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Goatboy Goes to School

Goatboy Goes to School

Goatboy Goes to School

By: Judy Dains

Goatboy was getting ready for his
first day of school. He was scared
because he knew he was different
than the other kids at the school.
Goatboy looked different than the
other kids so he was scared. He had
the head and face of a goat but the
body of a boy. Because he was
different, he sometimes had a hard
time making friends.

Goatboy woke up and took his
shower for school. He wanted
to be clean and fresh for his first
day of school. He ate breakfast
with his mom and dad. He ate
oatmeal with sugar, milk and
crispy bacon in it. It made his
tummy feel all warm and cozy.
He was ready for school.

Goatboy went to put his
clothes on for school. He
wanted to wear his brand
new tennis shoes, his new
t-shirt and his new shorts he
and his mommy had gotten
last week. Mommy had
laid them out for his first
day of school. He was so
excited to get to wear

Goatboy and his
mommy went out to
the car. His mommy
was going to take him
to school for the first
day. After the first
day, he would get to
ride the big yellow
school bus.

When Goatboy got to
school, he met his new
teacher, Mrs. Rhino. He
was so excited to meet her
because she was different
like he was. Her head
looked like a rhinoceros
but her body looked

Goatboy was excited
to see all the boys
and girls in his
classroom. He was
also kind of scared
because he didn’t
know anyone and he
remembered he
looked different.

Goatboy was excited
to get to play on the
school’s playground
with his new friends.
The sun was shining
and it made him feel
happy to be able to
run and play.

Recess was fun but
Goatboy was
ready to come
back inside. He
wanted to learn so
much in school.
He was excited to
learn to read

In the afternoon, it rained so
Goatboy and his new friends
couldn’t play outside. He
played legos and blocks
with his new friends inside.
He was so happy because
he had new friends to laugh
and play with.

Goatboy was
excited when his
mommy came to
pick him up. He
told her the other
boys and girls didn’t
treat him any
different. They
played with him and
learned new things
with him. He was
ready to come back

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