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BRIEFING 5 Draconis Combine 66
SITUATION BRIEFING 6 Benjamin Military District 66
CONDUCTING RAIDS 7 Pesht Military District 68
7 72
Standard Approach 7 Free Rasalhague Republic 73
Planetfall 8 78
Clan Military Art 11 Tamarind March 84
ARMED FORCES OF THE 13 Skye March 89
13 Sarna March 92
Federated Suns State Command 14 Crucis March 102
15 Draconis March 103
Draconis March 17 DRACONIS COMBINE 106
Capellan March 17 Dieron Military District 108
Crucis March 18 Benjamin Military District 109
Lyran Commonwealth State Command 19 Pesht Military District 110
Sarna March 20 Galedon Military District 110
Skye March 21 THE CLANS 112
Tamarind March 22 Ghost Bear 113
Periphery March 25 Jade Falcon
Donegal March 25 Smoke Jaguar/Nova Cat 114
Tamar March 26 Steel Viper 115
Dieron Military District 28 FREE WORLDS LEAGUE 117
Galedon Military District 29 CAPELLAN CONFEDERATION 140
Benjamin Military District 30 147
Pesht Military District 31 ST . IVES COMPACT 151
Steel Viper 33 153
Jade Falcon 34 Magistracy of Canopus 156
Wolf 35 Outworlds Alliance 163
Ghost Bear 37 Taurian Concordat 174
Nova Cat 43
Alliance Military Corps 52
Magistracy Armed Forces 53
Taurian Defense Forces 53
Independents 58
Federated Commonwealth
Jade Falcon/Steel Viper Occupation Zone
Wolf Occupation Zone
Ghost Bear Occupation Zone
Smoke Jaguar/Nova Cat Occupation Zone

The halt to the invasion forced upon the Clans by ComStar's victory on
Tukayyid means that the major military action in the Inner Sphere will once
again be border skirmishes and raids . This report provides all the information
currently available on post-Clan-invasion Inner Sphere, Periphery, and Clan
troop movements and unit deployment . In addition, the updates provided on the
status of major military-goods manufacturing sites should help us predict where
these military actions will most likely occur during the next fifteen years .

The four major sections in this report will help ComStar administrators and
the Com Guards defend against raiding actions of the Clans and Inner Sphere
militaries . Conducting Raids describes the tactics most commonly used by raiding
parties and a brief description of the Clan's military structure and philosophy .
Frontline Forces provides current unit listings for all forces stationed near the
Clan-Inner Sphere and Inner Sphere-Inner Sphere borders . (These listings do
not include the complete Federated Commonwealth and Draconis Combine
militaries, only those units stationed on borders or strategically important
worlds likely to be the target of raiding .)

Border Worlds comprises an alphabetical listing of the planets on each
border, the units that defend that world, units within jump radius of the world,
and any industry found on that world . The industry listings include all
components manufactured by that company or plant . Border Worlds is followed
by Typical Industrial Set-Ups, which provides the layouts for two common
factory types . The report's final section is an easy reference to where military
components are manufactured in the Inner Sphere .

In the war-torn history of the Inner Sphere, no event has carry actions, but Fuchida's Fusiliers ended up razing the Precision
prompted the kind of wide-spread confusion, wholesale destruc- Weaponry plant on Tancredi IV .)
tion, and rapid shifting of loyalties that followed in the wake of the
Clan invasion . Even with the advantage of access to nearly all Inner Outfitting themselves with their captured Star League tech,
Sphere communications, ComStar itself was hard-pressed to keep these renegade units are either turning pirate or signing with
up with the swift fall of worlds and military units . The Treaty of Periphery lords . The Capellan Confederation has also netted itself
Tukayyid slowed the changes, but ongoing raiding by both the a fair number of merc units by promising to stay out of the Clan-
Clans and the Successor States keeps the political and military Inner Sphere war .
situation in flux .
Most raiding units are small companies and lances, but many
Raiding has always been a fact of life in the Inner Sphere . Even larger merc outfits are allowing their contracts with the Federated
with the recovery of lostech, modern Inner Sphere conflict relies on Commonwealth to expire . Already six regiments have deserted the
manufacturing . If a military power takes away its opponent's Federated Commonwealth, and an equal number have allowed
factories, that opponent becomes incapable of rebuilding the their contracts to expire .
losses of war . Militaries deprived of their own refit and supply Deserting Units (present employer)
facilities naturally try to acquire equipment elsewhere, though the
goal of a raid may also be to destroy others' supplies . Thus far, the Gregg's Long Striders (Capellan Confederation)
Clans have shown little interest in Inner Sphere military industries, The Green Machine (Capellan Confederation)
but those factory complexes of such apparent insignificance to the Vandelay's Valkyries (Taurian Concordat)
Clans are vital to the militaries of the Successor States . Any Hermann's Hermits (Free Worlds League)
weapons manufacturing plant within reach of the Clans is poten- Fuchida's Fusiliers (Piracy)
tially the site of a major battle . Vinson's Vigilantes (Piracy)
Units Lost to Contract Expiration (present employer)
Because the Federated Commonwealth and Draconis Com- Clifton's Rangers (Capellan Confederation)
bine have massed their military strength on the Clan fronts, other The Lone Star Regiment (Taurian Concordat)
nations of the Inner Sphere are tempted to strike at suddenly The Screaming Eagles (Magistracy of Canopus)
weakened borders . Activity within the bandit kingdoms of the Simonson's Cutthroats (Independent)
Periphery has also greatly increased . Most alarming of all, many The Hsien Hotheads (Unknown)
formerly loyal mercenary units have turned to piracy, a direct When the Clan invasion resumes, the war will be fought by
response to the events of the Clan invasion . Mercs forced to fight more evenly-matched 'Mechs . inner Sphere weapons manufactur-
against forces armed with tremendously superior weaponry chose ers are steadily producing improved components . and the current
to flee, rather than honor their contracts and accept the near- disparity between Clan and Inner Sphere 'Mechs will soon be
suicidal missions assigned them . negligible . The Inner Sphere could have the advantage in the
coming conflict, however, by improving its armored forces . The
The Federated Commonwealth has suffered most from these Clans fight with BattleMechs and infantry exclusively ; if the Inner
defections, because Hanse Davion sent his mercenaries to slow Sphere upgrades its armor so that four vehicles are a match for one
the Clans and give the Davion and Steiner House units a chance OmniMech, it could win by sheer numerical superiority .
to mobilize . While the merc units may in fact have been more ComStar personnel should use every means at their disposal
prepared for ready-response actions than the regular forces, many to persuade the decision-makers of the Successor States to begin
mercenaries felt their troops were sacrificed in order to spare modernizing their armor units, stressing . however, that this mod-
Commonwealth line units . ernization need not and should not be made at the expense of
'Mech production .
The militaries of the Inner Sphere also fueled the mercenaries' The chaos of the invasion has made it impossible for our
fears and resentments by outfitting line units with all available personnel to verify all incoming reports . Periodic updates will be
advanced technology while failing to supply such equipment to the provided as additional information is accumulated and confirmed .
mercs . Now the Successor States are paying the price for this
policy . -Precentor Jeffrey Layton
ComStar Archives, Terra
Factory garrisons were weakened as units shifted to the Clan 10 January 3054
frontlines, and desperate mercenaries now raid with abandon,
eager to take for themselves the equipment denied to them by their
former employers . (Most of these raids have been small grab-and-

ComStar's creed of neutrality in the constant Inner Sphere PIRATE POINTS
conflicts has allowed us little practical experience in combat
strategy, but our performance on Tukayyid proves our skill, lack of A talented and audacious JumpShip navigator or DropShip
practical experience notwithstanding . Military savvy has very little pilot car greatly decrease this transit time to make a quick strike by
to do, however, with the type of raiding common to pirates, and estimating jump points, commonly referred to as pirate points, for
recently taken up by Inner Sphere mercenaries . Raiders use uncolonized systems . Such jumps are almost impossible to detect
unconventional and even unusual tactics to accomplish a goal, by electronic surveillance . Relying on estimates rather than estab-
tactics with which ComStar forces must familiarize themselves, in lished jump points . however . puts the crew and vessel at risk of
order to launch raids of their own or defend against raids conducted making a misjump . If the navigator plots a point too far from the
by others . system's sun, the gravitational attraction will not be strong enough
to pull the ship free of jump space . A jump made too close to the
STANDARD APPROACH system's sun risks damage from too much gravity . damage that
could strand a ship far from any possible aid .
The standard attack approach used by all militaries is a simple
offensive tactic . A JumpShip passes from one colonized system to Navigators may also choose to arrive at a jump point otheran
another, arriving at the system's zenith or nadir point . From that the zenith or nadir points . Any point as far from the target sun as the
point . DropShips burn in-system at 1G acceleration . If the carrier zenith and nadir point negates the problems of the sun's gravity .
However, the zenith and nadir points are perpendicular to the "disc"
is a Leopard, Union, or Overlord, the' Mechs are dropped from orbit in which the system's planets orbit . Jumping in at any other point will
place the JumpShip closer to the system's planets, decreasing
when the DropShip reaches the system's inhabited planet . It the DropShip burn time, but increasing the chance of damage to the
DropShip cannot disembark 'Mechs in orbit, ground units must load jump drive from the gravity disruptions of the planets .
out after the carrier makes planetfall .
Navigators have even been known to jump to within a planet's
This is the safest system of deployment . Generally, owners orbit, This tactic ensures that there will be no debris at the target site,
consider their 'Mechs, DropShips, and JumpShips too valuable to but the danger of arriving within the area of effect of the system's
risk in a less orthodox approach . solar and planetary gravity wells more than offsets the benefits .

DropShip pilots have other tricks of the trade . The most CLAN MILITARY ART
effective of these is to simply accelerate toward the planet at
greater than 1 G . This tactic uses fuel at a dangerously high rate, but Clan combat strategies are much different than the combat
in-system transit time is reduced . strategies used by the Inner Sphere . One obvious difference is the
superiority of Clan weaponry . Advances in Inner Sphere technol-
Standard military reaction time allows off world reinforcements ogy have lessened the disparity between Clan and Inner Sphere
four to six weeks to reach the scene of a conflict . This figure weaponry in effective ranges and other offensive capabilities, but
assumes the use of standard jump procedures, but by using the we are still greatly outclassed in other areas .
nonstandard pirate tactics, this time can often be cropped to less
than a week . While our techs scrounge for custom-fit parts, the Clans simply
jack any of a number of modular systems into their OmniMechs .
PLANETFALL Because their repair time is a fraction of our own, the Clans recover
from combat much more quickly than do the armies of the Succes-
If a raiding unit chooses to use the standard approach and sor States .
arrive in-system at the zenith or nadir point . the team may be able
to successfully masquerade as a harmless merchant ship . This is Clan sensor and ECM equipment is also much more advanced
especially easy if the target is far from any hostile border, but the than similar Inner Sphere equipment, and so the Clans have the
tactic depends on arriving at an unmanned recharging station . advantage of surprise in most encounters .
Craft can only be identified otherwise by communications codes,
making deception easy . As much as the technology of the Clans has influenced their
tactics, however . their philosophy has played an even greater role .
One of the biggest risks a raiding team faces comes at It is apparent that the Clans believe themselves superior in all
planetfall . Once the raiders' DropShips are grounded, the huge ways, especially morally, to the people of the Inner Sphere . They
drive systems must be shut down so that vehicles and personnel made a deliberate break with all the traditions of the Successor
can disembark, and to minimize the vessel's heat signature, States . including the inner Sphere military organization .
making it difficult for the enemy to pinpoint the landing site . The
problem, of course, is that the engines cannot be rekindled for Clan military is based on groupings of five, representing one
several hours following shutdown . The timing of the raid between of their most honored symbols, the five-pointed star . An individual
planetfall and liftoff needs to be planned carefully . 'Mech or five infantry Elementals is referred to as a "Point ." Five
Points make up a Star, the equivalent of an Inner Sphere Lance .
Most raids are conducted using lance- and company-sized Often, a Star of 'Mechs and a Star of Elementals are combined into
units . Using this small of a force seems foolhardy, given the size of one unit referred to as a "Nova ."
many planetary garrisons . But the objective of a raid is entirely
different from that of an assault . Raiding parties depend on stealth Two Stars grouped together are a Binary, and three Stars
and surprise to overcome what little resistance they expect . The make up a Trinary . Binaries and Trinaries containing Novas are
defenders are often slow to react to the first sign of attack . because called "Supernovas ." The next largest troop organization size is a
the Succession Wars taught defending commanders to commit "Cluster ." Clusters usually contain three to five of the preceding
their forces cautiously . All too often, a garrison commander orders subunits in any combination . Clusters can also be made larger than
her troops out to engage an enemy rampaging across her planet, this by attaching "independent" Stars to the base group.
only to have the property she was charged to protect attacked by
a second, undetected enemy force . Three to five Clusters make up a "Galaxy," the largest military

On the average, it will be twelve hours before a large-scale formation used by the Clans . Galaxies vary greatly in size, depend-
counterstrike will be made against a raiding unit . This is hardly
enough time for an army to establish a landing zone, but a small ing on how much of their strength is made up of Binaries and
force can conduct successful raids against various lesser objec-
tives (water purification plants are favorite targets for such attacks) Trinaries .
and make their way off planet in the same amount of time .
The Clans' code of honor is another major influence on their
The defenders will certainly unleash a small force, perhaps a style of combat . Several conflicts in the invasion were fought
lance or c ompany . to gather intelligence and slow the attackers . but according to an elaborate system of rules defining proper conduct
this is an enemy with which most raiding teams can deal . during battle . The most significant rule requires the Clans to "bid
away" their forces in order to launch assaults using the smallest
force necessary to achieve a goal, minimizing death and destruc-
tion .

The same elaborate system of rules, and Clan honor, forbids
more than one opponent to attack a single enemy, resulting in
massive, battlefield-sized duels . The armies of the Inner Sphere
seized on this tactic immediately and exploited it extensively during
the Clan invasion .

Inner Sphere forces have also been able to take advantage of
the huge discrepancy in equipment quality between Clan frontline
and provisional garrison units . Only frontline units use OmniMechs ;
garrison forces are manned by the same types of 'Mechs used in
the Successor States, though even these Clan 'Mechs carry more
advanced components .

Now that the Clans have settled into more permanent garri- So many units have been debilitated in action against the
sons, we at ComStar are able to more accurately tally their Clans that it is necessary to distinguish between regiments no
strength-and it is considerable . We estimate that the Clan armies longer possessing three battalions and those in which the battal-
possess one of their OmniMechs for every four BattleMechs held ions have been stationed separately . The number of battalions
by the Successor States . remaining in weakened regiments is listed following their designa-
tion . For example : t 2th Deneb Light Cavalry (1 Battalion) .
This section provides all known unit dispositions of Inner
Sphere and Clan forces . The military organizations are presented Regiments which have been split up will list which battalion is
in descending order of strength . This information is not complete : at the location in question following the unit's designation . For
some units we were simply unable to locate . Also, because of the example : 1st St . Ives Lancers (1st Battalion) .
size of the Federated Commonwealth military, we limited its listing
to those units stationed on borders shared with the Clans and other Because existing conventional armor is not a factor against
Houses . the Clans, we have limited these deployment tables to 'Mech units .

(Deployment as of 3054) Kentares PDZ (Kentares Command)

The Federated Commonwealth was hardest hit by the Clan Commander: Hauptmann General Anton Jacowitz
invasion . House Steiner took staggering losses, prompting wide Second-in-Command: Leftenant General Kingsley Phillips
spread transfer of Davion forces into Lyran space . The Davion units 'Mech Strength: 2 Regiments
fared better, but they entered the conflict late . When the forward
movement of the invasion was slopped, most of the Davion troops Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
stationed on Steiner worlds remained as garrison forces, ostensibly Reliable Kentares IV
for those planet's protection, but resulting nonetheless in resent Level Fanatical Schedar
ment and growing friction between the peoples of the two nations
Clovis DMM Green Homeworld
Commanders : Prince Victor Ian Steiner-Davion and Archon Melissa Raman
Steiner-Davion (CO : Leftenant General Brian Bruning)
Aide : Marshal of the Armies Morgan Hasek-Davion 1st NAIS Cadet Cadre Green Le Blanc
'Mech Strength : 187 Regiments, 1 Battalion Robinson
(CO : Leftenant General Jonathan Sanchez)
Raman PDZ (Raman Command) Dahar IV
Commander : Marshal Melford Dennis Sakhara V

Second-i n-Command : Hauptmann General Laura Hamilton
'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty

Raman DMM Green

(CO: Leftenant General Renee Mazner)

Commander : Field Marshal Jackson Davion Le Blanc PDZ (Le Blanc Command)
Aide : Field Marshal Roman Steiner Commander Marshal Mason Vanderkellos
'Mech Strength : 56 Regiments Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Vivian Colgate

DRACONIS MARCH 'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment . 1 Battalion

Unit Name Experience Loyalty
Level Reliable

Robinson DMM Green

(CO', Leftenant General Jennifer Durret)

Robinson Academy Training Battalion Green

Commander : Field Marshal James Sandoval (CO : Kommandant Samuel O'Day)
Aide : Marshal Aileen Lugo
'Mech Strength : 13 Regiments Dahar PDZ (Dahar Command)
Commander : Marshal Clair Hamilton
(ROBINSON OPERATIONS AREA) Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Salvatore Herrmann
'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment . 1 Battalion

Unit Name Experience Loyalty
Level Reliable

Theater Commander : Field Marshal Vanessa Bisla Dahar DMM Regular
Aide : Hauptmann General Nicholas Stephenson
'Mech Strength : 7 Regiments, 2 Battalions (CO : Leftenant General Brian DeWaters)

Sakhara Academy Training Battalion Green

(CO : Kommandant Elkin Odds)

Addicks PDZ (Addicks Command)
Commander : Marshal Andrew Terlecki
Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Douglas Garett
'Mech Strength : 2 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Addicks
Reliable Northwind
Addicks DMM Regular Reliable Northwind
Reliable Ozawa
(CO : Leftenant General Nancy Bannson)
2nd Kearny Highlanders

1st Battalion Regular

(CO : Colonel James D- Cochraine)

2nd Battalion Regular

(CO : Colonel James D . Cochraine)

3rd Battalion Regular

(CO : Colonel James D . Cochraine)


Commander: Marshal George Simenon Commander : Field Marshal Leah Thomas
Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General George Powell Aide : Marshal Linda Archer
'Mech Strength : 5 Regiments . 1 Battalion 'Mech Strength : 26 Regiments, 2 Battalions

Commander: Hauptmann General Mary Tallman (KATHIL OPERATIONS AREA)

Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Brian Gruber
Mech Strength : 1 Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Commander : Marshal Suzanne Zeliner
Reliable Bremond Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Christopher Tice
Level Mech Strength : 6 Regiments, 2 Battalions
Bremond DMM Regular Bryceland
Tancredi IV
(CO : Leftenant General Syraman Simpreeni) Valexa PDZ (Valexa Command)
Homeworld Commander Marshal Vivian Chou
Bryceland PDZ (Bryceland Command) Mayetta Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Quentin Drathers
Commander : Hauptmann General Petra Nichols
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Edward Vishlo Homeworld 'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment . 1 Battalion
Mech Strength : 1 Regiment, 1 Battalion Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Homeworld Reliable Valexa
Kilbourne Level Reliable Axton

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Valexa CMM Regular Homeworld
Reliable Kathil
Level Reliable (CO : Leftenant General Sarah Delittle)
Bryceland DMM Regular 1st Bell Training Battalion Green Alcyone
(CO : Leftenant General Or! Begurnson) (CO : Kommandant Paula Quarnry) Monhegan
1st Conroe Training Battalion Green Kittery

(CO : Kommandant Leona Peterson) Kathil PDZ (Monongahela Command)

Commander: Hauptmann General Piper Burullo

Mayetta PDZ (Mayetta Command) Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Lana Knothe
Commander, Hauptmann General Vonda DeGreer
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Mary Ann Heinrich 'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment Experience Loyalty
Mech Strength : 1 Regiment Unit Name


2nd NAIS Cadet Cadre Green Fanatical

Unit Name Experience Loyalty (CO : Leftenant General Helen Sanderson)


Mayetta DMM Green Reliable Alcyone PDZ (Alcyone Command)
Commander: Hauptmann General Kinsely Crossburns
(CO : Leftenant General Kirk The Trekkie" Yalos) Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Ashton Cumberland
'Mech Strength : 4 Regiments . 1 Battalion
Milligan PDZ (Milligan Command)
Commander : Hauptmann General Uston Vewas Unit Name Experience Loyalty
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Lynn Merrow Reliable
'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment Level Reliable
Alcyone CMM Regular Reliable
Unit Name Experience Loyalty (CO : Leftenant General Dan Kendall)
Level 5th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT Green

Milligan DMM Green (GO : Hauptmann General Nathaniel Hasek(

(CO: Leftenant General Juan Nishioka) 8th Donegal Guards RCT Veteran

(CO : Hauptmann General Galen Meinecke)

Kilbourne PDZ (Kilbourne Command) 1st Kittery Borderers Regular

Commander : Marshal Lisa Talrude (CO : Colonel Leslie Casey)
Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Frannie Assure
'Mech Strength: 1 Regiment 1st Kittery Training Battalion Green

(CO : Kommandant Raul Bethune)

Unit Name Experience Loyalty EDGEWARD COMBAT THEATER

Kilbourne DMM Green

(CO: Leftenant General Mariva Kelly) Commander : Marshal Jennifer Lawson
Second-in-Command: Hauptmann General Clifford Scot
Mech Strength : 20 Regiments

New Syrtis PDZ (New Syrtis Command)

Commander : Hauptmann General Angelo Ciampa
Second-in-Command: Leftenant General Peter Zaro
'Mech Strength_ 1 Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld CRUCIS MARCH

New Syrtis CMM Level Questionable New Syrtis

(C0 : Leftenant General Tia Caruthers) Commander : Field Marshal Ardan Sortek
Aide : Marshal Simon Gallagher
Sirdar PDZ (Sirdar Command) 'Mech Strength : 16 Regiments, 1 Battalion
Commander: Marshal Hugh Teitjan
Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Adam Korsant COREWARD COMBAT THEATER (MARKESAN OPERATIONS AREA)

'Mech Strength, 12 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Commander : Marshal Aileen Young
Reliable Sirdar Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Ruby Ellis
Sirdar CMM Level Reliable Velhas 'Mech Strength, 8 RegimentS, 1 Battalion
Regular Reliable Manapire
Reliable lmmenstadt Archemar Combat Region (Marlette Command)
(CO : Leftenant General Russel Ito) Reliable Glentworth Commander : Marshal Peter Chesterton
Reliable Mendham Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Mary Lyman
4th Donegal Guards RCT Veteran Reliable Frazer 'Mech Strength: 2 Regiments . 1 Battalion
(CO : Marshal Lyle Cerny) Regular Reliable Verio
Questionable Bromhead
3rd Ceti Hussars RCT Fanatical Ziliang
Questionable Horsham
(CO : Hauptmann General Kellie Lee-Merrow) Reliable Uravan

4th illician Lancers (9th Rangers) Green

(CO : Colonel Kenneth Koppell) Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Marlette
3rd Illician Lancers (4th Rangers) Regular Level Reliable Layover
Reliable Johnsondale
(C0 : Colonel Alicia Ramaley) Marlette CMM Regular
2nd Illician Lancers (21st Rangers) Homeworld
Regular (CO : Leftenant General Dennis Waxon) Kestrel

(CO : Colonel Roy Barnard) 1st Aragon Borderers Veteran

Davion Assault Guards RCT Veteran (CO : Leftenant General Barrie Salsburg)
Goshen War College Training Battalion Green
(00 : Marshal Stephan Cooper)
(CO : Kommandant Archibald Enoch)
15th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT Regular

(CO : Hauptmann General Michael Lipstein)

Hansen's Roughriders Veteran Kestral Combat Region (Kestrel Command)
Commander : Hauptmann General Phillip Abrams
(CO : Colonel Wolfgang Hansen) Second in-Command : Leftenant General Christopher Espinosa
Mech Strength: 1 Regiment
1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry Elite

(CO : Hauptmann General Rudolph Chapman)

1st Capellan Dragoons Regular

(CO : Leftenant General Ulso Dripe) Unit Name Experience Loyalty
2nd Ceti Hussars RCT Veteran Level

(CC : Hauptmann General Oscar Carlson) Kestrel CMM Regular

(CO : Leftenant General Vivian Petty)

Altair PDZ (Ridgebrook Command) New Avalon Combat Region (New Avalon Command)
Commander: Marshal Gil Carlson Commander : Marshal Sharon Zardetto
Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Salvatore Watsellburg Second-in-Command Hauptmann General Gilliam Davis
'Mech Strength : 4 Regiments
'Mech Strength : 4 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Ridgebrook
Ridgebrook CMM Level Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Green Reliable Lindsay New Avalon CMM Level Reliable New Avalon
Reliable Midale Regular Fanatical New Avalon
(CO : Leftenant General Seth Miller) Reliable Brockway

Lexington Combat Group (CO : Leftenant General Russel Payne)
32nd Recon
Veteran 1st Davion Guards RCT Elite

(CO : Major General Malcolm Feinman) (CO : Marshal Bishop Sortek)

Marie's Golden Hammers Regular Davion Heavy Guards RCT Elite Fanatical New Avalon

(CO : Colonel Marie Stevens) (CO : Marshal Ann Adelmana)
Frederic's Gazelles
Regular Team Banzai Elite Fanatical New Avalon

(CO : Colonel Frederic Zaffson) (CO : Doctor Anna Banzai)

1st Davion Guards RCT Elite Fanatical New Avalon
19th Arcturan Guards
Warren PDZ (Warren Command)
Commander: Hauptmann General Coaler Merrick 1st Battalion Green Questionable Delavan
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Joey Zibler
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments (CO : Leftenant General Jadwiga Poole)

2nd Battalion Green Questionable Talcott

(CO : Leftenant General Jadwiga Poole)

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld 3rd Battalion Green Questionable Salem
Reliable Warren
Level Fanatical Enchi (CO : Leftenant General Jadwiga Poole)
Green Reliable Lothair
Warren CMM

(CO : Leftenant General Martin Maser)

2nd Albion Training Cadre Green

(C0 : Leftenant General Vincent Rasmussen)

8th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT Regular

(CO Hauptmann General Deborah Palu)


Commander : Marshal James Flinn Commander : Marshal Jonathan SteinerSortek
Second-in-Command_ Hauptmann General Bertram Winn Second-in-Command: Hauptmann General Helen Halbrigston
'Mech Strength : 4 Regiments Mech Strength : 4 Regiments

Nunivak Combat Region (Nunivak Command) Point Barrow Combat Region (Point Barrow Command)
Commander : Hauptmann General Brenda Mast Commander : Hauptmann General Sheridan Miley
Second-in-Command: Leftenant General Victoria Seymour Second-in-Command: Leftenant General Ross Irsud
'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment 'Mech Strength : 1 Battalion

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Nunivak Reliable Point Barrow
Level Level

Remagen CMM Regular Point Barrow Academy Training Battalion Green

(CO, Leftenant General Hans Scheller) (CO : Kommandant Severine Brint)

Islamabad Combat Region (Islamabad Command) Tsamma Combat Region (Tsamma Command)
Commander : Hauptmann General Lucille Carton Commander : Hauptmann General Jeremy Swaine
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General James Brady Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Jocasta Zibler
Mech Strength : 2 Regiments 'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Islamabad Reliable Tsamma
Level Level

Islamabad CMM Green Tsamma CMM Regular

(CO : Leftenant General Zeller Shuftan) (CO : Leftenant General Ann-Marie Cassidy)

Malagrotta Combat Region (Malagrotta Command) Anjin Muerto Combat Region (Anjin Muerto Command)
Commander : Hauptmann General David Paulson Commander Hauptmann General Suzanne Lipstein
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Rudolph Bratge Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Harold Halbrig

'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment 'Mech Strength . 1 Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Anjin Muerto
Malagrotta CMM Level Questionable Malagrotta Anjin Muerto CMM Level
Green Regular

(CO : Leftenant General Eda Shrake) (CO : Leftenant General George Kubas)

Broken Wheel Combat Region (Broken Wheel Command)
Commander : Hauptmann General Albert Carson
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Robin Maynard
'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment, 2 Battalions

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Fanatical Broken Wheel
Level Reliable Filtvet
Reliable Brockton
1st Albion Training Cadre Green

(CO : Leftenant General Derrick Gray)

Filtvet Academy Training Battalion Green

(CO : Kommandant Diana Jousma)

1st Brockton Training Battalion Green

(CO : Kommandant Leslie Stokoi)

COMMAND Commander : Hauptmann General Clement Nim-so
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Nguyen "Scott" Ky
'Mech Strength : 4 Regiments

Commander : Field Marshal Nondi Steiner Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Aide : Marshal Xerxes Davion Level Shengsi
'Mech Strength : 131 Regiments, 1 Battalion Wei SMM Regular Questionable Styk

SARNA MARCH (CO : Leftenant General Dianne Glow)

5th Crucis Lancers RCT Veteran Fanatical

(CO : Hauptmann General Olaf Richardson)

5th F-C RCT Green Reliable

(CO : Hauptmann General James White)

Commander : Field Marshal David Sandoval 3rd Donegal Guards Elite Reliable

Aide : Marshal Stephen Davion (CO : Hauptmann General Thanom Hammerskjold)

'Mech Strength : 37 Regiments, 1 Battalion TERRA FIRMA OPERATIONS AREA

PALOS OPERATIONS AREA Commander : Field Marshal Ivan Steiner
Aide : Marshal Francis Bergsma
Commander : Marshal Joseph Gott 'Mech Strength : 17 Regiments
Aide : Hauptmann General Nathan Steiner-Armstrong
'Mech Strength : 20 Regiments, 1 Battalion Achernar Command
Commander: Hauptmann General Richard Kleindienst
Corey Command Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Jay Pfeifer
Commander : Marshal Carmen Marsh 'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments

Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Randolf Valencia Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Mech Strength : 10 Regiments Achernar SMM Level
Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Questionable Achernar
Questionable Corey
Level Reliable Lesalles (CO : Leftenant General Walter Flostet)
Reliable Second Try
Corey SMM Green Reliable Wazan Tikonov Martial Academy Training Group Green Questionable Tikonov
Reliable Elnath (CO : Leftenant General Greg Murray)
(CO, Leftenant General Marcia Wilcox) Reliable Phact

4th F-C RCT Regular Reliable Campertown Laurel's Legion Regular Reliable Tigress
Reliable Tsinghai (CO : Colonel Constance Laurel)
(CO : Hauptmann General Fiona Degrew) Reliable Old Kentucky
Reliable Chamdo
8th F-C RCT Regular

(CO : Hauptmann General Mitchell Weintraub) Liao Command
Commander- Marshal Esau Esom
6th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT Elite Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Alvar Adams
'Mech Strength: 4 Regiments
(CO, Hauptmann General Richard Silver)

15th Arcturan Guards Regular

(CO : Leftenant General Suzanne Wright)

2nd Robinson Rangers Regular Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld

(CO : Leftenant General Cluely Montserrat) Level

12th Vegan Rangers Liao SMM Green Questionable Liao
Alpha Regiment
Elite (CO: Leftenant General Henry Akbar)

(CO, General Tom Stancel) 1st F-C RCT Veteran Reliable Gan Singh

Beta Regiment Veteran (CO: Marshal Vonda DeGreer)
(CO : Colonel Miller al-Nahib) Veteran
Gamma Regiment 1st Kestral Grenadiers Elite Fanatical New Canton
(CO: Marshal Agatha Stromp)

(C0 : Colonel Connie Desantis) 5th Lyran Regulars

Delta Regiment Regular 1st Battalion Regular Reliable Saiph
Reliable Tall Trees
(CO : Colonel Alex Greene) (CO: Leftenant General Jeannine Castro) Reliable Tall Trees

2nd Battalion Veteran

Kaifeng Command (CO: Leftenant General Jeannine Castro)
Commander : Marshal Florence Heilman
3rd Battalion Regular
Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General John Myers
'Mech Strength, 6 Regiments, 1 Battalion (CO: Leftenant General Jeannine Castro)

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld


Kaifeng SMM Green Questionable Kaifeng

(CO : Leftenant General Cyndi Fallon)

3rd F-C RCT Regular Reliable Sarna

(CO : Hauptmann General Gregory Sykes)

20th Avalon Hussars RCT Veteran Fanatical Truth

(CO : Hauptmann General Jack Roberts)
Sarna Martial Academy

Training Group (1 Battalion) Green Reliable Sarna
Reliable Tsingtao
(CO : Leftenant General Glen Myopps) Reliable Bora
Reliable Sarmaxa
361h Lyran Guards RCT Regular

(CO : Marshal Harold Andrews)

5th Syrts Fusiliers HOT Green

(CO: Hauptmann General Clarence Long)

Grim Determination Regular

(CO : Colonel Hardy Haarhar)

Nanking Command SKYE MARCH
Commander : Marshal Alan Cline
Commander : Field Marshal Richard Steiner 11
Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Clifford Byas Aide : Marshal David Hayes Etherege
'Mech Strength : 7 Regiments Mech Strength : 15 Regiments, 2 Battalions

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Level Hsien
Nanking SMM Green Questionable Wasat
Van Diemen IV
(CO : Leftenant General Grace Arminius) Hall RYDE THEATER (RYDE OPERATIONS AREA)
2nd F-C RCT Regular Reliable

(CO : Marshal Irene Thome) Commander : Field Marshal Rainer Poulin
Aide : Marshal Ivan Hasek
1st Republican Veteran Questionable 'Mech Strength: 4 Regiments . 1 Battalion

(CO : Leftenant General John Joseph Atherton)

2nd Republican Veteran Questionable

(GO', Leftenant General Lyman Babbitt) Accrington Command
Commander : Hauptmann General Kathleen Heany
3rd Republican Veteran Questionable Second-in-Command, Leftenant General Myron Mahrt
'Mech Strength : 2 Regiments
(CO : Leftenant General Robert Baker)

4th Republican Green Questionable

(CO : Leftenant General William "Bud" Baranov)

5th Republican Green Questionable Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Accrington
(CO : Leftenant General Abder-Rahman Barton) Level Fanatical Port Moseby

Accrington SMM Green

Epsilon Eridani Command (CO : Leftenant General Shmuel de Fermat)
Commander : Marshal Abdul Beaufort
3rd Royal Guards RCT Elite
Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Frederick Augustus Bell
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments (CO, Marshal Harrison Bradford)

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Alexandria Command
Commander: Hauptmann General Marcus Ford
Epsilon ErIdani SMM Level Questionable Epsilon Eridani Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Emilio Bosch
Green 'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment

{CO : Leftenant General Pierre Benton)

30th Lyran Guards RCT Regular Reliable New Home Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
(CO : Marshal Vincent Tanner Reliable Small World Level Reliable Alexandria

6th F-C RCT Regular Alexandria SMM Green

(CO : Hauptmann General Isabella Rahm( (CO, Leftenant General Karl Timmerman)

Commander: Marshal Carl Ethan Gaines
Commander : Marshal Kurt Ramsay
Second-in-Command- Hauptmann General Ernst Arkwright Aide : Hauptmann General Katrina Fernau
'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment . 1 Battalion 'Mech Strength : 14 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Level Reliable Lyons
Fanatical New Earth
Lyons SMM Green

(CO : Leftenant General Kingsley Gardner) FORD THEATER (SOILIHULL OPERATIONS AREA)
3rd NAIS Cadet Cadre (3rd Battalion) Green

(CO : Kommandant Merlin Staab)

WYATT THEATER (ALCOR OPERATIONS AREA) Commander : Marshal Caesar Steiner

Aide : Hauptmann General Felix Zellner
Mech Strength : 8 Regiments

Commander: Field Marshal Sarah Joss Trent Command
Aide Marshal Daniel Bishop Commander : Hauptmann General Richard Hine
Mech Strength : 12 Regiments . 1 Battalion
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Nelson Wilmarth
Denebola Command Mech Strength : 3 Regiments . 2 Battalions
Commander: Hauptmann General Edward Goldberg
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Isaac Schoendienst Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Mech Strength : 5 Regiments Furillo
Furillo TMM Level Questionable
Green Rahne
Hesperus II
Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld (CO : Leftenant General Thomas Hogarth) Hesperus IL

Denebola SMM Level Questionable Denebola 7th Donegal Guards Regular Reliable
Green (1st and 2nd Battalions)

(CO Leftenant General Josef Gould) (CO, Hauptmann General Daniel Voss-Steiner)

12th F-C RCT Green Reliable Marcus 15th Lyran Guards RCT Elite Fanatical

(CO : Hauptmann General Carl Bert Gregg) (CO, Marshal Gina Ciampa) Veteran Fanatical
3rd Davion Guards RCT
17th Arcturan Guards RCT Regular Reliable Wyatt
Reliable Callison (CO : Marshal Jim Seymour)
(C0 : Hauptmann General Allan Nacine)

11 th Lyran Guards RCT Elite Dar-es-Salaam Command
Commander : Marshal Edwin Jiminez
(CO : Marshal Sharon Byran) Second-in-Command : Hauptmann General Darwin Redding
'Mech Strength 4 Regiments . 1 Battalion
Harlock's Warriors Regular Reliable Phecda
(CO : Colonel Samantha Viele)

Gacrux Command Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Commander : Hauptmann General Amos Bronson Harrington Level Reliable Dar-es-Salaam
Second-in-Command: Leftenant General William Foxwell Hahnemann Reliable Ford
Mech Strength 5 Regiments Dar-es-Salaam TMM Green Reliable Gienah
Reliable Giausar
(CO : Leftenant General Shalom Hobble) Reliable Launam

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld 14th Lyran Guards RCT Veteran

Level (CO : Marshal Emily Stevens)

Green Questionable Gacrux 2nd Donegal Guards RCT Veteran

Gacrux SMM (CO : Hauptmann General Delmar Voss)

(CO : Leftenant General Affonso Hamsun} 4th Crucis Lancers RCT Veteran

32nd Lyran Guards RCT Green Reliable Solaris (CO : Hauptmann General Andrew Giggins)
7th Donegal Guards (3rd Battalion) Regular
{CO' Marshal Gustav Van Ruren)

10th Skye Rangers Veteran Questionable New Kyoto (CO : Kommandant Adrian McCready)

(CO : Leftenant General Tjuti Bakkish)

11th F-C RCT Green Reliable Skye Chukchi III Command
Commander : Hauptmann General Vicente Hussey
(GO : Hauptmann General Marlin Andor)
Second-in-Command : Kommandant Mateo Ipatietf
3rd NAIS 'Mech Strength : No Regiments

Cadet Cadre (1st and 2nd Battalions) Green Fanatical Oliver
(CO : Leftenant General Carlos Post) Reliable Summer

Kilbourne Academy Training Battalion Green

(CO'. Kommandant Nilson Sven)

Nekkar Command
Commander : Hauptmann General Louisa May Hawkins

Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Frances Linacre
'Mech Strength: 1 Regiment . 1 Battalion

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld


Nekkar SMM Green Questionable Nekkar

(CO : Leftenant General Isabella Held)

Cranston Snord's Irregulars (1 Battalion) Veteran Fanatical EdasiCh

(CO : Colonel Rhonda Shard)


Commander : Marshal Mitchell Henders Commander : Marshal Nils Steiner-Davis
Aide : Hauptmann General John Vlachos Aide : Hauptmann General Horatio King
Mech Strength : 6 Regiments 'Mech Strength : 16 Regiments, 1 Battalion

Commander, Hauptmann General Miguel James
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Jean Andrews

'Mech Strength : 2 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Commander: Marshal Olaf Dinesen
Reliable Dixie Aide : Hauptmann General Tatyana O'Timmons
Level Reliable Loric 'Mech Strength : 7 Regiments, 1 Battalion

Dixie TMM Green Teyvareb Command
Commander: Hauptmann General Ali Kollwitz
(CO : Leftenant General Alexander Johns) Second-in- Command Leftenant General Muhammed Aldrich
'Mech Strength : 2 Regiments, 1 Battalion
7th Lyran Regulars Green

(CO- Leftenant General Clair Hamilton)

Penobscot Command Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Commander: Hauptmann General Gary Terlecki Level Buena
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Vittorio Kane
'Mech Strength : 4 Regiments Teyvareb PMM Regular Reliable Khon Kaen
(CO : Leftenant General Ethan Kuhn) Son Hoa

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Buena War College Training Battalion Green Reliable
Level Reliable Penobscot
Reliable Timbiqui (CO : Kommandant Florence Ellinwood Landers)
Penobscot TMM Green Reliable Cavanaugh II Mobile Fire
Reliable Poulsbo
(GO : Leftenant General Hannes Kemble) 1st Battalion Regular Reliable

10th Lyran Regulars Regular (CO : Colonel Fred Laurencin)
2nd Battalion
(CO : Leftenant General Darrel Ingles) Regular Reliable

6th Donegal Guards RCT Regular (CO : Colonel Fred Laurencin)

(CO : Marshal Seamus Kinnell) 3rd Battalion Regular Reliable
(CO : Colonel Fred Laurencin)
42nd Avalon Hussars RCT Regular

(CO : Hauptmann General Roger Waters)

Florida Command
Commander: Hauptmann General Frederick Clayton

Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Lee
'Mech Strength : 2 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Florida
Level Reliable New India

Florida PMM Green

(CO : Let tenant General Henry Watkins)

8th Lyran Regulars Regular

(CO : Leftenant General William Korsant)

Atekseyevka Command
Commander : Hauptmann General John Lermontov

Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Melvin Israel Aleixandre
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Alekseyevka
Level Reliable Timbuktu
Reliable Langhorne
Alekseyvka PMM Green

(CO : Leftenant General Lydia Arentsen)

11 th Arctu ran Guards RCT Regular

(CO : Hauptmann General Maria Estaban)

6th Crucis Lancers RCT Veteran

(GO : Hauptmann General Patricia Vineman)


Commander: Marshal Isak Berrymann Commander : Marshal John Peter Zenger
Aide : Hauptmann General Bernardo Falco Aide : Hauptmann General Benjamin McLoughlin
'Mech Strength 9 Regiments 'Mech Strength : 6 Regiments

Commander : Hauptmann General Steve Loeb AREA)

Second-in-Command, Leftenant General William Schley
'Mech Strength : I Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Commander: Hauptmann General Fay NiChols
Reliable Qanatir Aide: Leftenant General Michael Sanchez
Level 'Mech Strength: 2 Regiments

Qanatir PMM Green

(CO : Leftenant General Woody Lounsbury} Herzberg Command
Commander Leftenant Generai Alba Menken
Neerabup Command Second-in-Command . Kommandant Alonso de Turenne

Commander : Hauptmann General Robert Malthus 'Mech Strength : No Regiments
Second-in-Command: Leftenant General Claude Jean Archer
'Mech Strength_ 4 Regiments Carlisle Command
Commander : Leftenant General Luis Mikoyan
Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Second-in-Command: Kommandant Carlos Altgelt
Mech Strength : 1 Regiment

Neerabup PMM Green Reliable Neerabup

(CO : Leftenant General Edward McKenzie} Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Carlisle
7th Crucis Lancers RCT Elite Fanatical Winter Level
(CO : Hauptmann General Jasper Zibler) Carlisle DMM Green Alarion

9th Lyran Regulars Green Reliable Main Street (CO : Leftenant General Otto McIntyre)

(CO : Leftenant General Jeanette Scarlett)

22nd Skye Rangers Green Questionable Engadine Noisiel Command

(CO : Leftenant General Francisco de Argall) Commander : Leftenant General Eric Temple
Second-in -Command : Kommandant Fisher Moore
Chahar Command 'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment
Commander : Hauptmann General David Mayer
Unit Name Experience Loyalty
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Joseph W Waldheim, Jr . Reliable
'Mech Strength : 4 Regiments Level
Alarion pMM

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld (CO : Leftenant General ldi Clarke)
Reliable Chahar
Level Reliable Hood IV
Reliable Chahar
Chahar PMM Regular Fanatical Chahar Summit Command
Commander : Leftenant General Maxwell Paganini
(CO : Leftenant General Alica Mason) Second-in-Command : Kommandant Philip Warren
'Mech Strength : No Regiments
I 5th Lyran Regulars Regular

(CO Leftenant General Lisa Orsini)

1st Ceti Hussars RCT Veteran

(CO : Marshal Vance Lamont) Regular Porrima Command
The Knights of St . Cameron
Commander : Leftenant General Robert Parrington
(CO : Colonel Mortimer Dewey) Second-in-Command : Kommandant Sherwood Cements
'Mech Strength : No Regiments

Cameron Command
Commander : Hauptmann General Jose Peale
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General Gyula Ho
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Level Fanatical Tharkad
Fanatical Tharkad
1st Royal Guards RCT Regular Fanatical Donegal

(CO : Archon Melissa Steiner Davion)

2nd Royal Guards RCT Veteran
(CO: Marshal Richard Regis III

24th Lyran Guards RCT Green

(CO : Marshal Orpheus Thomas)

TAMAR MARCH Koniz Command
Commander : Hauptmann General Joseph Cummings
Commander : Field Marshal Rainer Poulin Second- in-Command , Leftenant General George Dalrymple
Aide : Hauptmann General Rebecca Simons Mech Strength : 11 Regiments
'Mech Strength : 43 Regiments
Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld


23rd Arcturan Guards RCT Veteran Reliable A Place
Reliable Dustball
PASIG OPERATIONS AREA (CD : Hauptmann General Nadine Killson)

11th Avalon Hussars RCT Regular

Commander : Marshal Claudia Saunders (CO : Hauptmann General Justin Leabo)
Aide Hauptmann General Walter Golhard
'Mech Strength : 17 Regiments, 2 Battalions 1st Crucis Lancers RCT Regular Fanatical Ballynure
Fanatical Pandora
(CO : Hauptmann General Ivor Wasjinji)

4th Davion Guards RCT Elite

Kikuyu (formerly Hot Springs) Command (CO : Marshal Alberta Orsina)

Commander : Hauptmann General Abigail Burne-Jones 12th Deneb Light Cavalry (1 Battalion) Regular Reliable Pasig
Second-in-Command : Leftenant General John Cicero
Mech Strength : 9 Regiments . 1 Battalion (CO : Leftenant General Jeffrey Neece)

11th Donegal Guards (1 Battalion) Green Questionable Graceland

(GO : Hauptmann General Cyrus Andes)

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld 10th F-G RCT Regular Reliable Pandora
Level Clermont (C0 : Hauptmann General James Ito)
24th Arcturan Guards RCT Veteran Reliable Blue Hole The Fighting Urakhai
(C0- Marshal Grace Shremp) 8th Striker (2 Battalions) Veteran Reliable Ballynure
22nd Avalon Hussars RCT (2 Battalions) Veteran Reliable Mogyorod (CC : General Bryan Holstead)
(CO : Hauptmann General Donna lona) Clermont Roman's Bar Hounds :( 1 Battalion) Regular Questionable Ballynure
2nd Crucis Lancers RCT (1 Battalion) Regular Barcelona (CO : Colonel Randy Roman)
Reliable Blue Hole

(CO : Hauptmann General Anne Sung) DeMaestri's Sluggers . 2nd Battalion Regular Questionable Macintosh

2nd Davion Guards RCT Veteran Fanatical (CO : Colonel Ross DeMaestri)

(CO : Hauptmann General William Kossacks) DeMaestri's Sluggers .

8th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT Veteran Reliable 3rd Battalions 1st and 2nd Companies Regular Questionable Panpour

(CO- Marshal Lisa Aileen Bortman) (C0 Colonel Ross DeMaestri)

Eridani Light Horse (1 Regiment . 2 Battalions) DeMaestri's Sluggers .

(CO . General Adriana Winston) 3rd Battalion 3rd Company Regular Questionable Panpour

21st Striker (2 Battalions) Veteran Reliable (CO : Colonel Ross DeMaestri)

(C0 : Colonel Edwin Amis) Gray Death Legion Elite Fanatical Glengarry

151st Light Horse Elite Fanatical (CO : Colonel Grayson Carlyle)

(CO : Colonel Charles Antonescu) 1st i Uhlans Regular Fanatical Koniz

1st Kearney Highlanders Veteran Reliable (CO : Leftenant General Andrew Redburn)

(C0 : Colonel James D- Cochraine} Koniz TMM Regular Reliable i

Narhal's Raiders (4 Battalions) Regular Reliable (00 : Leftenant General Konrad Davis)

(CO : Leftenant General Pedro Antonio Giraudoux) Lindon's Battalion

17th Skye Rangers Elite Questionable (formerly Lindon's Regiment) Veteran Reliable A Place
Fanatical Graceland
(CO : Leftenant General Mitchell Simons) (CO : Colonel Sarah Lindon) Reliable Pandora

Stirling s Fusiliers (1 Battalion) Veteran Reliable 3rd Lyran Guards RCT Veteran

(CO : Colonel Andrea Stirling) (00 : Marshal Paul Zardetto)

Pandora College Training Battalion Green

(CO : Kommandant Cyrus Hubbard)

Commander_ Hauptmann General Stella Dmowski
Second-in-Command : LeFtenant General Edgar Forties- Robertson
'Mech Strength, 9 Regiments . I Battalion

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Commander: Field Marshal Dean Forney
Reliable Crimond Aide : Marshal Mitch Simms
Level Reliable Tomans
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments

1st Argyle Lancers Veteran

(CO : Colonel Vincent Bannock) Mkuranga Command
Commander: Hauptmann General Arch Worley
Barber's Marauder Il's (t Battalion) Elite Second in Command : Leftenant General Peggy Larson

(CO : Major Susan Barber} 'Mech Strength : 8 Regiments, t Battalion

Blue Star irregulars (1894th Light Horse) Veteran Questionable Rasalgethi

(CO Colonel Alexander Duff-Gordon)

2nd Chisholm's Raiders (2 Battalions) Veteran Reliable Crimond Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld

(CO : Leftenant General Helen Eisner) Level Morges

The Dioscuri (1 Battalion) Regular Reliable Crimond 20th Arcturan Guards RCT (1 Battalion Green Reliable Mkuranga
Reliable Meacham
(CO Colonels Timothy and Brenda Nels) (CO : Hauptmann General Alden Gray) Babeski

13th Donegal Guards Regular 25th Arcturan Guards RCT Regular Reliable Mkuranga

(CO : Leftenant General John Stokoi) (GO : Hauptmann General Glide Felra) Pasig

Kelenfold TMM Green Reliable Kelenfold 3rd Crucis Lancers RCT Elite Reliable Babaeski

(CO : Leftenant General Endre Douglass) (CO : Hauptmann General Acabee Zardetto) Kooken's
Pleasure Pit
The Kell Hounds (2 Regiments) Elite Fanatical Tomans 5th Davion Guards Veteran Reliable Kooken's
Pleasure Pit
(CO : Lieutenant Colonel Dan Allard) (CO : Hauptmann General William Galloway) Merges

6th Lyran Guards RCT Elite Reliable Rasalgethi Davion Light Guards RCT Veteran Reliable

(CO : Marshal Seth Alpert} (CO : Marshal Johnathan Riftenberg)

10th Lyran Guards RCT Veteran Fanatical Ft Loudon 10th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT Veteran Reliable

(CO: Prince Victor Ian Steiner-Davion (CO : Hauptmann General Jameson Gaston)

The Grave Walkers Regular Reliable

1st Robinson Rangers RCT Veteran Fanatical

(CO : Hauptmann General Mai Fortuna) Questionable
4th Skye Rangers RCT (2 Battalions) Elite

Commander : Hauptmann General Mark Kostic (CO : Hauptmann General William Harrison von Frisch
Aide : Leftenant General Kimberly Mueller
Mech Strength_ 1 Regiment UNATTACHED UNITS

Ellengurg Command Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Commander: Leftenant General Andre Mossbauer Level Reliable Outreach
Wolf's Dragoons (5 Regiments) Elite
Second-in-Command: Kommandant Road Aleichem (CO : Colonel Jamie wolf)
'Mech Strength : No Regiments

Adelaide Command
Commander : Leftenant General Carl David Young
Second-in-Command : Kommandant Alfred Rolt
'Mech Strength : No Regiments

Santana Command
Commander : Leftenant General John Necker
Second-in -Command : Kommandant Joseph Martinet
'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Coventry

Coventry DMM Green

(GO : Leftenant General Judith Niemeyer)

Vorzel Command
Commander: Leftenant General Marian Cottingshire
Second-in-Command . Kommandant Eugene Garecki
Mech Strength : No Regiments

(Deployment as of 3054) DIERON MILITARY DISTRICT

Prior to the War of 3039, House Kurita received covert Commander : Tai-shu Michi Noketsuma
military aid from ComStar, which greatly strengthened their borders Aide : Tai-sho Dale Stephans
against the hated Federated Suns . During the Clan 'Invasion, these 'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments
units were withdrawn from the Federated Commonwealth border to
reinforce the Clan front, but they have since been returned to the KESSEL PREFECTURE
border. Despite an impressive defense, the Combine suffered
significant losses in the war with the Clans, and now fear more than Prefecture Commander Tai-sho Isoroku Kurita
ever that the Federated Commonwealth will take advantage of their Aide : Sho-sho Tobias Villagua
weakness . ROM has been unable to determine what Combine 'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment
forces have been stationed on Wolcott, though we suspect that this
planet is being prepared for use as a staging area for Draconis raids Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
into the Clan occupation zone . Level
40th Dieron Regulars Green Questionable Kessel
Because Takashi and Theodore Kurita are now presenting (CO- Tai-sa Oscar Oshion)
a united front, the loyalty rating refers to the Combine itself, rather
than one man or the other . VEGA PREFECTURE

Commander : Coordinator Takashi Kurita Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho Michael Sobiroff
Aide : Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita Aide : Sho-sho Vincent Gasora
'Mech Strength : 60 regiments 'Mech Strength : No Regiments


Prefecture Commander_ Tai-sho Hosiji Vestuto
Aide : Sho-sho Hector Sesla
Mech Strength : 2 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Level Reliable Dieron

3rd Dieron Regulars Regular Reliable Dieron
1st Battalion Reliable Altair

(CO : Sho-sho Samson Torsibo) Reliable Al Na'ir
Reliable Nirasaki
2nd Battalion Regular Reliable Al Na'ir
(CO : Sho-sho Samson Torsibo) Regular
3rd Battalion

(CO : Sho-sho Samson Torsibo)

15th Dieron Regulars Regular
1st Battalion

(CO : Tai-sa Patrick Sanderson)

2nd Battalion Regular

(CO : Tai-sa Patrick Sanderson)

3rd Battalion Regular

(CO : Tai-sa Patrick Sanderson?


Prefecture Commander Tai-sho Jasik Yoshiro
Aide : Sho-sho Seth Adams
Mech Strength : No Regiments


Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho Andrew Asaro
Aide : Sho-sho Jeffrey Kornilov
'Mech Strength : No Regiments


Commander : Tai-shu Li Dok To
Aide : Tai-sho Jarvek Dofmassay
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments


Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho Wendall Hansen
Aide : Sho-sho James O'Callahan
'Mech Strength - 1 Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable New Samarkand

6th Galedon Regulars Regular

(GO : Tai-sa Ivor Sotallarude)


Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho Hak So Kim
Aide- Sho-sho James Flynn
Mech Strength, No Regiments


Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho David Chung
Aide : Sho-sho Mich Altermeir
Mech Strength : No Regiments


Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho U Poi
Aide : Sho-sho Arthur Koop
'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Level Reliable Hachiman
16th Galedon Regulars Green
(CC : Tai-sa William Tohiro}


Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho Samon Tartikoff
Aide : Sho-sho Joseph Ullors
'Mech Strength, I Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
19th Galedon Regulars Regular Questionable Bad News
(CO : Tai-sa Bobby Bock)


Commander : Tai-shu Boris Petroff Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho Elliot Tsei
Aide : Tai-sho Fritz Hillinger Aide- Sho-sho Todo Gewers
'Mech Strength : 22 Regiments, 1 Battalion 'Mech Strength : 7 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Fanatical Tanh Linh

5th Sword of Light Green

(CO : Tai-sa Hohiro Tastuma)

Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho George Hujiwara 2nd An Ting Legion (2 Battalions) Veteran Reliable Leiston
Aide : Sho-sho Kevin Hamilton (CO : Tai-sa Shin Oshika) Green Reliable Xinyang
'Mech Strength 11 Regiments, 1 Battalion
15th Benjamin Regulars

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld (CO : Tai-sa Drex Hof)
2nd Galedon Regulars
Green Reliable Braunton
(CO : Tai-sa Hojim Banjuri)
2nd Sword of Light Elite Fanatical Baldur 8th Galedon Regulars (1 Battalion) Veteran Questionable Braunton

(CO : Tai-sa Kelly Tok Do) (CO : Tai-sa Richard Hanson)

2nd Arkab Legion (1 Battalion) Veteran Reliable Ogano 12th Galedon Regulars (2 Battalions) Regular Reliable Bicester

(CO : Tai-sa Basir Ojima) (CO : Tai-sa Oscar Bassman(

6th Arkab Legion Regular Reliable Arkab 21st Galedon Regulars Regular Reliable Yumesta
(GO : Tai-sa Lee Sawyer)
(GO : Tai-sa Jusiral Bjutial)

2nd Benjamin Regulars (2 Battalions) Regular Reliable Ogano 34th Galedon Regulars (1 Battalion) Regular Reliable Leiston

(CO : Tai-sa Samson Ashura) (CO : Tai-sa Vern Oblak)
1st Proserpina Hussars (2 Battalions)
11th Benjamin Regulars (1 Battalion) Regular Questionable Meilen Veteran Reliable Yumesta
(CO : Tai-sa Jeong Moon Lee)
(CO : Tai-sa Martin Drully)

12th Dieron Regulars (1 Battalion) Regular Reliable Kiesen 7th Ghost Veteran? Reliable Baruun Urt
(CO : Tai-sa Lacor Walton) (CO: Unknown)

24th Dieron Regulars (1 Battalion) Green Reliable Odabasi
Fanatical Chandler
(C0 : Tai-sa Frederick Lugo) Regular IRURZUN PREFECTURE
17th Galedon Regulars

(GO : Tai-sa ion Ziblerson) Veteran? Reliable Babuyan Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Salija Warrick
1st Ghost Aide : Sho-sho Sojanee Rausali
'Mech Strength : I Regiment
(CO : Unknown)

3rd Ghost Veteran? Questionable Dumaring

(CO : Unknown) Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
10th Ghost Regular? Reliable Meilen 22nd Benjamin Regulars Green
(CO : Tai-sa John Ahrmram)
(CO : Unknown) Questionable Marduk

11th Ghost Regular? Questionable Najha

(CO : Unknown)

12th Ghost Green? Questionable Najha

(CO, Unknown)


Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho Victor Coale
Aide : Sho-sho Hishu Stonara
'Mech Strength : 2 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld


3rd Benjamin Regulars (2 Battalions) Veteran Questionable Paracale

(CO : Tai-sa Samuel Nelson)

6th Benjamin Regulars Regular Reliable Dover

(CO : Tai-sa Hajil Mara)

3rd Proserpina Hussars (1 Battalion) Elite Fanatical Paracale

(CO : Tai-sa Gregg Weston)


Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho Fenton Worridge
Aide- Sho-sho Hohijo Bradbury
'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Level Reliable Proserpina
9th Benjamin Regulars Veteran
(CO : Tai-sa Mark Tomtrill)


Commander : Tai-shu Teyasu Ashora Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho Tashu Jacarlaba
Aide : Tai-sho Kelly Dasoshigi Aide : Sho-sho Robert Manati
'Mech Strength : 31 Regiments, 2 Battalions 'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld


KAGOSHIMA PREFECTURE 3rd Alshain Regulars (1 Battalion) Regular Questionable Lonaconing

(CO : Tai-sa Murry Cohen)

Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho Tomoe Sakade 4th Alshain Regulars (1 Battalion) Veteran Questionable Altona
Aide : Sho-sho Aron Kirzak
'Mech Strength . 24 Regiments 2 Battalions (CO : Tai-sa Steven Watkins)

4th Arkab Legion (2 Battalions) Veteran Reliable Lonaconing

(CO : Tai-sa Sajulam Kosiridam)

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld 5th Sun Zhang Academy
Level Fanatical Luthien
Cadre (2 Battalions) Green Fanatical Altona

1st Sword of Light (2 Battalions) Veteran (CO : Tai-sa Ishtar von Nielsburg)

(CO : Tai-sa Shigeru Yoshida) 2nd Night Stalkers Veteran Questionable Matamoras

7th Sword of Light (2 Battalions) Veteran Fanatical Luthien (GO : Tai-sa Okubo Henderson)
Fanatical Chatham
(CO : Tai-sa Kiyomori Minamoto)

8th Sword of Light (2 Battalions) Regular NINGXIA PREFECTURE
(GO : Tai-sa Kevin Awano) Elite
Fanatical Luthien Prefecture Commander, Tai-sho Bradley Tigart
Otomo (2 Battalions) Aide : Sho-sho William Cloud Climber
'Mech Strength_ 1 Regiment
(CO : Tai-sa Oda Hideyoshi) Veteran Reliable Pesht
Ryuken (4 Regiments)

(GO : Sho-sho Sung Kim II)

Ryuken-Ni Veteran Reliable Luthien Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
(CO : Tai-sa Dechan Fraser) Veteran Level Reliable Lands End
Questionable Kilmarnock 7th Pesht Regulars Green
1 st Amphigean Light Assault Group (C0- Tai-sa Kurtis Benzinger)

(CO- Tai-sa lshajii Michaels)

7th AIshain Regulars (1 Battalion) Veteran Questionable Chatham

(CO : Tai-sa Yama Shazli)

8th Alshain Regulars Veteran Reliable Chatham QANDAHAR PREFECTURE

(GO : Tai-sa Tasha Greer) Green Questionable Chatham Prefecture Commander Tai-sho Hya Toyotomi
11th Alshain Regulars (2 Battalions) Aide : Sho-sho Tadaki Johiro
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments
(CO : Tai-sa Mara Kalish)

17th Benjamin Regulars Veteran Reliable Luthien
(CO : Tai-sa Tucker Orsinian)

2nd Dieron Regulars Veteran Questionable Pesht Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Level Reliable Qandahar
(C0 : Tai-sa Jerome Tishilar) Veteran Questionable Meinacos 6th Pesht Regulars Green Reliable Gravenhage
8th Dieron Regulars (CO : Tai-sa Basia Bryant) Fanatical Nowhere
(CO, Tai-sa Carlos Leighiar) 10th Pesht Regulars
(CO : Tai-sa Jefferson McCarl) Regular )
12th Dieron Regulars (2 Battalions) Green Reliable Maldonado
5th Ghost
(CO : Tai-sa Brian Quick) Veteran Reliable McAlister (CO : Unknown)
22nd Dieron Regulars

(CO : Tai-sa Jason Ohiro)

24th Dieron Regulars (2 Battalions) Green Reliable Herndon

(CO : Tai-sa Frederick Lugo)

32nd Galedon Regulars Green Questionable Pesht

(CO : Tai-sa Elizabeth Venga)

4th Pesht Regulars (2 Battalions) Green Reliable Pesht

(CO :- Sho-sho Stephan Somogyi)

9th Pesht Regulars (2 Battalions) Regular Questionable Chatham

(CO, Tai-sa Mark Graham) Elite Fanatical Luthien
1st Genyosha

(CO : Tai-sa Narimasa Asano) Elite Reliable Luthien
2nd Genyosha (1 Battalion)

(GO, Tai-ca Laura Nelson)

1st Shin Legion Veteran Reliable Luthien
(CO : Tai-sa Chou Yanyuan) Veteran Reliable Luthien

2nd Legion of Vega

(GO : Tai-sa Tikov Recardni) Veteran Questionable Chatham
11th Legion of Vega

(CO : Tai-sa Yoshi Yamasaki)

6th Ghost Veteran? Fanatical Kagoshima
Reliable McAlister
(CO : Unknown)

8th Ghost (1 Battalion) Regular?

(CO: Unknown)

(Deployment as of 3054) As a result, the information we have available on Clan unit
deployments is not complete . This list includes unit disposition for
Operation Scorpion and the defeat at Tukayyid were bitter six of the seven Clans involved in the invasion : Steel Viper, Jade
medicine for the Clans to swallow . We are not surprised that the Falcon, Wolf, Ghost Bear, Smoke Jaguar, and Nova Cat, presented
Clans seem to be doing everything in their power now to prevent our in clockwise order of the occupation zones . We were unable to
order from gaining any further information, especially military intel- gather any information on Clan Diamond Shark, and also lost track
ligence, from them . of the Epsilon Galaxy of Clan Wolf . Known units are designated
Frontline (F) or Provisional Garrison Cluster (PGC) . The following
Our limited knowledge does indicate that they are heavily information should be considered a highly educated estimate and
fortifying the borders they share with one another . We have been
able to learn about their troop deployment along the Inner Sphere not viewed as fact .
front relatively easily, but units stationed deep within Clan-held
space are much more difficult to track .

Alpha Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Jabuka
1st Viper Guards Jabuka
2nd Viper Guards Blair Atholl
4th Viper Guards Blair Atholl
400th Assault Cluster
Base World
Beta Galaxy (F) Goat Path
Unit Name Goat Path
Viper Fusiliers Antares
126th Striker Cluster
195th Striker Cluster Base World
Gamma Galaxy (F) Twycross
Unit Name Trell I
423rd Assault Cluster Twycross
428th Assault Cluster Twycross
51 st Battle Cluster
94th Battle Cluster Base World
57th Striker Cluster Parakoila
Zeta Galaxy (PGC) Graus
Unit Name Graus
1st Fang
2nd Fang Base World
38th Phalanx Benfled
71st Phalanx Bent led
Rho Galaxy (PGC) Montmarault
Unit Name Montmarault
3rd Fang
4th Fang Base World
5th Legion Blair Atholl
141st Phalanx Antares
164th Phalanx Antares

Chi Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Waldorff
1st Legion Waldorff
5th Viper Regulars Blackjack
11th Viper Regulars Persistence

Omega Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Orkney
9th Fang Orkney
10th Fang
80th Fang
167th Phalanx

PSI Galaxy (PGC)
Unit Name
144th Phalanx
165th Phalanx

Gamma Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Sudeten
Falcon Guards La Grave
1st Falcon Jaegers Quarell
1 st Falcon Velites Baker 3
305th Assault Cluster Malibu
124th Striker Cluster
Base World
Delta Galaxy (F) Aiyina
Unit Name Hot Springs
2nd Falcon Jaegers
5th Battle Cluster Base World
Vau Galaxy (F) Black Earth
Unit Name Bone Norman
4th Falcon Velites
89th Striker Cluster Base World
94th Striker Cluster Devin
La Grave
Iota Galaxy (PGC) Sudeten
Unit Name Sudeten
Choyer Garrison Cluster Quarell
Gurbeng Garrison Cluster
Dorbeng Garrison Cluster Base World
8th Falcon Regulars Botany Bay
Nega Garrison Cluster Last Chance
Omicron Galaxy (PGC) Here
Unit Name Apollo
3rd Talon
4th Talon Base World
4th Provisional Garrison Cluster Toland
14th Falcon Regulars Steelton
17th Falcon Regulars Winfield
Rho Galaxy (PGC) Beta VII
Unit Name
5th Talon Base World
5th Provisional Garrison Cluster Butler
6th Provisional Garrison Cluster Maxie's Planet
5th Falcon Regulars Romulus
18th Falcon Regulars Seiduts
Epsilon Galaxy (PGC)
Unit Name Base World
7th Talon Denizli
8th Talon Apolakkia
7th Provisional Garrison Cluster Leskovik
8th Provisional Garrison Cluster Zoetermeer
7th Falcon Regulars Colmar

Phi Galaxy (PGC)
Unit Name
9th Talon
10th Talon
9th Provisional Garrison Cluster
10th Provisional Garrison Cluster
12th Falcon Regulars

Beta Galaxy (F)

Unit Name Base World

Alpha Galaxy (F) Base World 341st Assault Cluster Ramsau
Unit Name Tamar 3rd Battle Cluster Diosd
4th Wolf Guards Assault Cluster Lothan
279th Battle Cluster Rasalhague 13th Wolf Guards (Wolf Spiders),
328th Assault Cluster Satalice
352nd Assault Cluster Chateau Trinary Alpha, Trinary Bravo Vulcan
4th Wolf Guards Striker Cluster
13th Wolf Guards (Wolf Spiders) . Trinary Charlie Tamar

13th Wolf Guards (Wolf Spiders) . Trinary Delta Altenmarkt

Gamma Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Domain
11th Battle Cluster

Delta Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Nox
4th Striker Cluster Kirchbach
11th Wolf Guards Carse
24th Wolf Rangers

Theta Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name
Star's End
1st Wolf Regulars Icar
2nd Cavalry Cseszireg
12th Wolf Regulars Harvest
13th Wolf Regulars

Iota Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Planting
6th Wolf Regulars Vantaa
10th Wolf Regulars Svarstaad
1 7th Wolf Regulars Dell
20th Wolf Regulars

Sigma Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Alphecca
Nega Garrison Cluster, Command Binary Alphecca
Nega Garrison Cluster, 4th Nova The Rock
Nega Garrison Cluster, First Supernova Sigurd
Oberon VI
Nega Garrison Cluster, Infantry Trinary Butte Hold
Nega Garrison Cluster, Battle Trinary Sevren
Nega Garrison Cluster, Assault Trinary Maestu
Choyer Garrison Cluster
Gurbeng Garrison Cluster
Dorbeng Garrison Cluster

Tau Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Cusset
5th Wolf Regulars Biota
1 st Cavalry Shaula
3rd Cavalry Rastaban
4th Cavalry Suk II
15th Wolf Regulars

Omega Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Vorarlberg/Stanzach
5th Wolf Chasseurs Engadin/Ferleiten
11th Wolf Chasseurs Dawn/Leoben
15th Wolf Chasseurs Balsta/Skallevoll
95th Phalanx Wheel
101st Phalanx

Alpha Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Krenice
1 st Bear Guards, Trinary Alpha, Trinary Delta Polcenigo
1 st Bear Guards, Trinary Charlie Trondheim
3rd Bear Guards Utrecht
1st Bear Guards, Trinary Bravo Mannedorf
139th Striker Cluster

Theta Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Sternwerde
12th Bear Chevaliers
304th Assault Cluster Rubigen
332nd Assault Cluster Eguilles
14th Battle Cluster

Kappa Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Toffen
8th Bear Cuirassiers Setubal
73rd Battle Cluster Ardoz
68th Striker Cluster Marawi
115th Striker Cluster Casere
140th Striker Cluster

Xi Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Sheliak
42nd Provisional Garrison Cluster Kaesong
10th Provisional Garrison Cluster Thessalonika
56th Provisional Garrison Cluster

Pi Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Soverzene
23rd Provisional Garrison Cluster Jezersko
29th Provisional Garrison Cluster Thule
54th Provisional Garrison Cluster Santander V
5th Phalanx Porthos
13th Phalanx

Rho Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Spittal
18th Battle Cluster Aishain
48th Battle Cluster Aishain
243rd Battle Cluster Jarett
283rd Battle Cluster Constance
297th Battle Cluster

Tau Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Holmsbu/
9th Provisional Garrison Cluster Susquehanna
18th Provisional Garrison Cluster Pomme De Terre/
37th Provisional Garrison Cluster Predlitz
1st Bear Regulars Kempten/Halesowen
2nd Bear Regulars

Beta Galaxy (F)

Unit Name Base World

1 st Jaguar Guards Avon

2nd Jaguar Guards . Trinary Alpha . Trinary Bravo Schuyler

2nd Jaguar Guards, Trinary Charlie, Trinary Delta Caripare

362nd Assault Cluster Kiamba

267th Battle Cluster Teniente

Delta Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Hyner
3rd Jaguar Cavaliers Kabah
19th Striker Cluster

Epsilon Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Asgard
4th Jaguar Dragoons Tarazed
7th Jaguar Dragoons

Zeta Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Idlewind
5th Provisional Garrison Cluster Jeronimo
2nd Jaguar Regulars Albiero
11th Jaguar Regulars Richmond
47th Garrison Cluster Schwartz
189th Garrison Cluster

Kappa Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Savinsville
3rd Provisional Garrison Cluster Luzerne
4th Provisional Garrison Cluster Hanover
17th Garrison Cluster Stapelfeld
19th Garrison Cluster Bangor
51st Garrison Cluster

Nu Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Schuyler
4th Jaguar Regulars Schuyler
12th Jaguar Regulars Nykvarn
124th Garrison Cluster Garstedt
143rd Garrison Cluster Labrea
168th Garrison Cluster

Psi Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Outer Volta
7th Provisional Garrison Cluster Juazeiro
8th Provisional Garrison Cluster Tinaca
10th Provisional Garrison Cluster Byesville
17th Jaguar Regulars Yamarovka
11th Garrison Cluster

Alpha Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Avon
1 st Nova Cat Guards, Trinary Alpha
1st Nova Cat Guards, Trinary Bravo, Trinary Delta Caripare
1st Nova Cat Guards, Trinary Charlie Irece
449th Assault Cluster Cyrenaica
489th Assault Cluster Kanowit

Delta Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Port Arthur
4th Nova Cat Guards Itabaiana
44th Nova Cat Cavaliers Courcheval
46th Nova Cat Cavaliers Juazeiro
274th Battle Cluster Mualang
11 9th Striker Cluster

Xi Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Avon
1st Garrison Cluster Avon
3rd Garrison Cluster

Omicron Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Irece
5th Garrison Cluster Irece
6th Garrison Cluster Cyrenaica
4th Nova Cat Regulars Caripare
5th Nova Cat Regulars Juazeiro
6th Nova Cat Regulars

Sigma Galaxy (F) Base World
Unit Name Jeanette
Nova Cat Lancers Virentofta
246th Battle Cluster Sawyer
179th Striker Cluster Bjarred
189th Striker Cluster
100th Striker Cluster Tarnby

Chi Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Jeanette
10th Garrison Cluster Virentofta
11th Garrison Cluster Sawyer
121h Garrison Cluster Bjarred
115th Garrison Cluster
153rd Garrison Cluster Tarnby

Omega Galaxy (PGC) Base World
Unit Name Courcheval
13th Garrison Cluster Mualang
14th Garrison Cluster Kanowit
15th Garrison Cluster
9th Nova Cat Regulars Port Arthur
12th Nova Cat Regulars

(Deployment as of 3054) ATREAN HUSSARS

House Marik contributed no military forces to the fight Commander : Colonel Reber Bennundo
against the Clans, instead offering significant economic and indus- Aide : Colonel Harvey Eaton
trial support to the combined forces of the Inner Sphere . The 'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment
League's role as the primary logistics support for the combined
defense called for increased arms production that continues, and Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
now benefits their Liao allies . The Free Worlds League-Capellan Level Reliable Ling
Confederation alliance is particularly dangerous to the rest of the a
Inner Sphere because of Thomas Marik's ties to the renegade Word
of Blake, whose Precentors have provided Marik with ComStar Atrean Hussars Regular
manufacturing techniques that will be used to produce an impres-
sive new line of BattleMechs . (CO : Colonel Reber Bennundo)


Commander : General Julian Langsdort
Aide : Colonel Gordon Miller
'Mech Strength 3 Regiments

Commander : Captain General Thomas Marik Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Aide : General Sell Malas Fanatical McKenna
'Mech Strength : 73 Regiments, 2 Battalions 1st Dragoons Level
Regular Fanatical Matheran
Fanatical Matheran
(CO : Colonel John Orzehoskie) Fanatical Calloway VI
Fanatical Vanra
1st Battalion
(CO : Colonel Evelyn Pantili)

2nd Battalion Regular
(CO : Colonel Evelyn Pantili)
Commander : General Calderon "Silent Cal" Benge
Aide : General Dean McKeown 3rd Battalion Regular
'Mech Strength : 5 Regiments
(CO : Colonel Evelyn Pantili}

12th Dragoons Veteran
(CO : Colonel Kelian Brackley)
Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Level Reliable Andurien
1st Legionnaires Veteran Reliable Sadurni
(CO : General Tracey Fenton) Veteran Leyda
Reliable Umka
2nd Legionnaires Veteran Reliable Leyda
{CO : General Alice Denichuk) Veteran Reliable Miaplacidus
Veteran Marik
3rd Legionnaires Reliable Miaplacidus
1 st Battalion Regular Reliable Lopez
(CO : General Pierre Mondou) Regular Reliable
2nd Battalion Regular Fanatical Homeworld
(CO : General Pierre Mondou) Green Berenson
3rd Battalion Bella I
(CO : General Pierre Mondou) Zion

4th Legionnaires
1st Battalion
(CO : General Adiss Sullivan)
2nd Battalion
(CO: General Adiss Sullivan)
3rd Battalion
(CO : General Adiss Sullivan)

5th Legionnaires
(CO : General Misha Orloff)


Commander: General Albrecht Kell
Aide : Colonel Robyn Shiver
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty
Level Fanatical
1st Guards Elite Fanatical
(CO : Colonel Dana Briggs) Fanatical
2nd Guards
(CO . Colonel. Kamps Stattun) Regular

3rd Guards
(CO : Colonel Diane Hanson)


Commander : General Samuel Garibaldi Commander : General Loren Bruce-Marik
Aide : Colonel Delroy Roche
Aide : Colonel Leonard Mantei 'Mech Strength : 2 Regiments
'Mech Strength : 15 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Level Level Fanatical Bordon
Iron Guards Regular Reliable Kosciusko
1st Militia Veteran Fanatical Fletcher (CO : Colonel Virgil Ridgeway)
Reliable Wilmarth) Green
(CO : Colonel Howe Reliable Steel Guards
Reliable Hassad (CO : Colonel Marilyn Stroud)
2nd Militia Green Fanatical
Park Place
(CO : Colonel Alva Gierke) Green
4th Militia Les Halles

(CO : Colonel Kenneth Gunderson) Holt SIRIAN LANCERS

5th Militia Regular Commander : General Helen Thrall
(CO : Colonel Lavern Henden) Veteran Aide : Colonel Marlin Honish
Mech Strength : 3 Regiments
6th Militia

(CO : Colonel David Kyster) Regular Reliable Carbonis
9th Militia Reliable Bernardo
Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
(CO : Colonel Theodore Kauk)

10th Militia Veteran Level
(CO : Colonel Cindy Meyer) Regular
1st Lancers Green Questionable Savannah
13th Militia
Questionable Irian (CO : Colonel Ginny Ebaugh)

(CO Colonel Lloyd Reissing) 2nd Lancers Regular Reliable Augustine

15th Militia Regular Reliable Berenson (CO : Colonel Davis Csencsics)
(CO : Colonel Nancy Rezac)
3rd Lancers Green Questionable Shiloh

18th Militia Green Questionable Connaught (CO : Colonel Sally Hotfman)

(CO : Colonel Jerome Merz) Regular Reliable Concord SILVER HAWK IRREGULARS
20th Militia

(CO : Colonel Jerome Stewart)

23rd Militia Green Questionable Keystone
(CO : Colonel Hazel Ward) Green
Reliable Dieudonne Commander : General Martha Slice 'n' Dice' Zuritas
25th Militia Aide : Colonel Fran Jeankins
'Mech Strength 2 Regiments
(CO : Colonel Anita Webel)
30th Militia Regular Fanatical Wing

(CO : Colonel Stephen Harter) Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Level Reliable Dubhe
31st Militia Green Reliable Uhuru Falcons Green Reliable Kalidasa
1st Battalion Reliable Uhuru (CO : Colonel Glendon Lurch)
Reliable Amity Regular
(CO Colonel David Sloane) Gryphons
(CO : Colonel Ton McIver)
2nd Battalion Green

(CO : Colonel David Sloane) Green
3rd Battalion

(CO : Colonel David Sloane) ORIENTE HUSSARS

FUSILIERS OF ORIENTE Commander General Bruce Gierke
Aide : Colonel Vandy Jolibis
Commander General Marissa Morgan 'Mech Strength, 5 Regiments
Aide : Colonel Royal Buchanan
'Mech Strength 6 Regiments Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable Trellisane
Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld 1st Hussars Level

Level (CO : Colonel Roger Harsila)

Ducal Guard Elite Fanatical Tamarind 2nd Hussars
(GO : Colonel Fannie Halas) 1st Battalion
Regular Reliable Oriente
Reliable Shiro III
1st Brigade Elite Fanatical Griffith (CO : Colonel Arthur Rivernider) Reliable Oriente

(CO : Colonel Roy Chapman Potemkin) 2nd Battalion Regular

2nd Brigade Veteran Reliable Maxwell (CO : Colonel Arthur Rivernider)

(CO : Colonel Donald Angstead) 3rd Battalion Regular

3rd Brigade Veteran Reliable Promised Land (CO : Colonel Arthur Rivernider)

(CO : Colonel Lionel Asuelo) Regular Questionable Oriente 3rd Hussars Green Reliable lpswitch
4th Brigade 1st Battalion

(CO : Colonel Charleen Day) (CO : Colonel Simon Dumoss)
5th Brigade
Regular Reliable Thermopolis 2nd Battalion Green Reliable lpswitch
(CO : Colonel Jerry Wagner) (CO : Colonel Simon Dumoss)

3rd Battalion, Charlie Company Green Reliable Dalton

(CO : Colonel Simon Dumoss)

4th Hussars Regular Questionable Atreus

(CO : Colonel Sherrie Dragoo

5th Hussars Green Reliable Sierra
(CO, Colonel Keith Kruchoski)


Commander : General Richard Balkema 'Mech Strength 18 Regiments . 2 Battalions
Aide : Colonel Sherry Harrison
'Mech Strength : 2 Regiments Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Always Faithful Level Reliable Conquista
Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Regular Reliable Kendall
Reliable Stewart
Level Reliable Payvand (CO : Colonel James Burrili Reil)

Home Guards Veteran Bad Dream Veteran

(CO- Colonel Virginia Nash) (CO : Colonel Henry Bortman)

Juggernaut Regular Barren's Fusiliers Veteran Reliable Shuen Wan
Regular Reliable Cronulla
(CO : Colonel Leonard Stewart) (CO : Colonel Nikita Barrett)

ORLOFF GRENADIERS (C0 : Colonel Marcus Johnson)

Carson's Renegades (1 Battalion) Regular Questionable Suzano
(CO : Colonel Mark Mead(
Commander : General Rod Davis
Aide : Colonel Larry Fallis Crater-Cobras (2 Regiments)
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments
Crater-Cobras . 789th Striker Veteran Reliable Megrez
(CO : Colonel Stephan Prynne)

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Crater-Cobras, Black Cobras Regular Reliable Cascade
Level Reliable Vanra
1st Grenadiers Regular Fanatical Cerillos (CO : Colonel Richard Burr)
(CO, Colonel Douglas Hoppe) Regular
Reliable Lesnovo Dragon's Breath Regular Reliable Rochelle
6th Grenadiers Regular Reliable Lesnovo (CO : Colonel Pete Tale)
(CO, Colonel Patricia Loge) Regular Reliable Tematagi
Regular Greenburg's Godzillas Veteran Reliable Nockatunga
8th Grenadiers (CO: Colonel lye Greenburg) Regular
tst Battalion Questionable Thurrock
(CO, Colonel Sandra Relph) Hermann's Hermits
2nd Battalion
(CO : Colonel Sandra Relph) (CO : Colonel Hermann Aufkopfen)
3rd Battalion
(CO : Colonel Sandra Relph) Kristen's Krushers Regular Reliable Claybrooke

(CO : Colonel Kristen Marik)

Langendorf Lancers Regular Reliable Colfax

(CO : Colonel Gregory Millsey) Veteran Reliable Harsefeld
Redfield Renegades

(CO : Colonel Edward Redfield)

1st Smithson's Chinese Bandits Veteran Reliable Kyrkbacken
(CO : Colonel Ada Gubser)

2nd Smithson's Chinese Bandits Regular Reliable Asuncion

Commander : General Tomaso Kinchuhara (CO : Colonel Ester Schomberg)
Aide : Colonel Chester Taylor
Mech Strength : 5 Regiments Stealthy Tigers Regular Reliable Ventabren

(CO : Colonel Yuri Rauschenbusch)

Swann's Cavaliers Veteran Reliable Galisteo

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld (CO : Colonel Edmund Repplier)

Level 21st Centauri Lancers Elite Reliable Nestor

1st Hussars (CO : Colonel Evelena Haskell)

1st Battalion Elite Questionable Regulus
Questionable Regulus
(CO : Colonel Mark Brandhauber) Questionable Wallis
Questionable Avior
2nd Battalion Elite

(CO : Colonel Mark Brandhauber)

3rd Battalion Elite

(CC : Colonel Mark Brandhauber)

2nd Hussars Regular
(CO : Colonel Janet Simmons)

4th Hussars

1st Battalion Veteran Questionable Tiber
(C0 : Colonel Falco Palmero) Questionable Mackenzie
Questionable Tiber
2nd Battalion Veteran Questionable Chertan
Questionable McAffe
(CO : Colonel Falco Palmero)

3rd Battalion Veteran
(CO : Colonel Falco Palmero)

5th Hussars Veteran
(CO : Colonel Thomas Orrfelt) Green

9th Hussars

(CO : Colonel Melvin Stone)


Once considered a minor threat when compared to the other Commander: Colonel Daniel Lovitt
Great Houses, the Confederation seems finally to be coming into its Aide : Major Maxwell Onamo
own . Virtually unscathed by the Clan invasion, the Capellans 'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment, 2 Battalions
instead suffered losses from their skirmishes with the St .lves
Compact, though even these were modest . The recent alliance Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
between Sun-Tzu Liao and Isis Marik has broadened the Capellan Reliable Purvo
power base and paved the way for a free exchange of arms with the Level
Free Worlds League . Reliable Yuris
2nd Confederation Reserve Cavalry Regular Reliable Larsha

(CO : Colonel Katherine Schmidt) Homeworld

5th Confederation Reserve Cavalry (2 Battalions) Ingersoll
(CO : Colonel Odelia Mitschke) Eom

1st Battalion Green Homeworld

2nd Battalion Green Hunk
Commander : Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao CAPELLAN RESERVES Buenos Aires
Aide : Senior Colonel Elliot Knight Barras
'Mech Strength : 28 Regiments, 2 Battalions
CAPELLAN HUSSARS Commander : Colonel Beryl Liderkin Hustaing
Aide : Major Preston Carter Harloc
'Mech Strength : 1 Regiment Overton
Commander : Colonel Willian Reuf Unit Name Experience Loyalty Relevow
Aide . Major Kay Gardner
'Mech Strength :2 Regiments Level Reliable
Stapelton's Grenadiers (3 Battalions) Reliable

(CO : Colonel William Assellin)

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld 1st Battalion Regular
Fanatical Sian
Level Fanatical Capella 2nd Battalion Regular

Red Lancers Elite Homeworld 3rd Battalion Green
(CO Colonel Andre Elias) Minnacora

Blanford's Grenadiers Veteran Homeworld SARNA RESERVES
(CO : Colonel Kenneth Razani) Minnacora

CHESTERTON RESERVES Commander : Colonel Edlef Hausle
Aide : Major Arnold Smaalden
'Mech Strength 1 Regiment, 1 Battalion

Commander : Colonel Eric Esz Unit Name Experience Loyalty
Aide : Major Ti Kansu Level
'Mech Strength : 2 Regiments Reliable
Kamakura's Hussars (2 Battalions)
Unit Name Experience Loyalty (CO : Colonel Jeremiah Sagehorn) Reliable
Level Reliable
Reliable 1st Battalion Regular

Sung 's Cuirassiers Green 2nd Battalion Green
(CO : Colonel Andrea Sung) Regular Ishara's Grenadiers (2 Battalions)

Kingston's Legionnaires (CO : Colonel Choung Vol

(CO : Colonel Samuel Kingston) 1st Battalion Regular

2nd Battalion Green



Commander : Colonel Norman Rockhill Commander : Colonel Marcus Baxter
Aide : Major Anders Jonas Saint-Beuve Aide : Major Sally Mardox
Mech Strength : 2 Battalions 'Mech Strength : 5 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty

Level Reliable Unit Name Experience Loyalty
Reliable Level Fanatical
Kincade's Rangers (2 Battalions) Fanatical
(CO : Colonel Laura Sedgwick) Nightriders Regular Reliable
1st Battalion Regular (CO : Colonel Rodney Finn) Fanatical

2nd Battalion Regular Christobal's Regiment Elite

(CD : Colonel Samuel Christobal)

The Wild Ones Reliable

(CO : Colonel Otto Kung) Veteran
Gordon's Demons

(CO : Colonel Vallory Gordon)

Victor's Renegades Veteran
(CO : Colonel Victor MacBride)


'Mech Strength : 9 Regiments, 2 Battalions 'Mech Strength : 5 Regiments . 1 Battalion

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Questionable Xieng Level Fanatical Drozan
Level Khouang
Reliable Grand Base
Ambermarle's Highlanders (1 Battalion) Regular Zanzibar House Daidachi (2 Battalions) Veteran Reliable Holloway
New Roland
(CO : Colonel Wendy "The Old Witch' Abelmarle) (CO : House Master Marcus Valentino) Reliable No Return
.ores House Fujita (2 Battalions) Reliable Randar
Bullard's Armored Cavalry (1 Battalion) Green Questionable Capricorn III (CO : House Master Juan Bautista Wyeth) Fanatical Jasmine
New Sagan Fanatical Pella II
(CO : Colonel Frank Bullard) Sian 1st Battalion Veteran Fanatical Sian
Purvo 2nd Battalion Green Reliable Betelgeuse
Clifton's Rangers (1 Battalion) Green Questionable Rollis House Hiritsu (2 Battalions)
Reliable Mitchel
(CO : Major Mark Clifton) Sax Reliable Jacson
Andarmax Reliable
15th Dracon (4 Battalions) Principia (CO House Master Virginia York)

(CO : Colonel Jean Rosenburg) Regular Reliable Ito 1st Battalion Green
1st Battalion Regular Reliable Westerhand 2nd Battalion Green
Green Reliable Palladaine
2nd Battalion Homestead House Ijori (2 Battalions)
3rd Battalion
Altorra (CO : House Master Lucius Sibelius)
4th Battalion Veteran Reliable Fronde 1st Battalion Green
4th Tau Ceti Rangers (1 Battalion) Veteran Reliable Bandora
2nd Battalion Green
New Roland
(CO : Colonel Shelly Jax) House Imarra (2 Battalions) Veteran
Niomede (CO : House Master Ion Rush) Veteran
The Green Machine Green Questionable Shiba
Sigma Mare House Kamata (2 Battalions)
(CO : Colonel Maxwell Green)

Gregg's Long Striders Green Questionable (CO . House Master Michaelangelo Schmidt)

(CO : Colonel Gregg Car) House LuSann (2 Battalions)
(CO : House Master Jesse Villars)
Little Richard's Panzer Brigade (3 Battalions) 1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
(CO : Colonel Richard `Sugar Baby' Whitman) Green
House Matsukai (2 Battalions) Green
1st Battalion Veteran Questionable Veteran

2nd Battalion Veteran Questionable

3rd Battalion Veteran Questionable (CO : House Master Guillaume Turgenev)
Lockhardt's Ironsides (3 Battalions)

(CO : Colonel Judith Lockhardt)

1st Battalion Regular Reliable

2nd Battalion Green Reliable

3rd Battalion Green Reliable
Marshigama's Legionnaires Veteran Reliable

(CO : Colonel Ju-lei Marshigama)

Olson's Rangers (3 Battalions)

(CO : Colonel Nicholas Olson)

1st Battalion Green Questionable

2nd Battalion Green Questionable

3rd Battalion Green Questionable

Rivaldi's Hussars (1 Battalion) Green Reliable
(CO : Colonel George Sapir)

St . Cyr's Armored

Grenadiers (1 Battalion) Green Reliable
(CO, Major Amy St . Cyr)

Tooth of Ymir (3 Battalions)

(CO : Colonel Susan Brownell Shadwell)

1st Battalion Veteran Questionable
2nd Battalion Veteran Questionable
3rd Battalion Veteran

(Deployment as of 3054)

This tiny young state has been unable to expand its holdings,
and periodic raids by House Liao seem intended to maintain that
status quo . During the Clan invasion, the St. lves Compact provided
naval aid to House Davion to reinforce Steiner space, the full extent
of their involvement in the conflict, Nothing of significance has
changed for the Compact in the last five years, and it appears that
state of affairs will continue for at least the next five years .

Commander : Duchess Candace Liao
AFFC Liaison : General Simone Devon
'Mech Strength : 9 Regiments, ! Battalion

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Reliable St . Ives
Level Veteran
1st St. Ives Lancers

(CO : Colonel Caroline Seng)

2nd S1 . Ives Lancers
(00 Colonel Timothy Bairn)

1st Battalion Veteran Reliable Armaxa
Reliable Nashuar
(CO : Major Marcus Poling) Reliable Taga
Reliable Indicass
2nd Battalion Regular Reliable Brighton
Reliable Vestallas
(CO : Major Alexander Sanford)

3rd Battalion Regular

(CO : Major Rebecca Scion)

St . Ives Cheveau Legers Veteran

(CO : Colonel Cynthia Kerrl

Raymond's Armored Infantry Regular

(GO : Colonel Samuel Raymond)

Aliesha's Mounted Fusiliers Regular

(CO : Colonel Aliesha Carling)

Blackwind Lancers
(CO : Colonel Leonid Perrin)

1st Battalion Regular Reliable Milos
(GO' Major Nichole Allings) Regular
2nd Battalion Questionable Denbar

(GO : Major Trisha Smithson) Green Reliable Texlos
3rd Battalion
(CO : Major Chad Murphy)

St . Ives Academy

Training Group Battalion Green Questionable St . Ives

(CO, Leftenant General Christian Boehmer)

14th Donegal Guards RCT Green Reliable Taga

(CO : Hauptmann General W. J . Hardy)

7th F-C RCT Green Questionable Nashuar

(CO : Hauptmann General Timothy Seiser)

1st Illician Lancers Veteran Reliable Ambergrist
(CO : General Brenda Bradley) Reliable Texlos
1st Battalion Reliable Texlos

(CO': Kommandant Victor Illingworth)

2nd Battalion Veteran

(CO': Kommandant Alica White)

3rd Battalion Regular

(CO : Kommandant Julienne Stapleford)


Nearly obliterated by Clan Wolf, Rasalhague is fortunate to Commander : General major Beth Foglesong
have retained their six remaining worlds . Were it not for the efforts Aide : Overste Bladen Gareux
of Phelan Ward and the timely arrival of our Com Guard forces, the 'Mech Strength : 4 Regiments
Republic would no longer exist . Com Guard retains a sizeable
presence on Tukayyid and large garrisons on the other Rasalhague Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
worlds, but the Rasalhague command structure has no control over
these units . Information about these forces is available on a need- The Black Outlaws (1 Battalion) Level Questionable Karbala
to-know basis only . (CO: Major Edwina Forrest) Regular

Commander : Generalmajor Margrethe Minuit 3rd Drakons (1 Battalion) Veteran Fanatical Ueda
Aide : Overste Carl Sleipness
'Mech Strength : 4 Regiments (CO: Overste Joan Dahlstrom) Veteran Reliable Ueda
4th Drakons (1 Battalion)

(CO: Overste Carl Sleipness)

2nd Freeman (2 Battalions) Regular Fanatical Dehgolan

(CO: Overste Rhett Weaver)

3rd Hussars (2 Battalions) Regular Fanatical Grumium

(GO: Overste Hjalmer Olsesn) Regular Fanatical Tukayyid
2nd Kavalleri

(CO: Overste Signa Pegrem)

4th KavalIeri, 1st Battalion Regular Fanatical Al Hillah

(CO', Overste Jeffery Cizek) Regular Fanatical Orestes
4th Kavalleri, 3rd Battalion

(CO: Overste Dolores Gunderson)

The Clan invasion obliterated the Periphery states in its path, MAGISTRACY ARMED FORCES
leaving the way open for the surviving states to become more
powerful . The Periphery states that remain are now a force the Inner (Deployment as of 3054)
Sphere can no longer ignore .
Commander : Magistrix Emma Centrella
The Clans must be credited with accomplishing one thing the Aides : Senior Colonels Holly Van Dame, Trisha Tellaverde, and
Inner Sphere has repeatedly failed to do : they have cleared their
section of the Periphery of pirates . Only the 3rd Battalion of Ryan's Norbert Kingelt
Rebels continues to elude them . All rumors that Susie Morgraine- 'Mech Strength : 14 Regiments, 1 Battalion
Ryan has captured Clan machinery are unsubstantiated . though the
rumor probably originated in her unprecedented success in raiding Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld
Clan-held worlds . Level

When the pirates of the Tortuga Dominions were rooted out and Magistracy Royal Guards
destroyed in 3042, the people of the Outworlds Alliance and the
Taurian Concordat became accustomed to living free from the threat (CO' Colonel Vernyce Alkobar)
of attack . Such security was short-lived, however . Fuchida's Fusiliers
raided the Precision Weaponry plant on Tancredi IV, then headed Raventhir's Iron Hand Veteran Fanatical Canopus IV
for the unclaimed space between the Concordat and the Alliance . Fanatical Canopus IV
Now they raid at will . armed with Star League weaponry . (CO : Major Mariann Tudor) Fanatical Canopus IV

Other units have also gone rogue . The mercenary unit Vinson's 1st Canopian Cuirassiers Veteran
Vigilantes has set up shop beyond the Draconis-Outworlds border
and is meeting little resistance from the Dragon's weak backside . (CO, Major Margaret Zachara)
And Simonson's Cutthroats are now a force to be reckoned with
along the former Lyran Commonwealth's periphery . 2nd Canopian Cuirassiers Regular

A new generation of reavers is rising to take the place of those (CO : Major Joseph Wulf)
cast down, and it seems piracy is one curse of which we in the
Successor States will never truly be free . Chasseurs a Cheval

(CO' Colonel Cynthia Evans)

1st Canopian Light Horse Regular Reliable Megarez
Reliable Fanandir
(CO : Major Darlene Ishora) Regular Reliable Adherlwin
2nd Canopian Light Horse

(CO- Major Ardie Germaine)

3rd Canopian Light Horse Regular

(CC : Major Betty Kadara)

Canopian Fusiliers
(CO : Colonel Sandra Aupriz)

1st Canopian Fusiliers Regular Reliable Lmdenmarie
Reliable Afarsin
(CO : Major Darlene McKinnon) Regular Reliable Marantha
2nd Canopian Fusiliers

(CO- Major Rita Stoleberg)

3rd Canopian Fusiliers Green

(CO : Major William Sangrey)


(Deployment as of 3054) (CC Colonel Oscar Long)

Longs Light Lancers Regular Reliable Dainmar
Reliable Majoris
(CO'. Major Daniel Hale) Reliable Dunianshire

Commander : President Neil Avellar II McGraw's Marauders Veteran Luxen
Aide :SeniorChairmanMauriceAvelar
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments (CO : Major Judith Wood)

Nellie's Naughties Green
(CO : Major Dorothy Skaw)

Harcourt's Destructors

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld (CO- Colonel Kamala Rahman) Brixtana
Level Harcourt's Aliens New Abilene
Regular Reliable
The Alliance Borderers (CO : Major Sheila Joncas) Regular
Drummond's Destroyers
(CO : Chairman Fitzroy Candly)
1st Battalion Regular Reliable Ramora (CO : Major Alesha Lorre)

(CO : Chairman David King) Ramilie's Raiders

2nd Battalion Regular Reliable Coraines (CO : Colonel Newton Ramilie)

(CO : Chairman Ross Hibler) Command Battalion Elite Fanatical Early Dawm
3rd Battalion Fanatical Early Dawn
Green Questionable Mitchella (CC : Major Paula Nupen) Reliable Lockton

(CO : Chairman Russell Potter) Assault Battalion Veteran

The Alliance Grenadiers (CO, Major Nicholas Ramilie)
(CO Chairman Jane[ Rice)
Caesar's Cohorts (1 Battalion) Regular

1st Battalion Veteran Fanatical Praxton (CO : Major Worrell Orosco)
(CO : Chairman Cynthia Rice) Regular Reliable Baliggora 1st Screaming Eagles
2nd Battalion Ferris (CO : Colonel Paul Hokola)

(GO : Chairman Wayne Girance) 1st Battalion Veteran Reliable Booker

3rd Battalion Regular (CO : Major Caroline Kenning) Regular Reliable Bass
(CO : Chairman Irene Simonson) 2nd Battalion
Avellar Guards
(CO : Major Thomas Raney) Regular Questionable Bethonolog
(CO : Chairman Douglas Carmichael) 3rd Battalion
1st Battalion Regular Fanatical Sevon (CO : Major Kenneth Frear)
(CO : Chairman Ginna Maynor) Fanatical Alpheratz
Fanatical Alpheratz 2nd Screaming Eagles

2nd Battalion Regular (CO : Colonel Zarlina Warrick) Questionable Gambilon
2nd Screaming Eagles . 1st Battalion Regular
(CO . Chairman Michael Nielson)
(CO : Major Bryon Tarkington)
3rd Battalion Green 2nd Screaming Eagles, 2nd Battalion Regular Reliable Palladix

(CO : Chairman Robert Timborski) (CO : Major Christine Dankert)
2nd Screaming Eagles . 3rd Battalion Green
Questionable Techne's
Major Gilbe rt Webb Revenge


Commander : Marshal Valerie Makepeace
Aide : Colonel Adam Beufort
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld


The Concordat Jaegers
(CO : Colonel Kai Shoguwa)

1st Battalion Veteran Fanatical New Vandenberg
Reliable Pinard
(CO : Subaltern Brigid Heckman) Reliable Burton

2nd Battalion Veteran

(CO : Subaltern Carol Trennouth)

3rd Battalion Veteran

(CO : Subaltern James Howard)

The Red Chasseurs

(CO : Colonel Michael Griswald) Regular Reliable Landmark
1st Battalion Reliable Brisbane
Reliable Logan's Land
(CO : Subaltern Clarence Cheplak)

2nd Battalion Regular

(CO : Subaltern Gerald Dildine)

3rd Battalion Veteran

(CO : Subaltern Barbara Schmidt)
Gordon's Armored Cavalry
(CO Colonel Dick Gordon)

Mitchell's Lancers Veteran Reliable Dicallus

(CO : Subaltern Alberta Mitchell)

Arrow's Chasseurs Veteran Questionable Pinard

(CO : Subaltern Nathan Arrow)

Simon's Banshees Elite Fanatical New Vandenberg

(CO : Subaltern Carl Simon)


(Deployment as of 3054)

Commander : Senior Marshal Brenda Calderon Commander : Marshal Fiona Jamesen
Aide : Marchal Patrick Sterling Aide : Colonel Nim Chok Soo
'Mech Strength : 15 Regiments 'Mech Strength : 2 Regiments, 1 Battalion

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld

THE TAURIAN GUARD The Concordat Cuirassiers

Commander : Marshal Hadji Doru (CO : Colonel Philip Canderson) Veteran Reliable Organo
Aide : Colonel Katherine Hamilton 1st Battalion
'Mech Strength : 3 Regiments
(CO : Subaltern Joseph Timar)

2nd Battalion Veteran Reliable Perdition

(CO : Subaltern Theresa Smalley)

Unit Name Experience Loyalty Homeworld 3rd Battalion Regular Questionable Atreus Prime

Level Fanatical Hyades Cluster (CO : Subaltern Lucynda Hecker)
Reliable Taurus
The Taurian Guard Fanatical Hyades Cluster The Hyades Light Infantry
(CO : Colonel Samantha McGrinn) (CO : Colonel Tanis Verbret)
Reliable Taurus
1st Battalion Elite Reliable Hyades Cluster 1st Battalion Veteran Reliable Jamestown
Reliable Hyades Cluster Reliable Brinton
(CO : Subaltern Arthur Hedstrom) (CO : Subaltern Mohammed Chakravarti)
Fanatical Taurus
2nd Battalion Veteran Reliable Taurus 2nd Battalion Veteran
Reliable Grossbach
(CO : Subaltern Tamatha Marshall) (CO: Subaltern Sarasvati Rinaldi)

3rd Battalion Veteran Longwood's Bluecoats

(CO : Subaltern Bradly Clayton) (CO : Colonel Moses Longwood)

The Taurian Velites Mac's Hell-Raisers Veteran Questionable Perdition
Questionable Euschelus
(CO: Colonel William Heise) (CO : Major Belinda MacKelvy)
1st Battalion
Veteran Ivan's Marauders Veteran

(CO : Subaltern Charlse Heiser) (CO : Major Ivan Tchorgin)

2nd Battalion Veteran

(CO : Subaltern Margaret Doru-Trudel)

3rd Battalion Veteran

(CO : Subaltern Charles Calderon)
The Concordat Commandos

(CO : Colonel Jacob Monay)

1st Battalion Veteran
(CO : Subaltern Jean Trudel) Veteran
2nd Battalion

(CO : Subaltern William Renshaw)

3rd Battalion Veteran

(CO : Subaltern David Grenadine)

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