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DoggieRescue E-Magazine August 2016_Neat

ADDRESS : 2 Mc Cowan Rd, Cnr. Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101 SHNEOLTKEIRLL
OPEN: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

PHONE: 9486-3133

Vol.11 No.142 ADOPTIONS:
2016 DOGS 11,744
CATS 390
11AM - 2.30PM TUES - SUN

Weather permitting








Meet Maxwell & his friends
on pages 8 & 9




Dear Readers, get your attention. We are very fortunate to have the
dedication of Kim and Oznur to highlight these beautiful
Dapper Maxwell ( pictured above with me ) introduces dogs for you. Kim has been coming weekly, sometimes
this month’s magazine in mature sophisticated style. He more often, for about 12 years. Thank you Kim for your
has spent a long time at Doggiewood and he has amazing commitment! That is what Roland was talking
acquired some manners and developed talent during his about in his article on No-Kill – “it attracts and retains
stay. He has mellowed from a cheeky “know it all” Foxy more volunteers”.
to becoming a caring mate for a mature lady Coral who
has recently found a forever home in her twilight years.
Maxwell is now thinking it must be about his turn. He
has spent almost 5 years here ( story p8 &p9).

He is a gentle well-mannered boy who is understanding
of families that work longer hours. He will not cry and
dig under your fence but rather lie in the sun on your
patio until you return home and look forward to the
evening walk in style. Maxwell is a true example of what
Doggie Rescue is all about. It’s about not giving up and
being patient until the right family comes along.

Roland has written an amazing article (p10) about what
we do. He sums it up in simple words ‘Life instead of
Death’ and after highlighting the reasons why No-Kill
is good finishes by saying “It is simply the right thing
to do”.

Come and meet some of our doggy residents, Tanami Kim pictured above at DoggieWood with one
and Ruby are equally charming as Maxwell…. As are of her favourite DR doggies, Sparkle...
Siska and Winston, all beautifully portrayed by Oznur to


Some of our dogs don’t find a forever home before they pass on to • Please make a DONATION
Rainbow Bridge but we certainly try very hard. Without chemo, Giles
would not have found a family to love him and let him sleep on the bed If you wanted to make a tax
with them. Yes it was too short but none of us know what is waiting deductible donation to help Doggie
around the corner. It is all about living for the moment like dogs do. Read Rescue save more lives in the year
the touching story about Ted (p20 & p21), by his Mum Kelle if you are not ahead you can donate online via
sure about senior dogs and then come and spend some time with some of our secure website or call us on
our seniors. They are all so deserving and so special. Make the time you 02 9486 3133.
have together count and fill it with many happy moments.
• Become a DoggieRescue
Moving on to our cats, Toby our white juvenile boy welcomes you to read
what is happening from the feline perspective. Ariel might have landed LIFESAVER
herself a home but our regal Queen is still patiently waiting for that special
family who are looking for a royal cat! We have an amazing outdoor cat Or you might like to consider
house now at Doggiewood where the cats enjoy the sun and outdoor living becoming a DoggieRescue
and volunteers and visitors can play with the cats and kittens. Come and Lifesaver (see p40), with a regular
take a peek! Kitten season may have finally slowed but there are so many monthly gift to support our work.
beautiful young ( and mature ) cats in all the pounds. See all of our cats,
plus pound cats, featured in DoggieRescue’s August Cat E-Magazine. All gifts, regardless of size, help us
to give a brighter future to the dogs
The bewildered face and cats in our care. Thank you in
of Milly says it all… advance for your kind donation.

Like Milly, who I look forward to keeping you
currently waits in a updated on our progress in the
pound, so many cats months ahead and sincerely thank
are homeless you again for all your support.
through no fault of
their own. Warmest regards


Monika Biernacki
Founder - DoggieRescue

& bub

Milly 8 years & her sister have been surrendered to Campbelltown Animal
Holding Facility and currently wait for adoption/rescue.

Maxwell is giving us a clear message,
Please, don’t shop, adopt!

Moving on to farm animals, they also need your voice and support, so
please sign the petition (P35) and help BAN LIVE EXPORT.

Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters who all contribute to make
this a kinder world for animals. Monika






MAXWELL – Feature story on our
cover boy. By Jess Sandstrom

SHELTER – By Roland Briefrel

DOGGIE UPDATES - Sad, happy & 18-19
inspirational stories of DR doggies.

R.I.P. TED - A beautiful story written 20-21 Meet Winston
by Ted’s Mum Kelle & his friends
on pages 6 & 7
EMBER By Volunteer Keryn Twining

By Paul Archer

up with some ex DR doggies

IN EVERY ISSUE 2-3 Email: [email protected]

FROM MY DESK 17 Join us on Facebook
by Monika Biernacki 33

FUNDRAISER - Featuring Flynn Follow us on Twitter
We catch up with ex DR doggie
Cleveland wishes to acknowledge the assistance given by:

Virbac Animal Health Australia
361 Horsley Road,
Free call: 1800 009 847 Ph.(02)9772-9772


Leave a Legacy of Love

loving memory
of Elle!” Bill &
Joan Collins

Little Granny Pam a 10 year old Pomeranian x Because you will always care.
has had to have another operation to repair her Please remember DoggieRescue in your Will.
eye after surgery was complicated by a bacterial
infection. She has been so brave through it all. Send or call for your free brochure about leaving a
gift in your Will.
Please help us to raise funds to cover Pam’s
surgery and continue to give her the best of care. Mr/Mrs/Ms/Other

Sponsored doggies adopted!

• Cookie 3, Molly, Link, Barnaby, Hogan, Iris,
Skittles, Winnie, Bessie, Gus, Nellie & Stella
(together), Humphrey, Odie, Ashton, Gramps,
Monte, Victor, Pixie, Comet, Sprocket, Evie &
Ivy (together) & Louie

First name



Post code


Where is DoggieWood? Please return to:
Ingleside Shelter location: 2 McCowan Rd, 8 Chiltern Road,
Cnr of Bloodwood Rd, INGLESIDE. 2101 INGLESIDE. NSW. 2101
Or call 9486-3133
Open 11AM –2.30PM Tuesday to Sunday Thank you

Phone: 9486-3133


These two
girls are a
bonded pair


Tanami Kelpie x Shepherd 18mths & Ruby Kelpie x Shar Pei 18mths (bonded sisters) Sponsors: “In loving
memory of Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica & “A sweetie who melts your heart!” Kylee-Jan Ervine


DoggieRescue thanks to
our talented volunteer

Oznur Mezgil


Siska English Staffy x 10yrs 17kgs Female Sponsor:“For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
Winston Jack Russell x 8yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you a better home in the future!” Freddie Martin


• • • Cover Dog Maxwell feature

Breaking news… Hello Doggie Rescue Readers!
BEEN ADOPTED! It's Maxwell here and I'm sorry to say that
CLICK HERE I might be a bit of a familiar face to some
of you... I am what we call a ‘Long Term
BREED: JACK RUSSELL X AGE:8 YEARS Doggie’ and let me tell you while it's pretty
SEX: MALE WEIGHT: 8.9KGS swell here at the shelter I'm starting to get
Sponsor: “Just ‘cause you’re such a very good boy!” Lots of really lonely. You see, I am not just a long
love from Jane & Romeo termer but I'm also recently divorced.
Yeah, go on laugh! I know it sounds funny
but her name is Coral and we really loved
each other. So much so that the Kennel
Hands (KHs) called us Doggie Rescue’s
old married couple.

After sharing our kennel and yard for the
better part of 4 years we had an amicable
separation. It really was for the best. Coral
is a little bit older than me (ok, quite a bit
older than me!) and she was starting to
age before my very eyes. When a loving
family finally came for my darling and said
they could only take her I decided to follow
the old adage if you love them let them go.
She really deserves to spend her
remaining life in the comfort of her very
own furever home and I wasn't going to
stand in the way of that.

It was alright being a single man again for
a little while. All the KHs and Volunteers
were giving me loads of extra special
attention to help make the transition easier
and I've even got a bunch of new doggie
pals to hang with during the day. But once
it comes time for bed... I really do miss
having someone to cuddle up next to.

I thought that it was simply a matter of
time before my turn came. There are
always SO many people coming through
the shelter to volunteer, foster or adopt
and I know I have met some of you when
we go out for walks together. I try to turn
on my charm as best I can but sometimes
I get self-conscious about the halti that the
KHs make me wear...


Where Are They Now? adoption update

Some people think it's a muzzle and it's CORAL IS LOVING HER NEW LIFE IN
not. It’s not meant to make me look HER FOREVER HOME!!!!
mean? I promise I'm not!! I'm really, really
nice!!! I simply adore having a snuggle Hi Monika,
and a pat with my friends. It's just that I
am a teeny Houdini and I am really good Sorry I have not written sooner to let you know how Faith and
at doing a wiggle dance to get out of my Coral are doing. Both girls are doing well! Faith is such a sweet
normal walking harness if I get really little granny who loves to snooze in the sun and potter around.
excited. So the KHs have to put the halti Coral is a dear old lady who likes to potter around the house and
on for my safety to make sure I don't take help me out in the kitchen. She looks at me with her big brown
myself for an impromptu run. eyes that are full of love.

What else can I tell you about me? Well I The girls are safe in an area on the deck during the day while
am quite the handsome dog truth be told we're at work. Mum comes to check on them during the day, she
(I am also modest! Hehe) but sometimes is a great support to me and says she loves them all! When we
I can have some problems with my skin come home everyone comes inside and everyone has their own
because of food allergies. Luckily the little bed and blankets to snuggle in. The girls sleep well at night,
team at Doggie Rescue have got me Faith is the loudest snorer!!
sorted with a special diet that is super
easy and as long as I keep on that I am The girls have settled in with their 4 brothers and1 sister really well.
good as gold. I am really easy to handle - Everyone is so used to new dogs coming into the family, Max
Did I mention that I love cuddles? - but I (Sheldon, our first DR dog) has welcomed 10 dogs since he came
am also happy to enjoy some quiet time 2.5 years ago! Both little ladies are so special and loved and will
if you're busy. I could go on and on be part of our big doggie family forever.
because truly I am quite the special
character and everyone here at the Lots of love, Amanda and Jarrad
shelter LOVES me. Just ask someone and doggies Max, Samson, Kenny, Coral and Faith xxx
next time you come to visit!

Do you know someone who has the time
for a dear old boy like me? I've been
waiting for so long and I know my
humans are out there somewhere trying
to find me. If you can't consider having
me yourself then PLEASE share my
story with your friends and help me find
my very own forever family.

All my love,

PS: Thanks to Jess Sandstrom the
Kennel Hand for typing this up for me - it
was not easy with me sitting on her lap:)


• • • DoggieRescue Unleashed and Dangerous feature

has a No-Kill policy. We HERE
will house all dogs we
rescue for as long as it LIFE INSTEAD OF DEATH

takes to find them a That’s a wonderful gift to be able to give a homeless animal!
loving and permanent

home.” (DR policy

In a year that, so far, has seen the discovered, apparently not – just do along came a raft of organisations
continuing abuse of animals around a basic Google search!! and detractors, over the years, to
the world, such as in Vietnam as a deliberately muddy the waters
consequence of the live animal In the twenty plus years that I have particularly when no-kill shelters
export trade and the continuing been associated with Monika and like Doggie Rescue became
issues surrounding the dog meat Doggie Rescue, it seemed quite clear increasingly successful. They
trade in Asia, it comes as some- to me what no-kill meant and was sought to denigrate and create
what of a relief to deal with the reflected in our long-time mantra of – doubt about what was going on in
issue of No-Kill this month. Of “We will give them a bone, ’till you give shelters that proudly wore the
course something as clear cut as them a home”. Simple you say? Well I badge of no-kill, in the minds of the
No-Kill should be easy to write agree, but apparently not, because general public.
about shouldn’t it? Well, as I


Compiled By Roland Briefrel

So let’s be clear – Monika was, is and always will be a Roland Briefrel is an educator and an animal
proponent of no-kill. She was walking the walk and welfare advocate who is not hesitant to speak
talking the talk about guaranteed adoption, well before it about topics for animals who have no voice.
became popular. Why? Because it was simply the right He is a long time supporter of Doggie Rescue.
thing to do and she could no longer tolerate healthy
animals being euthanized in Sydney’s pounds. No-Kill full, reserving euthanasia for terminally ill animals or
however is expensive – very expensive and that is those considered irredeemably dangerous to public
where the community needs to come in to assist Monika safety. It is not, as the detractors would want you to
in her life saving work. Remember also, that the believe, that we keep all animals alive even when it
measure of our humanity as a society is how we treat is inhumane to do so and if we do euthanize any
the elderly, disadvantaged animals. animal for any reason then we have no right to use
the term no-kill.
A no-kill shelter is a shelter that saves healthy, treatable
animals, rehabilitates where necessary and finds them
homes – with no time limit. As a benchmark, at least
90% of the animals entering the shelter are expected
to be saved. The save rate must be based on all
animals entering the shelter. It does not matter if the
animals are old, blind, deaf, missing limbs, or
traumatized. All of these animals are worthy of our
compassion, all of them can find homes, and all of them
deserve the time to do so.

A no-kill shelter is an animal shelter that does not kill
healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is

Ten Reasons why “No-Kill” is good!

1. Boosts adoptions. Kennel hands

and Volunteers at Doggie Rescue hear it
every day. "I came to your facility to adopt
because you don't kill animals here." Just
as a growing number of people buy only
organic produce or cage free chicken,
there is a growing segment of society that
wants to express deeply held values and
beliefs by focusing the search for a
companion animal on “No-Kill” shelters
only. Other people go only to adoption
guarantee shelters because traditional
shelters generate feeling of guilt and
depression. How many times have we all
heard people say, when they come to DR,
about Kill shelters: "It really troubles me to
see all of those sad eyes and know that if I
don't adopt, the animal will probably die."


2. Attracts and retains more volunteers. In an impersonal world where people feel more and

more isolated, there is a greater longing for connection. The love given to volunteers by shelter cats and dogs
can provide that connection. But it is a devastating blow to fall in love with an animal only to find out they did
not make it to a loving home. Severing attachments is never easy and to voluntarily go through it over and
over is not something most people are willing to do. No-Kill adoption guarantee shelters are able to attract
and retain a high volume of volunteers because people know that the animals they fall in love with will be
adopted and cherished for life;

“How does it feel to volunteer at Doggie Rescue?
Many of the dogs haven’t had the best start to
their lives, so when you observe the progress
they make because of the love, dedication and
investment in their health and wellbeing, it is
extremely rewarding.” Adelle Jackman, Doggie
Rescue Volunteer

In particular, I am extremely proud to be Adele with
associated with a No-Kill shelter. DR houses Evie
these dogs for as long as it takes to find their
forever home. They also have a return policy, ‘cute, small, fluffy’ category that is so popular. There are the
which means that they are standing by their very old dogs. Deaf dogs. Blind dogs. Large and boisterous
dogs for life. It brings me great joy knowing dogs. Fearful dogs. Special needs dogs. I just love them all!!!
that each and every one of the dogs will be
safe and well cared for until a permanent I proudly say to people that these dogs are welcome to
home can be found. stay at DR as long as they need to – the rest of their lives
if necessary. Then I cross my fingers and make a wish
I have introduced several friends to volunteering that their new family finds them soon….
at DR and the first thing many of them
experience is being over whelmed by the volume
of dogs and the realization that each of the dogs
would otherwise have been euthanized. It’s a
shocking reality once that connection is made.
The second observation they tend to make
focuses on the dedication and amount of work
that is actually required to care for both the
volume and diversity of dogs, especially those
that may have special needs and don’t fit into the

3. Generates greater community 4. Sharpens and increases management

support. Just as our society is no longer skills. When killing is not an option, creative

willing to abide by racial discrimination and gender solutions simply must be found to find a home for a
inequality, we are also becoming far less tolerant fourteen year-old canine or a shy kitty that hides when
of the mass killing of our best friends and family adopters come to see them. Solving these problems
members. In many communities, there is a very builds staff communication, camaraderie and
real bias in support of life-saving programs and cohesiveness since everyone from the executive
policies. This translates into greater political, director to shelter operations manager, the kennel
corporate, philanthropic, business and volunteer attendant to the dog trainers must work together to
support of no-kill programs; find a way to get the animal a loving home;


5. Creates better 7. Generates more funding. People who love animals

alignment with want to donate their money to shelters like DoggieRescue’s
charitable goals. Doggie Wood that actually saves animals. Doggie Rescue can
clearly articulate its mission, demonstrate that we are saving lives,
In general, animal welfare and effectively tell our story to the entire community in order to
find a reservoir of caring individuals willing to commit financial
organizations want to improve the resources to help;
health and well-being of companion
animals. Articles are written on pet See story
safety (keep the cat indoors), pet page 28
health (vaccinations and spay/
neuter) and pet identification. Pet
legislation is advocated, animal
cruelty prosecuted. Efforts are
made to save lives. But when
organisations kill healthy and
treatable animals, there is a
troubling disconnect between what
the organisation wants to do and
what they actually do in practice.
By saving all of the healthy and
treatable cats and dogs, no kill
adoption guarantee shelters are
able to fulfil their lifesaving mission.
The next step is to reach out
beyond their own facilities to help
other community shelters save
lives to create a no-kill community;

6. Enhances image. We are so grateful to have had two beautiful dogs from DoggieRescue
(pictured above) in our lives. We became regular monthly donors when
Remember the adage, "Image is we adopted Muffin almost 13 years ago. It was an obvious thing to do
everything"? In the not-for-profit when we saw how many other lives could be saved. We adopted Ian a
sector, there is a lot of truth to the couple of years later and even when we moved to Hobart 5 years ago,
statement. A positive image helps we continued with our monthly donation because we know what an
attract donations, volunteers and amazing job DoggieRescue and all the volunteers do on a daily basis. It
community support. A good image is simply the best way to spend a little bit of money and gives us a lovely
is not just built on the warm, fuzzy feeling!
accomplishment of good works but
on how well the accomplishment Paul and Kathryn Archer, proud DoggieRescue Donors
lines up with the charitable goals.
Once again, by saving all of their 8. More income = more organizational options.
healthy and treatable cats and
dogs, no-kill adoption guarantee As donations increase, Doggie Rescue has more options. We can
shelters, like Doggie Rescue, are add groomers and behaviourists to boost adoptions. We can add
able to demonstrate to their spay/neuter, adoption or public awareness outreach. The list goes
communities that they are on and on. Also, as more programs and services are added and more
achieving their lifesaving mission lives are saved, a track record of success is proven and revenue
and goals which then enhances the increases even more;
organisation's reputation of
worthiness and success;


9. Improves morale. Imagine a working environment in which 50% of those around you die every

day. In wartime, that may be inevitable. But an animal shelter is not a war zone and animals are not
dying for a noble or just cause. Killing healthy and treatable animals is debilitating and demoralizing for
the people who have to do it. The real irony is that people chose to work/volunteer at shelters because
they love animals and want to help them. To then have to kill them is devastating. Killing creates
stressed out workers and high turnover among the kennel hands as well;

10. It is simply the right thing to do. What more really needs to be said here?




HELP • If you can’t adopt FOSTER
• If you can’t foster DONATE
We need YOU....9486-3133
• If you can’t donate VOLUNTEER • If you can’t volunteer then please


1. Darcy Maltese x 3yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Tyson who was special to us all!” Lucy
2. Bryson Jack Russell x 2yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Jessica!” Honey, Bonnie & Marti their Mum
3. Hazel Shih Tzu x 10yrs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Jess & Jody!” Michele & Steve Tamassy
4. Christine Foxy x 6yrs Female Sponsors: “In loving memory of Penny & Lucy!” Hannah
5. Khaleesi Staffy x 12mths Female Sponsor: “ Everyone deserves a good life!” Lots of love from Margot Cuthill
6. Jenny Maltese x Lhasa Apso 8yrs 5kgs Female Sponsor:“In loving memory of Ted & for Sam!” Alison Skinner
7. Dusty Kelpie x Corgi 3yrs 10.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
8. Rex Schnauzer x Terrier 1yr 10kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Sheba, who was special!” Louise Dowd
9. Rosie Shar Pei x Staffy 8yrs 15kgs Female Sponsor:“A gift from our Maxwell!” Good luck from Robert & Chris
10. Angel English Staffy x 2yrs 14.2kgs Female Sponsor: “ Wishing you lots of good luck!” Lucy Hortense
11. Izzy Maltese x Silky 8yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of my husband Les!” Noreen
12. Olive Cattle x Staffy 2yrs 15.7kgs Female Sponsor: “Just ‘cause you’re such a pretty girl!” Jane & Romeo


• • • Flynn’s Heart Surgery fundraiser

It is hard to believe that this
Poodle pup faced dying from
heart failure if he did not have
immediate cardiac surgery.

UPDATE: JUST ADOPTED Flynn, a six month old
Mini Poodle was left at
the pound unclaimed.

Vets quickly diagnosed
that he had a PDA (Patent
Ductus Arteriosis) a
congenital heart defect.
An ultrasound at SASH
established that heart
surgery was an option and
was needed urgently.

He had his operation on
Wed 6 July to have a
ACDO plug fitted into the
artery to prevent further
blood discharge.

Estimated cost for
this surgery for

Doggie Rescue was

This beautiful boy deserves a chance at life and ultimately a forever home. Please
join with us and help save his life. Any amount, no matter how small makes a
difference for Flynn. Without surgery there was no future for him. When Flynn is
feeling better he will be sending you selfies and updates on how he is going. In the
meantime we are all keeping our paws crossed for a successful outcome. Monika

You can make a One-off Donation. All donations $2 or
more are tax deductible. Thank you from the bottom of
our paws!


PERRY BySue Perry, a ‘Long Term’ homeless dog finds love...
When he came to me to foster he was a difficult dog…
aggressive with other dogs. I worked around these difficulties
because I knew he needed my help.....but in the last few
weeks he has changed. It’s as if the brush with death changed
his priorities....he has allowed himself to be more soft &
sensitive. He was always sensitive underneath, but had a
tough exterior to protect himself. Monika had a theory he
came from a violent household.

I was previously reserved in my affection for him, as he had a
tendency to attack anyone who came near, so I had to do this
to protect my dogs but now he is more relaxed and gentle I
can give him all the cuddles he wants without any trouble.
Perry is also blind, so this makes him more dependent and it
is very endearing to see how much he trusts me, he sleeps
right next to me each night now..

Hello Readers, Linda the volunteer groomer, who Perry loves, has been
paying him regular visits (see photo below) in the hospital
We very nearly lost Perry a few weeks back....none and at my place, and spends ages cuddling him. Of course
of us expected him to survive, but he is still with us kidney disease inevitably declines, but with diligent care and
and has been declared to be in a stable condition. the comforts of home I hope to extend this peaceful period in
He has more energy than before and a big appetite. his life for as long as I can!! Sue :)
I have adjusted his diet to reduce protein and make
his food wetter to avoid dehydration. I have learnt a
lot about the management of kidney disease!!

I still give him sub-cut fluids every day in the little
"hospital" I have set up in my spare room. He is less
tolerant of this procedure than he was before, now
that he doesn't feel so sick, but he is an obedient
dog and puts up with things. It is wonderful to be
able to give him this extra peaceful time. Although
he still feels unwell, his kidney levels have dropped
down substantially and I often now catch him doing
joyful things like stretching and rolling in his comfy
bed. It is clear that he is much more comfortable
than he was before....he can enjoy his body again.


Your one stop pool shop— We do it all!

Shop 4, 1 Powderworks Rd, Nth Narrabeen Phone: 9913 2566
Email: [email protected]


• • • Sad news...Happy news... updates


Giles came to us mid last year. Toward the
end of the year we discovered he had
lymphoma. The treatment spanned some 4
months. Half way through the treatment the
cancer went into remission.

Just a few weeks ago we recognised that
the cancer had re-occurred. We were
discussing his treatment options with the
vet but were despondent that we only had
some 5 months post treatment of good
quality life. Three of those 5 months have
been spent with a loving foster family where
he was spoilt and loved. We are so grateful
for this. It made all the chemo treatment
have a purpose.

Sadly in early July we had to say goodbye. TIME FOR BELLY RUBS DAD!
The cancer had spread throughout his body.
His foster carer was there with him. Hello Readers,

We rescued our first son Waffle in March 2015 due to me not
falling pregnant. It was a time in my life that I needed the comfort
that only a dog can give, and he is such a loving, sweet boy.

Dumped, loved by no-one you In the September 2015 I fell pregnant and Waffle, sensing
should have died in a pound. a difference in me, guarded my belly the whole time.
Rescued, but not for you a long
life to live, sadly it was found… The first week that we brought Benjamin, our beautiful baby son,
Fostered & in the short time you had you home we took the top photo and it is of the two of them both
lived a lifetime, surrounded by love. getting belly rubs off their Dad :) They were best friends in the
Bravely you fought a hard battle you making before Benjamin was even born and Waffle will forever
could not win & as the tears fall, be an important part of our family.
Giles..special boy.. you’ll never be forgotten,
Zeena Hanna
you were so very loved... by all.


• • • • Inspirational story seniors

RIP Ted, please read this beautiful story I can’t remember all the details now, but somehow we
written by Ted's mum Kelle were introduced to this little wee guy with scabby ears
and some missing teeth. …
On Thursday 21st June we said goodbye to our
gorgeous little guy, Ted, two weeks shy of his 15th He was eleven years old, a Westie x Maltese and half
birthday….. the size of Marley. Not what was on our shopping list at
all. Regardless we decided to foster the little guy feeling
We were lucky to adopt Ted from Monika’s Doggie sorry that he was in a shelter after facing death row at
Rescue in September 2012 and we have spent almost Blacktown Pound. We thought we would have him for a
four years with this amazing dog. I wanted to share our few weeks and get him happy and healthy and give him
story of adopting an older dog as a way to put forward a more chance of adoption. Well we were right about
case for anyone thinking of adopting an older dog but giving him a better chance of getting adopted – we
worried about the short time you will have with them. ended up adopting him just a few days later.

When we embarked on the adventure of adding a new I admit I was hesitant about the adoption with his age
dog to our family, it was primarily to keep our then four and I was worried about having to say goodbye to him
year old miniature poodle, Marley, company. We set off in only a couple of years. I was still thinking we should
looking for a female of a similar breed, size and age. We get a younger dog. My husband was far more forgiving
stumbled across Monika’s Doggie Rescue by accident, of the fact he was old with a couple of health problems
started looking at dogs online and made an appointment and said ‘let’s give him a few good years’ and before I
to visit one day with a list of dogs we wanted to meet.
knew it Teddy was cemented into our family.

1. 2. 3. 4.

7. 8. 9. 10.


When Kelle & Dean Storey came to DoggieRescue to adopt they did not have an old dog in mind...

At first I felt really charitable about us taking on a dog so old - but that “Please when
quickly changed and I started feeling so grateful that we were given considering an older
the opportunity to have this little character in our lives. dog don’t think with
X the end in mind. Live
After a few weeks at home with us, Ted’s little personality blossomed. each day as it
He became our spritely, bossy, cheeky little pork chop - and soon all comes..”
of our lives revolved around him. Marley and Ted were never the
best of friends, but they happily cohabited and shared toys, food and
attention. Marley was happy to let Ted rule the roost and break all the
rules like only a second child can do.

We’ve had the most amazing time with Ted. We have crammed so
much in a short time and the hole he has left is huge. But however
heartbroken we are - we would never change the decision to adopt

Please when considering an older dog don’t think with the end in

mind. Live each day as it comes and I promise you it will give a life-

time of happiness and memories. Monika thank you for introducing

Ted to us. Ted thank you for adopting us. We will be forever grateful.

Rest in peace my beautiful boy. Kelle


11. 12. 1. Bruce Mini Pinscher 11yrs 9kgs Male Sponsor:
“Some luck sent your way!” Convert Advertising

2. Jeff Maltese x 10yrs Male Sponsor:“In loving
memory of Jakkson & Jack! ” Gina Carovigno

3. Buttercup Foxy 11yrs Female Sponsor: With lots
of love from the 4 Kane Kitties

4. Zoe Maltese x 9yrs Female Sponsor: “It will be a
lucky family who adopts you!” Rachel & Andrew

5. Jip Maltese x 10yrs 4kgs Male Sponsor:“ In loving
memory of my friend Salvatore!” Antoinette

6. Claude Poodle x 10yrs 7kgs Male Sponsor: “A gift
from our beloved Markey!” Robert & Chris

7. Russell Silky Terrier x 10yrs Male Sponsor: “For
the lovely Lily & the joyous Jenna!” Lisa Kane

8. Pearl Silky x 10yrs Female Sponsor: “ In loving
memory of Connor & Polly!” The Browns

9. Sweetie Japanese Spitz x 12yrs Female Sponsor:
“In loving memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins

10. Elvis Shih Tzu x 10yrs Male Sponsor:“Hoping
2016 isn’t too ruff & you find a family!” Andrew Larke

11. Maggie Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 12yrs Female
Sponsor:“In memory of Connor & Polly!” The Browns

12. Neil Maltese x 11yrs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you
a very happy 47th birthday Ray!” Nilawati Sudiarta


“Thank you for sharing your special
day with us all Sofia.” Monika

A DOG A lovely 9th birthday shared with friends & Monika, walking
OR A little gems! Rescued angels! Thank you for another lovely,
PANDA entertaining, special visit to DoggieRescue! Sofia thoroughly
BEAR? enjoyed sharing her 9th birthday with you all. She has been
walking the dogs for years now, & loves helping rescued dogs.


Shih Tzu
x 12mths


with love

Hi Fans, • Keep your password a secret from

This month I want to talk about other kids. Even kids that seem like
something really SCARY. What is it? friends could give your password away or
It’s called CYBER BULLYING. use it in ways you don’t want. Let your

parents have your passwords.

Don’t let This bullying does not always happen • Think about who sees what you post
Cyberbullies in person. Cyberbullying is a type of
scare you. bullying that happens online or through online. Complete strangers? Friends?
text messages or emails. I want to tell Friends of friends? Privacy settings let you
Featuring star ex DR you about things you can do to protect control who sees what.
doggie Chippy Pizzey yourself.
& his pearls of wisdom • Keep your parents in the loop. Tell
• Always think about what you post.
them what you’re doing online and who
You never know what someone will you’re doing it with. Let them friend or
forward. Being kind to others online will follow you. Listen to what they have to say
help to keep you safe. Do not share about what is and isn’t okay to do. They
anything that could hurt or embarrass care about you and want you to be safe. If
anyone. Do not do anything to others you are being cyberbullied, report it.
you would not like done to yourself:)
Till next month Chips


CHIPPY’S JOKE : “ What did one flea say to
another? ” Answer... Shall we walk or take
the dog...Ha! Ha! Ha!

1. 2.

Hi Kids, 3.

We adopted Frankie (was Franzina) from DoggieRescue
in January 2016. Since then she's put on some much
needed weight, and her coat has transformed from sparse
and coarse to soft and fluffy. She is a beautiful,
affectionate dog and now very much part of our family -
we can't imagine life without her! Frankie loves walks,
sleeps and tummy scratches, and following us all around
the house! Everyone who meets her thinks she's very
calm and cute. Thanks Monika! Sofia & Zara

5. & 6.

1. Flick Foxy x 5yrs Male Sponsor: Erin Kramer
–German x Danish Aussie Female 34 years

2. Flint Staffy x Kelpie 8mths Male Sponsor: “ In
loving memory of Lucky!” Kevin Lynch

3. Pickles Jack Russell x 9yrs Male Sponsor:
“To help him to find a home ” from Julie McCann
4. Cheddar Tenterfield Terrier 8yrs 6kgs Male

Sponsor: Lots of love from Susan Cassidy
5. & 6. Dannii 8yrs 3.9kgs & Kylie 8yrs 5.5kgs

Jack Russell x Females (bonded sisters)
Sponsors: Tail wags from Lopez (ex DR dog),
Chilli & Tess & Martha Pavlakis, with love...


• • • one of my favourite dogs

Ember is a highly intelligent & affectionate
girl. Like an Egyptian Pharaoh she likes to
oversee her domain and all that surrounds it."
Lisa, Volunteer (pictured at right with Ember)


By Volunteer Keryn Twining

Ember came to the shelter in March 2015 and has Ember will take time to get to know you before being
bonded with walking volunteer Lisa through that time. comfortable. She is quite shy with people she doesn't
Ember is a sweet girl that is very shy of people she know. Ember needs you to allow her to approach you.
hasn't met before but once you give her a chance,
she will be your best friend for life. • BREED: Kelpie x Shepherd AGE: 1 year

Ember is a big girl that is still very much a puppy. She WEIGHT: 18kgs SEX: Female
loves walking with other dogs of the same size and
forgets her actual size when sitting/laying with you for a Sponsor: “Our fingers are crossed for this month!”
cuddle. Ember loves her treats…. Especially sausages from Rosemarie, Monica & Justine, with love
and meatballs!!! She is happy to use her paw to guide
food into her mouth if you are having trouble finding it.
Ember is also very intelligent and picks up commands in
a flash and would be so easy to train.


SAVE A LIFE! Bigger breeds can wait
a long time for a home.
Please call....9486-3133 Have you ever thought
about adopting a


1. Jacob Staffy x 10yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Otto & ex DR doggie Rohan!” Gail
2. Shadow Labrador x 2yrs Male In loving memory of our precious boy Frankie!” Abel Coelho
3. Mufasa Mastiff x Ridgeback 6yrs Male Sponsor: Good luck from all the students at the School of English
4. Batman Mastiff x 3yrs Male Sponsor:“Just ’cause you’ve been such a very good boy!” Jane & Romeo
5. & 6. Serena 17.9kgs & Venus 18.5kgs Both Staffy x 18mths. Female ( bonded sisters) Sponsors: With lots

of love from Lesley Cansdell & “ In loving memory of Iceberg, who was special!” Henny Simm
7. Jax Labrador x Border Collie 4yrs 17.5kgs Male Sponsor:“He’d be a faithful friend 4ever!” Wendy McCathie
8. Penny Great Dane x Shepherd 1yr 30kgs Female Sponsor: Lisa Suters, with love
9. Joan of Arc Staffy x 18mths 22.5kgs Female Sponsor: “ To help you to start a brand new life!” Desi Hendrawn
10. Mercedes Rottweiler x 6yrs 33.8kgs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Lucky, Bunny & Yellow!” E. Lin
11. Jedi Shepherd x 5yrs Male Sponsor: “He’s a sweetie!” Love from Yvonne, Marina & Jef, Easy Social Media
12. Turtle Labrador x 4yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Roger, Rover & Ross!” Elizabeth Lynch



We have dogs to suit every personality
just waiting for a forever home….

Call 9486-3133

1. Barney Foxy x 2yrs Male Sponsor: “Because you deserve love!” Daniela Versace
2. Millie Mini Foxy x 10yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of my husband Bill & Brittany!” Doreen Watkins
3. Winkle Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 5yrs 4.1kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Sam!” Valerie Rodgers
4. Jaxson Spaniel x Spitz 9yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor:“Good things are coming to you really soon!” Jody Redler
5. Emmet Maltese x 10yrs 9.8kgs Male Sponsor: “ I am wishing you very good luck!” P. Tew
6. Pippa Jack Russell x 5yrs 4kgs Female Sponsor: “ A happy life is just around the corner!” Kylie Gray
7. Jim Mini Foxy x Italian Greyhound 9yrs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Elle!” Malki & Chandra
8. Frederick Kelpie x 7yrs 14.3kgs Male Sponsor:“ Just ‘cause you’re such a very good boy!” Jane & Romeo
9. Angus Aussie Terrier x 5yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor: “Wishing you a happy home—it’s about time!” Lesley Cansdell
10. Zelda Staffy x Foxy 8yrs Female Sponsor:“ In loving memory of Rusty, Tasha & Sam!” Robert Nauta
11. Fudge Schnauzer x Maltese 3yrs Male Sponsor: “ Fudge’s sponsorship is my gift to you!” Jeff
12. Cupcake Terrier x 6yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor: “Now you have a sponsor family, you are loved!” Fred & Annie



1. Spike Wiry Terrier 1yr 15.1kgs Male Sponsor: “ Big hugs to a very sweet big boy!” Gail & Nelson
2. Bailey Jack Russell x Pug 1yr 8.3kgs Male Sponsor:“ It’s in the giving that we receive! ” Royce Milmlow
3. Spud Foxy x 3yrs 7kgs Male Sponsor:“To help you start a new life with a family!” Desi Hendrawen
4. Oska Bulldog x Staffy 4yrs 24kgs MaleSponsor: “In loving memory of Sybil & Jed, 2 strays!” Janet & Richard
5. Willow Ridgeback x Staffy 6yrs Female Sponsor:“The life you deserve starts now sweetie!” Barbara Holdsworth
6. Chuck Jack Russell x 4yrs 10kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Ralph, Floyd & Steffie!” Verena
7. Sid Mini Foxy x 4yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Pepe & Cindy!” Malki & Chandra
8. Quinn Jack Russell x 6yrs 9kgs Female Sponsor: “In memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris
9. Saffy Maltese x 8yrs Female Sponsor: “In loving memory of my ex DR doggie, dear Crunchie!” Cathy Beer
10.Benette Bull Mastiff x Shepherd 4yrs 25.9kgs Female Sponsor: “ From our family of 2 dogs!” Lisa & Greg
11.Caleb Staffy x B/Collie 9yrs Male Sponsor: “ With lots of love and hugs from Gunther & family!” Rhonda & Brett
12.Dezzy Maltese x 3yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “With love from ex DR doggies Kipling, Digby & Marlow!” Catherine

By Paul Archer

These days I am aware that I am not getting any younger, and our
little terrier Muffin is positively elderly at 14 years old. But unlike
me, she doesn't seem to care one hoot that she is now an old lady.

Muffin's most valuable lessons for me are: excitement. Every stone and gully, dog and human
she encounters is more exciting than the last, nose
1) Live in the moment. Muffin is interested in all the to the ground, ears forward and all systems go.
sensory details of her immediate surroundings - a
new plant to pee on, a dog barking, the possible 4) Comfortable old routines are good too. Muffin
scent of a wallaby, voices of distant hikers, a new feels secure, content and loved when she knows
path to take... She doesn't plan ahead too much. what time dinner is served, where her squeaky toys
are, and especially when we are together as a family
2) Challenge yourself to new experiences. Muffin just watching TV. There is nothing wrong with being
wakes up to a new day after a deep satisfying 12 a bit predictable and simply relaxing with loved ones.
hour sleep on our bed and she is immediately alert
and ready for action. A new adventure is waiting to Muffin never holds grudges or lays blame. She
be discovered and there's no time to lose. If there is accepts her health, her limitations and her age and
nothing on offer she will create one by barking at makes the best of everything. She is loyal,
the dog next door! dependable and loveable. She has been a part of
our family for almost 13 years and what fun we have
3) Enjoy the journey. Muffin loves visiting new had together. Long may it continue, Muffin my hero!
places and explores with enthusiasm and

“ Muffin is my hero because
of all the lessons she
teaches me on how to age
gracefully. In spite of her
serious heart condition and
three lots of tablets every-
day, Muffin still enjoys
playtimes and 'walkies' and
treats - and I do too!” Paul


Please help DoggieRescue continue our lifesaving work. Not only for today
but for the years to come. Make a gift to the animals through your Will.

Please call or email for your free brochure about leaving a gift in your Will.
Phone: 9486-3133 Monika


HELP • If you can’t adopt FOSTER
• If you can’t foster DONATE
We need YOU....9486-3133
• If you can’t donate VOLUNTEER • If you can’t volunteer then please


1. Leo Maltese x 3yrs 5.4kgs Male Sponsor:“ Wishing you very good luck finding your forever home!” P.Tew
2. Axle Jack Russell x 7yrs Male Sponsor: “ Hoping you find your soul mate really soon!” Lesley Candsell
3. Nash Jack Russell x 6yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: In loving memory of sweet little pony Disco !” Karla, John & Lotti
4. Dre Whippet x 3yrs 10.3kgs Male Sponsor: “ Hoping you find a home!” Mike Jamieson
5. Rossco Jack Russell x Foxy 5yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Rusty & Natasha!” Barry & Jessica
6. Seb Jack Russell x 6yrs 12.8kgs Male Sponsor: “For all of our Rainbow Bridge Mob!” Love from Colleen & Ron
7. Andy Rottweiler x 4yrs 28kgs Male Sponsor:“Good luck!” With lots of love from Nikka@locisolutions
8. Gunther Jack Russell x 6yrs 6.9kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of our rescue dog Penny!” Stephanie
9. Bubbles Jack Russell x 7yrs 8kgs Male Sponsor:“ For my Serbian rescue dogs Nela & Tess!” Lorelei Dowling
10. Squall Foxy x 6yrs 9.4kgs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of our dogs Tia & Ian!” Paul & Kathryn & Muffin
11. Rossi Terrier x 4-5yrs Male Sponsor:“Hope you find a loving forever home & family soon!” Convert Advertising
12. Justin Mini Foxy x 6yrs 7.8kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of our special boy Harry!” Malki & Chandra


FOSTER A DOG For every doggie that
Save A Life....9486-3133 a dog from DEATH ROW
in a Pound is rescued...
Featured dog - Blacktown
Animal Holding Facility



1. Truffle Maltese x 10yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory & as a tribute to Mouse!” A group of friends
2. Holly Staffy x 2yrs Female Sponsors: “Wishing you lots of luck!” Linda, Pat & Pee Wee & remembering Robbie
3. Drake Foxy x 5yrs Male Sponsor: “ To help you find the home you deserve!” Pam Robson
4. Hugo Maltese x Poodle 8yrs 8.4kgs Male Sponsor:“Hope you find a home soon!” Tyerell Allen
5. Chrissy Shih Tzu x 3-4yrs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Elle!” Bill & Joan Collins
6. Lola Bull Arab x 18wks Female Sponsor:“Hey mate, my paws are crossed you find a family!” George Coleman
7. Scruffy Shih Tzu x 3yrs Male Sponsor: “ A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart!” Karen Vassallo
8. Phantom Staffy x 2yrs Male Sponsor Mummy Karen & Kezi, Sherry & Spot Trafford
9. &10. Marty Foxy x 8yrs 5.5kgs Male & Margy Foxy x 8yrs 4.9kgs Female (bonded pair) Sponsors: In loving

memory of Minnie!” Marika Camilleri & Just ’cause you’re such a very good girl!” Jane & Romeo
11. Darwin Maltese x 10yrs Male Sponsor:“In loving memory of ex DR doggie Ted and for Sam!” Alison Skinner
12. Honeydew Beagle x 15yrs Female Sponsor: “ In loving memory of my wonder dog Curtis!” Lee McKerracher


VOLUNTEER With your help we will
continue to find homes
Get involved....9486-3133 for more than 1000 doggies every year.

1. Bowie Labrador x Cattle 6mths Female Sponsor: “Love & get well wishes!” Tilly, Jasper & Karen
2. Harry Terrier x 6yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor:“To give you a much better chance finding a home!” Joan & John
3. Yukki Mini Foxy x 9yrs 4.3kgs Male Sponsor: “Wishing you very good luck!” Erin Salmon
4. Sparkle Wiry Terrier x 4yrs 5kgs Female Sponsor: With love from the students at the Sydney School of English
5. Melody Kelpie x Foxy 2yrs Female Sponsor: “Wishing you lots of good luck!” Susan Gerber
6. Mr. Magoo Mini Foxy x 8yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory Heidi & Libby!”Judith Lynch
7. Jules Terrier x Pug 6yrs Male Sponsor: “ Better luck soon in finding a loving home!” Jodie Finch
8. Charlie Mini Pinscher x 8yrs Male Sponsor: “ My fingers are crossed for a forever home!” Meaghan
9. Jodie Foxie x Dachshund 6yrs Female Sponsor:“To help her find a happy home like Napoleons!” Jackson
10. Neon Labrador x Dachshund 4yrs Male Sponsor: “Sending you lots of love and cuddles!” Ruth Wall
11. Arty Jack Russell x 8yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “May you find the love of your life soon!” Marg Iveson
12. Nikita Corgi x Sheltie 8yrs 9.8kgs Female Sponsor:“ A loving home is coming very soon!” Tony Suters



Proving that age is just a
number as he enjoys his
new life to the fullest….

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be – a law-enforcement officer, My nickname is – Cleves, Mr Cleveland, Bubs
as I like to have everyone under my control. The food that makes me drool is – kangaroo tendons.
If I could wish fleas on someone it would be– no-one. These are the best treat ever. I was caught once (& I’m
I’m meant to be old and grumpy but I’m not THAT mean. ashamed at this) begging for one, I was that desperate!
It took a while but I was finally trained - not to help If I impersonated a famous star I’d be– George
myself to fruit. Well, how was I meant to know that the Clooney, he’s probably nearly as sophisticated as I
fruit bowl was out-of-bounds, just because it was on the am. Or, Con the Fruiterer.
dining room table? The peach was delicious though! My relationship with other dogs is – relationship..
When I heard I was to star in DoggieRescue What relationship? I don’t acknowledge other dogs.
magazine I – thought it was right and proper that a good My family says I have taught them– not to judge a dog
-looking senior gent such as myself should be featured. by his short stumpy legs and long body. How rude. But
I wish I could – regrow my front teeth. Well, I can’t help it’s true, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.
it, there was no fluoride in the water when I was a pup. My happiest moments are - chasing rabbits on the golf
My tail wags most when - I get to go out with Mummy course, and running through the water at North Harbour
and Daddy. Then I can be sure that I’m not missing out Reserve or Manly Lagoon.
on anything that they’re doing. My favourite place in the world is – anywhere Mummy
I hate to whine but - they don’t feed me enough. Yes, and Daddy are, but especially on their bed. Apparently
yes, I get breakfast and dinner, and a snack for lunch, I’m the best-ever hot-water bottle.
and a snack in the evening, but I’m not as active as I To all those dogs waiting in pounds I say – be nice to
used to be, and…….. the kennel hands and feeders (especially if you want an
I often wonder - why it took someone so long to extra chicken neck).
recognize how beautiful I am? Life is – pretty sweet now.


News & gossip
direct from the
dog’s mouth...

SPECKLES & HIS MATE TED! SMILE OF THE Bred: Aussie Terrier x Age: 8yrs
MONTH Weight: 8.6kgs Sex: Male

BUTTON I’m as cute as
cute can be…
Hey Everyone, Why doesn’t somebody
fall in love with me?
My name is Button and I
Speckles Cattle x Corgi 7yrs 15kgs Male have the biggest smile at
Sponsor:“ Wishing you good luck!” P. Tew DoggieRescue. I have so
much to be grateful for.
POSTCARD: From ex DR doggie
Lulu & her Mum • I was saved from
Death Row ( knee
shaking stuff ),

• I am given yummy
food, warm blankets &
have lots of friends.

• Since coming to DR I
have been retrained & I
am very obedient (I
can also shake hands).

• I have a great sponsor
who even comes and
takes me for walks!!!

But I need a forever
Mum—where are you?
Your boy’s waiting….

HOW HAPPY ARE WE? Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Pebbles!” Sigrid Lublow

Happy Gotcha Day Lulu. I adopted you Shih Tzu x
1 year ago 4/7 and it was one of the best Chihuahua 6yrs
things I have ever done. You are a loving, 5.1kgs Male
happy, funny doggie & I love you so much.
Thank you Doggie Rescue for bringing Lulu Sponsor:“In
into my life. Judith Ann Rowles loving memory of
Tyson who was
special to us all!”



A recent senior rescue
Dwayne has a lot of hair
loss around eyes, legs and
tail. He is on antibiotics
and medicated washes.
He ears are infected too.

Staffy x Labrador 12yrs
Male Sponsor:“In loving
memory of Tia & Ian!”
Kathryn, Paul & Muffin


Dear Monika,

We moved to California quite some time ago
now and I wanted to give you an update on
our adopted DR doggie, sweet Limpy. We
also call her Wobbles, Squidgy, Scampy and
Monkey. She knows all those names and
answers to all of them.

She is my soul mate. I have made her my

service dog and she goes everywhere with

me. I love her more than anything. She is the

light of my life. Scares me to ever think of her

without me. We are very attached, I think that

I was meant to work at Doggie Rescue to

VOTED THE CUTEST PRETTIEST GIRL ON FACEBOOK:) meet her. I have never had a bond like this
Tara Mastiff x Wolfhound 2yrs Female Sponsor: “ Sending
you love, you sweet girl!” from Jane and her fur kids with a dog before. Nicky Wicks

Dear Friends,
I just signed the Get Up! campaign: BAN LIVE EXPORT It would mean the
world to me if you could also add your name to this important issue. Every
name that is added builds momentum around the campaign and makes it more
likely for us to get the change we want to see. Paul Archer Death Row Pets


• • • Where Are They Now adoption updates

SYKES (was Reuben) has 2.
settled in really well and loves
his new home.

Sykes has made a friend of our next door
neighbour's Beagle, and they have play
dates in our backyard. He is very affectionate
with us, loves his walks and has settled in
well. He still has issues and shows some
snappy behaviour with strangers and other
dogs, but we a re slowly socialising him (we
often sit on our front porch with him to get
him used to passers by) All in all he is a very
happy dog. Michael and Melina

1. A big hello from WHISKY, snuggling up
Sykes with Dad Michael on the cushions that he loves….

N 3.







Angelina is in the Netherlands (in Europe) -
She is a Euro-doggy now!

Hi Monika,

Hope you remember us. (Yushi, Tim and Angelina). Just wanted
to let you know we’ve moved to a tiny village called Stevensweert
in the southern part of the Netherlands (yes!, it's the other side of
the planet from Australia). Angelina is doing well in her new home,
though paper works to bring her here were far more complicated
than her original move to Tasmania from Doggiewood in 2010.
We're sure that she is the most travelled dog from the
Doggiewood pack. Regards Yushi & Tim & Angelina


• Autumn : Sponsor: “I have my fingers crossed you find a loving forever family soon!” Patsy Wills
• Yogi : Sponsor:“In memory of Banjo & Clancy!” Mummy & Daddy, Molly, Mabel & Henry
• Angie : Sponsor: “ In loving memory of all my special woofs!” Susan Carovigno
• Harvey : Sponsor: “ Fingers crossed you find a home this month!” With lots of love from Hughie Wray

VOLUNTEER With your help we will
continue to find homes
Get involved....9486-3133 for more than 1000 doggies every year.



123 4

5 CLICK 6 78


9 10 11 12


1. Cole Border Terrier x 4yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “He just needs time, patience & a lot of love!”Janice Martin
2. Marbles Foxy x Chihuahua 5yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Ricky!” Malki & Chandra
3. Pip Squeak Maltese x 8yrs 3.6kgs Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Sammy!” Fred & Teena Wratten
4. Dodger Mini Foxy x 5yrs 6.1kgs Male Sponsor: “ All Dodger really needs is somebody to love and trust!” Beth
5. Milo Foxy x 18mths 4.7kgs Male Sponsor: “ Good luck little mate!” Will Gorman
6. Courtney Kelpie x Italian Greyhound 1yr Female Sponsor: With lots of love from Breanna
7. Celene Maltese x Foxy 10yrs 4kgs Female Sponsor:“Blind dogs make great pets given a chance!” Sylvia Raye
8. Joey Kelpie x Foxy 5yrs 8.2kgs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Lily Biesler!” Greg & Amy
9. Daisy English Staffy x 6yrs 14kgs Female Sponsor:“ I am wishing you good luck!” Darren Needham-Walker
10. Wiggles Maltese x 4-5yrs 5kgs Male Sponsor: “Ex DR doggie Woody’s way of saying thanks!” from Tracy Fay
11. Squirtle Jack Russell x 3yrs 6kgs Male Sponsor: “ We hope you find a forever family soon!” Rachel & Andrew
12. Husk Pomeranian x 12yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of our beautiful Fantasia!” Emma Curtin


Featured dog: BOWSER Red Cattle Dog 5yrs Male • • • Lifesaver fundraiser



Sponsor: With thanks to Doggie Express your love and commitment
Rescue’s hardworking laundry volunteers. to the doggies who no one else cares
about! With your regular monthly
contribution our life-saving work will

In 2013-2014 year 27,438 dogs & cats
were destroyed in pounds & at the
RSPCA in NSW alone. Doggie Rescue
is dedicated to saving these precious
lives. Operating as a charity for 15
years we have rescued over 11,600
dogs from council pounds.

DoggieRescue is dedicated to saving
precious lives. These dogs receive
immediate medical care, are de-sexed,
vaccinated and micro-chipped and await a
loving family at our shelter, “Doggie
Wood” at Ingleside. We are a “no-kill”
shelter. Our commitment to these dogs is
for the rest of their lives. Our running
costs are considerable and increasing.
We receive no government funding and
rely exclusively on donations. In this
economic climate our need for support
has never been greater….

• Your contribution of $29 per month pays for food & shelter costs for
1 doggie

• Your contribution of $49 per month pays for food, shelter &
veterinary costs for 1 doggie

• Your contribution of $79 per month pays for food, shelter and
veterinary costs and contributes to the expansion of our program –
there are thousands more lives to be saved!

For more information please visit our website!



1&2 34

5 67 8

9 10 11 12


1. & 2. Henry Beagle 5yrs Male & Zoey Beagle 5yrs Female (bonded pair). Sponsor: “ In loving memory of
our dear little Elle!” from Bill & Joan Collins

3. Ralph Maltese x 10yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Scruffy!” Barbara Morrison
4. Ziggy Foxy x 8-10yrs Male Sponsor:“ In loving memory of my wonder dog Curtis!” Lee McKerracher
5. Bernie Pomeranian x 12yrs Male Sponsor: “ Wishing you very good luck in the future!” P. Tew
6. Carter Kelpie x 2-3yrs Male Possible fungal infection. Sponsor:“It’s in the giving that we receive!” Royce Milmlow
7. Sophie Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 1yr Female Sponsor: “ Sending love from Joey & Rosie!” Pat Broderick
8. Middi Great Dane x 6-7mths Male Sponsor: “In loving memory of Ralph, Floyd & Steffie!” Verena
9. Cindy Poodle 14yrs Female Sponsor:“ In loving memory of Poppy & Evie & for Sam!” Brenda Harris
10. & 11. Nemo Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 9yrs Male & Dory Mini Foxy x Chihuahua 9yrs Female (bonded pair)

Sponsors: “In loving memory of Macy girl!” Susan Dorahy & Sponsor: With love & hugs from Shona & Narice
12. Cedric Staffy x Labrador 10yrs Male Sponsor: “ In loving memory of Zippy!” Noni & Warwick Farley



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Featured doggie is: HUGO MALTESE X POODLE 8YRS 8.4KGS MALE
Sponsor: “ I hope that you find a home very soon!” Tyrell Allen

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