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STEITZ PLAINS training wheels, no more flotation devices, no lifelines. That path had
IRONHOLD ultimately led to the formation of the Clans, to the retaking of the
7 OCTOBER 2834 Pentagon worlds, to creating a new, viable society out of the ashes
of the old.
Khan Jerome Winson blinked. He blinked and then gripped the
controls of his Marauder IIC as hard as he could, so hard he wondered All of that, all that Nicholas had fought and died for, hung in the
if the tendons in his fingers might snap from the strain. If he allowed balance. All because of a single weapon discharge.
himself to do anything more, he knew he would snap, and God help
anyone, friend or foe, who would wander in front of him. Jerome blinked and gripped his ’Mech’s controls yet again. Every
time he tried to force the memories of Nicholas out of his thoughts,
Running his ’Mech at a steady pace across grasses tinged with at least one visual, one snippet of conversation, or one line from a
hoarfrost, Jerome pushed all thoughts from his head. His Clan always rousing speech would come stampeding back to the forefront. This
looked to him as the tempering influence in times of distress, and he time, he wiped away moisture obscuring his vision before it could fall
did not want to fail them. Could not fail them. The wrong move could down his cheek. With less than ten years separating their ages and
doom not only his Clan but every Clan, so he abandoned all thoughts what seemed several lifetimes of friendship shared between them,
of his slain ilKhan and concentrated on the open plain ahead. Nicholas had felt almost like a younger brother to him. Now Jerome
finally understood how Nicholas must have felt when his brother
He was successful at emptying his mind, save for a single image Andery was killed.
that somehow wormed its way through his mental armor: the face
of Nicholas, on the day he learned his father General Aleksandr The further Jerome’s ’Mech carried him from the spot on which
Kerensky had died from a heart attack while planning a massive Nicholas was killed, the more the event kept replaying over and over
military campaign. Nicholas had always been a canny leader, but in his mind, unbidden. The whole thing had happened so fast. In the
Jerome felt he had relied too much on the safety net of his father’s middle of the Refusal over Jerome’s call for Clan Wolf to Absorb Clan
prestige. Anything that went wrong, old Nicholas could just step Widowmaker, Widowmaker Khan Cal Jorgensson had challenged
back and let the legendary Commanding General of the SLDF step in Jerome to a Trial of Grievance. Jerome was the better warrior, so he
and fix his mess. When Aleksandr died during the Pentagon Civil War, had Jorgensson on the ropes in very short order. PPC strikes tore
that safety net disappeared, and Nicholas had to fend for himself on through the hip of Jorgensson’s Highlander, inflicting the ’Mech with
his own terms. On that day, Jerome had watched Nicholas step right a devastating limp Jerome planned to exploit to the fullest. That
into his father’s shoes and undertake a daunting venture—no more moment, a Star of Jorgensson’s Widowmakers violated the Circle of
Equals. And then everything unraveled into single still frames.




Nicholas’s ’Mech moving in front of him. A distant blip appeared on his sensors. Before bothering to
The bright red flash of the Highlander’s laser discharge. register the transponder ID, he pushed his Marauder into a full run,
The Atlas II going limp. Falling backward, slowly, a giant losing its heedless of the mangled bits of armor hanging from the ’Mech’s
inevitable war with gravity. frame. He would repair his ’Mech when either he was dead or the
The silence. Dear God, the silence. Widowmakers were, whichever came first.
Never before in all of Jerome’s six decades of military service had
he seen a battlefield fall into complete and utter stillness so quickly. “My Khan,” came a transmission from the Catapult off to his left,
Not even the medtechs’ advanced medical expertise could coax Star Colonel Alicia Radick’s ’Mech. “You are battle weary. Let me take
the ilKhan’s half-charred corpse back to life. The moment Nicholas this one.”
was pronounced dead, Jerome turned his sights on two of the
Widowmaker ’Mechs who had unlawfully violated the Circle of “Neg,” Jerome replied and cut the transmission.
Equals between him and Jorgensson. He wordlessly destroyed both The obsidian-colored ’Mech, a Hoplite, neared in his scopes. The
of them with point-blank particle cannon shots to the cockpit. He Widowmaker from the 194th Crusader Cluster was running. Or at
shoved another ’Mech to the ground and crushed its canopy beneath least it was trying to. Sparks shot out from its already damaged right
his Marauder’s clawed foot. The stunned Widowmakers didn’t start ankle, and the ’Mech was hobbling along, left behind by its distant
firing back at him until he had rendered two more ’Mechs into slag. Starmates to fend for itself. The black, scarlet-trimmed Hoplite turned
All in complete silence, all without shedding a single tear. right as one of Jerome’s hastily aimed PPC shots struck the ground
Now, hours later, the Widowmakers were fleeing. Several good near its feet. The Widowmaker returned fire with a long-range missile
warriors had died while taking Jorgensson into custody, and the rack.
slayer of the ilKhan was now being held at the site of the fateful The blossoming plume of smoke slammed into Jerome’s
battle, awaiting judgment from the Grand Council for his actions. Marauder with the force of a bullet train. Orange-hot chunks of
The rest of the Widowmakers, however, on this planet and beyond, armor sailed away into the grass. Klaxons thundered in his ears. For
were henceforth engaged in a fight for their right to exist as a Clan. a moment he could not see, and he tasted blood on his tongue. A
They had lost their Trial of Refusal and were now subject to a Trial of glance at his damage readout confirmed that the Hoplite’s LRMs
Absorption. had struck his cockpit dead center. Another hit like that, or from the
Jerome was no stranger to having friends die in battle—right Widowmaker’s particle cannon, and…
next to him, even—but Nicholas… Nicholas was different. Nicholas The channel for Alicia Radick’s command frequency lit up on
was the vision and the catalyst behind the Clans. Now that he was his communications panel, but he ignored it. Swallowing the blood
gone, it was up to Jerome to uphold the tenets upon which Nicholas pooling in his mouth, he lined up both of his PPCs on the slower,
had founded his Clans twenty-seven years ago. These next few wounded Hoplite. Fired. Both shots plowed straight through the
days—no, hours—would be the supreme test of the temper and Widowmaker’s damaged shin, sending the BattleMech to an
resolve of Nicholas’s philosophical foundations. ungraceful landing on the frosted prairie.
In hushed corridors, Jerome had heard some say over the years Without giving it a second thought, Jerome ran up to the
that Nicholas was mad, that while militarily brilliant, the “Curse of downed Widowmaker and crushed its cockpit underfoot. Just like he
Eden” had either atrophied or excised the empathic centers in his had done with all of the others. Just like he would do to them all. And
brain. If enough people banded together now and labeled the with every slain Widowmaker he would recall the face of greatness
Clans as some grand social experiment undertaken by a madman, and vision that had died at their hand. He would make things right.
everything might fall apart. The moment anyone doubted Nicholas’s He would preserve the Clans. He would—
vision, the sooner the Clans would drift. The caste hierarchy would Right then, five more blips appeared on his scopes. Widowmakers
dissolve, and unremitting warfare would engulf the entirety of Clan all, heading in his direction rather than running away.
space, just like it had torn apart the Inner Sphere and the Pentagon. Alicia’s comm channel light blinked with even more insistence.
If Jerome did not uphold Nicholas’s laws, how long before the Clans He keyed on the channel, expecting to hear some scathing diatribe.
were no more? Instead she sounded on the verge of tears.
He had to make it last, had to make it persevere. “My Khan,” she said, “we have already lost one great leader today.
For Nicholas’s sake. By all that is sacred, please tell me we will not lose another!”
One slip, and everything would be lost. Jerome blinked. Swallowed the blood under his tongue. Gazed
He vowed to be that vital nail in the horseshoe from that ancient out past the melted and bent frame of his cockpit’s ferroglass
Terran proverb. He would be that one nail responsible for saving an canopy. A cold sense of dread washed over him.
entire kingdom from complete and total annihilation. And to do I must be the nail that holds the kingdom together, he reminded
that he had to mercilessly hunt down each and every one of the himself. As much as he burned for revenge, preserving Nicholas’s
Widowmakers. Whether or not they had fired the shot, whether legacy had to come first.
or not Cal Jorgensson had planned this from the beginning and “Star Colonel Radick,” he replied, “you now have operational
willfully murdered Nicholas, Jerome had to punish the ilKhan’s killers. command. I am returning to base for field repairs but will return at
His friend’s killers. Anything less than that would convey the message my earliest convenience. Good hunting.”
that Nicholas’s principles were morally flexible and not worth all the Jerome turned his Marauder away from the incoming enemy.
blood, sweat, and anguish that had forged them. Disengaging from the Widowmakers was the hardest decision he
had ever made, but it had to be done.
For Nicholas’s sake.




Welcome to the next installment in the series of Operational The Combatants section gives details of the units who
Turning Points campaign books, designed to give players participated in the conflict and can be used by players who wish
the opportunity to fight in a landmark conflict from the to add authenticity to their game. While the units who actually
Clans’ tumultuous history. Operational Turning Points: Widowmaker participated in the battles are noted, in most cases the numbers on
Absorption uses both Mission and Touchpoint Tracks to let players each side are left undetermined. This allows the players to pursue
fight a full-fledged, multi-world campaign. the tracks with different forces as they wish. The rough ratio of forces
on each side is provided as a guideline. Players should feel free to
The general information contained in the Atlas and Combatants balance the forces in each track as they see fit, whether by battle
sections gives players the tools needed to fight an infinite number value, tonnage, total number of ’Mechs, or whatever else suits them.
of engagements, while the Tracks section gives details on some of
the more pivotal battles of the campaign. The Tracks sections can The Tracks section presents both Mission and Touchpoint tracks,
also be used with stand-alone games set in 2834. allowing player groups to build full-fledged campaigns set during
the events listed. A general guideline for how to begin fighting the
The Atlas section presents a global overview followed by some historical campaign is included in How to Use the Campaign. Each of
quick facts about some of the planets visited in this campaign. the Mission Tracks is reusable, and the Touchpoints cover several key
Included in this section you will find terrain tables broken into battles that occurred during the campaign, though they are not the
various categories. These tables can be used as a random chart to only ones. Players wishing to incorporate these tracks into their Chaos
determine the maps used in the tracks, or simply as a guide to give Campaign campaigns should use the Warchest Points (WP) listed in
you ideas of the types of terrain found on the world. This section the brackets. Optional points are awarded only if the group achieves
also contains a list of various additional terrain types, environment at least one Objective while using the listed option. Objective points
and other rules that can be used to enhance your game experience. are cumulative as they are achieved, unless otherwise noted.
All players should agree whether or not to use any or all of these
features before play begins. The Annex section contains two official Record Sheets. The first
is the custom Atlas II of ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky, followed by the
modified Highlander of Widowmaker Khan Cal Jorgensson.


Writing: Philip A. Lee Special Thanks: I’ve always found the early-Clan era fascinating since
Project Development: Ben H. Rome it allows us to see how the Clans we know and love (or hate, depending
Production Staff on one’s viewpoint) came to be. I’d like to thank the fans who continue to
trumpet their love/hatred of the Clans. My gratitude goes out to Ben, for
Art Director: Brent Evans giving me the opportunity to flesh out a part of the Clans’ early history in
Assistant Art Director: Ray Arrastia a way that shows both sides of the equation, and to my Significant Other,
Cover Design: Ray Arrastia Carrie, for morally supporting this venture. Seyla!
Spider Type cover font: Filiz Sahin
New Artwork: Mike Perry, Bryan Sevilla For more information about Clan Widowmaker and their Trial of
Layout: Kara Hamilton Absorption, please see Wolf Clan Sourcebook, Jade Falcon Sourcebook, Field
New Unit Logos: David Kerber Manual: Warden Clans, Field Manual: Crusader Clans, The Clans: Warriors of
Record Sheets: Johannes Heidler Kerensky, Historical: Operation Klondike, and Era Digest: Golden Century.

Factchecking/Playtesting: Roy Carl, Rich Cencarik, Stephan A. ©2014 The Topps Company Inc. All rights Reserved. Operational Turning Points: Widowmaker Absorption,
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IRONHOLD As the second-closest habitable system to Strana Mechty, Ironhold
became a natural expansion choice for Clans who did not relish the
Star Type (Recharge Time): K4V (198 hours) idea of sharing Huntress with Clan Smoke Jaguar. Early, pre-KLONDIKE
Position in System: 2 (of 8) colonization efforts by the Jade Falcons, Ice Hellions, and Wolves led
Time to Jump Point: 4.31 days to minor clashes between the three, until the Jade Falcons gained
Number of Satellites: 2 complete control of the system in 2819. Since then, other Clans have
Surface Gravity: 1.1 been unable—or unwilling—to gain a foothold on the Falcon capital.
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature: 20º C Ironhold’s claim to infamy lies in the middle of the Steitz Plains,
Surface Water: 70 percent a desolate scrubland far from civilization. Here on this ground, the
Highest Native Life: Birds Founder of the Clans, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky, was killed in battle by
Population (2834): 117,000 traitorous and illegal actions during the Widowmakers’Trial of Refusal
over their Absorption vote. Although the ilKhan’s ashes were interred
Ironhold, a cold and inhospitable world, is dominated by in the Kerensky Bloodchapel on Strana Mechty, a cenotaph featuring
large, rocky stretches of tundra. Two of its five major continents a bronze sculpture of his Atlas II was erected on the exact spot where
spanning the equator offer more temperate climes. However, he died. After the Falcons lost a Trial of Refusal over visitation rights
many settlements—mostly warrior caste installations and sibko for the site, they began grudgingly allowing warriors from other Clans
training facilities—were purposely built in the colder regions for to visit the monument and reflect on the Founder’s final moments.
toughening up cadets or allowing warriors the chance to train in
extreme weather conditions. Freak blizzards that occur closer to the DAGDA
large polar regions claim at least a few warriors and cadets each year.
Because of this, Clan warriors and warrior-hopefuls treat the poles Star Type (Recharge Time): K4V (195 hours)
with a deep superstition. They believe the deep and penetrating Position in System: 3 (of 8)
snows will only claim those unworthy of the warrior caste, so those Time to Jump Point: 4.31 days
lost in such manner do not warrant search parties. Those few that do Number of Satellites: 2
return to civilization after being lost in the blizzards are afforded an Surface Gravity: 1.1
almost legendary awe from their peers. Atm. Pressure: Low (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature: 25º C
Ironhold’s mines commonly produce germanium, cobaltite, and Surface Water: 60 percent
sphalerite. Since much of the planet’s mineral wealth lies beyond the Highest Native Life: Mammals
arctic circles, many mining and processing facilities also lay as close Population (2834): 115,000
to the more temperate regions as possible, purely for safety reasons.
Search parties for miners lost in the unforgiving snowstorms rarely OfallfivePentagonworlds, Dagdaisperhapsthemostgeologically
return successful, if they ever return at all. active. Its six continents regularly see eruptions and lava flows, which
resulted in most of the planet’s life developing in the oceans. Because
TERRAIN TABLES of this, Dagda has a thriving aquaculture industry that employs large,
floating platforms capable of following the paths of migrating fish.
IRONHOLD Several mining centers span Dagda’s surface, with notable facilities
Note: May use Deep Snow modification (see p. 41, TO). near the cities of Borodino and Graz on the continent of Riva.

WOODED / HILLS Result Map Dagda is home to the nova cat, Clan Nova Cat’s totem animal;
1 Scattered Woods (MS2, MSC2) the sphinx raptor, notable as a prospective Clan totem that did not
2 make the cut; and the seawolf, an enigmatic mammal that spawned
3 Desert Hills (MS2, MSC1) several local legends.
Woodland (MS6, MSC2)
4 During Operation KLONDIKE, Dagda saw some of the hardest
5 Rolling Hills #1 (MS3, MSC1) fighting in the whole Pentagon. The initial four Clans assigned to
6 Rolling Hills #2 (MS3, MSC1) liberate the planet—Burrock, Fire Mandrill, Goliath Scorpion, and
Heavy Forest #1 (MS4, MSC1) Widowmaker—ran into series after series of setbacks. Hardware
failures, internal conflicts, behavioral issues, personnel and materiel
IRONHOLD loss, and countless other delays led to the ilKhan benching most
Note: May use Thin Snow modification (see p. 52, TO). of Dagda’s invading forces and reactivating two triumphant Clans
from the concluded Eden campaign. Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon
LIGHT URBAN Result Map were given the primary tasks of assaulting the Brotherhood of
1 City (Residential) (MS6, MSC2) Donegal’s infamous Black Brian fortress while the initial four Clans
were given lesser duties. The Widowmakers were furious at having
2 City (Suburbs) (MS6, MSC2, HPCR) their glory stolen from them, and they would continue to stew in
their hatred for another twelve years.
3 City (Hills/Residential) #1* (MS3, MSC1)
Dagda also served as the site for an historic combat trial between
4 City (Hills/Residential) #2* (BT, MS3, MSC1) the Widowmakers and the Wolves. Wolf merchants approached
Widowmaker merchants to barter for bauxite, but the Widowmaker
5 City (Downtown) (MS6, MSC2) khans rebuffed the offer outright. The Wolves then declared a Trial of
6 City Ruins§ (MS2, MSC1) Possession instead, which according to Clan law the Widowmakers
could not refuse. The Wolves defeated the Widowmakers in a
*Place buildings of varying size, height, and strength in all non-Paved hexes. brutal fight on the Imbros Plains and won a year’s worth of bauxite
§Place 3D6 buildings of varying size, height, and strength on Paved hexes. production from their rival’s Dagda mines.





Star Type (Recharge Time): F2V (173 hours) Note: May replace Wooded hexes with Magma (crust)
Position in System: 1 (of 1)
Time to Jump Point: 18.75 days modification (see p. 36, TO).
Number of Satellites: 7
Surface Gravity: 0.8 Result Map
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature: 40ºC 1 Scattered Woods (MS2, MSC2)
Surface Water: 50 percent
Highest Native Life: Reptiles WOODED 2 Woodland (MS6, MSC2)
Population (2834): 51,300
3 Open Terrain #2 (BT, MS5, MSC1)
Found during the initial stellar surveys after the Second Exodus,
Roche earned a reputation as the planet that nobody wanted. 4 Coast #2 (MS7)
While a surface glance showed the conditions for a mild, habitable
desert world, hellish sandstorms plagued the landscape on a 5 Rolling Hills #2 (MS3, MSC1)
near-constant basis. Roche’s strange and unpredictable climate
dogged the first few colonists who attempted to settle in 2807. The 6 River Delta/Drainage Basin #2 (MS4, MSC1)
perpetual ravages of the storms prompted the settlers to quietly
abandon the planet less than two years later. DAGDA

The system would lay silent until 2812, when the leadership of Note: May replace Wooded hexes with Magma (crust)
Clan Widowmaker sought a quiet corner of the Kerensky Cluster to
call their own. Widowmaker Khan Jason Karrige ordered a modest modification (see p. 36, TO).
contingent to recolonize Roche, and within five years the Clan had
constructed strongholds capable of withstanding inclement weather. Result Map
The largest of these fortresses was Spiderholm, a military base
featuring a massive system of subterranean catacombs and tunnels. HEADLAND 1 Desert Mountain #1 (MS3, MSC1)

Over the next decade, the Widowmakers quietly transferred 2 Desert Mountain #2 (MS3, MSC1)
personnel and materiel reserves to Roche, in hopes of eventually
naming the planet as its capital once the dust from Operation 3 Desert Sinkhole #1 (MS3, MSC1)
KLONDIKE had settled down. The unexpected death of Khan
Jason Karrige during the Annihilation of Clan Wolverine placed 4 Desert Hills (MS2, MSC1)
these plans on hold until 2825, when a detachment of Goliath
Scorpions arrived unannounced at Roche, expecting to find the 5 Coast #1* (MS7)
planet uninhabited. Surprised Scorpion warriors challenged the
Widomakers to a Trial of Possession and won the right to build 6 Coast #2* (MS7)
an enclave on the Priam Plateau, a tableland on Roche’s largest
continent, Marais. With the existence of Spiderholm revealed to the *Treat all Water hexes as being at elevation Sublevel 15.
rest of the Clans, the Widowmakers had no choice but to make their
new capital public knowledge. ROCHE
Note: May use Sand modification (see p. 39, TO) on Clear hexes.
The two Clans lived in relative peace on Roche until the
battle of Porthos during the Widowmaker Absorption. After the DESERT Result Map
Scorpion’s senior khan was killed in the conflict, Clan Wolf ceded 1 River Delta/Drainage Basin #1* (MS4, MSC1)
the Widowmaker enclave over to them. The Scorpions refurbished 2
Spiderholm and made it their own, later rechristening the twisted 3 Desert Hills (MS2, MSC1)
fortress as the Temple of the Nine Muses. Desert Sinkhole #1 (MS3, MSC1)

OPTIONAL RULES 4 Mountain Lake* (MS2, MSC1)
If all players agree, the following effects from Tactical Operations 5 Desert Sinkhole #2 (MS3, MSC1)
(TO) are suggested to add specific aspects to the various tracks. See 6 River Delta/Drainage Basin #2* (MS4, MSC1)
p. 69, TO, for the appropriate tables. *Treat all Water hexes as being Sublevel 1 Clear hexes and all Woods
hexes as Clear.

Note: May use Thin Snow modification (see p. 52, TO).

Result Map

HEAVY URBAN 1 City (Downtown) (MS6, MSC2)

2 City (Residential) (MS6, MSC2)

3 City (Suburbs) (MS6, MSC2, HPCR)

4 City (Hills/Residential) #1* (MS3, MSC1)

5 City Street Grid/Park #2* (MS4, MSC1)

6 Drop Port #1 (MS7)

*Place buildings of varying size, height, and strength in all non-Paved hexes.

Base Terrain Types Base Weather Types
Ironhold: Flora/Fauna, Water Ironhold: Rain, Snow
Dagda: General, Atmospheric Pressure (use result 3), Hostile (use Dagda: Combined
results 2 and/or 5) Roche: Wind, Combined Weather (use result 4)
Roche: Ground (use results 1, 2, and/or 3)




The Random Assignment Tables are meant to be used by players wishing to determine their forces randomly, or help them determine

the likely equipment used by each side during the campaign. Players are not required to use these tables, especially when using player-
group units. To randomly assign pilot quality, see the appropriate tables in Total Warfare (see p. 273, TW).

2 MON-66b Mongoose [25] SL-1G Sling [25] HER-1Sb Hermes [30]
MEDIUM ’MECHS 3 LCT-1Vb Locust [20] LCT-1Vb Locust [20]
4 HER-1Sb Hermes [30] HER-1Sb Hermes [30] FFL-3SLE Firefly [30]
HEAVY ’MECHS 5 Icestorm [25] SDR-5V Spider [30]
6 STG-3Gb Stinger [20] THE-Nb Thorn [20]
ASSAULT ’MECHS 7 MON-66 Mongoose [25] OTT-7Jb Ostscout [35] MCY-99 Mercury [20]
8 SPR-5F Spector [35] JVN-10P Javelin [30] STG-3Gb Stinger [20]
9 MCY-99 Mercury [20] LCT-1Vb Locust [20] NTK-2Q Night Hawk [35]
10 OTT-7Jb Ostscout [35] TLN-5W Talon [35] SDR-5V Spider [30]
11 HSR-200-Db Hussar [30] PNT-9R Panther [35] MON-66 Mongoose [25]
12 Locust IIC [25] HSR-200-D Hussar [30] FLC-4NB Falcon [30]
FS9-H Firestarter [35]
2D6 CLAN WOLF TLN-5W Talon [35]
2 KTO-19b Kintaro [55] Icestorm [25]
3 HBK-4G Hunchback [50] CLAN (OTHER)
4 Shadow Hawk IIC [45] CLAN WIDOWMAKER CRB-27b Crab [50]
5 STN-3Lb Sentinel [40] Stag II [45] PXH-1b Phoenix Hawk [45]
6 CRB-27b Crab [50]
7 GRF-2N Griffin [55] GRF-2N Griffin [55] Mercury II [40]
8 PXH-1b Phoenix Hawk [45] DV-6M Dervish [55] STN-3Lb Sentinel [40]
9 STY-3C Starslayer [50] HBK-4G Hunchback [50] Shadow Hawk IIC [45]
10 WTH-1 Whitworth [40] STY-3C Starslayer [50] GRF-1N Griffin [55]
11 HOP-4Bb Hoplite [55] WVE-5Nb Wyvern [45]
12 LNX-9Q Lynx [55] CRB-27 Crab [50]
HOP-4Bb Hoplite [55] Conjurer [50]
2D6 CLAN WOLF PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk [45] SCP-1N Scorpion [55]
2 EXT-4Db Exterminator [65] KY2-D-02 Kyudo [45] SHD-2Hb Shadow Hawk [55]
3 ARC-2Rb Archer [70]
4 WHM-6Rb Warhammer [70] VL-5T Vulcan [40] Stag [45]
5 CRD-2R Crusader [65] ASN-21 Assassin [40]
6 CPLT-C1 Catapult [65] CLAN (OTHER)
7 MAD-2R Marauder [75] CLAN WIDOWMAKER MAD-1R Marauder [75]
8 CHP-1Nb Champion [60] GLT-3N Guillotine [70] BMB-12D Bombardier [65]
9 WHM-7A Warhammer [70] TDR-5Sb Thunderbolt [65]
10 GLH-2D Galahad [60] OSR-2Cb Ostroc [60] ARC-2Rb Archer [70]
11 FLS-8K Flashman [75] GLH-2D Galahad [60] LNC25-01 Lancelot [60]
12 ON1-V Orion [75] BL-6b-KNT Black Knight [75] WHM-7A Warhammer [70]
TDR-5Sb Thunderbolt [65]
2D6 CLAN WOLF Glass Spider [60]
2 HGN-732b Highlander [90] LNC25-01 Lancelot [60] CTS-6Y Cestus [65]
3 CRK-5003-1b Crockett [85] WHM-7A Warhammer [70] MAD-2R Marauder [75]
4 STK-3Fb Stalker [85] FLS-8K Flashman [75] BL-6b-KNT Black Knight [75]
5 LGB-7Q Longbow [85] CPLT-C1 Catapult [65]
6 BLR-1Gb BattleMaster [85] ST-8A Shootist [70] EXC-B2 Excalibur [70]
7 Marauder IIC [85] EXT-4Db Exterminator [65]
8 IMP-1C Imp [100] CLAN (OTHER)
9 AWS-8Q Awesome [80] CLAN WIDOWMAKER Bane [100]
10 TDK-7X Thunder Hawk [100] NSR-9J Nightstar [95]
11 KGC-000 King Crab [100] KCG-000b King Crab [100] EMP-6A Emperor [90]
12 AS7-D-H Atlas II [100] SHG-2H Shogun [85] THE-11Eb Thug [80]
AWS-8Q Awesome [80] LGB-7Q Longbow [85]
STK-3Fb Stalker [85]
BLR-1Gb BattleMaster [85] Marauder IIC [85]
ANH-1X Annihilator [100] CRK-5003-1 Crockett [85]
THE-11Eb Thug [80]
PLG-3Z Pillager [100] Wakazashi [85]
HGN-732b Highlander [90] STK-3Fb Stalker [85]
RFL-3N-2 Rifleman II [80] ANH-1X Annihilator [100]

Pulverizer [85]
AS7-D Atlas [100]




2 RGU-133Eb Rogue [40] TRN-3T Trident [20] F-10 Cheetah [25] 2 Kanga [50]H
3 Tomahawk C [45] SWF-606 Swift [25] ZRO-116 Zero [35] 3 Galleon GAL-100 [30]T
4 SPD-502 Spad [30] LTN-G15b Lightning [50] 4 Cyrano (Royal) [30]V
5 GTHA-500b Gotha [60] HCT-213C Hellcat II [50] Tomahawk C [45] 5 Goblin [45]T
6 RGU-133Eb Rogue [40] GTHA-500b Gotha [60] TRN-3T Trident [20] 6 Burke (Royal) [75]T
7 CSR-V12b Corsair [50] GTHA-500b Gotha [60] 7 Zephyr [40]H
8 SB-27b Sabre [25] ZRO-116 Zero [35] EGL-6Rb Eagle [75] 8 Von Luckner (LRM) [75]T
9 IRN-SD1b Ironsides [65] RGU-133Eb Rogue [40] HCT-213 Hellcat [60] 9 Alacorn Mk. VI [95]T
10 RPR-100b Rapier [85] CSR-V12b Corsair [50] STU-K5b Stuka [100] 10 Demon (Royal) [60]W
11 Swift C [25] THK-63b Tomahawk [45] AHB-443b Ahab [90] 11 Nightshade (Royal) [25]V
12 HMR-HDb Hammerhead [75] 12 Turhan [50]W
AEROSPACE FIGHTERS HCT-213 Hellcat [60] Swift C [25]
VEHICLESCHP-W5b Chippewa [90]

Xerxes [85]



UNTANGLING THE WEB.................

Clan Widowmaker, the second of Nicholas Kerensky’s Clans to fall, At first, Jorgensson seemed to have the upper hand, but
first sowed the seeds of their eventual destruction during Operation Winson’s steady, consistent marksmanship soon turned the duel
KLONDIKE. During the campaign to liberate the Pentagon world of in his favor. With Winson seemingly moments away from disabling
Dagda, Widowmaker saKhan Mariel Sanders was mortally injured by Jorgensson’s Highlander, a Star of Widowmaker ’Mechs violated
a botched assassination attempt on 22 October 2821. Her eventual the Circle of Equals and came to their khan’s defense. To counter
death spurred her Clan to exact revenge upon the very civilians they this breach of protocol, Kerensky and other members of the Grand
were meant to liberate. Kerensky then ordered the Widowmakers Council rushed in to defend Winson. In the middle of the melee, Cal
benched, and the Clan could do nothing but fume as Clans Wolf and Jorgensson’s large laser discharged and struck the cockpit of the
Jade Falcon were brought in to finish the Widowmakers’ campaign. Kerensky’s Atlas II. Unfortunately, medical aid could not revive the
Clans’visionary founder. Whether purposefully or by sheer accident,
In 2823, fresh from the battlefields of the Pentagon, many Clans Khan Jorgensson had signed his Clan’s death warrant: the death of
found adjusting to peacetime difficult, and Clan Wolverine was the first Nicholas Kerensky meant the Widowmakers had lost their Trial of
to rebel against the ideals of the Clan Way. The Grand Council voted to Refusal and would have to fight for their right to remain a Clan.
punish their wayward brethren by declaring aTrial of Possession against
the offending Clan’s resources. Several Clans took part, but the bidding Incensed at the outcome of the Widowmakers’ perceived
for the final slot came down to Clans Wolf and Widowmaker. The treachery, Winson and the whole of Clan Wolf attacked all
Widowmakers wanted to embarrass the Wolves for stealing their glory Widowmakers in sight. The Trial of Absorption transformed into a
during KLONDIKE, so they pushed the bid down to dangerous levels Trial of Annihilation in all but name as Wolf warriors hunted down
and then pulled out, leaving the Wolves to prosecute the trial with very every Widowmaker on Ironhold. For three days the Wolves scoured
spare forces. When the Wolves managed to defeat the Wolverines with Ironhold, exterminating any trace of the Widowmaker warriors
minimal help from other Clans, the Widowmakers accused the Wolves Jorgensson had on station in case he lost the Trial of Refusal and
of cheating, and the Wolves claimed the Widowmakers had abused the needed to fight a Trial of Absorption.
bidding system. Thus perpetuated the feud that would ultimately seal
the Widowmakers’fate.

The years that followed saw the two Clans trading brutal jabs
back and forth. The Trials of Possession waged between the Wolves
and Widowmakers often disregarded the rules of combat laid down
by the Grand Council when it suited the situation. In 2833, matters
finally came to a head. The Widowmakers, long known for their
strict treatment of their civilian castes, found their merchant
caste rebelling. The merchants lodged an official complaint
before the Grand Council, which led Widowmaker Khan Cal
Jorgensson to order the arrest and execution of all merchant
caste leaders connected to the dissent. The Widowmakers then
accused the Wolves of inciting and encouraging the unrest,
which Wolf Khan Jerome Winson denied.

In the Grand Council, Winson called Clan Widowmaker’s
right to rule into question. Jorgensson claimed the civilian
dispute was an internal matter, but the Grand Council overruled
him, and Winson championed the call for a Trial of Absorption
against the Widowmakers. The motion carried; Jorgensson
immediately declared a Trial of Refusal.

The Trial of Refusal, overseen by ilKhan Nicholas
Kerensky and the members of the Grand
Council, began on the Steitz Plains of
Ironhold. Ten Stars of Widowmakers led by
Jorgensson faced off against eleven Clan Wolf
Stars commanded by Winson. Early fighting proved
swift and fierce, as each Clan employed frontal assaults,
with no holds barred. Both Winson and Jorgensson met in the
middle of the battle, and a Trial of Grievance between the
two resulted in single combat. ’Mechs from both sides and
the Grand Council formed a Circle of Equals around the
two combatants, and the battle quickly turned to a
standstill as all eyes watched the two khans fight.



UNTANGLING THE WEB.................

The Widowmakers did not go quietly, however. Although the The Wolves tracked Vordermark to Porthos, an abandoned
sheer ferocity of the Wolves’ initial assault following Kerensky’s city near the Goliath Scorpion enclave at Priam Plateau. Scorpion
death caught the rest of the 194th Crusader Cluster completely off warriors observed the battle as Vordermark drew the Wolves into a
guard, Widowmaker Star Colonel Tamra Vickers managed to rally trap. When it was clear the Wolves were in danger, Goliath Scorpion
the 194th for a surprise offensive on Wolves attempting to assault Loremaster Ethan Moreau charged into the city to warn them
their staging areas in the Deltiri Taiga. On the third full day of without tipping off the Widowmakers until it was too late. Moreau’s
fighting on Ironhold, Vickers pushed through the initial Wolf screens khan, Cyrus Elam, and a group of Scorpions followed Moreau into
and managed to secure an HPG complex and some minor supply Porthos and came to theWolves’aid. During the fighting, however, an
depots. The remains of the 194th and the Fourth Fang dug in, in artillery barrage of undetermined origin rained down upon the city,
hopes of delaying the inevitable counterattack. By the end of the killing both Khan Elam and saKhan Vordermark and leveling a good
day, Clan Wolf overran the Widowmakers’ position, but the damage portion of the city itself. At first Jerome Winson was furious at the
had already been done. Star Colonel Vickers had sent a message to Scorpions’ interference, but he soon accepted that Ethan Moreau’s
Roche, to warn the Widowmaker capital of an impending attack. The surkairede to Nicholas Kerensky extended to all of Clan Wolf. As
message was then relayed to their sizable enclaves on Dadga and formal recognition of Moreau’s vow, the Scorpions’ assistance, and
their lesser holdings in systems throughout the Kerensky Cluster. Khan Elam’s tragic sacrifice, Winson ceded Spiderholm and most of
The Widowmakers’ unimportant enclaves were evacuated in order the Widowmaker’s enclave on Roche to them.
to bolster the defenses of the Clan’s most important assets.
With the Widowmakers’ senior leadership destroyed, the
On Dagda, Clans Burrock and Jade Falcon offered to assist the remains of the Clan scattered, and the few holdouts were easily
Wolves in their crusade against the Widowmaker menace. (The Jade hunted down across half a dozen worlds. Due to the Wolves’
Falcons would later reveal they had only offered their help in hopes incendiary wrath over Nicholas Kerensky’s death, very few
of laying claim to some of the Widowmakers’ Dagda assets once Widowmaker warriors survived to become adopted into the
the dust settled.) The Wolves grudgingly accepted, and all three Wolves’ warrior caste. Much to the dismay of other Clans, the
Clans descended upon the Widowmaker’s enclave in a concerted Wolves then claimed all of the Widowmakers’ assets, and the
campaign. Quick and decisive combat culminated in only two Windowmakers’ civilian castes welcomed the Wolves’ leadership.
Widowmaker MechWarriors surviving to be claimed as isorla. Clan Jade Falcon challenged the idea, but the Grand Council
struck down the dispute after the Falcon leadership lost a Trial of
On Roche, Clan Widowmaker’s capital, the military fortress of Refusal. Once the Wolves incorporated all of the Widowmakers’
Spiderholm shored up its defenses and prepared for a bloodbath. civilians and materiel, they became the most powerful Clan, and
SaKhan Kyle Vordermark, who had managed to use the chaos on Jerome Winson was elected to the position of ilKhan.
Ironhold to escape the massacre, led the remains of his Clan against
Clan Wolf’s assault. The Wolves’ teeth proved too much for the
Widowmakers to bear, and Spiderholm fell—but not before saKhan
Vordermark managed to escape by using Spiderholm’s vast network
of underground tunnels to disappear.




Rank: Khan, Clan Wolf Rank: Khan, Clan Widowmaker
Born: 2755 (79 in 2834) Born: 2761 (73 in 2834)

Originally from Gallery in the Lyran Commonwealth, Jerome Throughout his entire life, Cal Jorgensson allowed sibling rivalry
Winson quickly rose to the rank of major in the SLDF during to motivate him. After graduating from secondary school in the
the Amaris coup. A staunch supporter of Aleksandr Kerensky’s Draconis Combine’s Rasalhague district, he spent his life wandering
philosophies, Winson accompanied Kerensky into exile, choosing to from one failed pursuit to another. Not until his younger brother
leave behind his wife in the Inner Sphere. His thoughtful guidance of Hans convinced him to enlist in the SLDF with him did Cal decide to
Aleksandr’s two sons placed him in Nicholas’s favor, which led to his follow in his footsteps. Always two steps behind Hans’s impeccable
eventual appointment as khan of Clan Wolf after the Second Exodus. service record, Cal resented his younger brother’s seemingly easy
successes and developed a reputation for brashness just so his
Unlike many of his fellow khans, Winson always kept his calm superiors would notice him. When Hans chose to join in Kerensky’s
when under fire, whether in a combat trial or in Grand Council Exodus, Cal did the same. After settling in the Pentagon, Hans chose
sessions—the immediate aftermath of Nicholas Kerensky’s death honorable discharge from the SLDF to raise his family, but Cal
being the sole recorded exception. UnderWinson’s careful leadership, passed Kerensky’s strict assessments and remained in service.
Clan Wolf became the first out of Nicholas’s twenty Clans to declare
themselves combat ready for Operation KLONDIKE. Winson’s natural After the Second Exodus, Cal specifically requested he and Hans—
aptitude for battlefield leadership pushed his Clan to rousing success who had chosen to reenlist during the Pentagon Civil War—be placed
in the campaign to liberate Eden and convinced ilKhan Kerensky to in different Clans. Having earned his place within the new order, Cal
reactivate them for further operations on Dagda. did not want to share the spotlight with his brother. When Nicholas
Kerensky awarded Hans one of the khanships, Cal was furious that he
After Kerensky was killed in 2834, Winson was elected ilKhan, received nothing. Careful planning got him the ear of Widowmaker Khan
and he led the Clans into an era of prosperity. In 2851 he suffered Jason Karrige, and when saKhan Mariel Sanders died during KLONDIKE,
a massive stroke that permanently robbed him of motor function. Karrige ensured Cal was elected to her position. Upon Karrige’s death,
Rather than continue to lead with crippling disability, he chose to Cal finally elevated beyond his own brother’s accomplishments.
end his life.
His victory was short-lived, as his leadership of Clan Widowmaker
Special Abilities: A graduate of the Nagelring, Jerome Winson was marred by rivalry and disaster. This culminated in Cal’s killing of
is an Elite-level MechWarrior and an inspiring leader. He has the ilKhan Kerensky, which some theorize was Cal’s carefully plotted
Multi-Tasker and Tactical Genius special abilities and the Patient revenge for being passed over as a founding khan. After a short
trait. Winson also possesses a +4 Reputation due to his standing military tribunal on the spot where the ilKhan died, Cal Jorgensson
as senior khan of Clan Wolf and as the ilKhan’s right hand man. His was publicly executed before the Grand Council.
inspirational aura also conveys a +4 Skill Roll modifier in Leadership.




Special Abilities: Cal Jorgensson is a Veteran-level MechWarrior.
More of a politician than a tactician, he gains a +3 bonus to all
Acting, Negotiation, and Protocol Skill Rolls. He also possesses the
Marksman special ability.

In any situation involving his brother Hans Jorgensson—
regardless of whether Hans is present or not—Cal has a –2 TP in
Compulsion (One-upmanship), as he strives to show the Clans which
Jorgensson brother is superior.

Rank: Star Colonel, 194th Crusader Cluster, Clan Widowmaker
Born: 2760 (74 in 2834)

As the daughter of a mining magnate, Tamra Vickers grew up
in a relative lap of luxury in the Lyran Commonwealth’s Trellshire
Province. The distance of Trell I from the fighting in the Amaris-
occupied Terran Hegemony kept her out of harm’s way, but in
2771, all of that changed. A pirate raid—assumed to be backed
by the Draconis Combine to take advantage of the SLDF’s
preoccupation—struck the planet, leaving the offices of Vickers
Mining in utter shambles and their storehouses empty. Once
Tamra came of age, she chose to enlist in Trell I’s militia to prevent
her planet from ever suffering such an attack again. Before long,
her natural martial aptitude attracted the attention of local
SLDF recruiters, and she found herself on the rolls of the 194th
Mechanized Infantry Division.

Vickers, a colonel during the Pentagon Civil War, suffered
a massive head injury when stray artillery fell on her Babylon
command post. She managed to hang on to life, but the trauma
elicited a noticeable change within her. She developed severe
mood swings, to the point her subordinates claimed she had been
split into two people. During the KLONDIKE campaign for Babylon,
Vickers would offer humanitarian aid for one group of liberated
civilians and then order the harshest of punishments—or even
execution—for a completely different group. Her tendency toward
cruelty only worsened following the assassination attempt on
saKhan Mariel Sanders.

During the opening battles of the Widowmakers’ de facto
Annihilation, Vickers held out as long as she could and made a
successful attempt to warn the rest of her Clan that the Wolves were
coming for them. She survived to become abtakha, but died less than

a year later, after seeing the wrong side of a Trial of Grievance.
Special Abilities: As a veteran of both the Pentagon Civil

War and Operation KLONDIKE, Tamra Vickers is an Elite-
level MechWarrior. Her injuries on Babylon have resulted
in her possessing the Unattractive Trait and a –3 TP in
Compulsion (Berserker Rage), which is triggered upon
the gamemaster’s discretion. Despite her handicap, her
intimidating demeanor affords her a +4 Skill Roll modifier
for Interrogation.




ETHAN MOREAU During an engagement against Clan Fire Mandrill
Rank: Loremaster, Clan Goliath Scorpion in 2851, Moreau’s ’Mech got stuck in a swamp on
Born: 2747 (87 in 2834) Marshall. Although he requested hegira, a dishonorable
Mattila-Carrol warrior executed him in his cockpit, thus
A native of the Free Worlds League’s Abbey District, Ethan earning the Goliath Scorpions’ wrath.
Moreau grew up with an appreciation for the SLDF protecting his Special Abilities: A classically trained SLDF Gunslinger
home province from bandit attacks. He enlisted in the SLDF, and with Elite-level skills, Loremaster Ethan Moreau possesses
his aptitudes earned him placement in the Gunslinger program the Sniper and Marksman special abilities. His constitution
at Aphros. The conscientious manner in which he prosecuted and exposure to goliath scorpion venom affords him the traits
engagements afforded him great respect amongst his men, which of Poison Resistance and Toughness, and his pledge to Nicholas
pushed him into the higher ranks of Fifteenth Army’s Eighty-first Kerensky gives him –2 TP in Compulsion (surkairede). A
BattleMech Division. Although Moreau struggled with Aleksandr conscientious historian and respected leader amongst
Kerensky’s call for Exodus, in the end Moreau and the Eighty-first
trusted Kerensky’s plan. his Clan, Moreau gains a +4 bonus to all
Negotiation and Leadership Skill Rolls.
Moreau remained general of his division throughout the
opening salvos of the Pentagon Civil War. When Kerensky’s son
Nicholas exhorted the SLDF to undertake a Second Exodus away
from the Pentagon, Moreau wrote the future ilKhan a sincere letter
saying he was tired of running away from war. Soon afterward, he
was reported killed in action.

After Nicholas’s Clans returned to the Pentagon, Ice Hellion
warriors found Moreau in a delirious
state atop an obsidian formation
that would be named Moreau’s
Dagger. That Moreau still lived
was a miracle, since multiple
goliath scorpions had stung
him with lethal doses
of venom. As the first
publicly documented
act of surkai among
the Clans, Moreau
pled with Nicholas
for forgiveness and
pledged to protect him
and his descendants. This
oath was tested in 2834, as
Widowmakers on Roche drew
Wolf warriors into a trap. Moreau
sprung the trap by leading a Goliath
Scorpion charge into the
city of Porthos.




This section lists the combat units active in the Widowmaker SEVENTH BATTLE CLUSTER
Absorption campaign. The Experience Level indicates which column [CLAN WOLF]
to roll on the Random Skills Table (see p. 273, TW) to determine each
unit’s skills. Unit Abilities are special game rules that apply to that CO: Star Colonel Britta Shaw
unit in combat; these abilities only apply to the timeframe of this Average Experience: Regular
OTP. Keep in mind these rules are optional, and all players should Unit Abilities: Due to the
agree to their use before gameplay begins. The Notes section gives Seventh’s disdain for ammo-
in-universe details on the unit to help give players a “feel” for the dependent weaponry, if a
command during the Widowmaker Absorption campaign. randomly rolled unit’s damage
potential from ammo-dependent
328TH ASSAULT CLUSTER weapons accounts for at least
[CLAN WOLF] half of the unit’s total damage
potential, the unit must be re-rolled; keep the second result. When
CO: Star Colonel Jal Ward the Seventh is engaged in battle against dishonorable or non-Clan
Average Experience: Elite opponents, they gain a +1 bonus to Initiative rolls.
Unit Abilities: Because of Notes: Originally a well-rounded Cluster, the Hungry Wolves
their drive and determination, the suffered a major setback early in its history. Not long after the
328th may use Overrun Combat Wolverine Annihilation, the Jade Falcons shattered the newly
(see p. 193, TO) when they are the formed Seventh in a trial on Eden. Clan Wolf attributes the loss
Attacker. Their pride in both their to the Seventh running out of ammunition during the extended
Clan and their Clan’s leadership engagement. Because of this, Star Colonel Shaw sought to rebuild
conveys into a +1 Initiative bonus the unit with as many non-ammo-dependent ’Mechs as possible.
if Wolf Khan Jerome Winson or saKhan Elise Fetladral is deployed on After some growing pains, Shaw forged the Seventh into a Cluster
the field alongside the 328th. capable of operating independently for long periods of time.
Notes: The Lion-Hearted is among the few Clan units that This independence makes the Seventh the Clan’s premier bandit-
Nicholas Kerensky allowed to retain ties to their SLDF history as hunting unit.
the 328th Royal BattleMech Division. As such, the warriors of the
328th take great pride in maintaining their traditions and martial ELEVENTH WOLF GUARDS
excellence. Because of their strict adherence to Clan mandate, the [CLAN WOLF]
328th was among the first of Khan Winson’s troops to adopt the
ilKhan’s proscription of BattleMechs conducting physical attacks. CO: Star Colonel Ma Carns
Average Experience: Veteran
341ST ASSAULT CLUSTER [CLAN WOLF] Unit Abilities: All warriors
CO: Star Colonel Alicia Radick of the Eleventh Wolf Guards are
Average Experience: Elite automatically considered to have
Unit Abilities: Due to their at least 1 point of Edge (see AToW,
pp. 42–43), including NPCs, which
fanatical patriotism, BattleMech allows them to re-roll the dice for
units from the 341st may use any one weapon attack or Piloting
Shielding rules (see p. 19, TO) to Skill Roll of the controller’s choice. This can only be used once per
protect Wolf Khan Jerome Winson, game. Additionally, instead of rolling on RATs to determine force
saKhan Elise Fetladral, or Star composition, the Eleventh Wolf Guards may choose any available
Colonel Alicia Radick. When a light or medium ’Mechs they wish. Any heavy ’Mechs must be rolled
unit is shielded in this manner, all randomly, and the Eleventh may not deploy any assault ’Mechs.
eligible weapon attacks targeting Notes: In the decade since their inception, the Eleventh Wolf
the shielded unit will receive an Guards maintain that they have never lost a single combat trial
additional +1 To-hit Roll modifier against another Clan. This has led to an overwhelming sense of
in addition to the standard modifier on the Shielding Table. superiority amongst the Cluster’s warriors. SaKhan Fetladral worries
this pride will demoralize the unit when they realize their first
Notes: One of the Clusters than can trace its lineage directly to inevitable defeat. In order to keep their spirits high and soften the
the SLDF, the Silver Blizzard has earned a reputation for exceptional blow when it comes, she has authorized the Lightning Pack to take
patriotism and is loyal to Clan Wolf’s leadership to a fault. Because of their pick from the light and medium ’Mechs that roll off Clan Wolf’s
their devotion, the warriors of the 341st will go out of their way to keep assembly lines.
their Clan’s leaders out of harm’s way. Warriors outside the unit—and
especially outside of Clan Wolf—view such actions as a violation of
honor, but Khan Winson has expressed gratitude for their devotion.





CO: Star Colonel Tamra Vickers CO: Star Colonel Maria Isaac
Average Experience: Elite Average Experience: Veteran
Unit Abilities: Whenever Star Unit Abilities: The Third Battle
Colonel Vickers is deployed along with Cluster may use Overrun Combat (see p.
members of the 194th, her unforgiving 193, TO) and earns a +1 Initiative bonus
nature forces MechWarriors of the 194th for every two BattleMech kills the Cluster
to ignore the first point of pilot damage makes during a track, to a maximum of
they suffer in a track (although ammo +3 for six kills. Due to their reputation for
explosions still inflict the full two points). Additionally, they ignore excessive ammunition expenditure, units from the Third must pay
the requirements for Forced Withdrawal (see p. 258, TW), and will twice the standard Support Point (SP) cost to rearm between tracks.
fight on until they—or their hardware—are no longer able to do so. Notes: The Third Battle Cluster’s roots stem from the SLDF’s
Notes: One of the first Widowmaker units to take shape, the 146th Mechanized Infantry Division, Star Colonel Isaac’s prior
194th was named in honor of the SLDF’s 194th Mechanized Infantry unit. While the ilKhan denied the Third’s right to acknowledge the
Division, the unit with which the late saKhan Mariel Sanders served. 146th’s history in its official designation, Isaac molded her unit into
Although its namesake was known for its humanitarian aid to its spiritual successor by adhering to the 146th’s traditions. At the
refugees, the founding members of the 194th were among the first conclusion of a battle, they will expend enough ammunition to
to lash out against the citizenry of Dagda in the wake of saKhan reduce marginally salvageable enemy hardware into slag. The rest of
Sanders’s death. The 194th boasts some of the best and most brutal Clan Widowmaker sees this practice as wasteful and thus antithetical
warriors Clan Widowmaker has to offer, and they follow orders to the to the Clan Way, but Star Colonel Isaac argues the tradition’s morale
letter. Their adherence to protocol and excellence is not out of any boost is worth the tradeoff.
devotion for Star Colonel Vickers but because they are afraid of her
and her tendency toward irrational violence. FIRST SPINNER CLUSTER
[CLAN WIDOWMAKER] CO: Star Colonel Santiago Conners
Average Experience: Elite
CO: Star Colonel Sherone Sender Unit Abilities: To reflect the First
Average Experience: Veteran Spinner Cluster’s uncooperative
Unit Abilities: The tactics employed attitude, the Cluster’s units operate
by the Fourth Fang mean they will under the rules for Communications
exclusively field units of Binary size, and Disruption (see p. 193, TO).
the component Stars in each Binary MechWarriors from the First possess
must be of differing weight classes. Also, the Brawlers ability (see p. 193, TO) and one warrior from each Star
warriors of the Fourth Fang Cluster are has either the Melee Specialist or the Demoralizer special ability
always considered to operate under Honor Level 1, with a Strict (player’s choice). The First Spinners will honor duels until they receive
interpretation (see p. 273–275, TW). The only reason they will forego crippling damage (see p. 258, TW), but they are regarded at Honor
zellbrigen is if the opponent violates it first. So long as they adhere Level 4 regarding physical attacks (see pp. 273–275, TW).
to zellbrigen within a track—even if the opponent does not—Fourth Notes: The founders of the First Spinner Cluster were among
Fang units gain a +1 bonus on all To-hit Rolls. Clan Widowmaker’s top performing MechWarriors during Operation
Notes: The Fourth Fang Cluster, one of founding Khan Jason KLONDIKE. When Nicholas benched the Widowmakers near the
Karrige’s post-KLONDIKE pet projects, has caused much controversy end of the Dagda campaign, the warriors who would form the
among the Clans that have faced it. The Cluster’s BattleMechs are foundations of the First Spinner Cluster took the matter personally,
organized into Binaries that operate as a pair of hunter-killer teams since they were not among those responsible for terrorizing their
designated asWeb and Palp Stars.The Fourth Fang have mastered the civilians. The First Spinners quickly grew into a bitter and violent
art of the bait-and-switch by luring opponents to attack the lighter unit that felt completely marginalized in spite of their stunning
Web Star while the Binary’s heavier Palp Star attacks unengaged battlefield successes. As such, they have a tendency to follow the
enemy ’Mechs from an unexpected direction. While some opponents spirit of an order rather than the letter of it, and they are not afraid
have claimed this tactic is dishonorable and violates zellbrigen, the to use physical attacks if an enemy ’Mech is foolish enough to
Fourth Fang maintain they have never purposely interfered with wander close.
ongoing duels during any engagement. Investigation of battleROMs
have thus far proven inconclusive.





CO: Star Colonel Maki Linn CO: Star Colonel Samuel Helmer
Average Experience: Veteran Average Experience: Veteran
Unit Abilities: Three-fourths of Unit Abilities: The First Falcon Strikers
the 1015th’s deployed force must are adept at firing while on the move.
consist of heavy- and assault-class For weapon attacks, reduce the attacker
’Mechs. The remaining one-fourth must consist of light and medium movement modifier by 1, to a minimum of
’Mechs. When facing bandits or other dezgra foes, the 1015th casts 0. As dictated by their combat philosophy
its net by using Banking Initiative, Off-Map Movement, and Zone of and Star Colonel Helmer’s mandate, the
Control (see pp. 192–193, TO). Strikers may only field ’Mechs with a Walking speed of 5 or more,
Notes: Formed after Operation Klondike, the 1015th Burrock regardless of weight class, and they will not field vehicles. In all
Guards generally act as a troubleshooting force for Clan Burrock situations, the Strikers will adhere to Honor Level 1 with a Strict
enclaves on Dagda. They pride themselves in their successes against interpretation (see pp. 273–275, TW); only when their opponent
bandits and other undesirables. Abjured elements of Clan society violates zellbrigen will the Strikers respond in kind. Under no
occasionally attempt to slip through the 1015th’s defenses and circumstances, however, will they engage in physical attacks, even if
cause trouble, but the Guards cast a wide search-and-destroy net the opponent uses them first.
and have yet to allow any real threats to escape them. The 1015th Notes: The First Falcon Strikers embody the essence of their
often request more honorable, high-profile combat assignments, Clan’s totem. Like the jade falcon, they strike fast and hard, prizing
but whether by design or not, they remain in their current role. mobility and firepower over the luxury of armor or the fancy tactics
that the Strikers believe other Clans employ just to show off. Star
Colonel Helmer holds them on a tight leash; rather than chafe against
it, the Strikers excel under his influence. Even when not in combat,
he drives them toward excellence using constant training. Helmer
began the First Strikers’tradition of holding regular, physical contests
amongst the members of the Cluster, with the winner acting as his
adjutant until the next contest is held.


CO: Loremaster Ethan Moreau
Average Experience: Veteran
Unit Abilities: One-third of the forces
fielded by theThird Scorpion Cuirassiers must
consist of either vehicles and/or infantry.
Due to the Cluster’s reputation for caution
and precision, after calculating the To-hit
number for a ranged attack, if the modified To-hit number is 11 or 12,
then the unit cannot take the shot: no ammunition is expended and
no heat is generated. Each member of the Third possesses the Sharp
Shooters ability (see p. 193, TO) and the Marksman special ability (see
p. 220, AToW).
Notes: As the Loremaster’s own handpicked unit, every member
of the Third Scorpion Cuirassiers maintains an interest in helping
Ethan Moreau document Clan history. A prospective warrior must
recite from memory any passage of Moreau’s choosing from the
Clan’s Remembrance in order to gain admittance to the Cluster. A
few non-scholarly Clanspeople have attempted to circumvent this
prerequisite with a Trial of Position, but Loremaster Moreau has
successfully won every instance. While the Third Cuirassiers are
scholars off the battlefield, their proclivity towards combined-arms
tactics often confuse the more ’Mech-oriented Clans, and their
pinpoint accuracy has been the envy of more than a few onlookers.




This campaign is designed to be played with a minimum of CREATING WIDOWMAKER UNITS
two players—one player uses either the Clan Wolf or the Clan (OPTIONAL)
Widowmaker force, while the other provides the opposition. More
players are welcome to participate—those groups with a large Clan Widowmaker operated oversized, combined-arms Stars
number of players may decide to have one person gamemaster (GM) with integral aerospace forces. For players wishing to reflect the
by spearheading track setups and answering any rules questions Widowmaker’s tactics, any time a Clan Widowmaker force is created
that may arise during the course of gameplay. for a player group or for opposing forces, each deployedWidowmaker
Star should contain the following elements:
Players are welcome to supplement or expand on the rules listed
with those from Total Warfare (TW), Tactical Operations (TO), Strategic Frontline Widowmaker Star: 5 BattleMechs, 2 aerospace
Operations (SO), or A Time of War (AToW). An ideal example is using fighters
the buildings rules from Total Warfare during certain tracks, or the
advanced weather and environment rules from Tactical Operations Second-line Widowmaker Star: 4 BattleMechs, 2 aerospace
and Strategic Operations. If using additional rules not presented in fighters, 2 combat vehicles
this product, all players must agree to their use. Any questions that
arise from using those rules should be decided by either group Note: All Widowmaker Clusters listed in the Combatants section
consensus or by a neutral GM. As a last resort, players may simply roll are considered Frontline units.
the dice to settle an issue.
To give an idea on how this campaign system can be run, the While players and gamemasters are free to design and play
following examples are provided. these tracks (and the campaign as a whole) however they wish, a
basic method may be played to give players some feel for the actual
THE SETUP: CLAN WOLF events of the Widowmaker Absorption campaign. The beginning
enumerated in The Setup above offers one way to launch your player
CAMPAIGN RULES groups into the campaign; certainly enterprising gamemasters and
Players using Clan Wolf forces for this campaign have access to players can find their own ways in, and the Next Track section of
each track offers suggestions of where to take the player-character
all of the units listed on their faction’s Random Assignment Tables groups after they’ve finished that track. The Mission Tracks may be
(see pp. 6-7). However, if the player unit is already constructed combined, replayed, or skipped in any order you wish: since they
beforehand, they may elect to use their initial units and use the RATs represent experiences rather than specific engagements, there will
to supplement repair or expansion. be little repetition.

Clan Wolf players may begin the campaign with one of the It is recommended that players proceed through the
following tracks: Trial of Possession, Trial of Grievance, or Touchpoint: Touchpoint tracks in order, however, since each corresponds to a
Ironhold (Trial of Refusal). When determining Opposing Forces, the notable engagement of the campaign. The tracks are presented
rolling player may choose from the Clan Widowmaker Random in chronological order for each world on the Wolves’ hunt, but if a
Assignment Tables (see pp. 6-7). player group chooses to be a Clan Burrock, Goliath Scorpion, or Jade
Falcon unit, some gamemastering may be needed to involve those
THE SETUP: CLAN WIDOWMAKER Clans in the early tracks.

Players using Clan Widowmaker forces for this campaign have

access to all of the units as listed on the Clan Widowmaker Random
Assignment Tables (see pp. 6-7). When randomly rolling to determine
weight class, a Clan Widowmaker player may opt to re-roll if the
result is the Light class, although the second result must be kept.
However, if the player unit is already constructed beforehand, they
may elect to use their initial units and use the RATs to supplement
repair or expansion.

Clan Widowmaker players may begin the campaign with one
of the following tracks: Trial of Grievance, Trial of Possession, or
Touchpoint: Ironhold (Trial of Refusal). When determining Opposing
Forces, the rolling player should choose from the Clan Wolf Random
Assignment Tables (see pp. 6-7).




By what right do we lay claim to this mine’s production? By the Way of the Clans as laid down
by ilKhan Kerensky! By the aim of our weapons! By our jaws collapsing around your throat!

—Star Colonel Alicia Radick, 341st Assault Cluster, Clan Wolf

How typical of the Founder’s chosen Clan in seeking to strengthen themselves and line their own coffers
at the expense of all others. We will show these Wolves the folly of that thinking and prove to them once
again that the ilKhan chose his Clan poorly.

—Personal log of Khan Cal Jorgensson, Clan Widowmaker

Recommended Terrain: Any two maps from the appropriate table Victory! Cripple or destroy all of the opposition’s deployed force

(see pp. 4-5) for whichever world your player group is currently on. [500]
The Defender chooses the mapsheets, places them in any legal
configuration, and designates one edge as the Defender’s home The following rules are in effect for this track:

Attacker Zellbrigen
Recommended Forces: Any Regarding duels, Clan Honor rules are considered to be in effect
The Attacker chooses their forces first and may choose which
for this track (see pp. 273–275, TW) at a minimum of Honor Level 2.
map edge to enter on. This edge is then designated the Attacker’s If the Attacker and Defender in this track are Clans Wolf and
home edge.
Widowmaker, units may make physical attacks without penalty.
Defender Physical attacks between these two factions are not considered to
Recommended Forces: Any violate zellbrigen.
The Defender’s force is determined after the Attacker has chosen
his forces and equals 100 percent of the Attacker’s deployed force. Trial of Grievance, Trial of Possession, or the next Touchpoint
The Defender’s force enters from their home edge.
(Touchpoint: Ironhold (Trial of Refusal) if none have been taken
WARCHEST previously).
Track Cost: 150 WP
Optional Bonus:

+100 At Cutdown: Due to savvy bidding in the batchall, the
opposing force equals 125 percent.




Perhaps it’s merely my imagination, but I could swear that before Nicholas introduced the
Trial of Grievance to our military code, people used to be a lot less touchy. Nowadays, it
seems like the trial grants them license and reason to get offended. Rather than brush off an
oblique remark, they’ll draw swords and go to war over it.

I hope this trend doesn’t overstay its welcome.
—Star Captain Haile Alberty, 328th Assault Cluster, Clan Wolf

You have insulted me and my Clan within the hallowed walls of the Hall of Khans for the last time! I demand
satisfaction in trial by combat!

—saKhan Kyle Vordermark, Clan Widowmaker

Recommended Terrain: Any two maps from the appropriate table Track Cost: 100 WP
Optional Bonus: None
(see pp. 4-5) for whichever world your player group is currently on.
The Defender chooses the mapsheets, places them in any OBJECTIVES
Quick Victory! Destroy the Aggrieved or Accused unit [250]
legal configuration, and designates one edge as the Defender’s Total Victory! Cripple or destroy all of the opposition’s deployed
home edge.
force [100]
Recommended Forces: Any (May be from the same faction as the SPECIAL RULES
The following rules are in effect for this track:
The Attacker chooses their forces first, up to 5 units maximum. The Aggrieved and the Accused
If either of these units is destroyed, the track immediately ends. If
They also choose which map edge to enter on. This edge is then
designated the Attacker’s home edge. the Aggrieved unit is destroyed, the Defender automatically wins. If
the Accused unit is destroyed, the Attacker automatically wins.
Designate one Attacking unit as the Aggrieved, the warrior who
called for the trial. Zellbrigen
Clan Honor rules are considered to be in effect for this track (see
Recommended Forces: Any (May be from the same faction as the pp. 273–275, TW) at Honor Level 1. In the event of a violation, the
track ends, and the violator loses the trial..
The Defender’s force is determined after the Attacker has chosen NEXT TRACK
Trial of Possession, Trial of Grievance, or the next Touchpoint
his forces and equals 100 percent of the Attacker’s deployed force.
The Defender’s force enters from their home edge. (Ironhold (Trial of Refusal) if none have been taken previously).

Designate one Defending unit as the Accused.



MISSION: PURSUIT...............................

You shall not suffer a Widowmaker to live.
—Khan Jerome Winson, Clan Wolf

These Wolves, they will hound us until we are forced to fight them even in our dreams.
—Personal log of Star Colonel Tamra Vickers, 194th Crusaders, Clan Widowmaker

Recommended Terrain: Any two maps from the appropriate table

(see pp. 4-5) for whichever world your player group is currently on.
The Defender chooses the mapsheets, arranges them so the

short sides are touching, and designates one edge as the Defender’s
home edge. The opposite edge is the Attacker’s home edge.

Recommended Forces: Any
The Attacker’s force is determined after the Defender has chosen
his forces and equals 100 percent of the Defender’s deployed force.
Half of the Attacker’s units (rounding up) enter from their home
edge. The remaining units enter from the same edge on Turn 3.
Recommended Forces: Any
The Defender chooses his forces first and may choose up to 5
units. The Defender’s force may deploy anywhere within 10 hexes
from the Attacker’s home edge.
Track Cost: 200 WP
Optional Bonuses:
+50 Inclement weather: Roll once on the appropriate weather
table (see p. 5) for whichever world your player group is currently on.
+50 Unexpected terrain: Roll once on the appropriate terrain
table (see pp. 4-5) for whichever world your player group is
currently on.
Run them down! (Attacker only) Prevent at least half of the
Defender’s units (rounding up) from exiting through the Defender’s
home edge [250]
Complete destruction! (Attacker only) Cripple or destroy all of
the Defending force [250]
Fighting withdrawal (Defender only) Exit at least half of the
Defenders units (rounding up) through the Defender’s home edge
The following rules are in effect for this track:
Designate one unit on each side as a commanding unit. If either
of these units is destroyed, that side suffers a –2 to all subsequent
Initiative rolls.
Trial of Possession, Trial of Grievance, Pursuit, or the nextTouchpoint




Had I known beforehand what we would lose in combating the Widowmakers’ delusions, I would
have choked the life out of that wretch Cal Jorgensson myself.

—saKhan Elise Fetladral, Clan Wolf

When Cal Jorgensson fired, a cone of utter silence and dread enveloped me. The whole world just went
still. Everything stopped. It felt as though Ironhold itself had simply stopped turning on its axis.

And then it dawned on me: our khan, our own khan, had unwittingly doomed us all to extinction.
—Personal Log of Star Captain Allison Pine, 194th Crusaders, Clan Widowmaker

SITUATION Protect the Founder (Defender only). Nicholas Kerensky’s Atlas II
Steitz Plains survives the track. [300]
7 October 2834 Retribution. Destroy or Cripple at least 50 percent of the opposing
force. [500]
In the wake of Clan Widowmaker brutalizing their own merchant
caste, Clan Wolf Khan Jerome Winson questioned the Widowmakers’ The following rules are in effect for this track:
right to rule and called for a Trial of Absorption. Widowmaker Khan Cal ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky and the Grand Council
Jorgensson declared a Trial of Refusal over the vote. Given the stewing
animosity between these two Clans, the Grand Council located the trial At the beginning of the track, the gamemaster chooses one map
on neutral ground—Clan Jade Falcon’s capital of Ironhold. The bitter edge at random and deploys Nicholas Kerensky’s Atlas II and a retinue
trial has devolved into a grudge match between the khans of both of 4 ’Mechs representing various members of the Grand Council on that
Clans as the rest of the combatants form a Circle of Equals around the map edge, outside of the rough Circle of Equals created by the Attacker
two rivals. and Defenders’ initial deployment. Neither Kerensky nor the Grand
Council members will move or fire until the duel’s integrity is broken
GAME SETUP (see Honor Duel special rule below). When that happens, the Defender
Recommended Terrain: Wooded/Hills (see pp. 4-5) gains control of Kerensky and the Grand Council ’Mechs, and they may
The Defender places two mapsheets with the long edges touching move and shoot as normal. The ilKhan and his retinue have Elite-level
and designates two edges across from each other as the Defender’s Honor Duel
home edges. The other two edges are the Attacker’s home edges.
At the beginning of the track, only Jerome Winson and Cal
Attacker Jorgensson’s units may move or fire. Immediately following the turn
Recommended Forces: Clan Widowmaker’s 194th Crusader Cluster in which Cal Jorgensson’s ’Mech first suffers damage to its internal
The Attacker chooses his forces first. Half of the Attacking units structure, the Attacker must move and fire up to 5 of their ’Mechs.

deploy within 4 hexes from one of the Attacker’s home edges, and the When this occurs, the duel is considered void, and the ilKhan and
other half deploy along the opposite map edge in the same manner. his retinue are activated.
Anywhere within 10 hexes from the center of the battlefield, the The Death of the Founder
Attacker places a Highlander ’Mech representing Khan Cal Jorgensson.
Once Nicholas and his retinue are activated, if Cal Jorgensson’s
Defender Highlander fires on a target but still has a valid line of sight to Nicholas’s
Recommended Forces: Clan Wolf’s 341st Assault Cluster Atlas II, all weapon attacks that miss Cal’s target have a chance to hit
The Defender’s force is determined after the Attacker has chosen Nicholas’s ’Mech instead. For each of Cal’s weapon attacks that miss the
intended target, re-roll the attack as though it had originally targeted
their forces and should be 110 percent of the Attacker’s deployed force. Nicholas instead: apply standard modifiers for movement, terrain,
Half of the Defending units deploy within 4 hexes from one of the range, etc. For each attack that hits, roll 2D6. A result of 6, 7, or 8 means
Defender’s home edges, and the other half deploy along the opposite the attack hits the Atlas II’s head; on any other result, treat the attack as
map edge in the same manner. Anywhere within 10 hexes from the a miss.
center of the battlefield, the Attacker places a Marauder IIC ’Mech
representing Khan Jerome Winson. If Cal chooses to fire directly on Nicholas’s Atlas II as the primary
target, roll the hit location as normal; no special rules are applied.
Track Cost: 300 WP
Optional Bonuses: Amid the Trial of Refusal against the Absorption vote, Khans Winson
and Jorgensson faced off in a spontaneous Trial of Grievance. Before
+100 Dreary Day: Roll on the Rain table (see p. 69, TO) and apply Winson could claim near-certain victory, a Star from the 194th Crusader
the effect to the battlefield. Cluster committed a dishonorable breach of protocol and jumped into
the fray. The spectating Nicholas Kerensky and the Grand Council joined
+100 Running Battle: At the beginning of the track, apply 2D6 in the battle to protect Winson, but Jorgensson fired on the ilKhan.
damage in 5-point clusters to all Attacking and Defending ’Mechs.
Re-roll any damage that would cripple or destroy a unit (see Crippling Beneath the cold rain of Ironhold, greatness and vision died. And
Damage, p. 258, TW). (Note: Do not apply any damage to Kerensky or the Wolves went ballistic.
the Grand Council’s ’Mechs. See Special Rules below.)
Miraculously, Jorgensson survived the battle only to be executed
OBJECTIVES after a drumhead court-martial conducted by the Grand Council.
You have insulted my Clan for the last time! (Attacker only).
Destroy Khan Jerome Winson’s Marauder IIC. [200] Pursuit, Trial of Grievance, or Touchpoint: Ironhold (Day One)




Widowmakers! Jorgensson’s Trial of Refusal is null and void. According to Clan law, the
Trial of Absorption will now commence!

—Khan Jerome Winson, Clan Wolf

Never in my life have I witnessed the Wolves fight like this. They are not responding to broadcasts. They
are not issuing challenges. It is like they have become the very spirits of retribution, punishing us for a crime
we did not even commit!

Earlier today Star Colonel Sender tried to talk sense into Elise Fetladral, and the Wolf saKhan nearly tore
her ’Mech in half. A trio of Wolves ran down Star Captain Herling like he was nothing more than a game animal.
Given the Wolves’ rabid state, I am amazed and fortunate to be alive.

I fear this may be my last entry.
—Personal log of Star Commander Silas, Fourth Fang Cluster, Clan Widowmaker

Voulge Foothills Fight another day (Defender only). Move at least half of the
7 October 2834 Defender’s units off their home edge [300]
Preservation Instinct (Defender only). Move more than half of
The ilKhan is dead. The Wolves are hell-bent on revenge, and
only Khan Winson’s temperate leadership is preventing his warriors the Defender’s units off their home edge [50 per unit beyond 50
from laying waste to everything in their path, whether enemy or percent]
otherwise. With the 194th scattered, the Wolves’ 328th Assault
Cluster has tracked Clan Widowmaker’s Fourth Fang to the Voulge Clan justice (Attacker only). Destroy or cripple 75 percent of the
Foothills. The Fourth is attempting to circle around and make a run Defender’s units [400]
for their DropShips at DeChavilier DropPort in Ironhold City, but it is
the 328th’s job to ensure the Widowmakers never arrive. De facto Trial of Annihilation (Attacker only). Destroy or
cripple all of the Defender’s units [700]
Recommended Terrain: Wooded/Hills (see pp. 4-5) SPECIAL RULES
The Defender places the mapsheets in any legal configuration The following rules are in effect for this track:

and designates one map edge as their home edge. The Attacker Clan Honor
chooses two of the map edges not chosen by the Defender; these Due to the depths of Clan Wolf’s fury, they will neither issue nor
are the Attacker’s home edges.
respond to challenges and may attack enemy units at will without
Attacker penalty.
Recommended Forces: Clan Wolf’s 328th Assault Cluster
The Attacker chooses their forces first. After the Defending forces Wolf Leadership
If the Defender chooses this option, the Attacker designates
have been deployed, the Attacker’s forces may enter from one or
both of their chosen map edges. one Attacking ’Mech as either Khan Jerome Winson or saKhan Elise
Fetladral, both with Elite-level skills. This commanding unit will
Defender convey a +1 to the 328th Assault Cluster’s Initiative rolls, per their
Recommended Forces: Clan Widowmaker’s Fourth Fang Cluster unit special ability (see the Combatants section for details). However,
The Defender’s force is determined after the Attacker has chosen if Winson or Fetladral’s unit is destroyed or crippled, the Attackers
receive a –2 to their Initiative rolls for the next 3 turns.
their forces and should be 125 percent of the Attacker’s deployed
force. The Defender’s force deploys anywhere on the mapsheet AFTERMATH
furthest from their home edge. After the ilKhan’s death, all bets were off. Although Khan Winson

WARCHEST maintained an oddly stoic composure throughout the first day of
Track Cost: 400 WP combat, he rescinded the requirement for honor duels and gave his
Optional Bonuses: Star Colonels free rein to end the Widowmaker threat as they saw fit.

+50 Dusk: The Widowmakers are attempting to slip away as The 328th caught elements of the Fourth Fang Cluster in a
night falls. Apply the rules for Dusk/Dawn (see p. 58, TO). pincer move on the Voulge Foothills and skewered them without
remorse. Only a few of the Fourth’s Binaries—and just one of their
+100 Wolf leadership (Defender only): See Special Rules senior warriors—managed to evade the Lion-Hearted’s advance.
below.. Thankfully, the 341st was in place and forced the Fourth’s survivors
to reroute away from DeChavilier DropPort.

Pursuit, Trial of Possession, Trial of Grievance, or Touchpoint:

Ironhold (Day Two)




Those treacherous Widowmakers are off spinning their web somewhere in the darkness. All we
need to do is find it and cut our way through it.

—saKhan Elise Fetladral, Clan Wolf

By the Founder’s blessed memory, this is an unlawful trial! Our misguided khan waged his Refusal
yesterday and lost, but the Wolves have yet to stop or even pause the fighting. Is it not proper protocol for
the aggressors to conduct a formal batchall for our Trial of Absorption? IlKhan Kerensky’s remains have not
yet cooled, yet Winson flouts the Founder’s sacred rules in order to punish us?

Has he taken leave of his senses?
—Personal log of Star Captain Allison Pine, 194th Crusaders, Clan Widowmaker

Deltiri Taiga No holds barred. Destroy 50 percent of the opposing units.
8 October 2834 [400]
Victory! Destroy 75 percent of the opposing units [500]
Rather than face up to a straight fight, the Widowmakers appear Nowhere to run (Defender only). Locate or destroy the
to have gone to ground. Recent aerial flyovers have revealed what
is believed to be elements of the 194th Crusader Cluster and their Attacker’s support depots [100 per captured depot, –25 per
support apparatus hidden in the frostbitten forests of the Deltiri destroyed depot]
Taiga region. If the Widowmakers are not going to come out to fight,
the 341st will have to flush them out. And if the 341st can relieve SPECIAL RULES
their opponent of their logistical burdens, all the better. The following rules are in effect for this track:

However, since it would be wasteful and unClanlike to destroy Support Depots
the Widowmaker’s supplies, Star Colonel Alicia Radick has ordered The Widowmakers have hidden a number of ammo caches, repair
her troops to capture these supplies instead, if possible. The Wolf
warriors are on edge, though, and not from the cold: they believe gantries, and other support apparatuses across the map in order to
the supplies are a trap to lure them into the spider’s web. preserve their own military capacity and to keep them out of the
Wolves’ paws. The Attacker secretly records 8 of these structures in
GAME SETUP Woods hexes. These are treated as Light buildings with a CF of 20. If
Recommended Terrain: Wooded/Hills (see pp. 4-5) a Defending unit ends its movement within 4 hexes from a hidden
The Attacker places the mapsheets in any legal configuration depot and has legal line of sight to the hex, the Attacker must reveal
the depot.
and designates one edge as their home edge. The opposite edge is
the Defender’s home edge. In order for a depot to be considered captured, a Defending unit
must be within 2 hexes of the location by the end of the track, and
Attacker with no opposing units within 2 hexes.
Recommended Forces: Clan Widowmaker’s 194th Crusader Cluster
The Attacker’s force is determined after the Defender has chosen The Attackers may chose to attack their own depots to keep
them from enemy hands, but they may only attack depots that have
their forces and should equal 75 percent of the Defender’s deployed been located and revealed by the Defender.
force. Up to half of the Attacker’s units may be set up using the rules
for Hidden Units (see p. 259, TW). The remainder of the Attacker’s AFTERMATH
force enters from their home edge on Turn 3. Wary of a possible trap, the 341st marched through blinding

Defender snow and stumbled right into the Widowmakers’ waiting clutches.
Recommended Forces: Clan Wolf’s 341st Assault Cluster The Wolves suffered heavy casualties when the 194th burst out
The Defender chooses their forces first and enters from their of hiding, but Star Colonel Radick’s warriors rallied as the snows
deepened. The 194th gave as good as they received, however. The
home edge. weather grew steadily worse, and as the blizzard swirled around
them, both the Wolves and Widowmakers were forced to disengage
WARCHEST and abandon the location before either side could reach a decisive
Track Cost: 500 WP victory. The 194th managed to escape with some of their ammo
Optional Bonus: caches, but leaving behind gantries took a toll on their capacity to
conduct field repairs for the foreseeable future.
+150 Colder climes: Roll on the Snow table (see p. 69, TO) and
apply the effect to the battlefield. NEXT TRACK
Pursuit, Trial of Possession, Trial of Grievance, or Touchpoint:

Ironhold (Day Three)




How dare they push us to such measures. The ilKhan—may he rest in peace—designed our martial
code to limit casualties to civilians, yet Vickers purposely insults his memory by forcing us
to endanger the lives of those outside the warrior caste. For that gross malfeasance alone, we
must wipe the stain of Widowmaker treachery from this world, no matter the cost.

—saKhan Elise Fetladral, Clan Wolf

My fellow warriors: we will likely never leave this planet. That, I have come to accept. But we cannot let
the Wolves’ overreaction to one single act—be it from malice or accident on Khan Jorgensson’s part—go
unchecked. Whatever happens here, we must notify our brethren. We must let other Clans know of their
actions. We must make our legacy known, that it might infect our foes and rot them from within.

And then, before their weapons find us for the last time, we will take out as many of these rabid curs as
we can.

—Star Colonel Tamra Vickers, 194th Crusaders, Clan Widowmaker

SITUATION Tenacity. Destroy or cripple half of the opposing force by the end of Turn
Outskirts of Ironhold City 15. [600]
9 October 2834 Cut the line (Attacker only). Destroy the entire HPG complex before the
end of Turn 15. See Special Rules below. [300]
The broken remnants of the Widowmakers’ remaining forces on-planet
have converged on an urban center at the fringes of Ironhold’s capital city. The Get the word out (Defender only). At least one part of the HPG complex
Wolves are in hot pursuit, heedless of Jade Falcon insistence. Khan Winson has is still standing at the end of Turn 15. See Special Rules below. [300]
thus far refused to acknowledge any broadcasts from the Falcons, believing
the ilKhan’s death is for Clan Wolf, as the Founder’s chosen Clan, to avenge SPECIAL RULES
alone. But even if the Wolves can stop the Widowmakers here, nothing will The following rules are in effect for this track:
resurrect the Founder.
Get the Word Out
GAME SETUP The Widowmakers are attempting to get an HPG message to their
Recommended Terrain: Light Urban (see pp. 4-5)
The Defender places the mapsheets in any legal configuration and enclaves on other planets, so they will be better prepared when the Wolves
descend upon them. Designate a cluster of three buildings on any mapsheet
designates one edge as the Attacker’s home edge. On mapsheets that do furthest from the Attacker’s home edge. Treat these buildings as Hardened
not already have printed buildings, place buildings on all Clear hexes. No structures with a CF of 150.
aerospace forces may be deployed for this track.
Ruffling Feathers
Attacker If this bonus is chosen, the Jade Falcons send a detachment from the 89th
Recommended Forces: Clan Wolf’s 341st and 328th Assault Clusters
The Attacker chooses their forces first. Half of the Attacker’s units enter from Falcon Strikers to push both the Wolves and the Widowmakers out of their
capital. The 89th have Veteran skills and equal 75 percent of the Attacker’s
their home edge on Turn 1. The remaining units enter at the beginning of Turn 3. deployed force. On Turn 5 the Falcons arrive from a randomly determined map
edge and will attack both sides in equal measure. If this option is chosen, it is
Defender recommended that the Falcons be controlled by either the gamemaster or a
Recommended Forces: Clan Widowmaker’s 194th Crusader and Fourth neutral third party. The 89th will adhere to Clan Honor rules (see p. 273–275,
TW) at Honor Level 1 unless the other side violates zellbrigen first.
Fang Clusters
The Defender’s force is determined after the Attacker has chosen their AFTERMATH
The Jade Falcons were not happy. Once the Wolves understood what the
forces and should be 125 percent of the Attacker’s deployed force. The
Defender may deploy their forces anywhere on the map. Up to 25 percent of Widowmakers were attempting to do, the 89th Falcon Strikers slammed into
them may be set up as Hidden Units (see p. 259, TW). the flanks of both Clans. The khans of Clan Wolf split their forces in two. One
column focused on keeping the Falcons at bay while the other concentrated
WARCHEST on stopping the Widowmakers from sending a message off-planet. Their
Track Cost: 700 WP efforts were in vain, however, for the HPG transmitter realigned and sent a
Optional Bonuses: transmission just minutes before the complex went offline from loss of power.
Both the Wolves and Falcons fell upon the Widowmakers and left no enemy
+200 Ruffling Feathers: The Jade Falcons are not going to take this ’Mech standing.
intrusion on their sovereignty sitting down. See Special Rules.
Star Colonel Tamra Vickers was found among the wreckage, the only
+150 Battle fatigue: At the beginning of the track, apply 2D6 points of member of her Cluster to survive the Wolf and Falcon onslaught. Her ensuing
damage to friendly units, in 5-point clusters. Re-roll any damage that would Trial of Abjuration ultimately exonerated her of all wrongdoing and complicity
cripple or destroy the unit. All friendly ’MechWarriors start the track with 1 in Khan Jorgensson’s schemes.
point of pilot damage, in addition to any damage that has carried over from
previous tracks. Do not apply this damage to any MechWarriors that already Falcon laborers and technicians got the HPG back online in short order,
have 5 points of pre-existing pilot damage. but it would take months before the damage to the city outskirts would be
completely rebuilt.
Resilience. At least half of your deployed force must survive to the end of NEXT TRACK
Trial of Possession, Trial of Grievance, or Touchpoint: Dagda
Turn 15. Any units that leave the battlefield are considered destroyed for the
purposes of this objective. [600]



TOUCHPOINT: DAGDA............................

In service to the legacy of ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky, Founder of the Clans, we must hunt
down this menace wherever it appears. Be it in the seas of Dagda or the storms of Roche, we
will hunt them in their dens and offer just recompense for their crimes.

No leniency. No remorse.
And then we will forget, as we have done before, as we will do again.
—Khan Jerome Winson, Clan Wolf

It is time. Our enemies have finally arrived on the doorstep, at the place of our first great sorrow twelve
years ago. We can choose to lay down our arms and surrender, claiming innocence to Khan Jorgensson’s
actions and absolving ourselves of culpability, or we can fight. Surrender, however, will not likely sate the
Wolves’ bloodlust. We must fight, as saKhan Mariel Sanders would have wanted. And if the Way of the Clans
so dictates, we must die.

—Personal log of Star Colonel Maria Isaac, Third Battle Cluster, Clan Widowmaker

SITUATION Widowmaker Leadership
Point Sanders, Dratha Headlands Designate one Defending unit as Star Colonel Maria Isaac. She has Elite-
7 November 2834 level skills, and as long as she is operational, the Attacker suffers a –1 Initiative
For hunting down the Widowmakers on Dagda, troops from Clans Burrock
and Jade Falcon volunteered to assist Clan Wolf in avenging Kerensky’s death. Forced Withdrawal
The three Clusters steered their prey to a volcanic headland not far from where Since the 1015th Burrock Guards have not invested a large stake in this
Widowmaker saKhan Mariel Sanders was assassinated during Operation
KLONDIKE. Whether or not the Wolves intended this as a deliberate insult is a conflict, they will fall back as per Forced Withdrawal rules (see p. 258, TW)
matter of conjecture. With sheer cliffs behind them and enemy ’Mechs in front and are considered to lose a duel in which they are participating when they
of them, the last Widowmakers on Dagda have nowhere left to run. withdraw. All other Clan warriors involved in the battle will fight until killed or
Recommended Terrain: Headland (see pp. 4-5) Clan Honor
The Defender places the mapsheets in any legal configuration and To maintain their dignity, the Defenders will adhere to zellbrigen (see p.

designates one edge to be the Attacker’s home edge. 273–275, TW) as long as the Attackers do.

Attacker The White Cliffs of Dratha
Recommended Forces: Seventh Battle Cluster, 1015th Burrock Guards, and The map edge opposite the Attacker’s home edge is treated as a sheer

the First Falcon Striker drop-off into the ocean. Any unit forced to leave the battlefield through that
The Attacker chooses their forces first and may choose which map edge edge plummets to its destruction and is not eligible for salvage.

to enter on. Each of the three Clan forces listed in the Recommended Forces If the mapsheets Coast #1 and/or Coast #2 are used for this track, treat all
comprises one-third of the Attacker’s total deployed force. All forces enter Water hexes on them as a Sublevel 15 drop-off. Any unit that falls down this
from the Attacker’s home edge. Jade Falcon forces enter on Turn 1, Wolf forces drop-off plummets to its immediate destruction and is not eligible for salvage.
enter on Turn 2, and Burrock forces enter on Turn 3.
Tactical Advantage
Defender With the exception of the map edge opposite the Attacker’s home edge,
Recommended Forces: Clan Widowmaker’s Third Battle Cluster
The Defender’s force is determined after the Attacker has chosen his forces the Attacker may use Off-Map Movement (see p. 192, TO).

and should be 75 percent of the Attacker’s deployed force. The Defender’s AFTERMATH
units may deploy anywhere on the battlefield. Cornered, the Third Battle Cluster fought on the Dratha Headlands like it

WARCHEST had never fought before. Warriors from the Third issued combat challenges
Track Cost: 800 WP to their foes, and Star Colonel Britta Shaw, astonished that these supposed
Optional Bonus: traitors to the Clan Way retained a speck of honor, ordered the Seventh to
honor the duels. Soon it became clear that the Third were winning far more
+200 Geological Activity: Treat all Woods and Water hexes as Liquid duels than they were losing, so Shaw abandoned zellbrigen. The melee
Magma hexes (see p. 37, TO). devolved into Shaw and Star Colonel Maria Isaac’s ’Mechs grappling with
each other along the headland’s sheer precipice. A stray shot sent both Star
OBJECTIVES Colonels plummeting over the edge. The remainder of the Third broke and
Headhunting (Attacker only). Destroy Star Colonel Maria Isaac’s unit. scattered, making them easy pickings.

See Special Rules below [300] Immediately following the battle, Star Colonel Samuel Helmer of the First
Retribution/Vindication. Destroy at least 75 percent of the opposing Falcon Strikers learned the Wolves would not cede the Widowmakers’ Dratha
enclave to the Falcons as isorla for their assistance. Irate, he immediately called
forces [500] for a Trial of Possession over the enclave. Helmer was killed within the first few
Defiance (Defender only). At least half of the Defender’s units survive minutes of the trial, and the First Strikers quickly collapsed under their broken
past Turn 20 [300]
SPECIAL RULES Trial of Possession, Trial of Grievance, or Touchpoint: Roche (Spiderholm)
The following rules are in effect for this track:




Like the funnel web spider, the Founder’s murderers have retreated into their warren of
darkness and wait for us to make the mistake of following them into its labyrinthine bowels.
But like Theseus, we will navigate this maze and slay the minotaur dwelling within.

—Khan Jerome Winson, Clan Wolf

Remember: the day is not yet lost! We are fighting a Trial of Absorption that has not yet concluded.
Though the rest of our Clan has fallen in battle on other worlds, we remain to face the implacable wall of
Wolf superiority and oppression. Stand fast, my brethren! Stand fast, and we shall carry this day forth into
the next!

—saKhan Kyle Vordermark, Clan Widowmaker, in an address to the defenders of Spiderholm

11 December 2834

The Wolves have arrived, and they have come
knocking at the Widowmakers’front door. SaKhan
Kyle Vordermark has pulled all of his remaining
materiel together in defense of Spiderholm, the
Widowmakers’ sprawling military complex. As
the last bastion of Widowmaker influence in Clan
space, the Widowmakers have been ordered to
defend with their last breath their right to survive
as a Clan.

Recommended Terrain: Hills (see p. 263, TW)
The Defender places the mapsheets in any
legal configuration and designates one edge as
the Defender’s home edge. The opposite edge is
the Attacker’s home edge.
See Special Rules section below for setup of
the Spiderholm fortress.
Recommended Forces: Clan Wolf’s Eleventh
Wolf Guards
The Attacker chooses his forces after the
Defenders have been determined and equals 75
percent of the Defenders total deployed force.
The Attacker enters through the Attacker’s
home edge.
Recommended Forces: Clan Widowmaker’s
First Spinner Cluster and Fifth Provisional Garrison
The Defender’s force is determined first and
may be deployed anywhere on the battlefield.
When using Recommended Forces, see Special
Rules section for using the Fifth Provisional
Garrison Cluster.




WARCHEST Kyle Vordermark
Track Cost: 1,000 WP The Defender designates one unit as Widowmaker saKhan Kyle
Optional Bonuses:
Vordermark. He possesses Elite-level skills. Once the gate nearest
+200 Dezgra (Attacker only): The First Spinner Cluster is not the Attacker’s home edge has been destroyed or Attacking units
required to honor zellbrigen for this track. have otherwise bypassed the wall nearest the Attacker’s home
edge, Vordermark will fall back towards the Defender’s home edge
+200 Dignity (Defender only): The First Spinner Cluster must and attempt to leave the battlefield through the final gate. Once he
adhere to zellbrigen for this track, including the prohibition of physical leaves the battlefield or is destroyed, the Defender receives a –1 to all
attacks. Initiative rolls for the remainder of the track.

+150 Rough weather: Apply the effects of Strong Gale (see p. 61 AFTERMATH
TO) and Blowing Sand (see p. 62, TO) to the battlefield. The Wolves’ quest to crack open Spiderholm’s defenses proved

OBJECTIVES to be one of their toughest challenges throughout the entire
Hamstring. Destroy or cripple 75 percent of the opposing force Widowmaker Absorption. The Eleventh Wolf Guards met the
brutal First Spinner Cluster at the outskirts of the fortress in a near
[700] even match. However, much to saKhan Vordermark’s surprise, the
Eradicate. Destroy or cripple all of the opposing force [700] conventional forces of his Fifth Provisional Garrison Cluster turned
Run the gauntlet (Attacker only). Exit Attacking units off the the Wolves’ initial forays on their ear. Just as the Wolves began a
strategic retreat, a suicidal Star from the Eleventh ignored orders
Defender’s home edge by going through the final gate leading into and broke through Spiderholm’s first gate. Upon seeing his defenses
Spiderholm [200 per unit] cave, Vordermark retreated inside Spiderholm in hopes of losing the
Wolves in the fortress’s complex interior. The Fifth PGC shattered
Bar the door! (Defender only). Prevent gates from being under the pressure, and the First Spinners fled. The Eleventh pressed
destroyed by Turn 15 [300 per intact gate] on inside Spiderholm, but even after an extensive manhunt, they
found nothing. Kyle Vordermark had vanished.
The following rules are in effect for this track: NEXT TRACK
Pursuit, Trial of Possession, Trial of Grievance, or Touchpoint: Roche
Spiderholm fortress
Designate the first two hex rows along the Defender’s home edge (Surkairede)

as a wall. Skip three hex rows and designate the next two rows as a
second wall; do the same for a third wall. Ignore all underlying terrain.
Each hex of these walls is treated as a Fortress wall with a CF of 300. A
destroyed wall hex is treated as Rubble (Ultra) (see p. 39, TO). The wall
closest to the Defender’s home edge is Level 12. The middle wall is
Level 10. The wall closest to the Attacker’s home edge is Level 8.

For each pair of hex rows, designate one hex as a closed gate with
a CF of 150; the hex in the adjacent wall’s hex row immediately behind
or in front of the gate hex is Clear in order to create a path through
the wall. Defending forces may spend 2 MP to pass through a gate
in either direction and may also pass through by walking backwards.
The gate remains closed after the unit has completed movement.
Attacking units may not enter any gate hex that still has CF remaining.
A destroyed gate hex is reduced to a Rubble hex.

Place 4 gun emplacements atop each of the three walls. These
emplacements have a CF of 50 and may mount one heavy weapon up
to a maximum of 12 tons and two tons of ammunition (if necessary).
These gun emplacements may move 360-degrees and may fire upon
Attacking units without regard to Clan Honor rules. These crews have
a Gunnery Skill of 5.

Fifth Provisional Garrison Cluster
For this track, Clan Widowmaker’s garrison forces comprise half

of the Defender’s deployed forces. Three-fourths of the PGC’s fielded
force consists of combat vehicles; the remaining one-fourth are
infantry. These units are not bound by Clan Honor rules.

Forced Withdrawal
Attacking units may choose to fall back using Forced Withdrawal

rules (see p. 258, TW) without penalty. Units that leave the map are
considered destroyed for the purposes of the Defender’s objectives.




Look alive, Guards! We have Scorpions incoming!
— Star Colonel Ma Carns, Eleventh Wolf Guards

The Wolves are responsible for every terrible thing that has befallen us. They stole our KLONDIKE
glory, targeted us for more Trials of Possession than any other Clan, and even incited our own civilians into
rebelling against us. Now I must make them pay.

I must make these self-righteous dogs regret ever having crossed us. Though their jaws close around
me, I will sting them all the way down, for even a dead widowmaker’s fangs possess enough poison to kill the
hardiest of men.

—Personal log of saKhan Kyle Vordermark, Clan Widowmaker

Porthos Track Cost: 1,500 WP
Roche Optional Bonus: None
15 December 2834 OBJECTIVES

Clan Wolf’s attempts to locate the Widowmakers’ elusive saKhan Total annihilation. Destroy all of the opposing units [1,000]
have thus far resulted in abysmal failure. The Eleventh Wolf Guards Moral victory (Defender only). Loremaster Ethan Moreau’s
have encountered minor pockets of resistance here and there, but Black Knight must survive the track [500]
Kyle Vordermark and the survivors of the First Spinner Cluster are still Defiance (Attacker only). SaKhan Kyle Vordermark’s unit must
at large. Rumors have placed a small contingent of Widowmakers survive the track [500]
somewhere around Clan Goliath Scorpion’s enclave on the Priam SPECIAL RULES
Plateau. The only feature of note in the area is Porthos, a small, The following rules are in effect for this track:
abandoned city of no real strategic or military significance. Leadership
The Defender designates a Black Knight as Goliath Scorpion
GAME SETUP Loremaster Ethan Moreau, with Elite-level skills. On Turn 3 he will
Recommended Terrain: Heavy Urban (see pp. 4-5) enter the battlefield by himself from the Goliath Scorpion’s entry
The Attacker places the mapsheets in any legal configuration. edge (see Defender setup above).
The Defender designates one Goliath Scorpion unit as Khan
On mapsheets that do not already have printed buildings, place Cyrus Elam. He possesses Veteran-level skills and enters along with
buildings on all non-Paved hexes. the rest of the Goliath Scorpions on Turn 5.
The Attacker designates one unit as Widowmaker saKhan Kyle
Attacker Vordermark. He possesses Elite-level skills.
Recommended Forces: Clan Widowmaker’s First Spinner Cluster If any of these commanding units are destroyed or incapacitated,
The Attacker chooses their forces first, up to a maximum of two the corresponding side suffers a –2 to their Initiative rolls for the
remainder of the track. For the Goliath Scorpions, this penalty is
Trinaries (30 units). All of the Attacker’s forces are set up as Hidden cumulative if both of their commanders are lost.
Units (see p. 259, TW). No One Can Hide Forever
At least half of the Attacker’s forces must reveal themselves by
Defender the end of the Movement Phase of Turn 5.
Recommended Forces: Clan Wolf’s Eleventh Wolf Guards and Clan All of the Attacker’s forces must reveal themselves by the end of
the Movement Phase of Turn 8.
Goliath Scorpion’s Third Scorpion Cuirassiers
Each of the two Clan forces listed in the Recommended Forces

comprises one-half of the Attacker’s total deployed force. The
Defender’s total deployed force must not exceed 125 percent of the
Attacker’s deployed force. Clan Wolf forces enter from any one map
edge at the beginning of Turn 1. Randomly determine a different map
edge, which cannot use the same map edge the Wolf forces used;
Clan Goliath Scorpion forces will enter from this map edge on Turn 5.




Artillery “By the Founder’s writ,
At the beginning of Turn 8, the gamemaster secretly rolls 2D6. On Clan Widowmaker is no more.
Its warriors submitted
8+, artillery begins shelling the battlefield that turn and every turn. To the holy crucible of combat
Each subsequent turn, add +1 to the roll. Once the roll is successful, And emerged not through the other side.”
no further rolls need to be made for the rest of the track. —The Remembrance (Clan Wolf), Passage 174, Verse 12, Lines 1–5

On the turn in which artillery successfully begins falling, the NEXT TRACK
gamemaster targets hexes using the following artillery: 2 Long Toms, The Absorption of Clan Widowmaker is complete.
2 Snipers, 2 Thumpers. All artillery crews are assumed to have Gun-
nery Skill 4. Artillery will strike
every turn until the track’s
conclusion. In the absence of
a gamemaster, each side may
instead control one tube of
each artillery type.

If both players agree, to
avoid unnecessary book-
keeping, it is not necessary
to apply artillery damage to
buildings for this track.

For artillery rules, see p.
179, TO.

Clan Honor
This is a knock-down,

drag-out fight, so Clan
Honor is not enforced for
this track (although any
combatants who wish to
employ zellbrigen may do
so). Any units that leave the
battlefield are considered

In the middle of the

city of Porthos, Kyle
Vordermark sprung his trap
on the unsuspecting Wolves.
Goliath Scorpion Loremaster
Ethan Moreau, in fulfilling
his duty of surkairede to the
Founder’s Clan, led a charge
of Goliath Scorpions to save
the embattled Wolves from
their destruction. Vordermark
brazenly challenged Goliath
Scorpion Khan Cyrus Elam to
single combat, but during the
duel, unidentified artillery
pelted the battlefield, killing
both Elam and Vordermark.
The rest of the First Spinners
wilted under artillery shells
and the combined might of
the Wolves and Scorpions’
final onslaught.


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