister Maltese x Shih Tzu 3yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Tyson who was special!” Lucy Beaman
10. Tasha Shar Pei x Labrador 9mths Female Sponsor: “Just ’cause you’re such a very good girl!” Jane & Romeo
11. Aurora Bull Arab x 12mths Female Sponsors: In loving memory of Linda who loved all animals, Pat & Pee Wee
12. Dickens Beagle x 4yrs 6.8kgs Male Sponsor: Christin Schaller, with love


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Featured dog: BOWSER Red Cattle Dog 5yrs Male • • • Lifesaver fundraiser



Sponsor: With thanks to Doggie Express your love and commitment
Rescue’s hardworking laundry volunteers. to the doggies who no one else cares
about! With your regular monthly
contribution our life-saving work will

In 2013-2014 year 27,438 dogs & cats
were destroyed in pounds & at the
RSPCA in NSW alone. Operating as a
charity for 15 years we have rescued
over 11,600 dogs from council pounds.

DoggieRescue is dedicated to saving
precious lives. These dogs receive
immediate medical care, are de-sexed,
vaccinated and micro-chipped and await a
loving family at our shelter, “Doggie
Wood” at Ingleside. We are a “no-kill”
shelter. Our commitment to these dogs is
for the rest of their lives. Our running
costs are considerable and increasing.
We receive no government funding and
rely exclusively on donations.

In this economic climate our need for
support has never been greater….

• Your contribution of $29 per month pays for food & shelter costs for
1 doggie

• Your contribution of $49 per month pays for food, shelter &
veterinary costs for 1 doggie

• Your contribution of $79 per month pays for food, shelter and
veterinary costs and contributes to the expansion of our program –
there are thousands more lives to be saved!

For more information please visit our website!

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