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Billy struggles with a tragic breakup and a broken down car he makes his boss mad and you will have to read the rest.

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Published by Caitlynn Hedman, 2019-05-08 09:29:40

The Horribly Good Day

Billy struggles with a tragic breakup and a broken down car he makes his boss mad and you will have to read the rest.

T​ he Horribly 
Good Day 

Written by: Caitlynn

¨Rum Pum Rum Pum Ruuuuuuuum B​ ANG.¨​ Billys car
broke down in the middle of the road in a desert, and it
was smoking like a train. Although his car broke down, it
wasn't as bad as last night. Last night was horrible was
worse than today. Last night his girlfriend got mad and
broke up with him.

The worst part was that it was really hot. It was 120
degrees fahrenheit and there was a tornado warning in
effect. The one thing Billy was really terrified of was
tornados. They said it was going to be a horrible tornado
and would most likely destroy many things including his

Minutes later, the tornado was really close, so close
Billy could see it.

Today was a horrible day to have his car break down.
He had a huge presentation on designer ties today and of
course the tornado. If he missed work today, he would
probably get fired. So he started running as fast as he
could for his job and his life.

He ran for five miles before he got to work. The
meeting was already over. He tried to explain, but his boss
wouldn't listen. All he did was fire him on the spot and got
security to take him out of the building. They tore off his
nametag and threw him out of the building. He landed on a
pile of glass bottles. He broke all of them and didn't suffer
any cuts or bruises luckily.

He left to look for a new job and he had a lot of
trouble finding one. He looked for hours, but nobody
wanted to hire him. So he went to find a hotel and stayed
there for the night. The next day, he was determined to
find a job more determined than a mouse to get off a
sticky trap.

Then he found a fashion designing company that was
looking for different styles to produce, and he went in and
said he would take the job if he got to help design some
clothing. They agreed, and he got to work right away on a
hat. The hat was a hit, and they sold out on the first day.
He continued to design hats and made a fortune.

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